Nick and Allie
Chapter 1: How It Began

Copyright© 2015 by Joe Savage

Brother/Sister Incest Story: Chapter 1: How It Began - Nick, 17 and his pregnant little sister Allie, 15, begin a sexual relationship after Allie finds her boyfriend cheating on her.

Caution: This Brother/Sister Incest Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Water Sports   Pregnancy  

My name is Nick, I am 17 and this is the story of how my life went from being completely normal to really messed up--in a good way. As am I sitting here, recalling all this, I am naked in bed, with a gorgeous naked woman, who happens to be my younger 15 year old, pregnant little sister. She is lying next to me trying to catch her breath and my dick is still oozing cum. But we will get to that a bit later, let me tell you how this all started, because when I say I had a normal life, I mean it. For the first 17 years of my life, I never once thought of banging my little sister. She probably never thought she would get pregnant at 15 either. But life happens right?

I'm going to stop blabbing and tell you the story from the beginning. It all started a few days ago when I was sitting on the couch watching some show on TV. My parents were out at work as it was the middle of the day. The reason I was home was because its March break right now so me and my sister are out of school for the next week. So I'm sitting there and the next thing I know, the door slams open and my little 4-month pregnant sister comes running in (running the best she could pregnant) crying her eyes out.

"What's wrong Allie?!" I asked her worryingly because I never like seeing any girl cry, especially my little sister. As I asked that though, I kind of already knew what she was going to say.

"It's Josh; he's a total fucking douche bag!" She answered through her sobs.

I rolled my eyes. "What did he do now?"

"I saw him kissing some 17 year old whore behind the portables at school. And when I went up to him and smacked the hell out of him asking what the fuck he was doing, he said that he can't take care of the kid when it comes." As she finished telling me this, she started crying even harder.

Maybe I should back track a bit more and tell you about how my innocent little sister Allie, got herself pregnant at 15 years of age. My mom was the first person she told and my mom was not happy hearing it but she was still supportive. The story goes like this. Allie met this "really cute and sweet boy" named Josh. She was only 14 at the time and he was 16. They started getting really close at the start of the school year (grade 9 for her, grade 11 for him) and a few weeks later, they were a couple. Josh isn't the sweet and cute boy he made my sister think he was as he was in and out of girl's pants every other night. Up till that point, Allie didn't really have a boyfriend before, the only thing in and out of her pants were many different household objects like her toothbrush, a candle stick, and her own fingers. A bit later, one of her sex-crazed friends hooked her up with a nice big dildo. She kept herself busy. I would know because our rooms were right next to each other and she was bad at staying quiet if you know what I mean.

I actually caught her masturbating (completely accidental) using her dildo one day. It wasn't my fault, it was like 3 in the afternoon and her door was slightly open so I barely knocked before going in and when I opened the door, I saw Allie sitting on the floor against her bed without any panties on, shoving the dildo into her pussy. Her thong was next to her and it was soaked in what I figured was her pussy cream, her eyes were closed and her head back against the bed. She almost jumped ten feet into the air when she saw me and I quickly ran out of the room slamming the door behind me. Back then, I didn't want to see her naked because I thought it was gross and nasty because she's my sister for god sakes. We didn't say much about the event afterwards; actually we kind of avoided each other for a few days after. Now that I think back though, her pussy looked so fucking pretty, nice and clean shaven, all soaked in her cum, and stretched around that big dildo.

Anyways, back to her getting knocked up. A few weeks after they started dating, she brought Josh over to the house. She said she wanted everyone to meet him. I took one look at the kid and knew that he was going to be a problem. He was tall but really skinny and it looked like you could poke him and he would fall over. I really don't know what she saw in him. My dad hated him right away and when Allies and his back were turned; my dad would flip him off. It always made me laugh.

Months passed and these two were inseparable. I don't know how many times I caught them making out on the couch, it was quite annoying. If they weren't making out there, they were out making out somewhere else. Allie was really falling for this guy and I knew it was going to end badly but I didn't think she was gonna end up pregnant with his kid. One night, he got her really drunk at some party and when they went back to his house, he started telling her how beautiful she was and all that crap guys say to make girls panties hit the wall across the room. Allie was in love with him and she thought Josh was in love with her too (he always told her he was) so when he put his hand in her pants, Allie just humped back. She wasn't completely innocent though, she was so horny all the time. The dildo did his best but she wanted cock. So Josh put his tiny dick into her wet accepting pussy and two minutes later, she had his sperm all in her tummy. A few weeks later, she knew she was pregnant.

Since then, Josh had promised to take care of the kid, but that only really lasted a month or so. When her stomach got bigger, he started realizing she was actually pregnant and started freaking out. He must have fucked at least 4 girls since getting her pregnant but poor Allie had no idea. She thought him kissing that girl was the first time he ever did any cheating. That girl probably gave him a hand job earlier in the bathroom and the kiss was a thank you. Anyways now back to me and Allie on the couch.

I scooted closer to her and hugged her telling her that it's going to be okay and if he won't take care of the kid, I and mom will.

"I love him though, Nick." She cried even more now, her head buried in my shoulder.

"I know you do, Allie. But he is an asshole, you deserve someone way better. Someone that will hold you when you need it and not kiss whores behind the portables." I still had no intention of doing anything sexual with Allie, but she sure felt nice and warm against me. She started to calm down a bit after a few more minutes and then said,

"Can we just like put on a movie, I don't wanna move from this couch for the next few hours."

I said sure, and got up and put on one of my sisters movies she likes and sat back down beside her. This time, she had her head on my chest and I had my arm around her. We stayed like that for the majority of the movie and that's when I started noticing I could completely see down her shirt. She was wearing a t-shirt and some really cute booty shorts. It was an extremely hot day out. At first I didn't look down her shirt at her totally exposed tits, but I hadn't gotten any action in a while and seeing her nice exposed 15 year old boobies was making me a little horny. So the movie went on and my peeks got more frequent. I then started noticing how sexy her long legs looked in those booty shorts. She was sort of curled up with her legs on the couch so I could see her ass as well just barely covered by the shorts. She didn't really have a tan but she wasn't pale either. It was the perfect combination. I was always into shorter girls and she was only 4 foot 8, so that made her look even better. I should probably describe how she looks. She has nice curly brunette hair that goes down to her shoulders. Her eyes are big and beautiful and like a hazelnut color. Her tits are a nice 38C I think, but they are still growing because she's pregnant and only 15. Her waist is nice and slim, and to be honest, if she wasn't my sister, I would have probably fucked her brains out many times before because she was a really sexy girl. Too bad the first guy she dated was a complete asshole. Now that you know what Allie looks like, back to the movie.

As the movie went on, I started noticing how her hand kept sliding down my body, from her head, then on my chest, then on my abs. If I didn't know any better, I swear she was doing it on purpose, trying to feel my muscles. So many things were racing through my mind, really naughty thoughts about my little sister, who was also pregnant. I was having an internal battle, like good versus evil. The evil telling me to just put my hand on her thigh and see what she does, but the good was being logical and telling me that's fucking incest and its illegal. I decided to go with the good, but my penis didn't really agree because when I looked down at my crotch, I could see a huge tent building from my pants. I started panicking a little; I didn't want Allie seeing me with a boner. And to make things worse, her hand was about 4 inches from my raging hard-on.

"Wow." I heard Allie say and looked down at her with a confused look. "This movie is really turning you on it seems." She started to giggle as she finished saying that and I quickly moved my hand from around her and tried to cover up my boner.

"Hah, I'm sorry, I don't know, I guess I have a crush on Jennifer Aniston." I was panicking completely now, I felt my heart beating faster than ever.

"Nick, we're siblings, you don't think I've seen you naked a million times as kids? You don't have to hide that boner of yours from me." She kept giggling to herself while glancing down at my pants every once in a while.

In my panic, I had moved to the other side of the couch and when she motioned for me to come back, I was really considering just running up stairs. Eventually, I went to my original spot and she leaned her head against my chest again. After a few minutes though, she continued her teasing by adding,

"You know, if you need to go take care of that erection in the bathroom, I'll wait." She giggled again and that's when I finally had enough and said,

"Are you really gonna try and tease ME about masturbating? You've probably worn that dildo out by now." She didn't take this well and sat up with the most evil look on her face.

"Fuck you Nick; at least I don't peak down my sister's shirt!" Oh my god, she saw me.

"What?!" I tried to play it off as if I had no idea what she was talking about.

"Yeah, I didn't say anything because I didn't really care, guys do it all the time, but when you got a hard-on from it, I had to say something." When she said that part about a hard-on, it sounded like she was flattered or something that I had gotten a boner from looking down her shirt.

"I mean, I'm your sister and you get turned on from my tits? Wow. Too bad you can't fuck me, it's totally wrong." When she said that, she gave me a naughty little smile. Too bad? What did she mean by that? "Well anyways, I'm gonna go upstairs and 'wear out my dildo' some more. I was gonna fuck Josh today but since that pig was too busy licking the inside of a tramps mouth, I need to go take care of it myself." And just like that, she got up, turned around, and walked out. I swear as she walked out, she was shaking her ass at me on purpose. Once again, if I didn't know any better, I'd think she wanted me to fuck her.

The Next Day

That night, when everyone was asleep, I got completely naked and played with my dick for what seemed like hours. I tried not thinking about Allie but I couldn't help it. I kept thinking about how I wanted to tear those booty shorts off and panties, and lick her sweet pussy all day. How I would shove my dick down her throat and make her gag. What was going on? Why was my little sister turning me on like this? I didn't understand it but I knew that I wanted to make her my little slut. I wanted to go into her room and cum all over her face. I wanted her so much now. I was in a world of lust, my mind filled with thoughts that shouldn't be there. I came like never before that night, and afterwards, just slept like a baby.

The next day, when I woke up, I went down for breakfast. It was 7:30 am, so my parents were gonna leave any moment. When I got down, I saw my dad at the table reading the newspaper like usual, my mom was cleaning up, and Allie was sitting there, in a long t-shirt wearing no pajamas or anything, it seemed like she was just in panties. After a few moments, I realized that I was standing there with my mouth slightly open, staring at her.

"Morning." I said as I walked around Allie to a chair.

"Hey Nick, have anything planned for today?" My dad asked, not looking up from his paper. My mom looked up from wiping the kitchen counter, waiting for me to answer.

"Um, I don't know, maybe I'll get together with some friends." I shrugged my shoulders and took a bite of my toast. I noticed my dad looking at me now and he didn't seem to like my answer.

"What?" I asked while chewing my food.

"How 'bout you go shower and do some chores around the house." He had his eyebrows raised at me and then went back to his paper.

My dad had one of those childhoods where all he did was work. So now he thinks I should do the same. I knew what I really wanted to do after my shower. I wanted to spread Allie's legs and pump my dick in and out. But for some reason, I didn't think my dad would be too happy about that.

"Alright fine dad jeez." I continued eating and thinking about the chores that were ahead for today. Then I noticed Allie looking at me and I looked at her. She looked so beautiful sitting there. Her hair a mess, her thighs looking delicious, and looking all cute sipping her coffee. I started thinking about ways I could get her to fuck me but nothing sane came to mind. My dad finished reading the paper and said bye to everyone before leaving out the front door. My mom went to check her make-up in the bathroom one last time before leaving as well. Now it was just me and Allie at the kitchen table and for the first time since catching her masturbating, I felt awkward around her.

"Have fun with all those chores, Nick." She looked at me with a teasing smile on her face. "I think I'm just gonna sit around today. Might even stay like this all day, but I'll try and not show too much of my ass so you don't get all horny again. Hehehe." I rolled my eyes and went down the hall to the shower.

When I took off my boxers, I noticed that Allie's comment had quite the affect on my penis. I started to slowly rub it and closed my eyes, thinking about Allie in that outfit. I decided to finish up in the shower so that there won't be a mess to clean after.

After about five minutes, my strokes were getting faster and faster. I was definitely close to cumming. I guess my horniness distracted me enough to forget to lock the door because just then, Allie came bursting in blurting out something about her bladder exploding and how this was the closest bathroom. I was nervous because I had my dick, fully erect to 7 inches about to blow my load and the shower curtain was sort of see through.

"Can you hurry up Allie? I'm trying to shower here." I could hear the jet of piss hitting the toilet even though the water was running. My dick was actually bouncing up and down.

"Well I have to piss, don't worry, I'll leave you to finish jerking off ASAP." She burst out laughing as she said that.

"Oh my god, can you stop looking?!" I turned around, facing the opposite wall blushing like crazy. Although, it seemed like I was turned on even more, and it's like my arm had a mind of its own as it started jerking my dick back and forth again.

"Did I turn you on again? I kind of feel bad ... I keep giving you boners and just walking away."

I couldn't help it, I had held off my orgasm as long as I could but now it was out of my hands. I gave out a little moan while huge jets of semen shot out of my dick and splattered all over the wall. I must have shot 5 or 6 jets and my knees started trembling a little. I had tingles start at the tips of my feet shoot all through my body.

"Oh my god, did you just cum? Haha holy shit, that's fucked." Allie was absolutely shocked but I could also hear excitement in her voice. "That's actually kind of hot, damn and I thought I was the only kinky one in the family." She had long ago finished pissing and was now just sitting on the toilet with no panties on. I peeked my head out from the curtain and saw her panties at her feet. She was leaning back due to her stomach, and I could just barely see the top of her short pubes.

"Okay fine, I got horny and came in the shower. By the time you ran in here, I was already going full speed and well ... like you said yesterday, you've already seen me naked so why not just finish?" This was a lie, I had finished because I wanted Allie to jump in the shower with me and piss there so I could cum all over her. Since I was so much taller than her, I could perfectly cum all over her tits and let it run down to her pregnant stomach. "Now can you please leave so I can finish properly showering and get dressed?" I still had my head out and she didn't seem to mind that her pussy was almost exposed completely to me.

"But I still haven't showered yet. Maybe I should just wait here until you finish and jump in myself." She was smiling at me with her hands on her stomach while I was trying to figure out if she really wanted to fuck me or was just messing with me.

"Well you've already seen me cum, and I can pretty much see your cunt right now, so suit yourself." Her eyebrows raised and I went back behind the curtain and started washing my hair. After a few more minutes, I noticed Allie get up from the toilet and take her shirt off. She wasn't wearing a bra so she was now totally nude on the other side of that almost see through curtain.

"Hey Allie?" I was feeling really confident now for some reason and I decided to be a little daring and ask her what she meant when she said too bad I can't fuck her when we were on the couch yesterday.


"What did you mean when you said 'too bad I can't fuck you' yesterday?" She didn't say anything for a few seconds.

"Well ... Nick if you haven't noticed, you have girls all over you. And my dirty friends always talk about how they would love to ride you all night and well ... You're hot."

"Yeah well, I think you're gorgeous Allie but that doesn't mean I wanna fuck you." Once again, I was completely lying. For the past 24 hours, I was obsessed with that very thought.

"I never said I wanted to fuck you ... You think I'm gorgeous? Even though I'm fucking pregnant?" She sounded disgusted with herself as she said the part about being pregnant.

I wasn't nervous at all anymore, I was quite relaxed and I think that's why I did what I did next. I poked my head out the curtain again and saw Allie standing there looking at her feet. Her nipples were hard and her tits looked so firm. My eyes scanned her body and I was mesmerized when I reached her pink pussy. She had a little bit of pubic hair at the top but was completely shaven otherwise. She looked up at me and I made eye contact with her.

"Allie, you have always been gorgeous and that will never change." I looked at her from head to toe again. Allie looked like she was about to melt. She was blushing as she said,

"Are you gonna finish in there soon? I'm getting cold out here." She then crossed her arms, covering up her hard nipples.

"Oh, um, if you're cold, you can come in here." This wasn't even me talking anymore; this was some new confident stud talking because I would have never had the balls to say that. She bit her bottom lip and started walking towards the shower. I was almost blown away; my little sister I've been fantasizing about was actually agreeing to shower with me. I pulled back the curtain and for the first time, I was completely exposed to her. Water was covering my whole body, and my dick was semi-hard from all this. I noticed Allie inhale a bit when she saw my body.

I took her hand to help her get into the tub and pulled the shower curtain back. We just sort of stood there for a bit, looking at each other's eyes. Allie smiled at me and turned her back to me grabbing a bottle of shampoo. I looked down her back and at her ass. It looked down her back and at her ass. It looked simply gorgeous. One of those bubbly butts, which you just wanna smack. As she started washing her hair, I decided to make some contact. I grabbed the bottle of body wash and started rubbing it on her back.

"Is it okay if I wash your back?" I knew she wouldn't mind but asked anyways.


This went on for a bit longer. Finally, she turned back around and what she said next made my dick twitch a little.

"Can you wash my front?" She was still washing her hair and looked at me with an innocent school girl look on her face. I smiled and nodded and got more body wash and started rubbing her belly. I knew she loved when someone rubbed her belly, and she leaned her head back and smiled. I was in heaven. I just kept looking at those gorgeous tits, water running down them. Since I was already so daring, I decided to continue and I slowly moved my hands up from her belly and on her tits. I started caressing them and they felt so damn good in my hands.

"Mm, yeah that feels really good." She was now done with her hair and had moved her hands to my torso. I had already washed my body but I wasn't gonna object her hands on me. After I had spent an extra long time 'washing' her tits, I moved down to her belly again. I was actually sad when she pulled away and sat down opposite from me. I didn't know what she was doing but soon caught on. She slowly spread her legs and started washing each from the bottom to her waist. I felt kinda stupid just standing there watching but I figured this was meant to be a show for me so whatever. She looked up at me and then leaned her head against the wall, closing her eyes and smiling. Her right hand was in between her legs, rubbing her pussy slowly. Her left hand went up to her tit and started playing with it. My mouth was almost touching the bottom of the tub as I stood there with my eyes fixated on her wet pussy. She started rubbing a bit faster and I was completely hard by now. This was my dream coming true. Eventually, her rubbing turned into fingering as she stuffed two fingers deep into her pussy. Her left hand left her tit and was now rubbing her clit ever so fast. She was moaning loudly now, pounding her pussy with her fingers.

"Oh fuckkkkkkk, Nick I'm gonna fucking cuummmmmmm!" I was still standing there with my mouth open staring at this beautiful site. I couldn't take it anymore and I grabbed my dick for the second time that morning and started rubbing it from tip to the bottom of my shaft. Allie looked down at my dick and then leaned her head back picking up her pace while moaning. "Ohhhh fuuuuckkkk Nick! Are you gonna cum with me baby?" She was going extremely fast, now shoving three fingers in and out of her pussy while rubbing her clit even harder.

"Oh fuck Allie, I'm gonna cum again!" I was now going even faster than before and I felt my balls tingle ready to explode.

"Cum on me Nick! Cum on my tits and belly. OHHHH FUUUUCKKK I'M CUMMINGGGG!!!" I swear the neighbors could probably hear her but I didn't care about anything else besides shooting my load all over my 15 year old sisters body.

"Fuuuuuckkk!" Allie was now breathing so fast I could see her tits bouncing back and forth. She moaned really loudly just in time as I felt the tingle from my balls go all the way through my body again, eventually reaching the tip of my dick and shooting out the biggest jet of cum I've ever produced in my life. The only thing better than this amazing feeling was knowing it was landing on my little sister. Shot after shot of cum landed on her tits and was slowly running down the middle and over her nipples, covering her pregnant stomach. She was still fingering her pussy which was stretched over her fingers, and rubbing her clit.

"Ohhhh fuuuckkk. That was amazing." I was jerking the last bit of cum from my dick and trying to not fall over. I looked at Allie and she had her eyes closed and was totally relaxed against the wall, covered in my cum. She laughed a little and said,

"Wow this shower got a little crazy didn't it?" She was looking at me laughing and I laughed as well. I grabbed the body wash and started cleaning my dick and as I was doing that, I looked over at Allie and saw her scoop up a big blob of my semen on her index finger and stuck the finger in her mouth, sucking not only my cum, but her cum off it too. She was looking at me smiling and then said,

"What?" I just laughed a little and shook my head and she started rubbing in the rest of the cum into her body. My little sister was such a kinky slut and I was loving it. Having been totally spent from those two orgasms, I rinsed off and stepped out of the shower leaving Allie to clean up. When I got out, I noticed that there was a small trail of piss on the bathroom floor. I also saw Allies panties beside the toilet which also looked wet with what I imagine was her piss. I looked in the toilet and saw that it was still filled with piss but there was no toilet paper meaning she didn't wipe after. Even though it should've grossed me out, it kind of turned me on knowing her pussy was dripping with pee when she got in the shower.

"Ohhh yeah." For a second I thought Allie was fingering herself again, until I noticed the extra sounds of water hitting the tub now and realized it was Allie's jet of piss. I pulled back the curtain and saw Allie standing there with her legs apart, holding her pussy lips open with both hands, while a huge jet of yellow piss hit the tub. "What? I'm fucking pregnant. I can't control my bladder." I just laughed and went back to getting dressed.

The rest of the day went by with not much excitement. I was stuck with doing chores around the house so I spent most of the day outside and Allie was inside on the computer or watching TV. When we did cross paths, we acted like nothing had happened earlier. She wore her t-shirt and panties all day, not bothering to get dressed and I always made sure to take an extra look at her long legs. Her butt was sadly covered by her t-shirt so I couldn't see much of that and her t-shirt was pretty baggy so her tits weren't too visible either. The day went on and around dinner time, my parents came home. Obviously, I and Allie had no intention of our parents finding out what had occurred just minutes after they had left that morning. When I was younger, I do remember catching my dad feeling up my mom in the kitchen sometimes but now that they have gotten older; my dad doesn't seem to have much of a sex drive. My mom gets dolled up for work from time to time and shows some cleavage but other than that, she doesn't try to look very sexy for my dad these days. Sometimes I wonder what happened to their passion. That day I was so exhausted from the chores that I ate dinner, went to my room and sat on Facebook on my laptop for a bit before quickly dozing off to a sex filled dream. Seriously, all my dream consisted of was me banging every girl I've ever fantasized about, and that included Allie.

___¬¬¬ Day Three

The next morning started as usual; I woke up with a monster hard-on, brushed my teeth, and made my way downstairs for breakfast. When I got downstairs, I noticed that my dad had already left for work and my mom was the only one in the kitchen. I didn't know where Allie was yet but for now, all I cared about was finding the source of that smell of bacon.

"Morning mom."

"Morning sweetie, you hungry?" She was cooking up more bacon and looked over her shoulder at me. I noticed she was still in her bath robe.

"Yeah, I'm starving actually. Dad leave early today?" I already had a couple bites of bacon in my mouth as I asked.

"Yeah, his boss called last night asking him if he could come in an hour early today. He works so hard, I wish he would relax a little." My mom sighed and sat down with the plate of bacon across from me.

"He should of just said no. Where's Allie?" Allie was nowhere to be seen. Usually she is either at the breakfast table or showering and I didn't hear the shower when I walked by the bathroom upstairs.

"She's outside talking on the phone with that jackass boyfriend of hers." She rolled her eyes and made a disproving face. I figured Allie was finished with him after she caught him cheating and after letting me cum on her chest.

"Oh crap. I have to go get dressed, I'm gonna be late. Bye sweetie." She gave me a kiss on the cheek and got up. She was already showered and had her make up on but she hadn't gotten dressed yet cause she wanted to make breakfast. I decided to go into the backyard and see if Allie was done talking to her boyfriend. I was hoping she was wearing something provocative because I was horny like I always am in the mornings and I wanted to see her growing tits.

I walked outside and spotted Allie near the pool, sitting on the pool chair in sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt. I was disappointed but it was pretty cold outside so her outfit was appropriate for the weather.

"No, Josh, I'm not gonna come over to your house. You cheated on me." She looked up at me and smiled and I smiled back and sat on the chair next to her.

"There's nothing you can do to make it up to me because I'm done with you." I got excited when she said that because I didn't want to share Allie now that I know how she feels about me.

"Well I got cummed on by another guy yesterday so how do you feel about that? Yeah I'm serious, and he's way hotter then you." I looked at her with my mouth open and she just looked at me winking and with her tongue stuck out. After Josh started yelling she just said hung up the phone and exhaled.

"God, that fucker thinks he can do whatever he wants and I'll come running back to him."

"You really think I'm hotter?" She looked over at me and said hell yeah.

"Well I'm hungry and I need food." She got up and walked in front of me. My head followed her, not leaving her ass the entire time. Right before she walked inside, she pulled down her sweatpants for a bit and flashed her red thong at me for a second before disappearing inside. My dick was instantly hard and I got up and followed her. I wanted to fuck her tight pussy.

When I got into the kitchen, Allie was reading a magazine eating. I didn't dare do anything with our mom still in the house so I decided to go upstairs to my room and get dressed. As I walked by my mom's room, I noticed it was opened a crack and without even thinking about it, I peeked inside. What I saw not only made my mouth drop but also made my dick hard again. Mom was standing in front of a body mirror with her back turned to the door, completely naked. I saw her tits in the reflection and they were huge. Not only were they big, they weren't sagging much at all. Her ass was a bit fatter but still looked quite good. My mom worked out almost every day so she wasn't fat but you could still tell she had squeezed out babies. She was quite a sexy mom. I saw her pussy in the reflection as well and saw that she had a huge bush. For some reason, that turned me on too. My mom went to the bed and picked up a thong and put it on and it quickly disappeared into her ass. Before picking up her bra, she tweaked her nipples a bit between her index and thumb fingers on both hands and smiled. My mom was a kinky woman.

I didn't even know Allie was standing behind me until I felt someone pull me by the shoulder.

"Oh my god, are you spying on mom?" Allie whispered and I felt embarrassed for a second but quickly got over it because I was talking to Allie, she's just as kinky as me.

"Shhh, I didn't mean to, I was just walking by and ... Well look inside!" Allie was still looking at me smiling with her mouth open and then slowly tippy toed towards the door. I followed her and looked inside again. My mom was now putting on her shirt but she was still just in a thong and Allie looked back at me laughing a little and mouthed "Wow" at me.

I looked down at Allie's ass and it looked so good even in sweatpants. Without thinking, I pressed my dick up against her ass and Allie just pushed back still looking at mom. We started grinding a little in the doorway watching our mom getting dressed and I slowly pulled Allie away from the door and leaned against the wall. She started grinding a bit harder against my dick and I reached around and stuck my hand in her sweatpants. I pushed her thong out of the way and felt Allie's moist pussy right away. I started rubbing her clit and Allie moaned a little. This was so hot because we were just a few feet away from our parents' bedroom where our mom was.

"Fuck Nick, I want your dick in my pussy right here in the hallway" Allie was moaning even more now and I put my other hand on her mouth to keep her quiet but she just started sucking on my fingers. I had two fingers in her pussy with my thumb massaging her clit. She was still grinding her ass on me and my dick was almost popping through my pants.

"Shit, mom's coming!" I heard mom's footsteps coming closer to the door and we quickly dashed into Allie's room and closed the door. We heard her go down the stairs and then Allie burst out laughing.

"Why are you laughing so much you freak?" I asked her laughing as well.

"Mom is seriously hot! Oh my god. I hope I look that good after I pop this baby out." She was rubbing her growing belly looking at it, and I moved in and just kissed Allie on the lips.

"Allie, you will always be beautiful. Don't worry." She was smiling now looking at me and I smiled back. She then spotted my fingers glistening from her pussy and brought them up slowly to her mouth.

"Geez, you must love your pussy juice, you keep sucking fingers clean." I didn't mind this at all. She just smiled and continued sucking on my fingers until all the juice was gone. I reached over with my other hand and started feeling up her tits. She let go of my fingers and pulled off her shirt. She had no bra on because she never wears bra's at home and I was rewarded with the sight of her amazing boobs once again. I quickly pulled off my own shirt and started sucking on her tit. She leaned her head back and moaned. I stopped sucking on her tit and we went over to the bed. Allie pulled down her sweatpants and laid on her back smiling at me. She had a red thong on just like mom's and I crawled in-between her legs.

I pushed her wet thong to the side again, and went to work. This was the first time I had actually tasted her and she tasted amazing in her own sweet and salty way. I licked, slurped, and drank every drop that made its way from her pussy. Allie was arching her back, breathing heavily and basically screaming. We were both in heaven. I stuck my tongue into her pussy and tongue fucked her as fast as I could, my nose rubbing against her clit. After a few moments, I felt her pussy walls squeeze around my tongue and automatically knew I had made her orgasm. Pussy juice gushed into my mouth and I swallowed every bit.

"Holy ... fucking ... shit. I've never cum like that in my life!" She was trying to catch her breath laying back. I laid next to her and she turned her head and kissed me, sucking on my tongue tasting her own juices. The kiss broke and she kissed her way down my chest and pulled down my pants, followed by my boxers. My dick stuck straight into the air and Allie made an mmm sound as she licked from my balls all the way up my shaft to the tip. The entire time maintaining eye contact with me with pure lust in her eyes. She went back down to my balls and put one at a time into her hungry mouth. After she cleaned my balls, she started jerking my cock and said,

"Are you ready for this?" I couldn't say anything, I just looked at her and nodded. She then stuck my dick inch by inch into her mouth until my dick was down her throat. She had seven inches in her mouth and her nose was in my pubes. She pulled my dick out of her mouth to catch her breath and then her head started bobbing up and down on my cock.

"Allie, I'm gonna cum like right now!" She didn't say anything but just kept sucking on my cock and I took that as a 'I'm gonna swallow' gesture and let my orgasm hit. She shoved my whole dick into her mouth again and I was lost in pleasure. There were bolts of electricity running through my body as spurt and spurt of semen shot out of my dick and went down Allie's throat. Since she was pregnant, this meant the baby was gonna be tasting my cum as well and that just made it hotter. After what seemed like a gallon of cum, Allie finally popped my dick out of her mouth and smiled.

"Well this was fun." I was breathing heavily and just nodded at her comment.

Allie started rubbing her pussy slowly as she sat on the edge of the bed naked. And my dick still had a bit of after cum leaking out.

"Oh fuck!" Allie quickly jumped off the bed and in my amazement, she started pissing right there on the floor. I just stared at her not knowing what to do.

"Stupid bladder. I hope you don't mind the smell of piss." She giggled and just held her pussy apart as piss flooded out. I looked at the hardwood floor and noticed a huge puddle of piss. Her jet of piss slowly turned into drops as she finished up. The puddle was now around her feet and was making its way under the bed. For some reason, this made my dick really hard again and when Allie saw it, she wiped her pussy with her hand and smeared it against the sheets before jumping up on the bed.

"Fuck Nick, I'm horny again, can you please fuck me brother?" She smiled at me lustfully and I took her hand and guided her on my cock. She bounced up and down on my dick and I had never felt a tighter pussy on my dick. Since she was so wet though, my dick just slipped in easily. She had her hands on the bed on either side of me and her tits were bouncing in my face. I had my hands on her ass cheeks, spreading them apart with my dick deep in her pussy.

"I want you to cum in me Nick!" I was already almost about to cum before she said that so it took all of my strength to hold back from cumming just yet. I wanted her to cum first.

"Ohhh fuuuckkkk!" She moved her hand up to her boob and squeezed it as she rode me even faster. The smell of piss was getting stronger as there was a puddle on the floor and Allie's feet were covered in it.

"I'm cumming!" She moaned and I felt her pussy walls squeezing around my dick and that's when I finally gave in to my orgasm, filling her pussy with cum. She started grinding on me slowly in a circular motion as my dick became soft in her pussy and cum leaked around the sides. She got off my dick and laid next to me trying to catch her breath and my dick still had cum oozing out.

"So I just fucked my pregnant little sister." We both laughed as she scooped up the cum coming from her pussy and sucked it into her mouth.

"You know, I always knew I was a slut but I never knew that I was so incestuous. For god sakes, I'm in love with the taste of my brothers cum!" I laughed and gave her a kiss on her tit.

"Well sis, you have the best pussy I've ever seen. It would be hard for anyone to not want a piece." "Aw, thank you Nick! But you know, it's all yours baby." She then got up and went down the hall to the bathroom to get something to clean up the piss on her bedroom floor.

That's the story of how me and my little sister started fucking. I really have no idea what is going to happen next. I just hope Allie and me keep fucking.

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