Once Upon a Time in Africa
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2016 by Gerald

Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Connor knight taught that he died when the ship capsized until he woke up in a group of black women something tells him afterlife is sweet

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   High Fantasy   Mystery   Black Female   White Male   Lactation   Pregnancy  

Connor knight felt the hardest headache he ever had since he was born, the pain hurt like hell it was excruciating, he tried to move his hands but couldn't, he sunddenly realized that his eyes were closed and started opening them gradually at first he couldn't make out the pictures before him then he willed his hands to move and suceeded in bringing them to his face he wiped his face with the palm of his hands looked at his hosts again this time he was sure they were a group of black women.

Fear ripped out of his gut he tried to move this time to stand and run but his hands were not able to move again, so many question ran through his head was he dead? is this afterlife? the sharp pain coursed through his head reminded him dead people do not feel pain so he was alive then the last thing he remembered was a sharp pain in the head and falling into the ocean then he was unconcious he gazed at his host again and taught who they were, are they cannibals? Are they going to kill him?.

These were all the questions he asked himself, finally he summoned all his courage and barked at his hosts "Get away from me you bastards" he noticed that non of women reacted to his ranting maybe due to language difference and also no part of his body was available to drive home his point he settled for his last resought by jerking his body forcefully to make sure they understood What he meant but instead they gripped him more tight this time that he couldn't breath normally.

Clearly they were going to kill him, he taught he felt something moving in his stomach and chest area were they preparing him to be cooked, fried, roasted or even sacrificed to god the last one came as shock to him as a child he took to liking movies with scenes of human sacrifice he remembered the methods used in killing there victims and none of them was reassuring.

For God sake he is Connor knight born with a platinium spoon back home he ranked first on Denver's most eligible bachelors he had never felt so helpless in his whole life he cursed the day he set out on that stupid cruise with no destination in mind he taught of of the lifes of the ship crew he endangered most of them died on this ship perhaps those who survived will be eaten by this cannibals the movement in his navel has stop just as he noticed that their was presence of fire which confirmed his fears he decided that he would not go down with out a fight he jerked so hard but due to the excruciating pain all over his body his strength was no match for these women, he gave up and accepted his fate at least he tried his best he thought.

One of the women brought a hot liquid substance that stinks as bad as it tastes and forced it into his mouth swallowed it reluctantly as he awaits death his felt drowsy he closed his eyes and fell asleep or perhaps dead.

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