The Trip
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Vacation time for a sexually curious couple

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My neighbor and I were tanning in the backyard poolside, drinking and discussing our last month's vacations with our husbands. She finished telling me what she and her husband did in Mexico, when I began telling Kate my sexual tale.

My husband and I were on vacation in Belgium for two weeks this last month. We arrived late in the afternoon to our hotel after a fourteen hour flight. Needless to say we were jet lagged, but we decided to stay up for a while. We went downstairs to the restaurant/bar for a bite and some drinks.

We finished eating and grabbed our drinks to sit in the bar area, which was beginning to get quite loud. We sat at a table to ourselves to enjoy the scene. The bartender was engaged in conversation with a patron, so I decided to hit the bathroom as Mykel sat back in his chair to people watch.

As I was walking out of the stall, a pretty twenty something walked in. Long, dark and curly hair with deep green eyes and thick full lips. She was playing with her hair in the mirror as I washed my hands. I looked up to notice she was looking at me. She smiled at me as I reached for a towel. She quickly grabbed my wet hands, to my surprise. She shoved one up her skirt and the other in her mouth. Sucking my fingers, she kept shoving my other fingers deeper inside her.

Now I've had girls hit on me before but not like this and I was not going to let this opportunity pass me by.

Quickly locking the bathroom door, I bent her over the counter and raised her short skirt. I grabbed the back of her hair in one hand. I pushed my body against hers as I slid my fingers inside her. She moaned softly as I bit her neck. I had to taste her. I slid my fingers out of her little slit and tasted the sampling. She suddenly sat on the counter spread-eagle so I could see her tiny, wet gash. I dove into the beautiful bounty before me, stroking her clit with my tongue and a finger piercing her hole steadily.

I felt her body grow more tense as she released her sweet juices on my tongue. She let out a little moan and a sigh of relief.

She jumped off the counter and started kissing me hard. I told her I'd like to play again later and whispered our room number in her ear. I unlocked the bathroom door and walked out to find about fifteen people in line for the restroom. Oops.

When I got back to the table, Mykel asked me if everything was alright. Looking a bit flushed, I'm sure, I put my fingers under his nose for a quick sniff of her scent. Suddenly, she walked over and pulled up a chair, "Hello I'm Katina. What are your names?", she said in broken English smiling at me the whole time. "Well, I'm Mykel and this is my wife, Nicah", he answered. "Ah, American. I couldn't tell before when I was talking to your wife in the restroom", she gave a little giggle. I had to laugh at that myself. "We're about to go up to our room", my husband told her, I butted in quickly with "why don't you join us for a few drinks?" I asked. "Okay, but just a few drinks" said Katina.

We finished our drinks and started upstairs to our room.

Mykel barely got the door opened before Katina pushed her way through and began undressing. At this point, I figured I might as well get undressed too. A bit stunned, he quickly shut the door while Katina and I walked over to him. I took off his shirt while she took off his pants, exposing the physique and generous cock of my fine man. I pinched his nipples while she kissed those abs and rubbed her perky little tits on his hardening dick. I moved down to kiss her as our breasts rubbed together on his dick. She and I noticed him getting harder by the second, so we both worked our way down to suck and lick the glorious cock and balls before us. Still working as a team, she and I slid our fingers inside one another's already soaked cunt holes.

Mykel was fully erect as I pushed him down to the floor. I jumped on top of him and slid his thick cock into my dripping gash and began riding him backwards cowgirl. Katina propped herself upon his face and pushed her juicy cunt onto his mouth. He lapped away at her pink hole, trying to catch his breath from almost being smothered by her. We were practically forcing him, but his cock remained hard, so he must have been enjoying it.

Katina got off his face, I pulled myself off of his meaty rod to let her take a turn. I went to grab a strap-on I had packed and strapped in. Katina had taken it upon herself to put Mykel's staff into her ass and ride him backwards cowgirl too. I was happy she chose this, it gave me the opportunity to fuck her.

I had her lay back on top of him, still with his member in her asshole, I pushed my rubberized 8 inch dick deep into her dripping, wet cunt hole. Now she was getting fucked by both of us. I kept giving her long, deep strokes while she was grinding her ass on Mykel's dick. She let out a loud scream of ecstasy and I felt her hole tighten up around my girth. Mykel felt her asshole tighten too, this did it for him. He growled as his and Katina's juices flowed. Katina felt Mykel's hot load hit her bowel hard and she tightened again, cumming on my thick, rubber rod. This excited me, watching my husband and this girl getting off, it got me off. I pulled my cock out of her glistening hole and she slowly pulled herself off of Mykel. Katina went to pull something from her purse. She came back to join us on the floor and lit what I thought was a cigarette. She took a few puffs and handed it to me. I took a drag, realizing it was a joint, I hit it again and passed it to Mykel. We smoked the joint and cuddled up together on the floor still nude and fell into dreamland together. What would tomorrow bring, I wondered?

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