Nothing Personal
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Rape, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Squirting, Water Sports, Voyeurism, Analingus, Public Sex, Violent,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Heather was a self-described "bitch" and she was willing to do anything to further her career. Now she has won the "Cunt" of the year award and is on her way to be crowned Miss Cunt in a very unusual way.

There was a sense of jubilation in the air in Washington, D.C.

The voters across the country had just elected a new government that would take them into the end of the decade with change of pace supposed new policy direction. Most of the residents of the District were not happy with the results because it was not a direction that would lead to more perks for the contented non-employed masses of the pampered majority. It was one of those strange elections where most of the males voted one way and most of the females voted in the opposite direction.

None of the media highlighted that unusual circumstance and they tended to blame it on the ordinary causes like lack of voter interest, a poorly organized campaign and the ever popular, just "bad luck".

Heather Goodbar was going to a celebration ball this evening at a famous downtown hotel to meet and greet new clients and touch base with old friends from other election cycles. She had been worked to a frazzle by the demands of the campaign all the way from the pre-primary stages right up to election night.

In the end, it wasn't even close and she chided herself for worrying that her candidate might lose the election even though the media easily forecast the result long before the voting was concluded.

Heather was a statuesque news anchor from the Deep South and was a veteran of several different "intern" programs that placed demands on her moral character as well as the quality of her professional knowledge. Her last assignment in the Atlanta headquarters was an eye-opener with the way she was served up as a tasty "reward" for high ratings on some important special programs that propelled their channel into the limelight. That orgy of a party left her feeling a bit dirty both literally and figuratively.

Now she was in the "Inside the Beltline" crowd with a chance at having a timeslot of her own and a byline with her name featured on every segment. She felt she deserved it for the many times she had swallowed her pride and other sticky residue just to get ahead. It didn't matter that some of the people on the fifteenth floor knew how many times she had to bend over to rise in the ranks because she was in that special inner circle that gave her access to the confidential data needed to produce a highly rated program.

At the age of twenty-seven, Heather was still close to virginal quality with a gleam of newness to her skin and her pointed chin face. Her breasts were, of course, not original, but they were of the highest quality and difficult to pinpoint as not real. She had a perfectly toned rear end that had been subjected to the tortures of many different personal trainers and other gurus of routines that are much too indelicate to mention in this account.

Heather's family back in Wilmington, North Carolina didn't set much store in television news programs or in any newspaper that was not run by qualified people of their church or closed society. They didn't follow her rise to stardom but were happy to tell anyone who would listen that their "Heather" was a star on the television and now had a show of her own if they were interested in such things.

Her mother was more concerned about her baking skills being maintained and her attention to using contraceptive measures whenever a male organ came within spurting distance of her pretty female parts.

Her father stressed that she should keep her riding skills and her swimming expertise at peak levels of performance because she might one day be selected to be Miss North Carolina right out of the blue.

She didn't regret her carnal activities required in achieving her important position but she had hoped to meet someone of the opposite gender to support her in her work with constant adoration and adequate sessions of love-making under her complete control. For some strange reason, she never discovered a man suitable to that position and had to make do with the occasional female fan willing to serve her every desire with kinky enthusiasm. There were many such available same gender devotees that were all too happy to get down on their knees and worship at her shrine of womanhood and even make sordid excursions into her far aft portal of passion for sensitive tickling.

The special party was being held on a "closed to the public" floor of the hotel and she was chomping at the bit to be the center of attention from the upper floor brass with their flagging shafts that needed Viagra in huge quantities to maintain adequate firmness.

The limo that was designated for her transfer to the scene of the party was commandeered by a huge black man of impressive muscular stature achieved after long periods of weight training in a correctional facility that catered to such time-consuming hobbies. His name was Midnight and it was more for his middle of the night pussy-chasing habits than for the shade of his skin. Of course, the hedonistic and somewhat stoned Heather had not the slightest inkling of the switch of drivers and had no idea at all about the new plans for her evening's entertainment. She had no knowledge of the fact that she would be the highlight performance at a review thrown strictly in her honor to celebrate her winning the "cunt of the year" trophy awarded by released felons in the nation's capital.

She had a bit of a problem focusing correctly due to the setting sun and the fact she had done a line of coke on the elevator unaware of the all-seeing eye in the ceiling watching her every move. The two security guards in the basement were laughing so hard that the janitor thought they had become unhinged from working in the tiny alcove behind the garage. This fact is mentioned because the film did come into play at the hearing after this night of torture and emotional stress visited on the naïve and insensitive Heather in a manner completely against her will and certainly with no degree of complicity on her part at all.

They had just turned the corner when the substitute driver cracked the separation window slightly to insert the capsule of gas that would put Heather into a state of total unconsciousness for the remainder of the drive. The driver with the evil-sounding moniker of Midnight looked in the rear view mirror and saw her dress hiked up high revealing her silky red undies like some flag being waved in the bull's face to stoke his passion. He pulled over to the side of the highway and moved to the back of the limo carefully pushing up Heather's dress and slowly removing her French perfume scented panties with infinite restraint lifting them to his flaring nostrils to inhale her pussy aroma mixed with the expensive French perfume.

Midnight lifted the unconscious girl's legs to his muscular shoulders and opened his trousers to allow his oversized member to pop out with inquisitive excitement. The huge black shaft waved like a lance looking for a target to impale. The magnetic force of Heather's closely shaven cunt pulled his tool to the bull's eye with unremitting attraction. He did not have to press too hard because she was lubricated and ready for her first test of the evening. The huge black driver smiled when she opened her eyes for an instant as his manhood entered her tenderly like a long-lost lover in her sleep. He saw the familiar look of lust that all females gave him as he stretched them to their maximum capacity. They were all the same, these women. It didn't matter if they were white or black or even the brown ones from the southern countries that had a rhythm that drove him into a frenzy of sweaty sensual sex.

He was fully seated inside poor Heather's feminine core and he took the opportunity to slowly push his thumb into her rear door just to test her tightness back there for future reference. She was fully unconscious but she stirred with his careful ministrations like somewhere inside she was fully aware of his unwanted attentions and the shame of his taking her secrets without her permission in such an unexpected fashion.

Then, Midnight tenderly fucked the beautiful girl underneath him with long careful strokes enjoying the sense of slick sliding action and watching her tremble and quake in her unconscious state of complete relaxation. At one point, he paused to allow her orgasm to pass not wanting to place too much stress on her fully stretched labia. Heather was gushing liquids now and Midnight used the cotton towel to absorb the juices so his trousers would not get stained. He accelerated his pounding but still kept careful control so as not to mar or damage her skin or the delicate interior channel. He could hear the girl moaning but she was humming a tune of extreme pleasure and not a litany of pain. It was all he needed to go over the edge of logical thought. All he could think about now was the release of his creamy flood. Since he did not want to leave evidence of his lack of control, he pulled out just before spurting and shot his load into the cotton towel filling it to capacity with his copious spunk.

Then, he took the soft tissues with the soothing cream and carefully cleaned the girl in all her private areas leaving not a single trace of her degradation. He replaced her blood red panties and smoothed her dress back down over her hips. He did all that not because he was concerned about the girl's sensitivities but because he knew his boss would not appreciate the fact he had sampled the merchandise before the party had even begun.

When he had her back into a semblance of full repair and normalcy, Midnight took his seat and quickly made the rest of the trip to the deserted movie theater on a back street that was visited by the members of his cartel on a regular basis for "parties" that often resulted in the most depraved exhibitions of human humiliation and degradation know to modern man.

He had treated the girl with gentle hands and fully controlled strokes of love-making. He knew that the remainder of her evening would not be as considerate and he pitied her frame of mind when he picked her up to return her to her hotel providing his boss and his friends allowed her to remain living after her performance. They generally let the women go because they had taken photos of every detail of their disgrace and the women knew the publicity would mean the end of their careers and sometimes their marriages or their boyfriend's sexual attraction.

This one was perhaps a bit more beautiful and a bit more sensuous than most and she was certainly intelligent from her television appearances but she still had that quality that the boss loved most.

She was a total bitch and projected her attitude just to cement the success of her entire career. This party being thrown in her honor was to celebrate her bitchiness and to show her that talent for being a complete "cunt" needed their stamp of approval.

Heather was still in a daze as he carried her up the long marble staircase to the main theater and she was only vaguely aware of the hundred some odd people that made up the audience of pimps and whores and other unsavory characters now surrounding her on the lighted stage in the aging theater located in the midst of a decaying neighborhood only a few miles from the White House.

Midnight adjusted her wrist and ankle shackles which were fortunately padded to prevent the damage her squirming and wiggling would do to her flesh once they got started with the evening's festivities.

He reached under her dress and adjusted her red panties making certain there were no traces of his pleasure on the way to her appointment with her unexpected fate. Midnight was already making plans to continue his personal interaction with Heather when they made the return trip to her hotel after her anticipated two to three hour interlude with evil.

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