Chapter 1

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Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Buying a dress for a girl who you've seen in the oddest circumstances can create the most interesting situations.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie  

So, sometimes you have the weirdest moments in the mall. I work freelance so I often have free time in the afternoons. I like to wander through the halls of the local mall while thinking up project ideas, and frankly the scenery is often easy on the eye. I see a lot of teen girls trying out clothes and looking to show off what they have sprouting on their bodies.

It was just after 2 in the afternoon when I saw her. She was a cute coltish girl, her breasts were a little bigger than "A" cups and her hips were showing a hint of flair. She was dressed in some basic jeans and a white v neck t-shirt. She was idly looking at clothes in a shop. Part of me knew I had seen her somewhere.

I walked away and wondered for a bit, it's not like I frequent places girls her age go. I might view them in the mall but I don't hang out in the clothing stores. It's a little too obviously pervy. Not that I'm not a perv on some levels; I just try to be subtle about it.

Looking into the glass of a bookstore it hit me where I saw her and I grinned at the memory.

I'd been at her house, mind you I was also in her mom at the time. She was the sort of lady who had once been a cheerleader or something and had never really grown up. So now she traded on her still good looks for attention. Attention I was all too happy to give.

Her mom was a hot one. Sexualized past any sense of normality. We'd met at a local club, both of us a little too old to be there. We spent the time having fun talking about the people we saw there and then went back to her place. My hand had been up her skirt the whole drive home. She wore white lace panties that were soaked by the time we got back there.

We almost didn't make it to the bedroom. I had wanted to bend her over and fuck her right in the living room, but somehow we made it to her bed.

I was enjoying the taste of her on my lips while I had her bent over and taking my cock hard. She was grunting and begging me to ram her tight hole, and I was all too happy to oblige. As I worked myself into her, I looked up and saw her daughter peering in, looking like she was enjoying the show.

It wasn't the first time I'd put on a show for an audience, but the first time the audience had been the lady's daughter! The thought of it made me smile and I made sure the cute little thing got a great view of how much her mom loved to be taken. I figured it might give her a positive view of things sexual.

Or to be more honest my inner dirty old man loved the idea of her looking in to see the show and I wanted to be the center of attention.

I walked back toward her, and she looked up, our eyes met and she smiled. It took her a second but I could see a flash of recognition, she blushed a little, which told she remembered too.

"What are you looking at?" I asked.

"Umm the clothes, they all look so nice," she said.

"Why not go in and try some on?" I asked.

"It's all so expensive. I'm saving my money," she replied.

"What for?"

"School. I wanna have some money ready for college," she said.

"Sounds like a good plan, what are you going to study?"

"Chemistry, I'm good at it."

"Good plan; I never was." I paused a moment. "So what if I said if you tried something on I'd likely buy it for you."

She turned with a raised eyebrow. "Why would you do that?"

"Because you're too pretty to be wearing such plain clothes," I said.

"I can see why Mom likes you.," she said, then walked into the store.

"Did she say that?" I asked.

"Yeah, she said you're a nice guy in the streets and an animal under the sheets, it's her favorite combination." She reached over and felt a dress on a rack. Her fingers trying the material. She grinned and picked it up.

"It's nice to know I get good reviews," I said as she walked to the clerk and asked for the changing room. The lady looked us both over and then pointed to the back.

I hung out by the racks as the clerk sat there looking bored. She was a well formed woman with dark hair in her mid 20's. If she saw something odd in us being here she didn't say anything.

The girl came back out. The dress was white and knee length, and in the size she picked almost form fitting. I could see the lines from her panties as she strode out with a grin. "What do you think?" she asked.

"Not bad," I said. "It gives you a sophisticated look."

She grinned, then looked at the clerk. "What kind of under wear do you suggest with this?"

The clerk smiled and walked her to the rack, I did my best to not make a show of me noticing the white lace French cut pair she chose to go with them. I failed at not making it obvious but I did try.

The clerk grinned as she walked into the changing room with the girl. It took them a while and my new friend looked a little flushed when she came out, but I could see the change in the cut of what she wore under the dress. That and she was now bra-less. Her nipples poked out like head lights.

"How about now?" she asked.

I whistled a bit and grinned. "You look amazing." Part of me was now wondering if I could take this as far as I wanted. I could feel a stirring in my groin, but did my best not to make it obvious.

Her smile widened and the clerk grinned. "Would you like to wear it out?" She nodded so the clerk got out a bag and put the clothes she wore in into the bag. Then walked behind the counter and totaled everything up. I handed her my card without question and she swiped it.

"There you go; hope you have a good time wearing it." She winked at my new friend, and we walked out. I carried the bag with her old clothes in it as we walked out.

"So, do you make a habit of buying girls you barely know clothes?" she asked.

"Not really; you're my first for that." I thought about it. "Although I will say that if you're going to wear what I bought I think you owe me something." I said with an evil grin.

She turned her head, from this angle her face was even prettier. "And what's that?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Your name."

She giggled. "Oh lord! You don't even know my name!" She smiled, stopped, and held out her hand. "I'm Tammy."

"Hi ;I'm Jordan," I said and took her hand. She shook it with a grin.

"Now that we've been properly introduced, what else are you doing today?" she asked.

I gave it some thought. "Well, I was just wandering to get my brain moving."

"Then you saw some random girl whose Mom you're fucking."

"Yeah and I thought I'd trot out my mister nice guy thing."

"What do you think that's gonna get you?" she asked.

"Good question. I was hoping for you to at least sit in my lap," I said.

"What would I be wearing when I did that?"

"With any luck as little possible."

She smiled. Her eyes far away. "This is gonna get weird."

"How so?"

"You're boning my mom."

"Well, not right now."

"Yeah someone might call the cops for you fucking someone in the food court." She paused for a second. "Where do you live?"

"About a mile away. Why do you ask?"

"I wanna sit on your lap," she said. "I'll decide what I'm wearing when I do it on the way."

I grinned. "Come this way."

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