His Halloween Trick
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Halloween is coming and things start going downhill for Ryan. His fiancée gets hurt in a traffic accident and strange things start happening to him when he disagrees with the warning voices of his quite vocal common sense.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Heterosexual   Humor   Polygamy/Polyamory  

End of October 2001

I hated the smell of a hospital. I really, really hated it. That combination of cleanliness, detergent and disinfectant; combined with the fluorescent lights and white walls, just reminded me of pain and misery. They were also my first memories: pain and misery, the hospital, the smell of the disinfectants, the lifeless color of the internal walls and all the clean people in their uniforms with their ultra-controlled voices.

There were little guys inside my head, yelling that they wanted to throw up, and that I should do it, too. I forced that feeling to background. I had visited a hospice a few times. For me those places were full of life, as there were colors, and different smells and voices. But here, all of this cleanliness and lack of colors tried to get my stomach turned inside out. I forced myself to the information desk. I had to. My fiancée was somewhere in here.

The terrifying call had come only a few minutes after Lilith had called me, and told me that she had something very important to tell me. During that call she had sounded both exited and scared, but she refused to tell me more on the phone. I had still been at work, preparing to leave, when I received the next call from a police officer. He informed me that there had been an accident and a car had been accidentally pushed off the road. He had called me, since I was the last person Lilith had called - and because I had been listed as an ICE contact in her phone. I only remembered the name of the hospital when I rushed out. At the parking lot I noticed that I had forgotten my personal keys - both car and home - inside my desk. Instead of running back I picked up a taxi which had just dropped a passenger at the front door.

After fifteen minutes of asking, arguing and finally begging, I was still standing at the info desk. In the beginning it had gone very well when I explained that I had been informed by the police that my fiancée had been in an accident and had been brought to this hospital. Since we were not married I had not been listed as an official 'next of a kin' to her nowhere else than in her mobile phone, but as that had been enough for the police I hoped that it would be enough here, too. I managed to convince the female receptionist to allow me to visit the ICU where she had been transferred from the emergency room. That was almost enough. Almost.

When she was about to give me the information and I was ready to go to see Lilith, we were stopped by a pudgy, pompous-looking guy.

"Ms. Weller, do I hear it correctly that you are willing to release some confidential information about our patient?"

"Mr. Sneed, she is his fiancée."

Only then did the guy make his first effort to look at me. I guess he didn't like what he saw. Ok, I guess that I was taller and better-looking than him, but that should not have been a good enough reason for him to get pissed off. Those little guys inside my head suggested I give up and wait but I continued staring at him. He took a step backwards and turned back to the receptionist.

"Is he being listed as a next of kin in our system, Ms. Weller?"

"No, but..."

I was about to lose my temper but forced myself to interfere in a civilized way.

"Excuse me, but how could she, as she never been in this hospital before as far as I know?"

That guy just sneered when he spoke to both of us.

"If there is no official record in our system, then there is no way that he could get permission to see anyone at the ICU. Either you go home or wait there until we get some official information. I'll personally make sure that no rules are broken. Now, could you please leave so that other people can access the desk."

Hell, there were no other people, no queue - but I had already noticed that he had made eye contact with the two guards, who looked like two brick walls who would like to kick some butt just for fun. That was not my idea of having some fun, and from outside the hospital I would have no possibility to visit Lilith. So, I decided to make a tactical retreat and took a seat at the far end of the lobby – and for once I agreed with the voices inside my head – at least a bit.

Once sitting there I closed my eyes and started thinking. If Lil had been transferred from ER to ICU it meant that she was still alive, correct? When I kept my eyes closed and my head buried in my hands her image kept coming into my mind.

Lilith - or Lil as I called her was a mysterious girl - or young woman. Only now I realized that I didn't even know how old she actually was; I only knew that her birthday was at the end of July. I had always assumed that her age was close to my own twenty-six years. She looked so young but simultaneously also ageless. For a moment I was worried that something had happened to her perfect skin and her long, raven-dark but still silky hair - but then I realized that it would not really matter to me as long as she would get healthy, again. During the half a year we had known each other I had learned to love Lil more deeply than I had ever considered possible.

Then there was the matter of sex. Even if I had not loved Lil, the sex we had together would probably have been enough reason for me to get engaged and married. Maybe I'm a shallow person but that is how it was. Since we started dating it had taken me a month of seductive work to get her into my bed, even though I could tell that she had been quite aroused herself. I didn't mind the work since somehow I was sure that it would be worth the effort - and oh boy, it was. She had been so fascinated about my hard cock that it was almost funny. She had had no hymen, but in a way I got a feeling that everything that happened was new to her. She had hinted me that she had had some relationships with other women, and she had giggled almost uncontrollably when she noticed the effect of her confession. I know, I was being a horny pervert. Those little guys inside my head nodded at that.

Her image started fading in my mind, as the smell of the hospital came strongly to my nose. I couldn't help but shiver, and my stomach felt uneasy.

I almost felt the same pains in my limbs again, that were present in my oldest memories and nightmares. It was always the same. I could move neither my hands nor legs, because they all had been broken in multiple places. All the other places hurt, too; but it was not the same as the hurt in my arms and legs. I needed my arms and legs because I had to get away, but I just could not move, as it hurt too much. All I could do was to lay there and feel the pain. The pain. My face twisted just because of thinking of that pain.

"Do you really want to see her?"

Even if I immediately flunked out from my dark thoughts, I didn't know what to think about the old man sitting next to me. He was wearing a coverall similar to the other workers at the hospital, but what caught my attention was his eyes. He was a bit unkempt, with unruly hair and rough features; but his eyes looked fierce, almost feverish despite their bluish-gray color.

"Do you really, really want to see your fiancée?"

It seemed that I was a bit too slow in answering, since it seemed that he was about to lose his patience. For a fraction of a second I wondered how he would be able to know who I wanted to see, and why I was sitting there; but I came to a conclusion that he could have been sitting there while I was talking to the receptionist, and I wouldn't have noticed him.

"Yes, yes I do."

My voice was hoarse when I replied to him. I could see something flash in his eyes and I suddenly had a feeling that I had taken a first step towards the unknown. Somehow, my life would never be the same again. The guys inside my head were sure that I had just gone nuts.

I had no more time to think, because as soon as I had answered, he was standing there next to me, and looking nervously around.

"Come! You need to follow me. Quickly, before anyone notices."

For an old guy, he moved fast. He led me to a door behind the seats where we had been sitting. Strangely enough, nobody there seemed to pay any attention to us. I had not paid any attention to that door behind the seats when I sat down there a moment ago, either. On the other hand, I had been in such a state of mind that I probably wouldn't have noticed dancing pink elephants.

He opened the door and I followed him into a dimly lightened corridor. We stopped next to an industrial elevator that had seen some better days.

Suddenly he turned around and faced me. Once again I got a feeling that his eyes were flashing.

"Do you have some silver?"

I must have looked totally dumbfounded.

"Do you have some silver coins? Did you think that this route is free?"

For a moment I almost agreed with those little guys in regards to my own sanity when I decided to follow this crazy man, but the urge to see Lil was so strong that I forced the little guys who made those suggestions to the background. I was about to search my pockets when I stopped and started thinking: coin, silver. I looked at the man standing in front of me and between me and the elevator door. He might be nuts, but if he could help me to see Lil I would certainly pay him for that, and with a silver coin, too.

For years I had been carrying a coin in my wallet that was supposed to be something that were assigned to me from my biological parents. Something my father had been carrying with them the night they died. For some reason my foster parents had taken it and given it to me years ago. Since then I'd been carrying that 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar in my wallet. It was a no-brainer to me, as seeing Lil would be worth it.

I took my wallet and opened the pocket containing that coin. Looking used, it had little real monetary value; but still, I had a feeling that I was now giving out something much more than a scuffed silver coin. When I put the coin in his calloused hand, it was like something living had transferred from me to him with that simple coin. As soon as his hand closed over it, a real smile came to his face. He opened the elevator door, and we stepped in. I noticed that the elevator had only two buttons, up and down. Those little guys laughed that I would have been able to find my way all by myself. I told them to shut up, but could not help wondering if it was true.

The odd old man looked at me and started nodding like he had been reading my thoughts. Maybe I just was that transparent.

"You know, son, this hospital was built on the top of an old mine."

I was not at all sure if I wanted to be addressed as 'son' by him, but I decided to let that slide.

"No, I had no idea."

He just smiled and kept on nodding.

"Yes, they had an idea that that part of the old mine could be used as a service gallery between the different wings."

I looked around inside the elevator which seemed years or even decades old.

"I guess that it didn't really happen."


All of a sudden he grinned and let out a small laugh and remained silent after that and just looked at me. Without warning the lights of the elevator flickered a few times. After a bit, they stabilized but they didn't burn as brightly as they had, before. I started to wonder how deep we actually were, when the elevator car stopped without any warning. My companion opened the door, and stepped out in front of me. I couldn't help feeling that he had grown during the elevator trip. I shrugged my shoulders, and decided that the dim lightning was playing tricks with my senses.

My guide had picked up a long staff that had been positioned next to the elevator door, and without a words started his march along the gallery. I had to pick up my pace in order to follow him. That old man really was a strange one. Just like the trip down had been unbelievably long I also started wondering the length of this walk. The gallery was not straight but there were no sharp turns either. Nor were there any openings on the sides, which felt a bit odd if this really was a part of an old mine. On the other hand everything down here felt old, almost ancient.

But all those oddities, the little guys inside my head were pointing out, were only minor distractions; since my thoughts kept on getting back to one single thing - or person - Lilith. My little Lil. I could not help thinking how badly she was hurt, and if she would ever be okay, again. Inside my head I had already made my decision that I would be there by her side while she was healing. Then those small voices started pointing out that if she was hurriedly carried to ICU there might a possibility that she would never heal - or that she might be dead. I decided not to listen to those damned voices.

I forced an image of smiling Lil into my head. The same little voices started talking to me that wasn't it odd, that even if we had known each other for six months and been engaged for three months, she had never said anything about her family or relatives? On the other hand, all that I had said was that my parents had died in an accident when I was a small kid, and I had been raised by older foster parents who also had passed away. I concentrated on the image of a smiling Lil, and to some stupid thing she had found hilarious during our dating. Like she had never experienced them before? I had been sure that we would reveal our histories to each other at some point. Being a bit withdrawn myself, it had not been a big deal with me.

I was so deeply into my thoughts, that I almost ran into my guide when he stopped in front of me without any warning. I surmised that he had a very good reason for stopping.

He allowed me to take a good look at the small stream that ran in a deep trench with steep banks. The stream came from the darkness and it ran crosswise to the old gallery and disappeared into darkness the other way. As did the gallery, it looked like it had always been there.

After looking at the scene below I turned to look at my guide. It seemed that he had been waiting for just that.

"It looks like while building the new wing to the hospital, they also opened new ways to some underground streams. Once this one occurred, this path became almost useless, and it was forgotten."

In a way, his story made perfect sense to me; but the little guys at the back of my brain were yelling to me that all this could not have happened during the last ten years. As usual, I ignored them – this time by rationalizing that my experience with underground formations was non-existent.

"Just how are we supposed to pass that? I mean, is it very deep? Not that I'd be afraid of getting wet."

"Oh, I have no intention in getting wet, myself. Of course if you want to swim..."

Only then I noticed a small float that was tied to a pole on this side of the stream. Suddenly his staff made much more sense to me. Just before I started looking my way down to the float he stopped me by putting his hand over mine. I turned to look at those disturbing eyes.

"Ryan, are you sure you want to go this way? Do you really want to meet your fiancée?"

I was starting to get irritated by all the interruptions and the time this trip was taking.

"Of course I want see her. Hell, I love her so much that living without knowing about her is pure torture."

"So be it – besides, the crossing has already been paid for."

I had not time to wonder at his wording as we struggled our way down to the float. It took only a few powerful pushes from him to get us to the other side. From there, it was only a short walk to an elevator identical to the one we had used before. I almost absentmindedly noted that now there was something odd with the lights, since it almost felt like the light they were giving out was gray. Then there was the smell of a wet dog coming from somewhere. Maybe it was something in his clothes; but then, why hadn't I noticed it during the first elevator trip? Not only that, it almost seemed like the light would be absorbing colors instead of making them visible. I ignored the voices of those yelling little guys, since I was getting anxious to see Lil, again.

On this side the elevator door opened directly to a long but empty hallway. The colors were the ones of the hospital and there were several rooms with doors closed on both sides of the hallway. Through the tinted glasses I could see that there were lights in the rooms but there was no way of telling what was inside the room. I turned to look at my guide and he seemed to understand my question before I was able to formulate it.

"Third room on the left. From now on you are on your own."

"Thank you. Thank you very much!"

I was about to day something more, and shake his hand, but he took a few steps backward and shook his head, smiling.

"No, I just did my job. After all, you paid a valid price for this trip. It does not happen very often any more. Remember, she also loves you very much."

Then he was gone, with his staff. The hair on my neck rose as I saw him vanish. I decided that I had been waiting long enough and rushed to the third door on the left. I carefully opened it not knowing what to expect.

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