A Two Week Vacation
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Interesting things can happen during a two week vacation.

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In walking back to his office from the courthouse there definitely was a bounce in his step and a smile on the face of Kyle Sutton. The reason for this jubilation was the not guilty verdict he had just received. While he hoped that would be the verdict he wasn't sure it would be as you could never tell what a jury would do when the defendant was a large automobile insurance company. There was always the chance that the jury would ignore the facts and award a large monetary verdict since the insurance company had 'deep pockets.' Thank God they didn't do it this time he thought.

The smile on his face became a little more pronounced as he looked at the entrance sign to his office which said "Collins and Sutton, Attorneys at Law." He knew when he and Ray started out this was a two person law firm and now it employed thirty five attorneys plus support people. Stopping by the receptionist he picked up some phone messages and then went to see his partner Ray Collins.

Walking into Ray's office he heard, "I can tell by the smile on your face it was a favorable verdict."

"Not guilty and that is what the facts indicated it should have been. The premise that that the insurance company didn't offer their policy limits fast enough to settle a claim which resulted in a law suit being filed and a verdict of one million dollars against their insured was weak. Besides the plaintiff there were other injured people in this accident. The plaintiff demanded the policy limits be offered in ten days and it took the insurance company nineteen days before they filed the interpleader is not bad faith. I am glad the jury saw it that way."

"You said there were seven women on the jury so I am sure your good looks had something to do with getting a favorable verdict."

"Between you and me I was getting some intense looks from three of the women on the jury so every little edge helps."

"With that now behind you what do you have coming up?"

"There is a little lull as the death case of the young couple involving our client's truck, the co-defendant telephone company and the co-defendant farmer is four weeks away. After that it will be the case of the football helmet not being properly manufactured to reduce concussions which probably will generate national attention."

"What the status on that death case?"

"The insurance company for the farmer has offered their limits but so far no demand has been made upon us. Plaintiff wants it all from the phone company. If a demand is made on us we would have to seriously think about it as a verdict in this case because of the two young children will be in the millions."

"It looks like this would be an opportune time for you to take a vacation and get away from the snow and cold weather we are having."

"What caused you to say that?"

"I checked and you only took two days off last year."

"Well my father had that operation."

"Kyle, you are forty two years of age and I would like to see you get to fifty two years of age. I can name you five excellent trial attorneys that didn't make it that far. You are one of the best defense attorneys in the city and are constantly in these high pressure situations with these large exposure cases which take a heavy toll on the human body. You need to get your batteries re-charged and that comes by relaxing and letting the pressure on you dissipate."

"I like what I do and I like being in the courtroom."

"I know you do and you are damn good in doing it. Our success and the growth of this firm are largely attributable to your trial success. I would like that to continue and I am sure it will if you are still around to do it. Kim Connors and Parker Janus, your associates, should be able to hold the fort down for the two weeks you are gone. Please take the two weeks off as a personal favor for me as I need you to be a viable partner in this law firm."

After agreeing to take a vacation Kyle went to his office and thought about what Ray had said. Grudgingly he had to admit that Ray was right about him needing to get away from the office for a while. The public didn't know of the long hours and the pressure a trial lawyer was constantly under. The winter weather here with the snow and ice left a lot to be desired. Where to go for the warmer weather was something he thought about and finely came up with a plan.

Kyle picked up the phone and phoned his dad. After some small talk he asked his dad if he had Tony Brockway's Florida phone number. He did and gave it to Kyle. Tony was like an uncle to Kyle which was caused largely by the friendship Kyle had with Tony's son Mark who was Kyle's best friend when they went to school together. Kyle knew Tony was snowbird and had a place in St Pete Beach, FL. Kyle thought he could ask Tony for recommendations on a place for him to stay.

Tony was pleased to hear from Kyle when he phoned. After some chit chat and small talk about Tony's fishing success and golfing ability Kyle got around to the reason for his call.

"Tony, I would like to get away from the snow and cold weather up here and was hoping you could give me some recommendations on what warmer area to go to and places to stay. My knowledge of Florida is limited to Disney World."

"Problem solved."

"What do you mean?"

"As luck would have it, Maggie and I are leaving tomorrow on fourteen day cruise which goes through the Panama Canal and winds up in San Diego. There we are going to rent a car and see the sights in the State of California which we haven't seen and only have read or heard about. We are going to be gone a little more than three weeks in total. You can stay at our condo here in St Pete. That is better than staying in a resort and is more comfortable. You should know that the weather here has been unseasonably warm."

"It's nice of you to offer me your condo and Mark has told me it is located on the beach. What do I need to do.?"

"Book your flight to Tampa and take the airport shuttle to my place. The keys for my Lexus will be on the kitchen counter and my golf clubs are in the trunk. You are free to use both as much as you want. We are leaving tomorrow morning so we won't see you. I will leave word with the gate guard to let you in and when you are at the building's front door buzz Ginny Walters who is in unit 609 and she will let you in and give you the keys to my unit which is 904."

Kyle thanked Tony for his generosity and ended the phone call after writing down all the information he needed. He called in his two associates and told him what his plans were and what they need to do in the two weeks that he was gone. They both told him to have a good time and not worry about anything here at the office.

He then phoned the airline to purchase a ticket. After going through the mechanical filtering of his call he was then place on hold because "All of our representatives are busy." If he heard one more time "Your call is very important to us" he thought he would scream. Finally a pleasant and efficient sounding female answered his call and asked what she could do for him.

"I would like to purchase a ticket to go from O'Hare to Tampa tomorrow morning."

"Yes sir I can do that for you but it would be less expensive for you if you would go to our web site and purchase a ticket on line."

"Before I do that let me give you my frequent flyer number."

After giving her the number it wasn't that much longer when he heard, "I can put you in first class on our ten o'clock fight. Is that acceptable Mr. Sutton?"

He told her it was and she said the ticket was paid for and gave him the confirmation number for him to print out his boarding pass.

Ending the phone call Kyle chuckled to himself as the frequent flyer number he gave her must have set off some bells and whistles. He was given that number by the CEO of the airline in appreciation of the defense work he did in handling a number of lawsuits that were filed against the airline and one in particular against the CEO personally.

After returning two phone calls, Kyle left the office wondering what he could expect on this upcoming two week vacation.

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