Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A story about a man who decides to head south to avoid the cold weather and gets involved in interesting situations and meets some women.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual  

Bill Meyer had almost finished packing his car for his trip tomorrow when he decided to take a soda break and relax. He would be heading for Tucson, Arizona to see what that State afforded winter time visitors. He thought of the events that led up to him in making this trip while sipping on a soda.

Bill wasn't sure what he wanted to do when he graduated from college. While the military draft had ended voluntarily military service was an option, but one he quickly discarded. There were a number of corporations on campus interviewing and offering trainee positions, but none of them interested him. He was told he by some of those doing the interviewing that he would be hired as a trainee since his English Literature major only qualified him for that kind of entry position in business. Going to grad school was an option he seriously considered.

His dad had a small car dealership that he was converting to a Toyota dealership. His father thought that this maker of cars would become very popular in the future. Bill was told by his dad that he could work at the dealership until he decided what he wanted to do. Bill had worked there during the summers doing some minor mechanical work as oil changes, battery replacements, and tire changes. His dad said he was old enough and could now work as a salesman.

Bill was successful in sales and was promoted to the position of sales manager in a short time. There was no claim of nepotism made because of the good relationships he had with the other salesmen.

It was a shock when Bill's father suddenly passed away from a heart attack. One of the ramifications of his passing was that Bill, at age thirty one, became the owner of this dealership since he was an only child. Bill's mother had passed away a year earlier due to breast cancer. There was some talk that her passing and the grief it brought was what precipitated his father's heart attack.

Now being the owner of the dealership caused Bill to think long and hard about where he was going with this business. The car business with a growing economy was good as judged by any standard. New car sales, used car sales, parts and repairs, and the body shop were all profitable and showed increases over prior year's results.

There was some vacant land next to the dealership that Bill purchased. He applied for and based on his proven track record, was given a Lexus dealership. That car dealership was built on this newly purchased land and the Lexus proved to be a popular high end car. The financial results at both dealerships continued to show good increases which translated into substantial profits.

The cars sold themselves for the most part. They were well made and offered what the buying public wanted in either economy or luxury. Some models created a balance between these two extremes. One thing that Bill did was to improve the car buying experience. He had heard from a number of his friends and their parents that the haggling done while purchasing a car, with the salesman going in to 'check with a sales manager' to see if a deal was approved and discussions over the value of trade-ins were definite turnoffs.

Bill installed what he called the 'One price shopping experience'. Because the invoice price was available by to the public by going on the internet, that was the price plus two hundred dollars, that he would sell a new car for, no more, no less. There would be a further add-on to the price at times if the car was in high demand, but he refused to do dealer 'no value' add-ons to the car to increase his profit margin. He applied the same business practice to the offers they made on trade-ins and the used cars they sold. Customers were encouraged to sell the vehicle on their own or go to CarMax if they didn't like the fairness of the offer made on the trade-in. Satisfied customers spread their satisfaction with this method of buying cars to their friends which brought in more customers.

Bill's home life was good, or rather it had been good. Bill had married his college sweetheart, Megan Reynolds two years after college graduation. Megan had gone on to medical school and decided she wanted to be an ophthalmologist. When Bill had asked her why she chose that field, she told him it was an area that attracted her and one where in the short time she would spend in an operating room doing medical procedures would be extremely financially rewarding for her. He knew from other things that she said or did that she was extremely motivated by money.

It turned out she was right as to the financial rewards. She was also good at what she did and built a medical practice that was titled 'Dr Megan Reynolds and Associates'. There were four staffed offices that bore her name scattered in the suburbs. Things were going good for her.

Things were initially going good in the marriage. They made love every night when they were first married. The results of this lovemaking resulted in their only child, a boy who they named Martin. Something happened in this relationship because their lovemaking became less frequent after Marty's birth. Megan was still attractive, but it seemed to Bill that she just wasn't that interested in wanting to have sex with him.

Bill did admit to himself that maybe he was somewhat responsible for this as he did fool around and wasn't faithful to his marriage vows like he should have been.

He had an affair with Janice Randle, who was his dealership's office supervisor. She was about three years older than him, a blond-haired beauty with a body that wouldn't quit. Her large breasts initially attracted him and it was her insatiable appetite for sex that kept him coming back for more.

The affair with Jan lasted for almost two years. Jan was always accommodating when Bill wanted to have sex. None of her body was off limits to him and he fully enjoyed exploring it and doing all those 'nasty things' to her with her help and encouragement. It ended when she came to the realization this was going to be the extent of the relationship. She started to date one of the salesmen who came in hawking office supplies. She married this salesman and to her credit, she stayed true to her marriage vows as far as Bill knew.

There was another affair that he had with Carly Crawford, Doctor Harry Crawford's wife. Bill had met Carly at the country club where they were both members. He flirted with her a little and it seemed to him that she enjoyed him doing that because she flirted back. Bill regularly golfed with Harry on Sunday mornings along with six other fellows. Carly was about 4 years younger than Bill, and a 'looker' with her red hair and nice sized breasts. She just radiated class in how she dressed and conducted herself. The clothes she wore showed her great figure and the fine ass she had.

One day Carly came into the Lexus dealership and asked to speak with Bill. She told him she was looking to buy a Lexus when he spoke with her and she asked him to show her the cars he had in stock. The black LS600 was her choice. Bill suggested they go for a ride so she could drive his Lexus. Bill had a hard time in talking about the car's features during the ride because his eyes were focused on Carly's thighs. Her short skirt had slid up considerably on her thighs which he thought were very nice.

Carly must have known the display she was giving Bill, but she never pulled her skirt down. He had some problems speaking because of what he was looking at. She pulled the car into a parking lot and turned the engine off.

She turned to Bill, which caused the skirt move even further up her thighs and said, "what's the problem, it seems like your mind is somewhere else?'

"I was looking at your legs and quite frankly, you have great looking legs."

With a smile on her face she said, "Is that all you're going to do is to look?"

He moved toward her and she met him halfway. They shared a long open-mouth kiss. Bill's hand went to her thighs that he had been admiring and he discovered that Carly wasn't wearing panties when his hand moved upward. He fingered her to an orgasm that had her moaning as she came.

While driving back to the dealership, Carly made arrangements to meet Bill the following afternoon at a Holiday Inn that was just outside the city limits.

Carly was cool and refined which was the appearance she gave when she socialized, but she was a nymphomaniac who couldn't get enough sex when she made love. She loved to give and get oral sex and she liked normal intercourse but anal sex was her favorite. She could really wiggle that fine ass she had and encouraged Bill to play with her clit while his shaft was plunging into her anus. Bill thought that calling her insatiable was probably an understatement. It seemed to him that she never could get enough sex and the orgasms that came with doing it.

Bill wanted to see how far Carly would go and if she had any limits. One time he brought a video camera into the motel room with him.

When she saw him start setting up the video camera she said, "What's that?"

"That is a camera with which I plan to record us making love today. Do you mind if I do it? I'm only going to do it for me to see and don't plan on showing this to anyone else."

"Does it record audio or just video?"


"Okay on one condition."

"What's that?"

"You give me a copy."

Turning the camera on he said, "Deal, now come over here because I want the privilege of undressing you."

It was one wild, sexually satisfying, afternoon. There must have been a little actress in Carly, because she went out of her way to make this filming more erotic by the language she used. "Fuck me... , give me your big cock... , stick it up my ass... ," and finally "I'm coming again" enhanced the video's quality. It's a video he has since watched numerous times.

Their affair lasted for a little more than three months. It ended one week later, before he could give her a CD of the video they made because Carly was struck broadside while driving the Lexus. The other driver was a teenager driving a stolen car going eighty miles an hour who ran a red light trying to elude the police. Bill thought, 'What a waste of fine womanhood', at her funeral.

Maybe Megan sensed that Bill was having some sex on the side, but she never said anything to Bill if she thought he was. Bill he never noticed anything that would make him think she was fooling around on him.

The love that they once had for each other just seemed to diminished and faded away over time. As they were getting ready to go to work one morning after Marty's graduation from law school, Megan said, "I think we need to talk."

"About what?"

"About us, Bill, we're going nowhere in this marriage. It's kind of a sham now and I think we need to end it and get divorced. There is a man I am attracted to and I think he is to me that I want to see if there could be a lasting relationship. I think you'll agree that you and I no longer love each other and haven't for a long time. I think it's best if we divorce."

It wasn't a shock for Bill to hear what Megan said and was asking for. He was expecting something like this to happen, but it still surprised him that she had brought the subject of divorce up. He did agree with her that the marriage was over and had been for a long time.

There wasn't any difficulty splitting the martial assets. He kept the dealerships and she kept her medical practice. The stock and bank accounts were equally split with Megan giving Bill his share of what they agreed the value of the house was. He found a townhome on a golf course in the area which he purchased and moved into. His daughter-in-law, Lynn, helped him furnish this townhome.

His son, Marty, was surprised to hear that his parents were divorcing. Bill had a talk with Marty and explained that he had no animosity for his mother and he believed she hadn't any for him. They would still be friends, but they wouldn't be lovers or married to each other. Marty said he understood, but Bill wondered if he really did.

Bill was proud of what Marty had accomplished. After getting a degree in electrical engineering, he continued on with law school as he said he want to specialize in patent law. He became friends with Lloyd Singer, a fellow student in law school, who had an under grad degree in computer science. They made a pact that they would go and work for a year at a law firm and then once they learned some of the basics of how a law firm functioned, they would both leave and set up their own law firm. Both Bill and Megan made a nice monetary contribution for them to start their own firm.

Marty and Lloyd were successful because of some of the unique things they did. They were active in alumni gatherings at the university and kept in contact with the fraternities they were members of when they were in school. The computer science department at the university was rated in the nation's top ten. Marty's and Lloyd's activities enabled them to attract some of the students and alumni who had come up with new products, websites, or software they need help on in protecting, producing, and marketing.

Marty told Bill that they sometimes took stock in a new startup company that they felt had a good potential for growth and increased sales, instead of just taking money for the services they rendered. Marty said while they weren't right in deciding when to take stock all the time, they were right enough that Marty's net worth was already in excess of twelve million dollars and growing. Marty did say he wasn't keeping all of his eggs in one basket and was diversifying his investments.

While Bill was proud of what his son had already accomplished in business, he was more impressed by his son marrying Lynn, a beautiful young lady who bore his three healthy grandchildren.

Bill was talking to Marty about some estate planning Bill was contemplating doing at one time, naming Marty and Bill's grandchildren as his estate's beneficiaries.

Marty said, "I really don't want or need your money, Dad. As you know, I already have enough that Lynn and my children should never have to want for anything. I would suggest that you finally wind down from running the car dealerships and start spending the money you have to enjoy yourself. You should consider giving anything leftover to people or charities that have been good to you. You say you have good people working for you and can run the dealerships without your involvement. Let them, travel, buy things you want, and maybe meet someone you can love and can grow old with. Please think about it."

Marty's words put Bill back on his heels. He thought a lot about what his son said, and admitted that he was right about the quality of the people who worked at the dealership and how it was operating. Maybe his son was right about Bill needing to do some travelling, and he had to admit to himself that he really hadn't done much travelling because of his focus on business.

With winter coming in another month and the temperature already descending, Bill made a decision to head down south. He wasn't sure for how long, because it depended on what happened when he was there. Where to go required some further thought. Some friends he golfed with headed south for the winter, with the majority heading for Florida while a few went to Arizona, and one to California.

Al Sprinkle, who went to Tucson, Arizona, sold Bill on going there and gave him the name and phone number of a realtor who handled both short and long term rentals. Bill called the realtor and told her what he was looking for. She sent him listings on homes, townhomes, and condos that were in a golf course community. Bill selected a two month rental on what was called a 'fairway home'. This particular one was a two-bedroom home adjacent to the fifth fairway of a golf course. He started to look forward to his trip.

As he finished packing his Lexus, one thing he was going to pack besides his luggage, golf clubs, and notebook computer, was an expensive wireless nanny cam. He had originally purchased it to give Lynn, but Bill decided to keep it when he learned she already had three of them. He still watched the video he had of Carly and thought that maybe he could add to his video collection if he got lucky in Arizona.

Maybe because of the excitement of his trip, Bill woke up early the morning he was planning to hit the road. He was in his car heading for Arizona early. The trip was long and a little boring. He thought that the corn and wheat fields he saw all looked the same. While he didn't push it and took his time driving and it took him four days before he checked in with the realtor and was given the key and directions to his rental unit. It could be a fun time if the realtor was any indication of how good-looking the women down here were. The pictures of her and her husband and their four kids on her desk and on the wall in her office indicated to him she wasn't available.

The fairway home was nicely furnished, with a wall-mounted large LCD television, cable, internet, and a king-size bed. He was pleased by this rental unit. It gave him a nice view of the golf course.

Bill decided to walk around the complex after doing some shopping and stocking up with food and liquid refreshments. The resident clubhouse was nice, with a decent library, exercise room, and meeting rooms. A list of activities he could participate in if he was inclined to do so was posted on the bulletin board.

He stopped in the well-equipped pro shop in the golf clubhouse and was told that getting a single on the golf course was not usually a problem except when they had a tournament or an outing. They could probably fit him even then in if he really wanted to play golf.

Bill left the pro shop and drove over to a KFC and picked up some chicken and coleslaw for his evening meal. He decided to call it a night after watching some TV and checking his E-Mail. He couldn't resist and the video he had of Carly.

While he was looking out the window having a cup of coffee at the kitchen table next morning, Bill saw some couples golfing. He thought 'why not', which had him go over to the pro shop to see when they could get him a tee time. He was told that there was a twosome teeing off in sixteen minutes that he could play with.

He was called off of the putting green by the starter and told the twosome he was to be playing with were on the first tee. Bill drove his golf cart over there and introduced himself to the two fellows who were there. Don Abrams and Paul Stetson seemed to be a few years older than Bill. They exchanged golf index information and agreed to play what was called a 'nine-point' game at fifty cents a point. Bill was familiar with the game and didn't know if he was being setup, but the amount of money he could lose if he was being setup was reasonable. As it turned out, he lost two whole dollars.

It was a pleasant round of golf. Don who was single, and Paul who was married, seemed like nice fellows. They exchanged information about themselves during the round and later with a drink in the clubhouse when the round was over. Don was the CEO of a manufacturing company who had recently retired, and Paul was an attorney who still practiced law part-time. Bill told them about the two dealerships he owned and of his son's insistence that he do some traveling.

Since Don was single, Bill asked him how one goes about meeting women in the area. He wanted to know where the best places to meet single women in the area where. He asked if he needed to sign up for some of the activities in the complex, or does he need to troll the lounges looking for women which he doesn't like doing.

"Well, you can do what you say and you may meet some women, but that is sort of a hit and miss proposition. What I did was to join the 'NTL Club' and while it isn't strictly a singles club, the majority of its members are single and it's a pretty even split between men and women. The acronym stands for 'Never Too Late' but we simply call it the 'Club'. There are a number of good looking women members whose ages range from thirty five to probably seventy five, with the median being around fifty. Believe me when I say that the women I've talked to say that meeting single members of the opposite sex is more of a challenge for them than it is for us men."

"Since some of the people who frequent the club are married or are in a committed relationship, the club has adopted a wristband policy to avoid potential or embarrassing situations. The members who are single and want to meet new people wear a white wristband. Those who are married or in relationships and don't want to meet any single members, or singles who don't want to get hit on wear a black wristband. There was some talk about a different colored wristband if the member was only interested in meeting members of the same sex, but that hasn't happened yet."

"There is one kicker in joining this club however."

"What's that?"

"Both men and women need to have a net worth of at least two million. The net worth is checked out before membership is approved. This requirement serves a purpose because it keeps out the riff-raff and the gold-diggers. From a man's point of view, it also keeps out the barracudas, women on the hunt looking for a rich man to marry."

"I have never heard of a club with that sort of requirement, but I can see the its purpose. I do qualify for membership so how do I go about joining?"

Don gave him the web address where he could complete and submit an application for membership online. Bill would be given information on how to secure an ID and temporary password to enter the website which had all the information on the club and its activities once he was approved for membership.

After looking at the web page he noted the membership dues, which he thought weren't small potatoes. Bill thought, "why not, I can afford it?" He completed the application and e-mailed it in.

Bill checked his e-mail after playing golf two days later, and saw he had a message from the club whose heading said, 'Congratulations'. His application for membership had been approved and he was given a temporary password and ID. He signed in and perused the pages and activities, noting that there was a meeting this Saturday. He thought he would attend the meeting to see what he had joined.

Bill was somewhat impressed when on Saturday he entered this one-story building. The furnishings appeared to be new and expensive. He introduced himself to the receptionist and gave her a check for his first month dues. She in turn gave him a name tag, white wristband, and some written information that looked like what was on the website. She said he could get a drink now as a short meeting would be starting in ten minutes.

He ordered a drink which was gratis, and took a seat at a table that two other men were sitting at. They all introduced themselves to each other. Bill looked around the room and observed some attractive women who were sitting at the tables and were in the age range that Don had described. There was a blond haired lady who was sitting two tables over wearing a dark green sleeveless dress that Bill thought was extremely attractive. He noted that she had a white wristband on.

The club president shortly addressed the group and reminded everyone about two activities that anyone who was interested in needed to sign up for tonight, as this signup period was ending. He finished his short presentation by asking the members there to welcome two new members and asked the two new members, Bill Meyer and Traci Barnes to please stand up. Bill stood up to a round of applause and noticed that this blond-haired lady he had been admiring also stood up. A three-piece band started playing danceable music as soon as the club president sat down.

Some couples were heading to the dance floor when the music started playing. The two fellows who were sitting at the table with Bill excused themselves and headed to the bar.

Bill was sitting at the table by himself, watching the couples dancing when he heard, "Don't worry about not knowing anyone, this is a friendly group and you'll make friends in a short time."

He looked up and saw an attractive lady standing there with three drinks in her hands. He assumed she was coming back from the bar.

Standing up, he said, "It does seem like a friendly group of people here. I guess I should try and mingle."

"Why don't you join me and two of my lady friends at our table? We can always use a good-looking man sitting with us."

"Lead the way."

Bill followed her and observed she was a little taller than average, had a slim figure, and nice legs. The dress she was wearing showed that she also had a nice ass.

He was introduced to the two ladies that were sitting at her table. The blond-haired lady with large breast prominently displayed due to the low neckline of the dress she was wearing, was Rachel Higgins. The other lady, who had what he would say was 'average' looks was Paula Taylor. The lady who suggested he join them was Beth Morgan.

They were aware that Bill was a new member and asked him to tell them about himself. He gave them a truthful version of being from up north and coming down to Arizona to get away from the cold weather


They seemed like nice people who were honestly interested in him.

He asked them to tell him a little about themselves since he assumed they all were for some reason single as they were wearing white wristbands. Beth seemed to be the leader of group as she said both her and Paula were widows and resided here in Tucson full time. She said that Rachel, who was divorced, was a little like Bill in that she had only been a member for about a month now and had moved here from Long Beach, California.

Bill asked if he could get them another drink, but Beth said, "I'd rather dance."

"Your wish is my command, Madam. May I have this dance with you?" Bill stood and gave a little bow to Beth as he said this, which caused her to giggle.

As he walked to the dance floor behind her, he thought that his social life was going to improve. He wasn't sure of these ladies' ages, but he would guess Beth and Paula were around his age, give or take, while Rachel was at least five to ten years younger.

On the dance floor, Bill thought again that his social life was going to improve if the way Beth danced was any indication. She plastered her body up against his, which caused him to get a partial erection. He knew she felt it because it seemed she was rubbing her stomach against it. His hand that was on her back dropped down a little to where it was just on top of her buttocks which did not elicit any rebuke from her.

Leaning back in his arms a little so she could look at him while her stomach was still pressed up against him she asked, "What do you think of this club so far?"

"It looks like the people here and nice and friendly."

Moving her head back against his, she said, "I think you'll find the people here can be extremely friendly." It seemed to him that she gave her stomach that was pressed against him an extra wiggle when she said this.

Bill thought that Beth had gone from the 'possible' category to the 'for sure' category.

Back at the table, Bill felt obligated to dance with the other two ladies who were there. Paula seemed a little reserved, and didn't do or infer anything along the lines of what Beth had done. Rachel wasn't quite as blatant as Beth, but she was close to it. She told Bill that she would like to see him again and slipped him a card with her contact information on it.

When Bill was sitting alone with Beth he asked her if she would like to go to dinner with him. She said she would and they made a date for Tuesday. She also gave him a card with her contact information on it. That these ladies carried cards that had this information on it with them told him that dates with them could be very interesting.

The band stopped playing at eleven per the club's rules. Goodbyes were said with each of the ladies saying they had a good time and it was nice meeting Bill. He left the club looking forward to his Tuesday dinner date with Beth.

Bill looked at the bulletin board at the pro shop on Monday, and decided to sign up for the men's golf league. He would have liked to sign up for the mixed golf league, but he needed a female partner to do that. The notice said that the purpose of the leagues was to have the golfers meet and play with as many different players as possible. That seemed to Bill like something he would be interested in doing. It was Bill's opinion that golfers were interesting people and how they applied the rules of golf was a good indication of their character.

Bill found Beth's house by inputting her address into his GPS. It was an impressive two-story house that Bill guessed was about five thousand square feet. The door to Beth's house was open by a lady he didn't recognize. He saw Beth who looked good in a tight red dress, walking down one of the two spiral staircases.

"Bill, this is Vida, my mother's caregiver. Mom has Alzheimer's and requires care twenty four seven. Vida does a nice job of meeting this need. She's here from Latvia, but she does speak some English."

Bill remarked in the car that it must be tough to watch your mother deteriorate that way.

"Yes, it is, but I don't want to put her in a home. She's my mother and I will do my best to see that she is well-cared for in her final days. Enough about me and my problems tell me what you've been doing."

He told her about golf and doing some driving around the area to see the places of interest he found on the internet that the Tourist Bureau said were a must see. Beth's dress sliding up her thighs brought back memories of Carly. He hoped there would more memories of Carly that would be brought back before this evening ended.

Dinner was nice at a well-known steakhouse. Beth was an intelligent lady who had a sly sense of humor and an opinion on numerous subjects. The time he spent with her just flew by.

Beth said she could go for a cup of coffee when leaving the restaurant, but with Vida and her mother at her house, maybe it would be best if they had coffee at Bill's home. He understood what Beth was saying in code and agreed to Beth's suggestion. He thought something like what she just suggested would happen, but he didn't know if it would be at his or her place. He had setup the nanny cam in his bedroom on the chance that it would be at his place. He wanted another video to go along with the one he had of Carly.

Once in his home with the front door closed, Beth put her arms over Bill's shoulders and brought him to her for a long open-mouth kiss. Her hand drifted down and clasped his package while they were kissing.

Pulling back a little from him when the kiss ended she said, "It's big and I knew it would be when I felt it pressing against me when we danced. Let me use the facilities before we take this any further."

"It's over there, but come back to me the way you're now dressed."

He quickly went over to his laptop when Beth went into the bathroom and did a few things to put the computer in the record mode as a backup to the nanny cam.

Coming back to Bill after she had taken care of business, Beth gave him another scorching kiss. Bill took her hand and led her into his bedroom without saying anything. Making sure she was in the camera's view, he had her stand as he slowly pulled the zipper on her dress down. He gave her kisses on her shoulders and neck as he slipped the dress down from her shoulders.

Turning in his arms, she said, "Let me undress you; I like opening up my presents."

He just stood there as she took his shirt off and as she dropped his pants, her hands went into the sides of his shorts and pulled them down as she went to her knees.

Looking at his erection which was pointing straight at her she said, "I knew your cock was big, and I can hardly wait until you put it in me. I am so wet I can feel myself dripping."

She took him in her mouth and gave him great head while looking up into his eyes.

Telling her he didn't want to come in her mouth and he would because she had him very excited, he raised her from her knees and directed her to the bed. Kneeling between her spread thighs, his mouth fastened itself to her shaven mound and concentrated on licking her clit.

Beth was somewhat vocal as he was doing this and he enjoyed hearing her say things like, "You're making me come... , I love what you're doing... , that's the second time I came... , please come up here and put your big cock in me."

He moved up to her and did what she wanted. It was good, very good, as his shaft was going in and out and in to her warm and wet love canal again and again.

They lay alongside each other after he came in her exchanging kisses and telling each other how good a lover the other was.

"That was good and it has been a while since someone satisfied me like you just did, but I should be going."

"Sorry but no you are not going."

"I'm not?"

"You are not going because I am going to make love to you again in a little while. You were made to be loved."

"Hearing you say things like that gives me goose bumps. Let me see if I can help you get ready."

Beth moved down and gave Bill great head. She moved up and she mounted him when she could see he could perform again. He lasted longer this time which enable her to have two orgasms which is what she told him by her shouting, "I'm cumming" and "I'm cumming again."

He finally agreed with her as he came and they rested. This time he didn't stop her when she said that she needed to be going, and they both dressed.

She gave him one last kiss as they pulled into her driveway. She thanked him for a great evening, and clasping his package to give it a shake, told him not to be a stranger.

He noticed that she had left him a gift on her car seat when he got back to his fairway home. The gift was her damp black lace panties.

Bill slept like a baby. He remembered the nanny cam when he awoke, and couldn't wait to watch the recorded video. He thought the video was highly erotic and of good quality. There was no question Beth could hold her own against some of the porn actresses that he saw on the net.

Bill golfed in the men's golf league two days later. As it happened, Don, who had recommended the club to Bill was in his foursome.

Don asked, "So how did it go at the club?"

"It went well as I met some interesting ladies. I'm glad you told me about it."

"I think you'll find that even though the women at the club have no financial worries, they are still just women and have the normal urges and wants that most women have. In fact, having money puts them in a position where they become more aggressive in satisfying those needs. In a way it's sort of a reverse of when we were young and we were doing all the pursuing. I'm glad it worked out for you."

He was contemplating phoning Beth later that evening to ask her if she wanted to go out again, when his phone played its tune. When he looked to answered it, the caller said it was Rachel. He thought this must be the Rachel he had met at the club. He immediately had a picture of her and the amount of cleavage she was displaying at the club in his mind.

After she conformed who she was she immediately said, "I was wondering if you would like to go out to dinner tomorrow Bill. You struck me has being an interesting fellow."

Bill spoke with Rachel and agreed to go out to dinner with her. Her calling him could mean that his social life was going to further improve. He put off calling Beth until he saw how things went with Rachel.

He was impressed when she opened the door upon his arriving at her apartment. He blond hair was being worn down, and the dress she had on had a very low-cut neckline. She really knew how to advertise her two big assets.

Dinner with Rachel was good, but Bill concluded that she didn't seem to be too deep of a thinker. He thought that she didn't need to be with the body she had. He had a hard time looking at her in the eyes as his eyes kept drifting lower. He thought she caught him looking at her breasts a few times, but she never said anything if she did. He couldn't help but wonder what she looked like without the dress on and how good a lover she was. He had hopes that he would find out later.

He asked her if she wanted to stop somewhere for a drink or for a cup of coffee as they left the restaurant. She said she would prefer coffee, but her apartment was out as her roommate said she was going to have some company.

Bill suggested that they could stop at his home which wasn't that far away and she said that was a good idea. He would occasionally glance at her as he was driving, and thought that her nipples would be showing if her neckline was any lower.

Once inside his home he unresistingly brought her into his arms and gave her one long kiss. Her tongue was like a little snake as it searched for his tonsils. She excused herself to go to the bathroom which gave him time to set his notebook to record the nanny cam.

He took her hand and led her into the bedroom when she emerged from the bathroom.

Giving her another kiss, he said, "If you have no objection, I would like to pull the zipper on your dress down and make love to you. You are a very beautiful and sexy woman."

She laughingly said, "I didn't come into the bedroom with you to play Trivial Pursuit. I came here because I want you to take my clothes off and fuck me until I can't see straight. I've wanted you to do that to me all evening. I have a feeling that you will be a good lover."

That was all the encouragement he needed to hear. He was taking her clothes off and she was doing the same to him as they were kissing. Her bra released the hold it had on her breasts when he unclipped it. They were large and probably in the forty or forty two inch range and a D or a double D cup. There was sag to them, but that was to be expected because their size and her age. He wasn't sure if they had been surgically enhanced, but he didn't care if they had.

They gave each other head at the same time on the bed. When Rachel didn't have her mouth full and could speak, she encouraged Bill to continue to do what he was doing as he was making her feel good. He told her he wanted fuck her doggie style.

She quickly assumed the position and said, "Please, Lover, please put your big cock in me and make me come. Make love to me and let me see stars."

He mounted her in that position and bent over so one of his hands could fondle her breast, while the other massaged her clit.

A few minutes later, he heard, "I'm cumming and cumming and cumming, please don't stop. You're a wonderful lover."

Because he wasn't sure of her age and if she was on the pill, he asked her right after she came if it was okay to come in her. She told him it was okay and for him to give her his hot cream. They rested in each other's arms after he came.

"Can you stay the night?"

"I would like to, but I need to be going in a little while. I have an appointment in the morning that I need to keep."

They made love again after some more cuddling, but it wasn't as frantic as the first time.

He gave Rachel one last kiss when he dropped her off at her apartment and told her he would be in touch.

Rachel said, "Don't worry about that as I will be in touch with you," which struck him as a little odd she would say something like that.

He couldn't wait to watch the video recording of their lovemaking when he arrived back at his place. It was of good quality, both as to the audio and video. He heard his phone ring while he was watching it. Looking at his watch, he saw it was close to two in the morning. Who could be calling him? Had something terrible happened, and who had this phone number, were the thoughts he had as he went to answer the phone.


"This is Rachel, Bill."

"Is there something wrong?"

"No, everything is alright."

"Can I ask why you're calling? Did you leave something here?"

"No, I didn't, but the reason that I'm calling is that I want you to make a contribution to my favorite charity."

This was a little bizarre thought Bill.

"What is your favorite charity and how much of a contribution?"

'My favorite charity is me and twenty five thousand dollars seems like a nice round number."

What the hell was going on thought Bill?

"Why would I want to do that?"

"Because if you don't I am going down to the police station and tell them you raped me. With your sperm in me and me looking disheveled and crying, who do you think they are going to believe?"

"I wouldn't do that if I were you."

"Bill, twenty five thousand is chump change to you."

That was enough for Bill to hear and he ended the call telling her she shouldn't do what she said she was going to do.

He then went back to his computer and burnt a copy of the video on to a CD as well as transferred a copy to his backup hard drive. He went back to be bed and tried to get some sleep after he did this wondering if Rachel would do what she said she would.

His doorbell chiming at six in the morning woke Bill up. Putting on a pair of pants, he went to the front door and asked who was there.

He heard "Police."

Opening the door he saw two men standing there.

"Mr. Bill Meyer?"

"Yes, what can I do for you?"

'I am Detective Horgan, and this is Detective Anderson. A charge of rape has been made against you and we're here to arrest you."

"Who made the charge?"

"A Rachel Higgins."

"I had sex with her, but it was consensual."

"Mr. Meyer I need to advise you of your rights. You... ,"

"No, you don't need to advise me of my rights! I know my rights and I waive my right to be silent. Tell me do you plan on doing any investigation before you arrest me? Wait, don't answer that... , just come with me."

Bill had the two police officers sit down and then he played the CD of him and Rachel that he made last night. The officers were quiet and watch the video without any comment. When the video was over Bill asked the officers what they were going to do. They asked for a copy of the video which Bill refused.

"I really don't want my skinny ass being shown around the police station making love to a foul-mouthed big-breasted blonde. I'll keep the video but I will give it to you if it comes down to crunch time."

"You do know that making a video of a person having sex without their permission is a violation of the law?"

"No, I didn't, but you tell me, what's the worse crime, making this unauthorized video or falsely accusing someone of rape? I would be up shit's creek without a paddle if I hadn't made this video."

"I see where you are coming from on this. Let me talk to the Assistant DA and see what she wants to do. Any idea why Ms. Higgins would do something like this?"

"Not really, but as you can see from the tape she is a little weird and was pushing me to have sex, not that I minded. I didn't think she was weird enough to do something like this. To think she would do this is a big surprise. Maybe I should have suspected something when she phoned me asking if I wanted to go out to dinner with her."

It was late in the afternoon when Bill received a phone call from Detective Horgan.

"I thought you would want to know that I discussed the situation with the Assistant DA. She is hell on wheels about someone filing a false rape report. We brought Ms. Higgins in and charged her with making a false police report. Ms. Higgins phoned a lawyer who spoke with the DA. It was agreed that there would be no charges filed against you. Ms. Higgins will plead guilty and do six hundred hours of community service. We won't need a copy of the video, but you should ask your ladies friends if it's okay to tape them in the future."

"I'll do that and thanks for the call."

"Oh, and based on what you said about her coming here from Long Beach, I'm going to call over there to see if she has pulled this stunt before."

Bill was glad there would be no charges against him which meant that he wouldn't have an arrest record, but he wasn't done with Rachel. He did make a note to check the net as to which States it was illegal to make this sort of a video recording. After thinking more about it he thought 'the State laws are damned. If it wasn't for the video he would in a jail cell right now trying to convince Bubba that he didn't want to be his wife'.

Bill phoned Rachel in the late in the afternoon the next day. When she answered the call he raised his voice an octave to disguise his voice and said, "Rachel Higgins?"

"Yes, this is her, who is calling?"

"This is Bill Meyer."

"You fucking bastard, why didn't you tell me you were recording me?"

"And what would you have done if I did tell you? You probably would have told me that being raped was always a fantasy of yours and we should role play with me raping you"

"You smart ass!"

"Seriously though, why would you accuse me of rape? You seemed like a nice person and I did enjoy having sex with you. It seemed to me you also enjoyed it."

"I did but I had a little bit of a cash flow problem and with you owning two car dealerships, twenty five thousand dollars is pocket change to you."

"The real reason I am calling, Rachel, is that I wonder if you would like to make a ten thousand dollar contribution to a favorite charity of mine. Ten thousand dollars someone once told me was a nice round number."

"And why the fuck would I want to do that?"

"Maybe because I recorded our phone conversation in which you were asking for twenty five thousand dollars for not filing a rape report against me. I'm also recording this conversation in which you confirmed you tried to extort twenty five thousand dollars from me."

"Recording our phone conversation without my permission is against the law."

"Yeah, it probably is, and doing so would probably get me a slap on the wrist from a judge who would make me promise not to do it again. But extortion and asking for twenty five thousand dollars is a felony and would result in at least four years in the slammer. You doing that coupled with filing a false police report could make for a longer sentence. Think about it and if you agree with making this donation rather than going to the slammer, make cash, I said a cash donation to the homeless mission on Jefferson Street. You can find their address in the phone book."

"I will phone them at four tomorrow and I will destroy the tapes if they have received the donation. If not, I will suddenly remember that I have these tapes and phone the police. They might want to investigate to see if you have ever done something like this before. I hear the Assistant DA can be a bitch. I don't think you would look good in those orange jump suits they have you wear in jail, even with those big tits you constantly advertise. Oh, and if I ever see you at the club again I will spread the word on what you tried to do."

He ended the phone call with that, hearing her calling him every foul name she could think off.

Having a recording of the phone conversations was pure bullshit on his part, but he knew Rachel couldn't be sure after he had made the video recording. It would be great if she made the donation as five minutes of his bullshit would benefit some needy people.

As it turned out, when he did make the call, the manager excitedly confirmed a cash contribution in that amount had just been made. He phoned Beth right after that phone call and said while it was short notice; he was hoping she was available to go out to dinner with him tonight or the next night.

Beth said she was glad he phoned and tonight was fine. He said he would pick her up at six thirty.

He told she looked good when he picked her up and she did. She was wearing a light-colored tan skirt and a dark sleeveless sweater. He asked her to pick out a restaurant and she selected one that was noted for its seafood.

They had to wait twenty minutes in the bar for a table since they had no reservation. The drinks they had there and then at the table, seemed to loosen Beth up quite a bit. Bill felt good being with her since she seemed like a nice honest person.

When they left the restaurant after the meal, he asked her if she wanted to stop for coffee at his place. His spirits brightened when she said she did. She said she was hoping he would suggest stopping there.

Inside his home he made her a drink instead of coffee and sitting with her on the couch he said, "I have a confession to make to you."

With a puzzled look on her face she said, "What do you want to confess?"

"The last time we were together here and we made love, I made a video recording of us being together in the bedroom."

"Why would you do that?"

"You are an attractive and desirable woman who I enjoyed making love with Beth. I know I will have some nice memories when I go back north. This video will let me remember you and the beautiful woman you are. I will destroy the video if you object to me having it."

He could see those flattering words he said were affecting her.

"Do you have it here?"

"Yes, I do."

"Can I see it?"

Bill rose and went into the bedroom and came back with a CD which he put into the CD player and turned the television on. He dimmed the lights a little but he didn't press the play button on the CD player. He came back with the remote and sat on the couch next to her.

"I want you to know that making love with you is a very beautiful thing," as he moved and gave her a very long kiss that she returned with enthusiasm. He saw a change in her breathing pattern when the kiss ended. He pressed the play button as he sat next Beth on the sofa. He was more intent on watching her reaction to the video than he was in watching the video.

Bill could see that Beth was concentrating intently on the video as he watched her. Her hand was on his thigh, and she started lightly stroking it with her hand unconsciously going higher.

He pulled his pants zipper down using both of his hands and released his cock from its confinement. He knew he was taking a bit of chance as to what Beth's reaction would be when he did this. There was no reaction from her and she didn't object when he put her hand on his shaft. She lightly grasped it and stroked it while continuing to watch the video.

While she was still watching the video intently, he had her lean a little forward so his hand could go up inside the back of the sweater she was wearing and released the catch on her bra. That hand then went around to her front and under a bra to cup a breast. He lightly twisted he nipple which had gotten stiff. She gave a little moan when he did this.

When the video showed them both having orgasms, she said, "I can't take any more of this," stood, and pulled the sweater, along with her loosened bra, over her head. She told Bill to hurry and drop his pants while she worked on her skirt's zipper, which she then pushed down her legs along with her panties. He had already pulled his shirt off, but he could only push his pants down to his shoes before she pushed him back against the couch and mounted him.

"Put your cock in and fuck me. Watching that video has got me so damn hot, that I want to come, and come, and come."

Bill sat on the couch while she did all the work by moving her hips. His contribution to this lovemaking was to nibble on her nipples while his hands were exploring the crack between her buttocks. When she said she was coming, his finger that he was teasing her anus with went right up in her butt to its second knuckle.

She froze, shuddered, and said, "OH MY GOD," and collapsed against him. It looked to him like she fainted, so he just held her in his arms and stroked her hair.

She stirred about a full minute later, and gave him a long loving kiss.

"That was intense, I've never come that hard. Nobody has ever touched me there. I have also never made love like this. You have a way about you that scares me and releases any inhibitions I have."

"What do you think of the video, should I destroy it?"

"Not if you give me a copy and don't share it with anyone."

"I'll make a copy for you."

"It's too bad you didn't make a video of what we just did."

"Would you be surprised if I say I did?"

"Where's the camera?"

"See the clock on the bookshelf next to the television; that's where the camera is."

"You mean that camera was recording my big fat ass when we were making love?"

"You don't have a big fat ass, Beth. If I may say so, you have a very lovely ass that you know how to use."

"Oh, you say the nicest things Bill. When you make a copy of the video we just watched, make me a copy also of this video we just made. I still have some time before you need to take me home. Can we go into the bedroom and do some more nasty things?

"You bet your sweet ass we can."

They gave each other kisses in the bedroom, but he could see that Beth was anxious to make love again. She mouthed his shaft and mounted him when it was erect. Because of her being in the superior position and her actions and comments from before, he teased her anus while her hips were going up and down on his shaft.

He heard her say, "Oh sweet, Jesus," when his finger pressed further into her, and he could tell she experienced an orgasm. She continued to move her hips and he put his finger farther into her and wiggled it around. Beth went ballistic and said she was cumming and cumming and cumming. She felt Bill's warm discharge into her, which caused her to collapse and just lay on top of him.

"It's amazing what your finger in there does to me. I can't describe it."

"I've known that some ladies enjoy having anal sex. Some of them make love that way when it's their time of the month."

"I am past the stage of having a monthly visitor, but I don't know if I'm ready for that. You do have me thinking about it. Have you ever done it that way?"

"Yes, a few times."

"Do you like doing it that way?"

"What I enjoy is making love with an attractive, uninhibited woman, which you are. How a woman wants to make love is up to her. Like I said, I just enjoy making love."

"I'll think about it, but will you make a video of it if we do?"

"Yes I will if you want me to."

Bill drove Beth home after they were both dressed.

Back in bed and before he fell asleep he had some thoughts about what Beth's decision might be regarding having anal sex. He would put some money down that he'd be adding her doing it to his video collection.

Bill had no plans for what to do the next morning. Since the weather was nice, he decided to go for a walk around this housing and golf course complex. He did and he looked at the individual houses and admired their landscaping. He said hello to a number of other walkers.

He could hear that he was being overtaken by another walker as he was nearing the golf course's clubhouse and pro shop.

He turned and said, "Good morning."

"Good morning" was the reply he got back from this blond-haired lady as she passed by him.

She was wearing a tight black workout outfit that showed every delicious curve of her body. He picked up the pace so he could appreciate the fine sight of her buttocks undulating as she walked in front of him. She looked familiar in a way, and then he remembered.

"Good morning, Traci."

This lady slowed her pace and turned around to look at Bill saying, "Do I know you?"

"No you don't, but we were introduced as new members of the club together."

"Oh yes, I remember you, how are you doing?"

"I am doing okay, but I am just about walked out. I was going to go into the clubhouse here and have a soda. Can I buy you one?"

With a faked incredulous look on her face and her hands on her hips she exaggeratedly said, "Are you hitting on me?"

Bill's quick response of "Yes I am," caused Traci to laugh.

"Okay, I'll have one, but make it a diet soda since a girl needs to watch her figure.'

"You can have whatever you want to drink, because I will do all the watching of your figure that's necessary, especially in that outfit you're wearing."

That caused more laughing from Traci. Bill thought that it was a very pleasant laugh.

They sat at a table under the canopy outside the clubhouse and Bill ordered the sodas.

Bill said, "Other than you being a new member at the club and single for some reason, that's all I know about you. Can you tell me more?"

"Not much to tell. I have been a widow for just over a year and my daughter, who is an attorney, pushed and suggested that I get on with my life and come down here from up north for three months, which is what I did. Her girlfriend's in-laws have been here and recommended this location, how about you?"

"Not much different than you. I've been divorced for a little more than a year now and my son insisted that I get away from work and spend the winter where the weather is somewhat warmer. I was debating where I would go. It was between here and Florida and I decided to take a long drive and come to Arizona. How are you enjoying your stay here?"

"It's nice weather wise. I signed up for bridge and I do go to bingo, but it's a little boring to be honest with you. Since the club seemed to have a number of activities going on and that I thought I could meet some nice people are the reasons I joined the club."

"I hope you take this the right way, but you should have no problem meeting people, or at least men, with your looks."

'Thanks for saying that as it's nice to hear, but a girl needs to be careful who she meets. Their membership requirements are another reason why I joined the club."

"Do you play golf?"

"Yes, I do but I'm not very good at it. I did bring my clubs, but I haven't played yet."

"Do you have a golf handicap?"

"Yes, my driver and my putter. Just joking, but my golf handicap is a sixteen."

"Why do you say you aren't a good golfer with a sixteen handicap?"

"There are a number of women at my club up north as well as my daughter, who are single digit handicappers."

"Well, I guess I'd better give up the game, because if you aren't a good golfer with a sixteen handicap then I am a bad golfer with my eighteen handicap."

Traci just laughed at this comment and putting her hand on his arm told him not to give up his golf game.

Bill mentioned that there was a couples' golf league here that he would like to join, but he didn't have a partner. He asked Traci if she would like to be his partner and play in this league. She said she would do it. He excused himself from Traci saying he would be right back and walked into the pro shop.

Bill signed him and Traci up for the couples' golf league and when he came back to sit with Traci he said, "We're good to go tomorrow. It so happens there is a couples' tournament then and not just league play. We have an eight o'clock tee time and it's a shotgun start. If you have your USGA handicap card bring it with you or give them the name of your club for them to verify your handicap. The competition is both two-person best ball net and team gross score with some individual awards."

They talked some more and had another soda. Traci was a pleasant person to talk to and be with. Bill enjoyed the morning and being with her. He was looking forward to playing golf with her.

Back home Bill checked his e-mail and saw he had some reports on how his two car dealerships were doing. He thought maybe he should stay away longer because of how good things were going. New car sales went through the roof and set a record. They couldn't keep enough Prius car models in stock. There was a waiting list for this car, probably because of the increase in gas prices since that the car got more than fifty miles to the gallon. Used car sales were good and the body shop was swamped with repairs due to the icy roads. They were having to farm out some repair jobs and were getting a nice referral fee for doing so.

Bill called it a night and went to sleep after eating some takeout and watching television. He wanted to be well rested for tomorrow.

At the golf course the next morning, Bill found his golf cart which had his and Traci's name on it. Her golf bag was already on the cart. Looking at her golf clubs, he saw they were brand new Callaway X model clubs with graphite shafts. Bill thought that Traci wasn't going to take any prisoners when she played golf with these clubs. He got himself ready to play and he went to look for her on the putting green as he saw that her putter was missing.

Traci was easy to find. All he had to do was to look at where all the men there were looking. They were looking at the five foot six inch, blond-haired woman who was wearing her hair in a ponytail under a white sun visor, a white blouse, and a short plaid either skort or miniskirt, who was putting. While she was a little younger than Bill, she looked like she was only a few years out of college because of how she dressed and her slim figure.

Bill greeted her and saw the nice smile on her face when she said hello.

"That's a nice outfit you have on, and it should be worth a few strokes since the men are going to lose their concentration when they see you."

"I like it when I hear you talk like that," she laughed.

Traci was a serious golfer out on the course. Playing golf with her was a pleasure. Her nice swing enabled her to crush the ball. Although she was playing off the ladies' tees, her drives were probably as long as Bill's drives were. Primarily because of her gross score of eighty one, their team's score was a net of sixty in the two-person best ball. Bill did make some contributions, but it was Traci's performance that made for this low score. They won the team net competition and Traci was second in the women's individual gross competition.

Bill kidded Traci about her score which was much better than her handicap would indicate.

"The course I play up north has a higher degree of difficulty, and we don't get as much roll on our drives as we do here due of the dry fairways. You know that your score will be better if your second shot into the green is with a short iron instead of a three wood or long iron. This has got me enthused to be playing more golf."

Bill asked her if he could take her to dinner to celebrate their victory and Traci agreed.

He was quite pleased as she opened the door when he called for her at her condo. The peach colored dress she was wearing just highlighted the beautiful woman she was. He told her that she looked very good in what she was wearing and she thanked him for the compliment.

Traci relayed a little more of her life at dinner. After graduating college with a finance degree, she went to work at a mutual fund firm where she met Jeff, who she married one year later. She gave birth to her daughter Bridget, ten months after they were married. Traci became a stay at home mom raising Bridget. Jeff progressed at work and became the lead manager of two mutual funds. The funds did quite well because of Jeff and a rising stock market.

Jeff seemed to lose interest in Traci somewhere along the line. She suspected he was fooling around, but he never said anything, and she couldn't find any proof that he was. It seemed to her like a divorce was inevitable, because that's the way their marriage was heading. Divorce didn't happen, because Jeff, who enjoyed riding his motorcycle, collided with a television cable company truck that made a left turn in front of him. He was instantly killed. Some large life insurance policies with AD&D clauses that double the payment amount, a large settlement from the cable company insurance company, some shrewd personal investments Jeff made, and his 401K from work put Traci in position where she has no financial worries.

She proudly relayed that her daughter, who had just passed the bar examination and was working for the prestigious law firm, that she had handled and achieved the large settlement from the cable company's insurance company. Her daughter was coached by a senior partner in the law firm who told her what to say.

Traci asked Bill to tell her more about himself and he did covering the topics of his wife suggesting they divorce, his son and his wife, Lynn, and the three grandkids, as well as his two automobile dealerships.

Bill said, "My losing my spouse wasn't as tragic as your loss. What I'm trying to say without offending you is that I'm sorry that it happened to you, but it did give me the opportunity to meet you. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"Yes I do and I feel the same way."

Traci thanked Bill for a nice evening when he brought back to her condo. He asked her if she wanted to go with him to dance night at the club tomorrow. She said she did, and gave him a short but nice kiss before she left his car.

Calling for her to take her to the dance, Bill thought he was going to be the envy of a lot of men at the club tonight. Traci had outdone herself in her dressing for this dance. It was a dark red, four inch above the knee, straight dress with a square neckline that fit her body like a glove. Her blond hair was being worn down with a slight twist to it. The excellent makeup and four inch high heels added to her appearance. A thin black belt that cinched her small waist emphasized a nice set of breasts and her womanly hips.

Bill had told her how good she looked, and he could tell she appreciated his compliments.

The dance was nice with the same band playing as the last time he was there. He wondered what would happen if Beth was at the dance, but the gods were with him as he didn't see her. Dancing with and holding Traci in his arms was very enjoyable. He could see that she was enjoying herself when they sat at the table and had a drink.

He walked her to her door back at her condo. He moved to kiss her and she met him halfway. It was a very nice kiss. He wondered if she was going to invite him inside. That question was answered when his hand cupped her breast and he felt her stiffen at this contact. While she didn't remove his hand, he knew she would if he attempted to go further.

She ended the kiss and while still being held in his arms, she leaned back and said, "I enjoy being with you, but I have just met you. I don't want to go farther than we have at this time. I hope you can understand?"

"I do, but please tell me when you're ready."

"Oh Bill," she said and moved to give him another nice kiss before she entered her condo by herself.

Bill was now a little confused. Beth seemed to be a given if he wanted just to have wild sex. There was more to her that just sex, but it was Traci, who he hadn't had sex with, who was constantly in his thoughts. Rather than wait until he played golf with her to see her again, he phoned her on Sunday and asked her if she wanted to go with him to visit the air and space museum tomorrow. She said she did.

It was a fun time, with Bill splitting his time between looking at all the different kinds of aircraft, and looking at Traci. She just bubbled with enthusiasm about what she saw, which made him feel good just being with her.

They stopped for a drink and some pizza on the way home. It was a great date, which ended with a very nice kiss from Traci.

Playing golf with Traci was what he had come to expect. She posted a seventy nine and was excited that she had broken eighty. Bill improved to a ninety two, which was his low in the golfing he did here so far. Traci was the low gross woman. Bill asked her out to dinner that night after a drink in the clubhouse and Traci accepted his invitation. He told her she didn't have to dress up too much since he was going to take her to a Chinese buffet for dinner.

She looked good again in a short sleeve purple blouse and white Bermuda shorts. He could see that she enjoyed the buffet and concentrated on the shrimp that was prepared in a number of ways. Bill also tried the shrimp, but he liked it boiled and in the shell. There was so much variety in the food there that they were both stuffed when they left the restaurant.

When he parked the car back at her condo he asked her if she wanted to go for a walk to try and settle their stomachs down from all the food they ate. She walked with him and they held hands as they walked. He thought it was so right to be doing something like this with her.

He gave her a goodnight kiss back at her condo and when the kiss ended, he heard her say, "When."

He wasn't sure what she said or meant.

"Excuse me, but what did you say?"

"I said when!"

"I don't understand, what do you mean?"

"You told me to tell you when the time was right for us to take our relationship to the next level, for me to say when. That's why I said, when."

He asked for her key and opened the condo door with a smile on his face. He then picked her up and carried her into her condo with her arms around his neck. He could see by the look on her face that she was initially surprised that he picked her up and was carrying her. Her surprise changed to a big smile and he heard her say "Oh, Bill, when... , when... , when."

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