Magic Ink VI, the Final O'Connell
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Rape, Magic, Heterosexual, High Fantasy, Science Fiction, Vampires, Were animal, Indian Male, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Pregnancy,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Margaret Kathleen O'Connell, the Ninth, is the most powerful Sorceress in the Reality of Less Magic. Tho politicians, the Military and the Wizard's Council all want her for their own purposes. However, Margie has been given a different mission by the Eternal Flame, and her decision will effect not only Earth but the entire Solar System. No one however, realizes what else she will discover.

The following characters appear in the first few chapters:

Margaret Kathleen O’Connell, the Ninth

Margie K, the last O’Connell remaining in the Reality of Less Magic, 5’-3’’ tall, 120 pounds, 36DD-24-36, 20 years old, long flaming red hair, sparkling green eyes, a sprinkling of freckles and very cute. She is the current Grand Senior Master of Clan O’Connell.


Margie’s apprentice, 5’-1’’ tall, 105 pounds, 34C-22-34, 16 years old, strawberry blonde hair, gray eyes. She is not an O’Connell but has a large fine partly trained Talent.

Death came seeking me on a fine spring morning in early April of 2508. It was not unexpected. The government’s negotiators had been here yesterday with their questions, deals, demands, and treachery. I had, of course, turned them down and sent them on their way.

“You will join the government and do as we tell you or else!” they had threatened in pompous indignant voices before I transferred them, their security thugs, and their vehicles to one of the remaining glaciers in northern Canada. They were fortunate that was all I did to them.

The three Army flying attack vehicles came out of the east and the rising sun early this morning. Did they really think they could sneak up on me that way, or was it just the military mind at work, I wondered on sensing their approach?

The vehicles were somewhat like the pictures of old helicopters that I had seen in the library, but without the large rotor on top and the small one in the rear. These used repellors to both keep them airborne and to move them forward. They were large armed and armored vehicles that carried two pilots, a Wizard of at least Third Level to handle the spells and Magic, and an ordnance officer to handle the guns and rockets they were armed with. There was also a crew chief and a mechanic included in the crew. Each ship also carried a squad of soldiers which consisted of two teams of five men each plus an officer and a sergeant for a total of 12 men.

The three ships were flying at five hundred feet above the ground and at three hundred miles an hour as they approached my house and property in a small valley in the area formerly known as Tennessee, where we were currently residing.

They were three miles from our small house when they began firing their weapons. The rockets were the first to be fired. They were followed by the large caliber automatic weapons the ships carried. Their Magic was the last weapon used, and several Magic beams were aimed at our house from each vehicle.

I waited patiently until the Magic was used, and then simply stopped time before transferring to have a look at the destruction that they had launched. It was easy to see each of the three separate bundles of destruction with time stopped. I then simply transferred each vehicle to a location a hundred feet in front of the bundle of destruction that it had launched before returning to my front porch and casting the spell to create a heavily reinforced spherical Defensive Shell that covered the house, its gardens, and the remainder of the property. I then added my strongest wards, polarized the shell and turned it silver before casting the spell for a large silvered parabolic shell that was aimed up toward space on top of the defensive shell. Satisfied that all was as I wanted it to be, I restored time to its normal flow.

I don’t believe that those in the vehicles ever realized that they had been relocated before the destruction that they had unleashed tore their vehicles apart, and they fell out of the sky to crash in flaming ruin well short of my defensive shell.

Celeste, my Apprentice, emerged from the house when she heard the noise from the explosions and the crashes.

“What happened, Master?” she asked in fright.

“Nothing that you need to concern yourself about, my Dear,” I told her. “Go back inside and start breakfast, I’ll join you shortly.”

A short time later, some fourteen hundred miles away in a command post buried deep underground in the Rocky Mountains, the Commander of the Army units involved in the attack was being briefed by the duty officer, a Lieutenant Colonel, on the failure and destruction of the units sent to eliminate the O’Connell woman.

“Sir, Special Unit Seven has been wiped out!” the duty officer told his Commander over the communication net.

“What the hell do you mean wiped out? They’re some of our best troops!” the Commander demanded.

“We have been monitoring their operation by satellite. They had started their assault and fired their initial bursts to clear the way for them to land, when suddenly they disappeared from view for a few thousandths of a second before reappearing directly in front of their own ordnance and Magic beams. They were blown out of the sky and crashed well short of their objective. There were no survivors!” the duty officer informed him in a voice full of dismay.

“But how could they possibly get in front of their own ordnance?” the Commander demanded loudly in an upset voice.

“We don’t know, sir. We’ve replayed the video of the accident at ultra-slow speed and can’t see or tell anything. What are your orders?” the duty officer asked.

“I’ll join you in just a minute, I want to see this video. I’ll be dammed if I’ll lose a unit to some puffed up Wizard,” the General told him angrily, as he rose from his desk and headed for the operations center, but even after viewing the recording twice at ultra-slow speed, neither he, nor any of his staff could discern how the accident happened.

“There will be no more playing nice with that O’Connell woman. To hell with the politicians, too! What satellites do we have in position to deal with this situation?” the General demanded.

“We still have the satellite that we were using to observe the operation with. It’s one with the new defensive lasers, sir,” the duty officer informed him.

“Fire up those lasers and burn her out,” the General ordered before departing. Of course, they had no real idea of just who they were dealing with, but the satellite mentioned had a set of lasers capable of instantly melting a hole through an inch of steel plate at a thousand miles. It required ten minutes for the duty crew to charge the lasers up for use.

“Are you still locked on the target?” the duty officer asked the technician in charge of firing the lasers when they were ready.

“Locked on target and ready to fire, sir,” the technician answered reaching for the firing button.

“Fire lasers!” the Colonel told him, before the technician added, “That place has been easy to keep in sight as shiny as it is.” He had depressed the firing button while saying this, and the Colonel didn’t have time to try to stop him before the lasers on the satellite fired.

I was sure that the government, and especially the Army, wouldn’t give up this easily, and that was why I had created the Defensive Shell and the parabola to guard my property, and also why I had polarized and silvered them. The reply, to the destruction of the flying vehicles, wasn’t long in coming, and I was still at breakfast and hadn’t finished my tea yet when there was a very intense flash of light even through the heavy silvering and polarizing of the defensive shell.

“What was that?” Celeste asked in fear.

“That was the government aggravating me again,” I told her calmly. “Study your lessons while I deal with this new problem.”

Once outside, I transferred up to the parabola to inspect the sky. There was a new and very bright object overhead that had been the satellite they had used. After creating an airtight prolate Defensive Shell around myself and adding my strongest wards, I transferred to the location of the now burned out and useless satellite. It was still quite hot from the reflected blast of its own laser system that had destroyed it, but I was able to detect the still active laser communication link to the headquarters controlling it. I transferred to the source of the laser communication link and collapsed the prolate Defensive Shell, but retained my strongest wards around me.

I found myself in a portion of the Rocky Mountains that the glaciers had retreated from some time ago. There were many communication antennas and laser communication devices where I appeared, and I could also hear the sounds of truck engines and men’s voices a short distance away below me on the mountain.

Being careful, I reached out with my Magic senses, and shortly I was rewarded with the detection of other Magic sources inside the mountain. I transferred to an area near the Magic sources (soldiers) who I had detected, but not among them or too close to them. I found myself in a tunnel complex with many rooms off to each side of its corridors. I cast an invisibility spell around myself and kept a tight rein on my Talent so that the others wouldn’t detect my presence. I then set off to explore the tunnel complex, and quickly located their command center. From all of the activity there, it was easy to tell that it was the correct one.

During this time there had been pandemonium in the command center.

“Don’t fire!” the Colonel had screamed at the technician, but was too late, as he had already pushed the ‘fire’ button before turning to look up at the now very upset officer.

“Why did you shout ‘Don’t Fire’, sir?” the technician asked naively, but it was already apparent that there was trouble, as every warning light in the system lit up.

“What’s happening?” the Colonel demanded. The technicians were already feverishly checking the system, but stopped after a short time.

“We lost the satellite!” the chief technician answered in amazement.

“What? How could that happen?” the firing technician asked in shock.

“Weren’t you ever told in training to never fire on something that is very reflective? It reflected our beams right back to the satellite and fried it, you idiot!” the enraged Colonel screamed, but managed to regain his calm somewhat on realizing just how much trouble they were all in.

“We need to get eyes back on that area. What’s available?” he demanded of the chief technician.

“There’s a weather satellite near there. We can hijack it for a bit to see what’s going on in that area,” the chief technician told him after studying his board for a time.

“Do it!” the Colonel told him. “The General is going to come unhinged when he learns that we fried that satellite. It won’t be quite as bad if we can tell him that we destroyed the target,” he finished.

“It’ll take me a few minutes, sir,” the chief technician told him, as he worked at his board. It took more than a few minutes, and the Colonel was pacing back and forth trying to figure out how to tell the General what had happened in the meantime. The chief technician finally pulled the image they wanted from the weather satellite, but they were all disappointed when they saw the image on his screen.

“It’s ... it’s still there!” the shocked chief technician said.

“What do you mean ‘still there’? It can’t be!!” the Colonel replied in a frantic voice.

“Nevertheless, it’s still there and doesn’t appear to have been affected at all, sir,” the chief technician told him in awe. That was when the General reappeared.

“What’s the situation with that woman?” he demanded sharply. The Lieutenant Colonel was a bit green when he turned to face the General.

“We lost the satellite and the target is still there and appears to be unharmed, sir,” the Colonel told him and waited for the explosion that he knew was coming.

Lost the satellite!!” the General screamed in rage. “Do you have any idea what those things cost? They’re a billion dollars apiece. Losing a couple of squads and three vehicles is one thing, but an ENTIRE SATELLITE? How the hell could you lose the satellite, you idiot?” he finished in a scream.

“The target turned reflective just before we fired on it, and it appears that it reflected all of the laser’s light right back to it,” the Colonel told him in defense, altering the facts just a bit to save his ass. He knew that if anyone ever got a look at the video that his ass was grass, and they would send him to prison forever, if they didn’t just kill him, but he didn’t plan on allowing anyone to see that video. As it turned out, it really didn’t matter.

I had seen the man in the fancy uniform enter the command center and had listened to what was said for a bit. I knew that the one was lying and the other exaggerating the cost of the satellite but didn’t care, as it would make no difference. I canceled the invisibility spell but checked my wards carefully before walking into the entryway of the command center. It took more than a few seconds for someone to notice me standing there.

“What are you doing in here, lady?” one of the guards finally demanded loudly, as he brought his weapon up.

“Who are you? How did you get in here?” a gruff looking Sergeant demanded immediately following that.

“Why, I’m the one you have been screwing with all morning,” I told them in a level voice as everyone was looking at me now with shocked expressions on their faces.

“And I’m here to put an end to it,” I added, as I raised my arms, spread my fingers and thought ‘fire’. Eight streams of Magic Fire leapt from the fingers of my hands and consumed everything in the command center: equipment, people, everything but the rock walls which turned red from the heat and then black from the carbon burning in the room.

I turned around after a minute or so as the fires died down to look down the corridor behind me. There were multiple alarms sounding in the complex and the pounding of many boots came to me through the stone floor of the corridor. I transferred back to my house before the others could arrive on the scene.

Let them clean up the mess and figure out what had happened,” I thought to myself

On returning to my house, I found Celeste very upset.

“Master, what is going on? There have been all of these strange happenings today, and you have a Defensive Shell around your property,” Celeste asked in a very upset voice.

“Dear Celeste, sit here on the porch with me, and I’ll explain things,” I told her. We sat on the swing there on the porch, and I took several deep breaths. The news that I had for Celeste was not good, and I wasn’t sure how she would take it.

“You are aware that the government representatives were here yesterday. They demanded that I come to work for the current government and do their bidding without question or hesitation,” was how I started the explanation.

“Yes, I knew they were here, but not what they wanted. I’m glad that you didn’t take their offer. What will they do now?” she asked.

“It wasn’t an offer, Dear, it was a demand, and they have already started to apply pressure. This morning, they sent soldiers here in armored flying vehicles. I made sure that they crashed before reaching here. They then tried using lasers on one of their satellites to destroy us. That is why the Defensive Shell is silvered and there is a silvered parabolic shell on top of it. It reflected the laser’s light right back to it and knocked out their satellite. I followed the control beams from the satellite back to their headquarters and insured that they wouldn’t try that again,” I told her.

“But why are they doing this?” Celeste asked in a troubled voice.

“You have studied some of our Clan’s history, so you know about our founding and the things that the early members of our Clan were involved in.”

“Yes, the first hundred years or so of your Clan were filled with adventure. You spread to all three of the known Realities, but there was little information available to me after that period,” Celeste answered.

“There is a reason for that. I’ll give you a brief overview of what has occurred over the last four hundred years or so.

“I’ll begin with my ancestor Leila. She was the first to be named Grand Senior Master. Her Daughter, Margret Kathleen O’Connell the First, whom I am named after, followed her as Grand Senior Master. They were the ones who were the leaders of the Clan during that period.

“Originally, the men of the Clan were the most powerful, and they still are very powerful, but near the end of the first hundred years there were a number of very powerful women who joined the Clan in the various Realities. You will probably recognize some of their names. There were Airmid and Almha in the Reality of Continuous Magic along with the Mages Sunshine and Rose. (see Magic Ink IV) There were Nora and Nola plus Savannah and Shannon from the Third Reality. (see Magic Ink V)

“Finally there was Leila and her Daughter Margie K. in this Reality. (see the Leila story) From that time forward, it has always been the women who have been the most powerful, and there were always at least a few in each generation. Many in this Reality were named Margaret Kathleen O’Connell with a number following their name to identify which one they were. I’m the ninth with that name.

“The O’Connells stopped teaching Magic in colleges around the year 2200. There were by then many Masters and Senior Masters who could teach Magic, and it was during this time period that the government began to take charge of those using Magic. My ancestors had no desire to work for the government, or to be controlled by them. Of course, we still accepted exceptional individuals as apprentices and taught them Magic, but they were the exceptions, and a number of them married into the Clan eventually.

“Our security business was also eroded about that time by competitors who used spells that were easier for the average Magic practitioner to use. You see the majority of people in this Reality seemed to have reached the peak of their ability to learn and use Magic about then. There were exceptions, of course, and a number of them became our apprentices.

“About the security business though, we always checked to be sure that our competitors hadn’t stolen our spells. They had been developed over time by many members of our Clan and were our property, and we were not about to allow their use by others for free.

“Eventually, we got out of the business of designing and building cells and buildings for normal criminals and even for those with minor Magic Talents. Instead we concentrated only on designs for the most powerful and dangerous criminals who used Magic. These were for maximum security prisons and used spells that even the best of our competitors could not match. They were also the most expensive. We have only stopped supplying these in the last thirty years or so.” I stopped there and transferred a glass of ice tea from the cold room to the porch for each of us. When we were refreshed, I started again.

“Even before the year 2200 time frame, a number of the older O’Connells had retired to the Otherworld in this Reality. The Otherworld in the Third Reality had also been contacted by the O’Connells living there, and relations had been established with them. A number of O’Connells had already retired there also. It was only the Otherworld in the Reality of Continuous Magic that the Clan could not come to an agreement with, and they remain to this day trapped behind the wards that Ken, Kell, and his Wives established around their Realm.” (See Magic Ink IV chapter 37)

“But how have you been able to purchase needed supplies and other things if you weren’t making any money?” Celeste wondered.

“The Clan already had a large quantity of gold when it was established, and we made a lot of money from our various investments, and the products that we sold. Books on Magic have always been very popular and profitable also. Additionally, those of us working in various positions outside of our Realm earned substantial salaries.”

“Was this enough to keep the Clan solvent for all of that time?” Celeste asked.

“Somewhat, but there are other ways to obtain wealth. You already know that our Mages can summon lava from deep in the earth. The Mages and our most powerful Senior Masters developed spells so they could call gold, platinum, and other precious metals to them. There were also spells developed to bring diamonds and other gems to the surface.

“Using the internet in this Reality, it was easy to determine where large deposits of these items had been located in the past. We would transfer to those locations in the other Realities years ahead of when the people in those Realities would discover them. We would only take a small percentage of those deposits, and left most of the material there for those in that Reality. Even the small amounts that we took amounted to a considerable sum in this Time and Reality.

“Even with these sums of money, we bought little from our own Reality. Much of what we required was more easily and cheaply obtained from the Other Realities. Food and some clothing materials were easy to obtain from our Cousins in the Third Reality. O’Connell Ale was obtained from there and also from the Otherworld in this Reality. We even grew in our Realm some of the materials that they needed to make the ale, and also on land that the Clan controlled in the Third Reality, plus we still grew much of our own food also.

“Magic lamps and other Magic operated items were obtained from the Reality of Continuous Magic where their designs had been refined and improved by members of our Clan living there. We all have the cold room in our houses that uses the spell that our ancestor, Ken, found at Glenquin Castle. (see Magic Ink IV chapter 6) We made a lot of money from that spell also until the scientists came up with a solid state device that would nearly do the same thing. It still requires electricity to run, but it’s favored by those who don’t like the use of Magic.”

“Are these the reasons that the government wanted you to join them?” Celeste asked.

“No, they wanted to use our Magic to control those opposed to the things they are doing. Originally, they attempted to contact the Clan in their Realm in this Reality, but they had no success doing that, until they finally managed to locate the two of us here,” I told her.

“Why couldn’t they contact the O’Connells?” Celeste asked, not understanding.

“They couldn’t contact the Clan because the Eternal Flame has relocated their Realm to a Fourth Reality. IT is not happy with developments in this Reality. These people have taken technology to extremes which the Eternal Flame doesn’t like, and It also doesn’t like what they are attempting to do with Magic here either. The various Magic Councils here split up over time, and most have ceased to exist, or their Realms have been raided by government Wizards,” I told her.

“No wonder I’ve been unable to sense the O’Connell Realm lately!” Celeste said in amazement.

“We were left here to see what they are doing and to decide their fate,” I told her, to a look of shocked surprise.

“Their fate? What is the Eternal Flame contemplating?” she asked in a surprised voice.

“IT is not contemplating anything. I have been left here as the Final Judge of their fate. If I find that they have gotten too far out of control, and I am unable to change that, I HAVE THE POWER AND THE DUTY TO CANCEL THE USE OF ALL MAGIC IN THIS REALITY,” I finished in a very quiet and controlled voice.

“But what will happen to all of the devices and other things that depend on Magic to work?” Celeste asked in horror.

“They would cease to function. All of the spells, the equipment and the procedures using Magic would no longer work. There would be no Magic in use in this Reality. They would only have technology to depend on, and it will eventually not be enough. The decision will be up to their leaders, as to whether they will change,” I told her in a hard voice.

“What about the Otherworld and those living there?” Celeste wondered.

“They would not be affected. They have been insulated from this Reality already. They ceased giving examinations for Magic Ranks centuries ago, as it eventually became too much for them,” I told her.

We sat on the porch for some time then, sipping our ice tea and Celeste contemplated what I had told her.

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