Lucy Gets Lucky: a Dryden Portals Christmas Story
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft, NonConsensual, Hermaphrodite, Fiction, Science Fiction, Incest, Mother, Daughter, Humiliation, Gang Bang, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, Public Sex,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Lucy's mother is a world famous internet futanari sex star. When her mother announces that a lucky futanari member of her thriving internet community will receive a portal for the golden opportunity to knock up a celebrity for Christmas, Lucy would love that prize! It doesn't matter to the teen that her mother was her sole parent due to portal fucking herself in an internet live streaming video. Lucy wanted to be the one to shoot a baby into her mother's womb!

Lucy was thirteen years old, and displaying all the anger a new teen was capable of. "But mom, I'm legal now!" she protested shrilly. "I've been legal for a whole year!"

Her mother just shook her head. "Young lady, just because the law says it's legal for a twelve year old, doesn't mean I have to relax my rules. You have to wait until you're fifteen, just like your sister did!"

"Two years is forever!" Lucy cried.

"Tough luck Lu." Her seventeen year old and very sexually active sister Maxine said with a laugh. "Hey mom, my date wanted me to ask you if it was okay if I could spend the night. Her husband's flight was delayed, so he won't be back until tomorrow."

"Maxine, gloating does not become you!" Martha glared at her eldest daughter. "You will be home before midnight, or I will be knocking on your date's door at twelve fifteen!"

Maxine gulped. "Yes momma."

"Yes what?"

"I'll be home before midnight."

Angry and frustrated, Lucy still found it in her to giggle at her big sister. "What's the matter Max? You afraid mom will steal another hot mono from you?"

"Oh shut up!" Max snapped. "I let mom have Mrs. Clarkson!

"Lucy that was uncalled for." Their mother said with quiet authority. "You know how fickle monos can be when they're in pheromone arousal. I didn't know your sister brought a date home. The silly little thing took off her mask and walked in on me while I was taking a shower. Next thing I knew, I had a lust crazed mono in the tub with me, gobbling my cock like a maniac!"

"You could have fought her off!" Maxine whispered.

"What, and ruin a totally unplanned candid video? It was just a lucky thing I had my drones recording my shower time masturbation session when she barged in." She glanced over her shoulder at one of the airborne cameras that followed her everywhere, her every waking moment. "My fans thought it was hysterical when she quite literally scared the piss out of me before I could manage to pop my load!"

"Ew, mom!" Lucy protested.

Martha blushed. "I was planning on finishing off by pissing in my own face, so I didn't go potty first. You know I like old black and white movies. I had just watched Psycho earlier that night. I thought someone was coming to kill me when the shower curtain was yanked aside! It wasn't my fault that I was so scared that my bladder let loose!" She giggled. "I never went limp so fast in my life either. Amanda..."

"Alisa. Jeeze mom, you could at least remember her name!" Maxine scolded.

"Oops, sorry Alisa dear." Martha grinned sheepishly. "I know she watches my feed from time to time. Anyway, Alisa was on her knees, taking me into her mouth before I was even finished peeing. She got me hard in no time, and then the fun really started!"

"TMI, mom." Lucy said sullenly, trying to pretend she hadn't watched that very exciting clip numerous times already. "You promised to keep the sex stuff in your bedroom!"

"I know kiddo. I thought I was the only one home."

Maxine would not be distracted. She glared at the mobile camera while pointing an accusing finger at her mother. "I ended up jerking off to porn while listening to Miss Sex Sensation banging my date all night long!"

"Don't be like that, honey." Their mother smiled. "Didn't I make it up to you by letting you claim that pretty bookworm when the library's air filtration system failed last week?"

Maxine couldn't help smiling. "Yeah, that was kinda hot. I loved her egghead chic look, with indigo bangs streaked with purple and pink. When you turned her down and pushed her away, she started to cry until she noticed the tent in my skirt."

Martha sighed. "Her happy whimpers were so hot; I had to run to the ladies room." She couldn't help smiling. "Thankfully the librarian had the same idea, what with all the noise you guys were making. She took one look at my drone, and we came to an understanding. After I signed an autograph for her, we took turns sucking each other off on a live real-time feed until you planted your seed."

Maxine giggled. "I'm just glad you kept the camera off of me. I don't want my business all over the internet!"

"Honey, the viewers have been begging for you to make a guest appearance. The video of your unusual accidental sort of medical aided conception is still one of the most popular on the site. They love how you inherited your sire's beautiful chocolate brown skin, and my gorgeous red hair and green eyes."

"Mom, quit reminding me I was an accident!" Maxine stuck her tongue out at the camera, but couldn't help grinning. "Alright, I said I'll think about it!" She tried to sound angry, but spoiled the effect when she struck a rather sexy pose. "I'm not like you mom. I'm not sure I want to wave my dork around in front of a camera."

"Okay-okay sweetie!" Martha smiled. Just tell us if you've seen your pretty little conquest since you put a baby in her belly."

Maxine sighed. "No mom. When we were all done, she staggered off to the display room where they were exhibiting all of those antique mirrors. I saw her go in but I swear she never came out again. When I checked, there was nobody there. I asked around, and nobody seems to know who she was or where she came from."

Martha frowned. "My librarian friend mentioned something about that. It's become quite a local mystery. She said the only other exit from the display room is a fire door, and there's absolutely no way to open it without setting off the alarm."

Maxine sighed. "I'd love to see her again, but maybe it's just as well. Mom, she was weird! When we were done, she started talking to this funny looking green eared puppy in her backpack, saying things like "This is the wrong library, in the wrong human world!" and "I'm ruined! Celestia is going to banish me for getting pregnant with a human foal!" What a freak!"

Martha shook her head. "Don't talk like that honey. You know that some monos don't like being inseminated while under the influence of pheromones. She probably made up a fantasy about other worlds to make it more erotic for her."

Maxine sighed. "Mom, she was really strange, I tell you. She even seemed to have trouble walking, um, once she was up off of her back again, that is." She rolled her eyes. "The sexy little goof was walking around on her hands and feet, like some kind of animal."

Martha looked sad. "The poor thing might have been doing drugs. Some monos think they can resist pheromones if they go out in public while high. It would explain why she was out and about without a mask."

"Mom, you haven't heard the craziest part. She was still horny from my pheromones, but Miss Pink streak turned her back and ignored me. She left me still hard, and started blowin' her dog instead!" Maxine looked troubled. "Mom, I can almost swear the dog said "Oh Twi!" whatever that means, when she started sucking his cute little red boner!"

"Now I know she was just messing with your head, sweetheart." Martha laughed. "Did you happen to notice if she had any books on ventriloquism, or were you too busy taming your still hard beast?"

Maxine looked rather bashfully at her feet. "I didn't notice any books. I was too involved with watching her give a dog a blowjob. That was seriously hot!" She looked up and smiled sweetly at the camera and made an unmistakable stroking motion with her closed fist. "I pounded off a good one, and popped a wicked load all over the back of her head. I think I got her right when her little doggie shot off in her mouth. It looked so nasty against her indigo hair. Some even got on the dog's face. I hope he liked that. His tongue was lolling out and I scored a direct hit!"

Martha looked at her data watch and giggled. "Sweetheart, forty-two users just notified the site that they rubbed off a quick load while listening to your story."

"Wow, that's cool!" Maxine couldn't help grinning. "Maybe in the new year I'll let the cameras watch me when I find just the right mono."

"Let me know when, so I can make sure to notify everyone to log on."

"Sure mom!"

Lucy stomped her foot. "This isn't fair! I'm stuck with jerking off all the time and you guys just stand there telling the world how much fun you have! Mom why didn't you have a mono daughter so I could seduce her with my pheromones?"

Martha turned and glared at her youngest daughter. "You know I do not approve of incest!" she shouted angrily. "I'm not even a mono, and your grandmother thought she had the right to make a move on me. She's lucky I didn't break her nose when I woke up to her cock still nestled between my breasts, and a face full of her glop!"

"Grandma should have at least waited until you were twelve." Maxine said with a laugh. "She's such a pervert!"

"But you fucked me into you!" Lucy cried, trying to ignore her sister's attempt to lighten the mood. "That's way worse!"

Martha sighed and hugged Lucy. "You know that's a totally different situation entirely. Both legally and morally, selfcest is just masturbation. It hurts nobody, and is a hell of a lot of fun. If it leads to pregnancy, that's just a fringe benefit. It's nothing like intentionally going after a relative just because she was unlucky enough to be born a mono, or just happens to be a very sound sleeper!"

"Well, it wouldn't count legally as incest if I had a mono sister!" Lucy muttered.

"Legal or not, incest is out!" Martha scolded. "I don't want you even thinking about me or your sister that way!"

"What, Maxine?" Lucy gasped, hoping that her mother and sister never suddenly developed some kind of telepathy or lie detector abilities. Her big sister's ass was the stuff dreams were made of! "Ew, why would Maxine turn my crank? I'd NEVER think about her like that!" She gulped. "Or you! Mom, don't talk nasty!"

"Well, see that you don't. In just two short years, you can have your pick of horny monos. I'm sure you can hold out and just masturbate until then."

"You're almost a mono yourself, shorty." Maxine laughed at her sister. "Maybe a futa will even pop you before the two years are up."

"WHAT?" Lucy screamed. "You take that back! You're taller than me now, but I'm catching up! I'm five eleven and still growing! My dick is already fourteen inches long!" Lucy thrust out her chest. "44DD, you bitch! I can wear your bras right now if I wanted to, and I'm still growing!"

Maxine blushed. "My cock is sixteen inches when hard, you little dork!"

Martha sighed. "Girls, stop it!" She smiled slightly. "You did open yourself up for that, Maxine. Lucy does favor me, after all."

"Don't remind me!" Maxine shouted.

Lucy grinned wickedly. "I bet my dick will be eighteen inches by the time I'm sixteen, just like mom!"

"Lucy, what did I just say about gloating?"

"Mom, you should have named her clone! It's getting harder and harder to tell you two apart now that she's finally maturing! You're starting to look like identical twins!" Maxine said. "What else would you expect, since you were dumb enough to accidentally knock yourself up with her?"

"Would you like to be grounded?" Martha asked softly. "I could go to your date's house and explain why you can't come over. I'll explain over and over, while she's on her back with he legs spread wide for me!"

"Sorry mom!" Maxine said quietly. "You're not dumb and I know it wasn't an accident."

"Damn straight I wasn't any accident like you were!" Lucy shouted. "Mom made shit-loads of money with the series of videos and her blog chronicling how I came into the world!"

"Selfcest is still quite a popular fetish." Martha said smugly. "I was the very first futanari to shoot a video of fucking myself through a portal and giving myself a massive cum inflated belly. I saved up that load for almost a week! The daily pictures and videos of my growing baby-bump were quite popular too. The live pay per view special of Lucy's birth paid for this house, in case you forgot!"

Lucy couldn't help grinning. "The insemination video is super hot! I popped my first bo..." She froze, her face growing nearly as red as her hair. "I mean I bet everyone popped boners watching it."

Martha shook her head. "Lucy, you aren't old enough for live action pornography! You better not let me catch you with anything but hentai anime, comics, and text only sex stories on your system, young lady!"

"You won't!" Lucy said with conviction, hoping her mother would never find her secret second data screen hidden deep in the back of her closet. "There's nothing but anime on my system, you can check any time you want!"

Maxine looked at her watch. "I better get going, before some other futa bags my date!"

"Maxine?" Martha said quietly.

"I'll be home before midnight, I swear!"

Martha smiled. "Okay sweetheart, now go have fun."

Lucy sighed dramatically as her big sister left. "Damnation!" she said heatedly. "I'm stuck with jerking my fuckin' cock and she get's to knock up a mono!"

"Lucy Ricardo Mertz, what have I told you about such language?"

Blushing, Lucy cast her eyes to the floor. "It shows how immature I am, and immature children don't get erections." She looked up, panic in her eyes. "You won't make me take one of those illegal Futa-Pause pills, will you? I, I haven't masturbated at all today, and I'd get all backed up if I don't pop a load tonight!"

"Darling, you do know those awful pills are only against the law to manufacture, right?" Martha gave a camera a little smirk.

Lucy whimpered. "I also know you still have a half a bottle hidden somewhere I can't find! My birthday was a nightmare after I totally accidentally said a bad word, and you made me take one! It wore off when I was asleep, and I wet dreamed all night! I was too limp to seal on a Winger to hold my night loads, so I woke up with my eyes glued shut with crusty cum. It was disgusting, and I was super lucky that I didn't knock myself up rolling around in my own splooge!"

"That reminds me. It's time for a word from our sponsor" Martha pulled a small package from the hip pocket of her snugly fitting yellow bodysuit. "Winger Splash, Fire hose Extra Longs. The long chain single molecule construction insures they hold back even the biggest loads. The patented molecular bonding ring actually makes them part of the skin of your penis, guaranteeing that not one pesky sperm will escape you and get into her!"

Martha smiled knowingly. "You say you don't mind knocking up every mono you service? Well, consider this. One out of every twenty futanari that get's shot down with an unplanned pregnancy, did it herself wriggling around in the aftermath of a wet dream. So do like my daughter does. Roll one on when you're still hard after stroking off that last load of the night. They're so comfortable, it's like you're wearing nothing at all!"

"Best of all, any naughty dreams will give you a delicious and nutritious high-protein smoothie to start your busy day off right! Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day, after all." She held the package right up to the camera lens. "So remember, for comfort, safety, and durability, it's only Wingers for me!"

"Mother, don't make me part of your commercials!" Lucy shouted. She tried to calm herself down and smiled weakly for the camera. "Um, Wingers are great. Sometimes I give them a squeeze when they're really full, because it feels so weird when the semen backs up into my bladder. My pee comes out kinda globby for a while after that, but it's really neat!" She grinned. "Now about the pills, do I have to take one?"

Martha grinned wickedly. "Not that I'm admitting having any, but don't you ever let me catch you searching for them, young lady!"

"You won't, uh; I mean I won't ever look for them again!" Lucy took a deep breath. "Are we good? Do I have to go to bed with a limp noodle?"

Martha smiled. "No, we're good. You gave me a perfectly timed cue to segway into the promo spot. You may even get a little bonus for your spontaneous endorsement. Now go watch some hentai and get yourself ready for bed." She glanced at the clock on the living room wall. "Goodness, it's nearly time for my 'cast. I can't leave my public hanging!" She gave Lucy a quick kiss. "Now go relax. Momma has to shake her money-maker!"

"Ew!" Lucy exclaimed, with what she hoped was just the right tone of embarrassed disinterest. "I'm proud you're so popular, but you don't have to brag about it."

"True, I am a hit." Martha tussled her daughter's hair. "You're not as grown up as you pretend you are, sweetie. Some day you'll grow to adore the attention of thousands of eager followers."

"No way!" Now Lucy was speaking the truth. As close as she was to her mother's genetic pattern, she seemed to lack what Maxine laughingly called the exhibition gene. "I don't know how you can even pop a boner while who knows how many thousands of futa, mono, and even men are watching!"

Martha laughed. "You forgot icy winds. I do admit I had a little trouble getting hard for my live "Jerkin' in the New Year" Times Square special last January. I had to warm up in my Fluffer's mouth and only just managed to ejaculate when the count down hit zero!" She giggled like a child. "It was so cold that my semen froze when it hit the street!"

"I hope you're not doing something that crazy this year!" Lucy lied. She had lost count of how many times she had masturbated to that video. There was just something weirdly erotic in watching her buck naked goose bump covered mom gamely keep on jerking her cock, even though she was shivering and her teeth were chattering a mile a minute.

"No, this year I'm hosting a very special Christmas event in my nice warm room." She kissed her daughter's cheek. "Anyway, you have a good night, and I'll see you in the morning."

"I thought she would never leave." Lucy whispered as her skirt began to rise at an alarming angle. "I couldn't will it down any longer!"

The teen hurried to her bed room and pulled out her secret data screen. She unrolled it and hung it on the wall. "She should just be starting now." Lucy muttered as she waved her hand in the coded sequence to activate the device.

The screen cleared and Lucy smiled as she watched her mother struggle out of her skin tight bodysuit. The smile turned to a frown when she turned up the audio.

"Isn't my Lucy just a darling? I have to be very careful how I go about it." The statuesque redhead stated as her massive breasts quivered and bounced free of the restrictive garment. "I have every hope of capturing her first conquest for a delightful coming of age special."

"You what?" Lucy stammered, pausing in the act of removing her own clothes. "Dream on, mother dear! I'm not doing anything in front of your cameras, and that's a fact!"

Martha went on to her unseen audience. "It's just too bad that Maxine jumped the gun and bagged her first while underage. Thankfully the mono kept her mouth shut about how an eleven year old futa snuck into the confessional just after she removed her respirator mask."

Lucy shook her head. "Max, you're such a pervert." She muttered as she tossed her skirt across the room.

On the screen, Martha laughed. "How that silly mono managed to keep calm enough to finish her confession while an under age but over eager virgin futanari ravaged her doggy style, I'll never know. My Maxine swears she worded her confession as if being impregnated by an underage futa happened to her the day before."

"You lucky bull-cow!" Lucy whispered as she pulled off her rather hideous Christmas sweater. "I should try that, but the confessional is sure to have a very good filtration system installed now!"

Martha slipped the snug bodysuit down her body and pulled it off, one leg at a time. "I broke my heart to punish her after that daring little raid, but Maxine sure was sorry after three days of Futa-Pause induced impotence."

She giggled. "That sure came back to bite me in the ass. The poor thing went a little wild when the last dose finally wore off, and shot a record breaking load all over the living room when she decided ballerinas were "Super Sexy", as she termed it."

Lucy couldn't help giggling. "I remember that! Maxine sure made a mess of the place." She muttered as she tugged down the bike shorts mom insisted she wore under a skirt to avoid undo temptation of monos, and threw them aside. "It was kinda cool!"

Martha laughed from the screen, as if in agreement. "I had just bought an exquisite reproduction of Degas' "Before the Ballet". I had to send it out to be cleaned after young Maxine scored a direct hit! Thank goodness her semen didn't damage the oils, or I would have given her another three days of impotence!"

Lucy grinned smugly. "I only get an occasional single dose punishment, and they only last a few hours. It must be hell to be limp for three whole days! I do remember how cranky Max was. Being limp sure put her in a bad mood!"

On the screen, Martha grasped her eighteen inch cock and gave it a friendly stroke. Then she sighed and picked up a little case from her dresser. Putting one leg up on a chair, she grinned at the camera as she liberally applied spermicide to her diaphragm. "Safety first, I'm dangerously close to my ovulation day."

Her smile broadened as she inserted the device. As a Dryden, and a well endowed futanari, she had a rather deep vaginal tunnel. Martha moaned sensually as her whole hand slowly reached up inside to seat the rubber appliance properly at the mouth of her womb. "Remember ladies. If you use a diaphragm, do not let any pushy futa claim your womb. You know I know what I'm talking about!"

Martha blushed prettily. "When a certain futa that shall remain nameless got a little over eager and thought the diaphragm would stretch enough, I ended up taking a trip to the ER after she shot off in me. That was my very first experience with going viral on the net. It was so embarrassing when I needed help to get my first diaphragm out of my uterus on a day they were shooting a documentary about futanari medical problems! I hear they still have it on display."

"It was worth it though, since I got my first darling daughter as a result." She giggled. "Maxine sure gets embarrassed if I mention just how she was conceived. To think a doctor had her hand up in my womb, stirring up all that lovely semen. I didn't stand a chance with her actually forcing cum it into my fallopian tubes as she fumbled for the slippery diaphragm."

"I'm so glad that I got the raw unedited version of the video. It's so exciting to see her pull down her mask and give her slimy cummy glove a little lick when she thought nobody was looking! It's a good thing no monos were on staff, or things could have gone crazy!"

Next, as an increased physical barrier, she carefully pulled up a pair of transparent plastic panties, and worked her cock through the snug elastic gusseted hole in the front. "I have to take a few extra precautions because today is Monday. I'm sure you guys know what that means!"

Lucy felt a shiver of delightful anticipation run through her body. "It's Bukkake Monday!" she gasped, even as her mother on the screen shouted the same words.

"You know the rules." Martha said cheerfully as she turned to the safe set in the wall. "I sent out ten portals to duly registered and paid up members. Each member is then honor bound to have as many cocks at the ready as can be managed." She glared at the screen. "Remember, I said no discrimination. Guys and I know we have a few, please know that you're welcome too!"

She went on in a kinder voice. You know me. I never say a derogatory word about size or volume produced. It's all good here! So contact me immediately if any futa-bitch bullies you, okay? I'll hit them so hard with the ban hammer that their heads will spin!"

Lucy felt a bit of pride in her mother. "You tell 'em, mom!" she cheered as she began making her own preparations. "It's just nasty and rude to make fun of guys like that! It's not their fault if they were born with smaller cocks!"

Martha pulled the simple deadbolt and opened the gleaming mirror like safe. Inside was the portal security block. Originally, it was a solid cube of stainless steel. Using a very fine stasis reinforced drill bit; the locksmith Martha commissioned had carefully machined twenty narrow slots. Each was just exactly wide and deep enough to slide a portal seven eighths of the way into. Each slot had a corresponding but slightly wider slot in the door of the safe to facilitate ease of closing over the protruding portal.

The engineering tolerances had been exacting. It took a little work to force the block into the body of the safe. The locksmith had to rig up a small vacuum chamber so she didn't have to fight against the air trapped behind it.

The body of the safe, the door, the hinge pins, and the deadbolt rod had then been sent to Cake is a Lie. They kindly waved their usual exorbitant fee, on the provision that their company logo be emblazoned in bas relief on the door before stasis was imposed on each individual component.

Once assembled, with the door hermetically sealed, nothing could be forced through the enclosed portal. There was literally no space. Cake is a Lie even tested with high explosives strapped directly to several portals, up to, and including a small tactical nuke detonated on the far side of the moon. (Rumor had it that the founder had a thing for explosions, the bigger the better!) Absolutely nothing could get through. There wasn't even any residual radiation. No known force could affect the timeless nothingness of the stasis reinforced safe!

Some might call it security overkill, but it sure made it much easier to get site members to send back the portal after their turn on Bukkake Monday. Once in the safe, the portal was virtually a solid indestructible disc of stasis, useless to anyone.

Using a well manicured nail to catch the edge of a portal, Martha carefully withdrew the nearly impossibly thin circle from the narrow confines of its slot in the safe. She laughed when the sound of cheering emerged from the disc once it was exposed to the bright lights of her bedroom studio. She carefully placed the nearly five inch disc, just the exact size of an old time DVD, into place on a four foot tall curved transparent Plexiglas shell. She held it there while she activated the molecular bond.

"It sounds like someone is eager." She said into the hole leading directly into another room perhaps hundreds, maybe even thousands of miles away.

"You know it!" a voice yelled back. "I got six of my girlfriends here today. My mother was going to come too, but she had a very important business meeting on Mars. She's too far from the public portal station and couldn't get back to Earth in time."

"That's a shame, sweetheart." Martha thought for a moment and leaned in close and put her ear to the disc. "Whisper your mother's contact code to me. I'll send her a portal for next Bukkake Monday, okay? I wouldn't want dear old mom to miss out on the fun!"

Martha went to work and set the other nine portals in place until she had a nice spread. She then carried the Plexiglas to the center of the room, and slipped it into the curved slot on the floor. Satisfied it was securely in place; Martha carefully positioned a large plastic kiddy wading pool before the transparent wall.

"I hope everyone is ready!" Martha exclaimed as she took her place and knelt in the center of the pool. "Has everyone been eating foods high in the amino acids Larginine and L-lysine to really boost those loads up?"

In her bedroom, Lucy couldn't help giggling at the sound of a crowd crying out yes at her mother's question. "I have too." She whispered. "An apple a day, keeps the yield up high!"

The six fixed cameras and three hovering drones focused on her mother's smiling face. Lucy cycled from feed to feed, just enjoying how beautiful mom looked kneeling in front of a transparent quarter circle of wall, liberally studded with portals. "I wish I could be with one of those groups." She said wistfully. She didn't dare actually join the site. Mom was no fool when it came to her host duties. It would be disastrous if she noticed an IP address located so close to her studio.

Lucy went another route. It took some doing, but she managed to hack the password for the encoded raw video feeds transmitted to mom's server. She could pick and choose from any of mom's cameras, at any time.

Mom sure liked to indulge her fans. Lucy hoped that nobody ever noticed that she ran like hell to get to her room in time whenever her mother had to go pee! For reasons she just couldn't understand, she loved watching mom stand before the toilet as her beautiful penis let loose with a powerful golden stream!

"I finally have everything!" Lucy breathed as she molecularly bonded a fourteen inch dildo to the truncated female mannequin she had managed to sneak into the house just the day before. Its arms and legs ended at the elbow and knee, and it had no head, but her synthetic lover had big hard tits!

Lucy eyed the dildo, pleased with its red and white candy cane striping. She had ordered her very first "grown-up" toy in honor of the Christmas season. It gave her a sort of scary thrill to know that in length and thickness, it was a very good match for her own flesh and blood penis, at least until she outgrew it. With heart pounding, she went to her bookcase and drew out the final component, her treasure of treasures.

Hidden in an actual bound book, she took out her prized portal. It was used, from a sewage pumping station, but at three inches diameter it was just wide enough to easily pass her cock through. It took her nearly six months, but Lucy had managed to barter her way into acquiring the valuable item. She started with an antique Apple iPhone, and worked her way up to a trade worth the requisite thousands of dollars to snag even a used portal.

One end she molecularly bonded to the torso, just above the proudly jutting dildo. The other, she bonded over the lifelike vaginal folds of a purple onahole she had stolen from Maxine's room. The orientation was backwards, but looked really cool! "You look so sexy!" she whispered to the headless limbless fake futanari, with her purple vagina and candy cane dick. "I'm gonna pop your cherry, you slut, and we're both gonna feel great while I do it!"

Like many futanari, Lucy had a bit of a self impregnation phobia. Everyone knew the stories about young futanari that experimented with portals, and even older ones who should know better, being unable to stop in time before blasting a baby into their own tummy.

Even with a Winger, while on her period, she would be too nervous to let the head of her cock anywhere near the tender lips of her vagina. She didn't know how her mother managed to intentionally do what gave her the heebeegeebees just to think about.

Anal was out as well. Her behind was just too close to her vagina. What if she creamy-pied her ass and some dribbled out and got to her pussy? That way laid madness, and a big self induced baby belly!

Lucy decided that her mouth and throat was the only logical alternative. It would be warm and snug, and have the feeling of fucking a real live living person. Wasn't that why many futanari chose portal selfcest? It sure was!

It felt a little creepy and wrong, but last night Lucy had cut the onahole down. Instead of being able to accommodate up to twenty inches of thick hard futanari penis, its cylinder was now just a short two inch stump.

If she forced her mouth open as wide as possible, Lucy could just manage to wedge those two inches between her front teeth. Thank goodness that as a Dryden, her jaws could unhinge enough to accommodate the firm fleshy thing! Still, it was a very tight fit. With the home made appliance in place, she could not force her jaws closed no matter how hard she tried.

Lucy watched the screen, and saw the first penis extend through a portal and point at her mother's face. "Oh, they're starting!" she cried, as she picked up her altered toy. "Here goes nothin'!"

Moaning, the teen struggled to jam the thick silicone stump of purple pseudo flesh between her front teeth. She grabbed the Velcro strap she had molecularly bonded to the blind side of the portal, and secured it snugly behind her head. With the device securely strapped to her face, Lucy felt it would help avoid any temptation to yank it from her mouth and jam her cock up into her greedy little pussy.

Panting through her nose, the teen nervously joined her fiberglass lover in the bed. She paused a moment to watch the glorious action on the screen in order to try to ease the butterflies in her tummy over what she was about to do.

In the studio, Martha cooed as a wrist thick shaft of golden tanned flesh entered the room through its portal gloryhole. "You're sure a big girl, aren't you?"

There was a muffled giggle. "I'm twenty-one inches, ma'am." An eager voice shouted.

"What's with this ma'am nonsense?" Martha said cheerfully as she gave the swollen head a sweet little kiss. "I'm practically still a teenager. Forty is the new eighteen, like they always say."

"Sorry ma'am, um, Martha." This was followed by a moan. "Oh, I like that!"

Martha grinned, and then tried again to force the tip of her tongue into the throbbing member's urethra. She was pleasantly surprised at just how much she could manage. "Somebody is no stranger to sounding." She laughed.

"My wife is a mono." The owner of the massive penis giggled. "It's her fault! Since she doesn't have a cock, she decided to fuck mine with her pinkie."

"Hey!" another voice shouted from beyond the portal. "Don't lie Becky! I use my thumb!"

Martha grasped the thick penis and began to stroke. "Hey Becky's friend, what's your name? More importantly, is it safe for you to be here? The pheromones are going to be flying any minute now."

"Hi everyone, I'm Esmeralda." She laughed. "Hi Martha, I'm your number one mono fan. Since I made this big bimbo get me pregnant, I'm just fine." The voice answered proudly. "She shot triplets into me. I'm big as a house!"

Martha grinned. "Would it be okay if we got a peek at you?"

"Hell yeah you can see me, just gimmie a second to get ready." The sound of rustling clothing could be heard from the portal. "This is so exciting! I was hoping for this chance ever since my account was picked to get a portal today."

"Esme, what the hell are you undressing for?" There was a pause. "Guys, stop staring at my wife! She's off limits! Gloria, don't you dare jerk off while looking at her! Esme, get dressed right this instant!"

"Shut up Becky, You know the rules! I'm your wife, not your property! As long as I'm pregnant with your babies, I can play with any damn futa cock I choose!" There was quite a bit of laughter and cheering at that.

"Guys, stop that! Don't point your cocks at my wife! I can't pretend it isn't happening if you don't wait for me to be at work!"

"Becky, don't be a big baby. You know I only love you! Now get your damn cock out of the way! Everyone wants to see how beautiful I am!"

The penis finally withdrew, and Martha sent one of her smaller drones flying through the portal. "Wow, you're lovely!" she breathed, as her screen, and the screens of all of the viewing members, showed a petite little raven haired beauty with a tremendously round belly.

The tiny woman stood her tallest, which wasn't much at four foot six. She struck a sexy pose, with one hand gently caressing the huge swell of her belly. "Does everyone like what they see? I'm only at six months. I may not be able to walk once I come close to term!"

There was a long drawn out groan from another portal, followed by a roar of laughter from a large group of amused futanari. "It's not funny!" Someone whined. "Oh shit! I was saving that load for a week! Seeing that knocked up little mono was just too much! I couldn't help giving my dick a quick tug!"

Becky smiled proudly for the camera. "Isn't she sexy?" The nearly seven foot Amazonian futanari stooped to put her arm around the tiny naked woman and pulled her up into a hug. "To think I was scared when she chased me down the street and tore off my yoga pants! I thought the itty bitty thing was a little kid! I mean I wasn't even hard yet. She attacked me before she even scented my pheromones!"

"Oh shut up." Esmeralda stammered, her flawless milk white skin turning a rather becoming shade of pink. "I always get what I want. You should know that by now since I made you marry me so our baby wouldn't be a bastard! Besides, I'm thirty eight, you overgrown dummy! Just because I'm short and flat chested, doesn't mean I can't handle the likes of you!"

"Sorry Esme." Becky said softly. "Are you going to spank me later?"

"I hurt my hand last time, so tonight you get the ping pong paddle!" Esmeralda made shooing motions at the drone. "Now hurry up and pop your load on Martha. I thought you'd be more eager to rub one off since I kept you locked in your chastity belt for the last three days!"

Becky whimpered and looked at the laughing futanari surrounding her. "Esme, you promised you wouldn't mention that! Now everyone thinks I'm mono whipped!"

Martha grinned at the drama unfolding on her screen. She turned to a camera and winked. "I guess we know who wears the pants in that family!"

"Cut the comedy, Martha!" Esme yelled through the portal. "Or do you want me to keep this big bimbo's three day load for myself? Another crack like that, and I'll stand in front of the portal and take every damn load these horny bitches can shoot! All you'll see is my tiny little ass pressed right against that portal. You'll just get to stare at my poor defenseless anus and wouldn't be able to do a thing but wonder if you could possible fit. There's no way I'd let you even try though!" She cleared her throat. "If you did something so terrible to a loyal fan, you'd need to go very slowly, and use a lot of lubrication. Do you understand?"

"Esme, you can't! You said your butt belongs only to me!" Becky whimpered as she hastily stuck her cock back through the portal. "You can't do bukkake either! Things would get out of control and everyone would end up fucking you!"

That was met with a round of good natured laughter from her friends. "Becky dear, I can, and I have, and they did! Ask anyone here what happened the weekend after you knocked me up, when you had to work all that overtime! They may not have been able to enter my womb, but they sure did give it a try!"

"No, no! You weren't even susceptible to pheromones any more once you were pregnant!" She let out a little sob. "I don't want to hear about that!" Becky wailed. "Don't tell me any more! I want to keep pretending you were only sore from just me!"

Martha watched the cock give a jerk, and release a shimmering droplet of pre-cum. "The lady doth protest too much, methinks." She drawled as she once again grasped the penis. "Tell me Becky, do you want to see your Esme here instead of me?"

The cock in her hand throbbed, and a jet of warm pearlescent fluid splattered her face as if in answer. Martha gasped and laughed "I love a premature shooter! It sure speeds up Bukkake Mondays!" She bowed her head and pumped her hand at a furious pace. Spurt after thick gooey spurt spattered all over her vibrant red hair.

In her bedroom, Lucy was still nervously poised over her improvised lifeless lover. The teen was beginning to tremble as she watched her mother. That weird whipped futa sure shot off a huge load! It was slowly running down her mother's gorgeous red hair, glistening wetly under the bright lights.

This was it. She couldn't hold back any more! Lucy awkwardly squatted over her inanimate conquest. Grasping the candy cane cock with one hand, she guided her own with the other. The head of the Christmassy dildo began to spread her lips, just as the head of her cock spread the purple labia below her.

Leaning her body down, Lucy looked upward to keep her eyes on the screen, as well as to ease her entry. Just as another cock pushed through a gloryhole, she gave a sudden thrust!

Lucy squealed as a massive thickness speared her throat. Simultaneously, the candy colored toy plunged into her vaginal tunnel. Nostrils flaring, she gasped and moaned as she tried to relax to this double penetration.

She wasn't a virgin any more, well, sort of. Lucy now knew what being with a real live partner felt like. She pushed harder. The candy colored dildo thrust deeper into her, while her cock felt the delightful warmth of her trembling grasping esophagus. Portal sex was the best! Lucy wiggled her hips. It felt wonderful to have someone choke on her cock, but since it was her doing the choking, Lucy's eyes began to water.

On the screen, her mother was in her glory! Cock after cock thrust through, and shot rich creamy semen all over the panting woman's face and hair. Lucy pulled back, and gave another thrust with her hips. Her eyes opened wide and she snorted loudly through her nose at the wonderful sensations.

She had used the handle of her favorite hair brush many times to please her tender pussy, but it felt so much better to have something so wonderfully phallic finally enter her. This sensation was almost overwhelmed by the fantastic quivering tightness surrounding her cock.

Whimpering, Lucy thrust again. It was almost too much! She could hardly breathe while lodged so snugly in her esophagus! She wildly thought that maybe she should stop, even while she gave a third and even more powerful thrust.

In moments, the teen was humping her synthetic lover like a wild animal! Eyes tearing, and nose running, she snorted like a pony in heat as she panted. Lucy slammed against her improvised partner again and again. It was wonderful!

Lucy blinked rapidly to clear her eyes. She kept them glued to the screen on the wall. Mom looked fantastic! Load after load was spurting all over her! Her flawless skin glistened with shimmering slimy semen. Her face was glazed like a donut, and her hair was becoming matted to her skull with the heavy gooey slop.

If only she could add her own load to that glorious mess! Lucy thought wildly as her bed rocked with the force of her masturbatory frenzy. If only she could somehow do even more than spray a load all over the sexy beautiful woman that had singularly created a daughter in her own image!

In her studio, Martha was in her glory! The warmth of the thick liquid spattering on her skin was heavenly! It even felt good as it rapidly cooled against her. She worked hard give at least a few sucks to each lovely cock as it emerged through a portal to join her.

"Oh yeah, keep 'em coming!" she said excitedly as she stroked cock after cock. "You guys know what I like! Give it all to me!"

There were so many wonderful variations in basic taste, size, thickness and coloration. Martha could never grow tired of this! She rapidly stroked two cocks while hilting a third deep in her throat. The trio, miles apart physically, exploded together because of her! Nose against the smudged Plexiglas, Martha felt a massive load filling her belly, while more heaviness was added to the cap of shimmering goo weighing down her hair.

In her room, Lucy was dimly aware of a rhythmic thumping. It was only the sound of headboard against wall as her antique bed shook and swayed under her wild gyrations. Oh yes! Mom had begun blowing lucky users as cocks exploded all over her! Lucy squealed as her body went rigid. She waggled her tongue wildly against the thick shaft pinning it down. She squealed even louder when she felt it pulse powerfully against her struggling tongue.

She exploded! It was a shame she couldn't taste her semen as it blasted free, but it was so exciting to feel it dump directly into her waiting stomach! She managed to give an uncoordinated wriggle. The toy buried deep within her vagina pushed her over the edge! Lucy was lost to the overwhelming joy of female orgasm while her cock continued to throb and spit its load into her filling tummy.

In the studio, Martha was growing frantic as she stroked and sucked each cock. "Time out!" she gasped. "Someone has to give me a hand!" She stood carefully; feet nearly submerged in semen, and shoved her throbbing needy cock through a random portal. "Someone has to help me out now!"

She moaned as she felt what only could be three tongues begin to lavish her rock hard cock with attention. "Oh yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about!" she cheered as a mouth engulfed the swollen head.

Martha moaned when suddenly the attentions stopped. She heard the sounds of a commotion from the other side of the portal. "What's going on?" she cried, thrusting her semen slicked body against the Plexiglas wall. "Fair is fair!"

A muffled shout was picked up by the sensitive directional microphones aimed at each portal. "Oh shit! Molly, get out of here!"

There was a scream of "Mine!" and Martha felt a hand roughly grab her cock. It began to tug and yank.

"What's going on?" she repeated, more than a little afraid.

"My stupid mono sister picked the lock on my bedroom door!" A voice cried. "Dammit, she's ruining my slumber party! I'm hard as a rock and oozing precum, but she's ignoring me! She's ignoring all of us! It's not fair! I've been trying to nail her since she turned thirteen last month!"

"Incest is wrong!" Martha moaned as her cock was inexpertly jerked.

The sounds of struggling increased. "Guys, let me go! This is my chance to fuck my prissy mono sister!"

Another voice broke in. "Your mom paid us all to make sure that doesn't happen! Now let her decide who she wants to pop her cherry!"

Martha moaned as her cock was released. "Come to me baby." She cooed softly. "Ignore your mean sister and let me be the one to get your cherry!"

"That's not fair! See if I re-subscribe after this!"

Martha felt tender labia press against the head of her cock. "Go ahead sweetie, ride that nice cock!"

She gasped as tightness forced its way down over her. It bothered her only a little that she most likely would not be the one to knock this kid up. Her penis was completely coated with semen from who knows how many donors. The mono was as good as knocked up as soon as the slippery cum coated cockhead touched her cervix. Even now sperm from many futanari were eagerly seeking out the kid's egg!

Not everyone could afford the heavy paternity insurance premiums paid by her sponsors. It was time to reassure her loyal members. "Remember, I never divulge the IP addresses or names of my users. If the DNA test doesn't say I'm the sire, it will be very difficult to figure out who is!"

When she was completely hilted in the snug warmth of the former virgin, Martha grasped the top of the Plexiglas wall and began to thrust at it. "I'm fucking you, whoever you are." She shouted. "Just stay with me, and I'll give you everything you ever dreamed of!"

In her bedroom, Lucy's cock never lost its erection. She loved it when mom got a chance to fuck someone through the portals. It looked so cool, even if you couldn't see who was about to get knocked up! Slowly, her body began to move. Before long, the headboard was thumping the wall again.

In the studio, the drones all repositioned for the best angles of Martha humping the wall. Two focused on her breasts pressed against the upper edge, sort of spilling over the top as they bounced in time to her thrusts. The wall shook too, but it had been designed for this. It was strong enough to withstand Martha's most energetic fuck sessions.

"Oh yes!" she cried, as her body slowed to a trembling stand still. "She's fucking me now! She's slamming her ass against the wall, wherever she is!"

Knuckles showing white as she gripped the wall tightly, Martha began to pant as she hung on. "Oh yeah! Just like that kiddo! Slam me! Let me, let me ... Good girl! Guys, I, I'm in her womb! The head just popped in!" Her eyes opened wide. "She's so tight! It won't be long now! I, I'm about to pop!"

With a long drawn out moan, Martha gave a few short little jabs at the wall. "I'm cumming!" she cried. "I'm shooting in her womb Maybe; maybe my sperm will get her first!"

Even as her cock throbbed, Martha felt something nudging against her mid section. "Someone can't wait." She stammered, as her ejaculations eased to a final dribble.

She pulled back, and got a quick glimpse of a pretty little vagina, already leaking huge amounts of seminal fluid. Above it, a very cute penis fully emerged from another portal. Martha clapped. "Do we have one?" she asked hopefully. "Don't be shy, guy!"

The penis vanished. A voice was heard from the portal. "Mike, I told you it was okay! Hi Martha! Would you speak to my brother? Today is his birthday, and I said I'd ask you to pop his cherry since we lucked out and got picked for a portal today."

Martha motioned to a drone, and sent it through the portal in question. "I don't see any other futa." She said seriously as her screen showed a statuesque blonde, with a young man nervously trying to hide behind her. "You know the rules."

"I have eight friends waiting down stairs. They'll come up later. I didn't want Mike to feel nervous as he watched your show."

"You like watching futanari get messy?" Martha asked kindly.

"Yeah, I guess so." Mike replied.

"Hey, quit rubbing it against me." His sister complained, but with a grin on her face. "You know its look but don't touch, when it comes to your dear big sister!"

"Sorry Shelly!" The blonde young man took a deep breath, and then stepped from behind her. He was completely naked, and fully aroused.

"Oh my, you're quite a looker." Martha said in appreciation as she looked over his slender build. She nodded her approval at his nine inch penis, and the scrotum containing rather large looking testicles. "Mike, you're sexy!"

"Really?" he squeaked. "Mono girls don't really look at me."

"Monos are just too fickle, Mike, my boy. Try for a futanari, especially the older ones. They'll jump at a chance to get fucked bareback by a cock that can't knock them up!" Martha smiled. "Now how old are you?"

He smiled proudly. "I'm sixteen today!"

"Good for you, Mike! Now tell me what you want for your birthday?"

He gulped, and the screen clearly showed his cock give a little jerk. "I, I wanna fuck you!" He gulped again. "Please?"

"You said the magic word, Mike!" Martha reached for a rack just out of splatter range, and grabbed a big white fluffy towel. "Just give me a minute. Your sperm won't do anything to me, but all of those horny futanari coated me good. I can't risk any of their sperm getting in me, or it will ruin my special Christmas announcement!"

Once she had wiped most of the slimy semen off of her lower back, sides, and stomach, Martha carefully pulled her plastic panties down. "Now guys, no shooting while my defenses are lowered!" she warned the rest of the members. "This is Mike's birthday, and I know you'll give me a little time to make it a memorable one for him! I promise my later announcement will make it worth while!"

Shelly laughed and quickly undressed. "I want to see this, but don't worry. I won't stick my dick through a portal if I cum too soon."

"Sis!" Mike shouted. "What are you doing?"

"Cool your thrusters, Mike! You know you like watching me choke the chicken. We like to masturbate together." She explained while smiling proudly. "He does it once a day, sometimes twice, and pops off quite a nice little load each time. He never even needs to use Viagra!"

Blushing, Mike grinned sheepishly. "Sometimes I even have wet dreams. The doctors think I'm sort of a throwback to before Doctor Dryden's time."

Martha smiled. "Wow, I'm impressed Mike! Now come get your birthday present!" She turned her back to the wall, and pressed her firm round ass against the Plexiglas. "I'm all yours, kiddo."

The young man groaned as he grasped his cock and pressed it to the lovely vagina framed by the portal on his sister's bedroom wall. "You feel so warm and wet." He tried not to giggle. "But I can smell all of that jizz. Ew!"

"Very funny!" Martha laughed as she gently used her fingers to guide the young man to her opening. "I kind of like the smell."

"I, I'm going in!" he cried, not really minding the smell of so much semen. There was none on the pussy he was entering, and that was all that counted! "I, I'm not a virgin any more!"

"Happy birthday Mike!" Martha looked up at a camera lens. Time to give the kid the benefit of some free advertising! "Oh, he's nice!" she cooed. "Any futa or mono that lands this stud will have a great time!"

In her bedroom, Lucy gurgled around her cock. This was it! This was what she loved! It was so sexy when mom let a MALE fuck her! Too many monos and futanari snub the poor guys. She thought wildly about the few boys she knew. If one ever showed even the slightest interest in her, she'd drop her pants in a second! She wouldn't even shoot her load on him if he wasn't interested in her cock! Boys and men were great birth control for futanari that wanted a naked cock in them!

She watched the screen intently as she continued her wild ride. The AI driven production and editing software lined the shots up nicely and presented them as one image. It looked almost like mom and the birthday boy were in the same room, and not separated by walls representing whatever miles lay between the two discs of the portal.

The blonde young man had his arms spread wide, palms of his hands against the wall as his slender body humped against it. His legs were spread, and he rose up on his toes for better penetration. Lucy liked the way he clenched his firm butt cheeks with each powerful thrust. His head was turned to the side, so he was facing the camera. He had such a cute look of determination on his face as he plowed into the pussy on the other side of the portal.

On mom's side, she was bouncing her ass against the curved Plexiglas, making her huge round breasts jiggle and sway with the movement. Lucy almost laughed around her massive mouth full when she saw a streamer of drool drip from her mother's panting mouth. It was almost a mirror of the pre-cum simply oozing from the head of her wobbling bouncing cock.

Lucy was impressed. The guy lasted nearly five minutes before he threw his head back and cried out. She moaned and panted, attacking herself even harder when mom's cock actually gave a couple of strong spurts! Oh damn, he had made her cum! A male made a futanari cum! That outta show everyone that guys were a-okay!

Losing it, Lucy exploded down her own throat a second time. She nearly passed out from the sheer power of her dual natured simultaneous orgasm. Even in her nearly heavenly bliss, she felt a stab of envy. Her cock throbbed again and again, as she wished it was her shooting off into her lovely mother!

Back in the studio, Martha grabbed her cock and stroked, continuing the ejaculations Mike's lovely cock had started. "Damn, that was good!" she panted, as the last dribble splashed into the pool of semen she stood in. "Mike, that was fantastic!"

She watched her screen as her young lover pulled out. "Look, I'm still pretty hard." He said proudly. "Miss Martha, thank you so much!"

"Thank you, sweetheart!" Martha said cheerfully as she hastened to pull her plastic panties back up. She turned and hefted her cock out of the way as a drone zoomed in for a close up between her legs. "Look at that!" she announced as a respectable bit of creamy white oozed out from between her pouty labia to spread over the clear plastic of the panties. "Mike shot enough for a creamy-pie! I say he's an honorary futa!"

"Oh shit, that was so hot!" Shelly cried as she lurched across the room. "I can't hold on any more!"

Martha turned around just as the proud big sister slipped her cock through the portal. Semen splashed when she dropped to her knees and accepted it into her mouth. She sucked hard as the first pulse splashed across her tongue.

"Go sis!" Mike cheered. "I hope you feel as good as she made me feel!"

That was the trigger. Cock after cock slipped in and anointed her. It went on for over an hour as dozens of futanari went for seconds, thirds and even fourths. Towards the end, a nine inch long cock even made a surprise return appearance. Mike managed to shoot off a good three spurts before quickly withdrawing.

Coated from head to foot with semen, Martha smiled at the camera when it was all over. "That's it for Bukkake Monday." She giggled when one last cock slipped through and fired a couple of weak spurts on her ass. "Well, now it is!"

She fumbled for a towel and cleared some of the slime from her face. "Now it's time for a very important announcement. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Coincidentally, my cycle says I'm also ovulating tomorrow. Tomorrow morning I'm shipping one special package to a random member by UPS."

She smiled. "Unified Portal Systems, a duly licensed subsidy of Cake is a Lie, is the proud sponsor of "Martha's Christmas Insemination"! UPS has personally guaranteed me that the package will be delivered by midnight if I get it to them before eleven A.M. tomorrow. So remember. If a package absolutely must get there within hours, even to the moon or mars, choose UPS!"

Martha waited for the UPS jingle to finish playing, before continuing. "The lucky member will get a very special gift indeed." She grinned and put a hand to her slimy semen dripping breasts. "Namely, me. One lucky member will get a no strings attached opportunity to knock up a celebrity when they open the package and find a portal inside! So friends, be sure to log on. At exactly Midnight, I'll take the portal from the safe, and things will get wild!"

In her room, Lucy froze with her hand on the back of her head to undo the Velcro. If only there was some way she could win that prize! With a loud ripping sound, she tugged the Velcro free. She managed to pry the stub of onahole from her mouth and massaged her weary jaws. "I wish I was a real member." She said hoarsely, throat a little sore from all the abuse. "Santa, if you're real, I'd give anything for a chance to fuck a baby into mom! That's the only thing I want this year!"

The next morning, Lucy had to grin at herself for acting like such a little kid. Santa indeed! There was no chance she'd ever get it on with mom. Much as she tried to act otherwise, Lucy couldn't bring herself to disobey a direct parental order. She would just have to resign herself to wait two long years before she was allowed to knock up a mono.

She came down wearing one of her prized hideous Christmas tee-shirts over a bright red bodysuit. The green shirt featured a group of reindeer looking on in horror as huge gouts of flame shot out of a chimney. It was captioned. "That's not good. Put them on the naughty list".

The bodysuit itself was rather comfy. It followed her curves like a second skin, but held her breasts quite nicely while dampening their tendency to bounce and jiggle with every step. The very elastic cutting edge fabric was extremely sheer though. Grandma had sent it as an early Christmas present and asked sweetly for her to wear it next time she visited. She really was a pervert.

Lucy was not her mother though. The thought of walking around very nearly topless made her a nervous wreck. She was very glad of the small cotton modesty panel that hid her vagina from view and rose up behind to cover part of her ass crack. It was almost like a built in little panty. Well, the most important parts of a panty, anyway. She could live with that as long as nobody stared too much at her boobs.

Maxine nearly jumped out of her baggy white socks when Lucy accidentally purposely bumped into her in front of the closed door of their mother's office. "Why so jumpy, Max?" she asked sweetly. "Trying to find where mom hides the Futa-Pause again?"

"Why would I need to find them? I'm too old for such childish punishments!" The older sister hastily crumpled what looked like the peel off backing of an address label in her fist. "Is that another nasty old shirt from somebody's trash?" she asked loudly as they headed for the dining room together.

"Thrift store." Lucy corrected with a grin as she sat at the table. "They had more, but this one was the only shirt, uh, big enough to hold the girls." She squirmed a little, her breasts straining mightily against the tightly stretched thin cotton.

"Honey, please go put on a bra." Martha said as she hurried into the kitchen. "Nobody likes a cock-tease, and I don't want you out tormenting poor monos!"

"Mother, I'm completely covered!" Lucy shouted. "You know I don't like wearing sheer tops when I go out in public! You should talk, anyway!" She eyed the older redhead. "You aren't wearing one now, and your nipples are so hard they could put someone's eye out!"

"Well, I am happy." She said cheerfully. "I'm not wearing anything sheer today, either, because it's Christmas Eve. I do no wish to appear cheap."

"Sheer or not, you're showing more boobie flesh than I would ever dare to!" Lucy protested. "Sure my shirt is a little, uh, clingy, but I'm not running around looking like an ad for the dairy council!"

Maxine snorted. "Mom, I think your clone just called you a cow."

"Shut up Max!" Lucy said huffily.

Martha looked down at herself, and then smiled up at her ever present cameras. She gave a little shake. Her massive breasts swayed and jiggled wildly. "I think I look quite festive. Would anyone care for some Eggnog?"

"Mom, don't be gross!" Lucy protested, while trying not to openly drool over her sexy mother's lewd display.

Maxine grinned. "I'm just wondering how that dress is even staying up. I'm expecting a nip-slip any second now after the strain she just put on it."

"Spray adhesive, smarty-pants." Martha said with a smirk. "I have almost a half inch leeway before a nipple pops out, and the bodice of this dress isn't going anywhere."

Lucy sighed, not noticing the extra strain he rising breasts put on her overly tight tee shirt until she heard a couple of stitches pop. "Mom, you're so crude."

Maxine laughed. "Face it, kiddo, this is about as modest as mom can get." She said as she admired their mother's body hugging strapless red satin sheath dress. The extremely short hem was festively trimmed in white synthetic fur to match her Santa hat.

"I thought about going out with my cock exposed, but decided to point her up at my boobs." Martha said with a grin. "That way if I pop a boner, it won't ruin the lines of the dress."

"I bet I know why you really decided that." Lucy giggled. "Last time you walked around with your dork hanging out, you popped a boner when you saw that French nun in full habit and respirator mask leading a school field trip to the art museum. You ended up being chased by over a hundred underage French monos because you didn't roll on a Winger to hold in your juice!"

Martha blushed. "I do like nuns, but don't exaggerate. It was just thirty, and only five were actually old enough to have reached menarche and ovulate for the first time that day. The rest just came along to see the fun. Oh God, could those little Euro darlings run fast!" She sighed. "Okay, I'll approve of your braless state since you're wearing a tee shirt to hide the sheerness of the bodysuit. Remember though. No monos until you're fifteen. Got that?"

"Yes mom." Lucy said quietly.

"Good." Martha looked at her data watch. "Oh shoot! I am so late! I have to get down town to the international portal station asap! I'm supposed to be at the Sydney Opera House in twenty minutes for a very important interview!"

"See you later, mom!" Lucy called as the naturally six foot five statuesque redhead mincingly ran for the door in seven inch red stiletto platform pumps, closely followed by three drones. At her enhanced seven feet, she ducked just in time to avoid knocking her hat off on the top of the doorframe.

"Wait for me mom!" Maxine cried. "I'll head out with you. I want to hit New York for a couple of hours for some last minute shopping!" The eldest daughter paused at the entryway mirror and nodded approval at her refection. Navy blue micro-skirt, white blouse with big red bow at the neck, sailor collar draped down over her shoulders, black patent leather flats, and baggy white socks gave her the sexy anime schoolgirl look that rarely went out of style.

Her lovely chocolate hued skin, big green eyes, and blazing head of long fiery red hair enhanced the look immensely. Maxine checked the red ribbons tying her hair into twin pony tails, and then turned to smile at her sister. "See you later, kiddo."

"Jeeze, you'd think one of them would invite me along." Lucy complained as the door slammed. "Maybe I should go to Tokyo for the afternoon. I haven't been to Shibuya in weeks." She thought a moment. It wasn't a very good idea to go to Tokyo without a large group of friends.

"I guess I better not. Japan has a much smaller futanari population than the United States, and those Japanese monos are wild! Even with no pheromones, they'll pounce on an unwary American futa traveling alone! Mom would never believe I didn't do it on purpose if some crazy Gyaru jumped my bones and then used a turkey baster on her creamy-pie to knock up all of her Gal friends!"

Just when Lucy decided to go back upstairs to rub off a quick couple of loads while thinking about beautiful Japanese monos, the phone rang. The screen lit up to show her mother's worried face. "Sweetheart, thank goodness you're still home!"

"What's up, mom?" Lucy asked.

"You know me. I'd forget my penis if it wasn't attached. Lucy, in my office you'll find a package all ready for UPS. It absolutely has to go out this morning, but I was in such a rush I forgot it. It's only 9:30 now, so you have plenty of time to get it there before 11:00. Just give them my name. They're waiting for it."

"Sure mom. No biggie." Lucy signed off, and went to her mother's office. She picked up the small package and noticed it was addressed to an anonymous P.O. Box in New York City. Tossing it in the air, she caught it and headed for the front door. She actually had her hand on the door knob when her knees suddenly felt weak and her heart began to pound.

"Is there really a Santa?" she whispered as she dropped to her knees and stared at the box she held. "I have the winning portal right here in my hand! How would anyone possibly know if I just kept it?"

Without thinking of the consequences if she got caught, Lucy raced upstairs with the fantastically valuable package. "I have to send something." She muttered. "Or UPS would tell they never got it. Mom would kill me!" She smiled. "I have just the perfect thing!"

Working feverishly, the teen carefully opened the box without damaging the pre-paid shipping label. Her fingers shook as she withdrew the small case containing the portal. She swapped that portal half for one of hers and carefully resealed the box. "I have to think of a good place to put the other half. The winner should get a chance to screw something while I'm fucking a baby into mom!"

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