A girl who thinks nothing of taking her clothes off when told or asked to.

This story is about Bethany; a cute, skinny blonde girl who grew up in a house full of men. Sadly, when Bethany was born her mother didn't survive the birth, leaving her father to bring up Bethany and her 2 brothers. It wasn't apparent for a few years, but poor Bethany wasn't the brightest light in the street and her father put that down to the difficult birth.

The story starts when Bethany turns 14 years old.

One of Bethany's brothers, the eldest, Lucas, had to do a school project on human anatomy and he'd decided to include photographs of both a young male body and a young female body. Getting the photo of the male body was easy, all he did was take a selfie; but the female photo was a little more difficult.

At dinner one evening at the start of his project, Lucas looked a bit down. He hadn't a clue where he was going to get the girl photo and was starting to wish that he'd picked a different project. His father asked him what was wrong and when Lucas explained what his problem was, his father instantly found the solution – Bethany.

In that household people wandering around in their underwear was quite normal and Bethany was no exception. She often never bothered putting her other clothes on when she got changed out of her school uniform and would spent the rest of the evenings in just her knickers (at 14, Bethany had only just reached puberty so didn't understand all this shyness crap that older girls suffer from). In fact, when all the kids were growing-up they often shared the bath and shower. As they got older the boys stopped sharing the showers and baths with each other but both of them still invite Bethany to join them.

Bethany thought that it would be nice to have her photograph taken, and at that age she didn't think anything of it later; nor when the photograph session got started and Lucas asked her to take her knickers off.

Of course, all her brothers, and her father, were there and there were a lot of discussions as to what the best pose was for Bethany to get her photo taken. Lucas reminded everyone that it was a human anatomy project so he'd have to take photos of Bethany's chest and genitals.

For the next 30 minutes or so, Bethany lay on the dining room table while Lucas took distant and close-up photos of her on her back and on her front with her legs closed and wide open. All the time Bethany was giggling to herself and wondering if the photos would make her famous.

When Lucas had taken all the suggested shots he went and loaded the photos onto his laptop then started scrolling through them as everyone gathered round to look at them. Bethany hadn't bothered putting her knickers back on and was sitting on her father's lap as Lucas kept clicking the 'next' button.

Eventually, everyone agreed that the best photo to use to Lucas's project was one where Bethany was laid on her back with her legs open. The shot was taken from about 3 feet over her feet so it got her genitals and her flat chest.

Lucas's teacher was impressed with Lucas's overall project but wasn't so sure about including the photographs even though he had cut the heads off the photos before sticking them in his project book. Although it was a scientific project the teacher explained that images like that can sometimes get misconstrued and mistaken for pornography. The teacher warned Lucas to be careful and gave the whole class a talk on the subject of 'indecent' images and the law.

Afterwards, a few of Lucas's class mates wanted to know where he had got the photos, but Lucas wouldn't tell.

At dinner a few days later, the father asked Lucas how he had got on with his project. When Lucas said that it had gone well, Chad (next brother up from Bethany) had suggested that he take photographs of Bethany every week, conducting a long-term project that may just help him with his career.

Lucas sort of liked the idea but said that he'd have to think about it. Bethany meanwhile, really liked the idea, thinking about all the attention that she would get.

Lucas spent a few days thinking about Chad's idea then he told everyone what his thoughts were. He said that he would like to do it but he would need some financial help to buy a tripod and he'd also need a section of wall painting white and marked vertically like a ruler. His idea was to have a list of shots that he'd take every week, store them in different folders (one of each pose) and then set-up slide shows so that he could show the development of Bethany's body over the months and years.

Everyone agreed that it was a good idea, Bethany especially as she imagined herself being the subject of a long term scientific project.

Over the next few days a tripod and paint were bought and Lucas and his father got to work. When it was all was complete, Lucas set-up the tripod and put electrical tape marks on the floor where the tripod and Bethany's feet should go to get the required consistency over time.

Bethany meanwhile found it hard to control her excitement and as things looked like they would be ready soon she took her knickers off and hung around, eager to get started.

As soon as he was ready, Lucas read out the list of shots that he wanted to take each week: -

Stood up, whole body:-



Left Side

Right Side

Electrical tape marked where Bethany was to put her feet, the front and back shots leaving her feet about 18 inches apart.

On the table length ways with feet at the 2 corners: -

On her stomach

Shot taken so that it included the back of her knees, up to her neck

Zoomed-in on her butt and vagina

On her back

Shot taken so that it included her knees, up to her neck

Zoomed-in on her vagina

These shots would be taken at the maximum height of the tripod.

Bethany had real trouble keeping still as these 8 photographs were taken and was as keen as everyone else to see the results on Lucas's laptop; so keen that she again didn't bother putting her knickers back on again.

One week later the process was repeated with Bethany being so excited and eager to be 'Model Bethany' again that she even took her knickers off when she took her school uniform off as soon as she got home from school and remained naked all through dinner, the modelling session and the 8 brief slide shows afterwards.

This soon developed into a weekly family ritual with Bethany's enthusiasm not waning.

Puberty arrived for Bethany and her feelings about her naked posing changed. Over a period of about 3 months Bethany decided that she no longer wanted to have to get naked for her father and brothers.

As that time of the week came round, Bethany seemed more and more reluctant to get naked. She started telling her father and brothers that she was changing into a woman and that it wasn't right that she had to take all her clothes off.

Each time that she said anything everyone would tell her that she'd made a commitment and that she had to stick to it.

Bethany even got self-conscious about her sprouting chest and persuaded her father to buy her some bras which she kept on with her knickers when she took her other clothes off after school. She also stopped joining her brothers for baths and showers too.

Another thing that didn't help was that her father's work pattern changed and he wasn't going to be at home on an evening. When her father announced the change Bethany had hoped that the sessions would end but he'd told everyone that nothing else would change, that he expected everything to continue as usual.

Things got worse for poor Bethany when pubic hairs started appearing and her vulva started to get fleshier. The first time that she had to pose after she noticed her clitoris protruding a little from her lips was the worst day of her life. She spent the whole Sunday lunch time trying to persuade her family that she couldn't do it anymore but they all told her that a commitment was a commitment and that meant that she just had to do it.

Bethany didn't think that things could get worse but just as soon as she started getting what her brothers called her 'bush', Lucas said that her spreading pubic hair was impairing the view of her vagina. More embarrassing Sunday lunch time discussions took place and all the guys agreed that Bethany would shave her whole pubic region just before each modelling session.

Those 15 or 20 minutes each week were the worst times of her life. She found it really hard to keep her hands by her side and just as soon as the ordeal was over she'd run to her room.

After about another 3 months of the embarrassment Bethany realised that the embarrassment was diminishing. Then it got to the stage that she just shrugged her shoulders and took her bra and knickers off and 'just did it'. As she watched the slide shows she started to get a little proud of how her body had 'grown-up'; especially as her brothers, and her father all told her that she was developing into a very beautiful young woman. She herself liked the way her breasts grew into a firm 'B' cup and her butt grew out into a cute, small, bubbly shape.

A couple of months further down the line and Bethany had not only got over the embarrassment, she'd realised that she was actually looking forward to those naked sessions again. She couldn't explain why, nor could she explain the tingling feelings in her groin area that started almost as soon as she got home from school on posing nights.

Bethany's embarrassment suddenly came back on one posing night when just after dinner a couple of Chad's mates arrived to collect him to go somewhere. Not even thinking about Bethany's feelings, Chad invited his mates in to watch Lucas's project progress.

Poor Bethany was mortified; it's one thing getting naked and getting into explicit poses when it's only family around (even if all that family are all men); but it's something completely different if there's a couple on unknown young men there as well.

Those tingly feelings were really strong as she posed for those 8 photographs in front of the extended audience and for some strange reason she didn't run off to her room afterwards and stayed to watch the slide shows that Lucas gave for Chad's mates.

Over the next few weeks Bethany's embarrassment decreased proportionally to the increased tingling and 2 months later Bethany was back to looking forward to the sessions and secretly hoped that one of her brothers would invite their friends to watch. She even got back to taking her bra and knickers off as soon as she got home from school on what was again, her 'big' night. Even the shaving on the table immediately before the photography session became nothing special; she just got on with it without a second thought.

When Chad, and her other brothers, started inviting more of their mates over to observe the sessions Bethany's anticipation and excitement increased to such an extent that after one session she realised that her pussy and inner thighs were all wet. This confused her and when Lucas's project was discussed at the next Sunday lunch her father didn't help by just saying that she was 'enjoying' the sessions. She just didn't understand what was going on. Bethany got even more confused by her brothers sniggering when her father had said that.

That night in bed, Bethany realised that she hadn't been embarrassed by her brothers and father discussing what she was sure would have been really embarrassing if she'd been one of her school mates. Apart from the confusion it hadn't been embarrassing at all for her; in fact she'd remembered that she got that nice tingly feeling while it was being discussed.

Over the next few months Bethany's brothers had a whole series of their friends over to watch Bethany shave and getting her photographs taken, and it became quite routine for her; except for that tingly feeling that just wouldn't go away.

Chad's mates started coming round on other nights and as usual, Bethany was usually wearing only her knickers and bra. It never bothered her at all.

Those mates of Chad's were the nearest to Bethany's age and the most immature. The chance of seeing a girl wearing only a bra and knickers or, better still naked on posing night, was a big attraction to them and Chad was never short of friends.

One evening (not a posing night) whilst 2 of Chad's mates were there, the talk got round to Bethany posing. One of Chad's mates suggested that Bethany may as well take her bra and knickers off that night as well. To everyone's surprise, Bethany as well, she stood up and did just that; sitting back down as if it was totally normal.

Chad's mates couldn't believe their luck as they got to stare at Bethany's pointed 'B's and even more when she stood up to go and get the evening meal ready.

Apart from that inexplicable tingling, Bethany didn't think anything of being naked around those boys.

Like any young teenage girl, Bethany started thinking more about her clothes and more relevant, her underwear. Bethany's choice of clothing had always been her fathers and she was really pleased when on her 15th birthday her father let her go clothes shopping on her own. He wasn't displeased when she showed him the new tops and skirts that she'd chosen. She didn't show him her thongs but he'd get to see them soon; it wouldn't be long before she was wandering around in just one of them whist he was at home.

The first evening when stripped to her bra and a thong after school, all of her brothers complimented her on her new look. Even one of Chad's friends who came round told her that she looked good.

This boosted her self-confidence and Bethany felt good, even when 30 minutes later Chad asked her to take her bra and thong off. Bethany just did it and carried on getting the evening meal ready totally naked as if it was perfectly normal. What's more, that tingly feeling in her groin felt good.

Apart from posing night where Bethany got naked as soon as she got home from school, Bethany never bothered to take her bra and thong off as soon as she got home from school but they rarely stayed on for long as one of her brothers or their friends usually asked her to take them off. Each time Bethany would just take them off and carry on with whatever she was doing.

Bethany's brothers even started asking her to strip whilst their father was around and Bethany just did it; her father not even asking her why she was naked.

One evening after Chad had told Bethany to take her bra and thong off, and she had, Chad had told her that she may as well stop wearing them for good. Bethany's immediate response was to say that she couldn't go to school without a bra or knickers, but when Chad had shown her a copy of the school rules about uniforms, and there was nothing there about underwear, Bethany just said 'okay' and from that day on she never wore underwear at all. When any of the girls at school said anything she just said that she'd stopped wearing them because it pleased her brothers.

One day when all the family were visiting one of Bethany's uncles, a confirmed bachelor, Chad had asked Bethany to take her clothes off, and she did. When her uncle asked her what she was doing she just told him that it was no big deal and that her brothers often asked her to take her clothes off at home.

It was then that Bethany's father told his brother about Lucas's project. Quite naturally, the uncle was 'quite interested' and Bethany's father promised that Bethany would take the slide shows round for him to see.

The following Saturday, the lone Bethany was knocking on her uncle's front door with a memory stick in her purse. Once inside, Bethany was surprised to see 2 other men, about her uncle's age, along with her uncle, sat in the living room waiting.

Everyone gathered round her uncle's PC whilst he powered it up and copied the slide shows to its hard disk.

As the images on the screen got more womanly, one of her uncle's friends asked her if she ever got embarrassed. After a 5 minute history of her posing sessions Bethany admitted that she no longer did. After a minute's pause, the middle-aged man reminded Bethany that she'd taken her clothes off the last time that she was there and asked her to take them off again.

Without a second thought Bethany stripped naked, one of her uncle's friends asking why she wasn't wearing any underwear. Without the slightest bit of embarrassment Bethany told them that Chad had asked her to stop wearing any and she had.

Bethany was watching the slide shows and she thought that the 3 men were as well, but when the fourth one ended and her uncle didn't start the next one, Bethany looked at first her uncle, then the other 2. All 3 were staring at her.

That knowledge started Bethany's tingling again but this time, she had an itch on her pussy. She spread her legs, scratched the itch then closed her legs again. She watched the 3 men staring at her all the time.

Bethany didn't know what to do so she just stood there with her head bowed, letting them stare at her.

Over the next couple of minutes Bethany felt the tingling get stronger and her pussy get wet. Instinctively, Bethany opened her legs enough so that her pussy could feel the cool air in the room.

After another long pause Bethany's uncle asked her if she could get some beers from the fridge. From where the 3 men were sat they could see Bethany bending over to reach the bottles of beer. All 3 were impressed with how easy it had been to get young Bethany naked and bent over so that they could get a good look at her bald pussy.

As the last slide shows finished Bethany's uncle invited her to sit and talk to them while they finished their beer. There was no way that Bethany was going to be rude to them so they all sat and the 3 men asked Bethany all about Lucas's project and what she felt about her part in it.

Whilst telling the 3 men about how proud she was to be taking part in such a big scientific project and how she'd gone through phases of being embarrassed but she thought that that was all behind her now. She told them that the posing was her first step towards a career as a model.

While Bethany was telling them all about it, her uncle had a brainwave. When she finished telling them all about it, her uncle asked her if she'd like to earn some extra pocket money. That last word perked-up Bethany and she asked what she would have to do. When her uncle had said that it was cleaning the house and being the hostess for gatherings that he had with his friends, Bethany jumped at the chance; after all, it was nothing different to what she was already doing at home and what she was doing right then.

The 3 men kept asking Bethany all sorts of questions and by the time it was time to leave Bethany was feeling so relaxed that her uncle had to remind her to get dressed.

After her uncle gave her some money for the bus home she bent over and kissed his cheek then left, promising to return the next weekend.

As soon as she was out of the door the slide shows started again and the 3 men started planning what they could get the girl to do and how many of their friends they could invite over.

Meanwhile, on the way home Bethany was also planning, planning how she could spend the money that she'd earn.

The following Saturday Bethany arrived at her uncle's house early and was given her cleaning tasks. Shortly after she got started her uncle suggested that she take off her clothes so that they didn't get dirty. Thinking that it was a sensible suggestion Bethany stripped naked and got back to her cleaning.

After about an hour with her uncle closely watching what she was doing, the doorbell rang. Wanting to show that she was keen to help she asked if she should see who it was.

A naked Bethany opened her uncle's front door and was surprised to see lots of men there, most with bottles of beer in their hands.

Bethany called her uncle who told her to let them in. She wasn't at all embarrassed as the men walked passed her as she held the door open. Each one of them looked her up and down and said hello.

Ten middle-aged men and one naked 15 year old girl all stood in the living room as Bethany's uncle introduced each of the men to her. Of course, each of them wanted to give the naked girl a hug and most of them put their hands on her bubbly little butt and gave it a squeeze as they did so.

All that different male contact with her naked flesh had an effect on Bethany that she couldn't explain. That tingly feeling was stronger than ever.

The first item on the agenda for the afternoon was the slide shows. Bethany's uncle had bought a PC Projector and the 10 men's eyes alternated between the large images of Bethany's body on the wall and the real thing that was stood to one side watching the men watching her.

All that time the tingling in Bethany's groin was getting stronger and stronger and it felt like her inner thighs were getting wet.

When the slide shows finished, Bethany's uncle told her that they were going to repeat her posing session there and then so that the men could get their own photographs of her.

Bethany's first reaction was to be pleased that she could pose for more people; it could only help her modelling career. The second thought was that she didn't have her shaving kit with her. When she told her uncle he smiled and went and got a whole new set that he had bought the previous day.

With a smile on her face, Bethany climbed onto the dining table and got to work shaving all around her pussy.

Camera flashes were in abundance as Bethany worked to get her skin lovely and smooth. As she worked she wondered if she really needed the shaving cream as her body seemed to be leaking quite a lot of liquid.

Bethany went through her usual routine of poses, only quite a bit slower as the men kept telling her to stay still for just a minute more as they took more photos. All that male attention was pleasing Bethany in more ways than one and when she was laid on her back on the dining table with her legs wide open, the inevitable happened and Bethany had her first ever orgasm.

Poor Bethany hadn't a clue what was happening to her and she screamed as her body jerked all over the place. He uncle had to rush over to her to make sure that she didn't fall off the table.

As her body slowly got back to normal, Bethany looked at her uncle and asked him what had just happened, telling him that she'd never felt like that before. The bemused man couldn't believe that the 15 year old hadn't had an orgasm before and he had to explain it to her in front of all his friends. Bethany didn't know whether or not to believe him, telling him that a girl had to be fucked for her to have an orgasm.

One of the men then explained to her that that wasn't true and that there were a few ways that can stimulate a girl to orgasm. That was a bit confusing for her and she decided that she'd have to think about that one later.

Explanations over, Bethany apologised to the men for interrupting their photograph taking and said that she'd try not to let it happen again. Of course the men wanted it to happen again and most of them said words that made her feel okay and stopped her worrying if it were to happen again.

Bethany thought that the posing session was over but the men wanted her to lift her legs up and spread them as wide as she could while she was still on her back on the table. Bethany couldn't understand that because she didn't do that for Lucas; but she did it anyway. It seemed to make the men happy.

Session over, all the men hugged Bethany again as they said their good-byes. One of them said that he'd see her again next month, and later, when they were alone, Bethany asked her uncle what he'd meant. Her uncle explained that the men were willing to pay her if she'd repeat her posing routine each time that she visited him. When Bethany didn't say anything, her uncle told her that she could go there once a month and that it would be a good experience that would help her modelling career. That, and the offer of some money, sold it to Bethany and she smiled and agreed.

That weekend was the start of a career of posing for her uncle's friends that lasted until after Bethany had got her first proper job. She had many orgasms just by being looked at whilst naked. Bethany's uncle also showed her how to get an orgasm by using her fingers and then by letting the men use their mouths on her. She had been amazed, and on the way home on the bus she lifted her skirt and masturbated (as her uncle had called it) until she had another orgasm. She promised herself that she'd do that every day.

The posing sessions got longer and longer and Bethany had more and more orgasms as each of the men wanted to give her an orgasm by using his mouth. Bethany really got to enjoy those sessions at her uncle's house; even when the weather got warmer and they got her to pose in his back garden. Without realising it Bethany got herself the start of an all-over tan.

What Bethany couldn't understand was why her uncle had asked her not to tell her father and brothers about the modelling sessions and just tell them that she was visiting him to help with the housework. Not wanting to risk losing the money, Bethany agreed and keep her mouth shut.

Back at home, posing nights changed a bit. Now that Bethany had started having orgasms at her uncle's house she sort of expected to have them at home as well. She wasn't disappointed and her brothers and Chad's mates watched her cumming whilst she was on her back on the table. Lucas kept complaining because she wouldn't keep still, and to take her hand away from her pussy.

The times when she had orgasms spread to the nights when Chad's mates asked her to get naked for them. It got to be quite common for them to fondle her chest and pussy and to make her cum with their mouths or for them to tell her to make herself cum.

The one thing that Bethany always refused to do was to let any of them fuck her. She always said that she was saving that for when she got married.

As well as having orgasms just by being watched or by being stimulated by any man who would do it, Bethany liked to practice using her fingers on her pussy as often as she could. Sat in front of the television, Bethany often had her hand on her pussy with her fingers idly playing with her clit as she slowly made herself cum. It didn't matter who else was in the room; she did it in front of her brothers, father and anyone else who happened to be there.

Sometimes when they were at the table eating Bethany's father had to tell her to stop it and get on with eating.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, Bethany decided that she should refrain while at school (well most of the time) but the bus to school and back wasn't school so she sometimes had an audience on those journeys.

I said 'at school (well most of the time)', because there is one teacher at school that she has a crush on that she liked to try to get to notice her by sitting at the front of the class with her legs open. Now that she'd stopped wearing knickers her pussy was on show if the teacher cared to look. She had one of those school skirts with pockets and the stitching on the right pocket had come undone and Bethany often put her hand though the pocket to play with her clit when in that class. Unfortunately; well maybe not, if that teacher ever noticed he never let on.

Bethany got settled into quite a routine and things went on like that for a couple of years with Bethany always getting naked whenever anyone asked or told her to; even when her father was at home; and masturbating wherever and whenever she wanted. Her father just accepted that that was the way that she was and no one was getting harmed by it.

Just like her visits to her uncle's changed when the weather got better, so did her home life. All her brothers expected her to be naked at home all the time and Bethany was happy to please them and go along with it. She was happy that no one objected whenever she masturbated wherever and whenever at home.

Trips out changed as well, with the money that she was getting from her uncle, Bethany bought herself some new clothes. The thing was, one time when she told her brothers that she was going clothes shopping, both Chad and Lucas insisted on going with her. When they came home that time Bethany had 5 new summer dresses; all of them very short, sleeveless, light and floaty with deep scoops at the front, back and arm pits.

Bethany said that she felt like she had nothing on when she was wearing them. What's more, they were so light that she often didn't realise it if a breeze had blown the skirt parts up or that the top parts were hanging low when she bent over. Without realising it she was giving lots of people glimpses of parts of her body that society stupidly says should be covered up.

Bethany's brothers wanted to take her places all the time when she was wearing one of those dresses. Whenever they took her to fast food restaurants she usually complained that the plastic seats were cold on her bare backside. She also wondered why quite a few men stared at her as she leaned forwards to eat; not realising that they could see the sides of her breasts through the deep scoops of the dresses.

The summer of her 16th year was one of the hottest on record and Chad and Lucas decided that they wanted to go swimming. Chad thought that it would be a good idea to take Bethany with them. When he told their father he was really happy that the older boys were looking after their little sister. Bethany said that her bikini no longer fitted her; she'd grown in more ways than one, especially her breasts. They were a 'B' cup by then and her hips had grown as well.

Lucas volunteered to go into town with her to get a new bikini.

One evening the next week Lucas asked Bethany to get all her bikinis, knickers and bras and try them on in front of him and Chad. Bethany happily did this and it was confirmed that she didn't have anything suitable to wear so the following Saturday morning before Bethany went to her uncle's the 3 siblings went into town.

Bethany was confused when instead of going to a shop that sold swimwear Lucas led them to a lingerie shop. Lucas and Chad picked out 2 thongs and 2 bras; all were the same colour and quite see through. Bethany never said a word about them not being appropriate to wear in public.

Both Lucas and Chad went to their uncle's house with Bethany and they were slightly amused when Bethany got naked and posed for about a dozen men in their uncle's back garden. They were even more intrigued when they started going down on her and making her cum 8 or 9 times.

On the way home they quizzed Bethany about the events and she admitted that it had been going on for over a year. Her only concern was that she didn't want their father to know. When asked why, she said that it was her uncle who had asked her not to tell him.

The bothers promised to not tell their father.

The next day the 3 of them went to the local swimming pool; Bethany being quite happy to wear one of her new thongs and bras.

Both brothers told her that she looked amazing with her areolas, nipples and pussy clearly visible through the see through underwear.

Bethany got plenty of stares but no one said anything until they'd been there about an hour. Then one of the lifeguards, a middle-aged woman, told her that her attire was inappropriate and that she had to leave.

Bethany was in tears; she just couldn't see what was wrong with the way she was dressed. Lucas and Chad left the pool with Bethany and they all went to the communal shower together.

When they turned the showers on Lucas told Bethany that she should take her 'bikini' off to shower. She did, much to the delight of a couple of young men that were there.

On the way home they decided to walk through one of the local parks. The day was still hot and the brothers decided that a bit of sun bathing was in order. Finding a grassy area near one of the paths they sat and talked about what had happened and about the previous day at their uncle's place.

The sun was hot and after a while Bethany said that she was hot even though she was only wearing one of her thin summer dresses. Chad suggested that she put her bikini back on, telling her that it would soon dry in the sun.

When she realised that he was right she took her dress off and put the 'bikini' on, surprising a couple of girls that were walking passed.

All 3 lay flat on their backs on the grass as they talked. The subject got round to football and Bethany got bored so she did what she often did when she was bored; she started playing with her pussy.

When Lucas saw what she was doing he nudged Chad and they both got up and watched Bethany make herself cum. They weren't the only ones watching; a middle-aged man walking along the path had seen what she was doing and stopped to watch.

When Bethany stopped rubbing her pussy she just lay there; legs slightly apart and gave anyone who cared to look a great view of her bald pussy through the wet, see through thong.

Watching her and the people passing by, both Lucas and Chad had an idea; 2 separate ideas. They quietly discussed them and decided to put Lucas's idea into action.

Lucas's idea was to send Bethany to the ice cream van that was parked at the entrance to the park. Bethany's only thought when Lucas told her to go was to ask if she could have a large ice cream with a chocolate flake.

Lucas gave Bethany some money and they watched her bare butt as she walked away from them.

While she was away, Lucas and Chad discussed Chad's idea which was to come back to the park the next weekend with Bethany wearing just one of her short summer dresses. They talked about things that they could get her to do that would expose her body to strangers, and some of their friends.

They didn't get much talking done because the van wasn't that far away and Bethany was back in minutes. As they ate their ice creams Bethany told them that the man in the van had told her that she was gorgeous and that he liked her swimsuit.

Lucas told her that the man obviously agreed with them when they told her that she was going to make a great model.

As the sun started to go down they decided that it was time to go home and Bethany just took the thong and bra off and put her dress back on.

One week later, on the Sunday, the 3 of them met some of Lucas's and Chad's friends in the park. At first the boys just talked while Bethany sunbathed on her back on the grass. She soon got bored and her right hand drifted to her pussy. On her back wearing one of her summer dresses meant that the boys who were sat below her feet were already getting a great upskirt view of her bald pussy, but when she started rubbing her pussy, her legs instinctively opened giving an even better show.

Bethany didn't even think about what she was showing.

Some of the boys ignored the conversation as they watched Bethany make her-self cum then relaxing with her hand back at her side and her legs still open. The view to anyone walking along the path was stunning.

After a while one of the boys got a ball out of a backpack and some of them got up and started throwing it to one another. When Bethany saw them she asked if she could join in. Before long she'd taken her shoes off and was joining in the fun. It didn't take long for the boys to form a big circle round her and for then to throw the ball over the top of her, goading her into jumping up to try to catch it.

Each time that she jumped up her short dress would go up revealing her butt and pussy to everyone who was looking. The problem, or not, was that Bethany kept falling over when she failed to catch the ball and she would end up on her back on the grass.

After the third time Chad told her that she was getting her dress dirty. Without even thinking, Bethany grabbed the hem of the dress and pulled it up and over her head leaving her total naked.

The game continued for quite a while before someone got bored and then went and sat down again; Bethany just lying on the grass, still totally naked. When one of them saw a policeman walking along the path towards them they all gathered round Bethany so that she wasn't visible to the policeman who just sauntered by.

Whilst they were so close to Bethany, a couple of the boys took the opportunity to grope her tits and pussy. Bethany just let it happen; in fact she actually enjoyed it and was disappointed when the boys spread out again.

Part of Chad's idea was get Bethany to buy some ice creams whilst totally naked and after a suitable time after the policeman had gone; Chad told everyone that they were all going to the ice cream van. He explained that Bethany was coming with them and that she wasn't getting dressed again. They were all going to surround her so that no one would see her until they got to the van.

All the boys agreed that it was a good idea. Bethany said nothing, she had no opinion about the idea; she'd just do as requested.

And so they did it. As they got close to the van Chad gave Bethany some money and the circle parted leaving Bethany, stark naked, standing in front of the ice cream vendor.

With a big grin on his face the man asked her what he could do her for. Whilst serving her he told her that her suit that day was even better than the one she wore the previous week. Bethany looked puzzled, not realising that her 'suit' was her birthday suit.

After Bethany had got the ice creams for her brothers and her, each of the other boys passed her some money and got her to but one for them.

When all had ice creams Bethany looked at hers. It had half melted and when she said that she was disappointed the ice cream vendor gave her a fresh one for free.

Chad explained the next part of his idea which was for them to continue walking in a close circle round the naked Bethany and see how far towards their home they could get before Bethany had to get dressed. Bethany's only comment was that it was about 4 miles to their home and that she couldn't walk that far.

Chad laughed and told her that they'd get the bus some of the way.

Everything went well and no one seemed to notice the naked girl in the middle of the group of boys.

They must have walked for over a mile along streets that were quite busy before Chad decided that it was time for Bethany to put her dress on. They moved into an alleyway and Chad gave Bethany her dress.

Then they went to the nearest bus stop to ride the rest of the way home.

Later that summer the family went on a camping holiday at the coast. The family's tent has 2 compartments and before they'd left home there'd been 'discussions' as to who would use which compartment. In the end Bethany's father said that to make things fair, he would be in one compartment and Bethany would be in the other. Chad and Lucas would swap compartments each day so that everything was equal. Everyone seemed to be happy, Bethany not being bothered that one of her brothers would be sleeping alongside her each night.

It was a commercial site with something like 100 tents and the family pitched on a patch that had just been vacated and was surrounded by other tents. The facilities consisted of showers, toilets, a little kid's play area and a café.

Of course, Bethany was expected to help put the tent up and do probably more than her share of the other tasks involved with camping. As Bethany helped with the tent she was oblivious to the show that she was putting on for the increasing number of men that were watching her as she bent over and squatted as she put the pegs into the ground.

Tent up, they all went for a short walk around the site and then down to the pub about half a mile away. Again, Bethany being oblivious to the display that she was putting on because she was only wearing one of her very short summer dresses which rode up when she sat down and the top fell forward whenever she leant forward; the deep scooped arm holes often giving voyeurs long glimpses of the sides of her tits right round to her nipples.

Bethany went straight to bed when they got back to the tent and because it was still unusually hot, she lay naked on top of her sleeping bag reading a magazine by torch light.

She was still like that when Lucas came to bed. He looked at his sister and thought that what was good for her was good for him; he too lying naked on top of his sleeping bag.

It had been a while since Bethany had bathed with one of her brothers and she couldn't help notice his soft cock resting on his stomach. Being a bit interested in what she could see she stopped reading and shone her torch on his cock.

Lucas must have noticed and Bethany watched as it slowly got hard and lifted up in the air.

"What!" Lucas whispered. "You've seen it before."

"Not like that I haven't." Bethany whispered back.

Lucas just lay there but Bethany got curious. She reached over and took it in her hand. Her eyes opened wide when she realised how hard it was.

Instinct took over and she started rubbing her hand up and down. As she did so she thought about her uncle and his friends and how they'd used their mouths on her pussy. She sat up, leaned over and took her brother's cock in her mouth.

Now Bethany had heard girls at school bragging about how many blow jobs they'd given but she was new to this. Bethany started blowing onto his cock.

After a couple of seconds Lucas stopped her and asked her what she was doing. Then he told her that she should be sucking. This confused her but she did as her brother had told her and she discovered that she liked it. As first there wasn't much taste but she soon discovered a slightly creamy, salty taste that was good.

Lucas lifted her head up then pressed it down repeatedly until Bethany got the message and did it on her own. About 2 minutes later Bethany got a big, pleasant surprise as Lucas shot his load into her mouth. Even if she'd wanted to she couldn't lift her head because Lucas was holding it in place and she happily swallowed his cum and kept sucking.

Both stayed still and silent, except for Lucas jerking the last drops out of his cock. When he eventually released his grip on her head she sat up lookup at Lucas's face.

"My turn!" Lucas whispered and he got between her legs and started eating her.

Bethany lay back and enjoyed what was happening to her, her brain still trying to properly make sense of her new experience.

Bethany wasn't too quiet when she orgasmed and she heard her father telling her to shut-up and go to sleep.

They both climbed into their own sleeping bags and went to sleep.

The next morning, after Bethany had got breakfast, her father announced that they were going for a walk along the coast that day. Now both her brothers liked the outdoor life, like her father, but the thought of walking for hours on end did not appeal to her so she asked if she could be excused and just stay on the camp site that day. Luckily, her request was granted.

After cleaning and tidying everything, Bethany sat on the grass outside the tent wearing just her dress and watching the rest of her family get ready to leave for the day. As they left her father told her to be good and not leave the campsite. Bethany never understood when he told her to be good because he knew that she always did her best at everything that she did.

As the sun got higher and the air got warmer Bethany decided to improve her sun tan; after all, all models had a good tan. She went and put on one of her see through thong 'bikinis', got a blanket out and lay on the grass between their tent and the little service road.

As she lay there, her thoughts soon drifted back to the previous night and she got that tingly feeling again and felt her pussy get wet as she slowly opened her legs a bit.

She was just thinking about rubbing her wet pussy when she heard a voice say "Hi there." Opening her eyes she saw 2 boys about her age standing there looking down at her.

Bethany said hello back and a typical teenage conversation started. Bethany was so relaxed and not at all concerned that she may as well have been naked in front of the 2 boys. They, of course, were staring at her pussy and tits all the time.

Having discovered that Bethany was on her own, and would be for quite some time, the 2 boys invited her to 'hang' with them. Bethany quickly agreed and asked what they were going to do.

Of course the boys hadn't anything planned so one of them asked if they should go down to the beach. It was only half a field away and they all agreed.

As Bethany got up one of the boys gasped as he saw that Bethany's 'bikini' bottoms were a thong. They silently watched her as she put the blanket back in the tent and zipped it up.

Off they walked, Bethany leading the way, even though she didn't know the way. As they walked off the campsite, a man with a dog walked the other way. He really stared at her as they passed and as Bethany turned to talk to the 2 boys she saw that the man had stopped and was looking at her.

She smiled to herself and thought that she must look good enough to be a model.

They had to walk through the sand dunes to get to the beach and when they got to the water's edge they turned and walked along the beach.

Bethany was feeling good; not just because of her early thoughts about the previous night; nor just because of the look from the man with the dog; but also because she had just made 2 new friends. Maybe the week wasn't going to be that bad after all.

After a while Bethany took off her flip flops and walked into the water. It was cold but she didn't care. She splashed about a bit and tried to talk the boys into joining her. They wouldn't, saying that they didn't have their swimming costumes with them. In the end Bethany gave up and walked out of the water.

The boys just stared at her. Her 'bikini' had been very see through before but now that it was dripping wet she may as well not had had it on. This fact wasn't lost on the boys and one of them told her what he was thinking.

"I'll take it off then." Bethany said as she pulled on the strings and let it drop to the sand.

"Oh dear," Bethany said, "I've got sand all over it; I'll have to rinse it out."

She walked into the water and bent forward to rinse her 'bikini'. In doing so she gave the dumbstruck boys a great view of her pussy.

Walking back out of the water with her 'bikini' screwed up in her hand; Bethany asked what they were going to do next.

"Shall we go into the dunes?" One asked, then offered to carry Bethany's 'bikini' in his shorts pocket.

Bethany readily accepted his offer and 2 boys in short and T-shirts and one totally naked girl walked up the beach into the dunes.

As they walked in amongst the dunes they talked; most of it being typical young teenage talk about themselves, what they'd done and what they were going to do. When she could get a word in, Bethany told the boys that she was going to be a model and that she'd already started. The trio stopped, Bethany sat on the side of a dune while the boys sat at the bottom, looking up between her legs; while she told them all about Lucas' human anatomy project. Anxious to brag that she was already earning money by modelling she told them about her posing for her uncle and his friends.

She got carried away with her tale and added that her uncle and his friends had taught her about orgasms and how to get them, She finished by saying,

"And last night I discovered that men have orgasms too. I gave my brother one last night when I learnt how to give a blowjob. Do you want me to show you? I know that you'll enjoy it; well my brother did."

The 2 boys were shocked. They knew that they'd struck gold when they met Bethany and she was walking about with them whilst totally naked; but neither of them couldn't believe how lucky they thought they were about to be.

And they were; Bethany stood up, walked down the dune and told one of the boys to drop his shorts.

Thinking that it was probably because he was younger than her brother, Bethany didn't say anything about the boy's penis being smaller than her brother's. Instead she got onto her knees and took it into her mouth. This time she sucked instead of blowing.

The thought of it being a smaller penis disappeared as it got harder in her mouth and it didn't take long for the young teen to cum.

When she'd swallowed all of his cum Bethany stood up and asked if he'd enjoyed it.

"Yeah, it was just like the last time." The young teen said.

To which the other teen accused him of lying, saying that he'd never done it before.

Bethany wanted more and she turned to the other boy and unfastened his shorts.

All went silent as Bethany gave another blowjob.

Back on her feet Bethany said that her brother had said that it's only fair that the man returns the favour and that they should give her a blowjob.

One of the boys said that it wasn't called a blowjob when a boy did it to a girl; it was called 'eating her out'. That didn't sound right to Bethany but she didn't care what it was called; she wanted a mouth on her pussy.

One of the boys obliged, putting his shorts on the sand under her butt so that he didn't get a mouth full of sand. Before long Bethany was getting that wonderful feeling again; it building slowly until her pussy exploded and she screamed out.

Enjoying it so much, Bethany insisted that the other boy 'eat her out' as well.

When all three were satisfied the trio continued walking along the dunes; not quite as talkative.

As they neared the campsite the boy with Bethany's 'bikini' in his pocket gave it back to her and said that she should put it back on. Bethany didn't agree or disagree; she just put it on without thinking.

The 3 young teens parted, promising to meet again the following morning.

Bethany got her towel out again and was sunbathing on her stomach when the rest of the family returned; her father telling her that it was an 'interesting' bikini that she was wearing.

That first night, then the first full day after set the pattern for the rest of the week with the 3 young teenagers going down to the beach then into the Dunes. Bethany always started off in her 'bikini' but it wasn't long before one of the boys would ask her to take it off and she'd be naked until they got back to the campsite. One day she got right back to the tent before the boys gave her the 'bikini' back.

Each day, in the dunes, Bethany would give each of the boys a blowjob then they'd go down on her. The 2 young teen boys gained some confidence and tried to talk Bethany into letting them fuck her, but she was insistent that she was saving that for her future husband.

Back from their holiday Bethany couldn't wait to visit her uncle again and when she posed for him and his friends, and they went down on her, she insisted that she give them a blowjob. Her pay that day, and all subsequent days, was more than she'd ever expected.

Until she was 16 Bethany earned quite a bit of money and must have had well over a thousand orgasms either at her uncle's house or at home; and that's not including the ones that she had in public. The slide shows got longer and longer as more photographs were added and Bethany still believed that she was going to be a model.

At 16 Bethany left school, unable to get grades good enough to even get into college. When she told her uncle that she was leaving school and was looking for a job, one of his friends, who she had just given a blowjob to, told her that he could give her a job. He runs his own car parts business and he thought that she'd be good for business; especially if he could get her to take her clothes off behind the counter. Not that he told her that.

When she told him that she really wanted to be a model he told her that working in his shop would put her on display for any agents that came in. Bethany seemed happy with that and accepted the job.

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