The Third Wish Revisited
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Salim (The Third Wish) is reincarnated in the body of Jason. The significant difference is that Jason is a black man who makes his living from running a high cost escort service. He personally vets all his prospective employees with his partner Reggie (a beautiful hermaphrodite). His ladies come from all walks of life and all ages - they just have to like sex. A constant bed partner in his life is his own mother, having discovered how well endowed her son is.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Mind Control   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Hermaphrodite   Cheating   Incest   Mother   Interracial   Black Female   White Female   Indian Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Squirting   Lactation   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Big Breasts   Prostitution  

My eyes were heavy and I struggled to open them. I wanted to open them to see what was happening - I had that distinct feeling that a woman was riding my cock. As I struggled to open my eyes, I slipped my hands up looking for familiar territory.

I found them - in the form of a nice big set of rounded tits with hard nipples.

The blackness was being replaced by lightness ... finally it was a blurry lightness. The blur was reducing with things coming into focus. The first thing that I noticed was my hands and arms - they were black.

My skin colour was black ... I glanced down to see that the rest of my body was black too. Not just a dark brown but a definite black was what I found.

"Oh god" I muttered. This wasn't what I expected when he said I would be placed into another body.

"Ahhhhh ... oh my fucking god ... eeeeeeeehhhhh!!!" screamed the woman who was riding my cock with her pussy convulsing all around my cock.

I shifted my attention to her, finding that I had a young brunette attached to those big rounded tits. She was young and pretty, and her hair was tossed about as she rode my cock to a massive cum.

"Fuck me ... god I love your big cock" she gasped. She grabbed my hands which were still on her tits and pressed them hard against her heaving chest.

The contrast between her lily-white skin against my dark black skin was stark.

She was doing amazing things on my cock so I let her distract me from my puzzlement, becoming a more active participant in this fuck session. It was then that I felt one of my balls slipping between a set of soft lips and into a hot mouth.

"Oh wow ... there is another person here" I surmised.

My balls were being expertly sucked, first one then the other ... and when neither were being sucked I could feel a tongue licking along the length of my exposed cockshaft.

After a minute or so another face appeared behind that of my fuck partner.

She was a pretty short-haired blonde with multiple ear piercings and a ring through her nose. Her necklace had a name on it - Reggie. She looked to be in her mid-twenties. Her hands slipped around to the front of the woman, cupping her bountiful tits. She nibbled and kissed the neck as she molested the tits in her hands.

"Jason ... I'm going to fuck her now ... we are going to fuck her together" she told me.

"Hmmmm ... Jason??" I thought "That must be my new name".

The brunette leant towards me as Reggie positioned herself behind her. Within a few seconds I could feel movement in the anal canal that ran parallel to the pussy that I currently occupied. I had been a little slow to realise that she meant a double penetration when she said that she was going to fuck her.

I could feel her "cock" through the membrane that separated us, and with just a little effort we were able to coordinate our fuck motions.

"Fuuuuuccccckkkkkkkk!!!!" screamed the brunette as her body convulsed between us.

"You are a good little slut Melissa" gasped Reggie "An excellent fuck ... you will be good for our clients".

"Clients?" I thought. "What have I landed myself into?"

The fucking was having a major effect on my arousal levels ... they were rising rapidly and I knew that I would be orgasming very soon. I could feel the heat rising in my balls.

"Gotta cum" I yelled when I could hold off no longer. That triggered both of the women who also yelled in unison with me.

Melissa pitched about between us as I filled her pussy with my cum. It felt quite voluminous just like when in Salim's body. Reggie was orgasming too ... her face was a picture of pure sexual delight.

Eventually we all came to an exhausted conclusion. Reggie was the first to move falling off to the side of Melissa and I, with Melissa tumbling to the other side. I was now between them. The first thing that attracted my attention with Reggie was the presence of very live looking cock protruding from her groin.

It was all pink, hard and sticky - at least six inches long was my estimation.

I was intrigued because the rest of her body was all female - the face, the breasts, and the overall shape of her body. I was too exhausted to think any further so I slipped an arm around each woman and pulled them close. They rested their heads on my chest, and that is how we slept for the next hour or so.

When I awoke, Melissa was gone but Reggie was still there asleep. I slipped off the bed and walked to what looked like the bathroom. Entering the bathroom I was confronted by a full length mirror that reflected an image that puzzled me.

The image was that of a young handsome black man who looked very fit with a finely sculptured body. Between its legs (my legs?) dangled an enormous soft cock of at least seven inches in length. It had a mushroom shaped head that flared from the top of the shaft.

I looked closely taking in the body from all angles. I was impressed by what I saw especially the bling on the body. There was a diamond encrusted gold necklace around my neck, a gold bracelet around the right wrist and two diamond and gold rings on each hand. Each of my large nipples were pierced by fine gold rings.

All the bling looked very real and very expensive. Evidently Jason was wealthy.

After spending a few minutes in the bathroom, I returned to the bedroom to find Reggie still on her back with her legs spread. Moving closer I examined her crotch. Yes, she had a cock which had shrunken to its flaccid state but there were no balls, and under the cock looked like a vagina with all its normal trimmings.

"Hermaphrodite?" I asked myself. I had read about them and I had seen some pictures but this appeared to be a real live example of one.

"Wow ... fuck me" I muttered.

Looking at the rest of her body I found gold and diamond bling too - a necklace with the name "Reggie" as part of it, a gold bangle on her left wrist, and rings on fingers of both hands. Looking down to her feet I found a dainty fine gold anklet and a toe ring on each foot.

She had the sexiest of feet - that triggered memories become I had loved sucking and licking the toes of sexy women, and Reggie was one sexy woman/man??

I laid back down beside her, and cuddled up to her firm ass when she rolled onto her side.

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