My Heart Has Seen the Glory
Chapter 1

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Imagine waking one morning, and knowing you are now a Prophet. A Messiah for an unknown Goddess. This will only lead to good things... NOTE: I have marked this story "finished" because there won't be more chapters coming. You may finish it yourself, if you ask nicely :)

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   ft/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Magic   Humor   Incest   Harem   Pregnancy   Nudism  

Alan awoke with a start.

It was still dark, the blue numbers on his bedside clock showing 3-something. The last few numbers were a bit blurry. He closed his eyes. Alan had just ... just what? Dreamed? Had it been a dream? There was nothing else it could have been. That's what every image and sound you experienced while you slept was. Dreams.


He wanted to forget it. Fall back into slumber, dreamless oblivion. Unbidden, the images returned. Swirls of colors. A sense of dread. Horror. Destruction. Then, a light. A voice. Hope. Salvation. Faces. Faces he knew, yet didn't. Female faces, almost those of classmates.

They looked at him with love.

Alan opened his eyes. The clock read 6:30. Time to wake. He pushed himself up. His head throbbed. Yet ... he felt calm. As if some fog had descended, even as the universe had opened up. As if he now ... KNEW. Knew answers to the only questions worth answering.

He shook his head. It faded, if only slightly. He'd worry about it later.

The shower didn't help. His mind, not body, needed cleansing. Alan paused, shampoo half lathered in his short hair. No. Not quite. Warm water spraying over his body, he DID feel something. A ... cleansing that was more than physical. He relaxed, hands falling to his side. The fog seemed to be flowing away. Truth became clearer.

Truth? What Truth?

Ah, that WAS the question.

His mother was staring at him as he ate, the cereal in his bowl quickly vanishing. He frowned, as much as he could with his mouth full. She was normally gone by now, glass of orange juice her only breakfast. She frowned back, brow furrowing under her curly black hair.

"Are you OK?"

He swallowed. If she had asked if he felt normal, he would have answered 'no.' He in no way felt normal. But, OK? Nothing about this felt bad, so...

"I'm OK." He took a sip of his own juice. She slowly nodded.

"OK. I'll be late again."

"OK." He looked back down at his bowl. The milk seemed to swirl around the remaining flake. "I'm ... OK."

His mind had divided its attention.

As school went on around him, classes and classmates appearing as a swirl, his lesser faculties dealt with reality. Writing notes, talking to others, all went on almost subconsciously. A daydream. A distraction from what he now saw was the most important thing in the universe.


Alan looked around as he sat in the courtyard, back against the beech tree. His senses saw her everywhere. In every blade of grass, every brick of the wall. Every ladybug and human. How had he been blind? Why was everyone else blind? He turned his head, looking through the large window into the cafeteria. His mind saw her swirling around all, yet they went on eating and talking. Went on as if the Glory was not right there. As if the Glory was not for them...

"Excuse me."

His subconscious begged for attention. He raised his eyes, contemplating this interruption.

The world shimmered around her. She had the bearing of a Senior, although not one he could recall seeing. Her curly brown hair fell to her shoulders, swept back behind her ears. Light brown eyes looked down at him. She stepped back, clutching a lunch bag and phone. A green blouse fell past the pockets of her faded jeans, black belt acting as a fashion accessory highlighting her waist. Her bra was faintly visible. Alan found his eyes going to hers.


She looked away. The shimmering was still there, seeming to distort the world around her even as she became more focused. Her brown eyes flicked back to him.

"Y-you're in my spot. I always sit here."

It was the first time, in three years of high school, that he had not found a place inside. Indeed, Alan had never paid attention to the square patch of nature walled in by the school. His mind too had focused on that which was no longer important. That she had found shelter, here, away from that world...

"If you yearn, sit." He gestured to the grass beside the stone path.

Her surprise mirrored his. He did not know what he was doing. Yet, he DID. Even as his mind focused, the Truth came. He was here to help. Help those who wanted to be helped. They would come to him.

She lowered herself to the ground.

Alan smiled.

"What is your name?"

"Brenda." Her eyes kept flicking away from him, then back. He clasped his hands together in his lap.

"I'm Alan." A slight smile touched her lips. Alan felt something in his mind. Felt Understanding. He leaned forward. "You seek Truth."

Brenda frowned. Before she could question, he went on.

"You seek the Truth about Truth. The Truth about Glory. The Glory that is Love." Her eyes widened. "The Love that is around us. For it is. One need just look. Mind and heart open. See the Love that is the Universe, the Universe that is Love."

She leaned forward, lunch bag still clutched in her hand.


"God is a name without meaning. Its meaning changes every place it is spoken. No. Not God or Jesus. They are for those who have not seen."

Her body seemed to be closer, their crossed legs just two feet apart.

"Who, then?"

"Her." He leaned back against the tree, eyes on the blue sky above. "I have not learned her name, but I see her in every cloud, every leaf. She has come down to save those who would be saved. Those who would follow." His eyes dropped to hers. "To follow her, follow me."

Brenda almost ran to the corner of the cafeteria, ignoring the looks of those around her. She threw herself into a chair at an empty table, ripping open her bagged lunch. There were still five minutes left in the period. She had spent the rest of it...

How? Not eating, obviously. She bit down on the salami and cheese sandwich, the tomato only partly having made the bread soggy. As she chewed, she opened the bottle of V8.

What was that guy?, she glanced out the large glass window. He was still there, partly visible sitting against the tree. Just a plain black haired guy. Nothing special. Yet ... She took another bite. What he had said over the last half hour was a swirl of images. How can words be images? Yet they were. She had seen more than heard.


She had seen Love.

It had surrounded him. Flowed through him. She didn't love him. No. She didn't even KNOW him! But ... From him came Love. Love from Her. Who was Her? She didn't know. But, through him she would. Would know.

Brenda shook her head. She had to talk to someone. This was too much. She could just be crazy. Jeanie. She'd talk to Jeanie.

"Sounds like a nut. A religious nut."

Brenda sighed as her friend closed her locker. She shrugged as Jeanie gave her a disapproving look, lock secured.

"I know. That's why I'm telling you. When I was there, beside him, it all seemed so..."

"Is he studly?"

Brenda snorted.

"No. Not that we are, either."

"Hey, Ken!" Jeanie raised her voice at a passing guy. "Wanna sleep with us?" Brenda groaned as he slowed down, those around Ken laughing. Attention like this she didn't need.

"Sure!" He grinned at them. Jeanie waved her hand at him.

"Too bad! Go away." Ken laughed as he moved on with his companions. Jeanie looked at Brenda. "See? We're not fashion models, but we have our own beauty. Can hold our own. Don't fall for the first guy to say something good about you."

"This guy didn't..."

The bell rang.

"Let's go!" Jeanie took her hand. They'd talk later.

He was standing on the edge of the sidewalk, eyes seemingly unfocused as the two walked out of the school. Brenda pulled Jeanie off to the right, away from the flow of kids. She pointed.

"There he is."

She focused on Jeanie as Jeanie give Alan the once over. Her best friend was not, quite, the stereotypical "fat" friend, just as she was not your normal "shy" one. Jeanie had a few extra pounds, but they were distributed rather well. Her oversized t-shirt was a bit tight, breasts seeing to that. Straight black hair fell just past her shoulders. Her expression was ... not impressed.



"Don't see it. Let's talk to him."

Brenda followed, nervous. Did she want Jeanie to be impressed with this guy? Or did she want to realize he was just some scam artist after all? Either would settle things. Wouldn't it?

He turned to them as they approached. Alan smiled, Brenda once again seeing the glow from him. The glow of Truth. Love.

Or something else. His eyes seemed to go to Jeanie.

"If you wish to follow, follow."

He turned, starting down the row of buses. Brenda stood where she was. That ... was unexpected.

Jeanie passed her, following Alan. THAT surprised her as well. Brenda moved quickly, matching her stride to that of her friend. She shot a glance at her.

"What are you doing?" She tried to keep her voice down, not drawing unwanted attention. Jeanie's expression was one of confused wonder.

"I..." She shook her head. "Come on."

They followed him out of the school grounds, down the suburban street. Brenda looked behind them. She had taken the bus that morning. Once the buses left, getting home would be a bitch. And she was walking in the wrong direction. She gave a resigned sigh. It had seemed like such an average day before lunch.

The town park loomed before them. Oak and Maple trees now came up to the sidewalk, the pavilions and picnic areas located over on the far end. Alan suddenly veered into the trees, a very slight path visible. Jeanie followed, Brenda a breath behind. She didn't think she had ever played in this part. Her parents had kept her over by the lake, where the ducks and playground were. The woods were where the older, scary kids played.

Brenda looked down. She didn't look scary.

A small clearing appeared, surrounded by evergreen and thorny bushes. He was sitting in the middle, legs folded before him, face calm. That slight wavering of reality still surrounded him. Jeanie paused for a moment, then went to sit before him. Brenda followed suit. For a brief moment, as she lowered herself, she wished she had a skirt on. The thought left her mind before she could wonder where it came from.

"OK," her friend said, "We're here. Now what?"

"Do you feel loved?" Alan leaned forward as he said it, hands on his knees. He seemed to look both of them in the eye at once. Brenda felt the feeling returning, the comforting haze from lunch. Her body leaned forward. She did feel loved. When she was near him.

"L-loved?" Jeanie's voice was one of confused wonder. Face reddening, her gaze went to Brenda, before slipping down into her own lap. "W-when I'm with Brenda." It came out a whisper, although she heard it clearly. Brenda felt her own face heat, eyes going to the ground. This wasn't Jeanie. Not the Jeanie she knew. To say something like that to a stranger ... hell, to HER! Yes, she loved her friend, but not...

"The Lady is Love." His voice was soft. "Love is the Lady. To Love is to praise her. Praise the Glory that is her Love. For she Loves us. Wants us to feel Love, in all its forms. To experience the Love and Glory that is life. That creates life. For life is Love."

That made sense, yet it didn't. It was gibberish. Gibberish that spoke to Brenda's soul.

"Why?" Brenda asked. She shook her head. "I mean, why us? Why now?"

"Because you are worthy, and the Lady is ready." Alan game a rueful smile. "I'm asking these questions too. I think she is now collecting followers because something is happening. Something she needs to shelter us from. But only if we come to her willingly. Come to her out of Love."

"My mind feels like 'willingly' is a subjective term." Jeanie put a hand to her forehead. "My mind is foggy."

Even as her friend said that, Brenda felt her own head seem to clear. Maybe she was just getting used to what was being done to her.

"What are we expected to do? If we follow her?"

"Love," Alan said. "Love her. Love each other. Love the other Disciples, as they come. Love the others, whether they know the glory or not."

Others. Other Disciples. This was starting to sound like a cult. Then again, what religion only had three members? Jeanie gave a low chuckle.

"What form will the 'Love' take?"

An image suddenly flashed in Brenda's mind. Her, nude, on all fours in the woods. Alan behind her, pushing into her body as other girls watched. A wave of pleasure pulsed out from between her legs. She saw herself on the ground, legs spread, as a beautiful baby came forth. It glowed with the Grace of God.

She realized she was at her most fertile.

Brenda stood. Reaching down, she undid the belt that made the blouse hug her curves, letting it fall to the ground. Said blouse was up and over her head a moment later. Jeanie almost leaped to her feet.


Her bra dropped to the ground, jeans following a moment later as she kicked off her loafers. Her panties followed.

"I want to do this." She said it half to Jeanie, half to herself. Turning her back to Alan, she got on all fours. "For the Lady. For Love. For Glory."

"Brenda..." Jeanie was kneeling beside her, hand laying itself on her bare back. Brenda felt herself tremble.

"I ... I want to..." Did she? Did she really want this? She was no virgin, but neither had she been with any boy whom she didn't love. Was this just the Lady, or... ?

Strong hands took hold of her ass. Her legs spread of their own accord. She felt him at her entrance.

Alan thrust into the girl.

Virgin that he had been, the experience was like nothing he had ever felt. Whether this was what sex was like, or something special of the Lady's doing, he didn't know. He was aware of Brenda thrusting back, her body seemingly eager for his seed. She pulsed around him, bringing incredible pleasure. Yet, he could feel his body resist. Resist giving up the Lady's gift too soon. His eyes closed. So much pleasure...

When he looked again, Jeanie was staring at him. Her expression was longing mixed with disgust. As her eyes fell back to her friend, love began to fill them. Love, and maybe understanding. She moved in front of her, hands going to Brenda's cheeks. She raised her head.

"Are you OK?"

"God ... Lady ... I feel the Glory!"

He felt her clamp down hard on him. He kept going, overcoming the resistance. He would keep thrusting until...

It came upon him in a rush. He felt the pleasure run through his body, down the path into her. Felt the exquisite release. His mind exploded into light, color. He saw images of babies. Of mothers holding them, dozens of young mothers all nude under the Glory of Her.

Saw the Lady, casting her Glory down.

Brenda quivered as she felt his seed enter her.

This was not natural. It couldn't be. There was no way she could be feeling this. Feeling him rush up into her body, assaulting her egg. Could feel ... could feel him, her, ENTER her egg!

Could feel her child come to life.

She dropped to her elbows, butt still held high, not noticing Alan pulling out. Her body trembled with exhaustion, sweat cooling in the slight breeze. Sleep. She needed sleep...

"What did you do to her?" Jeanie's voice wavered between concern and anger. Brenda felt her friend place something over her shoulders. It felt like her blouse. Groaning, she forced herself up, first onto her hands and knees, then to a sitting position. She grabbed the blouse as it fell.

"He did what I thought I wanted." Brenda looked back at him. Alan was zipped up, sitting. He looked almost normal, the unreality dimmed. "What was needed."

Part of her mind fought to be heard. Had she really fucked a stranger? Gotten herself knocked up? She knew better! Yet, had knowing better brought her Love? Glory? She took a deep breath.

"It's OK, Jeanie. Really it's OK."

"Everyone who joins you," Jeanie said to Alan. "This will happen to everyone who follows you. Follows this Lady. You'll fuck them. Knock them up. Then what? What happens once you have a harem of pregnant girls?"

Alan let out a long sigh.

"Once she tells me, I'll let you know."

Jeanie laughed.

Brenda relaxed. She had always liked Jeanie's laugh. It wiped away her cares. Jeanie settled in beside her, cotton covered shoulder touching bare skin.

"OK," Jeanie said, putting her arms behind her and leaning back. "I'm in. We're Seniors. It's only right we ruin our lives before graduation."

Alan walked through the front door, tossing his book bag on the front stairs. He was late. And tired. Walking home tended to do that to him, not that he had in fact walked from school before. So many firsts today.

"Is that you, Alan?" He had to be late, if his Mom was already home.

"Yes." He headed into the kitchen. He needed a drink. Mom was there, looking at a frozen package of chicken.

"Good day at school?"

"Yeah." He grabbed a plastic bottle of pop from the refrigerator, opening it as the door swung shut. He took a long swig.

"Good." Grabbing a knife, she began to open the chicken.

Twisting the plastic top back on, he carried the bottle out into the hall. Had it been a good day? He didn't know. He did know it was a beginning. A beginning to something. Something that might have an ending, might not. But it had begun.

Tomorrow, he'd find out if was to continue.

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