Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I will never forget my summer at the Grant's lake house. Three months full of sun, fun and teaching my new boyfriend all about sex...keeping it a secret from the family, that just made it more exciting.

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I will never forget my summer at the Grants' lake house. It was located toward the end of a long private stretch of grassy beach on the lake surrounded by acres of trees. Max Grant was my Daddy's college roommate and is some bigwig for a car company and his wife Linda mostly did Pilates and sat on whatever charity board was fashionable that season. I had known them my whole life and they came off a bit stuffy, but that summer they were different. That summer they were also my boyfriend's parents ... they just didn't know it yet.

Growing up I used to think of Mark as almost a brother. I was a tomboy and spending he summer building tree forts, playing tag, and swimming at the Grant's pool with Mark and his little brother Steve was my idea of heaven. Then, when I was 10 and just starting to get some interesting feelings for Mark, the Grants moved away.

Life went on. I went to school, dated, worked, studied, and played. All the typical high school stuff. At first Mark and I would write letters. Then we were allowed email accounts and all the social media fun that comes with them. I gave him advice for his first boy girl party in junior high. He gave me advice about talking sports with a guy I liked. When he made the Varsity football team I was one of the first people he told. When I got the lead in "The King and I" he was the first person I told.

He was the guy I could count on. And he was my fantasy boy – the one that got away.

So last March I was pissed that after pouring my heart out to Mark online about my break up, he didn't even respond. After a day of texts, emails, PMs and calls I was getting worried he was ghosting me. Then I came home from the library and find him camped out on the floor in front of my dorm room.

500 miles – that is how far he had driven from Boston to console me.

Mark stayed the weekend, and by the end of it we had gone from friends to so much more. Still, we didn't get TOTALY physical then. He went back to his school and we spent out time skyping and talking. Thank god for unlimited texts, right?

Things got crazy for a little while between the long distance and both being in very tough programs in school. But we kept close and counted the days until summer. We had only been "together" for a couple of weeks when he had brought up the idea of me staying with them at the lake house.

We hadn't "come out" to our families yet, and I was freaked that if his parent's knew about us, they wouldn't let me stay with them, so we stayed on the DL. Plus spending the days laying in the sun with my boyfriend and the nights watching satellite TV and surfing on the high speed internet – I wasn't blowing that opportunity with some pesky thing like the truth.

The day I finished my finals I drove straight to the lake. My heart skipped when I saw Mark waiting for me on a corner in town like we planned. Man, I had it bad for this boy. I nearly leapt out of the car and we had our tender reunion – kissing, talking, laughing, more kissing. Eventually we had to head home or his parents were going to put out an Amber alert.

It had been years since I spent time around the Grant family. I had seen Mark, and knew he had become a buff hottie, but I was surprised at how grown Mark's brother Steve was. He was only 17, but he was no longer the little boy I remember. Both boys were around six feet tall and spent time lifting weights. Add eye candy to the list of pros for the lake house. I quickly found out Mark's parents were busy most days, and Steve was going into town with them for SAT prep class. Mark and I would just have to figure out a way to pass the time. Whatever would we do ... hmmmm?

The morning after I arrived I was laying out on the dock, just getting into that sunbather's meditation zone. I was thinking about what I wanted to do to Mark as soon as we were alone. I was tired of waiting, and I was going to let him know it. I didn't feel the shadow fall across my legs, but I did feel something that made me almost jump off the dock. "Whoa!! Hands ... hands in new places!"

"Susie, it's okay." Mark said laughing at my shock. "Everyone took off early. They won't be back 'til much later."

I rolled over, effectively removing Mark's hands from getting better acquainted with my ass, only for them to end up on my hips. Yes, I was just thinking about getting serious with Mark, but still, this girl likes a little heads-up before things spiral out of my control. "What about people on the lake 'Chester the molester'."

"You're the one who had to sun herself on the pier. If you were on the porch, no one could see you at all."

"But we're not on the porch, so let's keep it PG."

Mark leaned over and then we were lost in a deep kiss. "Okay, maybe PG-13. But no monkey business." I said leaning up for more.

Laughing he pulled me up and tossed me over his shoulder and started running with me back towards the house, hooting out ape noises as he went. I had mostly been with cute brainy guys to that point, and having a guy manhandle me like that got my motor running. Laughing I kicked and beat on his broad back. He ignored my pleas to be set down until we were up on the porch and he threw me onto the white rattan couch under the picture window before beating his chest and letting out a Tarzanesk scream.

Mark's mouth was back on mine as he pinned me to the rattan couch. Our tongues seeking and searching. I pulled him closer to me, kneading his muscled shoulders and arms. He pulled back slightly and stared into my eyes. He groaned and sat back on the couch. "Where you going?" I asked.

"Susie, I can't wait. I wanted to be all romantic, but I need you. Now." he said. I saw the unmistakable outline of him filling out his cut-offs. I love getting guys excited and seeing them pitching tents. And from the look of things, Mark had a big tent pole. "There is something you should know first."

"What do I need to know. Oh ... You're married, aren't you?" I asked trying to keep things light.

"Um ... I've never ... um. I'm a virgin." He admitted.


"Yeah. Mandy, my high school ex, she was saving herself for marriage. We did stuff, but never did 'IT.' And then we broke up and I just never found someone, until I found you again. I knew you were the one I wanted to be with, so I waited."

"Oh wow."

"Shit, I'm freaking you out." Mark sat back.

His face was crimson, and I shouldn't have been mean, but I couldn't stop myself from saying, "Um, Mark. You should know that ... um ... I'm saving myself too, so you are going to have to wait."

I never had seen someone's face drop, but just then Mark's did. "Oh ... um ... okay. Sorry. I thought..." he stuttered. That is when I started laughing.

"What?" he asked a little defensively.

"I'm fucking with you Mark. And even if I was saving myself, it would have been for you."

"Oh thank God!" he said before adding, "And you bitch!"

"Yes, but I'm your bitch, so you will have to deal with it." I said sticking my tongue out for good measure.

"So you want to?" He said, putting his arm around me.

I paused for a second, just starring out at the placid water of the lake lapping the shore, then I turned and broke into a big smile before saying,"Of course you big dummy."

"Okay ... um ... how should we start?"

"I like to start with a kiss." I said, shifting in his loose grasp and leaning in. The distance between us had disappeared and Mark's face was floating before me like a dream. We kissed again, one of the long slow kisses you can get lost in. Let's just say my toes were curled.

The sun and lake breeze felt good on my skin, but not as good as Mark's hand which stroked my back beneath my bikini before moving down further and further. Soon he was cupping and squeezing first one then both of my butt cheeks, pulling me into his lap.

I was grinding myself on his leg like a lap dancer as we kissed when I started to realize something didn't feel quite right. Something felt way too big. "Mark ... oh ... Mark, is that ... is that your cock?"

"Yeah." he said pushing up to me. "Feel how hard it is ... hard for you."

I giggled. "It feels so, so ... You sure you aren't smuggling a flashlight?" A mischievous smile spread on my lips as I rubbed back and forth on his rod. "How could something this big not come up all the time we've known each other?"

"Oh trust me, it came up." he quipped. "Just not in front of you. Truth is Mandy was scared of it, and I didn't want to freak you out. You aren't right?" he asked hopefully.

My only reply was silence as he continued to caress my butt. I know we girls say, size doesn't matter, but this was going to be my first time with a "big boy," and I was more than a little excited at the thought. Did Mark noticed a quickening rise and fall of my boobs? Each mound was tipped with sharp nipples that had found their way out of my flower print bikini top. His eyes were glued to these points as his hand slowly moved between my cheeks and he touched my box for the first time, undoubtedly feeling how wet he had made me.

My skin felt too small as every part of me tingled. I hadn't stopped jerking my hips back and forth in time to my panting breath and pounding heart. My mouth was parted as my breath came faster, braking over Mark's cheek in warm puffs.

"It's alright, Susie." he said caressing my cheek with his and sniffing the tendrils of my blond hair. "We can go as fast or slow as you want. You're going to enjoy it. I'll make it good for you, I swear I will."

"No you won't." I said pulling back a few inches and looking him in his deep green eyes. "It's your first time, and you will pop like a bottle of warm champagne before you can slip it in me. I know it."

"No way! I won't. I promise!"

"It doesn't matter. I want you to. And then I want you to fuck me senseless. So let's see this scary cock of yours." We both looked down where my legs forked over the hard impressive outline of his erect cock.

Mark whispered in my ear, "It's more than eight inches long. And thick as a Red Bull!"

"Really? You've measured?" I asked grinding back and forth.

"Uh huh." he could barely speak, he was so excited. His fingers curled under the tie of my moistened bikini bottoms and I leaned against him as his hand slipped inside.

"Is it really that big? I mean, eight inches is really big for a boy's ... Oh." I was silenced as his fingers found the crease between my thick lips.

Mark laughed nervously. "Say it for Christ's sake. I want to hear my beautiful girlfriend say it again. Cock."

I giggled, and blushed to the roots of my golden hair as my first small quake broke over me.

"Yes," he added after a few moments of petting me. "Eight and three quarter to be precise. It is big. It'll make you feel so fucking good, baby."

His fingers combed through my sparse pussy hair. It was curly and silky smooth and sticky to the touch. I started to moan.

"Spread your legs, sweet Susie."

This time I did as he asked without comment. I fell back off his lap and spread myself in front of him.

"That's it..." He said moving over me. The ties on my bikini bottoms let Mark make quick work of them. Then his middle finger slipped between my cunt lips This time I groaned as his digit slipped up inside my tight young pussy. Then the palm of his hand started to circle over my button.


"You like it, don't you? See? I told you you would!"

"Mark ... oh ... yes ... it does feel good ... like when I..."

"Like when you feel it yourself?"

"Yes," I whispered. "Don't tell me you don't do it too."

He laughed. "You mean, do I play with my pussy too?"

"Don't be a dick. You know what I mean. When you spank that log. I bet you do it all the time."

"I do! And I jack off thinking of you. What your breast look like. Your cunt ... can I call it that?"

"Oh! When you are doing this you can."

"Jesus, your cunt, your ass, your beautiful face. You are all I think about. And the only thing you look better in than this bikini, is nothing at all."

I unbuttoned his cut-offs and slowly pulled down the zipper. I parted the folds of his shorts and saw his dick firmly outlined underneath white briefs. "Oh God." I moaned as he slipped a second finger into me. Faster and faster he pumped his fingers in me, rubbing my hard button with his palm. "Yes. Just like that ... OH!" Suddenly my hips thrust up to meet him and I cried out only to fall back against the sofa. My tits were heaving and my eyes were closed with a smile floating on my lips. "Oh fuck it. Yes."

"Yes what? You want me to keep doing this? Yes you want more?"

"Yes, more." A part of me couldn't believe it. I was craving the sensation pounding within me to continue, to intensify the same as him. My cunt ached for the feeling his fingers had given it, and more. I wanted to know the feeling of that big cock inside me. It was time! There wasn't any point denying ourselves the pleasure any longer.

I pulled the ties on my bikini top and it melted off me, like warm ice cream down my chest, revealing the white areas usually hidden from the sun. As my breast came into view and Mark stopped his diddling and took one in each hand to feel their round fullness. The nipples were very red against my white skin and very hard.


"Uh huh?"

"I want you to fuck me. Right here. Right now."

"Yes!" Mark exclaimed like a kid at Christmas. He quickly tugged off his t-shirt and slipped off his sneakers, then I shucked off his shorts and briefs. As I helped my sexy boyfriend off with his clothes he saw I couldn't keep my eyes from his jutting hard-on.

"God it looks enormous ... I'm almost worried it's not going to fit?"

"Grab it ... don't worry, we'll make it fit! Just hold it. That's it. Stroke it ... shit, yeah!"

I stroked his silky smooth rod and cupped his balls. "Mmmm." I moaned while gently pulling him onto the couch to lay beside me, our naked bodies sinking luxuriously into the plush cushions. "Wait! Wait." I cautioned, grabbing his t-shirt and putting it under my butt. "Don't want to have too clean the cushion."

My lips pressed against Mark's and he could tell we were both hot and anxious. His hand cupped and teased my tit as my tongue slipped between his lips. We Frenched deeply, his tongue returning my lustful darts and caresses.

Mark reached around again to grip my ass and squeeze, pulling me into a tighter embrace. He slid two fingers between my cheeks and into my hot box from behind. They came out wet with my fragrant juices. I moaned blissfully and pressed closer to him. Mark finger-fucked me hard, pushing his other hand between us directly underneath my swollen clit and circled there until my breath came in quick pants of pleasure.

"Ohhh, Mark, you are so good at that." I started jerking him off in time to his pistoning fingers, fisting his thick shaft.

It was all happening so quickly. Even though I had been thinking about this for months – years if you count my school girl fantasies – I couldn't believe I was lying naked beside my incredibly sexy young boyfriend on his parent's couch in front of a picture window overlooking the lake – ready to guide his cock between my thighs...

"I want to fuck you now," he gasped.

"Yes," I whispered urgently. "I'm so hot. You're so fucking big!"

Mark continued fingering my clit, with several fingers playing inside me at once. Suddenly, I let go of his cock and gripped his ass as my back arched pushing my hips against him. I threw my head back and screamed as my first big climax hit me hard.

"Je-sus!" I whimpered, trembling from head to foot.

I smiled blissfully at Mark, but he was looking sheepish. That is when I noticed the wet sticky mess between our bodies. "I'm sorry. You were right." he muttered looking down at the mess.

"Don't be baby." I said pulling his mouth back to mine for a kiss. "Even though you promised you wouldn't pop, I like that getting me off got you off. Where did a virgin learn to do that so well."

"It's just mad skills." he said acting all puffed up. He got up and grabbed a beach towel from the rack by the door and mopped his cum from our bellies, "But I've never enjoyed watching someone get off as much as I enjoyed watching you."

I pulled him back to me and we kissed again. My fist wrapped around his half hard shaft and I pumped him up. A few tugs and pushes gave Mark the message that I wanted him on his back. Now I wrapped both hands on him and jerked harder and faster. He quickly regained his full size and I asked, "Are you ready for the main event?"

Without waiting for an answer, I moved over his cock and guided it to my wet box. Mark thrust up a few times, sliding around my slit without going in. "Hold on baby." I cautioned him. Looking him in the eye I made a show of spiting in my hand and then rubbing it over his big head. I seated his bulbous tip inside me and this time he slid that massive rod home.

"JESUS! YOU ARE SO FUCKING BIG!" I cried out, after several thrusts buried him all the way inside me. My fingers dug into his hard chest as I took time to adjust to his invasion. Every way I moved brought a new sensation from my stuffed box. Laying forward my breast flattened against Mark and I crushed my lips to his as I held him deep inside me.

We kissed again and I pulled myself up slowly, luxuriating in the feel of that beast slipping out of me inch by inch only to thrust back down to be skewered once again. Mark was a quick study and on the next downward stroke he met me half way. As we pushed and pulled against each other I started to tremble uncontrollably.

Mark's strong arms wrapped around me in a bear hug as he pulled me to him. I gasped, as he pushed up from beneath into me again and again, deeper inside me than anything had ever been before. I knew it would be great with Mark, but I never imagined it would be like this. I felt wild like a rutting animal, yet loved by him at the same time.

I sat up and pushed myself back on his pillar of flesh. Mark captured my swinging breast and licked my nipples, latching on to my hard flesh. He caressed and massaged my tit flesh as I reared back and impaled myself to the root of his shaft. He ran his hands across my warm flesh and up to my long pale blond hair.

I leaned over and whispered wetly in his ear, "Fuck me ... Oh ... fuck me. Give me that monster cock. Fuck!" my fingernails raked down his bare, sweating chest, leaving behind swollen red welts.

"So fucking tight," he gasped. "Never imagined your pussy would be so fucking tight!"

"More!" I cried out, really getting into it, our bodies working in unison together. My chest and back and buttocks moved in perfect muscular waves as I whipped above him. Mark pulled me back to him and licked and kissed all the exposed skin he could. His teeth dug into my neck and tits and I came again, screaming with pleasure. I kept screaming out and felt my cunt walls ripple across his thrusting rod buried inside me.

I finally stopped shaking and looked down to see Mark smiling at me. Smiling back I clinched my muscles around him which earned me a moan. I said,"That was great, but now it is your turn. I want you to fuck me and fill me up with your cum." He pushed me back and flipped us into an awkward missionary position. I hugged his muscular torso with both arms and legs as he squirmed into a good position.

"Don't be gentle." I said running my hands through his dark hair. "You've made me see fireworks. Now fuck me hard and cum for me baby." Mark started thrusting and I lay there, letting him take me.

"Yeah that's it." I urged him on, "Fuck me ... uh ... fuck me with your monster cock." He quickened his fuck-tempo, sending every thick inch of his prick deep into my pussy.

"Ahh ... fuck me you fucker ... fuck me!" I oozed a steady stream of cunt-cream which further lubricated his excited thrusts. "Oh God! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" All I could do was wrap my arms around his neck and hang onto him for dear life.

"So tight! Oh God! So Good!" he panted. "Oh sweet God it feels so fucking good ... can't hold on much longer ... baby, you're terrific!"

"Oh baby!" I cried, "I'm cuming again. Cum with me you fucker. Fill me up!" My head was banging against the hard arm rest as I came yet again, my entire body trembling beneath me with pleasure.

"Ohhh Jesus," he gasped. "This is it." he lurched forward and his cock jerked convulsively inside me. He flooded me with his hot cum, continuing at the same time to ram into me. There were moans ecstasy – maybe mine, maybe Mark's. It didn't mater. All that mattered was the feeling of utter satisfaction broken only by the aftershocks of my orgasm.

Mark lay panting on top of me and I could feel the rapid beating of our hearts. His head was buried in my neck and I could hear him whisper, "God. Oh God. Oh God." I stroked his head and broad shoulders as he pulsed inside me and shuddered through the last of his orgasm.

A few minutes later, Mark pulled himself out of my fuck-hole with a slight popping sound and collapsed beside me, almost falling over the edge of the couch. We laughed and I pulled him closer into a comfortable snuggle. "Congratulations." I said softly, "You aren't a virgin any more."

"Congratulations." I said softly, "You aren't a virgin any more."

"Nope. How was I?" he asked, smiling down at me weakly. He pushed the sweaty strands of golden hair from my face with the back of his hand.

"I guess you'll do." I said, running my fingers down his soft cheek and kissing his long narrow nose.

"Geez. If that is all I get, maybe I should take my ... what was it ... oh yeah, 'monster cock' elsewhere, huh?"

I giggled, and said. "You do and I'll kill you." snuggling back down I confessed, "It was wonderful. Really, really wonderful."

"Susie, I love you."

My heart nearly burst. I sat up smiling and said, "You know, you're supposed to say that in order to get in my pants."

"Nice. I just thought..."

Interrupting him I said, "I love you too you big monkey."

"Want to do it again?" he asked quickly.

"I'd think you were joking if you weren't already getting hard again." We kissed. Tenderly at first but then with more passion.

"Mmmm ... Later." I gave him a quick smooch and then said, "Let's get dressed and go down to the shore."

"You sure? I mean, the second time can even be better. Right?"

"It will be. But Steve and your mom will be back soon. I want us both to enjoy it ... take our time."

"Okay," he said. "I guess if we want to keep having afternoons to ourselves we need to keep this quiet."

"Until we get noisy." I giggled and rolled over him to stand up. I bent over to pick up our cloths and felt his lips kiss my butt. Then his tongue snaked out to taste our juices that were starting to slide down my thigh. I stood up and looked down, his eyes were locked on me, caressing my body while mine did the same to him.

"I do love you." He said softly. When I saw his hard on pointing to the ceiling

I leaned over and kissed him one more time and whispered, "I love you to." Standing back up I added the a promise, "Soon."

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