The Master Downstairs
Chapter 1

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Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I find a disturbing surprise when I enter my house. Where is my wife and why is there a naked woman in my living room?

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Mind Control   Slavery   Lesbian   Heterosexual   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Rough   Group Sex   Harem   Anal Sex  

Something was different as I entered my house, but it wasn't until I closed the front door that I noticed the naked woman kneeling in my living room. I didn't recognize her, but she was about 10 years older than my wife, and in good shape. As I took a step towards her, she did not move or acknowledge me.

"My wife Kristen, where is she, who is this woman", the thoughts ran through my head. In a surprisingly clear voice, I asked who she was, and her response shocked me: "I'm Master's slave". To this day, I don't know why I didn't call the cops, but instead, I asked where her Master was. Her response shocked me even more than her presence, "He's downstairs preparing his next slave".

I walked deeper into the house and grabbed the 2x4 we use to lock the sliding glass door. Opening the door to the basement, I heard something muffled. As I crept down the stairs, I was extremely nervous but I kept going. I could tell whatever was happening was in the laundry room, but my stomach clenched at what it could be. Slowly, I edged around the corner and had a great view of something I could never have imagined. Kristin was stretched out in an X with wires holding her arms up above her head and something clamped around each ankle. Her workout clothes had been ripped open and she had some sort of device on her head, completely covering her eyes, ears, and face. She was breathing hard and sweating profusely. I couldn't help but notice how crinkled and tight her nipples were or how she writhed within her bindings.

I also saw the "Master", who looked like a tall brown haired kid maybe ten or fifteen years younger than myself. He was focused on the computer that was connected to the thing on my wife's face. I didn't recognize what program he was using, but without thinking about it, I clipped him on his head with the wood. He went down right away and while I felt like swinging some more, I settled for tying him up.

Looking back at my wife, I could tell she was trembling and shaking. She had some sort of gag under the device because I could hear muffled sounds coming from her. Looking at the program, it showed that she was 75% of the way through whatever program was being run on her. I looked for some way to stop the program or pause it, but when I tried, a warning popped up which said "Dude! Don't forget what quitting the program early did to the blonde!" My brain was barely working, but I realized he was trying to program my wife, perhaps to be a slave like the woman upstairs. Judging by how much progress was being made, I guessed it would take another 15 minutes to complete. I couldn't tell if I should just rip everything off her like I wanted to, or what, but I remembered the warning on the computer and the woman upstairs. Maybe she'd have some answers.

She was exactly where I had left her and remained still as I walked up to her. "What is your Masters name" I asked. Her response was "Master" which was less than useful. I asked several questions trying to figure out who he was and each question was answered, but without providing any new information. Eventually, my questions about other slaves revealed that he had other slaves, but had only brought her today. I asked about the program and she knew the bell would ding twice when she had a new sister.

I left her where I found her and went back downstairs to find we were up to 87%. While I waited, I looked at his wallet and finally had a name to go with my prisoner, "Jeremy". He looked like he was still out, but the screen started saying "prepare for imprinting" with a clock counting down. I didn't see any other information or instructions, but it was pretty clear whatever was about to happen, would happen soon. Suddenly the bell rang twice and the screen said "remove the helmet and let her see her new Master". On an impulse, I threw a blanket that was in the laundry pile over Jeremy before walking in front of my wife. I undid the clips on the side and pulled the device away from her. As I lowered it, her eyes locked onto my face and she started make a low whining noise through the red ball gag she was wrapped in. I unclipped that and saliva poured out of her mouth.

I was shocked to the core when she said, "MASTER! I'm so glad you own my body and my mind, how can I please you?"

I kept unhooking her until she was able to drop to her knees and bend her head to my feet. I asked her to tell me what happened and who this was, while dramatically removing the blanket. She said she did not know him, but she had seen him looking through the window at her yoga class the other day. She saw him again when he rung the doorbell, right after she had returned home earlier. After he surprised and overpowered her, she had found herself strung up and watching him prepare the device. I asked how she felt and she said "Wonderful, now that I know who my Master is". She thought the woman upstairs was in her yoga class but didn't know her name, so I asked her to rest and I'd be right back.

Returning upstairs, I looked around and found the older woman's clothing neatly folded. Opening her normal looking purse, I found her drivers license. Brenda had the same last name as Jeremy and was about twenty years older than her son and lived in the next town over. I asked if she would come downstairs, but she said she was waiting where her Master had left her.

A thought occurred to me so I returned downstairs to find Jeremy struggling to move and Kristin kneeling in the same pose as Brenda upstairs. Jeremy was starting to come to and was cursing up a storm. I quickly strapped the red ball gag on his head to give me some quiet to think. I needed to make some decisions quickly, and knew in my heart that the police would not be the right course of action.

I reached the conclusion that I needed to run Jeremy through the same process he had just put Kristin through. I needed the safety of him being as committed to me as my wife was. Whoever wrote the program kept it straightforward, even I could figure it out. As I started strapping him up, he quickly went from Anger to Fear. He was begging, not that I could understand the words, begging to be spared. As I clicked Begin and then sat back in the chair, Kristin caught my attention.

Considering I thought I knew all of my wife's looks, I could not begin to fathom what I saw now. Her eyes were pleading with me to pay attention to her, or use her, or do whatever I wished with her. I asked her to come here and she quickly knee walked her way to my side where she rested her head on my knee. She began to ask me if she could rub me, or suck on me, or if I had anything I wanted from her, she was completely mine.

By this point, my cock was painfully constrained by my pants and I was not sure what to do or say so I looked at the computer screen. Jeremy was up to 25% and he was fighting the bindings I had put him in. Looking down on my slave Kristin, I couldn't help myself and said "suck my cock". Instantly she slid in front of me, carefully unzipping my pants and pulling my underwear down. With a gentleness she had never shown before, she began worshipping my cock. Her focus on it, interspersed with looking up at my face quickly brought me to a point of no return. As my cock swelled in size, she began to gag and drool. I felt my entire core lurch while I began to fill her mouth. She started making these contented "yum" sounds as she swallowed everything I had and began to lick all around the head, cleaning it up. Finally finished cleaning, she rested her head on my knee with a very contented look, which reminded me that I was tired and could just close my eyes for a minute.

"Ding Ding", the computer indicated it was time to imprint so I followed the same steps as last time. While I took off the face mask and removed the ball gag, I didn't know what I expect. He said the same thing that Kristin had after I had removed her gag. Without untying him, I asked him to explain everything.

As he talked and talked, I felt almost dizzy as I considered what to do next.

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