Zombies in My Soup
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Horror, Science Fiction, Post Apocalypse, First, Oral Sex,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Skye Black has a problem. For the past two years she had been responsible for her two step-siblings, twins Kylie and Kaden. Now it's hard enough to try to raise kids when you're barely 20 years old, but to do it in the Zombie Apocalypse, well that brings a whole new set of problems. Can she keep the twins safe when she not only has to be concerned with the undead but when the living ain't that great as well? This is my 2015 Nanowrimo novel, or at least the first chapter.

The crack of the shot was deafening, the body fell at her feet and she jumped back, staring with wide eyes over her shoulder. "What the fu..."

"Such language..." The man laughed from a few feet away, startling her all over again. "Maybe you should keep your eyes open a bit more?" He strode toward her, his automatic weapon pointed toward the ground. Standing over the rotting, dead thing that he'd kept from biting her and infecting her with the deadly virus, he pulled the trigger one more time, his bullet blowing open the dead things head. "It's not really a good idea for a girl like you to be out here."

She pulled her pistol from the holster on her hip and searched the area. Was he alone? It was startling to think that a stranger, something that was as incredibly dangerous in this strange world they now lived in, could sneak up on her the way this one had. Living life in La Vida Zombie, you weren't given many chances.

"Th-Thanks." She tucked a lock of dirty hair over her ear. Her mind wandering to when she'd last had enough water to actually wash the oily, heavy mass. She should just hack the stuff off, but she had never had the guts. She nodded once at the man and then turned away and pulled her pack back over her shoulders.

"Where you heading?"

She pointed toward the north, keeping the safety off her pistol. Taking a step forward, she kept her face turned toward him. "Thanks again, mister. Good luck to you."

"Are you alone? Do you have a group ... a man or men?" The stranger was good looking, totally rocking the end of the world scruffy hair and thick whiskers.

Skye Black glanced around, trying to decide what to tell him. She wasn't alone, or at least not exactly. Her little step-brother and step-sister were supposed to be waiting for her, hiding out in an old school bus that still had working doors and windows. They wouldn't come looking for her unless it was an emergency. She'd been scavenging in some of the abandoned cars just a bit further down the highway from the bus.

They hadn't eaten in a couple of days and Kylie, her sweet-as-pie eighteen-year-old sister was growing weaker. She hadn't taken the whole 'zombie thing' well. She'd always been naïve and sweet, and definitely less capable than her twin, Kaden.

Kaden had been upset at getting left behind today. He'd tried to pull the 'I'm a big strong man routine'. It hadn't worked before so she couldn't think of why he'd think it would work now. She was just lucky that she could use Kylie to keep him where there wasn't much danger and they had shelter.

Skye had been just shy of eleven when her father had surprised her with a new mom. The twins had been barely nine and more a pain than the friends and playmates her father had thought they'd be. Rack that one up to being a man. Her new mom, Amanda Tanner, or Mandy as she'd bidden Skye to call her, had become more of a friend and she couldn't hate her father for surprising her the way he had.

But now, she was dragging around these United States-- if they were even called that anymore--with the two of them, responsible for their health and welfare. Even the thought now, two years after the-day-the-earth-turned-zombie, being responsible for them still sort of terrified her.

"Uh ... yeah." She left it at that. She wasn't a very good liar. Every time she tried, she always ended up flushing, growing red and blotchy. She was her very own lie detector.

"Where are they? You look hungry. Me and my partner," he nodded at the man that was coming down the road toward him. The stranger carried the exact same make and model of weapon that the first man had, carrying it across his shoulder. "We've got plenty. We don't mind sharing."

Skye stared at the man and then glanced at the other man strolling toward them, both looked well fed, well rested and clean. "We're fine," she said quickly and then blushed as her stomach decided to take that moment to growl her hunger to the world at large.

"I don't know. You certainly sound hungry. Where are your people? Should you be out here by yourself?"

"Hey, Matt. What'd you find?"

Matt smacked his friend across the shoulder, good naturedly. "Be nice, Ryan. We were just getting to the introductions. I was just asking if..." he paused so that Skye could supply her name. "Skye, very pretty name. If she had friends and where they might be."

"They're around. Uh ... listen, thanks for..." she nodded her head toward the body of the zombie he had killed..."that shit. I've got to go." She nodded to both of the men and then turned away.

Ryan reached out and plucked her hand gun from her small fingers, deftly unloading and then ejecting the clip. He tucked everything into a small pack he wore at his waist, chuckling as the pretty girl cursed at him. "Little girls shouldn't play with guns. Didn't anyone ever tell you that? And that mouth. You ever hear anyone with a mouth that foul, Matt?"

"Fuck no, Ryan, I surely have not." Without warning, Matt grabbed Skye, wrapping a zip tie over her wrists and cinching them behind her back. "Now, I'll ask again, where are your friends?"

Skye struggled against the restraining plastic before spinning around to try and run. Matt snickered and easily wrapped a thick forearm around her waist, plucking her off the ground completely and with an ease that was surprising. "What ever happened to old fashioned politeness?" he asked Ryan, making the man chuckle. "It's a simple question, Skye. Answer it or ... Well, we'll enjoy getting the answer from you."

She struggled against the big man, her starving body quickly tiring. "Please..."

Ryan reached out and pushed her tee shirt up, tucking it under her bra strap so that he could expose the slender waist and generous breasts of the girl. "Nothing we'd like more, little girl." He tucked her bra cup under one heavy globe and played with her dark pink nipple. He pinched the tip, hard, laughing as she screeched.

"No! Please..." She tried to jerk back, kicking out at him as he grabbed at her heaving mound, digging his fingers in.

"Hold still, firebrand, and I'll quit squeezing. You're going to learn to do exactly as we say when we say. It'll make your life a hell of a lot easier, sweetheart." He caught Matt's eyes and chuckled. "Of course, if you don't like easy, we don't mind being hard."

"She does have gorgeous tits, so big and round. I can't wait to get her all cleaned up so we can see what we got. I bet she's got pretty hair when it's clean."

Skye shuddered at the tone of his voice. He sounded so depraved and obsequious, so different than before, as he happily followed every word that came out of Ryan's mouth.

She sobbed, standing still as the rough man kept playing with her nipples, finally leaning forward and suckling on one dusky pink tip. "Please ... my brother and sister. They need me. Please don't hurt me."

Ryan smiled enjoying the sight of her tears. "So this sister, she look like you?"

She's just a kid." Skye felt her breasts jiggling as she tried to regulate her breathing. "They're both just kids." Panic had her pulling at her wrists even harder, trying to get away.

Matt smiled. Skye felt a sudden flash of terror and a wave of nausea flooded her, causing a red flush to stain her cheeks, traveling down her throat to cover her breasts. "I done some of my best work on 'just kids'." He nuzzled his nose against her ear. "I could have some fun with them and leave you to him," he chuckled, the sound too scary for words.

"No. No you can't..."

"Hmm, well, maybe. I guess we're going to have to see how good you are. Keep us happy and..." He didn't have to finish the thought. Skye knew what he meant, and a shudder of terror almost brought her to her knees. "So where are they?"

She closed her eyes and finally jerked her head, pointing with her chin at the bus. "In there." Ryan grabbed her hands and yanked her bound wrists further up behind her band. and then leaned closer.

"You do anything and I mean anything we don't like and they will get duct taped and left out for Zombie food." Yanking on her hair, he pulled her back until he could see her eyes before he thrust his covered cock against her ass. "Understand?"

"I-I'll ... Yes!" she finally screamed when Ryan bent down and bit into her shoulder when she hadn't answered quickly enough to suit him. "Please, don't hurt me."

Ryan straightened and then ordered Matt to go get the other two.

"Keep your hands to yourself. Remember what happened last time you didn't do what you was told. I'm going to feed our new slave, so take your time." He chuckled, rubbing himself against Skye's ass harder.

Matt laughed though he flinched and rounded his shoulders first. "How old did you say the sister is?" His skin turned pale and then he looked at Ryan in confusion. "But, how come..."

Ryan pushed Skye down to her knees and started to unbuckle his belt, unsnapping and unzipping his jeans and reaching into his boxers to pull out a huge cock, erect and dripping. "Fuck, I need this." He slapped it against her face, laughing as he sprinkled her cheeks with pre-cum. "Because you dolt, I can always blame you if Cash has a problem with any of this. Now, answer him girl."

"She's eighteen, they are both eighteen."

Ryan gripped her nipple, yanking it as hard as he could before pinching and twisting it. "You will address him as either sir, or master. When you talk to either of us, you are to fall to your knees and not speak unless someone tells you to."

Skye tried to speak but the pain was nearly unbearable. She'd never been hurt like this before or met two men this loathsome in her life. "S-S-Sir."

"I kind of like master better, don't you, Ryan?"

Ryan cocked his head to the side as if in contemplation. "I think you're right. Go ahead, girl."

"M-Master," she sobbed.

"Go get the other two. This time, try not to kill anyone."

"Hey, did you see the size of the machete the bitch had? I had no choice."

Ryan snorted. "And you were packing your Sig Saur, weren't you?" He grabbed a handful of Skyla's hair and tugged on it, pushing the dripping head of his cock against her lips, coating them with his foul tasting pre-cum. "Open up, baby, or them kids are gonna get a sex education class." He pushed into her mouth. "If you bite me they'll end up taking your place. So suck my big cock and do it right."

He moaned as the heat and wetness of her mouth surrounded him. "Suck." He thrust against her, not caring how far he went or how hard she gagged around him. His eyes were closed and the pleasure swept through him like little strokes of electricity through his body. "Use you damn tongue and watch those teeth." He grabbed a handful of her hair and used it, fucking her mouth hard.

He pushed in deeper, enjoying the way her throat felt as she gagged around him. He closed his eyes and groaned, his head tipped back. "Oh, fuck, baby. Matt's going to need some of this mouth. I think it's time he got his wick dipped instead of sucking down my cum all the time."

He shivered grabbing her face and pushing faster. "Fuck, oh God, baby. Those lips of yours are so damn soft. Suck harder." He moaned and then grabbed her chin, his thumbs pushing into her jaw as he felt the edges of her teeth against his cock. "Nice try, bitch. Let's hope I can find it in my big 'ol heart to forgive you for that. Next time you'll be sucking on my fist when I break them damn teeth out of your head. Now, suck harder."

He leaned down and played with her nipples, digging his nails into her soft skin. "Oh, fuck, cunt ... you're gonna drink it down, bitch. You drink every drop of my cum. You miss a single pearl and you'll be sucking on my cock until you get it right."

He grabbed the back of her head in one hand and thrust hard, popping the head of his cock into her throat. Holding her still, he fucked her face hard, barely allowing her to breathe. "Here it comes, bitch!" He thrust hard twice more and then pushed deep, shooting his cum down her throat. He roared his pleasure, his cock twitching as it unloaded into her, his hands holding her firm to his hips even as she struggled. "Fuck yeah!" He shivered visibly, feeling her soft tongue pressing against his cock, wanting him out, trying to push him back.

When he finished, he pulled his cock back until just the tip was in her mouth. "Clean it off." He laughed and shivered as she licked at his wet, sensitive cock, her expression one of total disgust. "Hurry now, Matt's almost back with the brats."

Skye cringed, and tried to turn her head to look for her siblings. "Please," she jerked her head down to where both of her breasts were resting against her dirty white bra, her shirt still tucked inside the back of it. "Please don't let them see me like this?"

Ryan laughed. "You think that's bad? Wait until one of us wants a piece at the camp. You'll all strip down and fuck us until we have enough. Even the little twerp." He reached down and grabbed her nipples, using them to pull her to her feet. Turning her around, he cupped both of her tits, stroking his fingers over her nipples with a featherlike caress, then twisting them until his gentle touch caused them to get hard.

"No," she moaned, struggling until he started rubbing his cock against her ass.

"All you're doing is turning me on again. You want me to fuck you right here in front of them? It matters little to me. Of course, you might not want them to see how you enjoy it." He chuckled. "Think I could fuck that pussy until you scream my name? I know you'll enjoy it."

"I won't. I don't want you, you bastard." She saw her sister, trapped in Matt's arms, Kaden at the tip of his gun. "Don't hurt them!"

"You behave and do exactly as you're told and I'll make sure Matt keeps his hands off." His eyes played over pretty, petite Kylie even as he kept his fingers busy stroking Skye's nipples. "You said she's 18? She's a pretty prime piece."

He wiggled his fingers and Matt thrust the girl into his arms. Kylie tried to grab ahold of Skye but Ryan shook his head. "Nope girl. You stay right there." He grinned as he looked down at her. "Now you be very careful and you grab my dick and put it back in my pants. You do anything I don't like and big sis here will take the beating."

He groaned and rocked his cock into Kylie's hand. "Wait a minute, baby doll. Stroke your hand up and down a couple of times. Oh yeah, just like that." He kept moving, his fingers still playing with Skye's exposed nipples.

There was no telling how far he would have taken it if the low, ominous growl of one of the dead hadn't interrupted them. He quickly grabbed his cock and shoved it back in his pants, fastening them and then grabbed both girls and pushed them in front of him.

"Bring the boy," he yelled back at Matt. He grabbed the keyring that was hooked under a snap on his belt. "You drive, I'm sitting in back with the pretties."

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