A Guy and His...?
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Magic, Slavery, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Genie, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Workplace, Transformation,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A guy discovers a strange bottle upon opening it, finds things quickly begin spiraling out of his control. A Beautiful woman appears then another and another. They all wanted sex, they all wanted him? Yowsa!

An only child and no real friends he shuddered to think of the teasing he would receive at the work site for the new industrial building downtown. Climbing out of his little Toyota truck he could already hear them jeering at him as he stepped to the time clock. "Hey junky Jake! get your ass on the line and start carrying those supplies up."

All this time everyone thinking he was gay, thinking he was homely, just 'cause he was a virgin and didn't have a steady girl friend. "One day," he thought "they'll regret 'what they have said." Taking a relaxing deep breath he got off the supply elevator and went to sit alone as he did every day to eat his meager lunch.

Sitting he reached for his sandwiches and started to chew as he watched the others slap each other's backs and joke around as they went for break. As his brown eyes roamed around the empty lot he noticed a shiny object mostly buried by a fresh pile of dirt that had been pushed up while the corner foundation was being worked on. "Shit I better pick it up before the boss chews my ass some more" (not like he didn't enough now) as he stepped over to the pile the shining increased, "what the hell!?" stepping closer he thought it might be a small fire as it grew in its intensity of light.

Stooping down he saw it was a large bottle not unlike a large wine bottle "hmm looks like the winos have been in here again" about to throw it away he stopped, noticing the archaic writing on it not unlike some form of Arabic that he had once seen at the library. "Damn this might be valuable," not trusting it to his locker (he was sure that the others had a way into it) he ran to his truck and hid it under his seat.

Arriving home sweat stained and tired he grabbed the bottle and rushed in side. "Now to find out what this is." Grabbing the cap he pulled expecting it to pop open, no dice stuck almost as if it was super glued. "Damn now what hmmmmm?" He didn't want to break it just might be worth a hell of a lot, he started to wash it in the sink. The symbols more clearer now he again thought it was some type of middle eastern language, "crap more research" at least it was something to do better than wacking off to porn or watching old reruns again.

Cranking up his old REALLY old computer he went on line to the US library site and started to search after 2 hours he found that he was getting extremely frustrated the language was old, so old in fact that it was considered a dead language. "Oh great, worth a lot and I can't even tell what it is." after another 6 hours searching he stumbled onto a strange web site.

As he read he realized this was going to take more than a few days; hell more than a few weeks, after reading and comparing for hours he had only deciphered one word! "Damn it this shit is really, really old," laying down he thought about getting some help but ... no he really couldn't afford it. For eight weeks every day after work and school he worked at it, finally with the help of the strange site it was beginning to take shape.

Picking up the bottle he brushed it off again (he'd found that it wasn't breakable having dropped it on his tile floor) he wondered what the hell was up with this. The lines were odd indeed, 'Never touched, never tried innocence shines, unprideful; to be the one to be true, share your soul and all you are.'

"Ok not sure I get it" but it's got to be a major find sure someone at the museum would want it to show to others.

Sighing again he went to get his coat and started to reach for the bottle "Well I'm kinda gotten used to you being here working on you every day god I'll miss you, feel as if I am selling out a friend (if I had any) but if I am right they will be very excited about you," as he touched the bottle there was a blinding flash! The stopper started to move! Jake couldn't speak as he tried to scramble away from it, looking over his body to see if his clothes were on fire he suddenly got light headed and passed out.

"Kay fe yunkin enlahid matakin masatar?"

"Huh? What was that?" As Jake opened his eyes and looked around he thought he was dreaming "Oh my god!" before him was a gorgeous dark brown haired goddess! Covered by the thinnest and sheerest material he had ever seen and right now he was getting a huge eye full! Blushing as his 8'' cock started to rise, he couldn't help but stare at her breasts, they're perfect her nipples standing up straight no hint of sag to her at all.

"kay fe yunkin enlahid matakin masatar?"

"Huh? I can't understand you"

"Da acoolu ack fermon daleequa scilent"

Jake looked down more embarrassed and whispered "I'm so sorry I just can't understand you" Jake's head started to feel funny then it cleared and she spoke again. Tis ok Master I can understand now,"

"uh ... excuse me? MASTER!? What are you talking about and while we're on the subject just HOW did you get in here?"

"I apologize master I am a Jinn actually I am YOUR Jinn now," Jake thought about it uh huh right. "As for how I got in here, you released me from the bottle or lamp or to me just a prison" she stated.

"You say you're mine now?" he said. "Just what does that exactly mean?" he retorted.

"I was created as a sex tool or toy for the Kaliah's son to use and build up his confidence so he could marry and have an heir, but alas I was never released as the son was wicked and evil wishing nothing but destruction and death to all he could touch."

"So for a very long time I have awaited the touch of a true innocent, someone untouched and willing to learn" she said as a sly then sexy smirk slowly played across her face.

"Untouched? What does that mean?" looking shocked at her.

"You are a virgin aren't you? Tis the only way that I could have been released as that was the spell that was placed on the bottle," she stated matter of factly.

Smiling slyly she looked at the tent in his pants, "It appears master that you have taken an interest or at least part of you in me!" she demurely stated.

"I'm sorry but you are so beautiful" he choked out, "and I'm afraid it has a mind of its own today I usually don't have this problem." he blushed as he looked away embarrassed again of the reaction his body was having to the only half clad beauty on his couch.

"Ok, ok so ... you're my Jinn? Right?" he asked to try and distract her from the growth in his pants, "uh not to appear stupid but ... what in the hell is that?"

"Well, let me see, hmm I believe in your tongue you would say I am a genie." she answered as she continued to stare at his pants. "Master wouldn't you be more comfortable if I helped you with your ... problem?"

"Huh, my problem? What problem?" shocked as he stared at her breasts again.

"Why your covemb master! and I must say you have a very, very nice one!!!" she cried

"My what?" he asked.

"Your covemb master!" Bowing her head to the floor she started to cry as she pleaded "I am so sorry master for my ignorance I haven't completed learning this language yet, please forgive me! I await your punishment."

"Punishment? Why would I punish you?" he asked.

"Haven't I displeased you Master? I accept anything you wish to give me," she whispered.

As he watched her shake and quiver he started to feel ashamed, "Please get off the floor, I still have questions for you," still she didn't move and he sighed damn it now what? "Genie or Jinn or whatever you are rise from the floor!" he almost shouted, shakily she rose from the floor.

"Yes master" as she stared at the floor "I am yours to command."

"I have lot of questions for you," he stated in a more authoritative voice than he meant, making her cringe and his guilt to grow more.

"Sigh, what am I to do with you genie? Is it ok to call you that?"

"You can call me whatever you want master." she replied.

"Hmm well ... what name would you like what were you called?" he asked.

"Nothing master, I was never given a name." she stated.

"God that sucks, I can't leave you without a name." He cried.

"Whatever you wish master," she said as if it were nothing.

"That's the first thing PLEASE stop calling me that, my name is Jake." he said.

"I cannot master I am not allowed." she said.

"Not even if I wish it? You can't go against my wishes can you," asked Jake.

"No ... no Mas ... I will try master." she replied.

"Now then what am I to do with you?" He asked.

"Well mas ... Jake I was made as a sexual helper could I maybe ... help you," she asked as she lustfully stared at his hardened cock straining at the material in his pants.

"Good idea but ... I don't ... I haven't ... sigh" he stuttered as he blushed blood red again.

"Oh, I can help you there," as she smiled and snapped her fingers and his pants and jockeys were off and on the floor next to him, what the hell? Tossing her hair aside she reached for his hardened length, stooped, and placed her sexy lips at the tip of his cock. Taking his full length in her mouth, she took him completely to his ball sac without pause a smile on her face the whole time.

Bobbing up and down on him and preceded to give him a taste of heaven as the feeling got better and better. Being his first time he felt he wasn't going to last long, looking down he stared at her eyes showing pure divine pleasure as she also stared at him, as he felt himself nearing completion he shouted out "GENIE! I'm going to cum!" as he started to blast his first ever in a woman and saw her smile as she swallowed, then the world went black and he fainted from the pleasure.

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