Tommy and Sue's First Time
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, Light Bond, Group Sex, Sex Toys,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Dana's nephew and his sister go to a party, get drugged and wind up together with a girl

Even though we were seven years apart, my sister and I had a few friends in common, mostly siblings close to our age. At the end of the summer a girl a year older than my sister was having a pool party at her parent's house, her older brother, who was in my class, asked Sue if I was going to be around, he was supposed to act as a sort of chaperone, mostly to make sure that things didn't get too out of control, and wanted to have someone to hang out with. Since I didn't have anything else to do that weekend, I figured I might as well go, it would give me a chance to catch up with him on what was happening with everyone; and I thought I might meet a cute girl there.

Our parents were going away for the weekend too, so I went over Friday after work, to hang out with and keep my sister company. She was always a bit of a fraidy cat when it came to staying home alone. She would get into the biggest, meanest, nastiest guy's face and yell at him in a bar, but creeks and the possibility of a scary bug were too much for her. I didn't mind doing this. I figured we'd get to hang out and goof around like we always did. I there about seven and was greeted with a bone-crushing hug.

"I'm so glad you're here. I think there's a cricket in the living room."

"Gee, way to make a guy feel wanted, just tell him up front that you're happy to see him so he can kill a grasshopper for you."

"I'm sorry. I'm happy you're here anyway. Mon and Dad left some money so we can get food. Do you want Chinese?"

"Sounds good. I was just teasing. Let me deal with the bug, then we can order."

I looked around the living room for a few minutes, but I couldn't see anything. Finally, I heard the chirp. Having a bearing now, I walked over to the window expecting to see it on the sill or something like that, but there was nothing there. It chirped again. The cricket was outside, I closed the window and told Sue where the cricket was and suggested we just leave the window closed and turn on the air conditioning.

"We can't do that. You know Dad gets updates about that on his phone, he hates to use the A/C or heat."

"Well I'm sure if you do your Daddy's Little Girl routine he won't get too upset. He'll laugh at you, but he won't get upset."

"Ok, lets order before he calls anyway."

We went through the menu, called in our order, and waited to see which would be fist, the food or our Dad calling to complain about us wasting money.

It was no contest, not even 10 minutes after turning the air on, the phone rang. Sue answered, putting it on speaker so I could hear both sides.

"Hi, Daddy."

"Hey kitten, why'd you turn the air on it's only 80, it's not warm enough, just open the window."

"Daddy, I would waste even more, you tell me I shouldn't cool the outdoors too." This was classic Sue, pretending to be a complete idiot to get her way.

"I meant..." my father was obviously annoyed that he had to call home while he was away for a couple of days with our Mother.

"I know what you meant, Tommy says there's a cricket right outside the living room window and it's scaring me."

"Good, I'm glad he's there, put him on the phone."

"Hey Dad, she's got you on speaker. I told her you wouldn't be mad at her, because of the bug."

"You're right Tommy, but I don't want you to have the air on tomorrow."

"Don't worry, I'll take care of it."

"Young lady, your brother has the right ideas when it comes to heating and A/C, you could lean a thing or two from him."

"Yes Daddy," my sister replied while rolling her eyes, "we'll talk to you later, have fun."

"Bye kids, have fun too."

The food came about 15 minutes later. We parked ourselves in front of the TV and wolfed it all down. After that we just relaxed and played some videogames before going to bed.

The next morning was more of the same, although Sue didn't wake up until 11. Not knowing if she smoked pot, I figured the morning was a good time for me to enjoy a quick joint before she woke up. I found out very quickly that she did smoke. Almost as soon as I'd exhaled for the first time, I heard her come down the stairs.

"For Christ sakes what kind of brother are you. You have good pot that you don't share with your little sister. I'm gonna tell Mom and Dad on you. They always say we should share."

"What, you going to tell them I wouldn't share my pot with you?"

"No, I'll tell Daddy that you smoking and tried to pressure his kitten into trying it. I'll put my hair into pigtails before I tell him."

"Don't worry, here take a hit, I have plenty more."

We smoked that joint and two others while we were waiting to go to the party. Finally about 2, Sue jumped up and said, "Holy shit, I didn't realize it was so late we've got to get ready. I got first shower."

She ran up the stairs and two minutes later I heard the shower start. I took the time to fill up my dugout with more pot for the party. I didn't know if I was going to smoke there, but I wanted to be ready just in case.

About 20 minutes later Sue called down, telling me to hurry up and get in the shower. Not wanting to get into it with my sister, I took a quick hit and made my way upstairs. Sue was waiting for me at the top of the stairs, to prod me along, saying I had to hurry so we wouldn't be late. Finally, I told her I would be all set in 20 minutes, showered, dressed, and ready to go, but didn't think she could beat me.

I knew this was the best way to get her off my back and into her room. She could never resist a challenge. After a quick shower, I was downstairs in shorts and a T-shirt, with a bathing suit and towel in my bag. I left my bedroom door closed, so Sue would think I was still getting ready. I really wanted to see the look on her face when she realized she lost.

A couple of minutes after I got downstairs, I heard her door open, followed by a quick knock on my door, then in her most annoying voice, "You lost to your little sister again," as she gleefully came pounding down the stairs.

"What's up," I casually asked just before she could see into the living room.

"Shit, how'd you do it?'

"I'm quick that's all."

That's when she shocked me, "That's what all your exes say." While we were always close, we'd never engaged in any sexual banter before, whether it was the age difference, or our parents' relatively prudish views on all things sexual in public, or the gender difference.

The dig didn't bother me, I knew I lasted long enough, and any doubts I may have had were cured by my week at Dana's. But, I couldn't help turning bright read, because I was discussing it with my little sister. Sue apologized for embarrassing me; and misunderstanding the cause of my embarrassment told me that she'd never talked to any of my exes about anything like that.

"Well whatever happened, I'd appreciate it if you didn't make didn't make those jokes in public. Would you want to get a rep, from sex jokes I made about you/"

"Gotcha, now lets get going. Who's driving?"

"I think it would be best to walk, this way we don't have to worry about staying sober enough to drive home and it probably won't be that easy to find a parking spot."

"Good call on the first part, but I don't think parking will be a problem."

"It might not be a problem now, but it will probably get tight later on. Besides, we can smoke on the way over if we walk."

"You always were a quick one," Sue needled as she punched me in the shoulder.

It was about a 15-minute walk to Becky and Bob's house. We were able to smoke a couple of bowls from the dugout during the trip. As soon as I handed the dugout to Sue, I pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lit one. She gave me a funny look and said that she didn't know I smoked, I told her that I didn't normally, but when I was smoking and drinking, I liked the occasional butt, and if we were going to be smoking pot on the street, it wasn't a bad idea to have one lit as cover.

By the time we got to the house were both pretty high and Sue had told me who was going to be there. For the most part everyone was her age, but there were a handful of kids that were 3 or 4 years older, that I either new their older sibling or had heard of before I left high school.

Walking up to the house, I gave Sue a nudge and said, "So parking isn't going to be a problem, huh." The large semi-circular drive already had a couple of rows of cars in it and the spots in front of the house were filling up and it was only 3:15. "I assume the party's supposed to run pretty late, till at least midnight. I think there'll be a few more cars here by then. Besides, if the cops come we can always escape through the woods without leaving any evidence behind."

"You're really good at this criminal shit, huh."

"Not really, but I've been to and heard enough about parties that went wrong. You've always got to be ready to get out. So, if you o to any places that aren't obvious once the party starts to get loud let me know so I can get you out quickly."

"Not obvious, what do you mean?"

"If you go up to a bedroom, or down to the basement, just give me a quick heads up."

"You want to know if I'm getting laid you sick-o, that's it, isn't it?"

"No, I'd rather not know that, you don't need to tell me what you're going to do, or who you're going with, and you can be damn sure I'll knock and call your name before I come barging into any room."

At least 30 people were already at the party when we got thee. We split up when Sue saw one her friends in the living room. I made my way towards the backyard, looking for Bob or someone that I knew. I finally found him in the backyard grilling some steaks.

"Hey man, glad you could come. How do you take yours?"

"Rare, or as rare as you have on the grill."

"I just put these on a minute ago, so you'll just have to wait a few then you can get one that is almost mooing."

We shot the shit for a few minutes until he asked me to go grab some more food from the fridge in the garage. This was the first chance I'd had to really scope out the party. While the girls were all too young for me, Becky had invited the cream of the crop to her party. They were all thin, and the worst looking girl was quite cute, with a few gorgeous looking ladies sprinkled into the mix. Going into the garage I came across my first couple of lovebirds, as soon as they heard me come in, they broke apart and the guy said something to me about privacy.

I apologized for interrupting them, but reminded the guy that they were in the garage, not a bedroom and Bob had sent me to get more food. The ignorant shit said, "That right does he have to send you to get more food from Becky's garage. I'll be the shit out of him."

Not wanting to start a fight, I asked him to calm down for a second, then explained that Bob was Becky's older brother. The suddenly, slightly chastened kid apologized while keeping up as much of his bad attitude as possible.

Grabbing the food from the fridge, I beat a hasty retreat, not wanting to interrupt the couple any longer and more cowardly not wanting to piss off the hot head, through no fault of my own. In parting, I did tell them that if they didn't want to be interrupted they should choose a more private place; because I assumed more people would coming through to get food and drinks.

Getting back outside Bob and I chatted for a while, reminiscing about high school and exchanging news about people. By 4:00 we'd pretty much caught each other up on everything and with the hot summer sun still beating on us the pool seemed pretty inviting. Making my excuses, I went into the house to get changed. Coming back outside, it seemed like everyone else had the same idea. There were piles of clothes all over the place as guys took off shirts and shoes, while the girls revealed the bathing suits and bikinis they'd worn beneath their clothes.

Looking over all the luscious flesh on display, I stopped to admire the ass of a girl bent over and pulling down her shorts. As she stood up to take her shirt off, it got stuck around her head. Turning a little while trying to free herself from the garment I found myself lusting over her banging body, the firm taut ass, the flat belly and those tits, hold shit. They were incredible, jiggling slightly, as the girl struggled with her shirt, but still really perky. Finally, she freed herself, and gave me a shock. It was Sara, one of my sister's best friends from high school, a girl I'd only ever thought of as mousy and cute in a nerdy sort of way.

Not wanting to feel like or be thought of as a creepy old perv for staring at a girl I'd known since I was 18 and she was 11, I hurried to the pool and hopped into the cool water. As I came up for air a pair of hands covered my eyes and my sister cried out, "Guess who?"

This had been a running joke between us for years; from the time she could first speak. Deciding to play a different game since we were in the pool, I quickly ducked, spun around and picked Sue up in a fireman's carry. Bringing my wriggling cackling sister towards the deep end, I got both hands on her waist and tossed her into the water.

Sue swam over to the side of the pool and heaved herself out. For the second time I found myself ogling someone I shouldn't. I quickly looked in another direction, but was left with the knowledge that my little sister, whom I'd always thought was cute and pretty, had become a hot young woman with an even better body than Sara.

Where Sara had an athlete's body, long and generally lean, Sue was still thin, but much more voluptuous, with bouncing C cups and an ass that could stop traffic.

My reverie was broken by peals of laughter and playful pleas to stop as a bunch of the guys thought it would be a good idea to imitate me. Some girls were getting tossed from the shallow end to the deep end and a few, including Sara were picked up straight off their lounges and tossed into the pool.

As if by common accord the girls all got out the pool and huddled together giggling. One or the other would occasionally look at the sausage fest relaxing in the water, and then return to the conclave. Suddenly breaking up, the girls walked around the pool, some heading to lounges, a few going to some guys standing on the edge of the pool, while most entered the water by various means.

They all made their way towards a guy or group of guys. Suddenly, Becky yelled, "Go!" Next thing I knew Sara, who was standing next to me, dove down under the water and yanked my bathing suit down. Before I reacted, I noticed the other girls in the pool were all diving beneath the water presumably to do the same thing, while the guys poolside were being pantsed, then pushed into the water.

Most of the guys retaliated before they pulled up their shorts, either pulling down bikini bottoms or undoing the string of a top or bottom. A few unlucky ladies who were near girls wearing one pieces lost both their top and bottom. The retaliation back and forth soon lead to semi-naked grappling as most people tried to keep their own clothes and get their neighbor's. The three or four girls who were wearing one pieces and had obviously been swimmers in school were going around collecting the trunks that had been captured giving them to the girls on the outside of the pool.

At first I didn't retaliate against Sara, not feeling comfortable stripping a girl so much younger than me, especially one I'd known for so long. I just contented myself with pulling my shorts back up. After she pulled them down a second time, I pulled them up and tried to swim away. That was a mistake, as soon as my feet left were off the bottom of the pool she yanked them down a third time, finally able to remove them completely, she whooped in triumph and threw them to Sue, who was collecting the suits topside.

Holding up her prize, Sue shouted, "You aren't getting these back big boy, until you do something for me."

"What do you want me to do?"

"I don't know yet, but I'll think of something. Thanks Sara, I owe you one. I told you he would retaliate against you. You've got nothing to worry about."

I looked over at Sara, who suddenly realized that she'd been set up by Sue. She got a slight pleading look in her eyes as she turned to face me. I moved a little closer to her, with my hands well above the water, trying to show I had no intention of stripping her. All I wanted to do was get close enough to talk to her without Sue overhearing me.

"Sara," I said as quietly as possible. "I don't want to do anything to you, but I want you to help me get even with her."

"Okay," she tentatively replied. "What do you want me to do?"

"Here's the plan..."

Heartily agreeing to get back at the girl who'd played so many practical jokes over the years, she swam away from me towards the edge of the pool. I made a half-hearted attempt to catch her, them giving up swam over to a couple of guys were just enjoying the spectacle and didn't know who I was.

I told them what Sara was about to do to one of the ringleaders. I also told them that they had to leave Sara alone in exchange for the info.

They readily agreed to leave the very pretty lithe girl alone, for a chance to strip my sister. They slowly swam over towards Sara and Sue, while the two girls talked to each other. Turning her head Sara saw the two come closer and reached up towards Sue, asking for help getting out of the pool. As soon as she got a grip, Sara thrust her other hand out of the water, and grabbing Sue with both hands pulled with all her might.

My sister, who had been leaning over to pull her friend out, went tumbling into the water. The two guys were on her like sharks to prey, quickly surrounding her. She tried to swim away, but one cut off each movement she made, while the other would get closer behind her.

Sara meanwhile seeing her chance for safety, hauled herself out of the pool and moved the guys bathing suits further away, forcing them to run completely naked for twenty feet in full view of everyone. There was nothing prurient in her actions, she just wanted to keep the suits hostage until a truce was called and the girls got their garments back.

By this time the guys were only a couple of arm's length away from Sue. The guy behind her nodded to his buddy, pointed to himself, then up in the air. As soon as the second guy smirked a little the first one dove towards my sister and grabbed the knot at the back of her neck, then, immediately after that the one at her back. While she was occupied defending herself from the first attack the other guy quickly made his way towards her and got a hold of both ties at her waist.

In her confusion and desperation Sue lost her top and bottom while trying to protect her clothes and modesty. The naked young men swam away their rewards for a well-executed plan. She started to chase after them but realized that she didn't have a chance to get them back and also that Sara and I had set her up. Wading over to me, she started to laugh a little. This made me a little nervous because she only laughed like that when she was plotting serious revenge.

"Don't worry Tommy, you're safe, or at least pretty safe, you only got me back in kind. It's Sara that I'll really get back at."

Not that I wanted to put myself in the line of fire, but I figured I should try to make it so the punishment was a little more equally doled out.

"It wasn't her idea, it was mine, the whole thing. She only did it to get back at you and to make sure I didn't try to get her."

"Oh, I won't be quite as rough on her," my sister said with a devilish grin. Backing a few feet away from Sue, her eyes brightened as she got an idea for her revenge. "Holy shit," she gasped loudly, "I hope the pools doing that to you, even so, now I know why you never had many girlfriends," and swam away, turning to stick her tongue out at me a couple of times.

Knowing this was only the first salvo in her revenge plot, I swam towards the edge of the pool to warn Sara to be on guard. I had barely turned back around to look for Sue when I heard a shriek from Sara. Unfortunately everyone else heard the same shriek and turned to see what happened.

Sue had quietly climbed out of the poll and getting behind Sara had slowly loosened the ties on her bottoms, then quickly pulled the knot holding her top on. While Sara tried to cover her chest, my sister pulled the bottom off and dove into the pool before anybody saw anything besides her ass. Poor Sara was in such a state that she just stood at the edge of the pool with her bright red pubic hair exposed and her chest barely hidden for 30 seconds before she reacted, jumping into the pool, giving everyone short but perfect view of her body as she hold her nose with the hand that had been hiding her breasts. Sara's public display of nudity created an informal ceasefire, and all the tussling came to a pretty quick end.

By now pretty much everyone in the pool was naked with the exception of the girls from the swim team, but no one made a move to retrieve their suits. We'd all become somewhat comfortable with the situation and no one wanted to be exposed to the whole group.

I was just relaxing, shooting the breeze with a few people when I noticed Sue and Sara away from everyone else in the middle of a heated discussion. Figuring they could deal with anything on their own, I stayed where I was, just keeping a casual eye on them. After a few minutes, I noticed Sara had gone of somewhere. I was about to swim over to my sister to see what was up when a guy swam over and started flirting with her. Not wanting to cock block Sue, I stayed put.

I was enjoying myself; all the touching and nudity had put everyone in a flirty frame of mind. The girl I was floating next to kept "accidentally" feeling my ass or balls as she languidly treaded water. I was only too happy to return the favor. We kept up with this for quite a while, exchanging double entendre and copping surreptitious feels of each other. I was definitely looking forward to taking the girl up to one of the bedrooms later.

As I got more into talking to the girl, I lost track of what Sue was up to, so it came as a surprise when she tapped me on the shoulder.

"Hey, sorry to interrupt, but I've got to talk to you."

"Can't it wait?"

"No, it can't, I'm sorry, don't worry Mary, I'll have him right back," she said as she tugged on my arm again.

Reluctantly following her, we went to a quiet part of the pool. "Sara's really pissed," Sue told me.

"Of course she is, that was a pretty shitty thing you did to her, stripping her where everyone could see."

"Yeah, she's pissed at me, but she's even angrier with you."

"Why me?"

"She thinks you set her up. I tried to tell her you were innocent, but she didn't believe me."

"I'll go talk to her. I've never done anything to her."

"Don't, it won't work, besides like I said, she's much more pissed off with you than she is with me."

"Why? You're the one who's pulled jokes on her for years."

"That's exactly the reason. It's because you've always been nice to her. She's had huge crush on you for years."

"Oh shit. Now do you understand why I've always hated these pranks you pull. You might have lost your best friend because you never know when to stop."

"She'll be fine, she's been this angry before, but after a couple of hours, or at most a day or two she's ok."

"Maybe, but have you ever embarrassed her this much, publicly? She might be willing to forgive what you do when you're hanging out together, but what you did, in public, in front of me. I don't know."

"What should I do?"

"Give her some time, don't do anything tonight. I'm going to talk to her later tonight, when she's had a chance to calm down. I'll put in a good word for you and might look help her plot her revenge."

Sue leaped onto me and gave me a great big hug, wrapping her arms and legs around me. As soon as she felt her pussy hit my dick, she apologized and hopped off me. Sheepishly looking down, she said she forgot we were naked. "Oh shit, maybe I shouldn't look there either. Go back to Mary now and let me know how things are with Sara later."

I swam back over to Mary and tried to push the conversation along, but the spell seemed to have been broken. We were still talking but she seemed a little distracted. She kept looking somewhere else while we were talking. Eventually she excused herself and swam off to talk to some other people.

Because everyone I'd been talking with was either hooking up or trying t, I swam over to another group. I was greeted with blank and hostile faces. Swimming over to yet another group got me the same thing. Every time tried to start a conversation I only got monosyllabic answers. Not having any clue what was happening, I swam over to the edge of the pool to ask Sue, who was lounging there if she knew what was going on, and if she could have someone get my suit and a beer for me. The girl back a few minutes later with a couple of beers in a red solo cups but no suit.

"We need to talk," she said handing me a beer.

"Ok, what's up," I asked, taking a sip of my beer.

"I don't know. Everyone is acting really weird to me. I'm only getting perfunctory answers whenever I talk to someone."

"I know, the same thing is happening to me."

"Really, I'm glad that it isn't just me."

"Yeah, I feel the same way. You're the one who wanted to come to this party, what do you want to do?"

"Let's finish our beers and figure it out from there."

Sue and I finished our beers and swam back into the middle of the pool. Every group I went up to, I got the same thing, barely polite to hostile monosyllabic answers. After 15 minutes of getting this treatment from everyone, I spotted Bob, floating alone for the moment.

Swimming over to him I got the same treatment. Finally, being someone I knew fairly well, I asked him point blank what was going on. He told me that the word had gone around that Sue and I had plotted against Sara to expose her to everyone at the party. I asked him if he believed this. The only response I got was, that everyone there knew how much my sister loved to play that sot of trick, and that all the people who knew both of us were aware of how easily Sue could get me to do what she wanted. I protested that I was only trying to warn Sara, he said he believed me, but he didn't think that anyone else would.

Realizing that it was pointless to try with anyone else, I got out of the pool and plopped myself on one of the open lounges, after putting on my swimsuit. Laying there for a little bit I started to feel tingly. Whenever I moved the slightest bit, it felt like an explosion of tiny fingers exploring my body. Slowly, I started to drift into an incredibly erotic dream. Dana and Sara were playing with each other. I was there too, but was tied up so I couldn't actively participate. They would play with each other's body for a bit, and then reach over to tweak my nipple or give my aching cock a quick squeeze. I was in exquisite agony, I loved every moment in the dream, but I was begging them to do more. Without warning Sue walked into the room, completely naked and was calling "Tommy" over and over again. I was suddenly awoken by a splash of water.

"Hey party pooper, could you get me another beer?"

"Oh, sure, sorry, I must have dozed off," I replied, hoping my boner wasn't obvious to her.

"Yeah, it must have been some dream you were having."

Knowing my little sister had busted me; I tried to make my hard-on a little less obvious and went to get us a couple of beers. Walking up to the table that held the bottles of beer earlier, I was confronted by a keg, but no cups. Behind the table was a cute girl I'd never seen before, standing there in her birthday suit like it was the most common thing in the world. As I asked her if she knew where the cups were, I kept trying to avoid staring at her great body. It was a losing battle, but I gave it my best shot.

"I have them underneath, how many beers did you want?"

"Two would be great, thanks."

"Sure thing, you're Sue's brother, right?"

Not sure if this cute thing had heard the story Sara was spreading around, I tentatively told her I was.

"Cool, you're better looking than she is. I'm Karen, by the way."

"Nice to meet you Karen, Tommy."

"Just give me a sec and I'll have those beers for you."

Karen knelt down and rummaged underneath the table for a minute. Getting back up she poured two beers and handed them over. "Enjoy the drinks."

"Thanks," I said taking the two red solo cups. "Why do you have the cups underneath?"

"Oh, it's just to keep them from blowing away, or getting knocked over if some tipsy person tries to get a drink."

"Okay, well thanks again," I said walking back to the pool.

Seeing Sue still at the edge of the pool, I bent down to hand her the beer.

"Could you do me a favor? Get my suit for me. It's black with white polka dots."

"Sure, just watch my beer for me."

I walked over to the pile of bikinis. Looking through it, the closet thing I could find was dark blue with white polka dots. I brought it over to Sue in the hopes I was just a little color blind or the suit had faded more than she remembered.

"Boys," she huffed, "you really have no clue, do you? Fine I'll get it myself. Give me a hand."

"I don't' think so, not after what I had Sara pull on you."

"Oh come on, don't be a schmuck."

"Fine," I said, bending over, then a little lower, "I'll help you out of the pool so you can find your suit."

A few heads turned, but not as many as I was expecting. Sue went over to the pile and on her hands and knees started to dig through all the bikinis her ass exposed to anyone who wanted to look.

"Fuck, its not here." Sue walked over to where she'd left her clothes, by now everyone was watching. At each pile of clothes she would bend over, digging through the discarded shorts and shirts, but to no avail. Getting to the last pile, she had to turn around and face everyone. Bending over once again, her tits swung as she hunted through the pile, she finally knew for certain that Sara had had her revenge. All she could find was one flip-flop.

Too proud to act embarrassed or admit defeat; she walked back towards the pool and sat down on the lounge next to me. Taking her beer she drank half of it in one go before telling me that her clothes were missing.

"So what do you want to do? I can give you the shirt and shorts I wore here."

"Thanks, but not right now. I don't want to give them the satisfaction. Besides if I'm a good sport about it they might give them back to me."

"What ever you want to do. I wonder what Sara has planned for me?"

"I don't know, bit I'd keep my eyes open. Jeez only three beers and I'm feeling really weird."

"Yeah, me too. It's like there's a million little fingers touching me everywhere."

"Do you think? Nah, I can't imagine Sara slipping us a mickey. Besides why would she even have one on her?"

"I think we're just getting paranoid, sis."

"Thanks for the beer," she said, lightly rubbing my arm. When she touched me, it felt incredible; it was better than having my dick stroked, normally. Sue went back to the pool, her head held high, shoulders back, swaying her hips, determined not to let it get to her. I watched as she dove into the pool, feeling my erection start to come back. Not wanting to form another for everyone to see, I quickly followed Sue, hoping the cool water would calm me down.

It did help with the physical signs of my horniness, but all the exposed flesh was just making me more desperate to find someone to fuck. Seeing Sara and thinking she might have had a chance to calm down a bit, I swam over to her and started off my apologies for what Sue did and tried to explain that I had nothing to do with her being stripped.

"I don't know ... it's not like you, but we all know your sister has you wrapped around her pinkie. Come here and give me a kiss."

Assuming she wanted a friendly peck on the cheek, I leaned in. Grabbing the back of my head with one hand, she aggressively went after my mouth, while she stroked my dick through my bathing suit with the other.

Unknown to me, Sue was getting the same treatment from a guy on the other side of the pool. Our partners had three confederates, one to monitor the situation and give signals, the other two to pass them on to Sara and the guy with Sue.

Sara quickly had me squirming in her hand. Going in for the kill she released my dick and stuck her hand down my trunks. This was too much too take without responding; groaning into her mouth, I reached out to play with he exposed pussy. I quickly had her moaning back into me as we continued to get each other off.

Suddenly breaking the kiss, she let go of me and swam off laughing, calling out behind her, "Enjoy the blue balls, I don't think you'll find anyone here to help unless you can convince your little sister." She swam over to Sue, and leaning in gave her a little kiss behind the ear, and then swam away with the guy who'd been playing with Sue.

My sister turned around looking for someone, anyone to help her out, but everyone in the pool was ignoring her. She tried to approach a few people, but they either turned away from her or swam off to join other people. Finally realizing her plight, she swam over to me.

"Come on Tommy, let's get another beer and hit the road. This party's turning into an exercise to torment me."

"Yeah, me too. Did you see what Sara did to me?"

"Did to you, what do you mean?"

"Look," I said, pointing to my crotch beneath the water, my erection painfully obvious.

"Ow, that looks uncomfortable."

"And embarrassing."

"Come on lets blow this joint and enjoy a few when we get home."

"It's a date."

We got out of the pool and went to get a couple more beers. The same girl was still tending bar. I asked for a couple of beers and that I would be back as soon as I got my bag for Sue. She said they would be ready and waiting when we got back.

Fortunately, I'd hidden my bag underneath a bunch of other bags so no one took it when they stole Sue's bikini and clothes. I handed her my towel, which she was really grateful for now and my clothes. She quickly dried herself off, causing her body to jiggle in all the right places, re-igniting my lustful cock.

Just as we were about to head back out to get our beers, Karen came in carrying thee drinks. "Here you guys go. I just got relieved from bartending duty, so I thought I'd make a delivery."

We drank our beers quickly, I felt like I was dying of thirst and I assumed Sue wanted to get of there and get home ASAP. I had no clue why Karen was chugging her beer when she seemed perfectly at home at the party. After we finished the beers we chatted for a bit then I brought out my dugout to offer some to Sue and Karen.

Both girls were immediately up for it. I offered Karen the first hit, but before she would take it she said she needed to tell us something.

"Your last three beers were spiked with Molly and Viagra. It was Becky's idea to help Sara get back at you two. I thought you guys were assholes, but now I'm not so sure that Becky isn't the asshole. She's the one who suggested to Sara that you guys plotted to expose her to everyone."

"That bitch," Sue blurted out. Starting to get up from the floor she said, "That's it, I'm gonna get her ass for this."

I quickly grabbed her arm, "No, you're not, at least not tonight. You're too angry, and not sober enough. Take your time and come up with something really good and appropriate."

"Okay, I guess you're right."

"I know I am. Karen, aren't you going to hit that?"

"You sure? I just told you, that I gave you guys spiked drinks."

"Think of it as a reward for your honesty. Besides, you were right to believe that Sue would do something like that and you never met me before tonight."

"Thanks, you're not a bad guy."

"My pleasure."

We smoked a couple of bowls. I to pack it a third time, but looking into the dugout I realized that would be the last one.

"Karen, I'm sorry this'll have to be the last one. There isn't enough left for two bowls."

"Crap, I'm sorry for smoking all your weed. Save it for later, I'm sure you'll need it."

"Don't worry I've got more at home."

"I've got it," Sue said. "Karen get dressed and come back with us. I've got a great bong that's guaranteed to get us blitzed on stuff this good."

"Are you sure, I don't want to impose."

"I know Tommy won't mind, and I certainly don't," she said seductively stroking Karen's arm.

"Really, that sounds great. I'll be right back."

She ran off, her firm ass gently wiggling as she headed back towards the bar.

"You want to fuck her don't you," Sue said, "Tommy and Karen sitting in a tree F-U-C-K-I-N-G." She broke into a fit of giggles lying down on the floor trying to catch her breath.

"Me? You should talk, I wasn't the one stroking her arm and inviting her back to our place."

"Okay fine. I want to fuck her, but look at you, a whole family could go camping in the tent you're pitching."

"So; what are we going to do, I mean if she's interested."

"Well we could both take her. Have her eat me out while you fuck her."

"Kinky. But one rule for tonight..."

"Yeah, no fucking your sister."

"I wasn't going to say that, but yes that too. What I was going to say was no matter who she chooses, it's not an issue for us. No jealousy, no resentment."

"Deal. But I'm so horny, after what Dave did tome, I might have to rape Karen," my sister said laughing but with a hungry look in her eyes.

Looking at my sister, in my white, now almost translucent tight T-shirt, I told her it was a good thing Karen was coming back with us or I might beg her to break her rule for the evening, not that I was morally opposed to incest after my time with Dana, but this was my little sister. Before today, I'd never really seen her as a grownup, only as a cute, but annoying little sister.

Just as things were about to get awkward Karen came back in shorts and her bikini top carrying a Ziploc bag.

"Sorry it took so long, I had to sneak some party favors. After all you're providing the weed and other stuff," she said while look down at my crotch. "Here," she said, pulling a small bag out of her pocket, "one of the guys owed me some money so I took it in trade. Fill up your dugout so we have more for the trip to your place."

"No the pills and weed are too much, we can wait the few minutes, besides we have just enough for one bowl on the way back."

"Don't worry the pills they were freebies. Becky left a bunch to drug you guys. I just took whatever was left.

"Well in that case..." I said taking the baggie and filling up my depleted dugout, "let's go."

"Let's take these before we go. I've got four of Molly and one Viagara for you. This way if anything happens we're only holding the weed."

"I like a girl who thinks ahead. I've got a bottle of water if you don't mind sharing."

A little creepily, Sue said, "The water isn't the only thing I plan on sharing with you Tommy."

"Mmmm, sounds like fun for me, hand me the bottle. You guys are one pill ahead of me," Karen purred as she tossed back two of the Molly.

"Only one ahead, you said two drinks were spiked. Was it only half in each?"

"No, I figured since Becky had roped me into bartending for so long, I might as well take one so I could be really rolling by the time I was off duty. Now I'm even or at least will be soon enough. I crushed the ones you took earlier with her Mother's mortar and pestle."

Sue took a quick swig and handed the bottle to me so I could take my two pills.

"Come on, let's get going," Sue said. "Before anyone pulls anymore tricks on us."

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