Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Nicky is a plumber. He's 24, virile, and doesn't talk about his sexual exploits. A young mother wants a new washbasin installing, but left alone, Nicky finds her daughter wants him to fix plumbing of a different kind. Without thought for consequences, he 'fixes' her pipework - twice - and she is so impressed, she tells her friends. Within days, Nicky is thoroughly immersed in new teenage pipework - and their mothers.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Pregnancy  

The first time it happened, I wasn't really prepared. After all, when you get a call to fix someone's plumbing, you expect their boiler needs some attention, or their toilet's developed a leak. What you don't expect is for the customer to want their own plumbing fixed.

I'm twenty-four, and served a full apprenticeship with a qualified plumber before leaving his employ (on good terms) to start my own business. I'm olive-skinned: my mother is quite pale complexioned, but I look as if I was born into a Mediterranean family: I don't know who my father was, but it wouldn't surprise me to know he was from Spain, or southern France, or Italy – or somewhere in that area. I'm fairly strong – you have to be when you're wielding baths and boilers around – and for the same reason, fairly fit. Now, in my later years, with the benefit of hindsight, I can see that I was something of a sociopath: I could fuck a woman without worrying about consequences – an attitude that allowed me peace of mind, as things turned out.

Anyhow, back to the tale. It wasn't the customer's plumbing that needed male attention.

The customer in this case was Mary Black. She was the single parent of a daughter she'd had – I later found out – fourteen years earlier, when she'd been only twenty herself. She had decided to have a new washbasin installed in her bedroom. There wasn't enough space in her small cottage to have a proper ensuite put in, but a washbasin would be a step in the right direction. I thought a small loo would be more useful, but the customer is always right, and I've long known I can't second-guess a woman.

Anyway, the bathroom was next door to Mary's bedroom, so it wasn't difficult to extend the pipework through the wall and mount the basin. Not difficult, just time-consuming, but as I didn't have another job on that day, it was no problem: I set about doing a good job.

I was just finishing off restoring the plaster where it had broken off where the pipes came through the wall when Mary popped her head round the door and told me she was "just nipping out" for a meeting of the local wives' club committee.

"My daughter will be home from school in a few minutes, Mr Lennard," she added. "She'll sort out paying you – I've left her the money."

"Thanks," I said. "Nearly finished."

"You've done a really fine job," she said, smiling.

"Glad you think so," I replied, pleased.

She'd been gone barely five minutes when I heard the front door open and close. After a few moments, footsteps sounded on the stairs, and seconds later I found myself staring at just about the most beautiful young woman I think I'd ever laid eyes on. At this point, I had no idea of her age: asked, I would have put her at somewhere between 16 and 18. Her poise and confidence supported this view.

She had shoulder-length chestnut hair, fairly straight except for where it curled under her chin, a generally pleasing shape, with grapefruit-sized breasts pushing out the front of her school uniform blouse. She wore a pleated grey skirt coming to a couple of inches above her knees – which, I noticed, were not the knobbly ones of youngsters, but the smoothly rounded ones that women achieve when they are entering their adult growth phase. Her legs were bare, and her feet were encased in black patent sling-backs with kitten heels.

I could do nothing to stop my cock stiffening. I was sitting on the floor with my knees bent and splayed while I was smoothing off the plaster – a job which had to be completed soon, before it began to dry and set. I saw her eyes focus on my crotch and colour appear in her cheeks, while one hand pressed against her mound and rubbed – just for a moment.

Then, she seemed to collect herself, and rearranged her body so she was half in, half out the door, with her crotch pressed against the door jamb and her legs slightly parted.

I realised neither of us had spoken for what seemed like a very long time.

"I'm nearly through here," I said. "Your mum left money and said you'd pay me."

I know it sounds corny, but I swear a 'calculating look' appeared in her eyes.

"Okay, but I want you to do something for me first – when you've finished in here."

I agreed and the beautiful nymph left me in peace to finish the job and let my tumescence subside. Five minutes later, I had packed my tools and cleaned up, so I went in search of the girl.

"Hello, Miss?"

"I'm in here," she replied, her voice guiding me to the bedroom the other side of the bathroom from her mother's.

She was on her bed, holding a thin hard-back book, with the stamp impression of her school library on the cover. Around her, on top of the duvet, were a couple of magazines, open at pages of photographs. She was propped up on her side, resting on one elbow as I came into the room, and put the book down, still open. It drew my attention, which had been fixed until that time, on her long legs, and I realised there was a line drawing on the page, which looked suspiciously like one of those anatomical drawings the kids were given during sex education classes – a penis partly inserted in a vagina. That's when I noticed the magazine photographs, when I looked away from the drawing in the book: they were colour photographs of real people in the same position, with cocks half in, half out of pussies.

The hand which wasn't holding the book moved down her flank and rested on her thigh, her fingers spread. She was looking at my crotch while she rubbed herself through her skirt, allowing it to ride up and gradually show me more and more flawless leg. My cock reacted as she no doubt wanted, filling with blood.

"Uhm, what did you want me to do?" I asked.

She looked up at me, her face pink, then at the magazines and book, and finally at my swelling crotch. She was still rubbing her thigh and every now and then, I caught sight of her panties. They were purple coloured and lacy. I felt my own face getting hot.

"Well, you see all these pictures and things?"

I nodded.

"I want to see the real thing, and feel it."

She tapped a long slender finger on a colour photo of a shaven pussy. "I have one of these..." Her finger moved to tap once, lightly, on the penis, the tip of which was notched into the pussy. " ... And you have one of those."

I nodded again and grunted. My tongue was temporarily stuck to the roof of my mouth.

She adopted a pleading expression, big blue eyes and pink cheeks. "Would you mind letting me see your ... penis? Please?" She looked down at my swollen dong, and suddenly moved her hand away from her thigh to rub me lightly through my jeans. "I find it hard to believe that what you have in your pants will fit inside what I have in mine. Show me how."

She rubbed me more firmly. My cock was pressed hard against the walls of its confines, and begging to be released.

"But, Miss, I can't do that. Your mother could come home. Anyway, it would be wrong."

She kept rubbing me. "Mother won't be home for hours, and as for whether it would be wrong – well, according to my school textbook here, it's for the woman to decide. It says here, that if a woman says no, it means no. When she says yes, or at least does not object in the least, she is giving her consent, and that means you can go ahead and do what you want with her. I'm saying yes, just in case you were wondering.

"Can I take your jeans off?" she concluded.

I knew I was playing with fire, but I desperately wanted one of us to take my jeans off, as I was in real pain, and besides, the thought of her small, delicate and perfectly-formed hand actually wrapping itself around my shaft was the last straw. I nodded again.

"Goody!" She reached out with both hands, loosened my leather belt, and tugged my jeans down to my knees. Then she slipped her fingers into the waistband of my shorts, and carefully pulled them over my erection and down my thighs to join my crinkled jeans.

She edged towards me. Seemingly, my cock had her full attention, and she began smearing my pre-cum over the glans, causing even more to leak out. Her face was very close as she concentrated on the experience. I began to hope she might lick the tip, but she looked up and smiled.

"Thanks for this. Umm, would you like to see my..." She used one hand to point briefly at her crotch, where her panties were showing signs of dampness.

I took it she meant me to get on with it, so I did.

I also took the opportunity to take my jeans and undershorts, shoes and socks, off.

Then I turned to the business of undressing the girl. I still didn't know her name.

"Josephine," she said, when I asked.

"I'm Nick," I told her, and unfastened the buttons down the front of her blouse. She watched me as I revealed her boob-filled bra. It was a front-fastening one, for which I was grateful, but before releasing her breasts, I got on the bed beside her, took her in my arms, and kissed her – at first, gently, then more firmly, pressing my tongue against her lips until she yielded to it, and opened her mouth slightly. While we kissed, I rubbed a hand up and down her back which curved as she pressed herself against me. I allowed that hand gradually to approach her firm, rounded butt, and then to caress her thighs, the fingers slowly approaching her moist centre.

She moaned softly into my mouth and her own hand slid down my back and eventually round, between us, where she took possession of my prick.

I began to roll her panties down her legs and push her skirt up round her waist. The scent of her arousal filled my nose, and strengthened my desire to get inside her. But I wanted her to cum first, and knew that if she was a virgin, she would need time to achieve her first orgasm at the hands of a man. I know she'd only invited me to "look" at her sex, but she had to learn that she couldn't offer that gift to a man and expect him only to feast his eyes on her. Not this man, anyway.

She was, to my eyes, so beautiful and desirable that there was only one outcome possible, that we would make love and I would be her slave until such time as she tired of me. In a mad moment, I was going to shove my prick as far up her tunnel as it would go and fire a torrent of sperm at her uterus – and hope – yes, hope! – she would conceive a child. My child. Our child. I know it would be totally irresponsible and wrong, but there was absolutely no way I could not put a baby in her belly. Total and utter madness, I know, when the means of avoiding conception were not difficult to get hold of. But I didn't have time. I wanted – needed – to unload into this girl, and without delay.

When her panties were down to her knees, she wriggled her legs and pushed them the rest of the way off, then settled back with her legs spread. I allowed my wandering hand to rub lightly over her abdomen, working lower and lower, until my fingers were pushing through her blond pubic curls. My fingers found her slit, moist, as I had expected. I pressed lightly between her outer lips and let her juices coat them before using thumb and fingers slowly to open them.

She moaned again, as I moved from kissing her lips down her neck to her breasts. I took a moment away from her vaginal entrance to pop her bra fastener, then used my mouth to uncover each ripe, firm booby. My hand returned to the task of opening her up below while my lips began to feast on the beauty before my eyes. Dark pink areolae were crowned by stiff little pencil rubbers of nipples that I began to lick, suck and nibble on, lightly. Her hips gave a lurch, pressing her moist sex into my hand and causing my middle finger to slip inside her opening. She moaned even louder and began to wriggle restlessly.

My fingertip came up against the thin membrane of her maidenhead and she moaned again. She was becoming quite loud and seemed as fully committed to getting fucked as I was to fuck her. I kept my finger stiff inside her and let her writhe and push against it, so gradually, she took her own virginity, and my finger was able to progress as far as it could up her baby canal.

I pulled my finger out of her, sensing the time had come to replace it with something a little longer, and moved off her breasts so she could watch as I put the sticky digit, lightly coloured with a smear of blood, into my mouth and licked her juices off. Then I rolled myself between her legs and fitted my throbbing prick into her greasy entrance. Once firmly notched in her, I thrust gently, and let it begin its journey towards her womb, where I hoped an egg lay in wait.

Without hesitation, she reached her arms round me and grabbed my bum cheeks, pulling me into her. I worked my prick in an out, getting well coated with her lubricant, and advancing further with each thrust.

That girl might have been – well, definitely was – a beginner but there was no doubt in my mind that she wanted a pussyful of my seed. She writhed, she wriggled, she humped, she groaned and moaned and she pulled – her nails were leaving tracks in my backside, I was sure.

Suddenly, I felt her pussy go into spasms and begin milking on my prick. Her groans rose in volume and became huh-huh-huhs, culminating in a long, satisfied moan. It was all I could do not to fire my little baby-makers at her then, but I managed to hang back, hoping to coax a second orgasm out of her before making her a mother.

I ground my hips in circles against her, stirring my prick inside her, then began reaming her out again with regular thrusts. I was rewarded by the sound of her moans getting louder, and suddenly, her pussy was milking my prick again and she was hitting the top notes. That was my cue, and I shoved hard, my prick as far up her as it could reach, then began firing my bullets at her unprotected womb. She shrieked even louder, which encouraged me to dump even more sperm into her. The backwash began leaking out of our conjunction. Her belly was rippling while her cervix nibbled at the spewing tip of my cock, slurping my seed deep into her body. I leaned down and kissed her again, before propping myself up on my elbows and staring into her eyes, which stared back at mine.

"Gawd! Can you do that again?" she asked, pink-cheeked and wide-eyed.

"I need a little time to recover," I said, rolling off her to one side. "Girls can go on, getting orgasm after orgasm, but once a chap has shot his load, it takes time for another batch to be made."

"How long?"

I twisted my lips. "Don't exactly know. I've never made love to a girl like we've just done, before. Twenty minutes, half an hour, perhaps?"

Now my brain was back on-line, I was beginning to wonder if motherhood had been part of her plan. I had no doubt that she had been the seducer, and me the seduced, but just how far ahead had she been thinking? I knew females were usually several steps ahead of men so I consoled myself with the assumption that she had been fully aware of the consequences of her actions. The magazines and her behaviour both supported that view.

She pulled the cups of her bra together and snapped the fastener. Okay, I thought, we're done here. I sat up and reached for my shorts, but she knelt behind me and put her hands on my shoulders, her skirt falling back in place.

"Please don't go. I want to do it again," she said softly. She reached down and took hold of my floppy dick. "Besides, this is all sticky ... and so am I." She reached under skirt with one hand and brought it out covered in a mixture of her juice and my sperm. "Let's go get a shower."

"You're sure your mother isn't going to come home and catch us?"

She glanced at her bedside clock. "We've only been a quarter of an hour. Sure, we should be okay. Mother's meetings can go on for hours."

I shrugged.

We took a shower.

Josephine took pains to see that my dick was clean. And in turn, I made sure her pussy and the surrounding area was fresh and sweet. But we did not have sex in the shower. It really wasn't big enough. So we dried each other and, stark naked, went back to her bedroom.

This time, I wasn't so worried about whether we'd be caught. After all, we'd made love once already, and got away with it, and Josephine was hopefully already a mother, so it would do no harm to make sure. I helped her get on her back, spread her legs and got between them.

We kissed, which was quite enough to stiffen my cock and moisten her pussy lips, then I slid down until I could take her breasts into my mouth in turn. My entire purpose was to give her as many orgasms as I could before unloading my balls into her a second time. She seemed to be responding well to the stimulation I was giving her.

I moved down over her abdomen towards her mound, from which emanated the sight and smell of arousal. My cock was beginning to throb and ache with suppressed desire to bury itself in her warm and snug channel again, but that would have to wait until she had tripped into at least one orgasm.

I used my thumbs to ease her nether lips apart, and dived in with my tongue. My fingers found her little bump and I began stimulating that whilst at the same time pushing my tongue as far into her entrance as it would reach.

Her first climax came quicker than I expected. Within seconds of my tongue working in her twat and my fingers on and around her clit, her hips humped, pushing her pussy harder into my face, and she shuddered and moaned through her ecstasy. I figured I'd earned my reward and moved back up her body, teasing each breast with my lips as I reached them, and brought my cock to her opening.

By now, she was in constant motion, humping up against me, rubbing her pussy against the underside of my cock until our combined wriggles succeeded in notching it into her opening. I moved slowly, letting her acclimatise to being stuffed with cock, and moments later, her pussy started pulsing and swallowing my cock as if it was desperate to be fed.

I guess it was – and I was getting desperate to feed her the cream she wanted. I began to power into her, my strokes met by her humps, my cock feeling at home in her warmth, and her pussy milking on it hungrily.

I managed to ream out her pussy for quite a while, having only recently cum, and we were in a pleasing rhythm for several minutes before I felt the sap rising and began the short strokes. She obviously felt my sudden urgency and her body responded, her knees clamping against my sides and urging me ever harder and further into her.

The dam burst, and I felt my spooge spraying into her. I'm not sure whether a woman can actually feel the semen filled with potent little wrigglers spraying her vagina, but I understand it's possible she feels the sudden hot wetness and reduction in friction. Anyhow, Josephine's moans rose to a crescendo and her body humped hard against me, while she used her strong arms to hold me in place while I continued to fire my baby-makers at her womb's entrance.

Afterwards, I rolled us on our sides, my cock still inside her pussy, leaking the last few drops of semen into her, and we kissed again. These weren't – as far as I'm concerned – just 'routine' kisses: I certainly felt affection for the girl, though I couldn't say whether it was the lasting kind.

There were tissues by the bed, and as we finally pulled apart, she stoppered her hole with one to catch the backwash, while I used another to wipe our juices off my cock. We slowly got dressed, punctuated with many kisses and cuddles. At last I was ready to leave.

"Was there actually any plumbing work you needed doing in here?" I asked her.

"You already did all the plumbing I wanted done, ' Josephine said with a smile.

Her words made me wonder yet again if she realised she might well be pregnant. I mentally shrugged. She'd find out soon enough.

"Are we going to, uh, go out on a date, or something?" I asked.

She smiled again, enigmatically, and shook her head. "Maybe next year, I might want to fuck again."

In due course, I received Mary Black's payment for the plumbing work. It was for fifty pounds over the invoice price, so she must have been pleased with my efforts.

Over the following year, I occasionally noticed Josephine in our small town, eventually with a growing baby bump, and finally pushing a child around in a buggy. On that occasion, I accosted her.


Somewhat to my relief, she smiled. "Hi yourself."

I pointed at the child and raised an eyebrow in interrogation.

"Meet my daughter," Josephine said. "As beautiful as any two-month-old baby."

"What's her name?"

"Nicola. I quite like that, don't you?"

"Very much," I replied.

"It's a shame I'm not sure who her father is – she just sort of happened."

She was looking across the street as she spoke, not at me.

"I'm sure he would be very proud of her, if he knew."

I was quite certain she knew who Nicola's father was, and that she was not going to involve me in the child's upbringing. Slightly to my surprise, I wasn't all that happy at being relieved of any parental responsibility, but there would be other opportunities, I hoped, perhaps to provide young Nicola with a brother to fuck in a few years' time...

There were, and there had been.

"See you soon," Josephine said. "I think Mum wants to have another bit of plumbing done."

I was puzzled, I admit, by Mary Black. Perhaps time would reveal her motives – I was fairly sure she knew who Nicola's father was, too, and might have engineered the whole affair, so the thought I may be summoned to undertake more 'plumbing' work at the Black household intrigued me.

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