Millie Meats Her Mate
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, First,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Millie is finally growing up and living life to the fullest.

The thirty year old Millie was an unusually attractive female fettered by dual curse of being both shy and a literal virgin with little interest in finding a suitable spouse. She had no parents since they were both taken from this world by a speeding city bus driven by a distracted driver who was forever haunted by his unfortunately careless and inconsiderate driving habits. Happily, Millie didn't feel particularly afflicted and the lack of male influence in her life was of little concern to her because she felt no need for all that foolishness.

After her grandmother died from a bout of influenza, Millie finished her childhood in a foundling home for unwanted children in a large city of grown-ups with their own problems to contend with. She finally got out of the depressing place by finding certified suitable employment at a large retail department store as a trainee in the stock room. Her first place of her own was in a small rooming house filled with lonely people all shocked that they had fallen to the bottom rung of the ladder.

Fourteen years later, Millie had risen to the position of head of the store's human resources department and was responsible for all the hiring and firing of the stores employees. She was a valued member of the store's middle management and had not punched a clock for years. In all honesty, she would have to be paid some serious overtime if such was the case.

Millie was still in the large rooming house because she had never seen the need to change her lifestyle to a larger or more expensive place to live. The ownership had changed a few times and now there was a European couple who ran the place with disinterested attitudes. The tenants had stopped bothering them to fix things because they both lacked sufficient grasp of English to understand the problem. Millie tended to think they both merely affected the lack of understanding in order to avoid the maintenance work needed. Her next door neighbor was a pretty girl who worked as a chorus line dancer for some off Broadway production that required them to go topless for the third act. Her name was Maria and when they got into the inevitable night of wine when they were comparing their boobs, Millie was happy to discover her boobs were much larger and unaffected by gravity than the professional boob displayer next door. Both she and Maria thought nothing of exchanging massages in the privacy of their own apartments after Maria's young boy Tommy was asleep in his bed.

Maria made Millie do dancing exercises every morning before she went to work and eventually Millie could see the results in her full length mirror at the bottom of the bed. Her legs and flanks were trim and shapely and she could see all her curves standing out when she bent over and looked in the mirror behind her. In fact, she was beginning to look almost like Maria the professional dancer and not a "behind the desk" girl at a department store.

All of the massages and the exercise routines had finally aroused Millie's libido to the point that she began to study the males around her to determine which ones would be suitable as bed partners should the need arise. She did her best to disguise her newfound sexual feelings by wearing even more conservative masculine suits and keeping her hair up in a tight bun on the top of her head. Some of the young female clerks were spreading rumors behind her back that she was more interested in women than in men and had no idea how to dispel the nasty words.

Maria was caught up in the demands of the daily stage routine and her many commitments to attend parties and dinners arranged by the producers of the show. Most nights she would return to her apartment too tired to do anything but fall into bed.

Millie took up the slack with young Tommy just to help out for those times when he was not in school. Soon it was almost as if Millie was his mother and not Maria.

Then, one night Maria did not come home at all.

That was the night that Tommy moved into Millie's apartment and she got him ready for school before going to work at the store the next morning.

The police were very understanding but wanted to take Tommy to the home that was run by the Children's and Family Services agency of the city. Millie lied to the officer by saying she was Tommy's aunt and that he would be staying with her. Now, she had Tommy to look out for and she still was not married. In fact, she was still a virgin and that was not the best way to find a spouse in the ninety days she was allowed to prove both she and her "husband" wanted Tommy in their home.

She looked in her diary to sort out the possible candidates for spousal compatibility and came up with only three possibilities for fatherhood.

First, there was the newly divorced Mister Hawkins who constantly ogled every female at the store and whom she had counseled repeatedly about his taking liberties with the newly hired girl's backsides when they bent over to locate items for sale. She knew most of the girls didn't mind at all because Mister Hawkins was a handsome man with a devil-may-care moustache that promised a tickle in sensitive female parts. The fact that he had a bit of a drinking problem was a drawback but he had promised her that he would attend all AA meetings studiously and refrain from drinking in the future. She had scheduled an inspection of his living quarters to make certain he was not hiding any bottles of booze for use in private. It was a relief that she could not locate any booze on the premises because she would have to turn in a report that would cause his dismissal from employment.

The last place she checked was under the living room sofa and she was down in an "all fours" position when she definitely felt his hands roaming all over her nicely curved backside. At first she was a bit worried about her ability to perform with a degree of feminine skill but Mister Hawkins directed his penis to her rearmost entryway and slowly forced her to open her rosebud to his determined shaft. It was important for her to retain her dignity so she merely continued her inspection under the sofa and allowed him to lower her panties and spread her cheeks for masculine insertion.

It was not the entry that she really desired but it sufficed to give her some inkling of the proper way to "take it" from a horny man with only one thing on his mind. The interlude was hot and heavy causing her to break out in a sweat from the determined use of her hindquarters. They did not speak words of love or passion allowing their bodies to have full sway in the course of events. Eventually, she became attuned to the rhythm of the anal intercourse and took the full weight of Mister Hawkins body on her back. It was both an asshole opener and eye opener to her and she knew that when push came to shove, she would be able to get her female slit into proper working order as well.

The feel of Mister Hawkins lips and teeth around her sensitive nipples and the tickle provided by his delightful moustache put him at the top of her list of prospective husbands. Of course, she did not relay that to him in so many words but she felt that with proper training he would come to see the benefit of having her as his wife and happy mate.

The next best candidate for Millie's future spouse was Officer O'Malley who walked a beat in the neighborhood pausing often to talk to the residents and listening to their concerns. She had made a nice cup of tea for him with some of her special cookies with the frosted sprinkles. He had sat down with her on the bus bench and they discussed the problems with crime and how stingy the city was in paying their policemen for the dangers they faced every day. He told her of some of his adventures and she realized that it was her much desired fantasy to bend over for a uniformed policeman with her dress pulled up and fully clothed. She had this insane urge to blurt out her fantasy to Officer O'Malley but knew he would think her to be a silly female with a loose attitude.

Instead, she asked the policeman to help her shut off her gas meter because she thought she smelled gas in her apartment and he was quick to follow her up to her apartment and wrapped his big muscular arms around her legs to boost her to the switch in the top of the small closet. She almost fainted because her pussy mound was at the same level as the tall policeman's head and she knew his nose was pressing into her yielding flesh like some scouting party looking for a place to land.

When he put her back down on the floor, he turned her around and lifted her dress just like she had pictured it in her dream and his long aroused member slid between her legs like a trained snake with devious intent. She could feel the rough fabric of his uniform and the handcuffs and the gun in the holster bounced on her back like reminders of his dangerous job keeping civilians like her safe on the mean streets of the city. Her slit was quivering with anticipation and she prayed that this would be the moment of truth for losing her dratted cherry.

Millie reached down like a shameful wanton of the streets and pressed the long firm shaft right into the delicate folds of her untouched vagina. She heard Officer O'Malley grunt with the pleasure received from the pressure of her fingers slowly pushing him into the wetness of her pulsating pussy. He didn't actually start to hump until he was fully seated inside and had come up against her membrane starting to dissolve with the friction and pressure.

It happened so quickly that Millie was caught off-guard and she had to hold onto the winter coats to keep from falling down to the floor. Now she was hooked like a struggling fish on the policeman's thrusting meat and she did her best to hide her gasps of pleasure and joyful response. Her fingers had revealed to her that Officer O'Malley was unusually thick girth in the penis department and she did her best to accommodate him as she lost her virginal status forever.

Just when she thought it was all over after his flood of cream started to backflow down the insides of her legs, he unceremoniously pushed his inquisitive thumb into her brown eye just to remind her she had another entryway that deserved masculine attention. Strangely, it was that degrading action that made her go over the edge of orgasm and she quaked and shuddered for several minutes in absolute delight not really certain what had happened to her in that complete surrender of her inner core.

The last of her possible candidates was a butcher who she had been told was a widower with a small child at home being cared for by his aging mother and in need of a woman's touch to bring back into the world of the living. His name was Marty and he was not in the least bit handsome and in all honesty his IQ was lacking in almost every area. Still, he was a good-hearted person and he did his best to make do with what he had to meet every challenge in life.

Millie had never met his departed wife but Maria told her that she was a complete bitch and that poor Marty was "better off without her" because of her terrible mouth. Millie held her judgement because the butcher always spoke in glowing terms of his now demised spouse and she could be certain if that was his true feeling or some sense of loyalty that he held dear after her departure.

He always sliced her bacon personally and gave it to her double wrapped in the butcher paper that held in the flavor.

She knew he had some sort of attraction to her despite her lack of feminine appearance because of the way he allowed his rough butcher's hands to stroke the delicate back of her fingers when she took the meat or the change he gave to her at the cash register.

One day, he invited her back to the inner sanctum of the "cold storage locker" to see his special table for preparing the meat. She was a bit afraid of following him but it was due to the knives and the axes and not because of him personally.

Millie leaned over the wooden block table and held onto the edges with both hands allowing Marty to push her dress up to her waist. She had already been broken in by Officer O'Malley and the touch of Marty's hard-on between her widely spread legs was like a tonic that made her smile with happiness. He was not as skillful as Officer O'Malley and not as determined as Mister Hawkins but he was steady and stroked her deeply with every consideration for her comfortable reaction. His hand on her tightly wrapped bun of hair on top of her head held her under his complete control and she found that she liked it like that.

Soon she would have to decide which of the three men would be hanging their trousers on her bedside chair and she smiled thinking about the entire selection process.

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