The Third Wish
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Mind Control, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Cheating, Incest, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Size, Workplace,

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A sequel to "You Have Three Wishes" His third wish comes true. He finds himself in the body of a 25 year old guy who has a beautiful wife who had been neglected by the previous owner of the body. He also has a family of beautiful and sexually starved women that need his special sexual skills. And not to forget the beautiful women working for the company that he now owns.

I felt myself drifting, and then I could see a dim light which was getting progressively brighter until I was fully in the light. I opened my eyes and found myself in a huge bed with crispy white sheets. I was in a strange room - it was big and very opulent.

I looked to my left and found that I had a bed partner. It was a woman. She had long dark curly hair and she was laying on her side and facing away from me.

I was just covered by a sheet which I tentatively lifted to peer under.

I found a young hairless chest which was finely chiselled. Looking at my hands they looked young too.

"Oh fuck ... what has happened?" I thought to myself. Then I remembered the wish that I had shared with the weedy old man. I had wished for a re-incarnation in the body of my spoiled boss named Salim.

"Oh ... what if ... what if it had come true?" I pondered as I lay there.

I knew how to check.

I quietly slid out of the bed and headed towards what looked like a bathroom. I entered and closed the door. Finding myself in front of a huge wall mirror, I gazed at my reflection. Looking back at me was Salim standing there in a pair of sleep shorts.

"My god ... has it really happened?" I asked myself "Have I taken over his body?"

I just stood there and looked in the mirror ... taking in the reflection. I knew that some of my questions would be answered if I removed my shorts. I was almost afraid to look. I knew from Jodie that the real Salim had a small prick (only about 4 inches long when erect).

I hesitated and then decided to go for broke. I closed my eyes and pushed the shorts down off my hips and let them drop to the floor around my ankles. I stepped out of them.

I counted to three and then I opened my eyes.

"Oh fuck" I gasped in surprise. My cock was soft and it was at least 6 inches long ... and it was fat too. I wrapped my fingers around my cock and gently wanked it whilst watching myself in the mirror. I imagined doing this in front of Jodie and that sped up the process of gaining an erection.

Soon was I was holding a substantial hard cock in my hand. If anything it was slightly longer and fatter than my previous one.

"Thank you ... thank you little old man ... I will always believe" I muttered under my breath.

I now had a young and healthy body, a very substantial cock ... and a beautiful young wife.

"Oh shit ... that must be Mia in the bed" I surmised.

I walked out of the bathroom naked, leaving the shorts where I stepped out of them.

I approached the bed and noticed that she was now laying on her back. It was Mia - I had seen her photos and met her in person once. I carefully pulled the sheet down off her body, revealing a nice set of firm conical shaped tits with dark nipples. Removing the sheet even further I found that she was just wearing a small pair of lacy panties.

The sheet was now fully off her and I was able to study her luscious body. It was perfectly shaped ... it was beautiful ... and I would get to fuck it. I wanted her now ... I was impatient to possess her.

She was still asleep. I crawled onto the bed and carefully spread her legs until I could bring my face close to her panty-covered pussy. Through the lace I could see a thin strip of dark pubic hair which stopped just above her pussy lips.

Carefully I slipped a finger under the gusset of the panties and pulled them to the side, revealing her tightly clenched pussy lips. I eased forward and let my tongue slide along the cleft between her pussy lips. She was dry, so I worked my tongue up and down, pushing inwards with each lick until I found her inner wetness, and the entry to her pussy canal.

I used all my oral skills to work her pussy.

"Oh ... oh god ... what are you doing?" she gasped.

I looked up without losing contact with her pussy. She was watching me intently as I now held her hips whilst I orally pleasured her.

"Salim ... why ... why are you doing this?"

I chose not to answer her ... I just kept licking her pussy, shifting my attention to her clit which was now popping out from under its hood. It was erect enough for me to take it between my lips.

Mia was moaning and pushing her pussy against my mouth with a hand running through my dark hair, directing me. She was getting much more animated, and closer to an orgasm.

I slid a finger into her tight pussy canal whilst I concentrated on her clit. I teased it and stroked my finger into her pussy searching for her G-spot. It wasn't hard to find as evidenced by the on-rush of a massive wet cum.

"Ahhhhhhh ... ohhhhhhhhhh" she screamed. I devoured her squirting juices as fast as I could manage.

When her cum showed signs of abating, I quickly moved to kneel between her thighs, and with hard cock in hand I eased it into her tight pussy canal. She was very wet, and I was able to get the head inside her before I encountered some resistance.

I looped her legs up and over my shoulders and wrapped my arms around her thighs. I pulled her backwards onto my cock, sending it deeper into her tight wet pussy.

"Salim ... I've never" she gasped.

I then realised that Emma had failed to find out that Mia was a cock virgin. I was over half way into her, and I wasn't going to retreat. Not now ... it felt so good. I just had to be gentle and make this a beautiful experience for her.

"Relax babe" I urged her. "You will love this".

I bobbed my cock in and out, trying to get her accustomed to the feeling of my cock. I found that I could hold her in position with one arm, so I released the other to allow its hand to explore her firm tits and hard nipples.

"Ohhhhh ... ahhhh ... oh fuck" she moaned.

"I'm so sorry baby ... I have neglected you and your needs ... I will make it up to you" I told her breathlessly as I fucked her steadily.

"Salim ... I've dreamt about this for so long". She accentuated her statement by upping her participation in this fuck - her hips pitched about as she tried to force more cock into her depths.

"Fuck me ... fuck me please" she chanted.

I was getting tired so I gently rolled us over ... she was now straddling my hips with my cock embedded in her hot tightness. She plunged up and down with more and more force and frequency.

"I'm gonna cum" she squealed. I let go at that moment, I wanted to cum at the same time as her, so I lunged into her depths.

"Cumming" she gasped with her juices streaming down my shaft as I deposited a huge load of cum into her depths. I pumped her full until my balls were empty. I could feel our combined cums dribbling out of our joined bodies.

Mia collapsed onto my chest with my cock still jumping inside her spasming pussy. Our lips came together in a tender kiss that gradually increased in passion until our lips felt bruised.

We stayed in bed for most of the day, discovering what the real Salim had been sadly depriving his wife of. I just ignored the buzzing of the mobile phone on the bedside table.

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