Liberty High
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Mult, Teenagers, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Fiction, Rough, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size, Teacher/Student, School,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jack Foster loves fucking high school girls. Luckily he's a high school teacher so supply isn't a issue. He's just moved to a new high school - new rules and more importantly new girls. Follow his adventures as he attempts to sate his unquenchable sexual thirst.

"Good morning class. My name is Jack Foster."

Taking a piece of chalk, he went over to the blackboard to write his name. "You may call me Mr. Foster. I will be your English teacher for the year."

He scanned the class of high school third grade students and twenty pairs of eyes stared back in rapt attention. He wanted to think that it was because at the age of 32, he still retained his youthful good looks while concurrently losing the naivety of youth.

But this was Liberty High School, a prestigious elitist private girls school where only the best of the best could gain admittance. No doubt the twenty girls seated before him were all highly motivated and studious. They took the teacher's words as gospel and in Jack's books that made his job as well as his pastime all the easier.

This was Jack's first year at Liberty High. He had started off working as a substitute teacher for a few years before settling into a permanent tenure at a local high school. If anyone ever asked him why he had gotten into the teaching profession, he could run off a long spiel filled with cliches such as "making a difference" or "inspiring the future" or "giving back to the community". But Jack knew the real reason were all the tempting young girls that pranced around in their short skirts and tight tops, innocent to the world and amenable as a babe.

It wasn't until well into his second year at the local high school that he had his first taste of the sinful pleasures of teenage paradise. She was the proverbial teacher's pet - always raising her hand in class and staying behind after the bell to chat with the teacher. In short, she was the perfect prey, easily susceptible to his influences. It started with fleeting touches on her shoulder and back, then his touches began to linger on her arm and waist. She never protested or shied away. By the time his hand had firmly rested on her lap, she was his.

Over the next seven years he spent there, he developed a seasoned eye for candidates. And there were many. But Jack was also a careful man - grab too big a handful from the candy jar and you were asking for trouble down the road. Overstaying his welcome was also a recipe for a disaster, which was why he jumped at the opportunity to work at Liberty High. It was time for a change of scenery and to distance himself from any loose strings.

His first class flew by and soon the bell rang. The students filed out of the classroom.

"Excuse me Jack."

He looked up. Dirty blonde hair, eyelashes; thick with mascara and lips; glossy pink. His brain spat out the name: Trisha Inglewood. He was well informed about her. The teachers' break room was a hotbed for gossip and rumours. Her name had popped up on a near daily basis - the harlot, the shameless slut, the cock-tease. Seeing her in person, he could now believe every word.

Liberty High was strict on how their uniform was to be worn - shirts were to be buttoned to the top and skirts needed to be past the knee. Yet Trisha's skirt length was well above the knee; you could say it was closer to crotch than it was to knee. Her top two shirt buttons were also undone and the shirt itself seemed two sizes too small as it stretched around and accentuated her sizeable tits.

"Uhh ... Trisha was it?"

She flashed him a seductive smile. "So you know of me already, Jack?" The way his name rolled off her tongue, purposefully slow and prolonged, sent a jolt to his eagerly anticipating cock.

"Yes, well, I make an effort to match faces with names early on. And you really should call me Mr. Foster."

She pouted. "And here I thought you had taken a special interest in me ... Jack."

He knew her type. She knew she had the goods and the effect it had on both boys and men. She wasn't ashamed to flaunt it to get her way with things. But there was also a sadistic streak - taking pleasure in belittling and embarrassing her victims along the way to her goal.

Jack played along. To be honest, he hadn't expected to see any action so early on. He liked to leisurely work on his targets, gradually wearing them down and before going in for the kill. After all, half the fun was in the chase.

"So, how can I help you?"

"About the assignment you set us: I was hoping you could give me some extra pointers? Maybe after school?"

Jack had to clench his jaw to prevent a grin from spreading on his face. This was almost too easy. "Umm ... I'm not sure that would be fair to the other students, you know, if only you got extra attention."

"But, Jack," again his named rolled off her tongue and again his already half-hard cock jolted, "Surely, I deserve the extra attention."

He put on a face of embarrassment, as if he had been thinking of something inappropriate. "Well, I suppose..."

"Great!" Trisha unexpectedly closed the distance between them and wrapped her arms around him in a hug. She held the hug and pressed her large breasts against his chest. Another obvious ploy to cock-tease him.

Jack cleared his throat. "Trisha, I really don't think this is appropriate."

Trisha stepped back. "It's just a hug, Jack. Don't be a prude. So, I'll see you after school today." Without waiting for a response, she twirled away from him and left the classroom.

Jack sat behind the desk in his personal office. The perks of working at a private school. It was a decently sized office; there was the desk as well as room for two small sofas and coffee table in the corner. But the key feature of the office was without a doubt the lockable door. He didn't have such a luxury in his previous school, sharing a common teachers' room and had had to resort to bringing conquests back to his apartment.

School had finished for the day and now Jack was waiting patiently for Trisha to make her appearance. A few more minutes passed before his door was flung open as Trisha casually walked in as if she owned the place. He declined to make any comment and watched as she plonked herself on the chair opposite him. He noticed that her shirt had been unbuttoned further that he could clearly see the tops of her breasts.

"Ahh, what a long day!" She let out a sigh. "I'm exhausted!"

"Oh. Did you want to do this another time then?"

"I don't know Jack. I mean it's this body," she said as she audaciously pushed her arms against her body, effectively squeezing her breasts together to further emphasise their fullness. "I'm a growing girl, Jack, in some places more than others, so I tire really easy."

"Ahem. Well you have plenty of time before it's due, and you're welcome to come in at any time to discuss the assignment with --"

Trisha stood up abruptly, placing her hands on the desk and leant in. He could now see completely down her shirt to her swelling mammaries barely encased in a lacy black bra.

"Jack -- I was hoping you could do more than that. I mean I don't need to do the assignment, do I? You could just pretend that I did it and write down a grade for me."

"Trisha, I don't think ... that is --"

"Come on Jack. You'll be the coolest teacher ever and have my eternal gratitude."

He gritted his teeth. So that was it? Her eternal gratitude? He wanted to slap her silly for thinking that showing a bit of tit and getting her damn eternal gratitude would be enough to persuade him to let her out of doing the assignment.

"Mr. Foster could you come to the Admin Office. Mr Foster, Admin Office please." The PA announcement broke his thoughts, which was a good thing - he wanted to let this slight fester and brew.

"I, uhh, need to go get that."

A look of annoyance flashed briefly on her face before Trisha could manage to cover it up. "OK Jack. You do what you gotta do. But we're not finished with this."

The next day after school, Jack found himself sitting at his desk, anticipating Trisha to make an appearance once more. He was still irate that Trisha thought that yesterday's feeble performance would be enough to have him wrapped around her little finger. Certainly she was a looker and a lesser man might have succumbed to her tricks but he had too much pride and experience to be ensnared so easily. Even when he had gotten home last night with a raging hardon, he had refused to take care of it, rather, vowing that the next time he came, it would be all over her smug face.

Again Trisha entered without knocking but today she sat herself down on one of the sofas instead. Jack decided to play along and see what her scheme was. He got up and sat down on the other sofa, across the coffee table from her. Immediately her intentions were revealed. Her legs were held slightly apart and he could see that she wasn't wearing any underwear beneath. She was well maintained - only a thin line of pubic hair running down the middle remained - so he had a clear view of her meaty pussy lips.

Tearing his eyes away, he saw that Trisha had a smirk etched on her face. How he wanted to slap it off. But he kept his cool as well as his silence and waited for her to make her move.

"So Jack - what do you say? Can you help me out?"

"I don't know, Trisha..."

"But you'd be doing me a big favour, Jack."

"I understand, but..."

"No one will ever know! My lips are sealed!"

"Trisha, I really don't think it's ethical for me to do what you're asking."

"Ethical? Ethical? Is it ethical for a teacher to look up a student's skirt? Tell me that, Mr. Foster." Her face darkened and her voice approached hysteria as her true colours came out. She stood up and started walking towards his desk. "How about I call the cops and you can explain to them the meaning of 'ethical'. You're the English teacher after all."

Jack had enough; short-changing him was one thing but resorting to blackmail was completely another. He rushed at Trisha - her back towards him momentarily while reaching for the phone - and slammed her down onto the desk. He twisted both of her arms behind her back and held them against the small of her back.

"Oww! You're hurting me!"

"I haven't even begun to hurt you," Jack seethed.

"What are you going to do?" A note of worry entered her voice.

Jack switched his grip so that he was using one hand to restrain her. With his free hand, he unzipped his fly and released his now rock-hard cock. The veins along the long, thick shaft throbbed menacingly, and the head had turned a darker shade to match his owner's current emotions.

Trisha's eyes boggled upon realizing her face. "No! Stop! I'm going to screa--"


Jack's hand slapped down with force onto the side of her face. "You're going to shut the fuck up and take my cock like the whore you are!"

She tried to struggle out of his grasp and once more Jack's hand came crashing down onto her face. "You're not fooling anyone slut. You come here flashing your tits, flashing your cunt and then you have the audacity to think you're not going to get fucked?"

"Tell me how much you want this cock to fill up your cunt." When she didn't reply, he slapped her again. "Tell me!"


Trisha began sobbing. Jack relented with his assault. Her spirit was broken for now. He lifted her skirt up and then kicked her legs apart. He slid his hand down his 9 inch rod and aimed it at her fuckhole. He slammed into her, but could only get a little more than the head in as she wasn't sufficiently lubricated.

Jack rocked back and fro. "Slut. Whore. Bitch." He kept repeating the three words. "Slut. Whore. Bitch."

Eventually, some lubrication came and in one thrust, Jack slammed his cock in to the hilt. Trisha let out a low moan born from a mixture of pleasure and pain.

He pulled back until only the head remained inside her and then thrust all the way in once more. "Slut." Back and then thrust. "Whore." Back and then thrust. "Bitch." His balls rhythmically slapped against her pussy.

Soon, Trisha's voice became ragged and her eyes closed in concentration. Jack could sense that she was about to come. He pulled out of her completely and then leant in, putting his body weight on top of her. His mouth next to her ear, he taunted her. "Look at you. See how much of a slut you are. You were about to come! What kind of girl would come from being raped?"

"No ... please..."

"Please what? Please stop? Please fuck me harder until I come? Well, you deserve neither." He adjusted the trajectory of his cock to her shithole and then pushed roughly against it.

Trisha's eyes snapped open. "No! Not in my bum. I've never done it there before!"

Jack covered her mouth with his hand to muffle her babbling. "What kind of slut has never had it in the arse before? Well, we're going to have to rectify that, won't we?" He pushed harder but still the rosebud opening refused to open up. It felt like his dick was going to snap into two with the pressure. Finally, her sphincter gave in and he was able to slide into her shit canal. He felt the warm breath of Trisha's scream against his palm. He gave her no time to adjust as he quickly slammed the rest of the length of his cock into her anal cavity. It was so tight! If his dick hadn't been pre-lubricated in Trisha's pussy beforehand, he would have caused some permanent damage.

Trisha's body went limp as she passed out from the pain. He waited until she recovered; he wanted her to feel the pain of every stroke going deep into her arse. Then, like a rag-doll, he grabbed her by the hips and proceeded to pound her virgin arsehole.

"Oww. Oww. It hurts! Please stop. Please!"

Jack loved arse fucking high school girls. Sure, pussy was good and all, but with the way he abused their pussies with his thick cock, the loss of tightness became an issue, whereas the anus generally withstood the battering he gave. Plus, Jack could think of no better way to defile an innocent school girl than to stick it in her arse.

He continued savagely dragging her arse back to meet his thrusting cock. Her feet were off the floor with the fervour that he was fucking her arse. The ride was smoother now that her anus was producing some natural lubricant.

"Slut! Even your virgin arse is getting wet! You're fucking enjoying this aren't you? Your slutty arse is getting raped and you're enjoying it!"

"No ... no... ," Trisha tried to protest against his accusations.

"You're going to cum aren't you? Cum from anal, like the common whore you are."

Trisha's body spasmed and then went limp as she came. Jack let her drop to the floor. Giving only a brief pause, he then grabbed Trisha by her hair and dragged her up to his cock. "Suck it," he commanded.

"But it's been in my ... bum!"

"That's why you have to lick your dirty shit off my dick."

When she made no move to comply, he roughly forced his cock into her mouth. He rocked his hips, treating her mouth no different to all her other whore holes he had already used earlier. Her lips were stretched out to accommodate his girth and she had a look of disgust in her eyes as she tasted her own shit on his cock. This set him off and he could feel the cum bubbling in his balls. He pulled out of her mouth and let go over her face. He came like a flood, thick spurts in rapid succession rained onto her face and hair. By the time he had emptied his balls, Trisha was completely covered in his man-seed.

Jack zipped up and then turned away from Trisha. "Bring your arse back here tomorrow. Now, get the fuck out of my office, Whore."

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