Dharma Wheel
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by Maxicue

Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Joe and his immortal and mortal compatriots continue to frolic at the Cass Lake Theater and camp ground. He and his wives welcome another wife into their bed. Simon attacks and retreats. Snake tells of two skins in ancient India and Asia. Please read this series from the beginning to understand plot, characters and conventions.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   Mult   BiSexual   DomSub   Polygamy/Polyamory   Interracial   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex  

The dawn arrived accompanied by several bangs disturbing the peaceful Central Minnesota lakeside. It sounded like neighborhood kids celebrating the Fourth of July by setting off a very large string of firecrackers, at least fifteen minutes worth, though it seemed like much longer. "Fuck," I said, "People are shooting at each other. Killing each other. Just in the trees around us." Several minutes following the post battle silence, ambulance sirens grew louder, but not too loud. "I wonder how this will be handled," I thought to myself.

I had company in bed with me, hearing my words and probably having their own traumatic thoughts. The night before, we worried about this imminent battle, and distracted ourselves with a lot of intense sex. I hadn't gotten much sleep, featuring in several women's distractions, most of them remaining in bed with me, filling it beyond capacity by dawn.

It started with three of us. Shira and I, hot for each other, needed consummation without the presence of her roommate's extreme and dramatic sexuality. Not that we wanted to avoid Hannah. Both of us enjoyed her, to say the least. Overcome by orgasms, she had to be one of the most sensual creatures I ever met, even comparing my angel lovers, including and especially my wives. But Shira and I literally danced around our lustful need for each other. Her sexy little body, tight in all the right places and voluptuous in those other right places, moving gracefully and sensually, combined with eyes and lips drawing me in from a beautifully expressive face, and the soft milk chocolate skin, affected me like no other ever had while dancing modern dance, causing hardness where hardness never occurred before when dancing. Luckily, or unluckily, the jockstrap held it in from being too obvious. I brought her similar heat, she told me, when we danced. We needed to consummate our lust intimately, one on one.

Even if it wasn't just the two of us, it might as well have been, at least at the start and thus the most important part of the consummation. Eva shared the moment, but did everything she could to make it better without taking focus away from our need. She had her own need to be there with us, to experience our heat. In a sense, she was my captor. I left Helena to huddle with her sister angels and Nick to make plans, and Zhenzhen met with Xo and his angels. Eva couldn't be allowed to be present, being a reluctant and unavoidable spy for Simon, leaving her with me. Never a burden for either of us, third wheel be damned. I could see her sadness though, representing her two wives' enemy, and wordlessly communicated to her to help us make love.

As soon as we entered the bedroom of the large Victorian house near the theater, just being in the presence of the king sized bed set us off like a starting pistol. Shira and I embraced and kissed. My hands found her firm body most enjoyable, and her firm round ass especially so. I pulled her to me as hard as possible, bending my knees to let her feel my excitement against her heat. Having her naked became essential. I unbuttoned her and unsnapped her and unhooked her and unzipped her, all with eyes closed and lips sealed and tongues at play. Eva immediately took the supporting role, undressing me. Seconds later, Shira fell onto the bed with open legs. I filled them and I filled her, Eva doing the aiming. I took time embedding myself completely into Shira's tight, slick, hot pussy. She clung to me, both arms and legs, while I shifted us to the middle of the bed.

"Fuck me, Joe," she moaned. Not explicit directions. Not hard and fast. But I knew what she meant. I was fucking her already after all. Our lips joined again while I began plunging long strokes deep and hard and fast into her. My hands got busy caressing her substantial breasts and taut nipples. Fingers found their way between us, rubbing her clit. It had to be Eva, whom I felt pressed behind me, her nipples scraping at my back. I had a feeling she rubbed her pussy against Shira's legs crossed around my thighs.

Hardly a minute went by before Shira came. I held myself deep for a few seconds to feel the roiling musculature of her orgasmic pussy around my cock before recommencing the hard fuck. Eva eased back her attention to Shira's clit, bouncing my balls instead. Shira had broken our kiss to release a deep, growling moan expressive of her ecstasy seeming to rise from her pussy and roll through her torso before escaping through her tightened larynx and grimacing face. Everything loosened afterward, and her smile of contentment and deep satiation blew my mind. It seemed everything she did was sexy.

This time, when I returned to fucking hard and fast, increasing speed if shortening the thrusts, we basically ogled each other instead of kissing. I got to see the buildup to her next orgasm expressed by her face, and she must have seen mine.

"Cum for me, Joe. Cum with me," she murmured.

I held on. I held back, even with the ripples returning and Eva's continued play on my balls. In the midst of Shira's even more intense second orgasm, after a brief pause, I fucked her faster than ever, giving me the final stimulation to bring forth my cum. Then, somehow, I pulled out. A hand took hold of my cock, squeezing and rubbing and aiming the resultant spurts onto Shira's chest and tits before the power lessened, and the remainder pooled on her muscled abdomen.

After an impossibly soft kiss, Shira pulled away, her eyes wider than I expected. "I wanted you to cum inside me Joe," she muttered.

"I wanted to, too," I admitted.

"Thank you."

"We really do need to get some condoms," I said.

"You haven't needed them."

"I don't mind, Shira."

"I'm glad."

"I ... could cum somewhere else."

"You'd like that."

"You have the sexiest ass I ever saw."

"Okay," she murmured.

"You sure?"

"I want to watch you enjoy my ass."

"Then I won't be gazing at it."

She giggled. "That's what doggy style is for."

"Of course," I chuckled. "Can't wait."

"Uhm," I heard behind me. "Could I taste you, Shira, and my husband?"

"Have at it, Eva," Shira smiled.

I rolled off, lying on my side, watching my gorgeous blonde wife lap up my jism. She couldn't help exploring between kisses, eventually concentrating on Shira's nipples. She shifted south and sucked our new lover's quim. After a quieter orgasm, Shira requested, "Can I taste you, too?"

"Of course," Eva smiled, her face shiny with girl and guy juice.

They rolled over and turned around so that I had room to return my hard cock to its most enjoyable new home. And I got to gaze at that amazing ass, and hold it and caress it.

I kept it slow this time, memorizing every nuance of my Shira's interior. Eva helped her cum on her tongue and my cock, and enjoyed a powerful orgasm from the skilled work of the experienced, mostly lesbian bisexual despite our distracting her.

Just after those two orgasms, I noticed an audience. I hadn't bothered closing the door. Hadn't thought about it, having my mind and cock utterly focused on Shira. But pretty much anyone passing by had been and continued to be my lover. I hadn't expected Helen.

"Could you join us?" she asked.

"Is this Consuela's idea?" I smirked while continuing my slow fuck.

"Not me," I heard Consuela. "I want, but Mistress want more."

"I miss you, Joe," Helen admitted, surprisingly.

"What about Stan?"

"He is warrior," said Consuela sadly.

I couldn't help but chuckle, hearing the frustration in Consuela's words. Perhaps I should have been more concerned about our newest member's safety, but like I said, we'd chosen sex as a distraction.

"What about you, Helen?" I asked seriously. "Nick didn't want your help?"

"In a way he did, Joe," she said. "But in a way he can trust me."

I nodded. "You, too, Eva?"

"Yes, Joe," I heard muffled. "Father knows how I feel about protecting you."

I pulled out of Shira, missing her tight and lively sheathe immediately. "Sorry, sweetheart."

"S'okay, Joe," Shira spoke. "It was as hot as I knew it would be. And we will have our time again."

"I look forward to it," I said, leaning down to kiss Shira, tasting Eva's sweet effluence. "Enjoy my wife."

"She's yummy," Shira grinned, returning to her task.

"As are you, sweetheart," said Eva.

I came to Helen and embraced her. She looked as exquisite as she ever had, meaning the most exquisite woman ever. She had a diaphanous robe, completely open, revealing her small breasts and slightly rounded tummy and the light dusting of golden blonde pubic hair above her pink and puffy pussy.

After a simmering kiss, she took my hand. "Come with me, Joe," she said.

Shrugging, I let her lead me. "You're almost passive," I told her during the short journey. "And surprisingly horny."

"Expectations, Joe," she chuckled.

"The hot native."



"In a way," she sighed. "He stirred me. But I like you. I like being intimate with you."

Like earlier with Shira, she lay down and pulled me onto her. Consuela guided me in. No preliminaries. She'd never been so ready. Her pussy already rippled around my cock as I eased in. Unlike earlier, I kept it slow, gazing at her exquisite beauty as it blossomed with a rosy blush. She came on my cock immediately!

"Oh Joe," she moaned.

Pulling her long, perfect legs up, I knelt slightly, sending my cock sliding against her g-spot and her clit. Rubbing against the latter each time my thrust ended. It kept her cumming. I'd never experienced anything like it. Finally I built to a much faster pace, steering her further into ecstasy. She shivered and shook when it took her over. I thrust several times through it, then pushed as deep as possible, giving her a last rub. I actually throbbed a little and came a little. A strange and pleasant little orgasm.

"Joe," I heard plaintively beside me. I chuckled at Consuela with her lovely ass high, rubbing her clit and twisting a nipple resting on the bed.

Helen pulled my attention to her for a lovely kiss. "Go ahead, Joe," she said afterwards with a soft grin.

I pulled out and knee walked behind Consuela's sexy ass. Consuela did the aiming and I entered her buttery cunt, slippery from an abundance of natural lubricant.

"At last," she growled, sending her ass back to engulf me with her pussy. I held on and pummeled her, or we pummeled each other. My hand reached around to bring fingers to her clit, while hers worked both her teats.

When she came, after several long and relentless minutes, she announced it with a long squeal. Her pussy almost violently pulsed around my cock, milking it. I went with it and let out my own sound, much deeper, and my balls emptied almost painfully, but mostly ecstatically, the pleasure washing through my body.

I barely squeezed out my final bit of semen before Ellen and Ilsa, the redhead and blonde Helen clones, pulled me out of their half-sister and onto my back. Ellen worked low and Ilsa high to bring me back from la petite morte. It helped when Ilsa ended her kisses and straddled my face so pheromones of her tasty pussy could do their thing. Maybe five minutes and one Ilsa orgasm later, I felt my cock inserting into Ellen's lovely, red fringed cunt. She bounced atop me for several minutes, leaning forward and grasping her half-sister's breasts from behind. After cumming, they switched places, with sisters facing each other and loving each other this time. My tongue and my cock, and their own digital and oral efforts, brought them both another orgasm. They toppled over, releasing my still hard cock, and continued loving each other. On my other side, I discovered Helen and Consuela doing similar things.

"Bye Joe. Thanks," they all said when I arose from the bed.

"My pleasure," I chuckled. My cock bobbed as I walked back to my bedroom. There I saw a bed full of naked pulchritude. "Who wants me?" I asked, amused.

"Please," said Hannah. So I crawled between her long, lean legs. Angelique led me inside her, another hot, slick passage. We smiled at each other. I kissed her deeply while beginning a gentle fuck. Urged back, I gave room for Shira to straddle her face. Once more my sexy new lover and I made love while I fucked her roommate. Lindy and Angelique joined in, caressing the three of us. Eva hovered around us, adding stimulation to all five of us.

My final erection ended up lasting longer than ever, and I used its resiliency to fill three more pussies. The last, and getting my ejaculations, was Eva. Of all the fucking I did that night, that was the most loving by far. We shared our love for each other verbally and visually. We caressed each other with deep appreciation in every stroke. When my urge to cum sped me up, she responded in absolute synchronicity. And when I came, she came exactly at the same time. It couldn't have been a more perfect distraction.

I had been awake before the battle, cuddling at a corner of the bed with Lindy and Eva. By the time of its crescendo, everyone was awake and scared. Even Helen and her three clones entered the room to do be with us in this crisis. Tash joined us as well, coming to me for a hug. I saw Helen nod to Eva.

"Joe," Eva murmured. "Helen and I will check things out."

"Everything's fine," Helen insisted. She would know.

After they dressed and left us, we didn't know what to do. "Why don't we take turns showering and getting dressed," Lindy suggested. "When we get news, we'll let anyone showering know."

We agreed. Lindy and Angelique went first. Everyone paired up naturally. I went last, paired with Tash. The bathroom door opened. "Hey," said Helena.

I stopped Tash from leaving the shower. "Give me a minute to wash Tash's back," I told my wife.

"Of course," she said.

Once cleaned and kissed, Tash exited the shower and a naked Helena took her place. I hugged and kissed her. She needed it.

"Are you okay?" I asked her.

She trembled in my arms, but the hug seemed to help. "I don't know," she said. "Father had trained me for this very thing. But I never even imagined it. Joe, those fuckers actually had machetes."

"The angels?"

"We're fine."

"Nick's minions?"

"None died. A few got injured."


"Shot. The machetes were for us. Simon's minions never had a chance to use them."

"And his minions?"

"Dead. Every last one of them. They were completely mad. They'd have been like Monty Python's knight, losing all limbs and threatening their teeth." We had an ironic laugh at that.

"How many?" I finally asked.

"Maybe a couple dozen."

"Not an army."

"No, but enough. Enough senseless deaths under Simon's command. Joe, I never knew he could have such control of minions. Do you think Father... ?"

"I don't know. I don't think he's been tempted to use such control. Maybe Xo. He seems more the zealot type. Self-righteous and all that. But I have a feeling Simon has had a lot of practice with it."

She nodded against my shoulder.

"What about Gina?" I asked her.

"What about her?"

"She was Simon's before she aligned with Xo."

"Father and Xo agreed she has more control than Helen, and our wife is still very much Simon's angel."

Shutting off the water, quickly growing cold, I didn't stop embracing my wife.

Helena continued. "She wasn't there though. She went with Nick back to St Paul. Mei as well, and Salomé and Betty."

"The best warriors," I nodded. "What's going on?"

"It seems Simon wants his Italian angel back."

"Berenice? Isn't she locked up in some sort of safe room?"

"A safe room against Simon and his angels?"

"I see what you mean. So instead of sending them here, Simon sent his angels to free Berenice."

"And went himself, I think."

"That means..."

"Nick and Simon confront each other."

"But doesn't Simon still have many angels?"

"Ten. Nine if you exclude Berenice."

"Ten against four."

"And Nick and Xo."

"Xo went too?"

"Yep. He wanted to interview Berenice with Nick before Simon arrived."

"Makes sense. So Helen let Nick know about Simon's plan?"

"Naomi actually."


"Yeah. I think Simon guarded against Helen. I think he figured Naomi wouldn't dare."

"Then he doesn't know Naomi," I laughed.

"Definitely. She'll stay here. Zhen and me as well. The rest of the angels are heading to St Paul. The timing isn't certain. I think Simon's uncertain. But we're keeping him as out of the loop as possible regarding our information."

"So Eva and Helen can't inadvertently inform him."


"So Zhen's here."

"She's with Eva getting comforted."

"Or they're comforting each other," I said sadly.

"Yeah," Helena responded with equal sadness.

"Let's join them."


We found them kissing and embracing in bed, purring comforting words, and joined them.

Sounds soon amused us. The bed in a neighboring bedroom made a racket of squeaks and a headboard bouncing against a wall. Even louder moans and grunts and expletives, low and high, female and male rumbled. Several of both genders created them.

"What's going on?" I asked my wives.

Zhenzhen, the coolest of them, Xo probably preparing her better for her first battle, responded. "It's Stan and his brothers. A bit of bloodlust turning into regular lust. Helen and her clone daughters enjoying the consequences."

"All minions?" I asked.

Zhenzhen nodded. "A tribe of them actually. Centered here in Cass Lake. They own the successful casino, but have always done better than most tribes. Many professionals, breaking racial barriers over the years, returning here as more of a think tank in a way than your typical reservation. Actually never a reservation. Always tribal land. Most of the men trained in the military, some in special operations like the green berets or rangers, though most choose a single tour of duty."

"Weird," I chuckled.

"What?" my wives asked.

"Cowboys and Indians. The cowboys being especially Caucasian, probably, knowing Simon's preferences, most blue eyed and blond. Another massacre. So the tribe will protect this from public knowledge? I can't even imagine how people would react, especially racists."

"It's being taken care of," Helena informed us. "Even if it also was recorded."

"What?" I asked. "Why?"

"Mei also recorded what happened in Simon's Milwaukee mansion," Zhenzhen said.

"As did Rosa and Salomé," Helena added.

"Simon's corruption scam," I muttered. "Revealing its source means revealing Simon's existence. And Nick's?"

"Who would believe it?" asked Eva.

"Unless you had one of those stabbing proofs on nationwide television," I shrugged.

"Or the BBC," said Zhenzhen. "More international."

"Of course most would think it's some special effect," I pointed out. "But the whole corruption scam, it's impressively wide spread and well planned."

"A scapegoat," Eva muttered. "It's the only thing that would keep their secret."

"And yours."

"And ours," said Helena. "I imagine it depends on the confrontation in St Paul, in what those three eternal wanderers decide."

We found out later that day while frolicking in the lake, everyone taking the opportunity to relax. Including Stan's three relations, a brother and two cousins, who I found, while not as handsome, still had bodies and faces that couldn't help being attractive to women. A couple of them I liked more than Stan, not as cocksure, more modest and amusingly self-deprecating. My approval of them and Stan went up a notch when Stan gravitated towards Vance. I saw no negative reaction against Stan's obvious intentions towards my gay friend. In fact the opposite. The men enjoyed each other's company.

At one point I noticed Helena go blank longer than usual. When she returned, she sighed. "Let's gather in the theater," she said.

Angels and mortals sat in the dining room/auditorium while my three wives took the stage. It ended up being a surprisingly large audience. The servant family was there, and also several of the local tribe. My wives spoke as if speaking their eternal wanderers' words directly: Helena as Nick; Eva as Simon; and Zhenzhen as Xo. So I will assign the quotes to their originators.

Xo: "We could get nothing from Berenice. So we could only make her useful as a hostage."

Nick: "Her loyalty surprised me. Always the front guard. Always the one most at risk. Always the first available sacrifice."

Xo: "Because of her coloring you figured she would be least of Simon's angels."

Nick: "After Gia changed sides to yours, yes."

Xo: "Yet it seems the opposite. She may be his favorite because of her bravery. She volunteers for such positions."

Nick: "I remember her being one of Mussolini's favorites, a discreet mistress and a respected advisor. Perhaps she proved her worth with the less evil and less mad tyrant. The first Eva lost her favorite status even before she lost her life. And I always thought Dagmar was his favorite."

Simon: "Just my most ruthless. One can have only so much affection for a vicious guard dog. Even if, unlike some of the most loyal dogs, I never feared she would turn on me."

Nick: "So you would trade for Berenice's life?"

Simon: "I am meeting with you peacefully here in front of the house of Nick's lackey, without our angels battling. What else do you want?"

Nick: "This corruption scheme needs to be resolved. I have confessions of your followers, the ones supposedly gaining from the loss of dignity and respect and position which you engineered. As you well know, this is being played out in the media, with the conservative networks on your side and the liberal ones on mine and the middle of the road ones tending to favor me as well."

Simon: "Again I ask, what do you want?"

Xo: "Patience, wanderer. You would think millennia would give you that."

Simon: "Are we here to trade insults, you self-righteous prig?"

Xo (laughing): "Perhaps another time. Nick?"

Nick: "Like I said, the corruption scheme needs to be resolved. Confessions of those who were chief in executing it, such as the camp commandants as you call them, but at least one major politician."

Simon: "Scapegoats."

Nick: "Unless you wish to confess."

Simon: "You would accept the fallout, revealing yourself as well?"

Nick: "I would, actually. It would be a relief after millennia of hiding."

Simon: "And you, Xo?"

Xo: "I haven't been involved in these centuries of childish squabblings between you two."

Simon: "And you think he's an ally?"

Nick (laughing): "I do, actually. Unlike you, I have a sense of humor. And you're the one who encouraged your angels to chop off the head of the oldest angel in existence."

Simon: "Again with the insults. And if I don't find a scapegoat?"

Nick: "Your favorite angel dies. And we give the media proof of your existence and your planning of the whole thing. You can't win, Simon."

Simon: "I suppose that bitch Patricia is behind such a revelation."

Nick: "Her and others. We have been recording events and confessions. We are recording this now."

Simon: "Of course. You have always been partial to advances in media."

Nick: "As you have with pharmacology. Mengele was one of yours after all. Many protest the use of animal testing. Quite a lot more would protest your use of people. Impressive your advances in psychotropic drugs that can turn humans into your slaves. Added to centuries of mind control of your minions, it's a seemingly unbeatable combination. Except that strong minds seem able to resist both. And then there are the poisons that can even kill angels. Tested that on the first Eva, didn't you?"

Simon (roaring): "Enough. (calming) May I see my angel?"

Nick: "You know she remains alive."

Simon: "I wish to see how you can restrain my strongest angel."

Xo (after Nick nods to him): "Gia. Mei. Bring her out."

Simon: "Impressive."

Nick: "Nearly unbreakable steel. I haven't gotten the advance you have in ceramic, but this does fine. Notice her choker."

Simon: "A decapitation device."

Nick (nodding): "With a push of a button."

Simon: "Impressive."

Nick: "Our infantile squabbles as Xo calls them necessitated its creation. I imagine you have something similar. Probably more impressive."

Simon: "If I do as you wish, how can I trust you to release her?"

Nick: "You can't. Trust goes both ways. I won't even bother getting you to promise to stop threatening me and mine. All I can say is she's a pain in the ass and useless to us. Unlike you probably have, I don't have a drug to make an angel confess."

Simon: "How long do I have?"

Nick: "Twenty-four hours to see a confession broadcast everywhere."

Simon: "Any leeway?"

Nick: "Thirty-six or she's dead."

Simon: "How generous."

Nick: "You want your favorite shackled any longer?"

Simon: "Fine. One more thing. I have Helen restricted from my thoughts. You seem to know things you shouldn't."

Nick: "I will not reveal my source."

Simon: "It's Naomi, isn't it? I figured I can't get to her, she can't get to me. That's not true, is it?"

Nick: "Like I said..."

Simon: "I'll find a way to get to her."

Nick: "You threaten me now?"

Simon (confused): "Threaten you?"

Nick: "Unlike you, I have no favorites. They're all my favorites so none of them are. And they're as much a part of me as these hands. Understand?"

Simon: "You've always been a sentimental fool."

Nick: "And you think it makes me weak? Look at yourself, you arrogant ass. Unlike you, I will not sacrifice any of my angels if at all possible. Any die, and you die. Not just one of your angels. You."

Simon: "Brave words."

Xo: "I feel exactly the same. Mei survived. If she had not, I may have not revenged her. Now that we meet, I can give you fair notice that you will have two eternal wanderers against you, and all of our angels, if any of them die by your hands, meaning the hands of your angels or minions. I know you are not the type to dirty your hands. But in the end, it will be you against Nick and me. No one else. Coward."

Simon (seething): "Thirty-six hours."

Nick: "And not a second more. Wait. Before you leave. I have something I'm curious about."

Simon: "Is it part of the hostage deal?"

Nick: "I suppose it should be, but no. Just curious."

Simon: "Ask."

Nick: "It's about the Pereire women. I know they have something to do with Israel. Trying to make Israel the anathema of Christians like they are with Moslems I presume. Making them more defenseless."

Simon: "They have been useful. Not so much now."

Nick: "Because of the ultra-conservatives in power. The xenophobia and the whole issue with Palestine and the Gaza strip. They helped that along somehow."

Simon (smirking): "Perhaps, but Israel is doing just fine on its own these days."

Nick (shaking his head): "Such a megamaniacal prick."

Simon (laughing): "Says the slimy, perverted snake."

Nick (amused): "Why thank you. And I was so ready to be insulted."

Simon walked off with a puzzled huff. At the theater, the audience laughed. I climbed onto the stage and hugged Eva. "You okay?" I asked her.

"Father wonders why he wasn't killed. He expected to outnumber Nick and instead was outnumbered. Two against one at the most important level."

"He knew Nick would be there?"

"But not Xo."

"He thought he split the angels."


"And he thought Nick would think Berenice would be like Gia."


"Nick had to stop the scheme. Maybe he figured the endgame didn't need Simon."


"But you don't know."

"I don't Joe."

"I believe you."


"Because you're transparent. I can see into your heart."

She smiled. "I like being transparent."

"Ungh," I heard. A loud, painful sound. Naomi rushed out of the theater, one hand on her head and the other on her stomach. Tash ran out behind her.

"I can help her," said Zhenzhen. "Master can help her."

"I'll go, too," said Helena.

"What should we do?" asked Lindy. "I feel like I'm going cold turkey not working on something."

"I want to get high," Vance proclaimed.

"You got pot?" I asked him.

"Yeah. Jordan's a bit of a pothead. The ladies like it, too."

"I'd love to get stoned right now," said Hannah.

Shira shrugged. "I wouldn't turn it down."

"Be right back," said Vance, dashing out the door.

"Anyone not cool about this?" I decided to ask.

"Honey, let's cook up some munchies," said the older servant woman to her spouse. That seemed to answer my question.

"I got some shrooms," one of the Native American warriors announced.

"So we're really going to get wasted," I chuckled.

"I'll brew up some tea," the provider of magic mushrooms volunteered.

"It's become a tradition," Stan explained. "A few years ago, a couple of my Navajo brothers invited us down for a peyote ceremony. A lot of us had seen some intense action, and the whole Iraq and Afghanistan mess can put you in a fucked up place, so after our return stateside, we decided to bend our brains some to see if they righted themselves. Some freaked out, to be sure, but even they ended up getting reconnected to their souls and the connection to earth and sky that's essential to the People. I'd say we got even more spiritual, taking that long scary journey back home. Shrooms are a little headier than peyote, and more visceral at the same time, but they're easier to obtain since we can grow them. The journey's different, but the results are similar."

I've ingested psychedelics. They created some wild and memorable experiences. Epic hallucinations, both visual and auditory, had kicked my butt taking LSD. Similar things happened with mushrooms, but from a different perspective. Comparing them to walking, LSD would have me bent forward, head first, speeding towards adventures, while Psilocybin would find me laid back in loping strides. Just as impactful though, weird or scary or glorious, the altered reality definitely affected me.

Probably the most important thing I learned was to ride it out. One of my most memorable LSD trips started scary, but became magnificent. Another time, at a concert, taking mushrooms, my friend Bob completely lost it while I had one of my more glorious experiences. Somewhere in the back of your head, you have to hold the thought that these strange things have a cause, and it will pass in a few hours.

I knew we were in for some intense times. Not just the number of people taking it and the quantity being taken, but smoking dope with it always triggers things and intensifies them. I made it my mission, and Stan became my comrade in the effort, to help anyone wrestling with demons to ease them through their troubled visions and find hopefully something much better following it. Even though my visions often overwhelmed me, and an auditory hallucination, often the most powerful, threatened to scare the shit out of me when voices and breathing and heartbeats coalesced into a synesthetic moment, becoming like a torrential wave threatening to drown me, literally, I kept that mantra going, about the chemicals I ingested, and kept my wits and purpose, leading people past their troubles.

The scary auditory moment impelled me to move outside. Shifting environments does wonders for escaping one affect and encountering a better one. It's also a good time to do so, because when things get that intense, it usually means you are peaking. And just as I hoped, though the sensitivity to sound continued to coalesce into visual shapes, it became wonderful, like sprays of an intricate fountain.

One particularly beautiful spray emerged from the centerpiece of the beach setting. An Indian, in fact the one who had shared his mushrooms, took charge in building a bonfire. His voice ordering more wood, and more and more voices from more and more participants, a gradually increasing parade of fellow Indians and the twin servants, and the familiar lithe body of Tash joining in, and each new addition added sounds coalescing around him and the fire as they went off to collect wood and came back to toss it in, even when they separated from the fire to collect the wood, their sounds flowed to him and the fire, somehow connected in the fountaining gushes.

Tash joining in brought me to another lovely spout of sounds, the place she had moved from. Near the corner of the theater building closest to the beach sat Naomi, my three wives and Helen. In other words, all the angels currently at Cass Lake Theater. The spout they created had a lovely, sparkly, ethereal quality to it, coalescing and then emerging from Naomi's smile.

"Took you long enough to find us," Helena joked. A sort of upside down welcome which I embraced, entering the pool of voices and sounds there and watching the effect finally dissipate.

"I'm sorry. I should have brought you some tea and pot," I said.

"Tash said you were working the crowd," Naomi grinned.

"Me and Stan helped a couple people through their bummers," I explained. "So Tash brought the intoxicants?"

"I brought the shrooms," said Eva. "A couple of cups full for my sister wives and my sister angels. Tash went back to roll up some of Vance's stash. I've got one joint left. You want to start it up?"

"Sure," I smiled. Placing it in my mouth, Zhenzhen leaned forward, cupping the flame of her lighter and lit it.

"I'm the fire master," she giggled.

"So you are, cutie," I chuckled and coughed.

"Here," said Naomi, handing me a cup. Not much water left, and a couple of mushrooms. "Finish it and have another toke."

"You sure?" I asked roughly. Everyone nodded. So I cleared my throat with the hallucinogenic liquid and chewed down the shrooms.

"We want you in an especially receptive state, Joe," Helen explained mysteriously.

After exhaling my lung full of smoke, learning my lesson, I replied with a chuckle, "I'm already pretty wasted."

"Good," they all said.

While everyone had a couple tokes, with me refraining from drawing from it further because I felt the effects of the two draws already, even if one hadn't stayed long in my lungs, we chatted.

"You look much better, Naomi."

"Zhen focused me through her Master's technique. Then it got completely scattered with the mushrooms," she giggled. "Asshole couldn't find a purchase anywhere in my scrambled mind."

"So angels get affected as much as mortals."

"I'm hallucinating pretty hard. Right now you're a giant penis."

"He is!" Zhenzhen giggled.

"Absurd with all those clothes," Helena added.

"And you all look like goddesses the way your flesh glows a fleshy glow," I responded.

"Then," said Eva thoughtfully, "We too look absurd dressed."

"I don't know if I could take it. I'd have to bow down to your ripe glory."

"Or we could surround you with it," said Helen. "Form a heavenly cunt."

"I'd have to cum out of my mouth. My little slit wouldn't be enough."

"That's pretty gross," said Naomi.

"But weirdly hot," Eva countered.

We laughed. They embraced me. It felt weird. Uncomfortable. My skin felt thick. Kind of sickly. Pasty. Ultrasensitive. Their caresses made me feel the weirdness. I let it. I let them keep pressing and caressing. My skin thinned. Tightened. Like an erecting cock.

Could my mouth become a large version of my little cock slit? Could the synesthesia transform my ecstatic moans into something thick and wet, sound waves becoming spurts carrying rows of enlarged spermatozoa squirming in a line like ultra-disciplined frogman forming peaks and valleys? Not yet. Not then. They released me.

"I can cum out of my mouth," I proclaimed. "And it won't be gross."

We laughed again.

"Come on then," said Naomi, skipping away. I'd never seen her so joyously playful. She stopped, her hand on her hip. "Hurry the fuck up!"

We shrugged and started skipping. I hadn't done that since I was a child. It felt both weird and freeing. It also became too hard to do in the soft beach. So we ran, letting Naomi lead us.

Others gazed at us, the dork with five goddesses. Their gaze felt restricting, as if intended to hold us back. But it turned out to be as easy to break as spider webs without the sticky residue, the strings blown off by our fast run as well as the wind pushing slightly but wonderfully against us. Wonderful because we flowed through it and it made us feel that much more powerful. Our hips and thighs and calves powering our feet to push against the earth. Our arms giving balance and extra oomph. The wind let us feel the glory of our strength. And it contained the sounds around us: the chatter and laughter of people; the buzz of insects; the lapping of the water onto the beach; the crackling fire; and the whoosh of the wind itself. And it did so rhythmically. The faster we ran, the faster the rhythm. Auditory hallucination. It's intense.

We slowed to deal with the narrowing pathway. The woods impinged on us. And then the waterfall gradually took over all sounds. The king of sounds, its white noise thunder welcomed us. As one we stripped and dove into the cold pool, the chill against our hot, passionate flesh made us shiver. But the shiver became a kind of rush, a stony ecstasy sweeping through us.

And then it wasn't cold anymore. Surrounded by female flesh, goddess flesh, forming a narrow corridor, wet and slippery. Breasts rubbing. Pubic bones rubbing. Faces rubbing. I rose and fell within them, feeling the complicated rubs, like the most complex inner texture of a vagina. I lifted and fell, impelled by I know not what. Me and them together. Hands meant to lift and guide and steer more often than not used their most feeling and controllable instruments, fingers and their tips, to goad the pleasure all of us felt ever increasing. Touching others' places of excitement, surfaces and interiors. And yet I rose and fell in this tunnel of flesh, faster and faster. Working towards climax.

Moans surrounded me, filled me, came from me. They solidified in my gut, expanding it like one giant ball and prostate gland combined, ready to explode. Needing to explode. Lifting one last time, rubbing every nipple and clit and lip and tongue, I roared. Roaring surrounded me, more feminine, more like screams. They became a flow of semen and seed from my mouth and the viscous liquid of squirting pussies from their mouths. But not of course. The vision, the illusion, the hallucination revealed its ephemeral nature by the liquid dissipating into a cloud form, floating in air before dissolving or disappearing, leaving the pure beauty of a clear, starry August night.

Only then did I feel the echoing ache of my balls having released, and the damp looseness of my flaccid penis resting on my upper thigh. "I actually came," I murmured.

"Us too," Zhenzhen giggled. "Keep commanding us, Captain Trip. So far it has been amazing."

"Hunh?" I replied dumbly.

"My turn," said Naomi. "Actually mine and Helen's."

Taking my hand, and Helen taking my other hand and my wives followed behind in the order of their entrance into my life, with Helena hand in hand with Helen and so forth, Naomi led us into the cave behind the waterfall. We sat on the hard cold rock in a circle. Hands remained held.

"First," said Naomi, "close your eyes."

"Wait," I interrupted. "You've been experiencing what I have?"

"We have," Helen answered for the rest. "The auditory hallucination. The powerful run. Shedding people's gazes. Fucking a giant dick as a group cunt. Cumming out our mouths and watching it dissipate."

I laughed hysterically, saying, "I thought so," within it. Calming down, I asked, "How?"

"Zhen?" said Helen.

"Master," Zhenzhen began, "with millennia of meditation, has found shortcuts into the various aspects of the mind, the places to create movement and the places for memory and thought and emotion, and the places for reception, physical such as interpretations of hearing and sight, and mental, meaning telepathy."

"Like an antenna," I said.

"More like acute interpretation of what the antenna receives, like SETA interpreting signals from outer space, but the antenna does become more powerful with focus, and I think it more resembles a telephone receiver and microphone. And like phone numbers and smart phones, you can choose to send certain received telepathy to places of forgetting or ignoring. Which is what Master taught Naomi and I had to reteach her because of the surge Simon gave his signal."

"So you can choose who you call and who you receive?" I speculated.

"Exactly," said ... well ... all of them. In my head.

"But I thought the eternal wanderers had to be the hubs, like the way airlines work."

"No!" I heard loudly in my head. "They are more like power stations," Zhenzhen explained via actual words, "amplifying the signal."

"But somehow the Psilocybin has powered us."

"Not exactly," Helen responded. "It has enabled you to bypass your resistance. You, my sweet young stud, have the power of an eternal wanderer."


"Ssh," I heard in my mind.

"But... ," I stammered, "Even the eternal wanderers have limits. They can only communicate with their angels and minions."

Helena kissed my forehead, telling me, "You, my darling, have connections to all of them."

"Zhenzhen," I murmured.

"Not directly," my cute Chinese wife replied.

"But ... how could something not even quite formed, not even a month old, who won't even be conscious until born, have such power."

I felt the shrugs inside my head.

"Perhaps it is the shared blood," said Eva, the cleverest of my wives, and not just because of being oldest, "the sharing of its creation and Zhen's most intimate feeding of it within her womb. This way she has you within her, just as much or perhaps more than minions have eternal wanderers within their genes."

"Or perhaps," said my most mystical wife, Helena, her gothic poetry reflecting her beliefs in the power of nature, much like her father would have in his time in Britain, beginning with his shifting from Druid towards witchcraft early on with a young Betty, and fully flowering with the twins, "the earliest neurons being created already carry the signals and receptors, only missing self-consciousness."

"Let's explore that instead of what we planned," said Helen.

"Let's!" I heard within me.

"Wait," I said. "What plan?"

"We wanted to discover how far flung your abilities might be," Naomi informed me. "Starting with asshole and spreading out to his angels and minions."

"And how much you could stand," Helen admitted, "before it got to be too much."

"Wonderful," I muttered. And those evil angels chuckled. I actually didn't mind the test. But I preferred the change in plans.

"Let's close our eyes," said Naomi.

"I just want to say first," I interrupted, "that I love that you and Helen are working together."

"Us too," I heard from both of them inside my mind.

Eyes closed, I felt my consciousness flowing through Helen and Naomi. Theirs seemed to join and be that much more powerful as they guided us out.

First we encountered Angelique, waxing philosophic with Lindy just inside the tree line at the edge of the beach, both of them gloriously naked. As expected, the conversation was brilliant and insane, appropriate for a couple of extremely wasted geniuses. "Hello Joe," I heard her say.

"We're all here," I told her.


"All the angels presently here."

"Cool," she laughed and explained her one sided conversation to Lindy.

"Cool," said Lindy, laughing.

"Love you," we all said to each other, except Lindy, at least directly, before moving on.

Each encounter, I should explain, happened via the woman's womb, our entry. With Consuela, not surprising, a cock pushed close to its occupant, owned by one of the Lakota warriors. It was a weirdly spiritual fuck. The angels and I made it more intense, tickling her erogenous zones, especially her brain, from inside. "Dios mío!" she screamed. Awash in the intensity, we climaxed both mentally and physically, even if my spurting came out of a half hard cock. We moved on.

We found Ellen and Ilsa giddy with fun, playing in the water with the fraternal twin servants and their lovers. Our presence made them even giddier. When we entered the Amazon servant, just barely pregnant, she paused, wide eyed, murmuring, "Weird." She embraced us, both literally and mentally, before giggling. We giggled back, making her laugh, before we slipped out of her brain.

The next fetus and its owner may have been thousands of miles away, but we arrived instantaneously. "Joe," my Dutch lover, Maria awoke.

"Maria. I'm with Helena and my other wives and other angels."

"Welcome," she giggled, not the least bit concerned. "You are so strong, Joe."

"You like my strength."

"Mmm. It turns me on. I haven't been horny since you left." Somehow she knew not to speak aloud, a wise move since her male lover lay sleeping beside her.

"And Christa?"

"I miss her. I really do need her to excite me. But you excite me more."

"Should we excite you now?"


A couple minutes later, she shouted, "Fuck!"

"Maria?" her lover awoke, fully hard. Must have been her pheromones.

She pulled blankets and shorts out of the way and mounted him. "Let me see those angel pussies," she spoke silently. The angels complied. She rode him hard, getting a couple orgasms until he finally came. "Thanks," she murmured out loud, but we knew her true recipients.

"Our pleasure," I chuckled, kissing her lips from the inside.

We travelled closer. To Minneapolis. "Master," the mind responded, both sad and horny, "you found a new way to punish me."

"And why should I punish you, Vache?"

"Guilt by association?" Seraphine responded almost hopefully.

"Only association?"

"No," she reacted with guilt and shame. "I helped lead those arrogant sheep to the slaughter. Nick's if it makes it any better."

"It doesn't, Vache. But Seraphine?"

"Yes Joe?"

"Are you safe? Does Simon know where you are?"

"I didn't tell him, but he always knows."

"Has he contacted you?"


"Are you about to meet him?"


"Can you resist him?"

"I ... I don't know."

"Come to me, Seraphine, as fast as is safe. Concentrate on me, on the creature in your womb, on me fucking the shit out of you. Feel my presence within you, because I am within you, both physically with our child, and mentally with your memories and your need for me. Need me more than ever, Seraphine."

"I always need you, Master," she moaned

"That's a good little Vache Slut," I chuckled.

"I'll stay with her as much as I can," said Eva.

"Through Simon?" I warned.

"No, silly. Through our child. But it is closest to hers, since they share a grandfather."

"Be careful," I said.

"Always," said Eva.


"Yes Master?"

The angels and I made her convulse in orgasm.

"Thank you Master. This slave doesn't deserve you."


"Yes Master."

Suddenly I found myself inside my sister. "Hunh?"

"Don't worry," said Helena. "She's not pregnant."

"Joe?" Debbie spoke. Though startled, I sensed a sensual, post orgasm buzz. A strong orgasm at that.

"Ssh, little sister," I informed her. "Speak with your thoughts." She gave us a silent agreement, revealing her understanding.

"What's going on?"

"We're exploring Joe's power," Helena explained.

"You found a good substitute for me," I joked.

"I trained him well to fill your big shoes," she joked back. "But what the fuck?"

"Let me explain," said Helen, and moments later, with a flood of images, Debbie knew pretty much everything.

"That was impressive," I praised the oldest of Nick's angels.

"Wow," said my sister silently. "So you think you might be one of them? A new eternal wanderer?"

"We don't know," said Helena, a little unsteadily.

"What's wrong?" my sister asked.

Images of the conversation between Eva, Helena and me worrying my transformation might mean forgetting my past entered my sister's brain. "Joe," she said, "and you incredible wives of my incredible brother, Helen just showed us that's impossible. You can flood him with your passionate romantic beginnings. I can show him his past, or Mom can, since she's a top minion."

"Okay," Helena sniffled.

"But I don't think it will be Joe who becomes an eternal wanderer."

"Our babies," said Zhenzhen, cute even in thought.

"Makes sense," said Eva. "Considering how protective my father has been."

"And his attempt at influencing Joe's mind," Naomi reminded us with a taste of bitterness.

"But my importance..." I began.

"Has to be significant," said Helena. "We've proved tonight that not just your seed is stronger than any mortal. Your mind has a similar gift, stronger than ours I think."

"So I will be more of a nurturer," I guessed.

"With us nurturing as well, yes," said Zhenzhen.

"Makes sense. Three replacing three. Which means..."

This time Zhenzhen sniffled, "Father may be at the end of his life, too."

"With Nick and Simon going at each other," Naomi ruminated, "their death may be inevitable. But even if Xo has aligned with Nick, I can't imagine him foolish enough to get into the middle of it."

I felt the combined shrugs of angels. I shrugged too. "Makes sense that the universe makes room for three substitutes. But what if it's just me?"

"Let's find out," Helen said with a tinge of evil I hadn't witnessed from her in a while. Suddenly my head filled with way too many minds. I screamed. I passed out.

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