The Knight and the Acolyte Book 1: the Quest
Prologue: The Oracle's Words

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Fantasy Sex Story: Prologue: The Oracle's Words - A prophecy threatens a king's life. Angela, a knight, and Sophia, a lesbian acolyte, are plunged into danger, adventure, and intrigue when they leave on a quest to kill a dragon. If you want to read more about the world, see maps, and view the glossary, check out my blog.

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King Edward IV – Shesax, the Kingdom of Secare

The scented, anointing oils still glistened on my forehead, slowly drying as I stared up at the winding stairs climbing the Lone Mountain. Behind me, the city's bells rang in celebration of my coronation. It was tragic that my father had died young, but it meant my reign would be spectacular.

I was twenty-five, in the prime of life. I had forty or more years as King of Secare ahead of me.

Visions of glory and greatness danced through my mind as I took the first step up the Maiden's Stairs. They were carved out of the very dark stone of the Lone Mountain, set with statues of frolicking maidens every tenth step, their budding breasts and nubile bodies perfectly captured in pure marble.

I stared up at the stairs, excitement trembling in my chest. My reign now truly began.

Shesax, the capital of my great Kingdom, was built on the eastern slope of the Lone Mountain, sprawling out from the upthrust of stone rising out of the surrounding farmlands. Every king of Secare since my great ancestor General Sekar carved our great kingdom out of the corpse of the High King's failed empire, had climbed these stairs. Once on their coronation, and then every five years thence to seek the Sekar Oracle's advice.

My family had long credited the Oracle's prophecies and advice for keeping our Kingdom strong.

The other nations that rose out of the High King's empire had suffered turmoil and civil wars. The High Kingdom of Hamilten had fractured into dozens of petty Kingdoms and Princedoms. Many had fallen, been conquered, splintered into lesser nations, or fallen to lesser men, like the mages who ruled Thosi.

But Secare remained strong.

The spring sun warmed my rich, red cape trimmed in ermine, and my velvet doublet and hose seemed to trap the heat. It was the height of fashion, right down to the cod piece that demonstrated my virility. But it was damned hot. The golden crown weighed on my forehead. It was heavier than it looked, made of gold and amethyst.

Halfway up, I paused to admire my city laid out before me and not to take a rest.

My city looked grand. The palace was a breathtaking construction of blue-swirled marble and the great Chapterhouse of the Knights Deute stood resolute before my palace. The city spread out for miles, a thriving metropolis. The land fell away into haze. I could just make out the green blur that must be Blath Forest. The view from the heights was spectacular.

Rested, I turned and continued my climb.

My legs were sore when I reached the mouth of the Oracle's cave. I trembled as the heady perfume wafted out of the cave's opening. I strode into the incense and entered the cave, my body shaking with excitement.

Maidens moved inside, young and budding, dressed in sheer robes as they attended their mistress—the Oracle.

I trembled in the presence of a demigoddess. She was the daughter of the wise God Cnawen and the Goddess of Art, Rithi.

"Welcome, King," the Maiden of the Voice smiled as she strode forward. She was nubile, her breasts only budding, her blue robes revealing her small, hard nipples and the tight lips of her shaved pussy. She spoke for the Oracle.

The Oracle herself was a stunning creature, dressed in a wispy robe of lilac that contrasted with her burning hair. Her eyes were a green deeper than any human, shining like emeralds, and her skin was as white as alabaster instead of the light-beige of a Secaran. She was almost pure white. Her face was beautiful and alien, wholly inhuman in the most subtle ways, the shapes of her eyebrows, the curves of her cheeks.

She whispered in a musical language.

"My Mistress is ready to gaze into the future," the Maiden of the Voice purred.

I nodded. "By ancient treaties I, King Edward the fourth of my name, have come to have my future uttered so I may rule my kingdom with wisdom."

The Maiden of the Oils stepped forward. She was the tallest of the three young maids that served the Oracle. All were fourteen, chosen from among the most beautiful maids of the city to serve for a year caring for the Oracle. She wore a red robe so thin I could see every line of her lovely beauty.

Her smile was sultry as she untied the golden tassels of my ermine cape. She carefully folded my ropes and set them in a wicker basket. My cock throbbed as the Maiden of the Tongue—wearing green robes that showed off a pair of small, ripe breasts—added more incense to the smoking braziers.

Purple haze filled the cave.

The Maiden of the Oils quickly disrobed me, her hands rubbing across my muscular chest as the Maiden of the Tongue did the same to her Mistress. My cock ached as I watched the young maiden's tongue roam the Oracle's body, bathing her. The Oracle moaned as her maiden's tongue swirled about her nipples before the maiden moved down the Oracle's body.

"She is preparing the Oracle for your cock," purred the Maiden of the Voice who watched with rosy cheeks.

The Maiden of the Oils finished undressing me and then undressed herself. She was lovely and flawless, her pussy shaved and just the hint of her labia peaked out of her tight slit. My cock thrust hard before me as she lifted a clay jug and poured scented oils across her nubile body.

She glistened as she approached and pressed against me. I groaned as her arms wrapped around my neck, her lips gluing to mine. Her body undulated, rubbing the oils into my muscular chest and stomach.

I moaned into her kiss, my hard cock throbbing against her stomach. I held her, my hands sliding down to grip her firm ass. She had no hips yet, and she was lovely and slim in my arms. She moaned into my lips as I pulled her against my cock.

"Remember, King, she must remain a maiden," purred the Voice. "Your cock will find all the satisfaction in my Mistress."

The Oracle let out a purring moan.

I broke the kiss with the Maiden of the Oils. The nubile girl worked about my body, rubbing her hard nipples and hot pussy against my side and back as she continued anointing me. My eyes were locked on the sight of the Oracle, who appeared no more than sixteen despite being an immortal being, writhing upon the tongue of her maiden.

The Maiden of the Tongue had her mouth buried in the Oracle's pussy. Her enthusiastic licks echoed through the cave. The Maiden of the Voice began singing a wordless melody that brimmed with lust. The Oracle writhed to the music, adding her own passion to the song.

The Oracle's beauty was flawless. Her breasts small and ripe, perky with youth and bouncing as she undulated. Her nipples were mauve and hard. Her fiery curls fell around her breasts, swaying and briefly hiding her delights.

I licked my lips at the breathtaking sight.

The Oracle's hand seized her maiden's short, black hair, pulling the girl's mouth tight against her pussy. Her hips undulated faster and the Voice's song grew louder and more urgent, the beat increasing, building to a crescendo.

My cock ached. I burned to know the Oracle's flesh. I didn't care about the prophecy. I have had scores of lovers, but none, not even my beautiful wife, had ever inflamed me like the Oracle. She was divine. Otherworldly. Ethereal.

My head swam with the incense.

The song grew louder. The Oracle's emerald eyes fluttered as she threw back her head. Her maiden's hands gripped the Oracle's ass, holding on tight as she feasted. She seemed to devour her Mistress, her pink tongue sliding through perfect lips.

Energy rippled through the pink haze when the Oracle came. Awe overcame me. The Oracle cried out in an ancient tongue. The power rippled through me. Her body heaved one last time and then her eyes opened and stared at me.

I shuddered at the alien presence dwelling in those green eyes. She was so ancient that I felt like an ant before a man. She had watched the eons pass in the way I might watch the hours. She strolled to me, her hips rolling.

"It is time, Your Majesty," the Maiden of the Voice purred.

The Maiden of the Oils pulled me down onto a bower of silken pillows, my cock thrusting hard before me. She grasped my dick, stroking it as she pressed her nubile body against my left side. The Maiden of the Voice slipped out of her blue robes and pressed against my right, her lips nuzzling at my ear.

The Oracle straddled me. A line of fiery pubic hair ran to the tight slit of her glistening pussy. Her emerald eyes burned with lust as she lowered herself. The Maiden of the Oils held my cock erect, aiming it perfectly so her mistress sank down on my cock.

"Yes!" I groaned as the Oracle's divine pussy engulfed my cock. She was so tight, like a virgin, and her pussy rippled as she settled upon me. A low moan escaped her lips.

"You have a nice cock, King," the Voice moaned. "She approves."

I grinned as the Oracle rose, her hips undulating and swirling about the tip. The pleasure was intense, shooting to my balls. She slid back down, slowly working her hips back up. She knew how to tease and please, her pussy gripping me.

The final maiden pressed her body against the Oracle's back, her tongue nuzzling at the Oracle's neck. Her arms wrapped around the Oracle's body and cupped her ripe breasts. The Oracle moaned in delight, her hips undulating faster.

"She is eager for your cum," moaned the Voice, her hot pussy rubbing on my side. "She burns to witness your future. There is such power in cum. Give it to her."

"Yes!" I groaned.

"Give it to her!" moaned the other two maidens.

The Oracle purred in delight, her green eyes fluttering as her hips undulated faster. Her ripe breasts jiggled in the grip of her maiden's delicate fingers. Her alabaster skin seemed to shimmer in the pink haze.

My hands gripped her thighs, her muscles rippling as she rode me. My cock throbbed as it was buried in the heaven of her pussy. My hands squeezed her thighs as the pleasure built within me. I stroked my hands up to her stomach, my palms sliding across her silky skin.

"Yes, she loves it! She loves your cock, King. Give her your cum!" The Voice's dulcets were honeyed with excitement. Her hot pussy rubbed harder on my side. "Mmm, yes. Your cock fills her up. The pleasure ripples through her. Cum in her."

"Please, cum in her!" the Maiden of the Oils gasped, her hot cunt pressing hard into my side.

"Fill her up with your cum!" the Maiden of the Tongue moaned as she nuzzled the Oracle's neck.

The Oracle gasped in her foreign tongue. She leaned over me, slamming down upon me. She rubbed her hard clit into my pubic bone. My balls tensed. Pleasure radiated out of me from the tip of my cock. I couldn't last any longer.

"Slata's cunt, yes!" I groaned as my orgasm built. "Work that pussy, Oracle. I'm gonna cum so hard."

"Yes!" moaned the Voice. She shuddered against me. "Yes, yes, yes." Hot juices warmed my thigh as the nubile maiden came.

My cock boiled. My cum erupted.

The Oracle slammed down upon me. Her pussy rippled about my cock, drinking in my cum. Her skin glowed and her hair seemed to be come fire. Emerald light shone from her eyes and mouth as she screamed her pleasure.

And then the Oracle spoke in her ancient music and the Voice translated:

"You shall die, Mighty King, upon the Hero's Blade
The High King's Empire shall rise once more
The Hero of the Lilies departs on perilous quest
Duty shall compel her darkness,
But vengeance shall compel your death
You shall die, Mighty King, upon the Hero's Blade"

The pleasure of my orgasm left me. "What?" I growled.

The Maiden of the Voice trembled as she backed away. "I'm sorry, your Majesty. That is the future the Oracle saw."

"The Hero?" My stomach twisted. "She doesn't mean the mythical High King's heir?"

The Maiden shook her head. "I only spoke her words."

The Oracle rose and turned, my cum leaking out of her pussy down her thighs. The Maiden of the Tongue licked up the line of white jizz to her pussy and began to feast once more. The Oracle looked at me, her emerald eyes cold. She spoke.

"You must leave now, your Majesty," the Voice said as she bowed. "The ancient treaty has been honored. You have received your prophecy. May you interpret it with wisdom and humility."

My stomach twisted. I was going to die? Pater's cock, there was no way that was happening.

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