Nicole's Friends
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, Incest, Father, Daughter, Cream Pie, Size, Workplace,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Nicole brings her young sexy girl friends home to meet her daddy. They are alone together and they love to role play adult games, and when with Nicole's friends the games become very sexual.

"Please mister ... please mister ... don't call the police ... or my parents" the young girl pleaded with me with tears in her eyes.

"I will do anything" she quickly added.

I looked at her sternly before I launched into my regular response. I was a mall security manager and I had lots of people of all ages and sexes who got caught shoplifting from stores in the mall. I turned them over to the police, and resisted all attempts at influencing me with tears and pleadings.

This young lady was going to be no exception.

She was dressed in very short shorts and a skimpy top that did not hide the fact that she was braless under it. She was a petite brunette (about 5ft 1ins tall) with short wavy hair - and with a killer little body.

"You young people have no respect for other people who work hard to earn their income - you just come along and steal from them ... and expect to be let off when you get caught".

I glared at her.

"I'm sorry mister ... I will do anything to make it up to you" she pleaded again.

I estimated her to about 14 or 15 year old. I would normally call the parents after I called the police.

"Please" she whined at me.

I was not going to budge.

Then she surprised me by lifting the skimpy top off over her head, revealing her full rounded tits with their little pointy nipples. She cupped her hands under her tits - offering them to me saying "You can play with my young tits".

They were nice looking tits and I wondered whet they would feel like. But I had been tempted before and I had resisted.

She sensed that I wasn't going to a accept her offer and dropped her hands to her hips ... where she pushed her skimpy pants down off her hips. The slow descent of her pants showed me that she wasn't wearing panties, and that she had a small landing strip across her mound.

The pants dropped to the floor and she stepped out of them leaving her totally naked in front of me.

She stepped forward to within reach of my hands.

"Does your father know that you've gone out without panties and bra?" I asked her.

"No..." she admitted sheepishly "He will probably punish me when I get home".

"And so you should ... what would he think if he knew that you were throwing yourself naked at an older man?"

She thought for a moment, and without responding she advanced on me, placing her small hand against the front of my trousers and grabbing at my cock. She found it easily because I was almost fully erect from taking in her naked form.

"Ooh ... you have a big one" she observed as she grabbed at my cock.

"Oh god" I moaned, knowing that she had gotten to me with her naked body and her hand.

She unzipped my trousers and undid my belt, letting my trousers fall to around my ankles. I was left with my tented undershorts which quickly joined the trousers.

"Oh yes ... it's a beauty" she whispered as she worked my long hard cock back and forth.

She knelt down and slipped my cock into her mouth. The hotness of her mouth on my cock was amazing. I had to hold it together lest I cum in her mouth almost immediately. I let her suck and lick me for a few minutes before I drew her to her feet and lifted her to sit on the edge off my desk.

I kicked off my shoes, trousers and undershorts, leaving me with my shirt only.

Sitting in my chair, I wheeled it close to her, planting my face against her youthful pussy, and sliding my tongue between her very wet lips.

"Hmmmm" I moaned into her wetness as I licked and devoured her tangy juices. She rested her hands on the top of my head as I licked her from her asshole to her clitty that was poking out from under its hood.

"Hmmmm ... oh fuck" she moaned as she orgasmed on my tongue with her body convulsing and pitching about on my desk.

I stood up, removing my shirt and with cock in hand I slid between her thighs. My cockhead made contact with her tight pussy canal entry. I thrust into her hotness, and didn't stop until I had buried it all the way inside her.

I then started to fuck her steadily and deep.

Her pussy walls clung to my cock as I sawed in and out of her.

"Fuck you're a hot little bitch" I groaned as I increased the pace.

"Oh yes ... fuck me ... fuck me deep daddy" she yelled.

Yep ... this little vixen was my daughter Nicole. She had come to the mall to see me this afternoon, and we had indulged in a little of our usual role play.

"Fuck me harder ... I'm almost there" she growled.

"Me too baby ... gonna cum inside my little slut" I growled as I buried myself deep inside her and erupted, painting the far reaches of her pussy with my hot cum cream. It was good that I was shooting blanks otherwise I would have knocked her up by now.

"Yessssss ... fuck yes ... cummmmmmmmmiiiiinnnnnggg!!!" she screeched with her pussy locking itself onto my cock, milking it for all its worth.

I leant forward to suck upon her nipples whilst my cock slowly softened inside of her drenched pussy.

"Daddy ... remember I am having a sleepover tonight" she whispered from underneath me.

"Oh ... yes I remember" I responded after interrupting my nipple torture on her.

"Good ... cos Blaze is coming ... and so is Emma ... you will like Emma" Nicole explained.

My cock twitched at the mention of Blaze.

Nicole felt it inside her and laughed. "Oh ... you remember Blaze very well huh?"

It was about eight weeks ago when Nicole had Blaze over for a sleepover.

I had woken in the early morning light to find two naked young girls on either side of me ... with my hard nipples in their mouthes licking and sucking on them.

Blaze, true to her name, was a redhead with a killer little body for a fourteen year old. Slim with curves in all the right places, and a nice set of developing tits dominated her body. She was rubbing her body against mine as she sucked my nipples.

I could feel at least one hand wrapped around my cock, and I suspected that it was probably Nicole's hand.

"Oh god ... you know how much I love my nipples licked and sucked" I gasped.

Nicole broke away from my nipple saying "We have lots of explore on your body - Blaze wants to see it all". With that comment she pulled the sheet away from us all. Glancing down I noticed that it was Blaze's hand that was busy stroking my cock.

"She tastes amazing" Nicole whispered to me before she licked my ear.

Reluctantly I pushed Blaze's head away from my chest so I could reposition myself between her thighs. She had a nice healthy red bush on her mound with fleshy pussy lips that were slightly engorged with her excitement.

With my face close to her pussy, I slid my tongue between her lips to taste her juices.

"Ummm ... hmmmm ... oh yes tasty" I murmured into her wetness, plastering my lips against her nether ones.

I speared my tongue between them to find her canal entry. I teased the entry before pushing the tip inside her tight hotness where I proceeded to tongue fuck her.

She was moaning for a while and then she was silent. I glanced up without breaking contact with her pussy to find that Nicole had silenced her with a passionate kiss whilst she groped at her friend's young tits.

I alternated between tongue ucking her pussy canal and licking her engorged clitty. I pushed her to the edge and eased back, until I was ready to push her beyond her limits.

"Oh fuck ... fuck me" she yelled as she exploded all over my face with her sticky tangy juices.

With her little body convulsing in the aftermath of her big cum, I knelt between her thighs and introduced my pussy plunderer to her little pussy. I pushed into her tightness, sliding into her slowly until I was buried inside her.

"Fuck her daddy" Nicole implored me as she played with her young friend's tits and nipples.

"Oh yes ... what a fucking nice little pussy" I groaned as I lunged in and out until I felt my balls coming to a boil.

"Gonna cum ... it's gonna be big" I growled just before my balls contracted and then spewed their load into her depths.

"Fuck yeh" I yelled, pumping her little pussy full of my hot man cream.

She was lucky that I had no baby-makers in that load otherwise she would be very pregnant very soon.

"Ooh daddy" groaned Nicole from under me.

"You are having good memories" she added. I found myself powerfully fucking her again soon after my initial cum in my little vixen's tight pussy.

Nicole moaned and then added "Her titties have grown so much so you last fucked her ... you are gonna love them".

I love my daughter ... and how she brings me fresh pussy to fuck.

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