Guy & Margo
Chapter 1: Home to Bed

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Sex Story: Chapter 1: Home to Bed - A well-hung college boy returns home and seduces his attractive Mom! Margo is torn between her natural sexual urges and the need to remain a respectable mother. But Guy's hold on his Mother slides as she gradually takes control and wants Guy to be more like a girl in bed. Guy becomes Gill who looks great in a skirt and heels - that's the way Margo likes it ! They'll be out on the town before you know it!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   CrossDressing   Incest   White Couple  

We pulled into our driveway and wile Mother locked-up, I carried in our week-end bags.

Pulling all the curtains I turned on some lighting and music while she was undressing. After a stiff vodka / tonic we showered sensually together.

Then dripping wet and naked into her bedroom, we dived under her duvet. There, entwined in each other, with only moans, gasps and animal sounds uttered; our lust climaxed.

Then for the first time in each others arms; we soundly slept as lovers.

It was the sunshine that woke me.

My first thought was; please don't let it be a dream.

I opened my eyes to find myself alone in her bed. A glow of contentment flowed over me.

I was laying in the bed that had set our affair in motion! I remembered every moment:...

I'd got away from college early that day and caught the train home. With mother still at work I'd had a shower; helped myself to some vodka and entered her bedroom to prowl about.

It wasn't the first time I'd done it; it was a fetish of mine.

At her dressing table I smelt her perfume; opened a drawer, found her underwear and Tampax! Everything was so sexy. I simply had to exercise Billy. I lay on her bed, pleasuring Billy; rubbing her panties against him.

Then catastrophe! she'd appeared in the doorway!

She was in bra and panties!...

She'd sat beside me.

Then having teased me a bit, she milked Billy of all his honey.

Suddenly I realised the time! It had gone 8:30am. Margo had probably left for the office by now. I pulled away the duvet and got into the shower.

I gave my excellent cock a good shampoo bringing it up to a fair lob around 7".

I felt proud of this cock that had seduced Margo. I took hold of him, pulled his foreskin back and whispered to my best friend,

"You won Margo's heart for me Billy, she found you irresistible and now we're lovers."

I've fancied my Mom for a long time; though I've spent much of the last 18 months away at college; just seeing her between term times. Worse still, at home she was in the next bedroom. I'd had wank'd madly over her.

I loved everything about Margo; her face, the way she spoke, her tits especially; that ass when she walked; and her perfume!

At 32, Margo holds a key position with Jeffersons Accountancy. An attractive brunette with a slim 5'6" figure, yet she mostly conceals it; avoiding unwanted advances I guess. One wrong marriage was enough for Margo Chiverton.

I'd been a hopeless lovelorn lad.

But now Margo was hot for me!

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