Follow My Leader
Chapter 1: The Big Guy

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Big Guy - Let's all follow the big guy.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Science Fiction   Oral Sex   Anal Sex  

"Phwoar! He's hunky!"

Not really what Hayden wanted to hear, certainly not when Abbie was looking at someone else. She was his girlfriend, not the other guy's. She was right though, there was this tall good-looking man crossing the road towards them. Very solidly built and handsome with short dark hair. Hayden took an almost instant dislike to him. Looking like that, the guy could probably attract girls even if he didn't have a CAP score over 6.5.

Hayden could only dream of looking like that. He was thinnish, average height and had dull brown hair. The most attractive thing about him was that he did have a good CAP score: 6.6. He was pretty sure that Abbie would have liked him anyway, but he wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Certainly not a gift horse with the benefits she provided.

Abbie wasn't conventionally good-looking either, but she had an easygoing personality and got on well with Hayden and his friends. Her tits were small apples, firm and nicely shaped. Below the waist she was a different story. She had a big arse above thick, solid thighs and short legs. A fashion model she was not. He'd had offers – lots of offers – from better looking women, but they were only after his CAP score. He felt more comfortable with Abbie; she liked him for himself, not just for his score. Her skin was a lovely café-au-lait from her Trinidadian dad. He'd also given her frizzy black hair which drove her to distraction. Mostly she kept it tightly tied back to stop it escaping all over the place.

"I bet he plays rugby. Look at the way he's built," she went on. "I love those thighs."

Hayden scowled at her, but she wasn't looking at him.

"He's big enough for one of those Space Marines..."

Hayden didn't hear the rest of whatever she said. The guy was as big as a Confederacy Marine; put him in a uniform and he could easily be standing guard outside a CAP testing centre. He wasn't in uniform now, but he walked – make that marched – like he was in the military. Could it be? Worth taking a chance anyway. Neither of them had anything better to do at the moment, there was plenty of time before this afternoon's lectures.

He got out his phone and called his best mate, "Mike? Get over here quick. I'm on the High Street by Starbucks, walking up the hill. Byzantium."

"Byzantium? For real?" Mike asked, surprised.

"For real," Hayden assured him. "We're following one of their guys. If we stick with him, then..."

"Two minutes. We're by the bus station."

When the Government announced the partial evacuation of Earth, Hayden and Mike had agreed to use the codeword 'Byzantium' to alert each other to Confederacy pickups. That was before they realised that pickups were closed – once they'd started you couldn't get in. Finally, three years later, Hayden was able to use the code word as they'd intended. And it worked! Ahead, beyond the big guy, he could see Mike's girlfriend Bridget walking down the street towards them. Mike was to her left.

Bridget was far easier to spot; her hair was bright orange this month. Neither she nor Mike had the score to make sponsor, so she knew she'd need a way for sponsors to notice her in a line-up of naked women. She had good tits, big and firm, but there would be lots of other tits on display. The brightly dyed hair was her way to stand out from the crowd. At least this month's orange wasn't as bad as the fluorescent green she'd had last month. By contrast, Mike was average: average height, average weight, light brown hair and average looks. Average CAP score as well, he had a 5.1.

The Marine hadn't stopped at Starbucks, so the pickup wouldn't be there. The next likely place was L'Épice and Love, the organic café further up this side of the High Street at the junction with London Road.

Suddenly the big guy turned off into the entrance of an anonymous office, set in the row of shops. What! Why were they doing a pickup from an office? Hayden stopped, surprised.

"Why have you stopped?" Abbie asked. She hadn't realised who the big man was.

"I'm thinking," he told her. Not wanting to block people passing, he took her hand and pulled her into the porch where the Marine had gone. If they were in the porch, then there was a good chance they'd be inside the exclusion field when it appeared.

By the time Mike and Bridget reached them, there was still no sign of any grey barrier.

"So where is it then?" Mike asked.

"I don't know," Hayden told him. "The big bloke we were following went in here," pointing to the office entrance.

"OK, let's go in then," Mike said, squeezing between Hayden and Abbie to get to the door. Mike was like that, often acting before thinking. Sometimes it was fun; sometimes it was a disaster. Hayden wasn't sure what this one would be, but he followed anyway.

Inside, the receptionist asked, "Can I help you?" with a professional smile.

"Erm..." Mike was struck dumb. He was a tit man, and this woman had what looked like the most awesome tits in town. He was mesmerised. Female fashion had changed to show a lot of skin after the announcement of the Swarm. That had died back some once it became clear that pickups were relatively rare. More recently, the rise of the Earth First party could make it difficult if you were too obviously looking for a concubine slot. Despite that, everything above and between her nipples was on display. Mike was completely transfixed. How did she get them to stand out like that without a bra?

Hayden rescued his friend with some quick thinking, "We're here to meet someone." Complete bullshit of course, but the best he could do on short notice.

She went for it! "OK, you can all wait over there." She indicated a low table and chairs to their left.

Hayden thanked her politely and the four of them sat down.

"What's this about?" Abbie asked quietly. "We were walking down the street and you drag me in here. What is this place anyway?"

Hayden explained that big guy she'd noticed was probably a Confederacy Marine, and he was hoping to get the four of them in on a pickup. Bridget was as round-eyed as Abbie. Obviously Mike hadn't told her either.

"So where's the grey field they use then?" Abbie asked. "There's no point in us sitting here if there isn't going to be a pickup, and if there was it would probably have started by now."

"I don't know. Maybe they're waiting for someone? Some high-CAP guy..."

"Or woman," Bridget interrupted.

"Some high-CAP person to arrive?" Hayden rephrased carefully.

"If they're waiting, then we could get a few more people," Mike said, pulling out his phone.

"No!" Hayden hissed – he didn't want to attract the receptionist's attention. A quick glance showed she was working at her computer screen and talking into a Bluetooth headset, not paying any attention to the four of them. "You're not thinking, again, Mike. If there's a big crowd they won't extract anyone at all. We don't want to start a riot."

"We might get away with a few people?" Mike complained.

"Not likely. We already stand out in here like a sore thumb. We're students, we don't look like office workers. We don't want to do anything that might make them suspicious and throw us out. Then we'd definitely miss any pickup."

"What about Ray?" Abbie suggested. "He's got a big score and he's a businessman. He'd fit in. Isn't he meeting your mum for lunch today?"

"She did say he might be there."

"No harm in phoning him, then?"

"S'pose not." Hayden tried his phone. "Damn. No signal."

Suddenly, a man's voice interrupted them, "Hello Mr. Waugh. Sorry to keep you all waiting. Would you like to come through now?"

Hayden looked up at the sound of his name. The stranger was normal build, not like the giant they'd followed. He was blond, short-haired and handsome. What was it with all the good-looking men here? And the receptionist too, though she was definitely not a man. Was this place a model agency maybe?

He led the four of them through to a conference room with eight chairs set round a table. "Sit down please," he told them.

Not wanting to make a fuss, they all did as he asked.

"You were having a problem with your phone's reception?"

Hayden nodded.

"That happens sometimes. Try one of these instead."

The stranger picked up four smartphones from the table and handed one to Hayden, then one each to the other three.

"It's broken," Hayden told him. The screen showed nothing but a strangely fascinating coloured hash.

The man smiled. Hayden saw that the other three were all still staring at theirs.

Abbie looked up next, "What does it do?"

The stranger waited until Mike and Bridget finished. Bridget stayed quiet, but inevitably Mike spoke before thinking, "Piece of crap."

The man ignored their comments. "I'm Ethan Gustafson. And you are Hayden Waugh, Abigail Newton, Michael Howarth and Bridget Matthews are you not?"

All four of them nodded. "How'd you... ?" Mike asked.

"You're all carrying your CAP cards," Ethan explained. Quickly turning to Hayden, he asked, bluntly, "Why did the four of you walk in here?"

Hayden knew there was no point in not telling the truth. If there was a pickup in the offing, then they wanted in. If there wasn't, then they had better things to do. "We were looking for a Confederacy pickup."

"There aren't many extractions from offices. Most of them are from bars or restaurants. Why were you looking for one here?"

"We saw this really big guy, like a Confederacy Marine," Hayden explained, "so we followed him. We were expecting him to go into a café or something, like you said, but he came in here instead. We just followed."

Ethan paused with a distant look in his eye. "That was Shane. You're right, he does look like a Marine."

"Will there be a pickup then?" Mike asked. "If not, then we..."

"No," Ethan interrupted. "This isn't the sort of place for an extraction."

"But from somewhere else?" Hayden guessed. Ethan was phrasing his answers very carefully.

Ethan ignored the question. "Michael, you're aware that your chances of being selected in an extraction are very low?"

"Yeah, I know," Mike replied. "But if I'm not in a pickup, then there's no chance at all, is there?"

"Fair point," Ethan acknowledged. "In reception, you were talking about a Ray with a high score. Do you know his full name?"

There was an obvious question in there – how had Ethan known what they were talking about before he'd joined them? – but it was plainly one of those questions he wouldn't answer. Hayden didn't even bother to ask. "He's Ray Gibson. Mum says he's due four concs, so he scored seven point something."

"You mother knows him?"

"Yeah. He's married to her best friend from school. Mum and Sally are meeting for lunch in town today."

"At L'Épice and Love?"

"Yeah, they like the salads there. How did you know?" Hayden asked, puzzled.

Ethan gave a slight smile and ignored the question. Instead he told them, "Then I suggest that you and your friends go and meet your mother and her friend for lunch. If her friend wants to invite her husband to join them, then that would be good."

"Mum did say that Ray might be there."

Ethan smiled at that. He continued, "And remember what you were saying earlier."

The four of them looked at him, mystified.

"You don't want to stir up a riot. The Confederacy never runs an extraction if there's a riot going on." Ethan retrieved his four phones and stood up. "It's been a pleasure meeting you all. Now you'd better be on your way."

As they walked up the street, Mike burst out, "Do you think..."

"Yeah, the receptionist's tits were incredible," Hayden interrupted hastily. That cost him a punch on the arm, a hard one, from Abbie, but it stopped Mike saying something he probably shouldn't. Talking about things in the street where anyone could overhear, might cause exactly the kind of riot that would wreck everything. Mike's habit of engaging his mouth before his brain could be really annoying sometimes.

They had to find their own table in the café. Hayden's mother and her friend Sally were at a table for three; far too small for all of them. Hayden did manage to confirm that the two women were expecting Ray to join them soon. The four students managed to find a free table in a quiet corner, away from other customers.

Finally Mike got to ask his question, though thankfully he remembered to speak quietly. "Do you think those people were Confederacy?"

"For sure," Hayden said. Abbie and Bridget both nodded agreement. "The big bloke and Ethan were too handsome and the receptionist had obviously been worked on as well. Everyone says that concubines, the women anyway, get big tits after they're extracted."

The others nodded.

"They could read our CAP cards as well," Abbie pointed out.

"And they were listening in on what we said," Hayden reminded them. "Ethan knew what we'd been talking about before he showed up. He never said exactly what he did, but he didn't seem surprised at us talking about the Confederacy. I bet that place is some sort of secret Confederacy office."

"So," Mike confirmed, "there will be a pickup here today."

"Yeah," Hayden agreed. "Ethan never actually said so, but he was certainly dropping a lot of obvious hints. I think they'll wait for Ray to arrive first. They won't want to miss the chance to collect a seven if they know he's coming. I bet they're secretly scanning CAP cards here, like they did at the office."

"They read your card too, Hayden," Abbie said. I don't think they'd send us on a wild goose chase with you around. They'll want you as well as Ray."

Abbie was right and so was Hayden. Less than a minute after Ray arrived, the grey interdiction field came on and the pickup started.

While a Marine sergeant was making her opening announcement, the four of them smiled at each other. Abbie looked hopefully at Hayden, "Will you... ?"

"Yes Abbie. I'll take you."

Bridget was making eyes at him and pushing out her tits. They were bigger than Abbie's, very much to Mike's taste.

"Sorry, Bridget. I promised Abbie and I need a mother for my second. You don't have any kids."

Bridget was disappointed, but not surprised. She knew that Hayden and Abbie were an item and he was right about her lack of mothering experience. "It was worth asking," she said, shrugging, and started stripping. She liked Mike a lot, but getting herself off Earth was more important. She and Mike both knew that their relationship would only last until the Confederacy showed up.

"Sorry Hayden, you're not my type," Mike joked. At 5.1 he was below the 6.5 cut-off so, as Ethan had said, his chances here were slim. "I'll see if the woman sponsor wants me." Only one of the seven sponsors the sergeant had named sounded female.

"You could see if Ray needs an extra man," Hayden suggested. "He might want three women and a gigolo instead of four women."

"That's a thought," Mike said, before following the naked Bridget towards the line-up of potential concubines.

Hayden made his way towards the Marine they'd noticed earlier. Shane, PFC Collins according to his ID tag, was in uniform now and handing out CAP card readers to the seven sponsors the sergeant had called up.

"Ah, here's my shadow," he greeted Hayden, smiling as he handed over the reader. "Well spotted."

Hayden nodded and smiled back. The reader's interface was intuitive enough that he was able to examine Abbie's card with no problems. Everything was as he'd expected. They'd been going out together for almost a year, so he knew her well. There was some useful new information: she had a good motherhood potential – at twenty she didn't have any kids of her own yet. That was going to change soon if the stories were true.

As he'd told Bridget, Hayden wanted an experienced mother for his second slave. The official description was 'concubine', but everyone knew what it really meant. His first choice was his own mother, Lauren. She and Abbie already knew and liked each other. That should help with integrating his new family.

He found her with Ray and Sally. Lauren was naked, but Sally still had her pale blue panties on for some reason. Seeing the older women naked reminded him, "Abbie, you need to lose your clothes."

She nodded and started to strip. She'd known it was coming so she wasn't surprised. At least she already had her sponsor, unlike most of the women here.

Hayden asked, "Mum, do you want to be my concubine with Abbie?"

"No dear. I'm sorry, but I really can't deal with the..." Lauren paused, waving her right hand, unable to say the word.

" ... the incest part," Hayden supplied.

"Yes. I really can't handle that. I'm sorry, dear, but there it is."

He was disappointed, but not completely surprised. He knew she found the idea of sex with her son very difficult, but he'd hoped that when push came to shove in an actual extraction, she'd take the opportunity. "OK, mum. I'll find someone else. Good luck."

"Thanks, dear." Her eyes flicked towards Ray.

Mum with Ray? Hayden thought that would be good. Lauren and Sally went back a very long way, so they should get on well. Mum had known Ray for a long time as well, she'd even introduced him to Sally. Yeah, Ray would be a good choice for mum. Having Ray available as a backup probably explained why she had turned down his offer.

Ray was having a quietly intense discussion with Sally. It didn't look as if it was a smooth, 'Yes I'll be your slave, ' from Sally's side. Whatever it was, Hayden wasn't going to butt in uninvited. It was for them to work out.

He headed towards the line-up of wannabe concubines, followed by the naked Abbie. He saw his friend coming towards him, still dressed. "No luck then, Mike?"

"No. Ray wants four women and Cathy, the female sponsor, wants a married couple with a young kid or two. Looks like I'm staying here." Mike shrugged. He didn't look too down; it was what he'd been expecting.

Hayden decided to cheer his friend up, since this was the last time they'd see each other. "Abbie, give Mike a blowjob as a going away present." It was also a chance to test her. Fucking her himself wasn't really a test; they'd been fucking for the best part of a year now.

Abbie looked a little surprised, but she got down on her knees as instructed and reached for Mike's fly. She knew that concubines had to do whatever they were told and sex was well up the list, especially during a pickup. Better Mike than a complete stranger.

"Wow! Thanks, man! ... And thanks Abbie," Mike added after a second. He'd gone out with her twice, before she'd hooked up with Hayden, but she'd never done this for him then. And she was good at it. As good as Bridget; maybe they traded tips? Women these days needed the skills to shine at an extraction.

Hayden left Mike and Abbie to their fun and carried on towards the slave market. He stopped when he heard Sally shouting behind him, "I can't, Ray. I just can't."

Looking back, he saw Sally crying while Ray looked exasperated. Shane had picked up on the shouting as well and was making his way over to check on things. Hayden followed him. The big Marine took Ray and Sally aside for a talk, while Hayden asked Lauren, "What's the problem, mum?"

"Sally's getting clingy and jealous," she told him. "She can barely handle sharing Ray with me, but she's really anxious about sharing him with two new younger women. They'd hit a rocky patch in their marriage and she's nervous about losing him to someone else. She trusts me, mostly, but she doesn't trust anyone else at all."

"That's not good," Hayden observed. "She's more likely to drive him away, acting like that."

"Exactly what I've been telling her," Lauren agreed.

Meanwhile, Ray finished talking to the Marine and pulled a naked brunette in her late twenties out of the line-up. He got her to lean back against a table and spread her legs, while he stood in front of her, opening his fly.

"You can't, Ray! You're my husband!" Sally screamed.

"Wrong on both counts, lady," Shane told her. "Once you ship upstairs, he's not your husband any more. He'll be your sponsor and you'll be his concubine, not his wife."

"But he can't do that," Sally sobbed, waving a hand at the naked brunette.

Shane turned to Ray, "With that attitude she'll probably be dead inside a month if you take her. Like I told you, she'll likely live longer if you leave her behind. There are still a few years before the Sa'arm arrive."

Ray looked sad. "I'm sorry, Sally..." leaving the rest unsaid.

Sally collapsed into a nearby chair, looking shell-shocked. Ray finished getting his cock out and started to fuck the brunette, while Lauren went to comfort her friend.

Hayden was thinking. Mum had turned him down, but now Sally was unexpectedly available. He knew her, and she was exactly the kind of experienced mother he was looking for. Abbie knew Sally too, though not as well as she knew Lauren. But there was obviously a big potential problem. If she would be dead in a few weeks then there was no point in taking her.

He went to talk the question over with Shane. The Marine looked vacantly into space for a few seconds. "The AI says that most of her problem is because she thinks she has a hold on Ray, since he's her husband. You don't have that disadvantage. She probably sees you as belonging to your mother, not to her."

Hayden nodded.

"My advice is to test her hard, really push her. Make sure she knows you're in charge right from the start. If she learns that early on, then it will be easier for you both later. Put her through her paces is my recommendation. Picking a mother is a good idea, but she has to see you as her master, not as her husband. As long as she knows you're her sponsor and that you're the boss, then she'll be OK."

"Thanks, Shane. That was useful."

Hayden was wondering how to approach Sally with his offer, she still looked pretty much out of it. Before he could open his mouth, Lauren spoke first, "Hayden. I'll want to take Gail with me and Ray. Is that OK?"

He was about to agree, when Sally suddenly came out of her daze and screamed, "Oh my God! The twins!"

Lauren had married young and was pregnant with Hayden at nineteen. Sally had waited a lot longer after marrying Ray and had her twins when she was twenty-eight. Seeing Sally with her new babies had got Lauren thinking, so two years after Sally she'd had a sister for Hayden, Gail. The twins were now twelve and Gail was ten.

Unfortunately, Lauren's second pregnancy had driven Hayden's dad to divorce her. Hayden missed his dad, but he really loved Gail. She was such fun to have around. She was never down for more than five minutes at a time and was soon bouncing around, back to her normal cheerful self. He'd miss her a lot, but it was obviously better if she could stay with mum. They could probably visit each other; Ray wouldn't be unreasonable about that kind of thing.

Sally had realised that if Ray went without her, then he'd take the twins and leave her alone without her husband, without her children and without her best friend. She had to find herself a sponsor. Hayden was a sponsor and he was right there in front of her. She burst out, "You have to take me, Hayden! I can't lose the twins!"

That solved Hayden's problem of how to approach Sally, but it did point up the problem that Shane had talked about.

"I don't have to do anything, Sally," he reminded her. "I'm the sponsor here. If you're my concubine, you'll have to do what I tell you, not the other way round."

"Sorry, Hayden." Sally realised her mistake. "Please take me as your concubine. I'll do whatever you want. Please." She was almost in tears.

"That's better, Sally. You know I'll have to test you. I need to be sure you'll do what I say."

"Yes, Hayden," Sally nodded vigorously. "I'll do anything you want."

"Right. First, where's your CAP card?"

As he'd expected, Sally was an experienced mother with a good motherhood score. Letting her stay with the twins could give Hayden some leverage, since she really loved them. She liked sex, though not as much as Abbie. She needed an authority figure and had a tendency to cling to him. That explained her problems with Ray. As long as he could replace Ray in the husband/sponsor role then Sally should cope with her new situation. Her reaction to being tested would be important.

Looking up from the reader, he told his mother's friend, "Now get down on your knees and suck me."

She quickly did as ordered, kneeling in the scatter of discarded clothes, extracting Hayden's cock and stroking it to get it from half-hard to fully erect. Blue eyes looking up at him, she slid her lips slowly over the head and began to bob.

That astounded Hayden. She was being far more co-operative then he'd expected. Sally had been around since he'd been born. She was like an aunt and this was almost incest. He'd even jerked off to fantasies of her when he'd been younger and had first discovered what a boy's right hand was for. She couldn't really deep-throat him properly, she could only take him deep for an instant before having to pull back. Despite Sally's best efforts, Abbie was better.

Sally was putting everything she had into giving Hayden her best blowjob. Failure was not an option. Whatever she needed to do to secure a place with him, she'd do it. She'd already messed up once with Ray; she knew she couldn't afford to mess up again. Hayden would probably want to have sex with her. She'd do that as well. Anything, so long as she could stay with the twins. They were the most important thing. She had to stay with them. She'd do whatever she needed to do to make sure that she did.

Shane had told him to push Sally hard, so Hayden stopped her before he came. "Take off those panties and lie back on a table," he ordered. Without the panties, her caesarian scar was obvious. Her breasts were as big as he'd suspected, but they sagged a lot without her bra. They were probably as big as the receptionist's, but in Sally's case Confederacy technology hadn't thwarted gravity. That was something he could change later provided she passed her test.

Sally spread her thighs as he approached the table. She knew what he was going to do. She'd never thought of Hayden that way, but she'd have to now. If she wanted to be his concubine, then she'd have to act like his concubine. That Marine had been very blunt about her chances, but he'd probably been right. This would be the first time she'd been unfaithful to Ray. At least Hayden wasn't a complete stranger. That was a small comfort as she watched the young man approach her, his erection bobbing in front of him.

Hayden's finger told him that she wasn't ready. "Jill off, Sally. You need to get yourself wet."

"Jill off?" she asked, puzzled.

"Masturbate. You need to lubricate yourself, otherwise this will hurt both of us."

Her hand moved to her pussy and started stroking.

Looking at Sally, Hayden could see why she'd needed a caesarian. Her hips were very narrow for a woman. With her long legs, her figure was a total contrast to Abbie's. His mother's friend was tall, blonde and thin, with large breasts. Abbie was short, dark and wide with small breasts. Between the two of them he had a variety of options. Even their pubic hair was different; Abbie shaved hers into a narrow landing-strip while Sally still had a full blonde bush.

"I'm ready," Sally told him. She parted her labia with her right hand, opening her pink passage, while the left played with her right nipple.

Hayden moved forward, slowly seating the first inch of his erection into the older woman. Yes, she was ready. He pushed himself steadily into her, sinking his full length. She was a lot tighter than he'd expected. Sure, she'd had the twins by caesarian, but she felt very snug as she clasped his dick in her passage. Once he was fully in her, he pulled back and started to thrust more vigorously. Her breasts wobbled incredibly as he banged her hips. Abbie's were small, tight and just jiggled. Sally's were large and soft, making tidal waves on her chest.

Sally was quiet; much quieter than Abbie. Another difference between the two of them. That worried Hayden a bit. With Abbie there was a constant, "Yes, yes, yes! Fuck me! Fuck!" In contrast, Sally was silent. She was moving her hips in time with his thrusts, but she wasn't talking.

"You're very quiet," Hayden observed.

"Ray doesn't, unh, like being distracted," she explained.

"You can talk if you want to," he told her. She didn't, but at least now her silence didn't worry him.

Having got rid of one distraction, another arrived. Abbie came back, having finished blowing Mike. "Hayden? Mike's happy, but when you've finished there, I'm gonna need something."

Obviously doing Mike had got Abbie hot. He could see that she was getting twitchy, stroking her pussy with her left hand. Unfortunately he was busy testing Sally at the moment, so Abbie would have to wait. Ah! He could kill two birds with one stone here.

"Abbie go and sit in that chair over there."

Belatedly, Abbie noticed who Hayden was testing. "God! You're testing Sally. Isn't Ray taking her?"

"Long story," the distracted Hayden explained. He pulled out of Sally and told her, "Get up and go over to Abbie. Lick her pussy. Get her off."

"I ... I've never done that before."

"You and mum never played together when you were younger?"

Well, we did a bit," Sally admitted, embarrassed, "but never below the waist," she added quickly. "We weren't lezzies."

"OK, Abbie can let you know what she likes. Do your best." He saw Abbie nod; she'd overheard the exchange.

Sally got off the table and went to her knees in front of Abbie. That was a good sign, Hayden thought. She wasn't refusing his order, just letting him know that she lacked experience.

"Get up on all fours, Sally. I want to do you doggy-style while you're licking Abbie."

He moved a discarded skirt and knelt on it – more comfortable for his knees than the hard floor. Reinserting himself Hayden began building up speed, fucking Sally again. He was grasping Sally's hips with both hands by this point. Looking down he saw her dark pink arsehole winking back at him. Shane had said to test her hard – here was another task for her. He'd try her in all three holes.

He pulled out of her pussy, spat on her smaller opening and nudged his bell-end at her sphincter.

"Hayden! That's the wrong hole!" Sally exclaimed, lifting her head away from Abbie's pussy.

"No Sally. It's the hole I want to use, so it's the right hole."

"I'm not clean back there."

"Not your problem," he told her.

"Please go slow then. It's been a few years since Ray's been up there and you're thicker than he is."

She was tight back there, so Hayden did take it slowly initially. It was a bit of a struggle getting the head of his dick in, but once that was through, his shaft went in more easily. Noticing that Sally still had her head up, he smacked her lightly on the arse, "Back to work, Sally. Abbie still needs hers."

Stupid. Sally knew she'd been stupid and now she was paying for it. Licking a girl for the first time in her life, while Hayden's thick cock buggered her arse. Stupid. She'd known Ray would get four women ever since he'd tested. Lauren she could deal with – she knew Lauren. It was the other two who were the problem. She was sure Ray would pick a pair of young beauties: smooth skin, firm breasts, willing to do whatever he wanted. Every time he looked at an even half-way attractive woman, she could feel herself getting jealous. Stupid. She'd spent the last few years either trying to ignore it completely or else working herself into a state about it. When he'd picked that naked slut out of the line-up, she'd finally gone too far. This was a pickup; the rules were different and she'd forgotten. That big Marine had warned her and she'd ignored his warning. Stupid. Risking losing the twins! Very, very stupid.

Abbie was being nice, quietly helping her to get things right. Hayden was working steadily in her back passage. His dick was shorter than Ray's, but definitely thicker. She wasn't used to something that size back there. It had been a little painful going in, now it was merely uncomfortable. Sally thought about the brunette slut Ray had picked out, the one that had set her off. Now she was doing even worse things than that woman. Worth it if she could keep the twins, but she knew that if she hadn't been so bloody stupid she could have had it a lot easier. That was too late to change now, so she concentrated on giving Abbie a nice time.

Hayden managed to hold out until Abbie got off. He'd had to slow down a couple of times, which gave him a chance to maul Sally's tits. With her on all fours they almost reached the ground! Very different from Abbie's small apples; much softer as well as bigger. Once she'd satisfied Abbie, he was able to let rip and really pound Sally's arse. It didn't take him long; he was already excited and she was very tight back there.

When he pulled out he saw that Sally had been right. "Clean me off Sally," he ordered.

She picked up a blouse from the floor to wipe him clean.

"No. Whoever's that is might need it again if she's not taken. Use your panties."

Sally went back to fetch her discarded blue panties and started wiping Hayden's cock clean.

"How did she do?" he asked Abbie.

"Good. She picked it up pretty quickly. Bridget's better, but she'll learn."

"You did stuff with Bridget?"

"Yeah. We wanted be ready for anything in a pickup, even a female sponsor," Abbie explained, "so we practised on each other."

Hayden nodded his understanding. Meanwhile, Sally had finished cleaning him and was kneeling at his feet, blue eyes looking up at him hopefully.

Hayden looked down at her. Had she passed her test? There wasn't anything he could fault her on. She'd followed orders, even into areas she hadn't been before. She hadn't actually objected or refused; all she'd done was to let him know things she thought he needed to know. "Well done Sally. You can be my concubine along with Abbie."

Sally sighed with relief and asked, "You'll take the twins with us, won't you?"

"I'll check with Ray first, but I will if he doesn't. If he gets Gail then he'll probably let me have the twins." He left her kneeling and went to talk to his mother's sponsor.

He could see Ray across the room, fondling the arse of one of four teens bent forward over chairs while Lauren and the brunette looked on. The older man stopped and sent one of the four back to the line-up of unselected women. When he came within earshot, Hayden heard him talking to the remaining three.

" ... three of you. I only have two slots left, so I still need to drop one. Kerri is a virgin," he glanced at the youngest looking of the three, "so I'll test you on blowjobs. Dianne first."

At Ray's mention of blowjobs, Kerri's face lit up with a big smile. She was still smiling as Dianne knelt to start working on Ray's cock.

Hayden waited, watching, while Ray finished his testing. He sent the disappointed Dianne away in tears, keeping the smiling Kerri and the third teen, Hazel.

"Hello, Hayden," Ray said. "What can I do for you?"

"I've taken Sally," Ray nodded at that, "and we need to talk about Gail and the twins." Ray stayed silent, waiting. "I suggest that the kids stay with their mothers. Gail can stay with you and Lauren while the twins will stay with me and Sally. We can each visit when we want."

"Sounds reasonable, though in the short-term I don't want Sally meeting my other three concubines. She'll be OK with Lauren, but she might do something stupid with the others."

"That's probably sensible. I'll keep Sally out of your place and you'll keep your three out of mine then?" Hayden proposed.

"That's fine. We can always think about it again once Sally settles down."

"Agreed." Hayden paused and asked, "Why did you take the virgin, Ray?"

"Because I found out why she's a virgin. She gives serious head. Once she'd blown her boyfriend, he'd be limp for days and in no state to fuck her."

That probably explained why she'd had that big smile. She knew she had the advantage over the other two.

By now everyone else had finished making their selections. Ray was the last to finish because he'd had the most to collect. The seven sponsors and their sixteen concubines were lining up, ready to go through the transporter. Bridget was with a couple in their early thirties, the man still dressed and the woman naked, carrying a toddler. Mike smiled at Hayden and Abbie, then waved goodbye to his ex-girlfriend. Bridget blew him a last kiss and walked forward after her sponsor.

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