The Yo-yo
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A lift is given to a woman who has missed her bus; it was raining and she was wet. The favour is returned in the most satisfying manner - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Cheating   Slut Wife   Revenge   Rough   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting  

The e mail was short and to the point 'This afternoon inconvenient EM'. The message from Elizabeth May was expected, just not the contents, this did surprise Mick for generally her correspondence was longer and gave more details, the shortness and the abruptness of it made him wonder if she had finally decided that the arrangement that had been in place ever since he met her, was not going to proceed any further, there was no indication of a separation or divorce. 'Oh! Well that is a pity for she certainly was a man's desire; there was nothing in the sexual world that she would not accommodate, even if it touched on depravity'. After sending a brief reply that he understood, he let his mind venture down memory lane to the day they had met.

He was in one of the convenient stores buying an ice-cream when the heavens opened, it had been a forecast of heavy weather, that didn't bother him, he was driving, not on his bike. As the rain pleated against the store windows a woman dashed inside, she wasn't dressed for rain, she didn't even carry an umbrella. "Gould you tell me when the next bus is due?" she asked the woman behind the counter. "They come every hour", she replied. "The next one won't be here for another fifty or so minutes they come on the hour". He was close enough to hear her utter "Fuck!" The one thing he had noticed in the women he had been associated with was if they used any of the 'four letter words' there was always the possibility they would do, what they had expressed. "Do you have to go far Madam?" he asked. She turned, her hair was wet and so were her clothes, not drenching but noticeable. "I want to get home", she relied. "I live in Greensway".

"That is my next suburb. If you would like a lift, I have my vehicle outside I would be happy to drop you off, it wouldn't be far out of my way" he concluded.

She beamed. "I would be very grateful", she said.

He had no intention of making a play for her but indulged her in an array of topics so by the time he pulled up outside her home; she was not only grateful but eager to repay the favour. "Do you have a contact number?" she asked. "Oh! My name is Elizabeth May".

"Is May your last name", he asked as he handed her a card with his name and mobile number on it. "Oh! No", she smiling replied. "My last name is Cooper. I don't know why I was given the combined Christian name. I think my parents had their minds made up and both were not going to give way, so either my mother or father close 'Elizabeth' and the other parent chose 'May'. Anyway I think it sound very cool", she said as she got out, the rain had stopped. He waited till she had entered the house and then drove off. 'Not a bad piece', he muttered as he entered the freeway. 'If she does get in contact I will make a play for her, you never know she may fuck and if that isn't on the agenda, well maybe she sucks cocks. I love a cock suck, especially when I empty my balls in their mouths; the way everything dribbles out is a real turn-on'. He smiled at his own thoughts, not for a moment did he really think that his desires would bear fruit.

It was later in the week when his mobile rang. "Good morning Mick", the cheerful female voice said. "It is Elizabeth May; you gave me a lift home when we had that down pour at the beginning of the week. I was wondering if you were free if you would like to drop in for lunch, say around 1pm".

"Yes I remember you Elizabeth May for I asked about your name, you told me that it was a united first name and you said you thought it was rather cool". There was a definite giggle on the other mobile. "Regarding lunch, yes I would love to and the time is very suitable. Thank you".

"You ... you remember where I live", she replied. "24 Diane Street".

"Yes Elizabeth May I do remember, be nice to meet up again", he concluded as both communication items were shut off.

He arrived just before one. He hadn't taken much notice of her house but as he walked up the path it was obvious that she was a keen gardener, the front was a competition winning sea of blooms. He rang the bell, seconds passed before she opened it, beaming with pleasure, he returned the smile, not only because of her greeting but because of her attire; she wore a short but tight skirt, a very attractive blouse but it wasn't the blouse that zeroed his thoughts it was the very noticeable outline of her tits and the indent from the nipples, she was very desirable. She ushered him into the lounge room. "Would you like a cool drink or a cup of tea or coffee?" she asked.

"A cool drink would be ideal", he replied as he gauged the inside and like the outside the room was nicely decorated, not over the top but pleasant. She returned and sat down next to him. Chit-chat followed nothing of great importance; he did compliment her on her garden and the neatness of her home. She smiled as she got up. "I hope you like potato and leek soup, following by scrambled egg on toast", she said.

"Sounds fantastic Elizabeth May" he replied as he moved to the table that she had indicated.

"That was very appetising", he said. "Certainly runs rings around baked beans on toast", he replied after putting down the empty cup. "Shall we sit on the lounge", she said. "I'll just put these dishes into the sink; I will deal with them later". He briefly flipped through the magazine on the small coffee table; it was a typical woman's reading matter, full of adverts on fashion and cosmetics. "That is better" she said as she joined him. It just seemed natural to embrace her and she certainly didn't mind, I slight kiss on the forehead, then on the cheeks and finally, with her invitation a full and lingering kiss on the mouth. A lingering kiss led to a feel of her unstrained tits, a moulding of ample flesh, a button or two undone and then the feel of soft naked flesh and the slight pulling of very erect nipples. In response she reached for his groin and began to feel and grip a section of his anatomy that was showing interest. "I ... I think we can improve on this", he said as he stood up, unbuckled his belt and dropped his trousers and jocks, his cock now released from its enclosure sprung up. "Will ... will you suck it?" he asked. With her tits bare and slightly wobbling she opened her mouth as he pulled her head into his groin and gave off a slight gasp as her mouth began to perform that sucking magic that he enjoyed. He worked her head back and forth while squeezing a tit and pulling the nipple. "All of it Elizabeth May", he gasped. "Take the fucking lot. Where she managed to accommodate seven inches of hardened erection he didn't know or care, his only interest was her sucking and the release of his manhood into her mouth. He came with a cry. "Drain me, Drain me", as he dragged her head into his groin and thrust himself forward that not a fraction of cock was on display, her nose was buried into his cock hair and somewhere was a squirting and throbbing cock. He held her, as he did all women till his balls were empty and then and only then did he release her. She fell back, her face crimson and from her lips flowed cum and saliva. "That Elizabeth May was fucking fantastic. You certainly know how to suck a cock". She fumbled for the tissues on the table and it was only after she had spat the contents that were still in her mouth out and wiped her lips did she reply. "You must have wanted that; I bet you pumped into my mouth almost a litre". It was said not in hostility but amazement.

"What do you do Mick?" she asked after she had returned from the bathroom and re-joined him on the lounge. "I have retired", he replied. "I'm a member of a social club. You may know it, the local workers club. I attend some function, not many because my wife won't have a bar of anything that isn't attached to religion, and on a number of occasions I have gone by myself, that isn't much fun but at least I'm associating with normal individuals who are not way off into some mythical hereafter". She burst into laughter and was still giggling as she put on the kettle.

"You don't follow religion?" she asked.

"I wouldn't say that exactly Elizabeth May", he replied. "I just don't like the fanatically belief. Cripes in this short time you have shown me more intimacy than my wife has done in decades. If I ever give her a touch up she is horrified, goodness knowns what would happen if I made her suck me off, the world would stop and we would fall off the planet".

"You're joking", she said as she put a cup of coffee in front of him.

"No! I am not, sex to her is something that had to be tolerated for reproduction, after that it must be avoided, so say her religious leaders who I reckon on the sly are fucking as many of their female disciples as they can; I have no time for them" he concluded.

What are your plans for the rest of the day?" she asked. "It is nearly five, can you stay for tea. You said you were a reasonable cook so how about cooking for me".

"Why fucking not", he replied. "I'll give the wife a ring and tell her that I'm have dinner at my mates as that is where I told her I was going. Not that it will matter she has another of her religious meetings this evening and they don't end till well after ten. Now what ingredients do you have?" he asked as he kissed her and again had a feel of those delightful mounds of flesh.

"That was one of the nicest meals I have had Mick", she said as the plates were added to the array of dishes in the sink. "Thank you Elizabeth May, but I do think we should do the washing up, otherwise it will just build and you won't appreciate it when you have to finally get around to doing it." She agreed and for the next half an hour she washed and he dried. "Now what?" she giggled as he undid and removed her blouse. "Elizabeth May you have a fantastic set of tits, they are beautiful, they are the type that could give a cock a nice 'tit fuck'".

"Oh!" would you like me to give you a tit fuck?" she said with a grin.

"Well for a start, but in reality I want to fuck you for if you fuck as good as you suck, fucking you will be off the planet". No further words were said. She wrapped her tits around his cock, licked and sucked the head and then with a "Let's fuck" rolled into position and gave a low moan as in one thrust he buried his lubricated cock up to his balls in that very hairy goal. No matter how much he held off or how much she just wanted the ravishing to continue, his balls wanted release and with a thrust he blew and she bucked to receive the essence of his nuts. "Fuck that was nice", he muttered as he rolled off and slid besides her. She was still gasping and her tits were still wobbling and drips of swear were running down them. Finally she got up. "Like a shower?" she asked. He agreed.

"I guess I will have to depart", he said as he dressed after again enjoying the pleasure of the muscles of her mouth. She was still dribbling cum as she waved goodbye after announcing that if she was willing he would like to continue their relationship, something she agreed to.

His wife arrived well after him. They exchanged the usual non interesting chatter that was of nothing of importance, just the words of toleration that kept the system operating. She retired into her room and he switched on the television, so began another evening in an atmosphere reeking with hostility. Elizabeth rang the next day and he managed to meet her at the nearby coffee shop and there he asked if she would like to attend a dinner at the local club that coming Friday evening. "What about your wife?" she asked.

"She is going to a conference with one of the fellow fanatics, that is why I have the opportunity to be with 'normal people'. She smiled and after paying the account they walked hand in hand back to her home. "Coming in?" she asked. A study of his watch forced him to decline. "I don't want our relationship to be based on 'quickies', he replied. I want our fucking to be long and enjoyable and that can't be obtained in five minutes here and there". She accepted that description but did enjoy the brief feel up as they kissed and he also enjoyed the quick grab of his cock.

Introductions were given as they entered the dining area, there were quite a number of tables, but none were reserved. He chose one with the most opened minded individuals that were in the club. He knew these people and the occasional 'fuck' by both man and woman was very common so he was sure Elizabeth May wouldn't be offended. During the dinner and after a few of the four letter words were said, naturally in general conversation, she lent against him and whispered. "I now know why you can't bring your wife". He smiled as his table napkin fell under the table. He reached down to retrieve it when she smiled and said. "I'll get it". So engrossed in chatter and laughter that none of the other occupants noticed her slip under the table but when he gave a gasp some turned. "Everything fine Mick", he was asked. He just nodded but none commented on the rather stupid gaze on his face for Elizabeth May wasn't retrieving a table napkin, she was sucking his cock and as he worked her head back and forth it reminded him of the days he used to play with a yo=yo.

Elizabeth May giving 'head' under the table

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