White Extinction - Infiltration
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Hypnosis, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, BDSM, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Pregnancy, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The end of the white race as told by historians.

In 2004 a group of affluent black intellectuals in the United States, Europe, and South Africa combined their black extremist ideologies to create the organization the Zulu Brotherhood. It was determined that the white race's time had come to an end – its savagery impeding the progress of mankind. Whites and other races were merely dead ends on the evolutionary chart. This was the birth of the united Nubian race.

It isn't racism – it is evolution!

Offspring between black and white copulation always resorted in dark offspring revealing the dominant genes of the black race. Those with African genes were stronger, more virile, and much more intelligent than their human counterparts. Other races were able to observe this instinctually, leading to the mass oppression of the black race due to sexual intimidation of other races that led to a thousand years of exploitation.

The movement began twofold – empowering black gods and goddesses in secret. In their churches, mosques, clubs, and social circles. By 2014 more than 78% of the African American population was part of the Zulu Brotherhood. The other angle of the movement began in 2006 with the indoctrination of white youth. Hip hop and rap music dominated the charts. Images of black men and white women came to form the basis of most advertisements, television shows, and movies. White men were increasingly being portrayed as weak compared to their Nubian gods.

Campuses were the first to be converted. White and black baristas grinned as they served white males the sterilization cocktail in their coffee on campus cafes. The cocktail rendered non-black males infertile and unable to ever achieve and erection ever again. Wanton white girls and inferior white males flocked to the Black Lives Matter campaign as 'allies' – white guild subjecting them into obedience to their new gods.

The Zeta Beta Fraternity, an all-black brotherhood, opened chapters on every major campus in the country. Their goal was to subvert white dominance on every campus and ensure whites left indoctrinated and black bred.

Grace Sterling was the daughter of the infamous conservative Republican Senator Joseph Sterling. His ratings amongst political interest groups rated him the lowest when it came to civil rights, minority education, and providing a social safety net. Being so vocal he was the first major target of the Zulu Brotherhood. It was decided his family would be destroyed from within and used to control him.

Avon grinned from ear to ear. The tall black lacrosse player was among the most handsome men at their university, infamous for having bedded most of the beautiful girls on campus. He kept giving a small sly smile to Grace during the night, her older sister teasing her about the attention whispering how 'gifted' the man was said to be. The secretly converted Hope had firsthand knowledge, the upperclassman's black baby in her white stomach. She took Grace out for the evening to the black fraternity - the Zeta Beta house. There were very few white men at the party - all of them meek creatures as their girlfriends danced and sat in the laps of powerful black athletes. Offering her drink after drink, she even offered her a little bit of molly to 'loosen up'. With her whitebread old money boyfriend away at a tennis tournament her older sister was bringing Grace to be 'converted'. Handing her another shot her older sister grinned. "Avon keeps looking over here ... He must think you're cute..."

It had been a bit odd when Grace's older sister Hope had pulled her younger sister along. The two had never been super close despite being relatively close in age, and never did she think that her sister would want to take her along to a party like this. Grace sat gingerly in the sofa at this frat house, looking around at the patrons curiously - but always making sure to avert her eyes before they'd find out she was spying on them from afar. White guys being all effeminate, white girls that came here explicitly with some of those femmy guys now instead dealing with the black fraternity members - it all felt a little surreal, and to be honest, Grace felt a slight knot in her stomach. Sure, they hadn't treated her very poorly, in fact, she felt strangely welcomed, but being surrounded by black people after having lived so long in an upper-class white neighborhood in Georgia made all sorts of alarm bells go off in her head. Either way, she accepted the shot, looking towards Avon at the mention. "Does he know I have a boyfriend?" Grace asked, before necking the shot and grimacing at the rough, cheap liquor. The brunette freshman was the top of most of her classes, the gorgeous ex-cheerleader lithe, but thicker in all the right places with a bubble butt.

Hope just smirked, sitting beside her. Her own thighs pushed together, the white girl wet from the presence of all the brothers. Her lovely mind had been rewired to constantly be aroused in the presence of black flesh. "Hm... ?" She murmured, having lost her train of thought for a moment as she pictured three or four of them running a train on her. "I don't think Avon cares ... But, you should go flirt a little ... It isn't cheating to just flirt ... That is, unless you don't think you can get him sweet on you..." She said, mischief dancing in her older sister's eyes. The two were forced into constant competition by their parents' growing up. Challenging her would be a fine way to manipulate her. Avon's dark chocolate eyes shifted toward Grace again. With an impish grin the broad shouldered male approached, standing above the leather sofa in the frat common area. "Hey, girl ... You must be Hope's lil' sister... ?" The man asked huskily, standing two feet taller than her.

Grace hadn't put any thought into how Hope was acting so very comfortable and affectionate with all these guys; or how her thighs idly rubbed together whenever they had sat down - obviously she hadn't changed too much, considering how well that challenging tone worked. Like Grace Michelle Sterling couldn't get someone sweet on her! She was just getting ready to retort when that low baritone suddenly interrupted her train of thought, her blue eyes shot up towards Avon. The way her pupils dilated somewhat, and the bravado that she was charging up to verbally fence her sister with got caught in her throat, like she had been spotted in the wild by a predator. "Wu-wuh, oh. Hi." Grace managed to stammer out; he was fucking tall. Even taller up close, and especially with Grace's view from her seat on this grungy old sofa. "Yeah, I'm Grace Sterling. Are Hope and you good friends?" She asked, offering a dainty little hand out for him to shake.

Avon reached down, gently taking her lithe white hand with his powerful large black one. Leaning down, he planted a gentle kiss on the back with zero hesitation. "A pleasure to meet you ... Hope... ? She's hung out here a few times." He said, feigning a friendly smile as Hope's eyes shot to him, her thighs rubbing together more as her sex overflowed with hot nectar. This was the very man who blacked her ... Ruined her for men of the white race ... Bred her. Almost all the brothers in the frat had used Grace in some way by now. "You enjoying the party... ? Haven't seen you leave the couch even once..." He teased. Looking both ways, he leaned in to whisper hotly into her ear. "Say ... You smoke a bit... ? Or, are you a good lil' rich girl... ?" The black athlete teased. "I have some good smoke if you want some..."

Grace looked over to Hope and that barely constrained gaze she gave to Avon. The teen wasn't stupid by any means; there probably was something there. She just couldn't put her finger on what it was. Crush? Probably just a crush. Her mental hand waving was interrupted by that baritone this time being so much closer to her ear. Grace again looked to Avon, eyes like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming semi-truck. Smoke? Rarely. Grace hadn't smoked since she was a senior in high school and only on a dear. But, it was probably a dumb idea to turn down the offer in case she ever actually wanted to make friends. "Yeah, I smoke." She lied through her teeth; and he could probably tell by the slight hesitation to her answer as she mulled it over. She looked to Hope as for some sort of affirmation that this was a good idea. "I could go for some. I mean, since you're offering."

Hope nodded, affirming it would be fine as she tried to contain herself. Her work was almost done ... Almost complete for now. Her job was to bring Avon another 'white sacrifice', her sister ... Yet another daughter of the illustrious senator. Avon offered her a hand to help her up. "C'mon ... We'll go to my room real quick." He told her, smirking. The tall man led her upstairs through the row of rooms. Outside of some of them stood white males, awaiting entry as banging noises and faint moans came from the inside. What was going on... ? His door at the end of the hall was open. Grace came along peacefully, offering smiles and waves to the people that saw them make the walk up to Avon's dorm-room. Some gals gave her thumbs-up, others just grinned knowingly as they got on with their partying - and not to mention the line of white guys standing lined up outside of several rooms. It was only now that Grace put decent thought into the situation. Why would he bring her upstairs to smoke cigarettes? They'd generally stand outside if that was the ... Oh. It was weed.

Inside the dorm room was clean, the room made to look non-threatening to little white girls like her. Framed posters of athletes, some old polished oak beds. His roomate was out. Sitting on the edge of the bed he patted the mattress beside him before opening the top drawer to his bedside table and pulling out a little wooden box. Taking the top off he pulled out a thick single joint. Igniting the tip with a lighter he took a deep puff, inhaling the very intoxicating marijuana. Exhaling, he offered it to her ... Holding the point to her lips and staring down challenging her. She wasn't a coward was she... ?

By the time her realization came that she had been brought into her room, her eyes peering around, inspecting the posters decorating the walls as she sank down into a seat next to him on the bed, straightening the black skirt she was wearing while she did - it reached just above her knees. Long enough to not be daring, short enough to make her feel pretty. That was the advice her mother always gave her. With that same doe-like gaze, she watched Avon take a puff of that thick joint, watching the smoke being exhaled through his nostrils. Maybe it was the molly, or just the alcohol, but she didn't feel too intimidated by the exhaled smoke. It was definitely too late to turn around, and this was her first party. No way that she could just tell him off and commit social suicide. Her dainty hand reached out to take the joint from him, pinching it between thumb and index-finger. Only once couldn't hurt, right? Not like her parents would be able to do a smell-test the day after - so with that, she put the joint between her glossy lips and inhaled. Probably a bit too deep, and her inexperience would show as she suddenly gave off a racking cough while handing the joint back. "Oh-oh, wow ... Good stuff." Grace kept her lie despite the fact that it had never worked in the first place, wiping a pained tear from the corner of her eye.

Avon took the joint, chuckling softly as he put it out on his lamp and set it back in the box. Turning his attention to her, he dabbed his thumb against the tear, knowing she'd be ultra-sensitive from the molly. "Shh ... What's wrong, Grace... ?" He murmured softly, his large black arm coiling around her shoulders to 'comfort' her. His arm was so muscular. "You're so pretty ... I hate to see a pretty girl cry..." He teased, hoping the close contact would begin to excite her little body unconsciously.

Grace Sterling blinked her eyes; everything felt oddly fuzzy all of a sudden. His voice in its comforting, low tones was welcome, and that large arm that coiled like a python around her and drew her in. "Nothing ... Just, you know..." She lost her train of thought in a surprising amount of time; the smell of him so close catching her attention instead. Cologne? He smelled so nice. Her eyes peered up at him again, before her worried doe-like expression disappeared with a small scoff. "You're nice. I thought you'd be much more of a jerk." She confessed, resting her head on his muscular shoulder. Firm, but so perfect for her to just lean on now that he had his arm around her. It made her feel all warm, and cozy, and ... tingly. Grace really, really liked it.

He chuckled. "Most people think us athletes are..." He said, so patient with her. "Come a bit closer ... You're real soft." Avon said, pulling her up into his lap. Leaning down he breathed in her lovely hair, smelling her expensive flower scented shampoo as she held him against his toned body. He wore his jersey and a pair of loose jeans. Whispering hotly against her ear, his powerful hand stroked at her lower back. "Grace ... You're really beautiful ... Why would I be mean to such a pretty girl... ?" Avon teased. As lithe and petite as she was, there was no challenge in lifting her up and placing her down in his lap. She seemed rather content there anyways, still able to use his shoulder for her comfort. "Mmh. You're soft..." She said, turning her head to nuzzle her nose against his jersey, against that stiff muscle and collarbone underneath. Even her nose felt tingly. His hand slowly moved down, seeing how sensitive her body was ... How vulnerable her will was to the drugs and alcohol. The lacrosse player's black hand slid over her cute ass, groping her through her skirt to test her sensitivity.

"You're so nice to me..." She stated, her thought interrupted by that large hand going down to grope at her pert white ass. She gasped, eyes opening wide to peer up at him, white teeth biting down on her glossy, pink lower lip. "I ... I really shouldn't. I've a boyfriend." She stated dejectedly, suddenly frowning - she clearly wasn't rushing to get out of his embrace however, considering how she docilely sat still in his lap like before.

The black alpha male softly chuckled, not halting ... Kneading at her cute white ass before giving it a light playful slap. "Hm? We're just cuddling, girl ... No big deal." He told her hotly, giving her earlobe a little nip as he pushed his muscular frame against her. Planting a kiss below her ear he continued to coo to her. "It is hardly cheating ... He isn't in town ... I'm just touching you a little ... Besides, you're a good lil' white girl ... You'd never cheat, would you... ?" Avon asked, now just playing with her confused and corruptible little mind.

Her frown disappeared as he retorted and nipped at her earlobe. It made her gasp again at the sudden sharp sensation, her breathing becoming obviously labored as his charming continued. "Yeah, it is just cuddling..." She agreed quietly, eyes fluttering after that kiss right beneath her ear. "You wouldn't just ... take advantage of me, right?" Grace asked again, her dainty hand finding the arm that wasn't groping at her bubble butt, stroking up along it - fingers adoring the swells and lows of his musculature underneath that smooth, ebony skin. Just the feeling of that skin's slight friction against her own was overtly sensational. "You wouldn't. You're nice." The upper-class southern belle answered for him, leaning her head against him again, pecking a kiss onto his chest. Sure, there was a jersey in the way, but her drug-addled mind wasn't really computing correctly.

The black male snickered a bit. "Never ... I would never ... Ever do anything you didn't beg me to, girl..." Avon assured, kneading at that cute white ass just a bit more. His other hand ran up her smooth leg, along her inner thigh, and over her pantie covered sex. Those large fingers slid down the front of her panties, one of them beginning to rub at her swelling pink pearl as he breathed hotly against her. "Some fingers ... A little oral ... That's not sex ... That's not cheating." He whispered, the cocktail of drugs, alcohol, and lust slightly hypnotic to the little white girl. As he seduced her Hope was already in a room at the other end of the hall between two black frat brothers ... Being given her reward for being a 'good white slave'. On her white ass was her elegant queen of spades tattoo - her promise to end her family's white bloodline forever.

Little Grace sat there, docile and pretty, nuzzling against his jersey while his hand slid up that smooth, hairless leg. When those masculine, large fingers found her sex and toyed at her swelling, moist clit through the fabric of those lacy panties. She gasped, moaned at the sudden touch, the exaggeration added by the molly making it even more sudden. She couldn't even begin to imagine how her sister was being railed in some dark dorm-room by two thuggish blacks, or the fact that it was a reward for bringing her here - into Avon's clutches for him to mold into a perfect breeder. "It's not cheating..." Grace repeated sheepishly, her sentence ending in a breathy moan, her head softly getting thrown back while those ivory legs spread. "He won't know ... you won't tell, right?" With smoky, half-lidded eyes she looked up at him, her lips left open to let out her soft moans and intensifying pants.

Avon nodded, a sly smile on his lips as he helped her prop up a leg on each of his knees, spreading his own legs to spread her's. His slick finger rubbing faster and harder as he murmured hotly into her ear, kissing below it as he coaxed her little mind to keep stepping over the line again and again. Over a dozen girls on the campus were swelling with his children. "You're such a good lil' white girl ... Such a good girlfriend for not cheating on him..." He told her, leaning in and bringing his head around to press his dark lips to her pink ones. His large tongue probed at her lips, demanding her to open her mouth and allow his tongue access to deepen the kiss. Under her cute ass she'd feel his 11" of thick black cock throbbing ... Aching to be freed.

Grace Sterling's panties were soaked; the already black fabric getting a long, dark spot at its front from her hypersensitive, dribbling snatch. Her hips softly bucked and rolled against his finger, inadvertently grinding her bottom against that growing, fat python inside of his jeans. She wasn't even able to make her thoughts coherent enough to start forming a sentence and keep on their conversation, especially not as his lips found hers and his tongue demanded entry. Grace's will had been stripped down into nothing at this point, ivory teeth parting to let his large tongue wrestle with her own in a lewd display of her growing depravity. All she could do was haplessly moan, as the line of "cheating" was slowly but surely crossed, if it hadn't been already.

He continued to play with her swollen clit, kissing her hard as his free hand groped at one of her breasts through her dress. Suddenly, he reached between them as he played with her sensitive nub ... Undoing his belt and reaching into his boxers he fished out the impressive ebony godcock - the throbbing 11" against her thigh. "It is only cheating if it goes inside..." He murmured hotly into the kiss. Laying backward, he took her with him ... Her back on his chest. Pulling aside her panties his finger left her clit and was replaced by the domed black head of his monster cock. Rubbing up and down against it, bathing in her heated nectar, he grunted hotly as he slowly began to grind ... The long throbbing length going up and down the sensitive lips of her tight pink little pussy. Her boyfriend's white 4" was nothing compared to it...

The poor southern girl gasped when she felt that hard, throbbing fuckpole against her smooth thigh - she wanted to rip herself away from the kiss to stare at it, but couldn't. She was absolutely encapsulated in the kiss, the feeling of his lips and his assertive tongue. So much better than whatever her boyfriend did. So much more confident, sure of himself. She had never felt like this with him, but here she now was, laying against his wide, muscular chest, feeling that domed cockhead rub against her cut and the swollen petals of her sex - being covered in the shameless arousal of her sex. It felt flawless, perfect, but most of it all, it felt so right. "Mmfh, mmhhh ... I-I want you to fuck me..." She said breathlessly during their kiss - much too horny, drunk and high to even be able to pretend anymore. " ... Don't tell anyone ... just please fuck me!" Not even a thought went through her mind about condoms, or the risk of pregnancy, or the fact that he was probably way too big to be able to fit comfortably. Grace felt an uncontrollable need, and she had to submit to that carnal lust that awoke inside of her.

Her new black god was pleased. She was easier than Hope! Hope at least asked him to put on a condom. Without a second thought, he lined the thick domed head of his godly black member against her wanton little entrance. "Good white girl..." Was all he said before he thrust his hips forward, impaling the tiny white girl with the giant black cock. Sinking a third of the way in her he was already deeper than her boyfriend every went. Stretching her slick walls, he gasped and growled in pleasure. Grace was so tight ... What would her family think of this... ? Their fertile daughter going bareback with a black man she just met. However, they would likely be more disturbed by pregnant Hope in the other as the men both pumped her full of their hot black cum, two others taking their place. His powerful hand went to her throat, grasping at the lithe little thing and gently holding it without choking to show her how meek she was.

Grace wasn't prepared for him to go in so suddenly; nor did she seem to have thought about how large he was. When he brutishly forced himself inside of her, her entire, petite body seemed to tense, her eyes widening in fear as she felt her womanhood being stretched further than it ever had been around the excessive girth of his virile, ebon monolith. She gasped, moaned, her mouth wide open as he slid further in than anything had been inside of her. Was sex supposed to feel this good? She had no idea, never even fathomed the idea that someone would be able to bring her this kind of pleasure by just entering her, and yet here she was, proven wrong in a split second. "G-gh-god you're so fucking big!" She managed to blurt out; the molly, alcohol and weed helping with dulling any potential pain of having that poor, pristine twat stretched. Of course, the copious amounts of her clear, sticky nectar probably helped the process of easing his entry even more.

Her lover growled hotly, giving her inch after inch of black cock. Finding virgin territory deep inside of her, two-thirds of the way inside of her, his tip pushed against her twitching little cervix. With little effort, he pushed passed the weak barrier and entered her fertile womb! Suddenly, their hips met. Those large swollen black balls - filled to the brim with hot virile seed. His sack rested against her swollen pink clit. Gasping, he froze a moment and made her look down to observe, pushing up the back of her head he'd make her see that she took all of him. After a few more moments his hips began to rock again, making her take all of him now as he bucked against her... "Aah ... You're so fucking ... Ahaah ... Tight ... Mmn ... You love black dick, eh... ? Say it, white girl..." He snarled out as his pace increased.

Ms. Sterling continued to gasp, moan and pant for air as he pushed through her sensitive cervix as if it was nothing, the feeling of his hips suddenly skin-to-skin with her, those cum-filled, heavy balls resting against her sensitive little nub. Her eyes widened as she was made to gaze down over her tummy, a subtle bulge in her otherwise flat stomach as he had bottomed out inside of her. Grace really had taken him, all of him. How was that even possible? Her disbelief was cut short by his sudden thrusts, the first one drawing a sudden squeak as he bottomed out inside of her fertile womb, pushing at its deepest limits with each buck of his hips. "F--fuck fuck fuck! Yesss ... God, fuck me!" Her moans and cries for more punctuated each thrust, every little shred of integrity and fidelity washing off of her like water. "I-I love black cock! Gi-gimme more ... more!"

Powerful Avon grunted softly. Rolling to the side he held her hips, mounting her from behind. Grabbing her by her hair he coiled it into his large black fingers. Tugging her head back, he began to rut her from behind hard. Grunting ... Snarling in pleasure ... He gave her cute white ass a hard slap as he fucked the cheating little white teen violently. "Aah ... So ... Tight ... Mmn ... I love little white girls ... Aaaah! Heh..." Avon told her, converting yet another little white girl. "Black is better ... Say it ... Chant it..." He growled viciously. After ten minutes he was taking her violently ... Shivering ... Beginning to shake violently ... He was getting so close. Close to filling her. Close to filling her unprotected womb with cum. "Aah ... I need to cum ... You want it inside of you ... Mmmn ... Don't you, white slut... ? Fucking say it..." He ordered, giving her ass another hard slap ... Leaving a red hand print on her firm white ass.

The poor girl didn't mind anything he did at this moment, gingerly going along with the ride as he started to fuck her in this new position. She had fully capitulated. Each thrust made a smacking sound by his hips colliding with her pert buttocks, accompanied with wet gushes from his cock forcing itself inside of that snug, drippy fuckhole he had claimed for the black race. "F-fuck, fuck fuck ... B-black is better! Black is better! Black is, hnngh, better!" She started repeating, the mantra slowly becoming automatic, those same words echoing through her mind as he used her like the good little fuckdoll she was for those whole ten minutes. During those ten minutes, she came twice, the only moments she'd stop her new life mantra to squeal and squirt those lovely white girl juices onto his black fuckstick as it plowed her. "F-fill me! Fill me with cum! Black is better! Black is better!" She begged, demanded, one hand gripping onto his bedsheets, the other one's nails softly digging into his beautiful black skin as she readied herself to be bred, all while chanting her new mantra.

The malevolent Avon was violent with her ... Cruel ... Yet, her body craved it. It craved to be used and bred ... Suckling at his giant black cock each orgasm she had. Each making her sex try to milk him of every drop of his superior seed. The new mantra would saturate her pretty mind long after the drugs left ... Dreams would be full of it ... Full of her chanting as she bucked back at a black cock, begging to be bred. Stretching her cunt to the limit he would ruin her for her white boyfriend forever ... For all white men. Even if she found one attractive after this their meager skills would be put to shame by Avon's. Shivers gave ways to violent shaking ... His member throbbing and twitching deep inside of her, fully swollen as his balls hit against her again and again. Muscles tensing, he arched his back as he tugged back her hair. Letting out a heated roar of pleasure he erupted inside of her! Shot after shot of hot thick fertile African seed pumped directly into the rich little white girl ... Filling her ... Overflowing her ... Unknown to them his superior seed swarmed her fertile egg, one impaling it and impregnating her. Emptying inside of her, he breathed hard ... Gasping ... Giving her ass a hard slap, he hissed into her ear. "Tomorrow night I want your cute ass back over here..." Avon said. It was an order.

The senator's daughter had never felt this good; nothing could even come close to the feeling of having her womb filled with fertile, superior seed. Her petite little body was covered in a sheen of sweet, made even hotter thanks to the fact that she hadn't even been undressed before he had fucked her and claimed her. She lay still there, just enjoying that warm sensation, the satisfaction of feeling thick, creamy nut-butter filling her to the brim, touching every nook and cranny of her sex. Her reverie was cut short by the sudden slap to her ass, her head shooting up from the relaxed position it had against the mattress of his bed. That baritone voice spoke to her, and she knew she had to listen, her doe-like, hazy eyes gazing back at him with a revering look. "Y-yes, I'll come..." Her voice felt weak, hoarse from the repeated chanting, the random squealing and constant moaning, but she knew better than to try and ignore him.

That is how it began. The two impregnated Sterling sisters were joined by their sweet thirteen year old sister and her pretty boy twin brother. Once feminized and put on hormones he passed as a beautiful white girl, his life dedicated to worshipping black cock. So willingly he swallowed the sterilization cocktail and felt a slight burning sensation as his little white cock deflated and went flaccid forever.

With a little drugs and alcohol her mother was just as easily subdued. Allergic to the condom the white trophy wife too was swelling with a black baby only weeks later.

It was Senator Sterling's own family that brought him down. Drugged, tied up, and indoctrinated for weeks during the Senate's off session he was forced to watch videos of the corruption of his family. His mind was rewired through the high level of indoctrination to accept the Nubians as his new gods. Willingly, he too capitulated and consumed the sterilization cocktail – ending his bloodline forever. Soon, his mansion was overrun with his pregnant daughters and wife with their offspring.

Standing in the corner, stroking his flaccid sterile member, he observed as his daughters and bride underwent their second black breeding ceremony a year later. This son, his heir, stroked and fluffed each black cock and gleefully watched as it disappeared into his mother and siblings. The moans, the screams of rapture, the begging to be bred ... It was too much. His wife cried out thanking her black lover for ending her white bloodline and breeding the white out of her. With her words his flaccid cock let out a small drooling spurt of infertile seed – his bloodline ended forever. A small sacrifice to his new black gods.

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