Christmas in the Hamptons
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Oral Sex, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - It was time for Cindy to give her fiancée a taste of what happy married life would be like behind a locked bedroom door. Then, he gets caught with his pants down with some common tramp in a police sting operation. Now, she is going to the summer house in the Hamptons for Christmas. It was so boring to be in the lap of luxury and no interested male to share it with.

Cindy was not looking forward to Christmas this year because her cheating boyfriend Mark had made her look ridiculous by being caught naked in bed with a dark-skinned working girl from the other side of the tracks.

It would not have been so bad but their engagement had just been highlighted in the society news of Port Jefferson, New York and she now wished she had never posed for that picture with her arm around his disloyal and perverted neck.

Her parents were opening the summer house in the Hamptons for Christmas this year and she had only yesterday been daydreaming about the two of them making out behind the locked door of her bedroom on the big four-poster bed that had to be almost a hundred years old. She had been leading up to it with lots of kissing and petting but under her strict rules of "only so far" that precluded any serious interaction. Now she was certain he would be the last man that she would consider as a candidate to open her magic gate to paradise and finally become a woman in every sense of the word.

At twenty-three, Cindy felt that life was passing her by and if she didn't take the bull by the horns she might wind up an old maid like her Aunt Dottie with her odd ways and sour puss that often put a damper on family holidays. Most of her girlfriend classmates and sorority sisters had either done it with a boyfriend or close friend of the family or had actually married an eligible bachelor suitably benefited by a family with oodles of cash. In fact, it wasn't so much the cash but the way it was collected that really mattered because there were no redeeming qualities about "new" cash derived from non-traditional sources.

It seemed to her that she was perhaps thinking too much about financial resources and not enough about prospective husbands other qualities like a good sense of humor and enough strength of character not to get caught in a common girl's trap by photographers with no conscience about ruining people's lives indiscriminately.

Even now, she looked at all her wardrobe laid out on top of the bed with her party dresses and the special outfits from Victoria's Secret that she was dying to wear for her anticipated future spouse as a special treat at Christmas.

She wasn't really planning to do anything of a truly carnal nature because it was simply not in her nature but Cindy expected that she would be able to steam her fiancée up into a lather of response that would make them both happy to be behind a locked bedroom door in her parent's luxury summer place.

Now, she would have to start her spousal search all over again.

This time she decided she would bypass all the usual routes of family connections and males recommended by her many friends and close relatives. Her first choice had been Winston Douglas with his irritating way of dismissing her thoughts as infantile and inferior because she was a female. He was attractive in a charming way that made her comfortable and not threatened. Unfortunately, he was more interested in her best friend Sylvia because she had a far larger trust fund and access to some assets that would complement his failing business. They already had a small child and it was totally dismaying to her to watch them cooing at each other in mixed company.

Cindy had settled on Mark as her second choice primarily because her parents liked his constant chatter about the merits of polo which was their favorite sport as well. She didn't like the formality of the events because they were so centered on fashion and social correctness. At least, he would be shunned for a short period by the notoriety of his transgressions against the morality of their social class and people would understand her reluctance to continue any pretense of personal contact with him any further.

Two nights of crying herself to sleep put her at the limit for self-pity and she was ready to go to the Hamptons just to get out of the unwanted limelight of guilt by association. Perhaps up there she could find the peace and solitude that she craved in this Christmas season. Hopefully, the servants had already fully decorated the place to her mother's satisfaction and she could just sit back and absorb the Christmas spirit without lifting a hand.

The limo driver was a new man and she didn't recognize him.

He told her to just call him James and that was just fine with her. It didn't seem fair that a large number of these "common" men workers were blessed with such good-looking genes. For a few minutes, she felt a bit uncomfortable because her insides were fluttering like she did when it was time to give a public address or just before acting in one of the school productions that she dearly loved.

"James, have they decorated the house for Christmas yet?"

He looked at her in the rear view mirror with those striking steel-grey eyes that made her heart go pitter pat for a silly feeling that she was sitting there naked in front of him.

"Yes, Miss, they have it all finished now and it looks super nice. When we put the lights on in the evening you can see how nice it all looks. I would have to say it is one of the best decorated homes in the Hamptons."

Cindy crossed and uncrossed her legs several times. Her special place was suddenly lonely and she knew she was having improper thoughts about her new driver. That certainly would not do because she was one of the best behaved young ladies of the Hampton society and considered a true "Hampton Princess" by the folks that really counted. She just wished this impertinent fellow with the wavy blond hair was not so blasted good-looking because it was distracting to her scorn of anyone male at the moment.

They arrived at the long driveway and she remembered the huge fountain with the pair of trees decorated with the lights of Christmas just like in previous years. James opened her door and she moved slowly to the front door as he gathered her luggage from the back of the limo.

The maid at the door apologized to James telling him that the two other men were busy in the back fixing the gazebo for her mother who was a stickler on everything being perfect.

Cindy walked up the spiral staircase with her hips swaying a bit more than needed so James could have some entertainment as he carried the heavy bags up the stairs. She hoped he had some interest in her flanks because she had spent a number of hours getting them into perfect condition for Mark's expected explorations this Christmas holiday. Of course, she wasn't going to let him actually consummate anything, just sort of nibble around the edges making them both less frustrated with lack of nookie on the happiest week of the year. She had been looking forward to finding out how long it would take her to bring him to ejaculation just to see if it matched her own estimated release time for satisfying orgasm. She knew she would be in the eight to twelve minute range and any time under seven minutes would mean Mark would require some additional training or she would have to "warm up" before he started.

Just inside the doorway to her bedroom, she happened to glance down and see that this "James" person was at full extension. That bolstered her self-confidence and convinced her that she was still attractive despite her bad luck in choosing a mate. She let the driver stand there catching his breath and turned away from him to bend over and open her largest piece of matched luggage making sure that her tight skirt was taut across her cheeks and her heart-shaped bottom was outlined graphically for James to enjoy at his leisure. Strangely, it was comforting to her to know his eyes were glued to her posterior and that she was guiltless in giving him a nice performance in private.

After James had left to return the limo to the adjoining four car garage, she wheedled the cook to give her the scoop on the new driver and got all the rumors about his failed marriage and his small girl child who had inexplicably remained with him and not gone with the mother to French Canada to return to her "roots". Apparently, he was a bit of a mystery man to the rest of the staff and he had no other family in the town. The house he was living in was one of the old ordinary houses that were built after WWII just to mollify the returning GIs that lived in the area but had no place to live. Certainly, not one of the many mansions that made up the core of the town that lived in the lap of luxury housing the elite one percent of the income producing members of society. He as the only grandchild had inherited the property with no mortgage but had to pay the overbearing property taxes that made no exception for lack of income. The cook was a talkative Irish woman in her fifties that had worked for the family for almost twenty years and she bent young Cindy's ear with the speculations of the other female staff with opinions that he was either heartbroken or gay and of no use to a healthy female with immediate needs.

Cindy was reasonably certain that James was not gay from the way he focused on her backside all the way up the stairs and showed definite evidence of arousal immediately afterward. Besides, heartbroken was not unusual these days and she had her share of that with the disloyal Mark. Her brain was working overtime as she plotted some intriguing scenarios having James making demands on her innocent womanhood right in the sanctity of her private bedroom. Her parents were to be away for this weekend with social engagements in the city and it would be an ideal time for her to check out his sense of following orders from the mistress of the house.

She felt in control because she could either continue his employment or tell her father they needed a new driver with a more mature outlook on life. Cindy felt safe because she had her father wrapped around her little finger ever since the incident when he was totally drunk in the pool cabana and thought she was the maid come to refresh his drink. It was laughable really but she knew her mother would certainly not think so and it was a solid club to keep over his head if he became obstinate about letting her have her way.

The driver was also required to fill in when they had guests for small parties and he also helped move heavier items of furniture that the maids were unable to handle. The rest of the time, James was allowed just like the rest of the staff to use the pool when the family was not using it and he was allowed kitchen access if he became hungry during the day but there were strict rules that the staff were not allowed to imbibe any of the stronger drinks available in the bar or in the basement wine cellar.

Just thinking about the wine cellar brought a smile to her face because she remembered how she had spied on one of the maids and her father down there. They were having illicit intercourse with the poor maid's bare backside being pounded by her sweating father in a rather skillful display of male superiority. It was easy to see he was deep in his cups and barely aware of which girl was struggling over the whiskey barrel. It was her first introduction to actual "birds and bees" stuff that bored her to tears in the classroom. She never told anyone but that scene played out each time she was attracted to a member of the opposite sex and she enjoyed playing the role of the maid being made to take it regardless of her personal desires or lack of interest.

Her problem was that her attitude was generally so hard and brittle and just downright unfriendly that most men gave her a wide berth looking for an easier target to get their jollies. She knew instinctively that it was her attitude that had led to her still being a virgin and not that she was uncomely or lacked enough spunk to attract a suitable mate.

It was in her nature to be an "Ice Queen" and she was in dire need of a Prince Charming to melt her stiff exterior and make her tingle with proper satisfaction.

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