Dangerous Hobby
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Reluctant, Blackmail, DomSub, Spanking, Light Bond, Humiliation,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Elizabeth is a rich demure student who accidentally engages in a strange hobby, which could threaten her solved, already planned existence.

"Come on Elizabeth; it is Friday, let's go to the mall, we need to buy something to wear at Mark's party; it is going to be huge, you know his house."

Elizabeth knew his house indeed; his mansion was just across the street of her equally luxurious home. She hesitated for a moment, maybe she should go with the girls and forget about her new, stupid pastime, but she knew that if she missed it she would regret it all week long; after all it happened only on Friday's afternoons.

"You know I like to start my homework on Fridays so I can keep my good grades"

"What a wasteful way to spend your High school senior year," said Melissa exasperated. "You don't need your grades to be so great, your parents could pay your tuition anywhere"

"But I need", Elizabeth started talking, but Melissa interrupted her.

"I need to be admitted at Princeton" said Melissa imitating Elizabeth's posh voice tone.

"Well, it is your call, hope you don't repent someday"

She blushed slightly but managed to hide the impact of that phrase on herself, and maybe in a self defense mechanism she replied.

"Hope you don't repent either"

She immediately regretted her words. Melissa and Laura were her best friends, they had been classmates since elementary, but they weren't as rich, or as beautiful as Elizabeth.

Elizabeth didn't really want to be judgmental, but she sometimes thought that her friends should be trying very hard to get the scholarships that they needed, but they seemed to be at ease with the idea of studying in community colleges,

She felt that her outstanding wealth, her dedication to the school, and her demure behavior, somewhat alienated her from her classmates, even from her closest friends.

"Sorry, it was a joke, I call you tomorrow", she said, but in spite of Melissa' s smile, she could sense that her friend was hurt, after all they had talked the subject several times.

She then excited the school building almost running. Then she saw her, walking just a few meters ahead of her. She was Paola Hernandez, a senior as herself, and she was also an attractive girl, but that was probably where the similarities ended. Their origin was pretty different, while Elizabeth was the only daughter of a very successful white couple, Paola was or Mexican heritage, the second daughter of a blue collar worker that she barely knew; she was always tight on money. And while Elizabeth had always shined at school, Paola barely passed grades, always lagging behind. Their style was also a big contrast Elizabeth was a slender blonde that emanated elegance and class, specially when she dressed up, but even now wearing jeans and snickers she managed to look wealthy and stylish, while Paola had a curvaceous hourglass figure that the cheap yellow cotton dress that clung to her body didn't conceal at all. Her dark straight hair went to the middle of her back, and while Elizabeth's walk, and style showed her high education, Paola's exuded some kind of wild sexiness.

Elizabeth followed Paola from afar. She had discovered Paola's secret just three of weeks ago. Elizabeth started remembering her casual encounter with Paola.

Elizabeth's parents were expending a couple of months at Europe, and Elizabeth being so ecological conscious as she was, decided to walk to school at least couple of days a week instead of using her red mustang. That Friday she tried to find a shortcut to her home and she walked out of her usual route; soon she found herself walking thru a rundown strip mall, trying to figure her way home when she saw Paola walking ahead of her, still carrying her ragged blue backpack.

She was deciding if she should approach her to ask for directions. She had seen Paola in school many times, as a matter of fact they took History together, but she hadn't cross a word with her, their social circles simply didn't collide at all, and they hadn't been yet forced to work in a project together. Elizabeth was still undecided, she was not classist, but it was so uncommon in her little society to trespass social barriers, that in spite of her rational beliefs in equality, and she considered herself a leftist, in real life she felt pretty uncomfortably talking to 'them'. Then her thoughts were interrupted as she saw a man approaching Paola. The man looked middle class or probably a bit better and was probably in his forties, he even showed some gray in his hair.

To Elizabeth's surprise, after a little talk the man held Paola's hand and both walked away. Elizabeth couldn't avoid to follow her classmate. She was so curious, "Was he her boyfriend?" she thought feasting on the juicy gossip, "gross, he is too old".

They turned to the back of the strip mall, There was an aisle with a vending machine, and several doors. He saw the man putting some bills in the vending machine, and it delivered a keycard. He used it to enter one of the doors.

Elizabeth was mesmerized, was her classmate going to fuck with her old boyfriend in these hourly rate rooms. She was too curious to backup. She approached the room door, but was too afraid to be discovered peeping. So she put some bills in the vending machine, selected one hour, and the room next to the one her classmate occupied and it blurted another keycard.

With trembling hands she entered the room. It was so forbidden to be there in that cheap room made for sex. The place was scarcely furnished; it had a nice queen size bed, and a bed side table. There was little doubt of what these rooms where for. There was a big circular mirror in the ceiling, and the back wall was fully covered by another mirror. The back wall had also a door covered with a mirror, It didn't have a handle which made it even more discrete. It was designed to permit the access of the cleaning lady from inside the building, so there was no way that they could collide with the customers in the aisle or something. It was reasonable clean but the idea of people having sex there, made Elizabeth feel both repulsed and excited. She had never done anything so kinky, so forbidden. She approached her ear to the wall. It was a cheap one, so she could hear the muted voices of her neighbors.

"Lily", said the man which surprised Elizabeth, "Is it her second name or what", she thought.

"It would be the usual fare?"

"Yes sir $250 for your full fantasy", said Paola sexily.

"Did you bring the school uniform and the wood ruler?"

"of course sir. I bought the uniform used, it is authentic and belonged to a junior high girl, it would look very tight on me as you like it"

"Ok, let's start then"

There were silence for a few minutes, Elizabeth supposed Paola was changing clothes, but then she heard.

"So little Lilly you failed to deliver your homework again. What do you think you deserve for this failure"

"A reprimand?" Said Paola in a high girly sexy voice.

"I think more than a reprimand is in order, it is the second time this week. You have one more chance to tell me, What do you deserve?"

Elizabeth heard an unintelligible whisper.

"What?" said the man. "I can hear you"

"A spanking", said Paola in a shy girl voice.

"Yes a spanking is in order, come to my lap"

Then Elizabeth started hearing clapping sounds. Elizabeth took her hand to her mouth, the whole situation was amusing at first, this was certainly a grade 'A' gossip; her classmate was receiving a spanking for money! But after a while, the high pitched whines of Paola and the constant clapping was getting to Elizabeth, and she was starting to feel oddly aroused.

"Let's give you the last few ones directly over your panties" said the man, and then added with feigned surprise, "What! You aren't wearing any panties! You deserve a much harsher punishment, bring me my ruler"

Elizabeth could clearly hear thru the wall the barefoot steps of her classmate clapping against the floor, and then after a few seconds she heard a completely different clapping. He was spanking her with the ruler! Over her naked behind! It must had been painful because soon the whines of Paola were accompanied by very sincere sobs and pleads to stop. By then Elizabeth had pulled down her pants, and panties and was shamelessly rubbing her pussy, aroused by the odd situation.

"Principal please!", said Paola in the next room, "I'll suck your cock, I'll let you fuck my ass, but stop, I would dress decently next time", the phrases said in a high pitch and in between deep sobs sounded completely realistic.

"Ok Lilly, suck my cock and all is forgotten, but do it right or I punish you once more"

Elizabeth was surprised that she could hear Paola's slurping sounds across the wall, finally she heard the man grunting, and Paola's feigned sexual ecstasy.

"Leave the cum on your face, and return to your classroom," said the man, and a few minutes later Elizabeth could hear a door open and close. Elizabeth fingered herself to orgasm imagining her classmate, with her face full of come, after prostituting herself in the most degrading way. That day she waited until she heard Paola leaving before abandoning her own room. She didn't want to encounter her in the aisle or something.

Back to the present Elizabeth followed Paola trying to be as sneaky as she could. She was doing it for the fourth time. She didn't gossiped what she knew about Paola's activities. She convinced herself that it was because she was merciful, but deep down she knew it was because she was ashamed of her own behavior, and most of all because keeping it to herself it was more probable that she could attend another Paola's performance. And so she did, all in all she had sneaked into the neighbor room a couple of times after that first encounter, and had seen Paola going with different men each time.

The second time was pretty similar to the first, Paola was now a Greek slave instead of a school girl, but she ended up whipped and being fucked in the ass by her salacious master. Apparently Paola wasn't wearing anything but a leather collar and ankle and wrists cuffs. Elizabeth was so excited picturing her classmate on that sexy demeaning outfit, that she disrobed completely in the room next door and masturbated with content while hitting her own tights with a wooden ruler.

The third time, Elizabeth came prepared to get the most from the experience, she was carrying in her backpack a used schoolgirl outfit, a very short Greek style tunic, a leather kit of ankle and wrist cuffs. They were not "real" bondage gear, no she would never approach an adult store in a million years, after some research she bought these cuffs from a gym store, they were intended to be used to exercise legs and arms using weigh sack and cable gym devices. She also had brought one of her dog's old collars.

This time however it was a little different.

"Hi Lily", said the man. He was a gentleman in his early 50's who looked higher class than Lilly's usual clientele.

"Is Miss Sanchez to you fag" Said Paola in a very authoritative voice, but sounding more uneducated than her real voice, somehow more gang-like.

"Of course Miss Sanchez"

"Give me your wallet puto"

"Ok. $350 will do for now, better bring more money the next time you useless fag, now take off those fancy clothes, animals don't deserve clothes"

"Yes ma'am" said the man, in an afraid but excited voice.

"Lick my boots clean"

"Is that clean you stupid boy?" said Paola punctuating her question with a leash on the man's body.

Elizabeth was entirely surprised by Paola's change of attitude. She was entirely another person. Commanding, instead of submissive, and she was putting that successful man thru his paces. Elizabeth was a little disappointed but she didn't want to leave before Paola and risk being discovered.

"Now put this collar and leash. I'd like to walk my dog"

"Stupid dog you must walk ahead of me, not behind!" she said, and a rain of swats could be heard. They were a lot stronger than the spanks that Paola received the previous occasions.

Elizabeth started to immerse in a fantasy. She imagined herself a young successful executive paying an ignorant, mediocre teenage girl to humiliate her like Paola was humiliating the man next door. She took off all of her clothes and put the leather dog collar on her slender neck, and crawled on all fours around the room while listening the hot scene developing next door. Paola was ordering the man to suck her tits and lick her pussy while she was constantly whipping his body and insulting him with degrading names, she finally ordered him to masturbate and spray his seed all over his own clothes. By then Elizabeth was laying on her back on the disgusting floor masturbating with content using a deodorant bottle as a dildo to an earthshattering orgasm.

After following Paola quite a few times she realized that she only have customers on Friday's afternoons. That is why Elizabeth didn't want to lose her weekly entertainment, so she had followed Paola to the strip mall once again. She was getting hornier just trying to anticipate what fantasy Paola was going to enact. She was now watching from a convenience store just across the street of the back of the strip mall. She would have to follow her quickly to see what room Paola would enter, so she could get the one next door.

This time she came even more prepared, she had bought several padlocks, and a new pink dog collar that she had bought specially for herself. It even had a bone shaped metal tag that said "Princess", it made her shiver. That was the nickname that some of her father's employees used to affectively call her; now when the chauffer or the maid called her "princess " it would send shivers down her spine picturing them seeing her wearing this demeaning dog collar.

Just then she saw Paola circling around the strip mall and entering the secluded aisle of the fuck-rooms as Elizabeth now call them. She practically ran across the street and cached a glimpse of the door of cubicle #1 closing. The screen showed that it was rented for 2 hours. She quickly rented the cubicle #2 for the same amount of time and entered it. She considered that the most dangerous part of her game was entering, and exiting, she didn't really know who else used these rooms, and the thought of running into somebody she knew was unthinkable, it would pretty humiliating to be found there, and even more to be found alone, she would be seen not as a horny teenager looking for a safe place to have sex, but as a little pervert. Just that thought sent shivers of shame and arousal down her spine. Still she knew the chances were pretty slim, the whole business seemed designed to keep the traffic to the common aisle as low as possible so people didn't run into each other.

Once in the cubicle she felt pretty safe, and her horniness took over any other emotions that she could be feeling. She tried to hear what was happening in the other room, but this time they were quiet. She thought with disappointment that maybe this time the client was longing just for plain sex with no role play at all. She decided to obtain the excitement on her own role play, hopping that at some point Paola and her client start enacting some hot fantasy.

She took off her expensive tennis shoes, peeled of her designer jeans and carefully folded them and laid them over the bed; then she took off her white blouse, and put it over her jeans. She was supposed to look casual in jeans and a simple blouse, but the silken blouse shouted money from a mile afar. She was undecided about her underwear, she was wearing her sexiest set; it was white lace and satin, the bra was a push up that enhanced her 32-B breast and made her look a little bit bigger, and the panties were a very sexy bikini that exposed just a couple of inches of her nice and firm buttocks. Finally she decided that naked would be more exciting, so her underwear quickly reunited the rest of her clothes over the bed.

Then her pulse started racing, she was very nervous and she didn't know if she should do this, but her horniness was clouding her mind. She put her dog collar, and the ankle and wrists cuffs. Then she put the keys of the padlocks over the bed table and used one padlock to join the d-rings of her ankle cuffs together. Now her breath was short and ragged, she was hornier than ever, and put the other padlock joining her wrist cuffs behind her back. She hesitated before closing the padlock.

"What if something go wrong?" she thought. But then reassured herself thinking that she had tested the padlocks keys a thousand times, and she had opened the padlock with her hands locked behind her at least 10 times. So she knew she could undo her bondage anytime she wanted. She finally closed the padlock, the metallic click sound magnified in her head a thousand times.

Her arousal skyrocketed. She fought against her bonds and realized that they won't give up; she must use the key to open them. She squirmed on the bed for awhile. She regretted not having something to stimulate her longing pussy. She tried to rub her legs together trying to build a climax, but it didn't help her enough. She felt deliciously frustrated. She planned to tease herself during Paola's session with her client, then she would release her hands and rub herself raw.

Then she heard in the room next door, "Thank you sir, see you around" said Paola's voice.

Then Elizabeth could hear the man walking to the door, "Aren't you coming Lilly?",

"No sir, I'll wait here for another 'friend' that is going to come in half an hour"

"Shit!" thought Elizabeth "what a show stopper. What should I do? Open my padlocks and rest, maybe dress again, or wait like I am until Paola's client comes"

She was undecided, but she didn't want to undo her bondage that she just was beginning to enjoy. So she decided to wait a few minutes before taking it off. Instead she resumed her useless fight against her bonds, she was even beginning to sweat.

Elizabeth closed her eyes trying to focus herself in a medieval fantasy, when she heard something that almost gave her a heart attack. She turned up to see and she saw the cubicle door opened! There must have been the worst moment of her entire life, standing smirking at the door portal was no other than Paola Hernandez!

After a couple of seconds of paralysis she turned around trying to get the padlock keys but Paola easily won the little race to get them.

Elizabeth looked up at Paola, her plate size eyes reflecting her fear at the situation.

"Please give me my keys" she barely whispered. Her nervousness, and overwhelming embarrassment didn't allow her to talk any louder. She felt her throat closed and even felt that the air was faltering her.

"My oh, my" said Paola who was amused by the whole situation, "who would have known that miss goody two shoes was such a pervert"

"Please" repeated Elizabeth.

"No, Elizabeth. Yesterday the manager of this place called me, and showed me some videos of the last few weeks. He was concerned that I was being repeatedly followed by some young blond girl, that always entered the cubicle next to mine, and always alone. So he was afraid that you could be some kind of journalist or even someone sent by the police. When I told him that I probably knew you, he gave me a master keycard so I can enter your cubicle and question you about your intentions."

Elizabeth mind was flooding with things and images. It was now clear that Paola this time entered the cubicle with the owner instead of a customer.

"He was just the lure to catch me, and what a way to catch me!" she thought desperate at her own stupidity of repeating her pattern for four times now. "What was I thinking?"

She was mute, overwhelmed by her shame.

"I was afraid that you were coming here to delate me, although I calmed myself thinking that you would have done it by now, and it was clear that nobody at school knew of my 'activities'. Of course now is very clear what kept you coming here"

Elizabeth was now in a fetal position evading eye contact with Paola. She was trying to avoid eye contact with Paola.

Paola continued, "You Invaded my privacy, you pervert!"

She said in a very angry tone.

"I am sorry" said Elizabeth holding her tears.

"I am sorry" Paola mocked her posh girl accent.

Paola didn't know what to expect about this meeting, some part of her expected to find Elizabeth operating some kind of voice recorder trying to capture what was going on in the next room, and another part of her expected to find a curious girl trying to add some excitement to her boring rich girl life, but she didn't expect anything as juicy as this. This could be a lucky stroke. She needed to think, she hadn't decided how to capitalize the situation, but she realized that she needed to keep Elizabeth out of balance.

"You know, I have to do this to live, to help my sister with the rent, and pay my books, and other expenses. I receive many offers of work, but I only do it once a week because that is what I need. But you, with your entire life solved come here simply because you are a pervert"

Paola saw Elizabeth blushing, but in spite of the risk threatening the rich's girl way of life, Paola saw her classmate rubbing her tights together, probably aroused by the humiliating situation.

"My, oh my" thought Paola, "the stupid girl is not only a submissive but she gets off on humiliation, what a jackpot"

"Ok, Elizabeth, I don't want to destroy you, I am certainly very angry, and my first thought was leaving you as you are, maybe giving an anonymous hint to our classmates so they could find you here, and discover by themselves what a pervert you are. I could do even worse, calling the press, they would have a field day with you, and I imagine it won't help your father political career at all".

Elizabeth was about to burst into tears, but Paola calmed her down.

"Don't worry girl; as I said, I don't want to ruin your life, but that doesn't mean that I am not angry, you had no right to spy on me, and you deserve a punishment, and I deserve to be properly compensated for the way you sexually used me, and for your invasion to my privacy and the enormous distress that you caused me as I was told that someone was probably spying me. If you are you willing to take your punishment, and also to compensate me in a fair way, I will make sure that this big mistake of yours have no disastrous consequences"

"What do you say Elizabeth, are you willing to apologize, and accept your punishment, and of course to properly compensate me?"

Elizabeth nodded. She felt relieved. Her situation was still too shameful, too bad, but it was nothing compared to what she thought it would be a few minutes ago. She was relaxing enough now that her pussy was beginning to stir again from the humiliation.

"That isn't clear enough. Stand up Elizabeth"

"Untie me please"

"Not yet girl, first you have to apologize. So stand up"

Elizabeth blushed bright red, but twisted and turned on the bed and managed to stand up by the bedside.

"Come to the front where I can see you"

The padlock and the D-rings in her ankle cuffs just allow her ankles to be separated for around 4 inches, so she painfully walked to the front doing micro steps.

"You are fine there, now look at me"

Elizabeth looked at her classmate. This time Paola was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, off course they looked none like the expensive ones that Elizabeth was wearing a few minutes ago, but still she looked demurer than anytime Elizabeth could remember. She felt very embarrassed being naked and tied in front of her classmate; she couldn't even use her hands to cover her tits or her shamefully dripping pussy; She hoped Paola didn't notice that. She felt so small, so slutty, so inferior to her well dressed, respectable classmate. Elizabeth's mind seemed to completely forget that Paola was prostituting herself a few days ago; instead she felt so embarrassed of her own sexual behavior that she could not avoid to look at the floor, overwhelmed by the shame.

Paola was now completely calmed; the strong fear and apprehension that she had felt from the day before, and until just a few minutes ago had completely flown away, replaced with a wave of power. She looked amused how Elizabeth was squirming under her gaze, and evading to meet her eyes. Normally people like Elizabeth were the ones with power to ruin the lives of people like her, but now it was the other way around. She walked towards Elizabeth and saw her tremble with maybe fear, maybe excitement, maybe both.

"Let me see your tag so I can call you properly"

"Umm Princess ... that is very appropriate" Elizabeth shivered with shame, and her blush returned with extra strength. She felt very uncomfortable with Paola standing so close to her, invading her personal space while she was naked and with her hands tied behind her back. Paola was maybe a couple of inches taller than Elizabeth, but now she looked much taller wearing high heels while Elizabeth was barefoot. Paola enjoyed looking down at her rich classmate.

Paola walked back a little and said to Elizabeth.

"Ok, princess, I want to hear your apologies"

"I am sorry", she said in a whisper and looking at the floor.

"No, that didn't sound authentic enough. Why don't you tell me why are you apologizing"

"for spying you"

"You were more like peeping on me"

Elizabeth nodded softly.

"And why were you spying on me?"

"I was curious"

"I take that for the first time, but the other three?"

Elizabeth felt completely ashamed.

"I don't know" she said.

"You don't know what to say, but you know very well why you did it. Tell me the truth. I already know, but I need to hear it from you"

"Be ... because ... because it aroused me" She never stammered in her life, but this was just too much.

"And why did it arouse you? Are you some kind of voyeur or something?"

"I don't know"

Paola turned as if she was going to leave. "If you don't want to be sincere with me, so you can apologize properly, I don't see the object of continuing this talk"

"No wait! I'll tell you"

Paola turned around again.

"I ... I imagined ... you know ... myself ... in your place ... being spanked ... and ... fucked ... and humiliated" she said the last phrase almost as a whisper.

"And when I dominated that rich gentleman. Did you imagine yourself dominating him?"

"No" she said sincerely her eyes cast at the floor.


Elizabeth took a big breath and then said, "I imagined you dominating me"

She had never been more ashamed in her entire life, but her pussy was practically dripping.

"That's gross" said Paola laughing, but in spite of that her own pussy was dripping wet with the idea of dominating that rich girl.

She took a pen and a piece of paper from her backpack, wrote some lines of text, and held the paper in front of Elizabeth so she could read it.

"Memorize it"

After a few minutes she retired the paper from her eyes, and pulled her cell phone and pointed the camera to start filming.

"No Paola, please no photos, we didn't talk about that"

"It is a little reassurance so tomorrow you don't twist our little story and tell your own version to somebody else. I know that everybody else would believe you instead of me. Don't worry, you will tell my name, so I won't be releasing this tape unless everybody knows about my activities."

"Ok" she said defeated, after all she didn't have much choice.

"I am Elizabeth Pa ... Parker ... and I am a pervert who gets off on being spanked and fucked and humiliated by men and women", Elizabeth shivered, "I am too coward to enact my kinky fantasies with a partner, but I expend my Friday afternoons in a hourly rate motel room, naked and tied by myself trying to listen to the prostitutes in the contiguous rooms having sex while I imagine it is me being roughly fucked instead of them. I recently ... recently spied on my classmate Paola having sex with her man here, and I want to apologize to her for being such a pervert Psycho"

Elizabeth was bright red, it made the impression that her encounter with Paola was casual, and it only happened because she had frequented this sex motel for a long time. And it didn't say that Paola was a prostitute but instead she was having sex with "her man".

Elizabeth shivered as Paola made a close up of her pussy by approaching the smartphone just inches away of it.

"And how is your pussy now pervert?"

"very wet" she whispered knowing that the camera had captured the images of the little drops running down her upper tights.

"Very good princess that was really sincere" she smiled and turned off her phone.

Elizabeth breathed relieved, but she was hornier than ever.

"Well now there is the point of your punishment. I think you have earned yourself a good on the knee spanking, so you learn to behave like a respectable girl, and not like a pervert little slut"

Paola went to sit on the bed, and motioned Elizabeth to lay across her knees.

Elizabeth's eyes were as wide as plates, this was just too much, but she didn't really have much choice, she was still naked and cuffed, and now Paola had that hideous video of her. She did as instructed and Paola started spanking her, at first it was very tame, as if she was just warming up Elizabeth's ass, but then she started hitting with full strength. Elizabeth tried to remain quiet to save the little dignity that remained, but as the hits accumulated she started sobbing and then begging. She was simply not used to feel pain, or any discomfort whatsoever, her ass was quickly reddening, but her pussy was on fire too. After just a few minutes Paola suddenly stopped the spanking.

"Stand up princess"

Quivering with deep sobs Elizabeth stood up with the help of Paola. Paola produced a paper tissue and cleaned Elizabeth's nose, and chest that was stained with her snot. She even dried her tears.

"Very good princess, now we only have pending my compensation. At the very least you own me $1000 because you had been using my 'services' for free, and that is not fair, and maybe another 1000 for the creepiness of your actions and the distress that you caused me"

Elizabeth was stunned $2000 was just too much money, she was rich but she didn't really have much access to cash.

"I don't have that kind of money"

"Aren't you rich", said Paola annoyed and somewhat disappointed.

"Yes ... well my parents are, I don't receive cash, but I have a debit card, I can spend more less freely, but they didn't replenish any expenses that they did not approve. I can buy you clothes and things, maybe $300 to $500 each month if my parents don't stop me first"

Paola felt anger, she didn't want her petty cash, she wanted enough so she could get rid of the dominating clients at least for awhile.

"Well, it is a petty that you can't pay me; then all your punishment and apologize were in vain"

"No Paola, please. I'll do anything!"

Paola saw weakness and went for the killing.

"Ok, you will come here 8 Fridays starting today and I will give you to the dominant customers, and that is how you are going to pay me. If the customer is a submissive, I will dominate both of you"

"I can't ... I can't do that please ... I am not a whore"

"No you are not a whore, you are a lot worse, a whore does it for the money, maybe pushed by the need, but you are a pervert slut that really gets off on those things"

Elizabeth felt her pussy twitch, and she lowered her eyes.

"but they are so many times, I could do it 2 times maybe" she said not believing her own words.

"Tell you what, you have two options. First you come here 8 times, or if you prefer, you come here just 4 times, but you give me your debit card for two months; during that time I pay for your most basic expenses and use the rest of your allowance for myself. Of course you have to show me your bank statements to see what stores, places and amounts you usually expend so your parents don't get suspicious"

Elizabeth pondered the options, she didn't like any. She had to prostitute herself for two months (8 times), or just for a month, and being penniless during that month and the next. She felt so uncomfortable having to ask Paola for money, after all she was used to the complete freedom of buying practically anything that she wanted. Losing that freedom, and over Paola was so demeaning, but it was more demeaning to whore herself, wasn't it?

"Well I'll take the second one"

"Good choice!" The first was better for Paola because it solved her money problems for two months, but she was thrilled by the second one, and the idea of being able to expend money as if she was a rich girl was exhilarating.

"May I go now?"

"No princess. You have your first customer in 15 minutes" she said checking her watch.

"No, Paola ... I really need to go"

"Just a couple minutes ago you promised to serve 4 customers, and you are already backing down?"

Elizabeth knew she didn't have any leverage to negotiate.

"No ... it is just that ... I am tired ... and I am not ready yet ... you know ... mentally ... I have to prepare myself."

"Non-sense" said Paola, "This is like learning to swim, the sooner you are on the water, the better, otherwise you start to build fear"

"I don't know ... I need to think"

By then Paola was already opening the padlock joining Elizabeth's ankle cuffs, which gave her some relief that this could end soon.

"Well princess. I got a go now to the other room, my client is going to arrive anytime now" as she was saying that she was putting Elizabeth's clothes inside her backpack, and then grabbing both backpacks she approached the door while Elizabeth nervously looked at her. She was still naked, and her hands were still cuffed behind her back, the keys still inside Paola's backpack.

"Ok, princess, I'll let you alone, so you can think and decide. If you decide to go ahead with our little arrangement, all you have to do is walk next door and bang on the door, I bet your little pussy would love it. Otherwise I will do the client myself, and you may want to think about a plausible explanation of why you are bond naked in a hourly rate room because I won't return to this room" with that she stormed out of the room carrying Elizabeth's and her own backpack.

Paola crossed her fingers. If Elizabeth decided to stay, things could be ugly for her and probably the place owner, still she was pretty confident that Elizabeth would follow her. She knew that the rich, demure girl enjoyed all this in a very sick way, and she also knew that her classmate was simply too afraid that her good girl fa├žade would shatter to pieces with unpredictable consequences, and she counted on her fear and horniness would further block her ability to think clearly.

Elizabeth was on the verge of a panic attack, the last thing that she wanted was to be found as she was in a place like that. Who knows what would happen. What if the next person raped her, or if the owner called the police, the scandal, her father, it was just too much.

She stood up and walked to the door. It had a peephole and she saw that the aisle was deserted. She opened the door with her hands on her back, then turned around and ran to the next door. She banged the door with her head feeling stupid as she did it. On the other side of the door Paola smiled happily. The power that she had now over that dumb rich girl was exhilarating. She waited a few seconds to savior the moment while she saw thru the peephole Elizabeth turning her head nervously looking around to assure that nobody was seeing her in such disgraceful state, and then banging again with her forehead. Finally she took petty of the poor creature, and opened the door.

Elizabeth felt relieved. She had felt as she had been in the aisle for hours, although it was probably less than a couple of minutes.

"I'll do it" she said. Her forehead was a bit red from all the knocking, almost the same tone as the red on her ass which was already fading to pink. She was surprised to see a schoolboy desk in the center of the room, and an old green blackboard hanging from one wall. Probably the place had some scenography items available for rent or something to enhance the fantasies.

"That is the spirit princess" said Paola. "Your client today likes to play the role of a strict, somewhat depraved principal. You are going to have lots of fun. Hey you can even imagine that he is Mr. Donovan!"

Mr. Donovan was the principal of their high school. He was a short, balding man in his fifties, who was very strict, and kept the school academic level and discipline in top shape. But the man was also a bit creepy, several girls said that they had cached him staring at their legs or bosom. He had never said or did anything inappropriate, and probably his odd stares were more due a rare defect in his vision than his lust or anything, but for the students the creepy explanation was funnier.

Elizabeth cringed at the thought of Mr. Donavan seeing her like this. He had always respected her a lot, and had treated always with deference. After all she was not only a well behaved, very dedicated student, but her father was a very powerful man. Still she had also sensed some creepiness in the way that his sight stopped at her legs a few moments longer than comfortable.

Paola then arranged Elizabeth's blond hair in a pair of pigtails, and was still undecided if she should dress her pet in a school girl outfit, or leave her as she was now. Just then somebody knocked at the door. Paola exited the room. She needed to talk with the client. Clients didn't want surprises, even when the surprise was a pretty naked young thing as Elizabeth.

She saw Mr. Johnson looking apprehensive; nobody wanted to wait too much in the aisle because it raised the risk of being seen. Well, Mr. Johnson was not probably his real name, but it was the way he liked to be called during the role play sessions.

"Listen Mr. Johnson, I am a little indisposed right now, but I brought a friend, she is a very pretty, very classy blonde, who is really into your kind of role playing, and she is 19 just like me"

Mr. Johnson looked at her with apprehension. She lusted after the fresh meat, it would add a new excitement to the session, but he was always a little bit afraid of change.

"I don't know Lilly, I love your acting, and the stories you come up with"

Paola thought it for a moment, he was a great client, and Elizabeth most probably would be pretty paralyzed in this first time.

"I don't think I can have sex today, but let's compromise, maybe this is an opportunity to try something new. What about if both of us play the part of your students, and it would cost you only $100 more."

He smiled widely, the idea was very appealing, "Ok, I could punish you both for smoking in the bathroom, or copying in an exam, then have my way with both of you" he said day dreaming.

Paola panicked, she had enthused herself with the idea of sparing her Friday humiliation, and this wasn't going in that direction.

"No, no sir. That would cost you a lot more, I would be your accomplice in her domination. Probably the goody two shoes helping you punish the class rebel, or just the other way around"

The last image sold him completely. "OK, deal" he said with a big smile.

When he entered the room, he was surprised to find a very naked, very blushing, very pretty girl there.

"Hi sir" she said quietly, while Paola cheerfully disrobed to her underwear and put on her school girl outfit. Elizabeth was waiting nervously to be untied so she could also put her outfit, she was somewhat relieved at the thought that apparently Paola was going to stay, but at the same time it was going to be so shameful that her classmate witnessed how she prostituted herself for the first time; her only consolation was that Paola was going to share her faith. Paola then approached and whispered to Elizabeth's ear.

"This man wanted me to dominate you along with him"

Elizabeth blushed bright red, that was the worst nightmare she could imagine. Not only she would have to whore herself and accept the tortures, and degrading treatment of the client, but also from her classmate, a female classmate! It was almost too much, but her hard rock nipples, and the way she clinched her pussy showed that her body was pretty happy with the idea.

"Just play along girl" Paola whispered again.

She then turned to see Mr. Johnson, and whispered to him, "May we call you Mr. Donovan? It would be more exciting for my friend" Mr. Johnson could almost read Paola's mind, surely it was the name of a real principal, he felt his own excitement grow as he nodded his approval.

Paola then smiled broadly and walked towards Elizabeth, she then grabbed her collar and gently pulled her towards the man.

"Mr. Donovan, sorry to interrupt you, but I found Elizabeth naked and masturbating in the girls bathroom. I had to cuff her hands behind her back, it was the only way I could stop her"

Elizabeth blushed even more, the fantasy hitting her hard, she imagined it was a real situation. Then she realized that Paola was using her real name and flashed her an angry sight.

Mr. Johnson looked at the scene with delight. He saw with satisfaction the embarrassment, and the anger portrayed by Elizabeth. "What a great little actress" he thought.

"Elizabeth!" he said with feigned surprise, "I wouldn't have expected so lewd behavior from you. I always thought of you as very good student, a very good girl. Where are your clothes?"

"I ... in my backpack" she said shyly.

"See Mr. Donovan", said Paola, "and you never believed me when I said she copied me, and not the other way around"

"Still it is hard to believe Lilly. You had always been a trouble maker. How do I know you didn't trick her or something? Who took off your clothes Elizabeth?"

"I did" she whispered.

Paola laughed, "Tell Mr. Donovan why did you take off your clothes"

"I wanted to touch myself"

"You couldn't wait to the end of the classes. Could you?"

"No Lilly, I was too horny to wait"

"My oh, my, what a slut, I would have never imagined!" said Mr. Johnson.

Elizabeth shivered with shame and arousal, her mind quickly confusing reality with fantasy, but both were as degrading, and as arousing as they could be.

"And look Principal, she had also this cheat sheet in her backpack" said Paola in her high pitched voice.

It was a real cheat sheet, and it was really coming out of her backpack, She had made it, but just to study, she had never really cheated.

"No! I made that to study!" she said too fast, too sincerely. She didn't want anybody in her school to think that she cheated, not even Paola; she had never done it, although she had played with the idea once or twice.

"Would you believe that Sr. She is a tramp that takes off her clothes in the middle of the school day, and she carries all kinds of cheat sheets and stuff, and she said she is a good student"

"No Lilly, you are right. She probably doesn't have time to study with all the masturbation that she must need to keep that dripping pussy placate"

Elizabeth instinctively closed her legs.

"I think a punishment is in order, and she deserved the punishment I received last week for copying instead of me. It is only fair that I get to spank her."

"Yes, definitely, you are right, I will also exchange your grades in that history exam, so Elizabeth you are failed, and Lilly you have an A+"

"But you don't believe her, you know I had never copied, and she copies a lot" she replied, deeply immersed in the fantasy.

"I would have never believed her, but here you are naked and horny at school, and there was that cheat sheet. So I am convinced now that Lilly is the victim here"

"But Mr. Donovan" Elizabeth replied. It was as if accepting it would turn it real.

"She even stole several papers from me, so I couldn't deliver them on time while she got great grades"

"Well then I will exchange all your grades of this month. You will need to work very hard from now on Elizabeth or you are going to fail your senior year"

"It is not true sir, please don't do that"

"Enough chit chat" said Mr. Johnson, "Lilly, bring your, and your classmate rulers"

Paola complied blinking devilish at Elizabeth, "This is going to be great" she thought.

"Ok. Lilly, you are going to punish her for being a cheater, and I would punish her for being such a disgraceful slut in the school"

"No please. I am innocent, I didn't do anything, I wasn't touching myself yet, and I never copied" said Elizabeth who was very horny, but also afraid, because she now knew first hand what a painful spanks could Paola deliver, she could only imagine that with the ruler it would be much worse.

"Don't make this worse for you, young lady. Bend over your desk and lets start"

She complied shivering with fear, and then they started. At first they were alternating little swats, spacing them for several seconds, but soon they started to pick pace, and force, hitting on her buttocks and tights. Mr. Johnson seeing that Paola started hitting with full force begun to raise the strength of his own swats to match. He was in heaven, and Elizabeth in hell.

Elizabeth felt the pain beginning to overwhelm her, so she started to slowly rubbing her pussy against the edge of the desk, trying to cope with the pain by pleasuring herself. She could not understand how the rules never collided, as she often felt both hits at the same time, and almost on the same place.

"Maybe we should do this in an assembly the next time, so my classmates know what kind of slut is Elizabeth. Look at her shamelessly masturbating in front of you and me Mr. Donovan!"

Elizabeth felt even more ashamed, and her mind was more confused than ever, she stopped her rubbing; Her ass was on fire, and she started to sob, and beg like a little girl, and apologize much to Mr. Johnson delight.

"Please Mr. Donovan, I am sorry I deceived you, I am not a respectable girl, I am a pervert slut, and a cheater, but I promise I won't be such a slut anymore, I promise, please I won't take off my clothes in school anymore, and I won't cheat again, please stop, you may give Paola all my good grades of the year, but stop"

They continued stroking laughingly for maybe another five minutes until they finally stopped tired but satisfied, by then Elizabeth's ass and tights were crossed with lots of red strips left by the rulers, and she was shaking and sobbing uncontrollably.

Paola then unlocked Elizabeth's wrist cuffs' padlock and she immediately rubbed her ass, and used the palm of her hand to dry her tears. She had never been physically disciplined in her entire life, and now she had received two severe thrashings in the same afternoon. She rubbed her ass, and Paola gave her a cream which she promptly used to ease the pain.

"Well Lizy, now that we have all agree that you are a slut, and a fraud, you have to compensate us for the trouble that your devious ways have caused us"

"How?" she said, begging in her head that it wouldn't be another beating.

"Well Elizabeth, a worthless dumb student slut like you has only one thing to offer. Hint: it had nothing to do with your brain"

Elizabeth blushed, "Sex?"

"You have this answer right, don't need to doubt. Yes you have three basic things to offer, your mouth, your asshole, and your pussy"

She felt her pussy tingling again with the insults.

"Why we don't do it in tandem again Mr. Donovan" said Paola, "She can be on all fours, and you may fuck her pussy from behind while she licks my shoes clean"

"That's a wonderful Idea, you are really a smart student Lilly"

He then knelt behind Elizabeth, and after pulling down his pants he inserted his very hard cock in just one long stroke. Elizabeth's very wet pussy offered no resistance, and she quickly started squeezing his cock with her pussy. She had had sex several times before with her then boyfriend, but she had never felt anything like this; she felt like a beast in heat. Then Paola presented her shoe in front of her face, and it somehow pulled her out of her stupor. She felt completely ashamed that Paola was witnessing her debauchery, and how she was fucking back that bastard old man. She stared at the shoe for some time until Paola pulled her by the hair until her mouth was in contact with the shoe.

"Clean them, or I make you lick my pussy instead"

That was enough motivation, she started licking with content, and lost herself completely in the lustful moment. At some point it was just simply too much for her young, overstimulated body, and she came like never before, she arched her back almost violently, and emitted a guttural, barely human moan. The spectacle overcame Mr. Johnson well trained self control and he had to pull his dick fast just a second before spraying his sperm like a fountain all over Elizabeth 's back and very red buttocks.

"That was awesome!" said Mr. Johnson genuinely amazed, while pulling his wallet and paying Paola $350. "I'll probably want the same the next time, it worth every penny" with that he marched out quickly.

"You were wonderful princess, you are a natural; I always have to feign my orgasms" said Paola.

"how shameful" whispered Elizabeth assuming a fetal position on the floor and covering her face with her hands. She was now coming to her senses and was just realizing the enormous magnitude of what she had done; She had whored herself like some low class, desperate slut in front of one of her classmates, and she had came like the worst tramp ever.

When Elizabeth recovered enough to realize she was still naked, she stood up and saw that Paola had already changed into her jeans and t-shirt.

"Elizabeth, you need to hurry up. Give me your debit card, it was part of the deal remember"

Elizabeth wanted to dress, but she also wanted to be left alone, so she delayed her dressing, and handed Paola the debit card.

"What's the nip?"

Elizabeth knew she shouldn't give that number, but she had done much dumber, and much more life threatening things that day to care about that.


"Nice. Send me an email with your bank stamen and your shopping habits, so I don't do anything that could put you in trouble with your parents"

Elizabeth nodded, but then she said.

"I need money for gas, and to re-charge my food card for the cafeteria" She said while pulling her clothes from the backpack trying to find her underwear that was laying at the bottom of the bag.

Seeing all of Elizabeth's clothes on the bed Paola had an idea.

"You don't really need your car, you may walk to school all week as you did today"

Elizabeth looked at Paola alarmed.

"That is not what we agreed, you said you cover my essentials, and my car, and money for my weekend is part of the essentials. You will get the money for clothes, music, and that's it"

"Hey princess, remember who makes the calls here" just then Elizabeth realized that she hadn't taken off her cuffs and collar, and proceeded accordingly.

"I said what is essential, and what not. Essential is food, rent, groceries, and tuition. Right now, as I see things, you only need money for your food card, all other things are been taking care by other people in your household"

She was angered, and even anguished, she had never been limited in her entire life, and the thought of getting thru life with an empty, useless purse was just too scary.

"I need money Paola, please be reasonable"

"No. You don't need money, you want money, and that is different. If you really needed it, you will be willing to offer something in exchange"

Elizabeth looked at her classmate puzzled. In spite of her recent orgasm, her nudity, and the conversation was again stirring something inside her.

"Like What?"

"I Don't know, let's say I'll give you $50 for your clothes"

Elizabeth laughed, "are you crazy. Just the jeans cost me $150, the blouse must have been of similar price, even my underwear is pretty expensive. No you won't get a bargain outfit from me"

"Your clothes are already used, and you won't get $50 for them at any pawn shop, but I don't want your outfit, it is not my style at all. I'll pay you $50 to destroy it in front of me, including your underwear. You may wear the school girl outfit for your trip home.

Elizabeth felt her blood ponding inside her head. She was very nervous, the idea of destroying her clothes for money gave her an odd arousal, it was just too humiliating, and even more, doing it in complete freedom added several notches to the arousal that it caused her.

She reached her backpack and pulled some scissors from a little stitching kit that she always carried, being as cautious as she was.

She knew she should probably bargain the price, but she was hornier now, and her mind seemed to be very clouded. She started cutting her underwear slowly and deliberately, and then her blouse.

Paola was mesmerized and aroused too. She felt very powerful; now she was the client, she was making that posh girl do things for a mere whim, and just because she could afford to pay it.

Paola' smirk made very clear to Elizabeth that she was now whoring herself for her classmate, and that added much to her own arousal, not to mention that she had now been naked in front of that fully dressed girl for almost two hours.

When she finalized destroying her jeans she started rubbing her pussy shamelessly, and only after her orgasm she realized the stupidity of her choices. She was dressing when Paola left the room with a big grin on her face.

"Elizabeth, don't ask your friends to lend you money. If you need more, you now know the honest way to earn it"

Paola felt exhilarated and horny, she would have to look for a public bathroom to masturbate before heading home because she was just too aroused to wait to reach home. She couldn't believe her luck, she had never felt so vindicated against all those people that had it all too easy, but more than that, she had never felt that power could be a so strong aphrodisiac, not even when she dominated a client, perhaps because this time it was real, and it made her fell all mighty to have such control over other people's life.

On her way home Elizabeth got feelings very similar to a huge hangover; she even had a headache. She was regretting everything that happened that afternoon, how she had made a bad decision after another; she felt so dumb, and so slutty. She realized that she had been very weak by letting her pussy control her that way in the last few weeks; now it was obvious that she had been blind at the rising risks that she was assuming.

She tried to put those thoughts aside, and tried to forget everything that happened, and regain some normality, but the way that people looked at her kept her reminding her what she did. She was dressed in her tiny sexy schoolgirl outfit, she had even forgotten to undo her pigtails, so she looked like a sex fantasy, and everyone looked at her with contempt; some as if she was a piece of meat, and others (specially woman) with disapproving, and despiteful glances. All the while she kept her eyes cast at the floor ashamed, and thinking she deserved it all.

It was harder for her, because she was used to be looked up by almost everybody, after all she usually portrayed the image of an unreachable, well educated, rich girl. The worst part was that every objectifying stare, and every mocking comment sent shivers down her pussy, and kept her nipples poking thru her blouse all the way home. Still when she arrived to her home, she convinced herself that she was going to regain control and cancel the stupid deal somehow before the following Friday. She just had to think. Still she masturbated a couple of times before falling in a restless sleep.

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