Chapter 1

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Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Brandon Croshaw is a socially awkward 19 year old college student. His life is completely turned upside down when he becomes the moral conscience for three sexy college girls.

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'I have to do anything anyone tells me!'

I looked at her in disbelief. 'Huh?' I asked lamely.

'Whenever someone tells me to do something I have to do it! I don't know why and I'm really scared.'

She looked like she was definitely upset. Her normally pretty face was blotchy and red with mascara running down her cheeks. We were standing at the door to my apartment and I didn't need the neighbors getting upset with me. Plus there was a crying girl at my door. What else could I do?

'Alright, come in and calm down.'

She sighed as she walked in and noticeably calmed. I was probably just imagining things, though. She went to go and sit on my bed, while I moved back to my computer chair.

I lived in a small studio apartment, with my bed in the corner furthest from the door and my computer and desk opposite it, the only window in the room sitting between them. It was sparsely furnished with only my chair or bed to sit on. I'd considered getting something a little more fancy, like a recliner of some nature, but hadn't had either the funds or the will so far. Nothing was hung on my light green painted walls and there was a fairly simple ceiling fan. The only thing that really seemed out of place was my oddly ornate chest of drawers beneath the window, a gift from my dying Grandmother. Caddy corner to the door was the kitchenette. Funds always seemed low, so I tried to cook as much as I could. No matter how I tried, my place always seemed dirty.

Ellie, the girl, was a blond haired beauty. She was slim, with medium to smallish breasts and a very tight ass. She had a great figure and would have easily been a cheerleader had she cared about doing so. Instead, she had opted to be a leader of a social clique and spread rumors about just how many guys the cheerleaders were sucking off and why. She was a little air-headed, but nice enough when she wanted to be. Short and small was how I thought of her. She was very feminine, usually wearing pinks and skirts, traditionally girlish things.

Her knees thumped together as she dropped herself onto my bed, closing any access to look up her skirt that I might have had. Not that I would have, mind you. Well, movement does attract attention, I probably wouldn't have been able to peak for longer than-

'I don't know what to do. You have to help me.'

I snapped out of my thoughts and looked somewhere, anywhere, else.

'Okay, start over from the beginning. What's going on?'

'I have to do anything anyone tells me!'

Her face scrunched up and she started crying again, like she had been just moments before.

'Yeah, you said that. What do you mean?'

'Whenever someone tells me to do something I have to do it! I don't know why and I'm really scared.'

'You said that, too. Look, calm down and tell me what's wrong.'

Again, she calmed down and said in a smooth, unwavering voice, 'I don't know. I woke up this morning and every time someone has told me to do something I've done it. I was having a bad day when I got up, but when daddy told me to have a good day I just felt better.'


'Well, then when Bobby got up I was pokin' fun at him for the internet history showing all these porn sites and I said I was gonna tell mom. He said eyou can't!' and ran back up to his room. But when I tried to tell her I just couldn't. I tried to, I really did, but nothing came out.'

'Okay, that's a little weird, but-'

'And then when I was driving to work this morning I accidentally cut someone off. He kinda caught up to me a little later and yelled out his window for me to-' she stopped and looked embarrassed, glancing away from me.

'To what?' I asked.

'I don't wanna say, ' she said, still not looking at me. I could see a faint mist of tears coming to her eyes.

'Oh come on. We've known each other for five years, you can tell me anything.'

'He told me to go fuck myself!'

She buried her face in her hands as I looked on in shock. My mouth started moving but my brain wasn't quite in gear yet.

'Did you?' I asked, hesitantly.

'Mmhmm' she moaned and nodded, face still hidden. 'When he said that I just got so horny and I couldn't stop myself. I started playing with myself right there in the middle of the road. Then I made a stupid turn and another guy yelled at me to watch where I was going. It was so weird, like I couldn't take my eyes off the road, no matter what was going on. I was fingering myself, but I couldn't do anything but watch straight ahead. No looking in the mirrors or nothing, just straight forward on the road. I had to pull off at that old parking garage so I could finish myself off without getting into an accident.'

My mouth just hung open as she spewed it all out, all the words kind of blurring into one another. She what?

Okay. No. This had to be a joke. She was playing a joke on me about her masturbating in traffic because a guy told her to. She can't be serious. I looked around to see if I could spot the cameras or see if anyone was looking in the window for my reaction.

She was blushing furiously, still sitting on my bed with her knees pressed together so tightly I thought they'd probably get stuck like that. She was kind of rocking herself back and forth, like she was trying to comfort herself.

'This-no-what?' I finally said, not willing to allow myself to be suckered in quickly. If this was a prank, I was going to get some deniability in as soon as I could. 'I mean, you wouldn't-'

'You gotta believe me!' The tears in her eyes started falling again. 'I just can't help myself. I did all that stuff because someone told me to.'

'Okay, okay, calm down, ' I said, making small pushing down movements with my hands. 'It'll all be fine, just calm down and we'll think of something.'

Immediately, she went back to being serine. Her blushing faded and the tears dried up. If this was a joke, she was one hell of an actress. Her hands fell to her knees and she looked around, almost bored.

I grabbed some of my hair in my left hand and looked at the ground. Was she telling the truth? She seemed to be. She'd never been the sort to pull pranks before, but that just seemed to make her more suspicious. Someone else could have gotten to her. Maybe it was Kyle. He liked practical jokes and this sounds exactly like something he'd do to me. I'd have to make her prove that this was really going on.

'I believe you, ' I said, hoping that would stop any future tears. 'But you need to prove it to me. I need to know this isn't just some weird joke you're playing on me.'

'Okay, ' she said, nodding. 'What'd you want me to do?'

'Uhm, I dunno. Something you wouldn't ever do.' At the very least I'd be able to get some dirt on her to mitigate the damage if this did go wrong. 'What's something you'd never, ever do?'

She thought for a second. 'I'd never commit suicide.'

I blinked. 'Okay, that's not really helpful. I'm not going to tell you to kill yourself just so you can prove this isn't a prank.'

She shrugged. 'I don't know. I never thought I'd masturbate in my car until this morning. I don't really know what I wouldn't do now.'

Those words brought my brain straight around to thoughts of a sexual nature. Tell her to take off her shirt! No, open her legs! No! Strip nude!

No, no, no, no, no. I told myself. Can't violate her trust just because you're in a strange position of power. Besides, that's probably what they want. They want to know if you want to have sex with her. That's what this is all about, I concluded in my head. It's some sort of psych experiment or something. What would you do if you had power over another human being? They're just trying to mess with my head. I'm going to tell her to strip and give me a blow job and then someone's going to write it down and hand it in as a term paper. Well, it isn't going to work. I've been through all the bullying crap back in High School and I'm not dealing with it now.

Well, now I had a decision to make. Did I want to turn the game back on them, play them for fools or force her to show her hand? If I told her to do something completely outlandish she'd have to admit it was all a game and I could just get out of it then.

But what's weird enough to get her to stop it, but not weird enough to be held against me for the rest of the time I'm in college? I looked around on my desk for inspiration and something struck me. I grabbed a piece of paper and handed it to her.

'Eat this piece of paper, ' I commanded. 'And savor it. Tastes like chocolate to you.'

I watched in disbelief as she tore ravenously into the paper. She sucked and groaned at it, licking all over and chewing thoroughly. One bite, then two, enjoying every second. Nothing was stopping her, she just kept biting into it, humming to herself as she ate the delicacy. As the last tiny shred went down, she sampled her fingers, tasting them for any remnants. When she realized what she was tasting, her eyes went wide and she started blushing again.

'What is it?' I asked.

'It's just-I never-it's-I mean, I-' she stammered then gave up and shrank back into herself.

'Come on. Are you embarrassed you ate a piece of paper? It's okay, I told you to do it.'

She shook her head. 'It's not that, ' she said weakly.

'Then what is it?'

'I don't wanna say.'

'Just tell me.'

'I've never tasted myself before.'

'Huh?' I asked. 'I've seen you lick your fingers before. Just last week you got ice cream all over yourself and-'

'Not my fingers, my pussy!' she yelled, throwing my pillow at me.

I was so shocked by her outburst her missile hit me square in the face.

'Oh, ' I said. It was my turn to blush. 'Sorry, I forgot.'

I must admit, there was something about the way she said 'pussy' that made my blush and my dick have a tug of war over my blood supply. I can't say for sure what it was, but just the sound was so deliciously naughty that I wanted to hear it more, repeated over and over. Preferably prefaced with 'fuck my.'

I guess that might have proved she was telling the truth. I mean, there's really no proof that she really had touched herself earlier, but she reacted so quickly that it didn't seem contrived. Could she really be telling the truth? She did gobble up that paper awful quickly.

'Do you believe me yet?' she asked sullenly.

'I dunno, I guess.' I said, lamely. I didn't, but I also didn't think I could get away with making her do something else after that.

'What do I do? I can't go anywhere like this. Who knows what kind of trouble I'd get in?'

'Well, what if someone tells you not to do something and then tells you to do it? Do you still have to do it? Which command takes hold?'

She thought for a moment. 'I don't know.'

'Let's try it, ' I suggested.

'What should I do?'

'You think of something, I did it last time.'

'Okay, um, tell me... ' she looked around. 'Tell me not to go in the bathroom.'

'Alright.' I said, feeling ridiculous. I drew a deep breath and summoned my best legalise. 'Ellie, I want you to not do the next thing I tell you to do. Go in the bathroom.'

She stayed seated and broke into a grin. 'I didn't go!' she crowed.

I shrugged. She didn't go because I told her not to go. She wasn't any less of a puppet now than she was a minute ago. I guess there was victory in knowledge, however. That might be useful.

I had an idea. 'What if I tell you to do something but someone else tells you to do the opposite? What happens then?'

Her face fell and she adopted a frown of concentration. 'Maybe we can ask one of your neighbors to tell me to do something.'

'Do you really want to try to explain to a stranger that you have to do everything someone tells you to do? What if they ask you to do something weird or dangerous?'

'You mean like telling me to eat a piece of paper?' she shot at me, accusingly.

'Like ego fuck yourself.'' I retorted hotly.

I watched in shock as her nipples immediately hardened and her hand went straight for her crotch. She began massaging herself through her skirt, moaning and gyrating. She realized what she was doing and looked to the bathroom before realizing I told her not to go in there. In the few seconds that took place, I saw her struggle, trapped between her immediate need to get off and her need to get away. Getting off was winning, if her rubbing was any indictaion.

Finally, I sputtered, 'that wasn't a command! Stop doing that.'

She rigidly stopped, then hugged her knees into her chest and started crying again.

Awkwardly, I got up off my chair, noticing a slight bulge in my pants that wouldn't go away, and walked over to her gently. I sat down, put my arm around her shoulder, and let her cry into me. She took to my open arms with gusto, wrapping herself into me.

It started off as a gentle sobbing but evolved into a passionate wailing. For a moment I wondered how it would be, forced to do anything anyone else told me to do. The complete hopelessness and lack of control. Even random people on the street could get me to do horrible things without ever intending to. I patted her back ineffectually, trying to console her. Would it be better to tell her to calm down again or let her feel her pain? What would I want?

As I was philosophizing, she calmed to a weak weeping, her shoulders only barely moving. I could feel her breasts against me, her hardened tips working their way slowly up and down on my chest. Her hands moved on my back, caressing and drifting slowly southward. She nuzzled my shoulder, lightly brushing her lips on the base of my neck. She pressed her knees together and sighed. I indulged myself in her touch, loving the feel of her and turning my comforting shoulder to something far creepier than I had intended.

Don't look at me like that. She started it.

Blood no longer had to compete with my face and penis, so it decided to go with the later. My jeans tented alarmingly, but luckily her face was turned from it. I tried to get a hold of myself. I had to have enough control not just of myself but of my new slave.

With as little force as I could possibly muster, I grabbed onto her shoulders and pushed her away. Probably a good play normally, but this unfortunately caused her beautiful visage to be pulled from my neck into my eyes. Despite her messed up make up, she was still so beautiful.

'Help me, ' she whispered and bit down lightly on her bottom lip. I looked into her gorgeous blue eyes, looking very much like the sky after a rainstorm. Her cheeks were slightly puffy and red spots showed up randomly on her face leaving her looking very ill, but there was just something in her eyes and tone. I nodded, forcing myself to stare back into her eyes. It was then that I seriously committed myself to doing anything I possibly could for her to get her free of this awful curse.

It was also about that time that I noticed her masturbating herself on my leg. It was subtle, just a slow push forward then back. Nothing obvious, nothing startling. Well, aside from the fact that my friend was getting off on my leg. I suppose that was a little startling. Her hands were still on my lower back, tugging and massaging, but they weren't necessary for her hips to rub up against me.

'Please, ' she begged. 'I want it so bad.'

'What?' I asked dumbly.

She moaned, throwing her head back and closing her eyes while rubbing a little faster. It was now pretty blatant what was going on, but something in me still screamed for discretion. I didn't want to make a move that would end our friendship, even if she was trying to burn a hole in my pants with her vagina.

I, uh, may have been a virgin at the time which may have explained my awkwardness.

'Please.' She continued to repeat the word, over and over, seeming to find some comfort in the communication.

'What do you want?' My mouth was so dry and she was so wet. Maybe I could quench my thirst if I just moved my head down a little.

She was struggling with herself, I could tell. She needed me to get off, but I was asking her to lay her sexuality bare to me. I didn't mean to be a pussy tease, I was just so frightened that I would do or say the wrong thing. She was clearly in heat, but I had no idea of what to do about it.

She continued to whimper her 'please' so I amended my question. 'What do you want me to do? Should I make it go away or' I swallowed the driest saliva in the history of the world 'touch you?'

I think at that point she was past the point of caring how she got off. My tented pants were getting soaked, a line up and down the front of my right leg showed her trail of pussy juice. Her nipples jabbed into me with every forward thrust. I looked at her throat, stretched back, expanding and contracting with her labored breathing. I thought I could see the pounding in her arteries as well.

Hesitantly, I brought my hands around to cup her modest breasts. I don't know much about cup sizes, but they were slightly less than a handful. Through the thin material of her shirt, I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra and that excited me even more. In my minds eye, when I look back to that day, I can still feel her turgid tips pressing into my palms as she groaned and pushed into me. I kneaded her tits, squishing the base and pulling outward as though trying to milk her. I have never been so absorbed in the act of playing with boobs as I was at that very moment.

I was very much thankful when she backed herself up on me to remove her shirt. When I saw them, it was love at first bounce. Pale flesh rolled up her mounds, capped by small areolas. Perhaps it was because they were the first ones I had ever seen in real life, but I had never seen anything so perfect in my life.

I resumed my attack on her breasts, allowing my head to drop down. Before I knew it, I was taking her nipples into my mouth and gorging myself on them. They tasted and looked divine. My hands retreated to around her slim waist to hold her still. They were fun to watch heave and jiggle, but I wanted to participate. She still attempted to masturbate herself on me, but I had put a stop to that, so she rested herself, allowing me full access to her chest.

When I had had my fill(alright, maybe I wasn't completely satisfied with her bosoms, but I had other things I wanted to taste), I nudged her back onto my bed so that her calves dangled off the edge. Her skirt rode up slightly and I could see my first tantalizing sight of inner thigh. There was something I needed, something I'd always wanted to do but could never get myself into a position to try it.

I went to my knees between her legs and slowly started hiking up the skirt. I moved slowly, deliberately. I wanted to give her a chance to back out, though I wished so hard that she wouldn't stop me. When her lips were finally in view, I gave up on deliberate and shoved the rest of the cloth out of the way, flipping it up onto her hard stomach.

She was shaved! The gorgeous vision of her glistening wet twat flooded my mouth and is still a favorite memory for hand to crotch combat with myself. I drank in her scent, breathing deeply, hoping to never be torn from such a heavenly smell. My thumb trailed down her slit, testing the waters as it were. I glanced up to her face and saw she was watching me with anticipation as I lowered my mouth to her quivering nether. Her hands had resumed the work mine had abdicated and were twisting and pulling in a most erotic way.

She shuddered when I got close enough for her to feel my breath. I noticed the movement and decided to play a little, blowing softly along her lips from anus to clit. She seemed to like it, so I continued a little, driving her further and further in her passion.

I got tired of waiting and descended closer. My tongue flicked out, tasting the air and straining to get to my goal. Oh, I wanted it so bad. So many years and dreams, desire left unfulfilled. And here she was, ready, willing, and begging for me to eat her.

My upper lip made contact with the little man in the boat and that's when her orgasm broke. In her glee, she became suddenly strong, clutching at my head and driving me down toward her opening. My tongue was still sticking out and went straight in, giving me my first glorious taste of female nectar.

She bounced and grunted, her hips grinding painfully into my mouth as she worked through her flooding pleasure. I could feel her nubbin biting into my upper lip, could feel her hole tightening around my tongue, could feel her thighs crushing my ears and jaw. I heard her strangled gasps of ecstacy.

There's something enormously satisfying in knowing that you caused a woman to cum. A pride that glows deep within, like you'd completed some heroic feat. I know it wasn't my technique that sent her over, but that doesn't stop me from holding the fact that she came into my face in my heart.

She gasped in the last throes of her orgasm and released me. I licked my lips, gathering as much of her dew as I could and sucking it down. She tasted like I imagine heaven would taste.

We looked at each other. I smiled at her, but even through the shine of her climax I could tell she wasn't so pleased with what had happened.

She wanted it. I know she did. She asked me for it. I gave her all the chance in the world to stop me and she didn't. But I guess she didn't want to want it and that's where the trouble started. Or maybe it was me she just didn't want.

She immediately began to cover herself up, dragging her shirt on over her head and putting her skirt back in order. She jumped up from my bed and I saw her look to my bathroom. I guess she would have gone for it, had she been able to.

She looked down to me and asked 'can I please go to your bathroom?'

I shrugged, made a gesture with my hand and said, 'sure.'

My ego was crushed as the door shut. She didn't want me. She didn't want me to kiss her pussy, to lick her clean. She didn't want me groping her. I don't know who she wanted, I don't know how she wanted me, and I didn't know why she didn't want me. But she didn't.

I sank to the floor and looked into my hands. My thumb still had a little wetness on it. I wanted to suck it, to taste her passions again. But I couldn't. I shouldn't have had my first taste of her.

I spiraled into depression as I waited for her. I heard water running, the toilet flush, and items being moved around, but it all seemed so distant. Why didn't she want me?

I'm not a bad lookin' guy. Scrawny, sure, but that's not a bad thing, is it? I don't have a strong build, but I can open my own pickle jars and I can pick up my bag of books. My face isn't bad, either. My green eyes are a little sunken and my face is too gaunt, my lips too thin and my jaw isn't very powerful. Maybe if I could put on a few pounds I'd be better looking, but I can't seem to gain weight. I'd even accept a little fat, it doesn't have to be muscle. I have thin brown hair. It's not balding, thank everything holy, but I've never had what anyone would consider 'great hair.' Hell, I'd settle for 'good hair' at this point.

Maybe it's not my physique that's pushing her away, though. Maybe I'm not rich enough. Oh, I get by. My parents are helping me through college, but I have to keep up a part time job to get the bills paid. Maybe that's not enough.

I probably would have examined every aspect of my life if she hadn't opened the door right then. She had cleaned herself up, washed her face, combed her hair. Her clothes were all back in place, I'm sorry to say, and she looked uneasy.

I knew I could change everything. I could make her want me. I could have her every day and every night without stop. All I had to do was say 'love me' and I would never have to be alone again. I could make her adore me, worship me. I could make her lust after me like no other woman had lusted before. A part of me wanted that. In fact, approximately six inches of me wanted that more than anything else. But I couldn't do it. I couldn't change who she was. Her feelings were hers, not mine.

I sighed and got to my feet. I guess it was time to go to work so no one else could make her theirs with two words. It wasn't going to be easy and it looked like I was going to be hard the entire time.

I chewed my hamburger morosely. My mood hadn't sweetened any since we left my apartment and seemed to be doing a better job at devouring me than I was at my meal. Ellie barely talked while she ate her soup and salad. I guess there wasn't much to talk about now.

I glanced up at her as she pushed her fork through the lettuce. She had been as withdrawn as I had. Our conversation since we left had consisted of diners and fast-food. We had opted for a small restaurant down the street from my apartment. It was nothing fancy, but the food was good and cheap.

We sat, separated by a round table next to a window. The floor was checkered red and white and the decor was a general western theme. There were ropes, lassos, hats and boots. Some of the waitresses even had spurs on, which would jingle and clash as they served their orders. Everything seemed to either be brown or red and white. Few people lingered after lunch, so we were mostly alone.

I watched her as I chewed on a couple of fries. She wasn't looking as flushed anymore and there was a slight afterglow to her, though dimmed by her sour disposition. I should say something. I should reach out to her.

What do you say to a person who has to do everything you say? 'Cheer up, it wont be that bad being a slave to everyone you talk to.' 'Maybe you can go into hiding, never speak to another living soul again.' 'I hear convents are nice, maybe they'll take you in. You'll probably be forced to masturbate less there.'

I sighed and shook my head. That was avoiding the issue. We still hadn't talked about what had occurred on my bed. Maybe that was for the best, though. If she were angry at me, she'd probably have been yelling at me. As it was, she'd just suggested a late lunch and we headed out.

I should probably keep my mouth shut.

'I'm sorry.' I said.

Oh man, I hate being an idiot.

She didn't raise her head, but she did look up at me, then back down. 'I don't want to talk about it, ' she replied.

Uh oh, I thought, that's probably not going to end well.

'Okay.' I reached for something more to say and failed. I seemed to be good at making things more awkward.

I was saved from having to think of something new by the waitress. She was a bubbly brunette that seemed entirely too cheerful for her job. She was very well put together, nice face, good figure, and some impressive assets under her red and white checkered shirt. Not very tall, but that didn't detract from her loveliness.

'You two don't seem to be doing so well. Anything I can do to help? The food okay?'

We both mumbled our appeasements to her and she handed me the bill and walked away. I watched her go, whistling in my head as she went. I was still nursing my arousal from earlier, having not seen even a hint of satisfaction thus far. It looked like it was going to be a lonely night for me on my computer and a bottle of moisturizer. Ellie saw me looking, but made no comment.

Then again, I'm not certain if she'd have commented on a nuclear explosion going off behind me.

Chivalry forbade me from allowing my lady friend to pay her way, even if she had refused to talk to me since cumming all over my bed less than an hour ago. She didn't put up much of a fight, allowing me my pride, and just slurping down the last of her drink. She hadn't eaten much, her salad was mostly gone but her soup was untouched. I hadn't done much better, leaving half of my burger and a few straggling fries.

I fulfilled the tab, left some bills for a tip and we headed out onto the street. Most of the traffic had died down, the majority of the populace at their jobs. We walked back to my apartment, not looking at each other.

On our way, we passed her car. It wasn't anything too fancy, just an old sedan her Dad let her have for her sixteenth birthday. It was used and red and that's about everything I knew about it. I didn't want to know more, actually. I didn't have a car and something I've always prided myself on is not making myself want things I can't have.

Aside from girls. I'm really bad at that.

She motioned for me to stop and wait, while she reached in to grab her purse. The drivers side door was next to the curb, the car facing opposite the direction we were walking. She reached in the open window, straining for her bag when I looked down and saw her pussy poking right out from under her short skirt. I know it sounds kind of strange, but that's also when my mind put two and two together and I realized she wasn't wearing any panties. I thought back. Or a bra, for that matter.

'Why aren't you wearing any underwear?' I asked, my curiosity beating my common sense to my mouth.

Yeah, being stupid sucks.

She glared back at me, her prize in her hands. As she straightened out of the car window, she composed herself briefly before slapping me across the face.

'They were wet, ' she said acidly and turned away. I rubbed my cheek ask I watched her march herself back to my apartment. I was more shocked than hurt, so I dumbly followed. That didn't explain her bra, but maybe I was learning because I never bothered to ask.

As I followed her, I mused that I probably wasn't the right person for this job. After all, it seemed my only accomplishment so far was helping her get off and she didn't seem too impressed by that. Maybe I should push her off onto someone else. I didn't really know many of her other friends, but I'm sure she had someone else. Her family would probably be much better for helping her than I would.

Then again, maybe her family would try to change her. Her parents were always complaining about the skimpy clothing, the staying out late. Given the chance, would they change their daughter to be more conservative? Would her mother tell her to behave herself, go to church? Would her father tell her to save herself for a man who respected her, one who could provide for her? What would her brother do?

I shuddered slightly at the thought. I didn't have siblings, but I knew from movies and books that there always seemed to be some animosity there. How badly would Bobby punish his older sister for all the hard times she gave him?

I was thus mired in thought when I got back to my room. Ellie was on her cell phone(I hadn't even notice it ring), talking animatedly with her friend. I never cared for her girl friends, so I stayed out of it, deciding instead to try to figure out what to do. Those two would never be of any help.

We still hadn't established much about what had caused this whole thing to come about. Maybe there was something in there that would help put her back to normal.

'I don't care, the both of you get over here now, ' I heard her say forcefully into the receiver and hang up.

I groaned. This was going to be a long day.

Together again. The tramp, the nerd, and the princess.

I didn't necessarily have anything against any of Ellie's friends specifically. They never did anything to me personally, they simply disregarded me. Ann(the tramp) didn't see me as a worthy conquest and Jenny(the nerd) didn't see me at all. Frankly, I didn't even know why Ellie kept me around, but I wasn't about to complain.

Ann was obviously the bombshell of the group, possessing the much coveted 'hourglass figure.' She had slightly larger than average tits, but they looked enormous on her tiny frame. Her oval shaped face had delicate, but distinct Asian features with almond eyes and pale skin. Her lips were painted hot pink, matching the streaks in her short, dark brown hair. She probably had on make up, but it was so well concealed and subtle that it wasn't really noticeable. She had on tight stretched white halter top that showed off her flat stomach and deep cleavage. Barely visible(probably purposefully) was a pink thong, peaking out of her short shorts. I vaguely remember sandals, but I never really cared to look that low on a girl.

Jenny was a lot more plain. Not necessarily because she didn't have the figure or face, but because she didn't dress to it. While Ann was showing off her body for the world to see, Jenny was covered up in jeans and a T-shirt. Where Ann was bold and outgoing, Jenny was calmed and subdued. None of it was tight or form fitting, just loose, her light blue shirt obviously two or three sizes too large. She had muted, long brown hair above a pretty, but unadorned face. No make-up, no lipstick. Just plain ol' Jenny. There was a slight smattering of freckles on her nose and cheeks, but they didn't really show up on her lightly tanned skin. She had intelligent, hazel eyes.

Jenny was the tallest of the three girls. She stood at an average 5'6, Ellie being slightly shorter at 5'5, with Ann trailing at a tiny 5'2. But I was taller than all of them, being at a below average 5'7. I was short compared to other guys, but still tall for girls. That was good enough for me.

When they arrived, I was in the bathroom washing my face. I was feeling a little nervous having three girls in my room, more so because one of them had to do anything they were told and that had already lead to an accidental orgasm.

Ellie was still angry. In my selfishness, I thought it was because of me, but looking back I imagine it was far more to do with her situation than what I had done. She was snapping back at questions asked, sulking sullenly, and generally being a pain. I tried to endure with patience, trying to accept her compromised situation. It wasn't easy, since she stalled any conversation on the most meaningful of topics by just stating 'wait etil Ann and Jenny are here.'

Well, now they were here and I didn't know what kind of help they'd be. Maybe they were there to be a buffer between me and her so no one ended up in someone else's crotch again. I was partly okay with that, but my loins were now painfully buzzing me, a feeling I got when my body was telling me to get satisfaction soon.

As I reentered my main room, I noticed the seating arrangement. Jenny and Ellie had the bed, while Ann was selfishly hogging my chair. She grinned devilishly up at me, knowing she had put me in an uncomfortable position. It was either sit with the girls on the bed or the floor. I chose the floor, feeling unwanted on the bed.

'So what's up?' I asked, settling myself down. My right leg was propped up with my left straight in front of me.

'We have a problem, ' Ellie said.

'eWe?'' I asked back.

She glanced around. 'They're having the same problem I am.'

Damn it all to Hell. It was my Tuesday off, I didn't need this crap. This whole thing was nothing but trouble for me. I was having a hard enough time watching my commands with just one girl, I didn't need two more problems on top of that. Not only that, but I was likely to lose my only girl friend because of this, my appetite for pussy possibly changing our relationship for good.

'What do you want me to do?' I asked.

Do I really need to say it again? Me stupid. It not fun.

Jenny looked at Ellie. 'You told him?' She nodded in response. I guess I was in for good. 'What we need to figure out is what it does, how it does it, and how to put something in the way so it stops doing it. I've noticed that if the commands are ambiguous, they can be followed or disregarded at will, but if something is said plainly and specifically, we have to do it. If you were to say ecould you hand me that' I could just say eno' because it's more of a request than a statement. But if you say ehand me that' I have to do it. Understand?' She looked at the group. Evidently, I wasn't the only one being taught the basics here.

'We noticed that you can stop from making someone do something by telling them not to.' I said. 'But we're not sure how well it works.'

Jenny looked at me. 'What do you mean?'

'I told Ellie not to go into the bathroom, then told her to go in. She didn't go.'

She nodded. 'We need to find a way so that we can decide for ourselves if we'll follow any command given. Having someone else tell us not to do something only treats the symptoms. We need a cure.'

Ellie looked at me, then at both of the girls, then back to me. She looked troubled. 'Could you give us a few minutes to talk?' I looked blankly at her. 'In private?'

Oh. I shrugged and got to my feet. As I was about to move into the bathroom to give them some privacy when I offhandedly looked her in the eyes and said, 'do what you want.'

Now, I hadn't meant anything by it. It was just my way of telling her it was alright with me. I wasn't being sarcastic or trying to be a jerk. I was trying to be accommodating.

I reached the bathroom door as movement caught my eye. Ellie was standing up and walking right toward me. I stopped and faced her, not sure what was going on. I hadn't meant anything by it, honest. I opened my mouth to say something just as she got to me. She looked up at me sweetly and put a finger to my lips, sealing whatever I was going to say away.

Something about the closeness of her to me and the intimacy of her touch triggered something inside of me and blood flooded my groin. I flushed slightly and looked into her eyes.

That's when her knee connected with my crotch.

It wasn't a bad hit, as far as these things go. But I was already fairly sensitive, having gone through a roller coaster of hormones to this point. While there wasn't a lot of force behind the movement it did hurt terribly, sharp instant pain being replaced with a dull throb. I reflected on these thoughts as I rolled on the floor holding myself. The hurting, I mean. Not the physics, that would be weird.

'That's for licking my pussy, ' she spat at me.

I groaned in response. It was the only defense I was capable of mustering at the time. Well, that and rocking back and forth on the ground in the fetal position cupping my battered balls.

Ellie walked back to the bed and sat down to the gapes of her friends.

'What do you mean?' Ann asked incredulously. There was a strange excitement about her, like she'd just stumbled upon some juicy gossip.

'You let him eat you out?'

'I didn't let him do anything, ' she responded icily and turned her back to the room. She stiffly refused to answer any more questions posed at her.

I was on my hands and knees in the doorway when they turned their curiosity on me. The day was not getting better and I was more than sick of all of this. I was trying to help a girl that I couldn't have, with friends that weren't mine, and now I was being accosted of doing something I wanted desperately to not think of as 'rape.'

'I was trying to help, ' I said, anger helping me to see past the pain.

'Oh?' she retorted, facing me. 'And what part was to help me? Was it the licking my pussy or sucking my tits?'

I was beyond caring at that point. Nothing I said was going to make it better. What she said was true, and I knew it even through my rage and pain. I was the one who was supposed to be in control because she couldn't have any herself. That still didn't entitle her to treat me like she had, though.

'Just forget it!' I snarled.

It was quiet for a little while. I shut my eyes tightly to the world and tried to manage the pain in my balls. I was hoping desperately that nothing would be permanently damaged. That was a fate worse than death. My horniness was going away, though. I guess that was a good sign.

I should have been more startled with the silence. I plead indifference caused by trauma to my junk. That's definitely a way to really boil down exactly what it is that matters in the world. Turns out that my twig and berries matter to me. A lot.

The next words I heard were some mangling of 'what happened' and 'are you alright?' I can't really pin point who said what, but all the girls were looking at me and they all seemed rather concerned that I was on the ground holding myself.

I looked at them in disbelief. They had all just seen what happened. They knew perfectly well what happened. I glared at Ellie in particular. She was the cause of all of this.

'What?' she asked defensively.

'What do you mean ewhat?' You kneed me in the balls!'

She looked around, scared. 'No I-what? No. I haven't gotten up at all.'

I glanced around to see equal parts confusion on her friends faces. Though, I guess Ann still had that look of amusement at seeing my man bits hurt. She just seemed a little more optimistic than the other two for some reason.

Now my other head was starting to hurt. None of this made any sense.

A fresh wave of fury helped me push myself to my feet. 'What are you talking about? They saw you!'

The girls looked at each other, then looked at me and, in unison, all shook their heads.

This was beyond tolerable. First she assaults me then they all deny it? Why? It's not like they could have anything to gain from this. And how had they all decided so quickly to gang up on me like this?

'Well I didn't imagine it!' Now I was defensive. This wasn't looking good for me. If I wasn't currently feeling the pain I'd have started to doubt me. 'What happened? Did you all get collective amnesia or-'


My mouth worked up and down for a second afterward. It felt like my chest had fallen into my stomach. Face flushed, groin hurting, and slowly understanding what had happened, I shut up. I did tell them to forget, after all.

I got to my feet and headed(gingerly) for the bathroom. I slammed the door and sat on the toilet.

This was absolutely not going well. The girls were in the other room talking about who knows what and I was in here trying to figure out just what had happened. Obviously I had just made them forget, but how much did they forget? Was it just the knock to my manhood or could it have been the whole fiasco? Ellie didn't seem to know that she had even gotten up, let alone hurt me. What about the incident earlier? Did she remember that, too?

My mind was reeling with the possibilities. If I could make them forget, could I make them remember? If so, did I want to? It wasn't like Ellie had taken any particular joy in our morning, so maybe it would be best if she forgot. Maybe I wouldn't have to lose my friend after all.

I was slowly coming around to optimism. The idea that I could make this better somehow was penetrating and giving me some hope. I didn't have to change her personality or make her love me, just forget what I had done. It wasn't that bad, not like I'd gotten her pregnant or anything. And I certainly wasn't going to fuss over a little cum splattered on my face. Besides, who would want to remember something like that?

What else could I make them forget?

That thought caused my good feelings to sour a little. This morning was an accident. I hadn't meant any of it to happen, but with this power I could definitely repeat it, and more besides. If they didn't want to remember(or more accurately, if I didn't want them to) they didn't have to. I could get my pleasure and they could have their peace of mind.

I didn't want that. Okay, I did. But I couldn't. But I already did. That was different. Was it? I didn't mean to. Is it so bad to take pleasure actively? No, but- And it's not like it would hurt anyone. I could make them forget.

This was going poorly for my conscience. I knew if I kept it up I'd be balls deep in one of them within the hour and then I'd probably feel terribly guilty afterwards. I didn't want the guilt, but I also didn't want to know what it meant about me as a person. Was I a bad person just for wanting to take advantage?

If I could get my kicks and then make them forget, how would that be any better than stealing their personality and making them want me? Surely it'd be a lot easier, better, and cleaner if I just made them my personal sex slaves. Better for them, better for me.

I knew I didn't want to do that, though. Slavery was bad for, you know, reasons and stuff. How would this be any better than that? Aside from the fact that I could make them love their slavery to me, I mean.

I punched the sink to my side in anger. I didn't want that, though. I wanted my first real touch and taste of a woman to be clean. A mutual exchange of love and affection, not built on lies and force. I didn't want to be an asshole that just took what I wanted and left everyone else to flounder. I wanted her to want me.

I was brought out of the mire of my thoughts to a knock on the door. I stood up, still feeling the tenderness in my dangly bits as I walked to the door. I needed to find some relief, either in the hands of one of the girls or in some aspirin. I sighed inwardly. It was going to be the aspirin, wasn't it?

It was Ellie. Evidently they had discussed things and decided to tell me what was going on.

I resumed my earlier position. I probably should have just told Ann to get off her ass and give me back my chair. I was still in that kind of a mood when I saw her smirk at my junk, it just pulled at me. She never gave me any respect whatsoever and I wasn't inclined to take it anymore. Still, she was a guest and, I grudgingly thought, she was a 'she.' Not a lady, mind you. No, I'd never confuse her with one of those. But she did possess the necessary equipment, so my chivalry demanded my prostrations.

They all just seemed to sit there. Ellie was a little pale, glancing around nervously. I always thought she had a bad poker face and at the time I would have thought I could have read her like a book. Turns out, I only got the paragraphs she wanted me to see, and even those were censored. Still, there was genuine nervousness in her, though I couldn't for the life of me figure out why.

Ann had the same uneasiness, but was masking it well. The only real tell she had was that she tapped her finger nail on her front teeth, sometimes biting the tip gently. It seemed she had also stopped dwelling on the pleasure she found in my pain, gazing without focus at my unadorned walls.

Jenny was a little fidgety, but seemed to be taking things the best. There was calm there, as though her emotions didn't really get the better of her. She was aloof and distant, sitting properly on my bed, her hands folded in her lap. Of the three, she seemed the most out of place, but the most at ease.

We sat in silence, none of them speaking. I felt fine in it, though with growing concern. They didn't look at me, as though not wanting to dwell upon my person. Like I was, well, an unfortunate mistake someone had made, but no one wanted to say anything about it. It was as though I was being ignored out of shame, but that didn't make any sense.

I decided to speak first. 'Okay, what's going on?'

That brought me their attention and suddenly I was sure I didn't want it anymore. I had stepped upon something taboo or passed particularly smelly gas.

No one responded. They all stopped caring about my words soon after they were uttered and decided I was no longer interesting. Having noticed their displeasure with my question, I decided it best to just shut my face. Clearly it wasn't welcome here.

My leg had started to go numb when the knocking came. Everyone jumped. It was short, loud, and to the point.

I looked around to see what was going on, but Ellie just motioned me to answer it. I was resigned to my position of errand boy, doing the will of my betters, and got up to open the door.

To my surprise, our new guest turned out to be a little old woman. Well, little was certainly accurate, but old seemed to be only marginally true. She was short, barely over five feet, with dignity and poise. She had wrinkles, to be sure, but they somehow seemed to not matter, stating age with simplicity and fading into the background. She was pretty in face and appealing in figure, but not vivacious. There was a strange red gown that wrapped around her. It spoke of exotic locations, but not distinct enough to give a country of origin. Her skin was tanned, her hair straight and black and she had stunningly green eyes.

'Hello, ' I greeted her with a gentle smile.

She smiled back at me and looked behind me. She studied the girls for a second, making sure all were accounted for, then returned to me. 'Hello, ' she responded. 'I see your friends have made their decision. May I come in?'

I moved back, confused by her words. Who decided what?

When she entered the room, she regarded everyone, making herself the center of the room and attention. Her words were crisp and clear, enunciated without a hint of accent. She noticed my confusion first and addressed that in her opening.

'I see they haven't told you of their situation. Your friends have harmed me, both my person and my reputation, and I have sought out my revenge upon them for it. Do not look so dismayed, you might find my actions to be to your benefit.

'I will not rehash the details of my embarrassment. Suffice to say it happened and they are the culprits. They are to be punished and you are to be the instrument of their punishment.'

She wasn't helping my confusion. 'What do you mean?' I inquired cautiously.

She looked at me levelly. 'When members of society refuse to control themselves, outside pressure and force must be brought to bear upon them. This is the basic idea behind all laws and criminal proceedings. If people are found to not act properly, they are detained against their will until such time has passed to punish or rehabilitate.

'Your friends acted foolishly and harmed me in the process. They have behaved without regard to conscience or thought to how their actions would effect others. They thought of their own pleasure, disregarding my pain. They are to be punished for it. If they refuse to listen to their inner voice, they must be compelled to listen to an outside voice. You will be that outside voice.'

Huh? 'How will I do that?' My voice was stilted, instinctively taking upon it her forms of speech.

'I have cast a spell upon them. Until they have decided, as a group, whom they will turn to for advice and guidance upon matters of morality, they will be forced to follow the demands of all others. Any command given to them must be followed out to the letter. However, ' she eyed the girls icily, 'they have informed me that they have decided upon their conscience. It will be you.'

She what a what? No. That can't be. Magic only existed in fairy tales or movies. She couldn't have-

My mind wandered back over what I'd seen earlier that day. Ellie had definitely done everything I'd told her to do. More, in fact. She didn't seem to be particularly pleased to do what I said either, making it clear it was against her will. But still. 'A spell?' I must have heard that wrong.

'Miss, ' I started, my unease evident in my voice. 'Did you say you cast a spell on them?'

She frowned slightly and waved her right hand up in front of my face, making a single gesture. Suddenly my trepidation was gone, all worry and fear of believing in magic ceased. Of course magic was possible. But that thought didn't go anywhere, ending abruptly. Evidently my mind would have to fill in the blanks of reason later. Yet I was there, no doubt in my mind that what she said was true.

'I do not have time to prove myself to you, young man. You will believe and you will accept your calling as these girls' she said the term with venom 'guiding voice.

'The rules are simple. Any major internal conflict within one of the girls must be answered by you. If they wish to make any action that may seem immoral or unrighteous, they will ask your advise and you will tell them as they should behave. It is as simple as that. They will take no major action unless allowed.'

The strange woman squared her shoulders and got to work. First she looked deeply into my eyes, judging and weighing who I was. My life flashed before her eyes and she absorbed it all, taking in everything. It wasn't just the pictures or sounds, either, but the thoughts, the rationales. She saw everything I'd done, all the embarrassments and mistakes, triumphs and good deeds. In the end, she seemed somewhat impressed, lingering on my earlier dilemma in the bathroom. She was surprised by my actions on the bed, but showed no malice or reproach.

'They chose well, ' she said and moved on.

She went around the room, doing the same to each of the girls in turn. Jenny didn't receive comment and Ann warranted only a brief shaking of her head in disgust. She had the most explosive reaction to Ellie.

'Child, follow me, ' she commanded, turning on the balls of her feet and stalking into the bathroom. The door was shut forcefully and words were exchanged. A short minute passed and they were both back, Ellie looking confused and scared, the old woman looking irate.

'I pass them to your judgement.' And she was gone.

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