Whoa: Did That Really Happen
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, NonConsensual, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, Incest, Mother, Brother, Sister, Harem, White Male, White Female, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Tit-Fucking, Size, Workplace, School, mc sex story,mind control sci-fi story

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A university lab accident gave Jason the power of persuasion. He used that power to change those around him for his pleasure.

Jason was an extremely bright young man. At the age of twenty-four he was a second year graduate student at a major engineering university on the east coast. He had impressed his professors so much that he had been hired as a teaching assistant. He had been given the responsibilities of over seeing the undergrads as they worked in one of the chemistry labs. The safety of the lab students was of particular importance. Part of his job was to inspect and open the lab before the undergrads arrived for class and be certain they carefully followed all safety procedures.

Undergrads frequently make mistakes. It's part of the learning process. Most of their mistakes are minor in nature and simply require a little clean up and a written report. Once in a while, a student will really screw up and make a serious error. Mistakes that could lead to serious mishaps are usually averted. However, every now and then, a mistake that could lead to catastrophic results does occur. Not only would the student making the mistake put themselves in danger, but many of his surrounding classmates as well. If the mistake is serious enough the entire lab could be put at risk.

One such serious incident occurred shortly after classes had begun in the fall. A very bright first year student had been performing an experiment using some volatile chemicals. His experiment had been stable until he made a final addition to his heated beaker. When he added a few grams of highly radioactive material to his mixture, smoke began to boil out of his beaker.

Jason shouted orders to the entire class. "EVERYONE CLEAR THE LAB!"

All the other students immediately began running out of the two lab doors. All, except the student that had been doing the experiment and Jason, had left the lab within seconds. The practice drills had worked except for the experimenter. He seemed frozen in place as he stared at his smoking beaker.

Jason ran to the student's lab table and shoved him as hard as he could. The student stumbled backward and fell to the floor.

Jason turned his attention toward the beaker and reached out to remove it from the burner. He had planned on dumping it into the adjacent container designed to resist small explosions. Before he could reach the beaker however, there was a bright flash and an explosion. The beaker shattered. Shards of glass were scattered over an area about six feet in diameter. The contents of the beaker were spewed over a similar area. Luckily, Jason had his safety goggles on. His eyes and surrounding facial area were thus protected from the shattered glass and scattered experimental material. Unfortunately, the rest of his upper torso was heavily coated with a fine powder that had apparently come from the exploding beaker.

Jason shouted orders to the stunned student still lying on the floor, "Get up and get out. Call the Fire Dept. and then wait to be interviewed about this."

The student, who was still on the floor, quickly scramble to his feet and ran out the door.

Jason was feeling a little dizzy as he swept a great deal of the broken bits of beaker and other debris into a nearby trash receptacle. It was then that he noticed a slight warming sensation spreading over his upper body. As he had been trained to do, he hurriedly went to the emergency shower located in the corner of the lab. He doused himself with a flood of water from the overhead fixture.

About then the Fire Dept. arrived along with their Hazmat team. While the Fire/Rescue team checked on Jason's condition, the Hazmat team cleaned the radioactive chemical spill. At the insistence of the Fire/Rescue guys, Jason removed his clothing and deposited them in a HAZMAT bag. He was then given a gown and transported to the local hospital where he was to be decontaminated.

He was released to go home later that evening. Except for an occasional headache, all seemed well for the next several days. Then even the headaches went away. Except for a few small cuts from the beaker shards, Jason seemed to have suffered few ill effects from the lab incident.

About two weeks later, Jason was walking to class when he passed a group of Freshmen cheerleader hopefuls. Tryouts for the cheer squad were only a few days away. These girls were practicing in a grassy area and were working hard in hopes of making the team.

Since he appreciated the cheerleaders for their taught bodies and flexibility, Jason paused a few minutes to watch them practice. A particularly cute young girl caught his attention. She stood about five feet five inches tall. She had her long dark hair pulled back into a ponytail. She was wearing a cut-off t-shirt over a sports bra. The combination exposed her firm flat belly. Her legs were nicely shaped from her years of cheering in high school. Most impressive to Jason though were her breasts. This pretty thing had a set of knockers worthy of admiration. They must have been at least C-cups that stood firm under her tight T-shirt and sports bra.

Jason couldn't help but stare at the girl's tits. He thought to himself, 'I would sure like to see those puppies bounding free.'

A short time later, the girls had finished their practice and were picking up their gear bags. As they packed their things to go to their dorms, the one that had caught Jason's eye came over to him. Without saying a word, she smiled at him, grabbed the bottom of her T-shirt and bra, and raised them up to her shoulders. She gave Jason a prolonged look at her nearly perfect tits. The creamy mounds were topped by puffy dark pink areola. He noticed her nipples were hard and stood out nearly half an inch from her tits. She then giggled, shook her tits back and forth, pulled her bra and shirt down, and ran to catch up with the rest of the girls.

To himself Jason quietly said, "Whoa! I can't believe she actually did that. How could she have known I wanted to see her tits?" As he continued on his way to class, he thought about the teen and her tits. 'Why would a stranger show her tits like that? Sure I thought I'd like to see them, but I didn't say anything to encourage her.' Then his analytical mind kicked in. He again thought to himself, 'This will need further investigation.'

Later that evening, Jason was sitting in his favorite diner after having ordered a burger and fries. As his waitress was bringing his soda, Jason thought to himself. 'It would be interesting if she spilled that drink all over this table.'

The waitress approached Jason with a smile. Just as she setting his drink on his table she seemed to stumble. His drink fell and splashed down on his table. The poor girl couldn't apologize enough to Jason. He smiled and said to her. "It's alright. No real harm done. Just please bring me another drink?"

"Of course, sir. Right away." She then hurried off to get Jason another drink.

He read her name tag and said with a smile. "Thank you, Jenny."

As she turned to go back to the counter, Jason had another idea for Jenny. He wanted to push his luck and experiment a little further. Silently he thought to himself. 'Jenny, you would look so good without your bra and panties. When you bring my drink back show me you bare tits and pussy.'

The waitress disappeared into the back room for a few minutes before bringing Jason his second drink. When she returned, he could see the top two buttons of her uniform blouse were open. Her ample cleavage was easily visible as she approached him. With a smile she bent over and placed Jason's drink on the table. He could see she had removed her bra and her tits were hanging loosely inside her blouse. While bent over the table to clean her mess, Jenny pulled her blouse top apart letting her tits briefly fall free. As she stood up she stuffed her tits back into her blouse and stepped closer to Jason's table. She pulled the front of her skirt up and revealed to him her naked pussy and its furry bush. She blushed, smiled at Jason, dropped her skirt, and quickly went back to work.

Jason continued to test and evaluate his new mental power. Before the next basketball game, he stood outside the girl's locker room and mentally suggested the entire cheer squad should go without bras during the game. The cheerleaders and their bouncing tits really got the crowd fired up that night.

Jason then decided to put his psychic power to a real test. He would test it on his own family. His father, Dan, had always been a strict no-nonsense disciplinarian. His mother, Mary, was a long time member of a strict fundamentalist church. His sister, Annie, was a great looking girl. The problem was, she knew it. From the time she started developing her tits, Annie had treated any male, including her brother, with disdain. Any boy who had shown an interest in Annie had been put through such a grilling by Annie and her parents that they quickly gave up. This trip home would prove once and for all that Jason's mental powers were real.

Friday morning Jason left campus and headed home for the weekend. This visit with his family promised to be very interesting.

When he arrived home later that afternoon, his twenty-year-old sister, Annie, greeted him at the door. She was still as stunning as ever. Her curly blond hair formed a golden halo around her head. It fell softly on her shoulders. Her blue eyes sparkled. Her complexion was perfect and she needed no make-up. Her knee length dress hugged and accentuated every curve of her figure.

"Hi Jason. How have you been? You've been gone a long time. What brings you home after so long away?" Annie asked. She stepped out of his way and allowed him to enter the house.

Jason replied with a smirk on his face, "I'm just fine, Annie. I just thought I'd come home to see the family for the weekend." He then silently added. 'I also wanted to see your body. So, if you will, go up to your room, remove of all your clothes, and come back down to the living room. From now on, I want to see you nude whenever I'm at home. I also want you to fulfill any request I make of you. Now get!'

Annie agreed and replied, "Alright, Jason." She then rapidly disappeared up the stairway to her room. About that time Jason's parents came into the living room and greeted their son. While they were speaking, Jason gave them suggestions. 'Dad, you will agree with whatever I say to Mom and Annie. You too think Annie and Mom have beautiful bodies. They should be nude and show their bodies off whenever they're at home. Mom, from now on you will do whatever Dad or I ask of you.'

About that time, Annie came down the stairs. She was completely nude and was smiling broadly. As she descended the stairway, her hair and firm C-cup tits bounced with each step she took. For the first time, Jason saw his sister in the nude. She was as stunning as he had thought she'd be. He noted she had a rather sparse blonde pubic bush.

Mary gasped when she saw her daughter. "Annie, what do you think you are doing? Don't you know it's a sin to flounce around naked like that? Get right back up there and put some cloths on."

Annie froze in her tracts.

Dan interrupted his wife. "Mary, be silent for a change. I think Annie has a beautiful body. She should be proud of it. If she wants to show it off for us, she may. She will be allowed to be nude in this house. As a matter of fact Mary, you still look pretty good too. So, you can strip too. I haven't gotten a good look at your body in a long time. Ever since you joined that fundamentalist church, you've acted like it's a sin to let me see you. You're my wife! So wife, strip!"

"Yes, Dan. Whatever you say." Mary replied. She quickly released the buttons down the front of her dress and pulled it off her shoulders. Her dress fell to the floor at her feet. Her bra, panties, and shoes soon joined the dress in a pile at her feet. Mary stood before her husband, son, and daughter naked as the day she was born. Even though she was forty-three-years-old she still looked pretty good. Her D-cup tits sagged just slightly and her belly showed just a bit of the pouch she had never lost after childbirth. Her ass also drooped just a little.

Jason asked, "Dad? Don't you think both of these beautiful women would look much better without that fur around their pussies?"

"Yes I do, son. Ladies, you heard Jason. You would both look better if you shaved your pussies."

Almost as one voice Mary and Annie agreed. "Yes sir." They both then headed up the stairs to the bathroom to shave.

"Dad, how long has it been since you've gotten a blowjob from Mom?" Jason boldly asked.

Without hesitation, Dan answered the question. "Son, it's been years. She'll never do that anymore. Hell she barely lets me screw her."

"Dad, I have something to tell you." Jason then explained the lab accident and the mental powers he had developed since then. "All you have to do is ask and Mom will do whatever you want her to do. You want a blowjob? Just ask her for one. You want to get some pussy. Just say so. If you want to fuck her in the ass, or do anything else with her, all you have to do is ask her."

"Oh my god, Jason. Really? She'll do anything I ask?"

"Yes, Dad. If you'll just follow my lead with Annie, you will have the best evening of fucking and sucking you've ever had. Annie was such a bitch to my friends and me as we were growing up. I intend to do all those things to her and maybe more. Her days of being a stuck up bitch are over. I think you'll find Mom a lot easier to get along with as well."

Dan sat on the couch in awe of what his son had just told him. "Are you sure, Jason?"

"Yes, Dad. I'm sure. Here they come. Just watch Annie and me. You and Mom can follow us or do what ever you like. Remember, Mom is at your command."

"Welcome back ladies." Jason greeted his Mom and sister. "Come close so we can inspect your pussies. I hope you did a good job."

Without hesitation, the women stepped up close to the men sitting on the couch. They spread their legs in anticipation of the pussy inspection to come.

Jason reached out and felt Annie's bald pussy. She gasped and jumped back at the shock of being touch there by her brother. "Very nice Sis, but you act like you've never had your pussy petted."

"I haven't Jason. I'm still a virgin." Annie admitted.

"Very well. Then get on your knees and suck me off." Jason ordered.

"Yes Jason. I'll do what you want, but I've never done that either. I've never done anything sexual. I'm sorry but I don't know how to suck you off." Annie apologized.

"That's alright Annie. We'll soon change that. Dad, does Mom know how to give a good blowjob?" Jason asked.

"She used to. When she was Annie's age, she would practically suck my balls through my cock. Mary, get down there and show Annie how well you can suck my cock, and don't spill a drop." Dan ordered his wife.

Mary smiled and answered her husband, "Yes Dan." She immediately dropped to her knees and got busy. She quickly had Dan's six-inch cock fully buried in her mouth and throat. She was sucking and licking Dan's cock like she was starving for cum.

Damn baby, you haven't forgotten a thing. Annie, pay attention! Your Mom can suck a cock like no one else." Dan told his daughter. From then on the only sounds Dan made were moans and groans as Mary hungrily gave him a fantastic deep-throat blowjob.

Annie started tentatively licking the head of her brother's seven-inch cock. When a drop of precum appeared on the head of Jason's cock, his sister happily lapped it up. She then followed her mother's lead and took her brother's cock into her mouth.

"That's it Annie. Don't forget to keep licking and suck hard as you bob your head up and down my cock. Make love to my cock and swallow whatever you get from it."

About that time, Annie raised up off Jason's cock and look at her mother. She saw her mother had taken her father's entire cock deep into her mouth and down her throat. She could see Mary's throat bulge each time her mother plunged down and her father's cock was driven into his wife's gullet.

With some effort and a little gagging, Annie succeeded in taking the head of Jason's cock into her throat as well. Though she couldn't keep it there long, she repeatedly drove Jason's cock deeper and deeper into her gullet.

At about the same time, both men shot a load of cum down the throats of the women kneeling before them. Mary buried Dan's cock deep in her throat and took all the cum she received from her husband down to her belly. Annie could only take the first spurt of cum down her throat before pulling back. However, she sucked hard and took the rest of Jason's cum into her mouth. She then swallowed his seed and smiled broadly at her brother.

"Damn, son! I hope you're alright, but I sure wish this had happened sooner." Dan said to his son.

"What happened, Jason?" Mary asked.

"Nothing Mom. Forget what Dad just said."

"What was that, Jason?" His mother looked a bit confused. It appeared as though Jason could erase memory as well as give commands. This new power could certainly prove interesting and useful.

"Mom, why don't you and Annie go fix us something for dinner. Dad and I will sit here and chat.

"Okay Jason. We'll be in the kitchen if you need us." Mary said. She and Annie then left the living room.

"Son, that is fantastic. Does you power work on men as well as women? Have you done any experiments on men?" Dan asked.

"Yes Dad. It works on men too. Do you really think you would have allowed Mom and Annie to parade around the living room nude if I hadn't suggested to you to do so? Or, would you have agreed to send both of them to shave their pussies without my suggestions? Would you have quietly watched Annie suck my cock without some outside force helping you along?"

Dan thought about it a few seconds then nodded. "Yes, it does seem to work on men too." He then called to his to wife, "Mary, come in here please."

Mary called back, "Yes dear." She quickly appeared in the living room.

"Mary, how long until dinner is ready?" Dan asked.

"It'll be ready in about an hour. Can Annie or I do something for you two while you wait?"

"No. I think Jason and I will run down to the bar and get a drink. We won't be gone long."

Mary consented, "Whatever you want dear."

"My god, son. She never likes for me to go to that bar. She hates it when I drink alcohol. Besides, there's a girl that works there that I want to see what you can do with." Dan said.

"Let's go then." Jason said as he got up.

A few minutes later Dan and Jason walked into the neighborhood bar. They took a seat in a corner booth and their waitress soon appeared and took their orders.

Indicating one of the waitresses, Dan said, "That's Susan. She's the girl I told you about. She has acted like she is the queen of Sheba ever since high school. She has a boyfriend that is still the town bully to this day. Do you think you can do something to set them straight?"

"No problem, Dad. Is her boyfriend here too?"

Dan answered, "Yeah, that's him sitting over in the corner. His name is Jim."

"Watch this, Dad." Jason then sent thoughts to Susan and her boyfriend. 'Susan, you will serve Dan and I our drinks in the nude. You will offer to suck his cock right here at the table. Jim, you will no longer be a bully. As a matter of fact, from now on you will be the wimpiest guy in town.'

Everyone in the bar gasped when Susan removed her clothing while waiting for her order to be filled by the bartender. Her D-cup tits bounced freely as she confidently strolled across the barroom with Dan and Jason's drinks.

"Your drinks gentlemen. Can I get you anything else, Dan? How about a nice blowjob? I do suck a pretty good dick."

"Thanks Susan, but maybe later."

"Hey! What's this shit, Susan?" Jim shouted.

Dan shouted back at him, "Shut the fuck up, Jim."

Jim cowered in his corner. "Yes Dan. I'm sorry. I'll be quiet. If Susan wants to suck your dick it's fine with me. She can suck all the dick she wants."

Dan and Jason laughed at Jim's reaction when he was told to shut up. When he offered to let his girlfriend give blowjobs to any that wanted one everyone in the bar broke out laughing at him.

"Son, you are the man! Your powers are fantastic. Now, let's finish these drinks. We have a hot dinner and two hot women waiting for us. I think this is going to be an exciting evening for all of us." Dan said while grinning from ear to ear.

A short time later, the men arrived home. When they heard the front door open, the two women hurried into the living room to greet them. Dan and Jason enjoyed the sight of the shapely and still naked women standing before them. Mary and Annie stood as if awaiting instructions.

Mary said, "Dinner is ready. We'll serve it as soon as you're ready."

"I'm starving! Let's eat. Besides, I think we have a fun evening ahead of us." Dan exclaimed.

Mary and Annie had cooked a platter full of fried chicken along with mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans. They all enjoyed dinner, especially Dan and Jason. After all, the men were dining with two lovely women who were naked and would do anything they were asked.

Just for laughs, as they finished dinner Jason thought to himself. 'Mom, Annie, dip your tits into the gravy.'

The women immediately did as instructed.

Dan inquisitively looked at Jason. Jason only smiled at his father.

'Now lick and suck each others' tits until they are clean.'

Mom and daughter took turns cleaning each others' tits. As Jason had expected the women soon got into it and were moaning and groaning in pleasure. They didn't stop until Jason gave them further instructions.

"Mom, Annie, don't you think your pussies need cleaned too? Why don't you two lie on the floor and clean each others' pussies?'

Mary quickly and eagerly helped Annie to lie on her back on the floor with her legs spread wide. She then straddled her daughter's head and gently lowered her pussy to the girl's waiting mouth. The older woman then leaned forward and began licking Annie's pussy. Annie gasped and moaned as Mary's tongue probed deep into her tight virgin pussy.

Annie soon got the idea and began lapping at her mother's pussy as well. Both women were soon writhing on the floor near orgasm.

'That's enough for now. Mom, you and Annie get up, bend over the table, and spread you legs wide. Dad and I are tired of watching you two have all the fun.' Jason thought.

Both women groaned with disappointment of having failed to achieve an orgasm. However, they quickly complied with Jason's suggestion. Mary and Annie stood and bent over the table. They laid face down next to each other. They looked at each other as they anticipated what was about to happen to them. Their asses and pussies were thus presented for the men's pleasure. Dan was grinning broadly. He knew what to do at that point.

Dan got behind his wife and slowly slid his cock into her. When he had about half of his cock in Mary's wet hole, he grabbed her hips and drove into her cunt as deep as he could.

"Humph!" Mary grunted as Dan slammed into her.

Dan's cock had hit her cervix. He held it there feeling his wife's cunt squeeze his shaft. "Mary, your pussy is still damned good even after all these years. You will no longer deny me the pleasures of your body. From now on we will fuck and suck each other much more frequently than has been the case lately. Now, let's fuck!"

Dan continued to use Mary's hips for leverage as he repeatedly pounded his cock into her seldom used fuck hole. He soon had Mary moaning and groaning from the pleasure she was receiving from her husband. In a matter of minutes, both Dan and Mary were writhing and grunting as their orgasms washed over them at about the same time.

As Dan and Mary lay together recovering from their orgasms, Jason told his father. "Dad, I don't think it will be as long between fucks from now on."

Dan just grinned at his son in response.

Jason had been caressing Annie's ass and petting her pussy while their parents fucked next to them. Annie had taken it all in. Jason's hands and fingers and her parents actions had gotten Annie so hot, she was ready to fuck almost anything. Annie's pussy was practically dripping with its lubricating juices.

With a gentle swat to her ass, Jason spoke to his sister. "Annie, it's your turn. I'm going to take you now. I'll go slowly and try not to hurt you too badly when I take your virginity. However, it will hurt when I pop your cherry. First fucks usually hurt to some extent. Any pain you feel will go away soon enough. Are you ready to fuck, Annie?"

Annie replied nervously, "Yes, Jason. I'm ready."

With his sister still bent over the table, Jason guided his hard cock to her horny hole and pushed its head in. Annie gasped then moaned as she felt the head of Jason's cock press forward and spread her pussy's outer lips for the first time. Annie yelped when Jason's pushed again and his cock bumped into her hymen. Using her hips for leverage, Jason gave Annie a few short strokes until she relaxed a bit. He then tightened his grip on her hips and slammed his entire seven inches of hard cock deep into his sister's virgin pussy. Annie's hymen was abruptly swept away as Jason's drove his cock into her depths.

Annie lifted her head off the table and cried out from the sharp pain in her pussy. Having her cherry ripped from her virgin pussy had indeed hurt. The initial sharp pain quickly gave way to a duller burning sensation.

Mary stroked Annie's hair and spoke to her daughter. "It will be alright, Baby. The pain will go away soon."

Annie sobbed, "I know Mom, but it still hurt."

Jason then began slowly but deeply stroking in and out of Annie's sore fuck hole. He had little sympathy for her pain after the years of humiliation she had heaped on him in their youth.

It wasn't long before the pleasure Annie was beginning to feel outweighed any discomfort she had felt from the devirgination of her pussy. She could feel every inch of her brother's cock sliding in and out of her tight pussy. She began breathing harder. Her hips were responding and thrusting back each time Jason shoved his cock into her. Annie was getting hotter and hotter. Her pussy was getting hungry for Jason's cock. Her hips' rhythmic thrusts became faster and faster. Annie was about to have her first cock induced orgasm.

As her orgasm washed over her, Annie tilted her hips up off the table and begged her brother to fuck her. "Oh God, Jason. Fuck me! Fuck me harder. I love your cock in my pussy. Now, Jason! Fuck me hard!"

Jason clamped his hands onto Annie's hips and repeatedly rammed his cock into his sister's hungry hole. "Here it comes, Sis." As Annie screamed and writhed in pleasure, Jason dumped a huge load of cum deep in her cunt. He bathed her cervix with its first taste of cum.

They remained hooked up with Jason's cock deep in Annie's pussy as they relaxed. Jason softly spoke to his sister, "Damn, Sis. You are one fine hot piece of ass. That was fantastic. To himself, he thought. 'Too bad I'll need to recharge. It would be cool if my cock stayed hard as long as I wanted it to.'

Jason and Annie both felt it. His cock surged within her pussy. To check it out, Jason pulled his slick cock from Annie's pussy. His cock, which was stained with Annie's virgin blood, had become even harder than usual and maybe even a little bit longer.

Annie's pussy juices, Jason's cum, and a little blood oozed out of Annie's gooey hole. She remained bent over the table as if presenting her ass to her brother.

"Annie, I think it's time to take your last cherry now. You cute little ass looks like it could use some cock too." He told her.

"But Jason, I..." Annie started to protest.

Jason angrily asked, "What? Do you want to refuse me, Annie?"

"No, Jason. I would never refuse you. If you want my ass, you can have it. I'm just a little frightened. That's all." Annie replied.

"Very well then. Prepare yourself to have your ass fucked."

Jason used his cock like a paintbrush. He rubbed it in the abundant fluids oozing from Annie's pussy and used those fluids to lubricate her asshole. He then lined up his cock's head with her virgin ass. "Relax." Jason told his sister. He then grabbed her hips and pushed.

"Ummph!" Annie grunted but made no further sound as Jason shoved his cock's head past the tight crinkled ring of her sphincter and into her asshole.

He asked, "Are you alright, Sis?"

"It hurts a little, but I'll be fine." She replied.

Jason then shoved a few more inches of cock into his sister's ass.

"Ummph!" Annie grunted again.

Jason patted her butt, tightened his grip on her hips, and shoved the rest of his seven-inch cock deep into his sister's asshole.

Annie cried out, "YEOOOW! That hurts!"

"So what? Maybe you won't hesitate the next time I tell you to do something." As punishment for her earlier hesitation, Jason immediately began to piston his cock deep in Annie's tight ass. He was soon slamming his entire cock deep into her guts. After several minutes of butt-fucking his sister's ass, Jason planted his cock fully in her rear and pumped a large load of cum deep into Annie's bowels.

Jason then slapped her butt and said, "Do you remember all the times you treated my friends and I badly as we were growing up, Annie? You were a real pain in the ass back then. Let this be a reminder to you of the pain your arrogance caused us. You are a nice piece of ass, Annie. I think I'll call a few of my old friends and let them have some of this ass as well." He mocked his sister.

Annie groaned and tears began sliding down her cheeks. "Whatever you want, Jason. I am yours. I am sorry for the way I acted when we were younger. Do whatever you want with me."

Patting Annie's ass, Jason asked his father, "Hey Dad. Would you like some of this tight ass?"

Dan reached over and patted his daughter's firm ass. He then patted his wife's ass and replied, "No thanks, son. I think I'll fuck the ass in front of me. You ready to be butt-fucked Mary?"

"If you want your wife's ass, you can have it, Dan. It's been a very long time since we last did anal. So, you can take me anyway you'd like, but if you'll be gentle, I'll try to give you a good ride in my ass." Mary smiled at Dan and wiggled her ass at him.

Dan slapped Mary's ass and said, "Well alright! I'll be as gentle as I can." Like his son, Dan used the cum and pussy juice leaking from his wife's pussy to lubricate her asshole. He stepped up closer to her and lined his cock up with his wife's asshole. With a quick shallow push, his cock's head popped into Mary's poop-chute.

Mary cooed, "Ummm! It has been a long time."

With a slow and steady push, Dan slid his cock fully into his wife's ass. He asked, "How's that, honey?"

She cooed, "Ummmm! I had forgotten how that cock of yours could feel in my ass. You can go ahead now, dear. Go ahead and use my ass."

Dan began gently stroking in and out of Mary's asshole. He slowly increased the speed and force of his thrusts.

Mary was soon pushing back and returning each of his thrust into her ass with a thrust of her own. "Oh Dan. Yes! You fuck my ass so good. Please give it to me now."

Dan did as his wife requested. He latched onto her hips and repeatedly slammed his cock deep into her asshole. With one final lunge, Dan buried his cock deep in her bowels and pumped her full of his cum.

For several seconds, Mary continued to push back onto Dan's cock. She had a dreamy look on her face as she turned to look back at her husband. Then tears appeared on her cheeks. "Dan, I am so sorry. I have forgotten some of the duties of a wife. I have forgotten how great your cock can feel when it's sliding in and out of one of my holes. Like the Good Book says, I promise to be much more obedient and submissive to your needs from now on."

Jason then thought. 'Okay girls, it's time to get cleaned up. Get off that table, turn around, and clean our cocks.'

Without a word Mary and Annie did as Jason had suggested. They quickly had the cocks that had just been up their asses shiny clean.

'Okay. Good job. Now, Mom you get on your back on the floor. Annie you're on top this time while you clean each others' pussy and ass. Have fun.'

Both women were soon lapping and sucking the others' pussy and asshole clean. Their moans and groans grew louder as they worked. Finally, they both grabbed the others' ass and forcefully shoved their faces into the pussy in front of them. Both mom and daughter yelled and came on the tongue of the other.

When Mary and Annie calmed down, they all went to the living room and had a glass of wine. They talked about what had just happened. Both women apologized again for their past behavior and promised to be much better in the future.

Jason believed Mary and Annie would make great strides in improving their attitudes. Without any suggestions, Mary was cuddling close to Dan while she slowly stroked his nearly limp cock. Annie was squirming while sitting sideways on Jason's lap.

A knowing look passed between Jason and his father. Jason decided to give his father another gift. He thought to himself. 'Dad, your cock will be another inch longer and a little thicker. It will stay hard as long as you want it to. You must say 'I'm finished for now' for it to go down."

Instantly, Dan's cock expanded in Mary's hand. Mary gasped and threw her arms around her husband's neck. "Oh my God, Dan! You will make me a very happy wife, and I will make you a very happy husband.

Dan looked at Jason with a wide grin on his face.

Jason continued with his sister. 'Annie, you will become a much friendlier girl. You will not act like you are better than me or anyone else you meet. If you find someone you like, you can give him pleasure with your mouth and ass. However, remember your pussy is mine alone until I give you permission to give it to someone else. By the way, your tits will expand to firm c-cups with larger nipples. The guys will love that.'

Annie smiled and nodded to her brother. She watched in awe as her tits swelled to the next cup size.

After a second glass of wine they all went to bed. Jason stayed in his sister's room, of course. A short time later, they heard Mary exclaim. "My God, Dan. I love how your cock makes my pussy feel so full. I don't know what you did, but keep it up."

For about an hour, Jason and Annie fondled each other while listening to the sounds of love coming from their parent's bedroom. Finally as their mother screamed through her orgasm, they heard Dan say, "I'm finished for now." Then all went quiet in the next room.

With gasping breath, Annie said, "Jason, I know it's late, but will you fill my pussy again. I just love the way your cock makes me feel so full."

Jason grinned at his sister before rolling on top of her. With a passionate kiss, he slid his hard cock fully into Annie's freshly devirginated pussy. She groaned when he hit her cervix.

"Oh God yes!" Annie exclaimed. "I don't think my pussy can take another inch of cock."

"We may have to find out some day, sis." Jason repeatedly drove his cock deep into Annie's hungry hole. At Annie's request, she and Jason rolled over. Annie sat on Jason's cock and enthusiastically bounced on him until they were both about to cum. A short time later, Annie screamed as her orgasm washed over her body. Shortly thereafter, Jason grabbed her hips and pulled her down hard on his cock while he fed her a load of cum. She then sucked Jason's cock while cleaning the cum and pussy juices from it.

Dan and Mary heard the scream of pleasure come from Annie's room. They smiled at each other, and snuggled close as they fell asleep.

Jason was awoken early Saturday morning by Annie. Believing practice makes perfect, she was going down on his morning hard-on. When he stirred, she looked up at her brother's face and began taking his cock into her throat. She was able to take most of his seven-inch cock into her mouth and throat. She could hold it there a little longer than she had the day before.

"Am I getting better, Jason?" She asked.

Jason began stroking his sister's long blonde hair. "Yes you are, Annie. If you keep practicing, you'll soon be able to take a cock down your throat and keep it there while it cums. When you can swallow a cock as deep as mother can, and keep it there until it pours cum down your gullet, you will be perfect."

Annie continued bobbing her head up and down on Jason's cock. She took it into her throat every time she plunged down on it.

"I'm about to cum, Annie." Jason warned her.

"Ummmm huuh!" Annie acknowledged the warning. Just as Jason cock erupted, Annie shoved it deep into her throat and swallowed the first three spurts of cum down her gullet. With a groan, she had to pull back and suck the rest of her brother's cum into her mouth. She swallowed all the cum in her mouth then licked and sucked Jason's cock until it was clean.

After showering and having breakfast, Jason left to visit his old friends. Most of them still lived near where they had while growing up. While the guys chatted, if they had sisters, Jason made suggestions to the girls. 'You love sucking cock, especially your brother's cock. You will suck him off every chance you get unless he tells you not to.' Jason added another suggestion to Annie's best friend. She happened to also be the sister of Jason's best friend. She was given the additional suggestion that she 'loved to take her brother's cock up her ass.'

Jason thoroughly enjoyed the shocked look on his friends' faces when their sisters fell to their knees and began sucking their cocks. Jason left many of his old friends with broad smiles on their faces.

Saturday evening found Jason, and a bunch of his friends at the same neighborhood bar father and son had visited Friday night. The main topic of conversation was the major changes in their sisters' behavior.

Their waitress, Susan, was topless as she served them their drinks. She smiled broadly as her big tits were fondled by the guys each time she delivered a round of drinks to their table. Susan was making a lot of money. Her tips matched the size of her substantial tits.

Susan's boyfriend, Jim, was nowhere to be found. So, with few restrictions on her activities, Susan was frequently seen stepping into the bar's storeroom with a male customer following close behind. A short time later, Susan and the customer would emerge from the storeroom. The guy would have a broad smile on his face. Susan would be licking her lips and stuffing money into her tip jar.

The bar's owner didn't mind Susan's erotic behavior. Letting her tits hang free as well as her frequent trips into the storeroom had his place packed with paying customers.

When Susan finally came to serve Jason and his party, she offered them all blowjobs. They turned her offer down. They had all been well blown by their sisters' eager mouths before coming to the bar.

When Jason returned to his parent's home later that night, he found Annie waiting for him. She was on her bed, still nude, and on her hands and knees. "Oh Jason." She cooed. "I've been waiting for you. I am so horny for you. You can have any hole you want."

Without hesitation, Jason stripped and slammed his hard cock deep into her slick cunt. He was still hard after dumping a load of cum deep in her pussy, so he fucked her ass as well. They cuddled with each other and were soon fast asleep.

Early Sunday morning Jason again awoke to Annie sucking his cock. She was taking all of his cock deep into her throat and holding it there for a longer time with each plunge she made. She seemed to have her gag reflex well controlled. She moaned happily as she held Jason's cock deep in her throat.

As Jason was about to feed his sister a load of cum, Annie drove his cock deep into her throat and swallowed hard. Jason willed his cock to grow another inch just as he flooded her gullet with cum.

Annie moaned with delight and swallowed every drop of cum her brother gave her.

After showering, Jason packed for the trip back to the university. When he and Annie walked into the kitchen, they saw Dan and Mary sitting at the table. They were both nude and had a dreamy look on their faces. They were gazing at each other like two teenagers in love for the first time.

"Annie honey, you will have to get breakfast this morning. Your father wore me out last night, and I am sore all over this morning. He hasn't made love to me like that since we were newlyweds." Mary then cuddled snugly into Dan's neck.

Dan said not a word. He simple looked at his son and smiled broadly.

Annie hummed a happy song as she prepared breakfast in the nude. Jason loved watching his sister's sexy young ass wiggle as she went about making the family's breakfast. He gave her ass a gentle pat as she served her family.

Immediately following breakfast, Jason loaded his car for the trip back to the university. He gave his naked mother and sister hugs and gently patted each ass before walking to his car. Dan in the mean time had dressed and accompanied Jason out to his car.

Dan shook his son's hand and said to him. "Drive carefully Jason. Please come back to see us soon."

He then hugged his son and softly said, "Thank you son for all you've given your mother, sister, and especially me."

"Dad, I will come back much more often than I have been. I loved seeing you and Mom so much in love again. I have given Annie permission to suck and butt-fuck the guys she meets and likes. However, her pussy is mine alone. I intend to knock that bitch up before she is allowed to give her pussy to any other man."

"Whatever you want son. She was rather harsh toward you and your friends when you were younger."

Jason then climbed into his car and started it.

"Thanks again, son." Dan shook Jason's hand again and waived as his son pulled away.

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