Chapter 1

My dad Howard, back in 1998, won the Powerball Lottery in Ohio. He took the cash payout, in the amount of $161,500,000.

I am his only son Jon, and I have a sister named Kimberley. Mom had left him back in 1995, and had tried to take him to court to get her share of it, but all she got was a million dollars, which dad gave her from of his personal winnings. He took 50%, and we split the other 50%.

In a moment of weakness, while on a vacation to New York two years ago, Kim and I put in $20 each and bought forty random tickets. By the end of the week, we won and split the Mega Millions, which after deciding to take the lump payout became $197,000,000 more.

We barely touched our previous winnings, so now we were uber-wealthy, as Kim had put it.

I’m 22, and she’s 20. Dad still worked at the same place he had since he turned eighteen, only he bought the company, and it has since done very well. He travels a lot, and we don’t see much of him these days.

Kim sat me down and told me, “Jon, I think we need to move out of town.”


“Everybody is always asking us for money, wherever we go. We’ve given to this city all we should.”

“Because of that, you are suggesting we find someplace else to live? I’ve never lived alone before – and I do not want to start now?”

Putting her hand on my thigh, moving up my leg, she suggested, “We could live ... together, couldn’t we, Jon?”

Before I could answer, she had her mouth on mine, and we were kissing. I wasn’t sure about this, but all of me was responding and was quickly on high alert.

When she broke our contact, all she did was look in my eyes, and I took her upstairs to my room.

I had never even seen her naked before, the closest was when we went to the neighborhood pool at Peterson Park, and all the boys liked how she looked. She was one of the first girls in the entire neighborhood to get curves.

Looking back, I remembered some of the guys gave me grief, saying things to me like, “Too bad she’s your sister, hey Jon?” and other mildly offensive things.

I defended her, but that did make me start looking at her differently. Most of our lives, we were in the same schools at the same time. She took my hand when we walked home. I always thought she was worried about other boys, but now I wonder how long she may have had feelings for me.

The hell with all that, we were naked now, she was on her back with legs apart, and she was rubbing her clit and looking at me, very deliciously.

I licked my finger and put it inside her causing her to gasp, and she looked straight into my eyes saying, “Will you please fuck me? I’m not a virgin, and I’m completely safe – please?”

I was certainly hard enough to, and her beautiful blue eyes were compelling me. “This is incest, Kim. Are you sure we should do this?”

“I’ve wanted you, like this, for so long. I don’t care what anybody else thinks ... I love you, Jon.”

The words she said seemed to put me on automatic, so I gave her a deep moist kiss, and then I took hold of myself, easily pushed myself inside her to her delight and we began to make love.

I wasn’t a virgin either, and knew precisely what to do, and we made love all night long, mostly with me on top and her squealing her head off. She really knows how to kiss. I came three times, including once directly inside her mouth.

At breakfast the next morning, we talked more about leaving.

“Where exactly would you like to live?” I asked my lover and sister. “Could we stay on this side of the Mississippi?”

“We have lived in and around cold weather, rain and snow for far too long here in Ohio, Jon,” she said putting some scrambled eggs on my plate. “Maybe the southwest somewhere?”

“So, you’re talking about Arizona or New Mexico?” I replied. “What about Georgia or Florida?”

I was eating while talking. She sat down closer to me than usual. I suppose last night was the reason for that.

“I’ll go anywhere as long as you and I are together, Jon,” she said. “Everyplace has great reasons to go there. Florida has nice weather, but also hurricanes, California has high taxes and earthquakes, and it rains on Oregon over 200 days a year.”

“Going by the most pleasant weather, LA beats out San Diego by a nose, but I don’t want to spend all that time driving from place to place. Houston has one pleasant day a week, on average, but I don’t want to be ‘Deep in the Heart of Texas,’” I said.

That made her giggle, which made me smile.

“You’re right about having to drive ... I hate it too. Maybe, we find a big enough place that we would never have to leave, except for groceries,” she said.

She broke into a great big smile.

“Let’s each make a list of the places we’d like to live, then compare them, OK beautiful,” I said.

“I like it when you call me that, Jon. I love you!”

Excuse me for a moment -- some complete descriptions are in order;

Me – Jon Howard 6ft6
22 years old, black hair/blue eyes
Sis -- Kim Howard 5ft10
20 years old, brown hair/blue eyes

Dad -- Richard Howard 6ft4
44 years old, black hair/blue eyes
Ex-mom – Martha Howard 5ft4
39 years old, brown hair/brown eyes

Other characters to follow...

Neither of us goes to school or work anymore. It was one of the few concessions we made to being rich. We also tried not to show off by buying extravagant things. I don’t believe Kim had purchased any new clothes in some time. She just didn’t feel the need to show off, although she had the figure to wear nice things.

I bought a Certified Previously Owned 2013 Chrysler Town & Country and was happy with it. She drove her 16th birthday car, a 2011 Chevy Volt ... a real chick car! It being an electric car meant it didn’t have what my car had. Thankfully, we were not terribly competitive.

When she said that she was heading out to get some new clothes, I recommended I go with her, and we go somewhere out of town to shop. She believed it was a good idea, so I let her drive my car as we headed from Fargo to Jamestown, an hour away.

She didn’t have a particular place in mind to shop, so I took out my Droid (I may finally replace that) and told her about the Buffalo Mall, directing her to it.

Not driving it much, she parked away from the other cars, and took my arm as we found just the right place.

We had a mall in Fargo, but too many people knew who we were. We pulled up to the store, and she just stopped for a moment, worrying me a little.

“What’s wrong, Baby?” I asked.

She took a big silent breath, saying, “I’m nervous, OK. Tell me that you love me again?”

“More than any man has ever loved any woman – that is how much I love my Kimmy?”

“Thank you, that helped a lot.”

“It doesn’t hurt that you are the most beautiful woman wherever you go,” I said.

“Don’t ever stop telling me things like that, OK?” she said putting one foot in front of the other and leading us inside.

She walked through the door to the clothing store inside and seemed in awe of what she had seen in a different JC Penny’s.

She was walking into the juniors’ section before I re-directed her to the Women’s Section. She was still gripping my hand like a vise.

I walked up to the first employee we came across; her name was Karol.

“Hello, can I help you find something in particular,” she asked very sweetly.

I quickly answered, “My wife wanted some new clothes before we moved out of state.”

“Wonderful, what size are you?” my sister was asked.

Again, I answered, “She would like to be measured, please. It’s been a while since she’s been shopping, especially for unmentionables.”

That made them both giggle; my fingers were now getting feeling back in them. I gave her a kiss and told her to follow Karol.

After I had waited a while anxious to find out how things were going, Karol came out, with my ‘wife’ wearing a very formal evening dress.

“You are so beautiful in that,” I said kissing the back of her hand garnering that beautiful smile of hers. “We’re going to pick up her resized wedding ring after we leave here; that’s not to say we are in any sort of hurry. She doesn’t have much in the way of warm weather clothing. Could you focus on that, please?”

“Certainly,” Karol said.

“Love you, Babe,” I added.

Five more dresses, some mix and match blouses and skirts, and some bikinis and enough underwear to throw all she had away. By the end of all that, she said, “I need shoes.”

Karol took us into the shoe section, when I realized that keeping only one person involved would be easier for my ‘Pretty Woman!’

As soon as I thought that, I asked to be directed to the jewelry department. Karol told us, they were a separate entity, so we bought everything we had at that point, and I carried it into the jewelry department after slipping Karol forty bucks cash for her help. She put it directly in her pant pocket.

The next thing I did was take Kim to the rings area, where I told Charla we were looking for wedding rings, causing Kim to pull her hand from mine for a second. She gave me a kiss, this time, saying, “I love you, so very much!”

We found matching rings, with sapphire stones. Charla sized both of us, telling us when to be back. I hadn’t thought that far ahead, but it could work out just fine. Before leaving the jewelry department, Kim was staring at the beautiful necklaces they had on display.

Charla came over to see what my lady was looking at, “We have earrings and necklaces matching the rings you just ordered. Would you like that, a full matching set?”

My blue-eyed beauty looked at me and said, “Could I please, Jon?”

“Anything for my girl,” I said kissing her again in front of Charla.

“We’ll come back for all the jewelry at once,” I said. “I can’t wait to see the full effect when she’s wearing all of it at once. Let us know when to come and get it?”

Yes, Sir,” she said breaking into a huge smile of her own.

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