Summer Sands
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by Bethany Ann

Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Robbie discovers that a beach in the summertime is chock full of girls with developing young bodies that he can sample. A nice short story about his efforts to sample all of them. Sometimes the results are more than he can handle.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   First  

Robbie Dixon was fourteen years old when his body finally acknowledged the differences between man and woman. He had gone to the beach shortly after lunch with some friends, swam and played in the water until he was really tired and then plopped down on his towel to just take in the sun and the warmth. He had no idea how long he had been asleep, but as his eyes opened, he was looking directly at the side profile of a girl's breast, encased in a bathing suit. The difference on that day was that this girl's breast was actually a shape, a very sensuous shape, and significantly larger than the flat chests of the girls he had been swimming with earlier. Having done nothing but open his eyes slowly, he realized that another part of him was also awakening, uncontrollably, but not unnoticed.

"Well, good morning Sleepy Head. Did you have a nice nap?" Sandy Richardson was smiling and looking at him. "I don't mean to intrude on your space, but this is the only part of the beach that is shady."

"Uh, hi. No, that's fine," Robbie replied, still somewhat in a daze. She had a very nice voice, he thought, but he was more concentrating on her breast, which was very nice. It was close enough that he could have reached out with his arm and cupped it in his hand. My God, it was luscious, he thought, at least as big as the orange he had for breakfast, and it's right there in front of him, just barely covered in a smooth white cloth. He had to be dreaming.

"Umm, you might want to adjust. That can't be comfortable. I won't mind." Sandy Richardson was looking rather pointedly at his erection which was straining to become untangled from the leg of his swim trunks.

Suddenly awakened from his dreamlike state, it took him a minute to understand what she had just said to him. Embarrassed, Robbie reached his crotch and repositioned his hard on.

"Did I do that to you?" She said it as both an apology and as recognition for an unstated compliment.

"I guess it happened because I woke up looking straight at your body. I guess I have not had the opportunity to just stare at a girl's boobs up close like that before."

"How old are you?"

"Fourteen. You?"

"Seventeen. Are you new around here? I haven't noticed you here before."

"Yeah, my family just moved here from Michigan."

They talked for a while about where he had moved from and what life would be like here in his new hometown. Twenty minutes later, his first encounter with being aroused came to an end as she said good bye and ran off with her friends. He so very much wanted her to stay. He was in love, and he didn't even her last name. He was as hard as he had ever been in his life, and his balls ached as if he had been kicked there.

Robbie's personality was such that he made friends easily. He was certainly not shy and when he spoke, the tone of his voice conveyed sincerity. Tall for his age, he was moderately good looking; he would never be a movie star, but girls thought him to be attractive, and they loved his smile. It was not long before he had established a small circle of friends his age, all of whom would be starting high school in the fall. One of the nice things about spending a summer on the beach with friends, Robbie realized, was that he had watched girls with perfectly flat chests in June end the summer with a small bust line, and a few of the others, who had started with small boobs enter school with much nicer shapes.

Cindy Harper was one of those girls whose chest, when he first met her in June, was as flat as his own. By October, it was pretty obvious that her bra was filled with more than just tissues, and Robbie's interest in Cindy grew. She was not really a pretty girl, her face was somewhat plain and had no features that would make one notice her particularly, but she had a reasonable figure and certainly was not fat. In a crowd, she would be among the many faces lost.

On the weekend nearest Halloween, the high school put on a dance for all the first year students. At this age, the guys went together as a group as did the girls and once at the dance, any pairing off as couples didn't really happen until later in the evening. Robbie danced with several girls throughout the evening and towards the end, danced exclusively with Cindy. When it was over, he offered to walk her home, an offer which she cheerfully accepted.

Cindy's house was the type that had a long, wrap-around porch in the front, most of it facing the street. On the yard side, it was large enough for a round patio style table and chairs, while on the street side, her family had positioned several Adirondack chairs and a love seat, complete with cushions. Robbie and Cindy found their way to the love seat, and after just a few minutes, he had spun her around so that she was lying with her back on his lap looking up at him, with his arms around her, pulling her close to him. It was not long before his right hand slipped under her sweater and onto her bra. When his hand crossed her breast, he felt her whole body shudder and her nipple became hard and erect, pushing through the thin material of her bra. She could feel the sudden pressure in her lower back, and while it took her a few minutes to figure it out, she was proud of the idea that she had excited him so.

His exploration went no further than the outside of her bra on that night, but the very next Saturday found them together, this time in his house while his parents went back to their old house for a neighborhood party. "Yes, Mom, it will not be a problem. There is plenty of food in the fridge that I can warm up in the nuke. I'll be just fine," was what he had promised his mother when she expressed concern about leaving him alone for the weekend. "Yes, Mom, while you are gone, Cindy and I will make great use of the sofa in the living room," was the part that he had omitted telling his mother.

Once again in the snuggling position, with her lying on his lap, looking up at him, he kissed her and slipped his hand under her blouse, this time around her back to undo her bra. (Author's note: I'm not sure how boys learn to do that at such an early age, but they all seem to.) Before she could react or object, she felt his hand on her bare breast, and it felt very nice. She didn't move his hand, or even hold it, allowing him to caress her breast and tease her nipple. Cindy Harper was beginning to feel things inside her tummy that she had never felt before, and when she felt his hands move to her waistband, she allowed that to happen as well. Robbie found the button on her waist that expanded her skirt when he undid it. With one continuous motion, he had unbuttoned that button and slid his hand beneath the material, under the hem of her panties, quickly settling in on the pubic hair that he discovered waiting for him there. This was a first for both Cindy and Robbie. Cindy had never allowed anyone to touch her there and Robbie had never felt the pubic hairs on a girl. He rolled his fingers lightly through the tangles, imagining in his mind what it would look like if he was to actually see it. Instinctively, Cindy raised her legs and allowed her knees to open slightly, the change in position creating a natural path way for his exploration. When his hand slid further down her crotch, he began to feel her warmth, and then his hand slid over her labia. She tried to deny the feeling but a hand on her labia, so close to everything, was just too much for her emotions. Her body shook violently, she moaned out loud, and her hips thrust upwards, as if straining to make contact with something. Cindy Harper had experienced her first orgasm.

She was out of breath, nearly panting two minutes later. Her hand grabbed his and pushed it down and then pulled it close to her body. Without trying, his fingers separated her labia and his middle finger lay firmly against her very swollen clit. Unconsciously, she pulled and jerked his hand against it, and he, through some unspoken knowledge passed on through his genes knew enough to massage her clit with the tip of his middle finger, thus assuring her of another very powerful orgasm, almost immediately. Truthfully, at this point, her emotions were shot; she didn't care one bit what happened next, until she felt his finger enter her, and the whole process began again.

For his part, Robbie had no idea of the "whys" of what he was doing, he just knew that playing with that bump he felt made her very happy, and then pushing his finger in and out of her while playing with that bump made her even more excited. He continued to play with her, for how long he had no idea, until she finally pushed his hand away and pulled it from her skirt. She kissed him again, for an extended kiss and then rolled off his lap onto the floor. Kneeling in front of him, she unzipped his pants and pushed her hand inside. Very quickly, Robbie undid his belt, unbuttoned his pants and pushed them to his ankles. Without a word between them, Cindy put her hand on his very erect penis, mover her head into a position over it, and then dropped her mouth lower to accept it. Without a doubt, the load that he blew into Cindy's mouth that first time would be a direct challenge to the largest load in the history of mankind. When she had finished, and swallowed all that she could handle, Cindy looked up at him and smiled. "Wow! That was something!"

For Robbie, it was one very eventful evening. He had managed to feel a girl's breast for the first time since he had suckled his mother's as a baby, and then he had discovered the magic button that made a girl squirm when he played with it, and finally, he had discovered the warmth and wetness inside a girl's cunt, all of which were perfectly delightful to his way of thinking. As if all that wasn't enough, he had also managed to experience his very first blowjob, and that, to him was heaven!!!

Things with Cindy Harper never progressed for Robbie much past the point that he had achieved that evening. He did finger her several times on subsequent dates, and she did manage to perfect her oral skills. On one of their last dates, he managed to convince her that he would promise to remain seated on a chair if she would please take off all her clothes so that he could see her naked. When she complied, he saw her bush for the first time and could not tear himself away. He found it to be so erotic that she felt obligated to suck his cock for the second time that evening.

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