The Slipper
Chapter 1

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The weather forecast for August twenty-first in Scranton Pennsylvania called for a high temperature of ninety three degrees, not a record for the date, but plenty hot, and made more so by a dew point nearing eighty degrees, thus assuring a substantial amount of humidity to add to a person's discomfort. It was generally felt that a dew point temperature in excess of sixty-five degrees created a weather condition in which most people felt quite uncomfortable. August twenty-first was college "move-in" day on many college campuses across the country, and that was quite evident by the log jam of cars and parents and suitcases all trying to converge on the various dormitories on those campuses. Quite often, upperclassmen from a campus organization would volunteer to assist the parents and new students arriving throughout the day. Those volunteers were a godsend to the parents, for sure. The dads' faces conveyed their concerns that all goes according to plan, that they have paid the correct fees, come to the correct dormitory and their sons or daughters are properly registered. The mothers' faces, on the other hand, displayed their heartfelt concern that their "baby" or their "first born" or whatever was leaving the nest, and would be out of the protective arms of mom for the very first time. The children's faces showed cautious enthusiasm and a modest level of excitement as they were about to begin an entirely new phase in their lives.

Buckingham University, on the north side of Scranton Pennsylvania had experienced "move-in" day for more than one hundred years, and this day was proceeding exactly as it had for as long as anyone there could remember. The streets around the campus were clogged with motor vehicles, everything from the basic Chevy sedan to the vans that the moms used to drive the soccer teams to practices. There were even a handful of stretch limousines with uniformed drivers unloading volumes of luggage from the trunks of those cars. Access to the student parking lots was nearly impossible save for the daring few who were willing to drive across a few athletic practice fields to gain entry. The congestion had begun in earnest by ten o'clock and was in full dress mode before noon. It would continue until nine in the evening and resume the next morning at eight o'clock, repeating the prior day's activities until all invitees had arrived. One of those invitees was a young man named Jeff Myerly. Jeff was beginning his second year at Buckingham, but had not yet declared a major field of study. His records showed him to be a remarkable student, extraordinarily brilliant in mathematics and with an uncommon grasp of most of the fields of study in high school.

Jeff's childhood had been anything but easy. His mother died when he was barely two years old, a victim of a surgeon's mistake in an operating room. Jeff had been their first child, and since neither his mother nor his father had grown up in central Ohio where Jeff was born and as a result, after his mother's death, there were no relatives nearby to help with his upbringing. Jeff's dad had been a business professional, working in an office in the next larger city, and he tried to find alternatives to simply placing Jeff in an infant day care program, but could find nothing he felt was suitable for the situation. His father had sued the physician and hospital, and after several years of litigation, settlements had been reached which allowed Jeff's dad to become a stay-at-home dad for Jeff.

Shortly after the financial settlement, Jeff's father had a swimming pool installed in their back yard. It was larger than most, and very elaborate, complete with a small pool house with a changing room, and a clothes dryer to dry the wet suits. By the time he entered high school, Jeff had managed to install hidden cameras covering three different angles in the dressing room. Jeff's single opportunity for a social life centered on that pool and he made the most of it by having his classmates over for pool parties as soon as the temperature allowed. After several camera adjustments, Jeff began to accumulate a very nice collection of spy cam videos of his classmates putting on their swimsuits in the pool house. He would spend hours at his computer editing the tapes, admiring the developing bodies of the girls in his films and fantasizing about sex with them. He was surprised at how many of the girls had not yet developed much in the way of pubic hair. He had already concluded that a girl's bush was an indication of her readiness for sex, at least from a developmental standpoint, and was quite disappointed when he learned that a favorite girl actually had not as much as he had hoped. He wasn't quite sure why he believed that, but the conclusion appeared to be logical, so he went with it.

As the years went by following his mom's death, depression came to visit the Myerly household again. His father had been sitting at home for years, experiencing none of the life that he had studied and trained for as a career, missing the camaraderie of business relationships and facing none of the mental challenges required in his profession. He began to rely on alcohol for his motivation, eventually reaching the level that Jeff became the "grown-up" in the family, doing all of the housecleaning, grocery shopping and cooking for the two of them. Shortly after Jeff's sixteenth birthday, his father's body succumbed to the abuse inflicted by the alcohol.

Immediately some citizens of the community sought to have Jeff enter the foster children program, but Jeff, through the good efforts of a compassionate attorney, was able to show that he was competent, self sufficient, and capable of living on his own. The judge, in deciding in Jeff's favor, cited the concurring recommendations of the school principal and several of Jeff's teachers, all highlighting his maturity and intelligence.

Weekend pool parties at Jeff's house became the standard for many of his friends. Jeff did not restrict access by age; anyone in high school was welcome to attend, and they did, sometimes in large numbers.

Jeff's house became "party central". Every Friday and Saturday evening the yard would be filled with teen aged kids, dancing to music that was possibly too loud for the neighbors liking, playing wild games of volleyball, and generally doing what teenagers do at parties. Sometimes, although not continually, one or more of the bedrooms in Jeff's house would be occupied for an hour or so, but none of the party goers ever paid much attention to the occupants of those bedrooms. And as might be expected, sometimes the local police arrived to check on a "public disturbance" complaint from the neighborhood, but they never found any signs of beer or alcohol being consumed so their only action was to request that the tone of the party be controlled a little more.

A new girl moved to the neighborhood that spring, just fourteen, but quite cute. When they were moving in, Jeff had seen her and told her about the pool and the weekend parties and gave her a standing invitation to attend. Jeff noticed her at the party about two weeks later and made an effort to introduce her to many of his friends. The next day as he edited his spy cam, he recognized her. He could clearly see that she had tiny breasts that did not require a bra, but he also saw that she had the other pre-requisite, a dense triangle of dark hair covering her pussy. Once he saw that, he decided to target her. He spent the bulk of two night's parties devoted to her, acting as if she was the only girl in attendance. On the third weekend after school was out, Jeff managed to convince the young girl to join him in his bedroom. It was the first time for both of them, and the sex itself was nothing to brag about. She cried out from the pain of his entry but eventually calmed down enough to not look horrified and he came much too quickly to satisfy her.

Amongst all the commotion of his living arrangements, Jeff calmly managed to take and pass the exam for his driver's license, and then, equally as calmly traded his father's two year old car in for a brand new two seat sports car that was more age appropriate for him. It was a very nice car, nicer than anything driven to school daily by any other student, or teacher for that matter. Jeff considered the car to be the mental vacation that he rightly deserved for the years of frustration, loneliness, and sorrow that he had experienced. If anyone had other feelings about him having that car, he never heard those feelings voiced. The car itself was the topic of discussion at several meeting of the teaching staff and principal however. Everyone knew of his dreadful life and everyone understood his motivation for buying the car. Problems arose when Jeff and the car went on "road trips" instead of coming to school. Yes, it was agreed that Jeff was the number one student in his class, and even with special projects and advanced textbooks, he still completed all assignments perfectly and long before his classmates, so falling behind or missing a class was not the problem.

Unlike many top of the class students elsewhere in the country, Jeff was not a book worm or a nerd or anything like that. He was a good looking young man, quite handsome many thought, with a personality that oozed sincerity and charm. There was nothing phony about Jeff Myerly; he never put on "airs" like some of his classmates. He was just an all around nice guy who happened to be smart as a whip. The teaching staff was in agreement that Jeff could easily afford the absences from class. The issue of concern was that he never took these road trips alone; he was always accompanied by one of the many attractive girls in his class -- or the class above him or below him! He never seemed to run out of girls willing to take a day off of high school for a road trip with Jeff, destination unknown, but almost always including a stopover at a motel, or a secluded area of a park, or sometimes just Jeff's house. The girls never complained, at least none that any official ever heard.

That first summer Jeff was gone more days than he was home, to Cedar Point for the day or to Cleveland for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Sometimes he and his companion would head to Cincinnati for a ball game. Sitting alone in his house was not something that Jeff enjoyed; he had few good memories of his childhood and so he enthusiastically sought companionship with his friends.

As his graduation approached, guidance counselors were challenged with Jeff. His initial plan was to go to one of the Big Ten schools presuming that their reputation for top athletics would provide ample opportunity to meet more girls. Eventually, the teacher that Jeff most admired was able to talk sense to him, challenging him to select a school at which he would be intellectually challenged as well. When he visited Buckingham University, one of the professors to whom he was introduced challenged him with a mathematical problem that Jeff could not immediately answer. He offered Jeff a university grade education of just those types of challenges. Jeff was hooked.

From that very first girl two years before, until he was ready to head off to college, Jeff Myerly had enjoyed the charms of some twenty different girls, almost all of them younger than he, almost all with the same petite figure. Jeff Myerly had an unusually strong sex drive, all the charm and personality any girl could ever ask for, a hot car and an amazing ability to convince young girls to sleep with him. He honestly could not recall being turned down. Every one of Jeff's neighbors was delighted when the third Saturday in August arrived, and the only sounds in the neighborhood were those of birds chirping.

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