The Little Woman at Home
Chapter 1

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Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A man and a woman fall in love. But there is a size difference between them with that could have caused some serious problems with their relationship.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction  

"Daddy, please lick my little nipples. Tickle my coochie too. I love it when you play with me Daddy."

I aim to please, so I lick and suck on her nipples. There is nothing there but small bumps on her chest, and there is only a hint to what may come in time. I run my left hand down her smooth belly and come to the bald slit of her pussy. She is aroused, I can tell by the juicy barely-there lips of her sex.

On one hand, I am so totally aroused and into this sexual encounter, but on the other hand, I am reluctant to press on with this charade.

"Daddy, please put your thingy into my coochie and make me feel soooo much better, Please Daddy?"

That's it, I have to comply. I slide my rock hard prick slowly up and down her slippery slit, and then I push gently as my cock enters her small vagina, and then I am pounding this woman child as if I am drilling for oil. She urges me on with words that sound as if I was really fucking a girl of the age of what my wife looks like. Things like, 'Daddy, please do it more, harder.' Or maybe, 'hurry daddy I'm about to esplode in my coochie. Daddy, make me esplode!!!'

I'm sure everyone has heard the expression referring to one's wife as "the little woman at home." Well, I really do have a little woman at home. It all started in back in college.

It was just after the noon rush of changing classes when I was walking across the quad at the local university. I spotted three of our jocks harassing one of those new kid geniuses. I couldn't just let it go by so I walked their way. As I got closer, I saw something that made me stop and stare. It wasn't a young child, but an older person that just hadn't grown since being a young girl of about ten or twelve years old.

I had to interrupt the jock's fun because once I looked at this vision of beauty, I had to help her.

"Derrick, please leave my girlfriend alone. Go pick on one of those bimbo cheerleaders that you continue to boink and pass off to your friends."

"Aww Bill, I didn't know she was your girl, man; I'm so sorry. Miss ah..."

"It's Melody Turlock, soon to be Rodgers if I can help it," interrupted the young lady.

"Miss Turlock, we're so sorry to have made fun of you, and we won't ever do that again. Bill, I'll let it be known that she's your girl. There won't be any more trouble, that's for sure."

The three idiots quickly left us in the middle of the quad. I turned to Melody, took her hand, and said, "Where shall we go from here, Miss Turlock soon to be Rodgers?"

"Actually, I'm done for today, but I was going to the union to study for tomorrow's classes. Would you like to join me?"

We turned toward the student union, and somehow it just felt natural with her hand in mine as we walked and talked getting to know each other a little more.

I guess I should introduce myself here; I'm William Henry Rodgers, Bill to most people. I am six feet-one inch tall and weigh one hundred-ninety pounds. I am a senior working toward a fifth-year degree in electrical engineering with a second degree in computer science. I have been taking martial arts training since I was about six years old and hold multiple belts in Aikido, Capoeira, American Kenpo, and Jujutsu. My father was in the Marine Corps, and we moved around a lot so I trained where and when I could. All that training, plus what my father taught me before he was killed in Afghanistan two years ago. That is why I have such a conglomeration of styles. I have competed in several tournaments and have lots of trophies and awards. It is pretty much common knowledge among the jocks about my accomplishments, so I am left alone for harassment.

Now, Melody is a different matter. She is a junior, twenty-one years old and three-foot, ten inches tall and weighs about sixty-five pounds. I didn't pry, but I was just guessing about her size and measurements. She looked to be a perfect fifty-four, eighteen-eighteen-eighteen. Discounting her physical size, she had an inner beauty that to me, just shone through her small stature.

I'm not really sure how much studying we got done that day, but what started out as a rescue turned into love, by the time we parted that afternoon.

From that point on we were pretty much inseperatable except in our different classes. Melody was working on a business degree in accounting. We didn't have any classes together, but when either of our classes ended we were soon together walking or running as the case may be to each other's class.

Because of shrewd investments by my father and expert management by my mother, I could have two things most college students didn't have. I had an apartment in a house that my mother owned and a good friend of my father managed for her. Gunnery Sergeant Bob Foster (ret.) had been with my father from their enlistment thirty some years ago, right up until the end. He came back home and retired. They both had said that they would retire after their latest tour.

Uncle Bob wasn't really my uncle, but he was more like one than my two uncles on my mother's side. Uncle Tom and Uncle Ray lived on opposite sides of the US, and we lived in Central Texas where my Dad was from. Mom grew up in western New York near Buffalo.

My mother was still working as a CPA for a big accounting firm in Austin. Although she is very busy, I still try to see her a couple of times a month. She and my uncle Bob are all I have left of my family.

I found out from Melody that she just stopped growing at age twelve. She was seen by a host of doctors over the years, but no one could determine why she stopped growing. It had been very hard on her family, and even though she had an older brother and a younger sister, they were normal. She has achondroplasia, which means she is just small for her age, but she is proportional. Like I said, she just looks like a twelve-year-old child, except for her face which except for the size she looks like a woman in her early twenties.

Since starting my junior year, I started working part-time for an engineering firm learning how to apply all the book learning I was getting in college in the real world of engineering. I also was pretty much the head of their IT department since I knew more about a computer's inner workings than their engineers. By the middle of my senior year, they offered me a job as the head of their IT department. This was just after I met Melody, and I thought that would be great since I now had a good job when I graduated.

After about three months of meeting Melody, she moved in with me in my apartment. From that time on we were always together. By the time we had been living together about a month, we became sexually active. I thought at the time it was a surprise that she was not a virgin with an intact hymen, but then that was not my business. What happened before we met was old business and not something I needed to know, just like she didn't ask about my prior knowledge. She just knew that I was gentle and loving. Yes, I had a lot of sexual knowledge. I started young; I guess I was fourteen when a neighbor girl down the street from where we lived on Okinawa introduced me to girls and sex. She was another Marine brat and had lived all over too.

At first, it was that we were the same age and hung out together. She was definitely more experienced than I. I learned a lot until her father was transferred to somewhere in Europe, and she had to go home to Washington State with her mother and brothers. She had one brother older by a year and one younger by two years. I always thought that they might have had something to do with her extensive knowledge, but I didn't care. She did teach me well, and I have silently thanked her for her lessons many times.

Mel and I seemed perfect for each other. We meshed in so many ways, but I was really taken by surprise when about four months of us moving in together she came up with this particular role playing with me being Daddy. I was never really comfortable with it, but if Mel wanted to play this role, who was I to deny her the pleasure of it.

My mom, Katheryn, and Uncle Bob both took to Melody just as much as I did. She was accepted into the family long before we made it official. We married a month after our joint graduation. My mom helped Mel get a job with another good accounting firm, so we were both bringing in decent money. Mel's mom, Jennifer hugged me the first time we met, and I became her favored son-in-law. I think she was afraid that Mel would never find someone to love her and not treat her as just some kid that they could have fun with.

Jen confided in me that she was so afraid that some child molester would sweep Mel off her feet and end up trying to exploit her for their own nefarious purposes. I assured Jennifer that I was not like that. I explained that it was pure love at first sight. Mel's dad had left the family about the time that Mel turned twelve, and it was proven that she would not grow anymore. I think that he took it hard that he had produced a freak. That is just my opinion, but you know what they say about opinions.

Two years after we graduated, we talked about children. We consulted several doctors, and they gave us the go ahead. Within a month of our final decision, Mel was pregnant. We were ecstatic and so was my Mom. She always wanted grandchildren. Mel's pregnancy was a touch and go affair with bi-monthly visits to her ob/gyn doctor, Doctor Shelia Jenson. By the fourth month, we knew it was a girl, and we had decided on Stephanie for a name.

At the eight and a half month mark, Dr. Jenson decided that it was almost time to take Stephanie from Mel's body. She waited another week as she didn't want Melody to start labor. Mel's pelvic girdle had not expanded like it should so Mel could never have a child vaginally. This also explained why Mel was shaped the way she was. Her bones just never got the message that allowed her to expand her hips and get that hourglass figure of normal women. That also explained about her upper torso had not expanded to support her breasts and enlarged heart and lungs, and due to this Mel tired sooner than most people. Physically, she was still a child, but as she aged her body didn't keep up with the increased rigors of adulthood.

The cesarean section birth was textbook easy and both Mel and our newborn, Stephanie Jennifer came through with flying colors. For me, it was love at first sight again. Here in my arms was the result of the love Mel, and I had for each other. A little bit of each of us was squirming in my arms. I laid her next to Mel's swollen nipple and just like that; our progeny was getting some nourishment from her mother.

During Melody's pregnancy, her nipples puffed out and by the ninth month, she had half lemon sized boobs. To say the least they were something that I loved and during the last week, some thin weak milk came out. We both rejoiced that she would be able to nurse Stephanie, even just a little. The doctor and nurses had cleaned up our little darling and allowed us some time together after everything had been cleaned up, and I was allowed back into Mel's room. Soon Mel was sucked dry, and she rang for a nurse to come take our bundle of joy and feed her.

Needless to say when we finally got everyone home, I was the formula maker. We tried to get a wet nurse to provide milk, but Steph refused to drink it. She would nurse from Mel and then when she had exhausted that supply of milk, I had to take over and feed her from a bottle. We tried it with Melody offering the bottle, but again Stephanie fussed too much. So I became the designated bottle mom. The funny thing was that if I was not home, then Steph would take the bottle from Mel just fine.

That was alright with me as it allowed some time for the two of us to bond. At that point, we were never sure if we could even have any more children, so I wanted the opportunity to bond with this one as much as I could. At night, we would sit on the couch, and Mel would nurse Steph, while I heated the formula. Then when Mel was dry, I took over, and cuddled our bundle of joy while I feed her until she fell asleep in my arms.

Mel's mom, Jen did some of the baby sitting until we could get Steph into a good day care. Stephanie was almost nine months old when we found the right day care for her. They started teaching easy things at first, like numbers and letters. They started at eight months and even if the children didn't spend a lot of time learning they did get exposed to the teaching.

Stephanie seemed to be very intelligent for someone so young, and we were so proud. Our lives revolved around the three of us with the grandmothers and Uncle Bob in the periphery. Then about when Steph was almost eighteen months old, we talked to Dr. Jenson to see if a second child could be a possibility. We wanted a son for Mel to spoil, much like I was spoiling Steph.

We tried again and soon Mel was experiencing morning sickness. At about six months we found out it was indeed a boy. I asked Mel what his name should be, she suggested David Robert after my father and Uncle Bob. I asked if it would be better with her father's name, but she blew her top and said she would never name a child after that bastard. He abandoned the family once she was diagnosed as a freak. So he could rot in Hell as far as he was concerned. I definitely got the message and never brought up her father's name of even mention of him in her presence again.

I did ask Jennifer what Mel's tirade was all about. She explained that her father James just left the family after their last hope doctor told them that Mel would always be like she was. She could never grow up. He left for work one Monday morning and never returned. Jen had never heard from him again. She thanked her lucky stars that she had a good job and her parents helped a lot until they were killed in an auto accident while they were traveling to California to see her older son. She had no idea why he left, but she thought it had something to do with Melody's problem. She again told me how glad she was when Melody, and I met. It gave her such a feeling of well-being and knew that Mel would always be safe with me.

Well, David Robert was born, and the doctor recommended that Mel get her tubes tied because she was afraid what another pregnancy could do to Mel. We agreed and from then on we didn't have to use condoms. Because Mel hadn't developed quite right, birth control pills didn't work for her, so we used condoms during her fertile periods. Now we were free to enjoy ourselves without having to prepare for love making. And enjoy ourselves, we did. Besides the 'daddy game' we did some other games like cop and speeder and the cable repairman. You know the normal stuff. However, these games only occurred once every two or three months, the rest of the time it was just us making love.

Things went well for the next eight years or so. We role played in the bedroom with the daddy thing about once or twice a month, and then it just stopped. Stephanie was almost eleven now and David was eight and half. The kids were great; Steph was number one in her classes, and so was David. We raised two very smart kids.

At first when Mel stopped the role playing, I thought, 'Thank God, I hated that game.' It must have been about two months later I asked her about it, and she went off on me, "Why would you think I wanted anything to do with some perverted thing like that. You must be sick Bill. Do I need to watch you around Steph? Since I won't put up with your perverted games anymore, do you want to go after our daughter?" She stomped out of the room; I heard the bedroom door slam, and then I heard the click of the lock.

WTF??? What was that? That perverted little game was her idea in the first place, not mine.

Over the next two months, our lovemaking dwindled down to maybe once a week, and then it stopped completely. We had never gone over three weeks with no sex at all, even after the kids were born, she would give me blowjobs, and I would return the favor and just finger her to orgasm, but now there was nothing. Sure I got the excuses; 'I have a headache', 'I don't feel well or my stomach hurts'. This just wasn't right.

Things went on like this for another couple of weeks, and then I remembered that Mel was scheduled for her yearly physical in a couple of weeks with her GP, so when I went into work the next day I asked that the doctor please call me, when she had the chance. I had something to discuss with her regarding my wife's health. I said it would be something that my wife was reluctant to tell the doctor.

About two hours later, I get a call from Dr. Nordberg's nurse. She says that the doctor cannot discuss her patient's condition without the patient's consent, and Melody had not listed me as someone that the doctor could inform of her health. I asked if Mel had signed a consent form with someone else named. She said that was privileged information and could not discuss that with me. I demanded, "I am her husband and have been for over ten years; you can check if you want, but I want to talk to the doctor. This is very important; something is going on with her mental health, and I want to have the doctor see if she can find out what is going on."

"Mr. Rodgers, I can see that you are listed as next of kin and the person to contact in an emergency, but you are not listed as an authorized person to know about your wife's health. I'm very sorry, but I can't help you any further. Goodbye," then she hung up.

To say that I was pissed would be a major understatement. I immediately called Jennifer. "Mom, did you know that I am not authorized to know about Mel's health from her doctor. Are you on her consent form to be able to discuss her health issues?"

"Bill, what's going on? You are scaring me. Is something wrong with my baby?"

"Jen, this is something I think we need to discuss alone and not on the phone. Can we meet for lunch at say ... one at Chili's?"

"Bill, you definitely are scaring me now. Can you give me a hint as to what is going on?"

"Well ... things aren't going well in the bedroom and somehow Mel is mad at me about something, but she won't talk to me about it. I am just so worried about her that I can't sleep. Please I just hope that you can help. I just don't know where to turn for help."

"Oh Bill darling, of course I'll help in any way I can. One at Chili's is fine. We should find a nice secluded table there. Wait, how about Gino's. We could be in the back room alone there. I know the manager; we could have privacy there."

"Oh yes, Jen that sounds much better. I'll see you at one then. Thanks Mom."

Needless to say that I was pretty much useless until it was time to go to lunch. Thank goodness there were no major problems this morning. Over the years since I joined Brooks and Fields Engineering, we grew from four engineers and me as IT, we now had twenty engineers, twelve CAD techs, and five IT people counting me. I had trained my people well, and they could cover most things that would occur. I just sat in my office and tried to sort all this mess out. By the time I had to leave I was still no closer to an understanding than I was three months ago when Mel had gone off on me. Of course, I wondered if she had found someone else to play games with, and it had turned in more than just the Daddy game. However, it still made no sense to me.

I pulled into Gino's parking lot and saw Jen's car about three stalls over from where I parked. When I got in, the hostess escorted me to their back room, which usually was reserved for private parties or meetings. There were about ten tables that seated four and two tables that sat six. Jen was at the furthest table with a wine bottle and a beer sitting at the table along with thick bread slices and the herb and oil dressing on a plate. Jen stood and hugged me and kissed my cheek and said, "Please Bill, sit and have a sip of beer; you look like you could use it. Just sit and then tell me everything."

I sat and then swallowed about half of the beer in the bottle. I sat the bottle down and looked at Jen, and then I cried. I put my head down and let it all out. After about ten minutes, I looked up and Jen was sitting next to me with her arms around me telling me that I should tell her everything that was bothering me.

I unloaded everything, starting with when Mel started the daddy thing and right up to when she exploded on me about when I mentioned that she had stopped asking for the role play. Then I told her about how we now had no intimacy at all anymore. I even went so far as to say that I thought that Melody may have found someone else. Then I went into what I found out at the doctor's office.

Jen told me that she never knew about the role playing, but that Mel had always told her what a wonderful lover I was. It just didn't make any sense that Mel was acting as she was now. She assured me that she would call the doctor to see if maybe she was on a consent form. She thought by the way the nurse had talked that someone else was on the form.

Jennifer convinced me to eat a little something, so we each had a salad before we headed back to work. I know for myself; I felt much better after sharing the burden of this problem with Jen. I now felt that I wasn't alone in this, I had someone who had my back and someone I could confide in and help me make sense of all this. Just before I left for the day, I received a call from Jen. She talked to the doctor's nurse and then the doctor. She explained my concern and now hers about the health of her daughter, both physical and mental. The doctor agreed that something was definitely wrong and that she would have a colleague sit in with her when Melody came in for her physical. She would put the paperwork in for some complete blood and urine tests. She would have the nurse call Mel to have her to go to the lab at least a week before her appointment for the tests. That would give her a good idea if anything was wrong physically. Her colleague would be a female friend who was a psychologist. They may find her helpful if Mel's problem might be mental. That was all we could do for now.

"So I take it that you are Mel's designated contact for her medical diagnosis."

"It would seem so as once I said who I was I had no problem getting the information I needed. I did ask when Mel authorized me to be her contact. The nurse said it was about a year ago when she came in for her flu shot, she changed it from you to me."

"Now that has me even more confused that I was. Why did she change from me to you? Did something happen then that would have had her change her mind about me? Was there something that happened then that she didn't want me to find out about?"

"You're not suggesting that she is cheating on you, are you?"

"No, nothing like that ... exactly, but why else would she suddenly stop our sex lives? Why is she treating me like this? Why won't she even talk to me? I ask her if there is anything wrong, and she blows up on me. I think I will call my mom and see if she knows anything or can find out if Mel is having problems at work."

"Bill, I'm not sure that is a good idea. If you do that, then Mel will think that you don't trust her anymore, and she may get even madder. Let's just wait and see what Dr. Nordberg finds out, and we can go from there, okay?"

"Okay mom, and thank you so much for being the kind of mother-in-law who is loving and kind."

"Enough BS from you, young man; and yes, I love you too. Now go home to your wife and tell her and show that you love her."

So I went home and hugged my wife and played with our kids and went on like we used to be. I prayed that whatever this problem was it would soon come to a head or go away.

Three weeks later, Jen called me at work asking we meet again at Gino's at one. She had some news. "Jen just tell me, is it good or bad."

"Some of both; that's all I can say for now."

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