The Lure of Babysitter Undies
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by Tony Sorrentino

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Tony has gone through a lot of babysitters lately. Now he has discovered a "full service" babysitter agency that meets all his expectations.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys  

Tony was just fooling around surfing the internet when an interesting little pop-up caught his eye. It showed a nubile teenage girl in a short plaid skirt bending over to pick up a baby pacifier and the caption was,

“Get your babysitter scented undies in a plain brown wrapper sealed for freshness. Each pair comes with the donor’s bio and contact point if you require babysitter services for your loved ones.”

He thought this was a strange ad because it appeared to be more slanted toward possible erotic relationships with a compliant babysitter rather than hiring a minder for small children. Still, it didn’t promise anything except the babysitter service and the fact that the client would have in possession a pair of highly scented underwear guaranteed to be worn by the sender for at least a full day was enough to cause him to send in the $19.95 plus postage and handling.

The package arrived in the regular mail and when he opened it up there was a folded sheet of paper that had the babysitter’s name and telephone number as well as two photos of a pretty blond girl stated to be recently past her eighteenth birthday. That was important to him because of a horrifying incident the previous summer when he had hired a girl from some agency to watch his six year old and was seduced into using her mouth for more than conversation only to find out she was only seventeen and suddenly spoke of things like lawyers, and prosecution and the payment of a sum of money that was utterly ridiculous. Fortunately, his lawyer was able to make the whole thing go away for the modest sum of $500 and his fee of one thousand dollars even. He hated to lose that sum but in retrospect it was a bargain price to avoid the embarrassment and the necessity of telling his domineering spouse about his fall from grace.

His wife Roxy was often away on road trips and he had to make do with the babysitters to help tend to the little one whilst he attended to his business deals that took a lot of his time both day and night. Tony had gotten into the habit of combining the babysitter services with keeping his cock drained with the assistance of nubile babysitters rather than hiring escort girls who generally wanted a lot more money and wouldn’t consider changing a diaper or giving a small child a bath. It seemed to work out pretty well but he was careful to constantly change the girls because he didn’t want to get into the habit of giving it to the same girl over and over. In the first place it was far too repetitious and in the second place it was dangerous because familiarity breeds contempt and he was afraid of creating a relationship with ties that bind.

The package had a zip-lock bag inside with a pair of yellow and black panties that carried the fresh scent of a female in heat and the distinct odor of both the front and back doors of her sweaty crotch. The two photos were discreet just showing the girl’s exact same panties as she reached up to get something off the top shelf. It showed that at least from this photo that she did have them on at some time and it was not a scam involving a third party. The girl’s bio was short and had some double meaning sentences that hinted she was interested in both oral and anal pursuits in addition to her babysitter duties.

He took the panties up to the upstairs bathroom because his wife was still in the kitchen making phone calls to her sales team for the next road trip. He looked in the mirror at his guilty face and put the things over his head allowing the back portion to fall right over his nose to inhale the girl’s musky scent. His erection was monumental and he wrapped it in a pair of his wife’s French thongs almost acting like a real cock ring. He rubbed it on her silk nightdress and tapped the end of his cock with her toothbrush knowing she would be taking it on the road trip with her.

Tony looked at the blond teenager’s photo and easily slid into a happy release that spurted oodles of spunk all over the silk fabric. He ran the water over it and placed it in the hamper knowing it would be he that actually put it in the washing machine because his wife seldom had time for anything anymore.

He put the undies back into the package and hid it all behind the plunger knowing his wife wouldn’t go anywhere near it.

The next morning her two assistants, Mark and Greg, drove up and took her and her luggage to the airport. He often wondered why those two young men seemed to enjoy working for a woman so much but he figured they were making enough money that it didn’t bother them at all. In any event, he was not at all sure that it was appropriate that as the boss she sat between them in the front seat all jammed together instead of in the back giving instructions. The two rowdy males seemed a bit too familiar and free with their hands for a strictly supervisor and subordinate relationship.

As soon as they drove down the driveway, Tony called the number for the babysitter with the unusual name of Hayden and she answered almost immediately.

“My name is Tony Johnson and we are interested in having you for a babysitter tonight if you are free.”

There was a short silence on the other end and then the girl responded,

“Mister Johnson, I am available tonight. What time do you want me and how long will I be required?”

That certainly sounded promising to Tony and he told the girl it would be at seven PM and the job would go at least to midnight depending on how things “worked out”.

The girl spoke to him in a sort of whisper like there might be some people standing nearby that she didn’t want to hear her conversation.

“May I ask you Mister Johnson if you received my introductory package in the mail?”

He reached down and started to fondle his semi-erect cock.

“Yes, Hayden, I got them and I have already used them with great pleasure.”

He could hear her heavy breathing on the other end of the line and he was certain she was doing almost the same thing between her legs.

“Oh, Mister Johnson, I can’t wait to meet you. I think you will find my services very satisfactory. I am good with children and I like to leave my customers with a smile on their face. May I ask if your wife is planning to participate in the evening’s agenda?”

The hard-as-a-rock husband smiled at the note of excitement in her young voice. This girl was obviously ready to take on both a husband and wife with no sense of shame about her promiscuous activities.

“Well, Hayden, my wife is unfortunately away on a business trip but I am certain that the two of us will be able to handle anything that comes up without any difficulty.”

The hopeful man looked at the ad showing the girl bending over and displaying the panties with the wrinkled gap between youthful cheeks waiting for some aroused male to spear them from behind. The husband accelerated his choke hold on his aroused tool and came down the homestretch as their conversation ended.

“Thank you Mister Johnson, I will be there right on time and take care of everything. Oh, I have to go now. I don’t mean go like go but I have to sit down because my knees are weak all of a sudden if you know what I mean.”

He certainly did know what she meant because his big boy was already spurting long lines onto the wooden floor like a schoolboy in the bathroom.

“I will see you tonight Hayden and I am certain it will be an enjoyable evening.”

He wanted to ask her to wear the short skirt like the girl in the ad but it seemed a bit too aggressive and inappropriate before they had even met. Besides, in his present state of need, she could be wearing a potato sack and he would find it charming.

The ride from work to the daycare to the house was never-ending. His trousers were tight over his erection the entire time. Tony hoped that the girl at the daycare didn’t see his dreadful bulge down there but from the way she kept smiling and brushing back her hair he wasn’t all that certain. He arrived back at the house just fifteen minutes before the scheduled arrival of the girl from the babysitter agency and he took a quick shower to calm down. He checked that the condoms and the lube were strategically place both upstairs and down just in case they had an emergency coupling event with not time to remove to the bedroom.

He was watching out the dining room window to gain advance notice if the pretty young girl arrived a bit early but it was actually five minutes after the hour when her car came up into the driveway and he saw her get out.

It was really much more than he expected. She had long legs and a delicious shelf where her nicely curved cheeks met her trim shaved legs. All he could think about was bending her over and taking his time to slide up deep inside either her plump little pussy or buried in her tight sweet sphincter.

His six-year old started to yell upstairs and he was relieved that the babysitter was at the door for more reasons than merely humping her.

They shook hands like employer and employee and she immediately ran up the stairs to get the little one to bed. At the same time his cell phone was ringing and he knew it was probably his spouse reporting in just like she did every night at this time when she was away on a trip.

This time when he answered the phone, he could hear music in the background and the shout of deep voices complaining about something.

“Hi honey, is everything all right. How is the new babysitter? Is she working out all right?”

He paused for a moment because it almost sounded like she knew exactly what he was doing with the young teenaged girls that took care of their child. No, that was too much to consider because he had been careful to keep his tracks covered and kept the girls away from his wife at all costs. In the background he heard a man’s shout that sounded suspiciously like he had just gotten lucky with a female and had her right in the palm of his hand.

“Is there someone there, dear?”

His wife must have moved to another room because it got a lot quieter.

“No dear, it is just the television. The sound fluctuates so much from channel to channel. It is difficult to keep it at a steady level.”

He could see the young babysitter coming down the stairs.

From where he stood on the bottom of the stairs, he could see all the way up her short skirt and it looked like she was wearing “hello Kitty” panties with some kind of writing right on her pubic mound. He couldn’t wait to read it up close and personal and discover what secrets those panties were hiding underneath.

They said their goodbyes and he almost sighed with relief because the girl was so close now he could reach out and touch her.

“I got her down, Mister Johnson, she is all tucked in and we can get on with our other business if you are of a mind.”

He bent over and wrapped his arms around her backside and lifted her up until her legs were wrapped around his waist. Then, he sat on the sofa and she settled down into his lap lifting her skirt out of the way. Only her “Hello Kitty” panties were in the way because he had already taken his cock out to get inside her without delay.

Hayden lifted her pretty ass up slightly and he slid her panties off her ass, down to her knees and finally off of one ankle letting it hang on the other like some trophy to be kept as a memento of their coupling.

The first humping was certainly memorable.

It seemed to go on forever but neither of them was in a particular hurry. The girl actually came three times before Tony had a chance to drain his happy cock into her tight teenaged pussy.

Hayden sighed knowing it was going to be a long night. That was all right with her because she was getting paid by the hour and she knew Mister Johnson had an awful lot of things for her to do to meet his agenda.

That was just fine with the young girl because she advertised herself as a “Full Service” babysitter.

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