Seeds of Desire

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, Horror, Science Fiction, Incest, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Double Penetration, Violent,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Prologue - Pervasive Reads 06: An ancient force has been released into the world and it wants what was taken from it long ago.

Dr. Grace Kenzie can’t wait to get into the tomb. She has spent most of her life as an archeologist searching for a long lost and only rumored tomb of an unnamed demon god. It didn’t start this way. Grace only wanted to discover something beyond what anyone had ever discovered before. And when Grace stumbled upon, quite accidently, a stone tablet that gave her a startling clue to the tomb’s location of a demon god, it became an obsession.

Funding was hard to find initially, especially since she didn’t want to produce the document to anyone for fear of it being taken from her and someone else getting the discovery. She spent years in the off season hunting on her own until finally someone fully funded an expedition to find the tomb. And here she finally is, standing in front of what she believes to be the tomb she has been looking for.

Now as workers clear the remaining vegetation and earth from the tomb’s supposed entrance, she stands impatiently with her arms crossed and tapping her foot on the hard packed ground.

“Come on, come on,” she says quietly to herself.

The tapping of her foot gets more and more rapid the more the entrance is revealed. The workers work as fast as they are able and Grace’s impatience only grows more and more. The minutes tick on but it feels like forever until finally a cheer goes up amongst the workers. The final bit of earth and vegetation is pulled back to reveal a large door.

Grace begins swinging her arms through the air directing the workers, “Get the crow bars. Pry the door open. Careful now. Careful.”

The workers, with their muscles straining in a battle with the heavy stone, manage to part it from the rest of the tomb, enough to allow a sliver of light inside and a person. Only one person wants to get inside more than anyone else.

“Doctor Kenzie, can we talk again about waiting until we are fully ready?” Grace’s assistant asks.

“The discussion if closed Roger,” she answers as she snags an already lit touch from one of the workers. “This is my find and I’m going in first. Do not send anyone in until I return, you hear?”

Roger nods hurriedly. “No one will go in until your return. But I must insist...”

Grace casts a gaze at her assistant and he quickly shuts up. “Good,” she says, adding a smile. “I’ll be back shortly. In the meantime get everything ready for excavating. I want to get started before the sun sets.”

Grace proceeds into the tomb, taking each step slowly. The sliver of light soon disappears, and with the exception of the touch light, she is bathed in darkness. She continues down the straight path examining the walls as she does so. They are symbols and characters lining the walls, none of which she recognizes. She finds the straight path strange. There are no side passages or rooms, just a straight, narrow path filled with strange writing.

After spending several moments trying to decipher the symbols and characters along the wall to no avail, Grace decides to push on. There is plenty of time to do so later. The path doesn’t go on too much further, eventually bringing the doctor to single room. Like the rest of the tomb, it is cast in complete darkness.

This is it, this is the discovery she has nearly spent her entire career in. Calming her nerves she steps through the opening. And as soon as she passes through she knows something is wrong. Suddenly, something large and strong closes over her left wrist and another clamps her right wrist. Her torch falls to the ground with a thud. She screams as she is pulled forward.

Grace screams again and realizes no one can hear her. She is too far in the tomb and no one is supposed to come in until she comes out. What a stupid choice she has made. Then she begins to sob, realizing not what is about to happen but that she isn’t prepared for anything of this magnitude. “Please, don’t hurt me,” she says through her tears. She kicks out frantically before feeling her ankles grabbed and held tight.

‘Don’t struggle.’

She didn’t hear any words, but yet she seems to have as if it was only in her head.

‘This will be quite pleasurable for you. It has been far too long since this tomb was closed.’

It was in her head. Grace tries to peer into the darkness to see what has a hold of her and just exacting what is speaking to her. Then the sudden realization of what the words mean sets in and she screams, “No!”

There is laughter in her head, filled by the same voice as before. Grace begins to sob again as she realizes she is completely helpless.

Then she feels something, almost slimy begin to run up her waist to her chest. She sobs as it begins to knead her breasts painful and slow. She groans as her untouched nipples are pinched, twirled and spun between what feels like suction cups. Horrified that she is experiencing pleasure in all of this, she begins to cry again.

“Please,” she weakly moans. This is the last thing she ever expected. No, this isn’t even on her list of things she expected.

The slimy appendages, which are all she can describe them as, run down to her waist again. This time her shirt is pulled up and out of her khakis where it has been tucked away. The appendages run up slowly, squeezing and rubbing up to her breasts, where they begin to pinch and play again. This time, the touch to her bare breasts brings an uncontrollable moan of pleasure to her lips.

No, no, no! I won’t enjoy this!

The creature or god attached to the end of the appendages laughs again in her mind as it plays with her hard nipples. Then suddenly, the appendages run back down her body to her khakis which it begins to pull away. The button pops free quickly and easily.


The khakis are pulled off her body and thrown to the side. Her shirt is ripped from her, tearing it down her back. She now only has her panties to protect her from this thing.

There is a faint rustle from the darkness and a sudden smell like that of her pussy juices and wafts up to her nose. It fills the room, scenting everything of sex. It is only now that she calms down enough to focus on the room around her. It is now that she sees some kind of purplish black tentacles wrapped around her wrists. As slowly moves from the darkness toward her and into the light of the touch.

‘I am the only one of my kind.’ The voice enters her mind the moment she realizes what she is looking at. ‘I was worshipped as a god. The people offered up beautiful virgins for me to feed on until one day they turned on me. They couldn’t kill me so they entombed me here. I haven’t fed in so long, but now I have you.’

Grace stares at the creature wide eyed. He means to eat me. It can’t end like this, it just can’t.

A tentacle, that looks much like an uncircumcised cock, slides forward within a foot of her. She eyes it as it shoots forward with amazing speed between her spread thighs. It pauses for a moment right in front of her pussy, which is still hidden behind her white panties. Then the material at the end slowly retracts, revealing a slimy purplish black tentacle cockhead.

It hovers, not moving. The tentacles on her breasts continue to rub, squeeze and release. Then the ends turn into suction-like cups and fasten to her nipples. The slow wet sucking is amazing and despite her horror, she feels pleasure and excitement growing. Then another tentacle, much thinner than the rest, shoots out and runs up her thigh to the edge of her panties. It pushes inside and back out again on the other side.

With a small flick of the tentacle, her panties are ripped from her body and sent flying across the room. She is now totally exposed to the demon god. The massive cockhead tentacle drips with a sudden off white precum substance. The sight suddenly brings her back to her senses.

“No, please don’t do this.”

The demon god laughs at her pleas. The tip of its cockhead tentacle presses suddenly against her naked, tight pussy lips and begins to push inside. With a hard push, the tentacle cock slides in deep, all the way to the entrance of her womb and then beyond.

A moan escapes her lips. The feeling is intense and beyond words. The tentacle is so much bigger than anything she has ever had in her pussy. Her walls are stretched beyond anything she could imagine them being stretched to. Then the tentacle withdraws almost completely out before being slammed back in.

The thrusting begins, taking Grace to an orgasm within minutes. Grace’s body rocks against the tentacles holding her as the wave of orgasm crashes through her. Suddenly, a sucking begins inside her pussy, drinking up all the juices her orgasm releases.

And no sooner does the sucking begin and her orgasm start to subside is Grace’s lower half of her body lifted higher into the air. More tentacles slide up her legs to her thighs, wrapping around and holding them tight. Another tentacle slides forward this time pointing as Grace’s tight, little puckered asshole. The material of the tentacle retracts like the other to reveal yet another slimy purplish black cockhead tentacle. Then the tentacle cock slams forward, hard. Pain shoots through her body and when she opens her mouth to scream, another dripping tentacle pushes its way inside fastening around her tongue. The tentacle in her ass bucks, forcing more inside of her tortured hole before it begins to steadily fuck her at a strong pace.

The steady stroking in and out of her pussy and the sucking on her breasts and tongue feels amazing. Grace has resigned herself to her shame and accepts everything without resistance. Even the intrusion of her ass begins to add to the already rebuilding pleasure in her pussy. The steady thumping of the tentacle against her clit and the steady fucking of her ass are amazingly good.

She begins to realize she loves every sound, every twitch of the two cocks inside her. Her pussy and ass were convulsing on the cocks, gripping and twitching to add to their pleasure. She soon feels a release of hot cum splattering into her ass. The feeling is amazing and she realizes she is moaning and begging for it through the tentacle in her mouth. The demon god continues to force its way inside her, its cock now buried deep in her womb. The stroking of the cock on her clit and twitching wet pussy lips is beginning to bring on another orgasm. She feels the familiar feeling of pleasure building when finally she cannot contain it any longer and screams through her tentacle as her body spasms and twitches on the two cocks.

The same sucking as before happens again inside her pussy. It brings her back from her relaxed state to a more lustful one. The demon god eagerly rams further inside of her sucking more of her juices inside it. The sucking pulls and releases on her clit and sensitive pussy walls causing her to scream as another orgasm hits her. The screams seem to egg the demon god on and the tentacle in her ass begins to eagerly thrust in and out of her. The tentacle in her mouth pulls back, leaving a steam of her saliva and it’s off white slimy cum from her lips to the tip of the Tentacle.

‘The more you cum, the more nutrients I get and the more pleasure you receive.’

Grace cannot talk, she can only reply with moans as the sucking and fucking continues. Finally, she begins to beg for more. “Fuck me! Fuck me! I want more!”

The massive tentacle cock buried deep in Grace continues to move steadily in and out of her now stretched pussy lips. Her tight hot gripping asshole is too much for the tentacle in her ass. The tentacles around her thighs clench and the demon god burst inside of her, filling her asshole with its sticky cum. The action triggers yet another orgasm in her and she begins to spam yet again.

Again the tentacle in her pussy feeds on her juices, gulping the juices down until her spasms stop. Then suddenly Grace feels the tentacles in her ass and pussy expands in size. Their thickness grows and stretches her even further. She lets out a slight moan of pleasure as her insides graciously accept the girth without complaint. She suddenly loves having her tight ass fucked slowly and steadily. Another tentacle positions itself over her clit and then strikes out, attaching to it much like her nipples. It fastens over it and begins to work it slowly, sucking long and hard.

“Come on, fuck me,” she moans.

The demon god listens. It slides forward with both tentacles then it slides back out, tearing a groan from her as it rubs her sensitive pussy walls. She can feel the two tentacles working closely together between her ass and pussy. She loves every twitch between the two of them. The demon god forces its tentacles deep into her belly, forcing it to expand to accept the intruders. She begins to plunge her hips up and forward on the tentacles in her ass and pussy. The familiar feeling of a building orgasm begins to start in her filled pussy again. The tentacles on her breasts and clit begin to suck and stroke feverishly harder, trying to bring her to cum.

“Yes, my god! Make your servant cum!” Grace groans through each of the thrusting tentacles.

She feels herself tense trying to prolong the fuck by not cumming. But the fucking in her tortured pussy and ass is too much. She screams and claws at the air as she explodes in orgasm, her whole body shaking in the aftermath. But instead of gulping up her massive wave of cum, Grace feels something different.

Something big slides through the tentacle and as it hits the entrance to her pussy, it forces her to stretch even further than she has already been stretched. Suddenly she feels stuffed. And then she is blasted to the brim and the tentacle in her pussy finally erupts in a torrent of slimy cum. Grace feels even more full. She is so stuffed by whatever was moved into her womb and the torrent of cum that she passes out.

It is sometime later that she wakes up, but it is not in the tomb but her own tent. She looks around catching the eye of her assistant sitting in a chair not too far away.

“What happened?” she croaks.

Roger nearly leaps from the chair to her side. “We don’t know. We found you lying on the floor naked but the tomb was completely empty except for some dead foliage.”

“There was nothing there?”

Roger shakes his head. “Nothing but the dead foliage. But we’re not worried about that, we’re worried about...”

Grace holds up her hand, effectively cutting him off. “There has to be something in there. I know there is, I saw it.”

Again, Roger shakes his head. “There is nothing Doctor Kenzie. Shall I get a doctor down here to examine you to make sure you’re alright?”

“I am a doctor,” Grace says sternly.

“I mean a medical doctor,” Roger hurries to specify. “I hear the village has a pretty decent one. Besides, with your condition, you should make sure everything is alright.”

“I’m just kidding Roger,” she says with a smile. “I’m fine. I must have just hit my head on something. And my condition has nothing to do with it.”

“What happened to your clothes?”

Her clothes! She forgot they found her naked. How could she forget such a big detail? Obviously she is not on her game today. It is still today right?

‘How long have I been out?” she asks, totally ignoring his question.

“You’ve been out for fourteen hours. We thought to call the doctor but I told everyone to hold off until I gave the say so.”

“You’re a good man Roger. Thank you.”

“Are we going to report this to the backers?” Roger asks, seeming to forget the previous question.

She shakes her head. “We’re not telling them about any of this. We will have to tell them we didn’t find anything.” She suddenly looks straight at the assistant. “Unless we did find something.”

Again, Roger shakes his head. “I’m sorry but there is nothing else here. It’s just the tomb and nothing else. No other ruins or signs of any kind of temple or complex.”

“Just my luck,” she mumbles. “This isn’t going to look good on me.”

“I’ll back you up on anything Doctor Kenzie,” Roger offers.

“No, no,” she says shaking her head. “I won’t have your career ruined because of my wild dream.”

“I can vouch for anything...”

“Roger, please,” she says cutting the young man off again. “Just let me do this for you. If it makes you feel better, we can keep everything that happened here after I went inside to ourselves.”

He nods. “Okay. I will see to it that the locals and workers stay quiet.”

“Good,” she says smiling. “Now let me get some rest. Let me know when everything is nearly packed up?”

“Will do,” he says, standing. He smiles once more then leaves the tent.

Grace sighs and sits for a moment before noticing something tickling her. She lifts up the sheet and looks down at her pussy. Beneath the wet exterior, a small tentacle reaches out and grabs the edge of her pussy lips and pulls. She watches in fascination as a small tentacle emerges.

Its dragging motion stretches her pussy and she collapses backward as she climaxes suddenly. It turns and extends long sucking tentacles into her pussy and begins to suck at her pussy walls, sucking all the juices of hers it can. Then it stirs and forces a tentacle up her waiting asshole and begins the steady fucking. The combination of the small sucker and the fucking in her ass is amazing. She covers her mouth to keep a moan from escaping as it works. Each thrust and suck teases her sensitive pussy, causing it to spasm and twitch in pleasure.

But her pleasure only drives it on. She clenches her eyes shut as her offspring works. She fights back another moan again as it finds her clit and begins to torture it with its hard fast sucking.

She moans through her clenched teeth and capped hand before finally orgasming. She drops back watching and grins in pleasure as her pussy finishes its spasms and her offspring feeds itself.

She is a mother once more, though this time to a healthy baby demon god.

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