The Reevaluation

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Coercion, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Slavery, Heterosexual, Fiction, Vignettes, Revenge, DomSub, MaleDom, Humiliation, Rough, Sadistic, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Oral Sex,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Prelude - A collection of vignettes detailing life in a dystopian future where women have been declared property.

The Reevaluation had been in the works for decades, although very few knew about it in the early stages. For the early stages the gears of democracy could and would need to be used. This took time, but large groups of people are both predictable and gullible, and with the correct manipulation can be convinced of nearly anything.

Around 20 years Before Reevaluation (BR) the usefulness of the fiction that society was choosing its leaders had exhausted itself. With full control of the military and the finances of the country all The Party needed was one good disaster to convince everyone that drastic changes were needed. While they were perfectly willing to create that disaster themselves as luck would have it they wouldn’t need to. On March 15th, 19 BR, a coalition of international and homegrown left wing terrorists had had enough with The Party’s growing power and continued push toward a more autocratic government. They decided to blow it up.

Congress, the White House and the Supreme Court were all leveled by relatively small home-made nuclear bombs. All Supreme Court justices, the President, the Vice President and most members of congress were dead. But the true heads of The Party were not, and they were far better prepared to determine the new course of America than the left wing had been.

Reprisals were nearly instant. Terrorists and suspected terrorists were shot in their homes. Social media was mined for sympathetic posts and the authors were locked up or, in extreme cases, shot. The leaders of the group blamed for the attacks were hanged in front of the temporary new Capitol building in Richmond. Eventually though, the world continued on. The terrorists had hoped that their work would rouse the silent majority to take back over the government but this did not happen, and instead the response had scared everyone away from the notion of criticizing the government.

They did not criticize the government when the following year’s elections were cancelled. Or the year after that. Even had they wanted to, they would’ve found it quite hard to say anything once the government nationalized the Internet and heavily regulated the content. There were many ‘black sites’ on the dark web, but as many of them were honeypots set up by the government as were real resistance nodes.

By 5 BR many had noticed that the government was practically devoid of women. Not just in leadership positions, but nearly all clerks, attorneys, judges and workers were male. Laws on women’s rights were completely gone, crime against women were being routinely unprosecuted and there were rumblings that something bigger was in the works. Later on the government began purchasing or repossessing buildings in most cities without saying anything about the eventual use, and in 1 BR they began hiring thousands of employees for a mysterious job who’s training required them to be sent away and sequestered until they were needed.

On December 31, 1 BR, the world got its answers, and it went further than even the most pessimistic had dreaded. In the week leading up to the announcement military forces were mobilized in all major cities, and everyone was told to watch the address that would take place on New Year’s Eve. It’s estimated that over 90% of the country’s adult population was watching as Chancellor Rogers made his address.

He began by saying that the country had taken great steps since the attacks nearly 20 years prior, and that there was much to be proud of in that. He continued, though, that a certain element had held back true progress and security in the nation. It wasn’t their fault, necessarily, they just lacked the capacity to make decisions for themselves and the strength to lead. The remedy to their necessary existence had been thought about long and hard, but finally a solution had been reached. Society as a whole was being reevaluated.

Beginning immediately, all women were stripped of their personhood and considered property. Girls under the age of 18 would continue living with their fathers, who would raise them until they were 18 at which point they could either be sold privately or sold to the government. Women who were already over the age of 18 would be evaluated by government officials on a one by one basis and assigned a value. In most cases the current husband or boyfriend would have the first option to purchase at a discounted price, although they would need to continue to pay property taxes yearly. If they did not have a husband or boyfriend or if they could not or would not pay the woman would be either auctioned off or retained for the government. The evaluation period would take a while, but they estimated that by the end of the next year 95% of women would be placed and at that point the remaining job would be hunting down the hiders.

The outrage was immediate, but the government had done the ground work. Protesters had no way of organizing and it became quickly obvious that protesting was harmful to your health. The military had be prebriefed and given assurances that their wives and family members would have a much easier time if they followed all orders, including shooting resisters. They complied.

And so the Reevaluation began.

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