The Story of My Life: The Beginning
Chapter 1

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Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a story of a boy with a 171 IQ that goes through life with some hardships. Follow him through is journey from high school to college and up till he turns 18. There are many twists and turns in this story. There is a lot of sex in it but it will take a few chapter's before that happens.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Coercion   Blackmail   Slavery   Cheating   Slut Wife   Wimp Husband   Cuckold   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Aunt   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   Humiliation   Harem   Polygamy/Polyamory   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   White Female   Oriental Female   Hispanic Female   Indian Female   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Fisting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Water Sports   Pregnancy   Tit-Fucking   Analingus   Size   Teacher/Student   Big Breasts   Public Sex   Slow  

Let me first start out by giving you a brief history of myself and my family. I was born just outside Seattle, WA in 1975. I am the middle child of 6 kids and the only boy in the family besides my father. My looks made me the outcast of the family as I have brown hair and gray eyes where the rest of my family is blond hair and blue eyes. Mom was very young when she met my dad she was 13 and dad was 19. On the first date dad knocked mom up with my oldest sister Lindsey. Dad was forced to marry my mom and support us. He had a good job in Seattle working on the docs as a long shore man. He put down a down payment on a house for his new family and they lived there till I was around. My second sister is Sam short for Samantha. My 3 younger sisters are Jordan, Katy, and Jenny. My name is Eric I am writing my story in 2013 just so people may understand me better.

As I said I am the black sheep not only for my looks but my brains. I was talking when I was only 5 months old and reading when I was 10 months old. I was tested in 3rd grade for my IQ and I was around 171, 11 points higher than Ernestine. I was through grade school and Jr. High Scholl when I was 10. I then went to High School where my story will start off. Through all of this my parents didn't know I was going through classes like I did my clothing. I kept telling my parents that I was going on field trips with my class and either mom or dad would sign the paper work without reading it. This was for me to go to the next grade.

I am 11 at this time and in the 10th grade. I am picked on all the time as I am the smallest and youngest kid in the school so the jocks just love to pick me up and slam me into lockers. Most of the students in my classes don't like me as I mess up the grading curve as I always score 100% and I am ahead of them in all the classes. I want to be done with high school by the time I am 12. The school and the counselors have me set so I go through a grade every 4 months. I have all the text books and could test out of all the classes right now but I want to try and learn what I can from the teachers also. I am also helping the teachers with students in the classes.

My last day of 10th grade my life got a bit wacky as my oldest sister Lindsey at 14 almost 15 is going out with an older boy that I know is fucking her and has been for a few days now. I try to talk to my sister but like everyone else in my family she wants nothing to do with me as she is in the same grade I am in school but I am a 3 years younger than her. What shacks me up is in my history class I have to give a family tree with birth dates of all my family I know all my sisters and mine and moms and dads but then it hits me I am not part of this family. I go over the dates and I ask mom and dad to see the birth certificates for all of us kids and they give them to me. Well my younger sister is only 5 months younger than me and I know that she was carried to term as I was in the hospital with my older sisters and dad when we went to see mom and the new baby. At that point I just decided I would leave home and not come back when I graduated. I was at school on the last day and turned everything in and got my grades and told I would be in 11th and 12th grade next year. I asked the counselor if I could just test out of both grades with 1 week to study for each subject. They asked me why and I told them I had been accepted to a few colleges but they wanted me for the spring term. They agreed and I took all the new books home with me and to my room and studied. I didn't spend any time with my family all summer I just studied and I ate after everyone was asleep. This seemed to work for everyone as I was never bothered. I went to school a week before classes would start and asked to take 5 tests on the first day of school they agreed and then I went to the library to print off college applications and also scholarships that I could apply to. I filled out all the applications which were schools out of state. By the 6th week of school I only had 4 more test to take and the counselors and the school staff wanted to talk to me. I went to meet them in the office and I was told to go to the conference room on the 3rd floor of the school. I did and I meet with everyone in the school board, counselors, vice principle and principal. I asked what the meeting was for and they told me I would be graduating in 2 weeks and wanted to know if I wanted to go to UW (University of Washington). I told them I am going to apply to schools out of state and I listed off my 5 schools. They asked if I had the applications filled out and I told them yes but I didn't send them off as I was waiting to be done with High School first. They then asked if my parents were going to help me with school and I told them no they were not as they had 5 children they needed to worry about. This got the counselors attention but they didn't say anything.

By the end of the meeting I had learned they would help me get scholarships and also write me recommendations to all the schools and include my IQ test with them and that I was going to be done with High School in 1 month. I thanked them and pulled out the packets I had filled out and gave them to the V.P.

I left school and walked home as I missed the bus today while I was in the meeting and I walked into an argument between my oldest sister and my parents. Well it seems that she is pregnant now and the boyfriend has skipped town and wants nothing to do with her. I just walked past them to my room and slammed my door. I took the last 4 books out of my back pack and read them for the 10th or 11th time. I was about to call the school when my father called me to come down. I didn't and just stayed in my room and read the books I needed to. Around 2 am I went down stairs to see if there was anything for me to eat and I found nothing but a note that said I got no dinner tonight for not talking to my parents. Well this was the last straw and I just packed my things up in my room in the duffel bag my grandparents had got me 2 years ago. I put all my clothing in there that fit me and I just left the house. I just walked to the school which was only about 20 mins away and I knew the back door was unlocked. I went to the 3rd floor and slept there for the night and set my watch to wake me up a bit early so I could put my bag in my locker. I then went to the V.P. office and asked to take the last tests and turned in the books. He told me to go to the library and he would have them there for me. Well by noon I was done with all my test and I waited to find out what the scores were and to be expected I got 100% + on all of them. I answered all the bonus questions on the tests. I asked him when I could get my diploma and a copy of the letters for the colleges. He told me to wait in the library that they would be meeting in the conference room and would come down to get me. What I didn't know is that my so called parents were at the High School talking to the principal and the counselors about me right now and the V.P. was going to tell them about me graduating High School before I was 12 years old. I was only a week shy of being 12 but I didn't care about that I just wanted to leave home now.

About 3:15 pm the V.P. asked me to come with him. I did and I was shocked to see my mom and dad with my oldest sister there in the room. I asked what this was about and before anyone could say anything my dad rushed me and was about to hit me when the V.P. stepped in front of me. He was a huge man that played in the NFL for 5 years before he tore his knee up. Well my dad backed off real quick and I just left the room. I went to my locker and got my duffel bag and the money I had saved up and went back to the conference room and when I showed up the principal asked his secretary to page the vice principal (V.P.) that I was back. They asked where I went and I told them that I went to get my stuff and the principal looked at my bags and so did my so called parents. No one said anything till the V.P. was back in the room. I asked for my letters and my transcript from the school and the secretary handed them to me I looked them over and checked everything. I then asked if I could get 4 more copies. The secretary took everything from me and before she left I asked for 5 copies of my birth certificate. She looked at her boss and he nodded and she left. The principal then asked why I had two bags with me and I told him I have been staying at the school at nights for the past 2 weeks and only going home to make it look like I still lived there.

Everyone in the room was shocked even my so called parents. The principal asked me why. I told him I am tired of being a second class citizen in my house. Everyone except my parents looked at me funny. I then went on to tell them that I am not a member of the family and took out the family tree and handed it to the principal and told him to ask my so called parents if I am their biological son. He looked over the birth dates and then looked at my parents and asked if I was correct. They didn't say anything and then he went to the phone and picked it up and called for the police to come to the school. When he hung up the phone they told him I was a bastard child from my father sleeping with a hooker from over by his work place. He asked for the woman's name and my father told him her name and the principal knew the name as she was a former student of his. When the cops showed up he told them to arrest my father for rape of a minor and they asked when it happened and he told them and they un-cuffed my father and told the principal that the statutory limits were over and they couldn't arrest him. The principal then asked about murder as she was only 13 years old and she died in child birth. The cops asked to use the telephone and they called the DA and she showed up about 30 mins later to the conference room. They told her about my dad and the teenager that died almost 12 years ago. She then asked me a few questions and I told her dad hadn't changed his ways as he was still fucking 13 year olds and she looked at me funny till I told her about his wife and my older sister. The DA then took my mother into one room and asked the cops to take my sister into another room. They did and when they were about to leave the room my dad came at me again and the V.P. hit him as hard as he could. The cops just cuffed my dad and put him in a chair.

They took my sister to another room and started to ask her questions and the DA showed up also and asked other questions and found out my dad was sleeping with both of my older sisters. They also found out that my mother didn't know about it but the younger sisters did. The principal ordered a few pizzas as my stomach was making a racket. I ate 1 pizza all by myself and they asked when I last ate I told them 2 weeks ago was the last dinner I ate. I only ate some of my lunches when I was at school and they asked me why and I told them that most of my lunch tickets were stolen. The principal wanted to know who I asked how far back did he want me to go. He told me since last year. I named each student that had stolen my lunch tickets and he wrote them all down. Then asked me why I have never turned them in and I just looked at him like he was an idiot. He got my look and nodded his head and told me he understood now. I asked if they still needed me or if I could send my letters out to the colleges and my so called mom was shocked. When the principal took all the stuff from me he told me to give him a min and he made a few calls and told me that I was accepted to MIT, Stanford, and Harvard. I asked him how close MIT and Harvard were from each other.

The principal made another call and told me they were just over a mile apart from each other. I asked him to call and let both schools know that I would accept them both. The principal made the calls and told me I was accepted and I was given a scholarship from each University. I then asked when I started and he told me when I get there. I thanked him and asked how far the bus station was from the school. He told me that he would call and see when they had a bus going to Boston and that is when my so called mom screamed or eked as it was.

The principal made the call and told me they had a bus leaving in 2 hours. He told me it would take me 3 hrs to walk there. I then asked him how much was the ticket and pulled out my tin box. He told me it would be $73. I had close to $300 saved up and I asked how much a cab would be to the bus station and he told me it would be about $5 or $6. I asked him to call me a cab and see if they could fax my acceptance letters to the bus station to confirm my story as my mother was dead and my father would be going to prison soon and I had no family to vogue for me.

The principal made two calls and got the fax number for the bus station and then call the person he talked to and told him the situation and told him when the bus was leaving town. He was told the letters would be at the bus terminal before I got there but to inform them of the letters so they don't throw them away. The principal then called the bus station and talked to the evening manager and told him what would come through and he would be dropping of the student and show his ID to confirm the story.

We went to the principal's car and I thanked him for all his help. He told me for me it was no problem. It took about 35 mins to get to the bus station and I paid for my ticket and got both of my letters. We used the pay phone to call the principals contact and let him know the day and time I would be arriving and the principal gave me his card and wrote the persons contact info and phone number on the back of it. He then told me to call him if I was going to be late. I thanked him again and shook his hand.

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