More Rental Problems
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Another renter is used by Chris. The second part of the series.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Hispanic Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Squirting   Pregnancy   Cream Pie  

It had been two days since Chris last saw Destiny. Although he thought about her, he knew it was for the best. Although every time he thought about her, a raging hard on ensued. By Thursday, he forgot all about the worries he once had. The money she gave him was enough to pay every one of his bills, and buy another 5 acres that even had an existing rental.

Paying his uncle back so quickly gave rise to an assortment of questions. All he responded with was that his college gave him a scholarship that he wanted to use to pay all his bills. This was enough to stop the questions and get his uncle to part with another rental without more questions.

Chris was now happy that he had acquired two more rentals in a matter of four days. The only problem was that three of his rentals were unoccupied. He was more than happy to put up some ads, and just play the waiting game. The fear of rent money covering to pay for the money he was loaned was no longer a concern that nagged at him.

At the end of the week, Chris was excited when his phone buzzed with a text message from Destiny. He read it with the anticipation he was going to get lucky with her again. “Sorry for not texting you. Will not be able to see you until everything is settled with my busy life.”

Chris wanted to text back some sweet message but his hormones and the lack of sex drove him to send something else. “Hope to see you soon. I have a lot to give you since last time.”

Chris waited for Destiny to send something back to ease his fears of not getting some. After a few hours he got the message that he was some passing fancy with her. It wasn’t until late at night that she replied back. “Salina has a dripping faucet. She is afraid to ask you to fix it, thinks you will raise the rent on her.”

Chris wondered why Destiny would send such a message. He knew Salina never complained, but never thought of her as afraid to tell him something was wrong. Although he did know that her rent was the cheapest among all of his rentals, he just figured that she did not want to pay for anything more than she needed to. He even thought of how she got behind on rent more than a few times.

Chris replied trying to figure out why Destiny was telling him all of this. “No prob. I will fix tomorrow. Did not know you talked to her.”

“Do some yard work before fixing her faucet. Also wear your tight jeans with your white shirt that is too small for you.”

Chris was now intrigued more than ever. He wondered why Destiny would tell him this, and wondered why she knew so much about Salina. All he really knew of Salina was that she was a nurse, or something medical. She made money, but nothing special. Chris never gave her any indication he was interested in her either. He just assumed she was into Spanish guys since she was Mexican.

The more Chris sat down to think about Ms. Rodriguez, the more he saw her in a different light. She was about 28 or 30 years old with long, black hair, and a dark complexion that definitely looked Latino. Chris never remembered looking at her ass or breasts though. Chris could only recall a few times he had ever spoke with her in person.

Chris was eager to text Destiny back, trying to find out any information. “Why should I wear certain clothes, and do yard work?”

As the time passed waiting for Destiny to text back, Chris tried to remember ever wearing those particular clothes in front of her. By the time Chris passed out asleep, he could not remember a time wearing those clothes in front of her, nor having any real discussion about anything other than rent with Salina.

The next morning Chris was awake and saw that Destiny texted him during the night. “She saw you doing yard work, and told me that she liked the way you looked wearing those clothes. This should help you out until I am free to see you.”

Chris was both excited and nervous about doing what Destiny said he should do. Chris decided to go for broke and dressed like he was told too. He drove over to his rental and raked a few leaves that were there. Chris made an effort to do as much yard work as could possibly be done. All the while he looked over at Salina’s rental.

Chris was outside for two hours before he saw any movement at Salina’s rental. It was only the blinds moving, but it gave enough courage for Chris to finally go over to her place. When he knocked on the door, Chris knew exactly what he was going to do and say. He thought at least he could satisfy his curiosity in what she looked like in a sexual way.

When Salina opened the door, Chris saw her in a new light. She was smiling as if he surprised her. She had her black hair down straight with a touch of makeup on her face. With slender features, she looked quite attractive from only the waist up in a quick view he did see. “Mister Silvo. I did not call you. Something wrong.”

Salina had an accent that was quite heavy. Although her English was good, she definitely was not born in the country. “I was just stopping by to see if there was anything that needed to be fixed.”

“No, no nothing broken here.” Salina said as her face looked scared.

“It’s ok. I know the faucet is giving you trouble. Destiny’s faucet gave out on her, and it’s the same one you have.” Chris lied, but he knew it was the best one he had. It gave him a way to get in and make it seem like he did know beforehand what Destiny told him.

When the door opened, he finally saw Salina in a sexual way. Her long, black hair was pulled back in a ponytail and it showed her beautiful face. She was wearing a tight top that showed every curvature of her breasts. They were not as big as Destiny’s but they seemed much more firm and perky. Her body was small but had all the right proportions. When she turned around to lead him further into her place, Chris got a great view of her ass. She was wearing sweatpants and could easily see that her ass was bulging out of them.

It only took a few steps to get into the kitchen, but Chris was already feeling his member wanting freedom. The sight of Salina’s ass seemed to race blood into his male enraged member. She turned around once in the kitchen to look at him, but Chris took the initiative and moved in close.

Chris felt his erection come on full force while his heart pumped faster. He was both terrified that she would slap him, and throw him out of his own rental. He had never been so upfront with a woman before, and he had no idea what was going to happen next. All he knew was that he was going to kiss her and drag her petite body into his arms the first chance he saw.

With her accent, Salina gestured to the faucet as she turned her body to face Chris. “The water has a slow drip since I moved in.”

Chris stepped forward like he was going to the sink, but instead moved towards Salina as she stood there expecting him to fix her sink. Her body was slow to react, and when she did, it was in sheer shock that Chris planted a kiss on her lips.

Chris pulled her in and kept her from breaking away as his lips were pressed against hers. Salina struggled at first, putting her hands to his sweaty chest while squirming her body. It was no use, Chris held her in place as she was helpless to escape.

Trying to speak, Salina muffled Chris’s kiss as her hands tried in vain to push him away. Chris held firm and continued to push his tongue into her mouth as his hands now moved downward. Chris now wondered if he was in the beginning stages of a rape that he should walk away from. His heart now pounded through his chest as fear his whole plan was wrong.

Salina’s muffled cries of wanting freedom were still smothered by Chris until something snapped. Chris now had his hands on her rounded ass, as it kept her close. As his hands both felt the soft, yet firm ass, Salina finally opened her mouth to allow his tongue full access. Not only did she allow his tongue to touch hers, the hands that tried to push him away felt limp with surrender.

Chris took this as success and his fears turned to full-fledged excitement. The blood was pumping hard towards his cock as Salinas hand found it, and started stroking it through his jeans.

Chris broke the kiss, as he now wanted to see his prize naked before him. When his mouth left hers, her face looked excited and scared at the same time. “Oh my goodness Mr. Chris.”

Chris said nothing as his attention was solely on stripping her clothes from her body in haste. As he reached for her top, Salina’s hand went for his jeans. As Chris pulled the top over her head, he set his eyes upon her firm, perky round breasts. The areolas were small, but her nipples pointed out like erasers wanting to be rubbed.

Salina dropped to her knees before Chris could even touch her tanned breasts. She was pulling his jeans to his ankles as he saw her mouth drop. The sight of his large erection brought fear to her voice. “Oh good lord. So big Mr. Chris.”

Her Spanish accent seemed to only excite him more as his manhood jerked to attention before her face. Salina grabbed it in response and looked upwards to him with sobering eyes. “I can try.”

Chris nodded as Salina kissed the head before opening her mouth to take his white monster in her mouth. She moved past the head before sliding back further. Her spit made it slicker, as he saw a glistening of his skin as she pulled away. The second try, she moved about halfway down his shaft before he heard a slight gag from her throat.

Chris put his hand on the nearby counter to brace himself as Salina moved back and forth on his erection. Her mouth was tighter than anything Destiny gave him. It was not bad, but different. Her mouth felt like a wet suction, as she used no hands to suck on him. The feeling was making him moan each time she slide down and up.

Salina was looking straight up the entire time her mouth was sliding on Chris’s white meat. Her eyes told a tale of both lust and fear. Both of them knew where it was going next, but Chris could sense she never had a large prick in her before.

Chris spied the small kitchen table near him as a place to prop her small body up to fuck her. It was now only a matter of time. As he thought about doing it, Salina’s lips once again touched his cockhead, making him shutter from pleasure. He looked down once again to see that her mouth was handling his dick like she owned it. No more was she gagging as her mouth was slurping half his cock each time with ease.

As his hand touched her hair, he parted it to move it away from being an obstruction. Her black hair was now held behind her head as he gave little pushes with his hand to see if she could take more of him. Salina tried with each push, but seemed to only take half his white erection as her limit.

The more her mouth slid back and forth the more Chris felt in control. With her eyes staring up at him, his ego inflated. He could see concern in her stare as he knew she was worried about the next step he would take. With all that fear though, Salina continued like she both had to, and wanted to.

Chris decided that his dick had enough. He pulled away from Salina and heard a last second slurp as it left her mouth. A look in her eyes gave away that she knew he was going to fuck her.

Salina stood up as if she was giving up to the inevitable of Chris having her body. Chris took a step and grabbed her at the waist. Putting her on the table near them, he positioned himself between her legs. Salina leaned back just a little and opened her legs for him. Chris glanced upwards to see Salina give a quick nod to him, as a sign she was ready to be penetrated.

Seeing her dark pubic hair right above her pussy gave him even more pleasure. Her tan legs were opened for him and now he positioned his slick erection at her entrance. Chris looked up again right as the tip of his cock touched her slick sex.

Salina looked back and softly spoke as she nodded her head, “Si ... si”

Pushing his manhood into her, Chris felt her slick love opening give without any real pressure. Her mouth opened wide as he buried more and more of his love muscle inside of her. Wondering how much her small sex could handle, Chris slowly continued until almost all of his manhood was inside of her. He was surprised at how wet she was for him, and how much of his dick he could get inside of her.

Salina nodded her head quickly when Chris noticed almost his entire cock was inside of her. It was like she wanted to say something but could not form the words.

Chris just took the nod as permission to start sliding in and out of her with greater speed. Before Chris could start Salina cried out, “Please ... go ... It’s really big.”

As Chris slid out of her slowly, he cupped her firm breasts, holding them in place. They were not like Destiny’s, as Salina’s fit perfectly in his hands. Chris held on as he pushed back inside of her again. Doing this, Chris knew that her body could take it. To him it was just a matter of how fast to go.

Each time Chris slid inside of her he went faster than before. He could feel her tight love canal giving way each time his cock penetrated her. He thought she was in pain, but the look on her face let him know otherwise. Her soft moans increased as his erection pounded inside her.

With the worry that she was not enjoying it gone, Chris decided to see how much she was enjoying it. “You like it? You want me to go harder?”

Salina nodded her head as her mouth stayed open. She was perpetually moaning as Chris continued to shove his sex inside of her Latina love hole. The movement of Salina’s body was only adding fuel to Chris’s burning desire to fuck her. Chris was now slamming into her, causing the table to rock back and forth. Salina just held onto the sides of the table to stop her body from sliding up as Chris pummeled her twat with his sex organ.

Salina’s eyes went wide as her body reacted to Chris’s pumping of her Latin body with white dick. Chris stared into her eyes with steadfast determination as his dick was stretching her love canal open. Chris stopped worrying about hurting her as he felt and heard Salina’s pussy slurping from their sex.

Still holding her soft breasts, Chris started to pinch the nipples slightly. The more his fingers pinched, the louder the moans escaped Salina’s lips. After a few moments he let go and saw that her nipples were pointing out like large pink eraser tips waiting to be sucked on. Taking this as an invitation, Chris leaned in to suck on them.

He felt her one hand on the back of his head as his mouth formed a suction on her areola. Sucking on her tit, he could hear Salina’s moans increase to an almost scream. This did not stop him from ramming his cock inside of her using short bursts. Salina’s slick love opening was now easily taking every thrust Chris gave. Although he was not going as fast as before, his cock was still hitting her cervix with ease, as his white rod was finding its home.

The more Chris pumped Salina’s body with his fuck stick, the more her fuck hole slickened up. He was sliding in her with no real effort now, as it made small sloshing noises as it entered her now.

Chris moved away from her tits and held onto her hips now. He knew his own orgasm was close, and he wanted to make sure he pushed in her hard when it was going to happen.

Chris reluctantly slowed down to try and hold back his cock from erupting. The sensation of Salina’s tight wet cunt was too good to end. When he did slow down though, Salina started rocking her body against his to urge him to continue as he was. Taking this as a signal for him to pound against her as she bumped against him.

It did not take long for Chris to sense the urgency of his balls needing release. He knew exactly what he was going to do, and where he was going to pump his load. He just decided not to tell Salina what she was going to experience or when it was going to happen. Chris just went on filling her sex cavity as if he could go on all day.

When Chris did sense his orgasm was upon him, he pushed in quickly. He tried not to moan but was unable to contain the amazing feeling Salina’s contracting twat was giving him. It clamped down hard and made his cock feel every contraction from her own orgasm.

As Chris moaned and stiffened his body Salina stopped moaning and cried out in her heavy accent. “No ... no. No cum in me ... please no cum inside me.”

Chris held onto her body, making Salina’ unable to break free. He looked down at her pleading eyes and answered her. “It’s ok. It’s ok ... I know you want it.”

Chris was now determined to plant his cock fully inside Salina. He wanted her to feel his hot cum gush inside of her. He knew the moment she felt it, she would love it. “Just let you body relax when it happens.”

Salina was shaking her head frantically to get Chris to pull out. She was wiggling against his commanding hold with no luck. Chris felt his balls tighten slightly as he pushed in one last time. Moaning loud, he stared at her to see if she was going to experience to joy like Destiny did. As his fertile swimmers erupted full force into her birth canal, he saw her face go from fearful to shock.

Salina let out one last plea as Chris’s white tool was fertilizing her belly. “No! No! You cumming too much in me.”

Chris smiled and leaned in to kiss her. He slipped his tongue into her mouth and muffled her moans of concern. He kept his dick firmly inside of her love canal as his white seed splashed through her cervix. Chris moaned with Salina as he enjoyed the sensation of his dick unloading its hot, dangerous contents inside Salina’s vulnerable womb.

As their moans grew in intensity, Salina’s hands gripped his shoulders hard, digging into his skin. Chris moved in to kiss her. Her tongue found his, and his cock felt a hard contraction as the last few spurts of sperm were on their way into her eager womb.

Chris broke free from their passionate kiss and breathed heavily. He still kept his hands on her hips, and his cock lodged in her pulsating love sheath. He could see the look of fear mixed with pleasure on her face. It was as if she wanted to be creamed but was afraid of the results.

“I can’t believe you did that. Oh my god ... it’s feel so deep in me,” Salina moaned out in her Spanish accent.

Chris just smiled as her voice sounded sexy as she complained about being filled with virile seed inside of her.

“It’s ok. I know you wanted me to do it,” Chris said as he moved his hands up and down her legs to feel her smooth soft skin.

“Si, but I not know you were going to do that. Could you have at least pulled out some ... it was deep in me when you did it?” Salina had an embarrassed look as she told Chris that she really did want to fuck him.

Chris softly questioned her. “You worried about what it’s going to do? Or ... that I am going to want more?”

Salina gave a look of anger, and pleasure. “Si, I know you’re gonna want to do it again, but do you have to cum in me?”

Chris smiled as he felt his cock stir alive once more, as it jerked inside of Salina’s cum filled love hole. Salina opened her eyes wide as Chris moved it inside of her again. “No, no ... I have to get ready for work soon.”

Chris never let his smile leave his face as he slowly pulled his jizz covered cock from the warm confines of Salina’s pussy. He stopped only when the head of his dick was still in her. “When do you get off work today?”

Salina gave a look of submission as she responded. “I should be home at midnight.”

“I am going to be here waiting then,” Chris said with a tone of ownership. Salina replied with a softer voice. “Si”

Chris finally withdrew completely from Salina’s sex. He moved a step back so she could get off the table. Chris’s eyes were fixated on her spread open sex though. He wanted to see how much he came. Salina held her legs open as she looked up to see Chris staring at her cum filled gash that was spread for him.

Chris watched Salina wipe away a few drops of seed that dripped out, but that was it. There was no sudden rush of escaping sperm, or slow steady drip. Chris knew then that his cum shot was deeper than he ever imagined. His thoughts of how deep it really went were now showing on Salina’s worried face as she finally stood up.

“You really came all up inside me good,” Salina spoke as her voice still held some tones of enjoyment.

Chris felt a twinge of guilt about what he really did, but held firm in his desire to fuck her again. “You really want me to pull out for tonight?”

Salina looked at him as her eyes drifted away from her sperm filled sex. “No need now to have you stop cumming inside me now. You put enough deep in me now to get the job done.”

Chris smiled as he knew in his head that she secretly liked it. He now wanted her to admit she did. “So you liked feeling it?”

Salina gave a shy look away as she walked towards the kitchen sink to grab something to clean up with. As she did, she gave a quick look at Chris with her answer. “I liked the warmth inside of me.”

Chris smiled back as he started to get dress. Salina got back to her normal self as her voice returned to normal. “Now get dressed and go. I don’t need to be late for work on the account of your need to experiment with giving me a fat belly.”

Chris smiled as he quickly hurried towards the door. As he walked out, he saw Salina at the front door calling out to him. “Don’t be making me wait long tonight.” It was what she said that made him think that she could not get enough of him.

Chris was home cleaning up when his phone buzzed with a text message. It was from Destiny and it had peaked the curiosity of Chris. Chris thought Destiny had spoken with Salina. He wondered what that conversation would be like. Chris knew Salina was now into him, but wondered if Destiny still was, now that she moved.

Chris read the message from Destiny to see what she had to say. To his shock, it had nothing to do with Salina at all. She wanted to know if he rented the house to anyone. She said that she had an employee that was in the need of a place to stay, and his place was the first thing that she thought of.

Chris texted Destiny back with “Not rented yet, still missing the last renter’s payment plan.”

Chris even laughed a little out loud as he continued to flirt with Destiny. He had missed her, even though the sex he just had with Salina satisfied all his needs. He kind of missed the sexting Destiny did with him after their encounters.

Chris went on about his day, waiting for Destiny to text back if she wanted her employee to rent from him. He wondered if it was the best idea to rent to an employee of Destiny anyway. After a few hours, Chris decided against pushing the issue with her, and dropped the idea. He thought that if she really wanted the place she would have followed up with him.

That night Chris waited in his car patiently calculating the time it would take to get to Salina’s house. He did not want to seem too eager, but deep down he wanted so bad to shove his dick inside her again.

When Chris did show up he was about 5 minutes from the time she told him to arrive. He saw that she was home and the lights in the house were on. He saw the other renters there as well, and wondered if he was stepping over the line, and if anyone of the other renters would find out.

Chris swallowed hard and walked to Salina’s front door. He felt a wave of confidence strike him as he gave a knock on the door. Before Salina even got to answer, Chris had already opened it and stepped in.

Salina stood in a few feet from Chris wearing blue scrubs. Chris knew that she did not even have time to change. She gave a smile as their eyes met quickly. “You want me to shower first? I just got off of work.”

Chris thought of a hundred different responses to her question. He wanted to give her time to feel comfortable, but knew deep down she just wanted to be thrown down and fucked. Chris was also terrified that he would come off as an asshole if he was too forceful and demanding. Chris decided his best approach, and walked right up to Salina, kissing her on the lips.

Chris moved his arms around her small waist, as his lips and tongue met hers. Salina moved her head towards the bedroom, as her hands caressed his chest. Chris noticed she was motioning to the bedroom, as his hands felt the curves of her Latin ass.

Chris decided to pick her up and carry her to the destination of her fucking. She wrapped her legs around his torso, as they continued kissing. Chris loved her lightweight frame as he carried her with ease. His hands were firmly grasping her ass cheeks as his tongue rubbed against hers.

Chris dropped her on the bed. His eyes quickly caught Salina removing the blue scrubs that held back her tan body. He quickly removed his clothing, as he saw Salina’s eyes go wide once his dick was revealed to her.

Chris saw Salina pull down the bottom scrubs, showing the pussy that he fucked not too long ago. The nicely trimmed bush made his cock jump with anticipation. Chris’s mouth watered with the desire to lick it. With her legs wide open as she lay on the bed, Chris saw his moment of opportunity.

Chris bent down to eat her Latin pussy, but stopped once Salina objected. “Please don’t. I just got off work, and I just need that dick in me bad.”

Chris was standing up, while Salina was laying on the bed. He placed his hard sex tool right on top of her clit. Still gripping his dick, he rubbed the tip of it against her. Salina instantly moaned as he rubbed her clit. The more he rubbed the head of his cock against her clit, the more of an effect it had on her.

Chris leaned in to kiss her and let his dick drop a little so it would slide into her wet love tunnel. The moment his lips met hers, he felt her soft vaginal lips spread to allow his cock to enter her.

Salina was trying to moan, but Chris’s lips were pressed against hers, blocking most of her moans from escaping. Chris pushed into her all the way before retracting. Feeling her vaginal lips cling to his shaft as he slipped back in sent shock waves of pleasure throughout his body. He was plunged into her vaginal cavity as far as he could and she was moaning from it.

Chris had her legs on his shoulders now as he pulled away from her mouth. Salina smiled with her mouth open from the constant moaning. Chris’s hips were moving faster as his white meat was nestling into her Latin snatch with ease now. The thrusting was only at a slow pace, but it already had an effect on her, as he felt a tightening around his shaft from her orgasm.

Salina adjusted herself on the bed as she cried out again, “Oh fuck, it feels so big in me.”

Chris instantly replied with a hard thrust. He held her smooth legs hard now as he banged his white body against hers.

Salina responded with a smile of lust as she gyrated her body to match Chris’s thrusts. She moved back and forth on the bed, making it rock just as Chris thrusted towards her. They were slamming hard as Chris felt his white fuck stick go deep each time he pushed against her.

Chris was now slamming harder as Salina pushed against him. She was now almost screaming as she moaned out, “Oh fuck ... oh fuck ... oh fuck!”

Before Chris could realize what was happening he felt a sudden wet feeling coming from her pussy followed by a very tight clenching of her twat. Chris never felt such a wet sensation before, and looked up at Salina confused.

Chris stopped fucking completely, but was still firmly implanted all the way in Salina’s pussy when he did. She gave a look of remorse and softly spoke, “I am so embarrassed. You were fucking me so good, I could not help it.”

Chris smiled once he realized that Salina had squirted a little. He saw and heard about it only in pornos, and now he experienced in real life. “I liked it though. You don’t have to be embarrassed.”

Salina gave a small grin and pulled away from Chris. She bent over the bed, and displayed her Latina ass to Chris. Chris just watched Salina show her ass to him as she kneeled on the bed, ready to be fucked doggy style. Salina confirmed this too. “Come fuck me from behind.”

Chris gave her a light slap on her ass, and smiled as he saw her tight, sexy ass jiggle ever so slightly. He was now on the bed, as he positioned himself right behind her. He could see her wet snatch aching to be stuffed again.

Chris took the head of his now glistening cock and aimed it for Salina’s ready fuck hole. It went in quickly, and was followed by a moan from her. Chris gripped her small frame as he pushed his male tool inside of her.

“Oh god, it feels big inside of me,” cried Salina as she gripped the covers on her bed.

Chris held her body harder as his hips bumped into her ass. “You like it this way?” He looked at her body from behind as it writhed from his cock sliding into her female sheath.

Salina was quick to moan her answer, “Si, Si ... feels really good.”

Chris increased his tempo and pushed in hard each thrust. To Salina’s credit, she took every inch of what Chris had to give. Her wet hole was almost slurping as his dick hit her cervix. Chris was loving the wet tight feel that Salina’s pussy now offered.

Chris pushed all thoughts of cumming aside as he enjoyed the amazing feeling of fucking Salina’s Latin pussy. He knew he could cum at anytime from the sensation of her now sloppy love canal. His mind was more focused on making it last.

Salina turned her head so she could make eye contact with Chris. “I can feel it ... please not again.”

Chris shook his head and gripped her thighs hard. “Yes, and deep too.”

Salina dropped forward and instantly moved away from Chris. She turned to quickly face him. “I will let you cum on my face, but please not in me again.”

“Ok.” Replied Chris, as he stared at Salina as she positioned herself on the bed.

With her legs wide open, Chris got between them as he let his dick flop onto her pubic area. His mouth went to hers, as he rubbed the tip of his dick against her engorged clit. Chris felt the lush lips of Salina as he teased her clit with his tip. The more he rubbed it the more he wanted back in her though. It was not long before he gave in and allowed it to slip back inside of her.

When Chris finally did penetrate Salina’s wet pussy, she gave another deep moan. It was as if her whole body was being probed by Chris’s manhood. She looked at him as she lifted her legs high.

Salina’s mouth opened wide as Chris slid back in her. With a strong accent, she almost screamed out, “Aye, so fuckin big.”

Chris smiled quickly before kissing her hard. He pushed his tongue into her mouth, just as his throbbing cock pushed into her wet snatch. He was thrusting hard and steady now. He had full intentions of blasting his load as far as he could, and with almost no warning. Salina held her legs high and wide as his prick entered depths never before reached before.

The more he pushed in the more soft moans he got. Chris had his hands caressing her face, while his body quickly thrusted for all its worth. She was smiling with her soft moans, but Chris knew it would not last once she felt her body being inseminated with his cum. It was like trying to keep a secret that was going to feel so good once told.

Chris decided not to hold back, and let his balls prepare its contents for the long journey inside Salina’s reproductive system. The telltale signs of a big orgasm were all present now. His tempo increased while his eyes cringed with strain. His cock became even more engorged and sensitive. He pushed harder, but with more purpose now, as he felt himself go past the point of no return.

He pulled away from her mouth to breath heavy. As he breathed heavily his body stiffened its muscles slightly. Salina smiled, before going into complete shock and fear. She called out as if she knew the moment her body was going to be filled. “NO! No ... please not again!

Chris leaned back and slammed his body hard against Salina one more time. He made sure there was not an inch that was not inside of her. Chris knew it was any moment his body was going to flood her body with his potent load.

His eyes focused with intent, as his caressing hands held her face. “You are going to have to take it inside of you every time.”

Salina moaned as her face went to a submissive expression. Chris could feel her pussy spasm harder than ever, as he was about to blow his load.

Chris knew his body had enough and just let go. He felt his cock throb so hard before he came; he knew it was going to be a big orgasm. He grunted loud to the delight of Salina as she called out to him, “Oh ... oh my lord ... it’s going all up inside me!”

Chris felt his body go completely stiff as he had his male organ all the way inside of Salina’s clenching love hole. His eyes were closed from the intensity of his orgasm. He could feel his cock buried so deep in her, as spurt after spurt of seamen was released into her fertile Latin belly.

When Chris did open his eyes, he stared right into Salina’s. She was smiling with her mouth giving a soft moan of pleasure. He continued to feel his prick doing its due diligence as it flooded Salina’s body with male seed.

Salina responded to Chris’s eye contact with a moaning appreciation. “Oh fuck, it feels hot inside of me. Why?”

Chris gave a devilish look to Salina. He liked the whole forceful approach. “Cause that’s what’s it for.

He could see the look of fear in her eyes. Not the fear of life, but the fear of the unknown. As much as he wanted to feel sorry for her, he was still feeling her convulsing pussy. Her well-creamed twat was keeping his erection going as it clamped around his spurting prick.

Chris had to question Salina, as she could not stop moaning softly. “You liked me cumming in you again?”

Salina stopped for a moment to give a mixed expression of ecstasy and anger. “It feels good, but you should know what happens when you do that.”

Chris gave Salina a big kiss before finally withdrawing his cum covered tool from her well-used love hole. “I know it feels good, and I plan on doing it again and again.”

Salina still had labored breathing as her moans died down. “You plan on doing it again and again when I have a big belly?”

Chris smiled big as Salina’s accent got heavy with her worrying. “I am ok with it, the question is, will you still let me?”

Salina had no choice but to smile with Chris’s last question. “You will be the only one who finds me attractive, and no man will want me with your baby in my belly.”

Chris smiled and laid back down embracing Salina. Her small petite body easily fit in his arms when he slept. Chris stayed this way for a few hours before leaving. Salina was quick to wake, and kiss him as he left.

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