Callie's Shadow
Chapter 1

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This story was posted a while ago but taken down when I had it published. Since such, it has been returned to me. So... Callie's Shadow is about the group called ASP (Agency of Supernatural Police) a group that policed all groups of the supernatural. Callie is an agent and has had a long standing unrequited love for Shadow, the leader of her group. It's also about Marcus and Angel, the other two in their group who at one point acted like they loathed the other. Now they boinked the there

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Her nose twitched. Lifting her face into the cooling breeze of dusk, she inhaled deeply, a small smile touching her full lips. Callie Anne Wolfe had found their prey. The walkie-talkie squelched when she hit the talk button and she hurriedly turned it down, not wanting to alert their target.

"I got him," she said softly into the transmitter. "Two blocks north of Main just off Neppesing Lake Road."

Shadow's voice came over the small speaker. "Stay put, Raven. We're on our way. Do not try to apprehend him on your own repeat, Do not! Understood?"

"Yeah sure," Callie said but she didn't hit the talk button. Sarcasm dripped from her words. "More macho bullshit. I can take care of myself better than anyone on this team."

She reached into the small holster at her back and plucked out her specially designed taser. It gave off a stun twice as strong as a normal police issue taser and was made to Callie's specifications. Of course, the targets that her team went after were a lot stronger and a lot scary than any serial killer known to man.

"Good thing I'm not a man," she muttered, pulling up the hood on the team suit she wore.

It fit snugly, outlining every curve and dip she possessed. The suits were made in dark gray leather, cut to fit each member of the team with a small patch on the shoulder with the initials ASP blazoned across it in silver and a place to tuck in her badge at her waist when it was time to look official.

Callie glanced around, searching for the rest of the team. Taking another deep breath, she realized that the subject was moving away and would be beyond even her powerful senses before anyone arrived to back her up.

"Fuck," she steamed, slapping her palm against her sleek, leather encased thigh. "He's going to kill me for this." A sigh escaped her lips as she took off, running lightly in the heeled boots that went with the suit. Following her nose, she slowed when she sensed it was closer.

The mouth of an alley loomed before her, dark and creepy looking, beyond the streetlight. Pressing her back up against the brick of the drugstore, she glanced quickly down the alley. Even her highly advanced senses couldn't see through the gloom of the alley, leaving her blind as she stepped out of what little light there was into the dark.

Her walkie squelched and she lifted it quickly. "Down two more blocks to the alley. I'm not sure where it is, but it's in ... ah!"

The walkie fell to the ground, shattering. A huge foot slammed down over what was left, smashing it more. One huge, meaty hand reached out and grabbed her arm, yanking her forward and into the brick wall.

Callie felt her skin scrape free against the rough wall, her breath almost knocked out of her lungs by the powerful hand. "Ugh!" She tried desperately to hang on to her taser but it fell from her hands bouncing once into a pile of garbage bags.

Her other arm was grabbed and then something long and thin curled around her ankle, yanking her legs apart so that she was spread eagle against the wall. Her hood was knocked back, a forked tongue flicking at her throat and ear, as if it were tasting her to see how good of a meal she would make.

She struggled, but even her immense strength was no match for this giant. "Let me go, you son of a bitch!"

The thing that had grabbed her ankle slid up, caressing her calf and then her knee before slipping over her leather clad thigh. Callie badly wanted to look down, to see what it was, but she couldn't move.

It rubbed at the thick seam that ran between her legs, trying to find a weak spot in the fabric where it could get at her skin. Callie kicked back with her foot, hitting what felt like a cement filled pole. "I'm going to kick your ass, fuckwad. Let me go!"

It hissed, its breath foul in the already fetid air around her. "No."

The thing moved again, frustrated by the well made suit. It rose up the front of her body, finding the zipper that closed the suit. Pulling down, the tight leather split, exposing a creamy slash of pale skin.

"Niceeeee," the huge lizard-like animal hissed, its big head coming into her view over her right shoulder, staring down the length of her body. His tail released the zipper when it reached the stop, sliding up and pushing the two sides of the suit further apart to expose her breasts.

A trail of saliva slipped from the thing's mouth, dropping to slide down her skin, clinging to the pale brown of her nipple.

"God, ick," Callie growled, feeling her stomach turn. "Keep your bodily fluids to yourself, dickweed!" She took a deep breath, slamming her head back and into the thing's face, taking it by surprise. It staggered back and Callie dived to the side, grabbing for her taser and sliding her finger over the setting dial, turning it to full power.

It roared and Callie got her first good look at it now that her eyes had adjusted to the lack of light. Green scales covered most of its body except for down at its groin. There a thick thatch of almost human looking hair was a nest for a sex organ bigger than Callie's arm.

"Oh, fuck no. You aren't getting that thing anywhere near me," she breathed, her finger on the taser's trigger.

It wiped away blood from its mouth, glancing down at the green smear on its hand before roaring loudly. Then it attacked!

Four tasers hit it almost at the same time. It growled but didn't go down. Callie hit her trigger again before ducking under the hugely muscled arms, driving her fist with as much power as she could into the beast's groin.

It stopped almost dead in its tracks, its mouth opening but no sound coming out. The animal's huge yellow eyes rolled back into his head and he teetered for a moment before falling back to the ground.

"Geez, Cal, I think you killed it."

"It drooled on me, Angel. Be glad all I did was kill it." Callie took a step back before realizing her suit was still open. Grabbing the zipper tab, she slid it back up.

"Nice tits," Marcus said, coming to stand beside her. "You okay?"

"Fine," she said shortly. "But I need a shower."

There were sounds of sirens in the distance, growing louder by the second. "Cops," Angel said, reaching into the pocket in the front of her own suit and pulling out a small communicator. "One big lizard out for the count but we got cops on the way, Central. Advise."

"Burn the body and get out of there," came the reply.

"It's not dead," Callie said, loudly enough for the communicator to pick up.

"Then I suggest you kill it."

Shadow, the leader of their team, bent over and grabbed the beast's arms. He dragged the animal over to the overflowing dumpster. "Cover it with bags. We'll watch it and when the humans leave, we'll come back and collect it." To be sure it wouldn't get up and walk away, Shadow grabbed specially made zip ties and slid them around the massive wrists and ankles of the beast.

They finished quickly, ever aware of the growing sound of the sirens. Then Shadow slipped into the dim murkiness of the building's shadow and disappeared. Angel gave Callie a quick smile and leaped lithely to the fire escape above their heads. Climbing at a speed almost too fast to see, she was sitting at the top of the metal stairs by the roof in seconds.

"Need a lift?" Marcus asked by her shoulder.

"Nope, got it covered," Callie said. She watched as huge wings unfurled from his back and he leapt into the air, leaving a strong breeze behind to ruffle through her hair.

Callie quickly unzipped her suit, pulling it off her curvy body. She threw it behind the dumpster and then took a deep breath.

The change was quick and relatively painless. When it was over, a black wolf stood next to the dumpster, her silver eyes moving over the hiding spot of the beast before she turned and moved deeper into the alley, hiding in the shadows.

She was still there when the police arrived, squealing their tires and shouting out orders. Shaking her huge, well shaped head, she watched as they tromped around the alley, shining their lights and waving their guns. Any evil thing with even half a shred of dignity would cringe at being caught by them.

One beam fell upon her and she shrank back, closing her eyes to keep them from shining in the light. Holding her breath, she waited to see if they would advance or if she had escaped detection. The beam flashed over her once more and then was gone. Callie opened her eyes to watch as one officer called it in as a false alarm or a crank.

She rose on her four legs, moving closer to the beast when all but one officer got back into his car. This one man sensed something; she could see it in his face. If he got too close to their subject, she would have to dart out and lead him away.

After a few minutes, he shook his head, turning away from the alley and headed to his car. Saying something Callie couldn't hear, they backed out and sped away. She stayed where she was for a moment before she looked up to see Angel's long slender legs standing next to her.

"Nice puppy," Angel teased, patting Callie's head until she growled and snapped at her. "Uh oh, bad dog," she said, baring her own fangs. "Go get dressed. We still got work to do before sun up."

Marcus drifted down, his feet lightly touching the sticky alley floor. He folded up his wings, crossing his huge arms over his chest. "I ain't touching that thing."

"Baby," Angel scoffed. "I can't believe what a wuss you can be sometimes, Wings. I swear I think you slept your way into the squad."

"What if I did? You see the happy face on the Magistrate?" He dropped one hand, rubbing it lightly over the front of his pants. "This is better than any stun gun I know."

"That's because anyone who sees it is too busy laughing to be able to hurt anyone," Angel shot back, laughing when she saw Marcus's green eyes narrow. "Did I hit a button, baby?"

"You two knock it off. You're worse than any two year olds ever thought to be. We've got to get beast boy into the unit and get back to the House before someone else decides to call the cops." Shadow turned toward Marcus. "You go get the unit, and fucking hide those wings, would you?"

Callie walked up, flashing a hint of cleavage as she zipped up her suit. She pushed her thick black hair behind her ear, making an effort to not stare at Shadow. Right now, every emotion she felt was in her eyes and she couldn't afford to let him see how she felt.

"Come on, Angel, let's get the trash bags off him."

"Did you see the size of the cock on that boy?" Angel said, going to Callie's side to help her. "Imagine what he could do to you with that." She sighed, the sound one of longing.

"You need to get laid," Callie laughed.

"You know it." Angel grinned.

"You always need to get laid," Callie said, dumping the last bag off of the beast.

"Yep, something wrong with that? Maybe if you got laid more often, you wouldn't be so uptight all the time." Angel glanced back at Shadow, watching him as he spoke into the small communicator. "I think we might have a volunteer to help you with your problem, girl."

"Oh, shut up. He doesn't feel like that toward me. He doesn't feel like that toward any female I've ever seen. You don't think he's gay, do you?"

"Gay? God would that be a waste," Angel said licking her tongue over her lips than across her fangs. "The boss is definitely bitable."

Callie narrowed her eyes at Angel. "Do you remember the old werewolf/vampire feud? Watch it."

Angel laughed, the sound dark and lovely. "I knew you wanted him, Cal. Why don't you just hop in his bed some night? It would save all the moonie eyes and panting you do around him."

"I do not pant or have moonie eyes," Callie argued, reaching down and grabbing the beast's arms. She lifted him with a grunt. "Grab his feet, will you?"

"Oh, all right. I still think Marcus should do this. Someone needs to unwimp that boy." She grabbed the huge feet, lifting them easily. They carried the huge beast to the edge of the alley, waiting for Marcus to bring back the specially designed silver Suburban they used.

The vehicle came to a stop in front of them, Marcus putting it into park and hitting the latch release on the back of the truck. Then he sat in the driver's seat and didn't move.

"Just like him, fucking pussy!" Angel groused, lifting the gate and helping Callie to deposit their guest. She slammed the gate, going over to the passenger side and sliding into the front seat. Callie could hear them arguing from where she stood.

"You okay?"

Callie jumped, turning around swiftly to find herself brushing up against Shadow. If he lifted his arms, Callie would be in his embrace. She couldn't move back because of the truck and he stood right in front of her. His scent filled her nose, teasing her senses and making her sweat. She wanted him so badly, she couldn't figure out how he didn't know.

"I-I'm fine as long as you quit scaring me like that."

His hand came up, pulling a stray strand of silky black hair out of her face and tucking it behind her ear. "He hit you pretty hard against that wall. You should have this checked out." He traced his finger across her cheek.

"W-what checked out?" she said blankly, stammering slightly.

"This," he said, cupping his hand around her jaw and tilting her head toward the light. "It definitely needs cleaned. Get it taken care of when we get back to the House." He dropped his hand, turning around and heading toward the car.

Callie realized she wasn't breathing when her head began to spin. "Shit," she hissed, her hand going to her throat. Her cheek tingled where his hand had touched her and she could still feel the heat of his breath on her skin.

"You coming," Angel called. "I'm hungry."

She sighed and shook off the heat that was running through her body. "Yeah, you're always hungry," she called back.

"Can I help it if I'm anemic?"

The trip back to the "house" went quickly, Marcus driving like the madman he was.

Callie sat in the back seat, bracing herself as he took the corners on two wheels. Shadow sat next to her, his eyes shuttered. The only time he showed any emotion was when she was flung against him.

"Dammit Marcus, slow the fuck down before you get those of us who can die killed," Shadow growled, holding on to her lightly.

"See," Angel smirked. "You got yelled at."

"What are you two, children?" Callie smirked.

"Vy yes, yes ve are," Angel said in a terribly cheesy impression of Dracula's voice. "Ve are the children ov the night." She let out a spooky chuckle and Callie rolled her eyes. Angel turned around, eyeing the way Shadow still held Callie. "You two look awfully comfortable. Should we stop at the drive-in so you can make out?"


Shadow dropped his arm and Callie jumped away from him as if she'd been burned. Then she glared at Angel who shrugged her shoulders and turned around, smiling widely.

"I have a stake with your name on it," Callie muttered, narrowing her glare at the beautiful blonde vampire.

Angel's voice sounded in her head. "You love me and you know it."

Marcus pulled into an underground parking garage, going to the far end and taking the spiral drive down to the bottom level. Hitting a small button on the dashboard, he opened another door big enough for the suburban to fit through and slowly drove into the parking lot of ASP. It was teeming with activity but the team ignored it all, driving to where a large flatbed trolley waited.

w jumped out as Marcus put the car into park. He talked to two men dressed in white lab coats. One of the two was wolf, Callie could smell him as she got out and she turned curious eyes toward the two. The wolf nodded at her and she gave him a small smile back. It was small because she didn't want to let him think she might be interested.

Most single wolves would have sex with anyone they find attractive.

But not Callie. If the wolf knew she was a virgin, well, he'd more likely sneer at her than throw her the wink he just had.

"Come on, Cal. We got debriefing. Man, Daniels is going to be pissed this time." Angel grabbed Callie's arm and urged her forward. They followed Marcus through a pair of wide glass doors that led to the front offices of ASP, The Agency of Supernatural Police.

Pushing through another door, Marcus turned and took the stairs two at a time. Another long hallway was at the top and at the very end were their offices and the meeting room.

Daniels was waiting for them in the meeting room. With his light blue face and amazingly bright shock of yellow hair, it was easy to believe he wasn't human. "This was a huge circle jerk, now wasn't it?"

He stepped forward as Callie came into the room, grabbing her arm gently and forcing her to stand still. "You had that looked at?"

"It's a scratch. It'll heal."

"If you don't want to be benched, as soon as this meeting's over you'll go see Doctor Chanteuse and let her check that out."

"Fine," Callie said, yanking her arm out of his grasp. She went over to the vending machines against the wall and fed it in quarters before making her choice. Pulling the hot cup of coffee out of the dispenser, she went to her chair and sat down, slumping as she stared at the rising steam coming from the cup.

"Quit pouting," Angel said, her sharp fangs puncturing a plastic bag of blood she'd gotten from another machine. "Mmm, O negative, my favorite."

Callie shuddered, watching her devour the blood with a zeal that left her skin crawling. She took a sip of her coffee and then set the cup down on the table. "Can we get on with this?"

"We're waiting for Shadow. He wanted to oversee the unloading of the Lingus Lizard himself." Marcus unfurled one of his wings, his fingers stroking over the soft feathers, straightening and grooming them with a fastidiousness that used to fascinate Callie. Now she just chalked it up to Marcus's conceit. She also knew that Marcus had a thing for Angel, one that the female vampire didn't return.

Shadow walked into the meeting room, going over and getting his own cup of coffee. From an inside pocket in his gray leather suit, he pulled out a small packet of green powder and dumped it into the hot brew. Stirring it, he came over and took the empty chair next to Callie.

"You didn't follow orders." Daniels's words were short, crisp and to the point. "I told you to burn the lizard."

"There was no time, not even for a flash. The cops were too close and would have seen the residual. We didn't want them taking samples, did we?" Shadow asked, cocking one dark brow at his senior officer. "I made a call out there, my team did as I ordered and we brought in the lizard with no one knowing the better. Case closed." He took a sip of his coffee, grimacing at the taste.

"The case is not closed. An officer was injured, she didn't follow your orders, Shadow." Daniels paced back and forth in front of the room. "That kind of subordination is not to be allowed."

"She is my officer, on my team and it was my order she didn't obey, not yours. I will deal with her in a way I see fit."

Callie sat and listened to the two of them discussing her as if she weren't there. Her temper flared. "Did either of you think to ask me why I didn't obey orders?" She slammed her coffee cup on the table, not even flinching as the hot liquid flowed over her hand. "No, you just want to yell at each other and use me in the process."

She started to rise, ready to walk out of the room. "Raven," Shadow said softly, using her code name to remind her of her place. "Sit down."

Their eyes met, clashed, silver to icy blue. She was ready to tell him what to do with his orders and with the stupid code name he'd given her because of the initials of her name, then he stopped her. "Please," he said.

"Fuck," she hissed, sliding back into the chair and picking up a couple of the napkins that Angel pushed across the table to her. Wiping off her hand, she counted to ten and then ten again before looking up.

"Why did you disobey my order?" Shadow asked, leaning forward and resting his elbow on the table. He took another long sip of his coffee, grimacing unconsciously and then set down the cup, waiting for her to answer.

"I wasn't trying to be a hero. I was trying to keep the subject close enough that I wouldn't lose his scent. When I stepped in the alley, the scent of the trash was covering his up. I couldn't be sure he would be there. He used that confusion to waylay me."

"He almost raped and killed you." Daniels started pacing once more. "Your death would have been particularly gruesome, Raven. The Lingus Lizard tears the head off the female lizard during the mating process. She fertilizes him with an agent that is in her blood. He has to bathe himself in it."

"Yummy," Callie said, pushing aside her coffee. "That's a thought that'll help me stick to my diet."

"When we got to her, sir, she was preparing to stun the subject. She had the situation under control." Shadow finished his coffee with another grimace. "We hid the beast, waited out the police and then returned to the house. The lizard was brought back for study, no one was seriously hurt and the humans are none the wiser."

Daniels closed his eyes, the only thing that looked remotely human about the blue skinned demon. "It was a comedy of errors and once more you're trying to cover Raven's ass."

"Just as she'd cover my ass, or Orchid's, or Loki's. We are a team, sir. We've been a team for four years and the best you've got as you've said yourself. I'm not about to throw one of my team to the wolves ... so to speak," Shadow said.

"Shadow, one of these days, she's going to end up on the slab down in the morgue because she couldn't obey your orders or mine. Are you willing to see that happen?"

Callie stood, she couldn't stay sitting down when they were discussing her like they were.

She would admit that occasionally, she managed to find trouble a little easier than others, but she was a good cop. She pulled her fair share of the weight of their team. "So what are you saying, sir? Do you want my badge, is that it? Are you pulling me from Alpha team?"

"You take her badge and you can take mine," Angel said, dropping her bag of blood on the table. "She's saved my ass more than once." She stood, then turned and stared down at Marcus. Slapping him on the back of the head, she glared at the immortal.

"What?" he asked, looking like he'd been sleeping. "Oh, fine, okay, you'd have to take mine too." He glared up at Angel. "Happy?"


"No one is taking anyone's badge," Daniels said, holding his hands up in a patronizing gesture. "This meeting is over. Shadow, I need to speak to you, the rest of you have down time. Raven, go get that cheek looked after." He turned, dismissing them and going to the wall monitor.

Callie slammed the chair into the table, picking up her half empty cup of coffee and throwing it into the trash. She slammed out of the meeting room, ignoring Angel's yell. She'd been ordered down to the Med Unit, that's where she would go.

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