Cave Woman Blues
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Coercion, Consensual, Heterosexual, Light Bond, Rough, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Oral Sex, Squirting, Voyeurism, Big Breasts, Hairy, Public Sex, Size, Cannibalism, Violent,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Eve was perplexed and a bit bored if the truth be known. Being captured by the group of wanderers was probably the best thing that ever happened to her because now she was free to roam along with others in complete freedom away from the rules of silly men.

All those eons ago, there were really only two types of female cave dwellers.

The group in the majority was the domesticated females of the prehistoric man species. They were designated as the solid, cow-like lumps of humanity that humped silently with satisfactory obedience and learned at an early age to keep their mouths shut when males were in proximity so as not to interrupt when they had a grunt that needed to be heard by the other males around them for reasons of security or a need that required attention.

The other type were the minority females (only about fifteen per cent of the female population) that had the hour-glass figures with thin middles and round nicely curved hips with perky generously sized breasts that were much more than mere milk dispensers to feed offspring in the early stages of existence. They were called the tiger females with claws and teeth that insured their long life despite their lack of positive signs of intelligent thinking. They were the ones that filled the night air with their moans and groans of prehistoric copulation for reasons unrelated to preserving the life cycle of the human species. They were endowed with that certain something that caused some of the males to lose their perspective with logical thought and made them frantic with the urge to couple even if it were full daylight and friends and neighbors were watching their every move.

Eve Ughamaga was one of those tiger females and she claimed breeding services from no less than four of the hulking brutes that covered the females late at night with more than a need for warmth. Of course, the long pricked males were careful to stay out of each other’s way at such tenuous times and hesitated to boast in front of the others about their successes in making Eve Ughamaga plead for a gentle touch when they covered her. The other cow-like females watched in sullen enviousness as Eve took man after man with juicy displays of feminine satisfaction. There were only a handful of tiger females in the group but they all agreed Eve was the one with the prettiest smile and most agreeable figure for heavy-duty mating. Even though the charismatic Eve stayed pretty much in a family way most of the time due to constant coupling, she was far and above more desirable than the run of the mill cows that just stayed silent and accepted any cock no matter how old or wore down by decades of constant use. The cows knew the value of selection and seldom complained about any shortcomings on the part of their nocturnal partners.

One of the younger males with very little experience in navigating female thighs was caught one evening drawing explicit pictures of what was obviously Eve’s hindquarters in great detail right down to the forest of hair around her delicate female parts and the crinkled rear portal that only a select few of the males considered valid entryway for a strange sensation of tight quarters and smooth rounded buttocks rubbing them in a way that made them explode with unusual delight. The other females watched these socially advanced encounters and envied Eve’s look of satisfaction when the curious males used her in such a fashion.

Since the cave was strictly clothing optional sort of place, most of the females paraded around wearing only a basket weave of support for their breasts and a narrow strip of braided vine over their privates to protect their sensitive folds from flying insects. That was one of the reasons why poor Eve, even in an advanced stage of pregnancy, never failed to be mounted by one of her constant companions in a fit of urgent need to bury their stiffness between her fully compliant limbs. It certainly was an exercise in sex education for the little ones being treated in full daylight to the simple facts of life in a way that would leave a lasting impression with little need of drawing pictures and such foolishness.

A number of the female newly nubile additions did their level best to be more like Eve in their movements and they worked diligently to achieve some degree of her feminine charm. It was a distinct improvement to the social life of the cave and the male members were appreciative of the younger female efforts to be little copy-cats of Eve’s coupling skills and the way she moved her hindquarters when males were in close proximity. It was a compliment of sorts to be just like Eve and it was just the way of things in the boring cave society.

One young cow-like female with fairly good thighs and a nice Eve-similar look to her face even started to accentuate her hindquarters with a scent from the fruit filled trees at the edge of the mountains. The men seemed to like that effort and soon she was besieged with male admirers all fighting to earn a spot on her back even if only for a short period of time. Fortunately, she was young enough and athletic enough to accommodate a large group of males providing they were orderly about it and showed proper respect for her feminine nature and the fact she was still fairly inexperienced in the ways of male takings. Eve took the little thing under her wing and showed her how to bring the adventurous males to a quick conclusion using certain tricks that only females shared with each other.

Sometimes, the pair of them took the males in turn hoping that their promiscuous actions would not upset the other females into some sort of aggressive act to punish them for hoarding all their manly juices. The little mini-Eve had a way of going down on all fours that imitated Eve’s actions perfectly and they worked as a team to get the line of males taken care of before the wolves started their midnight howling just to annoy the sleepy humans inside the cave.

Eve nicknamed the little female Evita and she allowed the young one to sleep in her bed because her own mother had been eaten by a cannibal from a neighboring tribe far less advanced than the cliff dwelling group in their home cave of human habitation.

It came to pass during a full month of rainy weather that a scouting band of migratory humans invaded their territory on a night of full moon light and spirited away most of the tiger females along with Eve and her constant shadow Evita, even though she was not a true tiger females and only an imitation of Eve in her resplendent femininity.

The others were too frightened to follow or to challenge the interlopers as they ran swiftly through the forest returning to their caves on the other side of the wide river of no return. The current was so strong on that river that once one was caught in it they would have to follow it until they could extract themselves with a sense of escape from certain death.

Eve thought about throwing herself into the swift current but she hesitated because she would feel dreadful leaving Evita behind to fend for herself with this strange band of muscular cave men. The leader must have read her thoughts because he stopped long enough to bind all the captive’s arms together behind their backs eliminating any chance of her swimming to safety once she was in the grasp of the river current.

The trek to the mountain hideout of the cave men was much further than Eve had possibly thought possible.

The new caves were high on the side of the cliff and safe from most animals and cave men with notions about stealing females to help bolster the numbers of their group. Inside the main cave, she saw that almost all of the females were tigers just like her and she fit in with perfect harmony earning no less than three satisfying coverings that very first night with the wanderers.

Evita was not as fortunate because she still had vestiges of her cow-like heritage to plague her social acceptance by the young wandering males. However, the steady older males seemed to appreciate her obedient submissive nature and they covered her with gentle acceptance in a way that thrilled her right to the bone. Of course, she still lusted to be pounded by the youthful loins of the younger males but beggars can’t be choosers and an older cock was better than none.

Eve couldn’t help but notice that the group was more excited about her diminutive size and her muscular arms and legs than in her feminine charms. Apparently, they were much more than a simple wandering group and they made their comfortable lifestyle from the search for flint designed weapons crafted by the older tiger females with great skill and loving efforts to sharpen cutting edges. Both she and Evita joined an expedition of two score females under the supervision of the flint procurement searchers in a dangerous travel to the flint-stone flats for fresh supplies of the valuable material for the making of tools and weapons for the entire group. It was an exciting journey despite the fact there was little nonsense about covering or coupling as they moved mostly by cover of night and in full silence to avoid confrontation with the flatland dwelling humans with little patience for the wandering bands of “thieves” that stole their wealth from under the sod.

They moved in on the western edge of the flint-stone field and started a new dig in the dead of night. Within a handful of days, they had extracted no less than forty sacks of flint of varying sizes and most with the capability of being used as dangerous weapons or tools to help them build better designed living quarters. Their expedition leader excitedly told them that it was the best raid in recent years and they would be celebrated when the weapons were crafted by the older tiger females back in home territory. He showed them some of the better samples of flint with enough cutting surface to make a fine axe at one end and a powerful hammer at the other end for efficient bashing in of skulls with a single swipe of a heavy handed blow.

Most of the men in the cliff dwelling group were proficient in effective skull bashing and even the tiger females were trained to engage the younger and smaller opponents with great success. The use of the flint made them better armed than the lowland groups and their rough lifestyle made them perpetually fit and in shape to meet any force on a field of battle without any thought to planning or subterfuge to win the day. Sometimes, Eve wondered why they didn’t try to sneak up on the opponents and surprise them because it seemed like the main objective was to bash their heads in before they could defend themselves with their tools of fighting. She was the one that suggested they use the chips of flint for the end of their arrows because the slivers of sharp black penetrated deep into the enemy flesh ending the fight before they even closed the distance for confused chaos of hand to hand fighting. The tiger women usually stayed low in such fighting to worry the feet and legs of the other groups bringing the larger males down to their knees for the final blow of flint axe to bash in their filthy skulls with ease.

Eve and Evita worked as a team in defeating the enemy with Eve bringing the men down low and Evita finishing them off with her devastating flint-stone axe and leather handle that added to its terrible effectiveness.

The new flint gathering group had created a huge supply of weapons and now it was time to barter them off to other groups for winter supplies to take them through the coming cold weather for yet another year of harvest and expeditions into unknown territory with enemy groups waiting to end their existence.

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