Chapter 1

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Ahh, only five more minutes till the end of school.

And, as usual, these last few minutes of class seemed like they would never end. My history teacher, Mr. Wesley was still lecturing up in the front of the classroom; going on and on about some tangent that no one cared about. I really liked the teacher I had last year in sixth grade. He made class fun. This year the teacher was so boring.

I looked up at the clock again.

Oh my god, still five minutes to go?

Man I can't wait for next week. It's going to be so fun, just laying out in the sun all week, not having to do anything. No school! And next weekend my best friend, Jen was going to stay over. I always liked when she was able to sleep over. We would stay up late talking about boys and things. But, man it sucks though, that she's going to be away the first part of spring break. I'm not going to have anyone to hang out with till she gets home.

I'm definitely looking forward to going shopping with her next Saturday. I really needed a new bathing suit badly. The one from last year barely fits anymore. My body has begun to fill out in the last year, but not nearly as much as most of the other girls in school. I'm about 5' 2" tall and weigh a skinny 97 pounds, according to last time I was at the doctors. I have blue eyes that I get from my mom. My hair is blonde and is slightly curly, some would say wavy, and falls just past my shoulders. My breasts have just started to develop. They are very small, just a bit more then two nubs sticking out of my chest.

I recently have been a bit envious of my best friend Jen's boobs. She is a few inches shorter than me, and a tiny bit heavier. She has brown eyes and long reddish brown hair. I would say she has an athletic body shape. Her skin is a nice light olive color, darker then my pale white. And over the past year, she has gotten a nice set of boobs; mine don't even compare. My boobs, as I said, have started to grow, but I'm still barely only an A-cup. I bet she was closer to a C-cup already.

I really wish I my boobs were bigger. Most of the girls in my class had bigger boobs than me. It really sucked being one of the few girls, who were still mostly flat chested. None of the boys really paid any attention to me.

Argggg, damn that bitch Lizzy!

She was the most popular girl in the class. She was one of the first girls to have gotten some boobs and then she got the attention of the boys. She would wear these tight shirts to show them off. And for some reason she tried to make my life hell. I'm not sure why, she didn't like me. I did my best to stay out of her way, but it never seemed to work. The worst was when she would tease me about being flat chested. I really hated her.


Oh thank god, schools finally over!

I finally get to go home and get out of this stupid school uniform. Every damn day, it's a grey plaid skirt, white blouse, and at least knee-high white tights. And, the worst part, it's not even cute.

I gathered up my books, grabbed my bag; left the classroom and headed to my locker.

"Katie! Katie!" I heard my best friend Jen call out as she came down the hall.

"Hey Jen," I called out.

"Oh my god, schools finally over. God, I hate math. Mr. Schnieder is such as bore," said Jen.

"Oh my god, I know! And, that toupee of his."

"I know right. Bet he doesn't even realize we know." laughed Jen.

"So glad spring break is next week," I said as I finishing putting my books in my locker. "I can't believe you're going away for the week. Wish you weren't going."

"It's going to suck! I really wish it wasn't with my fam," said Jen.

"You still sleeping over next weekend?"

"Oh yeah! Can't wait. Well, got to run! See you later," said Jen as she ran off waving goodbye.

"Later," I called out after her. I finished putting away the books I didn't need for the week. Grabbed my backpack and shoved my math and science books in it. Stupid teachers assigning homework over spring break.

I felt really torn, one on hand school was over and I was excited by that. But on the other my best friend was going to be away for most of the week. Man this is going to suck. I left school wishing I wasn't going to be alone for most of spring break.

Outside I saw the school bus waiting to pick us kids up. I debated whether or not I want to ride it home. My stop was one of the first and I would be home quicker, but...

Na, only the losers rode the bus. I was better off walking home. It wouldn't take me all that long anyway and I had nothing better to do.

My house was at the end of a cul-de-sac in the nicer part of town. It's a newer two story stucco house with a three car garage. It is light brown with cream accents. The front door and porch is inset from the rest of the house.

When I got home, I unlocked the front door and went into main hallway. In front of me is the stairs leading up to the bedrooms and a hallway that leads to back of the house where the kitchen is. I like our kitchen. My parents just had it remodeled, not that they ever used it themselves. The kitchen is done with nice grey marble granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances and dark mahogany cabinets. There is a small breakfast nook that lookes out to the back yard.

Off to the left of the front door, is an entrance to a formal living room, and, I feel, a rather bland decoration scheme of beige, with uncomfortable white leather furniture. Back behind the formal living room is a formal dining room, with the same bland colors, but with a dark wooden dining table in the center. No TV, no comfortable couch, nowhere good to hang out.

We really only used either room when my parents hosted a dinner party. And when I say party, it's not the cool kind with beer and everyone having fun. No, it just a way for my father to show off to his clients, a bunch of stuffy old men and there trophy wifes, and kiss their ass.

My older brother Alex and I hang out in the den, which is back off the kitchen, behind the garage. It has a nice big flat-screen and comfy couches, and just felt more relaxing than the other formal rooms.

I knew that my parents weren't home. My dad is a big shot lawyer and works long hours, either at his office in San Francisco, or off traveling for work, for weeks at a time. My brother and I almost never see him.

My mom, more and more lately, spends her time at the Country Club. It's some fancy exclusive club, that our parents belong too. What she does there all day, I have really no idea, but it's the popular thing to do. A lot of the other mothers in town spend their time there.

My mother used to spend more time at home. But as my brother and I grew, and we depended less on her, she began to spend less time at home. Now she depends on Mrs. Bennet, our nanny slash maid to watch over us. Mrs. Bennet has been with us for years. She was the one who practically raised me and my brother. She used to come every day and cook and clean. Now she only comes on Mondays for a while to bring us groceries and to do things, like clean the house, and checkup to make sure my brother and I are ok.

As I was about to run upstairs to my room to change, when I heard my brother Alex, yell.

"Katie, It's you turn to wash Max. And you better do it."

"It's your dog, you do it." I yelled back.

Max was the family's dog and was a brown lab. Alex was the one who mostly played with the dog. It's not like I didn't like dogs or anything. It's just he's always jumping up on me, pushing me over and more often than not, he smelt bad.

"I'm busy and it's your turn!"

"Oh like you have any big plans. All you are going to do is hang out playing video games with your stupid friends and do nothing." I yelled back.

"Ha-ha Ha-ha, like you have anything better to do."

"Bite me."

"No you first."

"Argggg! Fine! Whatever! I'll do it. Where's that damn dog? Max! Max! Here boy, here boy!" I yelled as I dropped my backpack on the floor.

Max ran into the room and jumped up and his front paws landed on chest, almost knocking me over. He is almost as tall as me when standing on two legs.

"Down boy. Dumb dog get down!" I said while trying to push Max off me. He dropped to the ground and ran around me a few times before jumping up on and trying to lick my face.

"Come on boy it's your bath time." I said as I tried to fight off the unwanted doggie slobber. Max seemed to know bath time, which he didn't really like, so got off me and tried to run away. But I was too fast and was able to grab his collar before he could get away.

"Come on, you stupid dog." I sighed in frustration as I tried to drag Max upstairs to the bathroom.

"Alex," I screamed at her brother, "Come help me"

Alex came to the top of the stairs and looked down at me struggling with Alex and just laughed before going back to his room.

"Jerk, you suck." I screamed in frustration.

"Come on you dumb dog," I said, just as Max took off, breaking free of my grip and ran upstairs.

I ran up after him and chased him down the hall. Max thinking this was a game ran into my bedroom. I followed him in; thinking I'd cornered him between my four post bed and my dresser.

Man, I love that bed. It's a huge queen size bed with a wooden four post frame, with a canopy on top. Any pricness would feel comfortable sleeping in it. I quess as a little girl I had dreamed about being a princess when I grew up. So my parents had gotten me a "princess" bed. The rest of my room was done up to be a little girls dream of princess's room. The walls were painted a light pink color, and I was glad because I don't think I could stand to have them any brighter.

Max turned around to face me, realizing he was trapped. I jumped at him and tried to get a hold of his collar. But, Max jumped out of the way and ran out of my room.

I ran out after the dog and saw him head back down the hallway for Alex's room. Luckily Alex's door was closed and I was able to grab Max's collar again. Sighing in frustration I dragged Max into the bathroom and slammed the door.

I turned on the faucet in the tub and put in the plug to fill it up. I then grabbed the doggie shampoo and doggie towels out of the closet.

"Alright time to get in," I said to Max. Grabbing him by the collar, I half pulled half pushed Max into the tub. Max right away started splashing in the water while I tried my best to scrub him without getting wet. Max began shaking and spraying water all over the place, getting everything wet, including me.

"You dumb dog, now I'm going to have to clean the bathroom," I cried in frustration.

I pulled the plug and grabbed the towel to start drying Max off. Max jumped up on me and knocked me over. He landed on top of me and started to lick my face.

"Argggg," I screamed while pushing Max off me and started drying him off.

Just then the bathroom door banged open and my brother barged in.

"Aren't you done in ... here..." Alex said, trailing off and stopping dead in his tracks.

I turned to my brother and saw him just staring at my chest.

"What the hell are you staring at?" I asked. I then looked down at myself, to see what my brother was staring at. My white shirt was soaking wet, and very see-through. And the now transparent material of my shirt clung to my body, clearly showing off my young breasts and nipples.

My brother was staring my boobs!

"Jerk!" I yelled, as I threw a wet towel at him.

The towel hit him in the chest and brought him out of his shock. He turned, ran out of the bathroom, down the hall and back to his room, slamming his door behind him.

What an asshole I thought as I reluctantly finished drying off Max. I let Max go and headed to my room to change. Max took off, running out of the bathroom and then down the stairs.

As I walked down the hall past my brother's room, I heard some weird sounds, like moaning or something, coming from inside my brothers room.

What the hell is he doing in there?

I noticed my brother's bedroom door was cracked just a bit. It must have popped back open after he slammed it.

I looked through the narrow opening and was shocked at what I saw. My brother was lying on his bed with his shirt pulled up and his pants and boxers down around his ankles. And to my amazement, he had his dick in his right hand and was slowly stroking it up and down.

Holy cow!

Why is he doing that now? Then an image of him staring at my breast in the bathroom came to mind.

Oh my god, that bastard. How dare he jerk off to me!

I'm not sure why, but as shocked as I was, I was still fascinated. I continued to stare through the doorway. This was the first dick I had seen. Even though it was far away, there was something kind of gross and yet mesmerizing about it. It was like a car wreck; you didn't want to look at it, but couldn't help but watch.

After few moments, I started feeling a tingle down between my legs, kind of like I had to pee. It got more pronounced as I continued to watch my brother.

My right hand seemed to move on its own accord, down between my legs and up under my skirt as I stood entranced, watching my brother jerk off. I felt my fingers brush up against my sex, sending a small pleasant sensation throughout my body.

Oh boy, that felt amazing.

I brushed my fingers up against the cotton panties, that covered my most private parts. As I touched myself, a small wave of pleasure ran up my spine.

"Oh my..." I moaned softly.

I ran my fingers over the small mound of my sex again. Again small waves of pleasure coursed through my body.

What was this new found pleasure?

I started feeling a little light headed as I continued to rub my pussy through my panties. Damn it felt good. No, no, I thought, this is wrong to do this. Oh my God, this was my brother! Yuck!

It was then that I heard my brother grunt out and in pleasure. I saw him stroke himself one last time and then I saw white stuff spew forth from the end of his dick.

I regained control of my arm and removed it out from between my legs. Kind of disgusted with myself I headed to my room.

I shut the door and stripped off my wet cloths. I stared at my naked body in the mirror. Disappointment came across me as I looked at the little knobs that were the beginning of boobs. My nipples were pretty small, but they were a bright pink color that offset my pale skin.

I really didn't need a bra yet, but the girls at school who didn't wear them, got teased all the time; and I sure didn't want that. So I had used my allowance money to buy some bras a few months ago at the mall.

My parents opened two bank accounts a while ago, one for me and one for my brother, and started automatically putting money in it for us to take care of ourselves. You know, for things like clothing, stuff for school, and the all important lunch money.

As I stood there staring at myself in the mirror, the image of my brother staring at my chest in my see-through school uniform, popped into my mind and a smile slowly crept across my face. It did kind of feel good that someone was paying attention to me, checking out my breasts, even if he was my brother.

My hands slid up my stomach and then up to cup my breasts, as I began to dream about having a bigger pair. My hands felt really nice, as I slowly started to massage my boobs. I almost jumped in surprise from the pleasure I got, the first time my thumb brushed up against my nipple.

I heard myself moan softly as I brushed my nipple again. God that felt good, so good that I rubbed them again.

Man did it really feel nice having my hands caressing my nipples. My breath started to become heavy as I continued to rub and massage my boobs. A really pleasant tinglingly feeling started to appear again between my legs.

My right hand slid down my body, caressing my stomach as it passed. It ended up sliding down between my legs, through the small tuff of hair that had just recently grown in. I almost shook in pleasure again as I brushed up against my naked pussy. God, did that feel good!

I had heard of masturbation before, about how it was a sin and all that crap. Not that I grew up religious or anything, but I never really felt the desire to try it. Man, what have I been missing?

I started to caress the outside of my pussy, slowly teasing myself, before slipping a finger between my lips. I was a bit surprised to find how wet my finger was when I took it out. In Sex Ed they taught us about how a female gets wet for sex. But man, it was one thing to know it and quite another to experience it.

Feeling a bit light headed, I lay down on my bed and continued to caress my breasts. I slid my right down back down to my pussy and started to rub it; sliding a finger inbetween my lips. As I played with myself I could feel this warm wonderful pressure building up inside my body.

My body started to squirm all over the bed as I continued to pleasure myself. I could hear myself begin to moan as I felt heat inside my body began to build and build.

"Oh God. Oooooohhhhh God," I cried out as my body arched and a electric shock coursed throughout my body.

I lay there in a blissful haze as my body calmed down from my first orgasm.

And as I lay there I knew this was something I was going to do again and again.

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