The Scary Castle of Baron Von Stoneface
Chapter 1

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The first time I saw Baron Stoneface's castle, I was riding with my twin sister Lucinda in a rather nice carriage provided by the Abbey of Sainte Lorraine.

It stood on the side of a sheer faced mountain almost impregnable in its composition. However, a trail of sorts had been struck from the solid rock and a zig-zag road of broken rock wound its way up to the dark waters of the moat that surround the unyielding rock blocks of the impressive edifice.

The obvious fear that threw the horses into a state of constant nervous stomping must have spread to the driver and the two footmen on the top of the conveyance. My sister, on the other hand, was totally oblivious to the gloomy terrain outside and certainly had no fear in her delicate soul because she was sound asleep on my shoulder.

I bade the driver to hasten up the steep trail with some cheery words of encouragement.

In all honesty, I had no such true sense at all because I was shaking deep inside with revulsion at the thought that my fair and fragile sister Lucinda and I would be spending the entire summer here with my distant relative just because my father felt a certain debt to his cousin the Baron for his assistance in financial affairs.

The horses settled down under the expert hands of the driver and we proceeded without incident to the raised drawbridge constructed of solid oak and guarding the main entrance to the castle courtyard.

The dark and dank waters of the moat swirled as if strange creatures were swimming beneath the surface. I put that off to my over-active imagination and was somewhat surprised later that my suspicions were correct and that a school of electrified eels called the moat their home. A single touch of their exterior would jolt a person of average stature into eternity in a matter of seconds.

In addition to the deadly eels, The Baron later bragged to me at great length about the even deadlier rays that hugged the bottom of the moat with their poisonous barbs that struck deeply into the bloodstream of their victims. All thoughts I entertained about the possibility of escaping from the castle by swimming the moat were immediately banished from my mind.

I saw the hunchbacked form of a grotesque creature carrying a lantern in broad daylight.

It was my assumption at the time that the lantern was for use in some darkened interior space but I certainly didn't think it would be used for the damp tunnel that lead to the main house.

The creature whose name was Wicket told us that his master was indisposed with another guest at the moment but he would lead us to our rooms if we so desired. He was so obsequious and humble that I regretted my initial snap judgement and agreed without reservation.

My sister Lucinda and I followed him through the tunnel into the sub-basement where several odd shaped small vermin of an undetermined category managed to reduce my sister into nervous laughter. I was not amused at the display thinking that the castle was badly managed to allow such vermin to wander aimlessly in the hallways.

Our rooms were quite excellent and I saw that the furnishings were clean and well-tended. My sister took heart and we were informed that the servants would be bringing us a bath forthwith.

The large brass bathtub was filled by a full complement of no less than six servants with nicely heated water from the kitchen. Since there was only one tub, my sister and I put aside silly convention and shared it like we did at home from whenever we could remember.

Now that Lucinda was eighteen, she was a fully ripened woman but I had the fortitude to withstand temptation and merely offered my services in cleansing her back. We always made a ceremony of washing each other's backs and I saw no harm in it despite the closeness of relationship.

I took great care in not accosting her delicate skin with the touch of my aroused member and she diligently avoided looking at my erection with her ladylike genteel nature. We dried each other with no intent to gain pleasure and dressed for dining in the main meeting room. I had fond hopes that the Baron would have some of the female staff on stand-by for tending to his guest's physical needs because I had reached that level of desire that required a willing female between my legs in any position she so desired.

The hunchback led us up a winding stone staircase and we exited into a large room with high iron-barred windows that gave plenty of light.

The Baron was seated on a throne of sorts that was more pretentious than royal.

He had a pair of Nubian females at his sides massaging his arms and shoulders like some athlete in the recovery area. My sister was so amused that she tried to hide her smile but I fear the frozen-faced fellow spied it immediately. I could tell from his look that it would not bode well for my sister if he managed to gain the upper hand on her in private.

"Come closer, my little cherubs. My, my, you do look so much alike I can't tell which is the boy and which is the girl."

It was a strange thing for the older man with no expression to say in front of non-family members but it was his castle and he had the right to say what he wanted.

"Greetings, cousin, we bring salutations from our family and wishes for your good health and prosperity ad infinitum."

It certainly was not my inner attitude but I was cursed with an over-abundance of diplomacy and did not want to cause any grief or hard feelings just as we were about to start our summer.

"Come up and sit beside your cousin, little dumpling. So you are Lucinda. Did you know that was my Mother's name? She was always a wild one and causing all sorts of trouble with the rest of the family. Are you a wild one? Do you need to be tamed properly?"

My poor sister didn't know if she should stamp her foot in vexation or to just smile and act like the Baron was witty beyond belief. Fortunately, she choose the latter and I breathed a little easier because her tantrums were quite a show for the servants.

The dinner served in our honor was infinitely better than the simple fare at our parent's manor. They had prepared everything in a French style which I found rich in flavor and loaded with butter a particular favorite of mine. I was instantly afraid that if the entire summer afforded us such rations we would both become as plump as fatted geese for the oven.

I had the thought to ask my cousin if he could spare one of his Nubians for my after dinner perusal but decided discretion was the better part of valor and elected to keep silent. It was a good thing that I did because the hunchback warned me a bit later that the two girls were for the Baron's use only and he doted on them like special pets even keeping them on leashes in the privacy of the royal bedroom. I thought this a strange fetish but to each his own and I expected there were many such strange likes and dislikes in every corner of the earth.

My sister was so tired from the journey that she started to snore halfway through the dessert and the Baron snapped his fingers to no avail. I thought that it was another mark against her in his book if he was keeping tally and I wondered how he evened the score with his guests and relatives. Surely, he would respect the maidenhood of my eighteen year old sister even if he was the lord of the castle and his word was law.

We went back to our rooms and my sister immediately took to her bed she was that exhausted from the travel.

The younger male assistant of the hunchback whispered in my ear,

"Would the young sire require a female consort for the evening?"

I smiled and nodded my head like it was a normal question but I was trembling inside with anticipation of what would be pushed in my direction. I hoped it would be a comely maid without a talkative way because I found that so boring in females of little education.

A shadow crossed the room and a small compact body slid under the cover. I turned the lantern so that I could see my present and was surprised to see a young girl of tender years. I was concerned about her age and inquired her total years.

"My name is Faith and I am already eighteen years of age according to my step-mother who is known for never telling a lie."

I looked down at the patch of black between her creamy white thighs and lost all interest in further interrogation.

Quite a bit later after the Lord had seen fit to award Faith a trio of healthy orgasms for various reasons determined by my flexible contortions, she surrendered without condition and gave me all that I wanted to make my welcome complete.

I woke up much later and found that I was still spooning the girl and drove my shaft up her nether hole without warning. She took it without complaint and only whimpered when I flooded her flanks with my creamy spunk. I rolled off the wench and went right back to sleep until the light woke me coming in the high window far above.

There was no sign of the young girl Faith and I was a bit forlorn because I had wanted to greet the new day with a nice little spot of relaxation before breakfast.

My sister came into the bedroom fully dressed and she was fair sparkling like she had been well used herself the night before. I was immediately suspicious but was certain there was no reason for concern because the only way into her bedroom was through my bedroom and I was certain nobody had crossed that threshold. Still, she had that certain bent forward stance that I associated with a female having been engaged in anal sports recently and I thought to ask her to explain herself. Fortunately, I hesitated and she explained that she had been doing some early morning exercises and fallen on her backside on the hard stone floor but the only damage done was to her pride.

We both joined our cousin for a small hunting expedition on the mountainside and I wondered what sort of game they would be hunting at this time of year. I hoped it would not be the forest bears because they were notoriously unstable and prone to attack when least expected.

Lucinda was dressed in a nice hunting outfit which was a bit tight across the flanks and the waist giving those behind her a fantastic view of her swinging thighs and hips as she climbed the steep grade. I saw my cousin give her a hard look with his middle-aged lust-filled eyes and I knew that if she were not nobility, he would have her stretched out over his desk without a bit of hesitation. I thought that it would be best to warn her at the earliest opportunity but I didn't want to spoil the hunt because she looked like the rush of danger had boosted her energy and she was flushed with anticipation of making a fine shot and earning respect not normally granted to a female in these traditional times.

A series of shots rang out and I saw some figures running up in the thick rocks and was shocked to see that they were human and not animal at all.

I asked my cousin to explain and he told me,

"This mountain is over-run with two legged vermin escaped from the prison burned down in the valley this past winter. They survive up here on the mountain but I have exclusive right to hunt them for bounty at any time I desire since it is my land."

My sister shuddered at the thought that she might have actually killed a fellow human being and I quickly changed the subject to the wonderful herds of sheep that roamed the crags with sure-footed skill.

"They are all mine, cousin, and we will soon taste some of that delicious meat because it is already on the spit in the kitchen."

My sister stumbled on the way back and she fell into the Baron's arms quite by accident and I noticed she was not at all upset that he used both hands to right her steady taking advantage of the event to learn her female anatomy for future reference.

It was beginning to look like a long, hot summer ahead.

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