Tear It Up
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by Mark Gander

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Dan and Lisa, a seemingly happy and conservative couple, both confess their adulterous secrets at last to each other and agree to open their marriage up at last. What will happen to them next?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Ma/Ma   Ma/mt   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   NonConsensual   Gay   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   CrossDressing   Fiction   Humor   Workplace   Incest   BDSM   Interracial   Anal Sex  

"Honey, I think that it's time that we have a talk," my wife blurted out of the blue, as we lay in our bed.

Wow ... I thought. Those are the cliché "kiss of death" words, of course. The "Dear John" intro words. In wifespeak, every guy knows that the missus means, "I'll tell you some bad news and then you can react." Never a good opening phrase, of course.

"Okay ... what about, precisely, dear? If I can still call you that, given your opening line," I remarked on her choice of words.

"Yes, I suppose that I could have picked a better beginning to what I have to say, but then I might not have gotten your attention in your fatigue. Now you're wide awake, aren't you, honey?" Lisa explained herself a bit.

"Fine, but you still haven't dropped your bombshell now, have you?" I remarked.

"So be it. Here it is. Honey ... I know all about you and Michelle. I think that you should know that she's pregnant at last, after trying for so long. I also know why you cheated. Yes, I know that you know about my affair. I'm as guilty as you are ... and you found that out. I know that it started out as revenge, but you couldn't bring yourself to stop, either.

"Look, baby ... I don't have any cause to blame you for what you did. It was wrong, at least according to how we were raised, but so was what I did. I'm sorry about my affair with James, too. I really am. I was unfaithful to you and you were loyal as they came up to that point. It must have been a real struggle at times, too, Dan," Lisa confessed, tears streaming down her face suddenly, much to my shock.

"How would you know?" I asked her, rather angry, but also touched by her sudden emotion.

"Baby, I could tell the moment that you became involved in your first affair, the one with Michelle, my own sister, because you don't have a poker face. You never did. Besides, it was my idea," Lisa smiled as she kissed me.

"What was your idea?" I demanded.

"The affair with Michelle, baby. You deserved a little strange on the side, for having had to deal with my unfaithful ass for those weeks, while you figured out your plan. Methodically, I must say. Admirable. You were going to have real fun at my expense. You like your dish freezing cold. You always were thorough. Just not good at hiding secrets. Too honest, too real ... too passionate. Maybe you could hide them from others, but not from me. I love that about you.

"Anyway, I hide secrets a little better because I've had to in the past. Life as a preacher's daughter is like that at times. I just felt horrible, especially once I knew that you knew. I thought that hiding it was merciful, but I realized that was a mistake in your case. You would never have cheated until you knew that I did, and then you were looking for a neat way to exact your revenge. You've always believed in retribution as a form of karmic justice. I knew that and it terrified me.

"You're such a Scorpio, babe. Under that cool surface, full of strong passions and towering rage. You can't help yourself. You gave your word and you kept it, but I broke mine. I didn't even mean to break it, but ... well, I'm sentimental, and James was my ex. I had a soft spot for him and he used it. Then he had me, the bastard. Blackmailed me into doing other things, just so that you wouldn't know.

"When I realized that you already knew, I knew what to do ... I couldn't just confess. I had to make it right and find the right woman as my penance, my atonement. If I picked the wrong woman, she'd steal you away from me and I couldn't bring myself to pay that price. I couldn't stand to lose you to her. I saw you with Deanna and some others in my head. I recalled how much she flirted with you over the years, Dan. I didn't matter that she was your cousin. She wanted you and would get you, if I didn't come up with an alternative and fast.

"I threw Michelle right at you and she was game. Hell, she was eager, but I had to pay her price. It was worth it, of course. It was totally worth it to keep you as my husband, to remain your wife," Lisa surprised me with a shy smile.

"What price?" I asked her, but already guessed.

"She always wanted you, apparently. Lifelong crush and all that jazz. If she seduced you, she wanted to share you with me permanently. She wanted to be your mistress, girlfriend, whatever. Breed with you, too. The more I thought about that, the more I thought it was a great idea. It shocked me at first, but I found myself in full agreement. There are times when you need more than one woman, I believe. I was wrong to ask you to 'forsake all others, ' especially since I failed to do so.

"Hell, it turned out that I needed more than one man, so fair was fair. Evidently, the whole monogamy thing wasn't working out for us. I don't know if that means that we're just too sinful for Heaven or what, but that's that. Yes, I'm done with James, but I'm hooked on the extra thrill of another man and now I'm having an affair with my boss, Jonathan. I'm also aroused by the idea of you and Michelle. My sweet sister, especially now that she's carrying your seed, growing in her womb.

"Anyway, these games of hide and seek have gone on long enough and I'm relieved that you didn't just ditch my ass and try to burn me the way that some foolish husbands would do. You were a lot smarter than that. You exacted, what did you use to call it?" Lisa asked me suddenly.

"Proportionate vengeance. Yes, that's more my style. I don't go nuclear. Nor would I just dump someone for a betrayal rooted in human weakness, not malice. It was wrong for you to step out on me, but I didn't think it deserved overkill. Turnabout is fair play, but I don't want to be cruel. Besides, you were ... are a great wife and the mother of my daughters. Danielle and Stacey deserve more than a part-time father or mother. You needed to be pay a price, to be forced to feel empathy, to suffer for the balancing of the karmic scales, but that was enough. Going overboard, being extreme, that would be wrong. I'm not a Christian anymore, which means that I don't buy into mercy, but I also reject cruelty as well," I answered, caressing her cheek and wiping away the tears.

"Yeah, I wondered about that and I've been meaning to ask why you haven't gone to church lately. Plus, there are those books. The Kama Sutra. Tropic of Cancer. The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. Sun Tzu's the Art of War ... the works of de Sade, Sartre, Nietzsche, etc. You've always been an avid reader, but lately ... wow. I wonder where you fit in the time. Anything else that I should know about?" Lisa probed further, putting her head on my shoulder.

"Yes, I knew all along that Michelle was your idea. What, did you honestly think that I wouldn't guess? Your sweet sister, no matter how much she liked me, and I always knew that, would never have jumped my bones without your blessing, not unless she wanted to be the black sheep and prodigal daughter and all that jazz. And Missy, what about her? You didn't mention Missy. Anyway, I could tell that Michelle, and possibly Missy ... they were peace offerings, acts of contrition and propitiation on your part. You knew that I knew and you wanted to atone. Oh, and I knew the moment that you dropped James, because he kinda glowered at me whenever he saw me, as if blaming me for the end of your affair, and more than once, he tried to corner me, but I could tell that he wanted to tell on you, so I ignored him and forced him to go on. It was fucking hilarious," I laughed at that memory, which made Lisa giggle in spite of herself.

"Wow, he really was going to tell you, wasn't he? He wasn't bluffing. Fuck him!" Lisa cussed in spite of herself.

"No thanks. By the way, Jonathan's going to become senior pastor soon and quit that other job ... does his wife know about this affair? Do his parishioners? Do the deacons?" I wondered.

"No ... please don't say a thing. Please ... I'll do whatever you ask. Just please don't do that and don't ask me to be faithful to you from now on. I didn't mention Missy because Michelle and she are kind of an item and understood to be. Nobody told you or admitted it, because Mom and Dad don't approve, but they're known to be a package deal. Besides, I was sorta hoping that you'd be a lot nicer and more merciful if I didn't make any waves. I just had to come clean and hope that we could ... make a fresh start. I've been a very bad wife, but I want to be better ... can we please try that open marriage thing that you've wanted all those years ago? We've basically been doing that lately, anyway, haven't we?" Lisa pleaded with me.

"Anyone else that you've fucked? I need to know and now. I won't say a thing to Jonathan or his family ... or his church. I just want to know who all you've been screwing. I'm glad that we're opening our marriage up and all that, but I want to know which guys I need confront and find out whether or not I can save our friendships. I won't even ask you to stop fucking them, just don't resume it with James. I hate him still. And these are recent affairs, all of them. Nothing in the past? Danielle and Stacey are both mine, right?" I wanted things to be cleared up and everything out in the open.

"Yes, Dan, they're both yours and I never cheated before James. I swear it. I've ... fucked James, Jon, Shawn ... you know, my other ex ... Jamie, and ... David. Yeah, my brother. I've fucked my brother, David," Lisa began crying again as she admitted all that she did... , "and ... Mary. I slept with Mary a few times. She's the only woman that I've fucked ... ever."

"You committed incest and had a lesbian affair? Wow? Any of those men use a rubber?" I wondered.

"No ... you know how I feel about rubbers. Sorry, Dan. I was horrible ... and to make matters worse, I exposed you to a risk of disease by more than once giving you sloppy seconds, though I made sure to prevent you from eating me out on those occasions. The last occasion was in the shower ... with Jon. The shower at church. After working as church secretary. I'm horrible! I'm going to Hell!" Lisa squirmed and wept aloud.

I put my arm around my rather surprised wife and kissed her mouth sweetly, "Dear, if confession is good for the soul, I think that you'll do just fine. I know, I know ... I'm an apostate, so I'm going to Hell myself, but if we do go, we'll go together."

"For you ... I'll take that chance. After what I've done to you, it's the least that I can do ... I don't even mind that you never wore a rubber with Michelle and Missy. I get why you didn't, either. So, can you tell me when you found out? For sure?" Lisa queried, truly calmer, but more curious now.

"His cologne, Lisa. Your clothes had his cologne scent on them. Only James wears that pretentious cologne around here ... among our friends and family. Then I could smell another man's cum ... and feel it on my dick. Not very subtle there. I think that some part of you felt guilty and wanted me to catch you. Well, you got your wish for sure. That's why I went soft those times, in case you wondered. When did you realize that I knew?" I inquired.

"When I saw that look on your face after the sixth time you and I did it after he and I did it ... why did you ... why did you still sleep with me after that?" Lisa now turned the query on me again.

"Because I never intended to divorce you, just to get my revenge. Besides, you'd suspect that I knew and I wanted to see what you'd do ... and get my payback first. As for Michelle, she knowingly took the risks, as did Missy. And, yes, Deanna. I fucked Deanna, and you were wrong about her. She didn't want me for marriage, just for the kinky thrill of being kissing cousins, so to speak, not that I would have left you," I admitted, "anyway, fuck whomever you wish now, just not James. And I will fuck whomever I please, too."

"So ... you're okay if I keep fucking David and the others, just not James. Okay, that's fine with me, as is your list, but can you add Mary? I kinda want to have threesomes with her and you. She told me about that fantasy of hers and I promised that if you forgave me, I'd suggest that to you. That way, you, me, and Mary, could have a thing together, something in common, baby. I'm a total slut, I confess, but I would really prefer to be your slut, if that's okay with you. I was never truly James's slut, not like he wished of me. Not at heart. Any other rules?" Lisa negotiated with me.

"Yeah, let's keep it to a small enough circle of ... friends and family, babe. No high risk candidates, so to speak. No glory hole encounters or dogging with strangers. Oh, and in that spirit, absolutely yes to Mary. She rather owes me now, I think, anyway. No more grief over Deanna, either. Anyone else you want me to add to my list?" I coughed now, my cock rather stiff at the idea of our future sharing adventures.

"Sure ... Amber, for one," Lisa mentioned David's blonde stunner of a wife, her own sister-in-law.

"Would she even go for it?" I chuckled.

"She would if she knew that David was screwing me. I already know how she is about you. She sneaks peeks when she doesn't think that I'm looking. Trust me, honey, strange as that sounds. Amber will bed you in a heartbeat. Hell, for that matter, her mother has even looked at you with desire at times. Not sure if anything beyond that can be said, though," Lisa said as she began stroking my dick and balls to get me hot and bothered.

I grinned as I pounced on my somewhat plump, slutty wife and turned her over to take her from behind, smacking her cheeks in the process. Instead of whining about that kind of play, as she did in the past, Lisa swayed a bit with her fine bottom and hips to encourage me, as I reached for the lube and headed for her pussy, only to have her guide my cock upward with a mischievous giggle.

"You're serious?" I asked her, knowing that Lisa had always declined to take it in the ass before.

"It's the least I can do for my husband ... my kind, forgiving hubby and the father of my daughters, dear. Besides, I know how much James wanted my ass and I want to give you something that I always denied him ... my anal cherry," Lisa offered me.

"Works for me," I smiled like a predator as I began easing into her virgin booty, enjoying the sight and sensation of the act as I merged with Lisa again.

It took a little time for Lisa to adjust to the pain, but once she did, my wife started bucking back at me with her hips to urge me to take her good. In short order, I reamed her butt nice and rough for several minutes, reveling in the heat, tightness, and friction of her glorious ass. I even started pulling her hair as we fucked, my aggression and anger coming out as I screwed her sweet rump and claimed it for my own. Lisa cried out in apparent delight as I used her repeatedly, my cock pounding her into next year, or so it felt.

When Lisa pissed the sheets as a result of her excitement, on top of squirting, I realized that I didn't know her as well as I thought. She had never gotten quite turned-on with me before, but now she was, and there was no turning back. She did get a little scared that I might snap over the sheets, but I yanked them off and took them to the hamper before I started running the shower in a clear invitation for her. That she accepted tentatively prompted me to plant a hard tongue kiss on her mouth to reassure her that all was okay, even if I turned her over my knee on the toilet for a moment to spank her cheeks a nice shade of pink.

When the shower jets hit us, I saw the wink from Lisa as she told me in a rather seductively naughty voice, "Baby, there is another matter ... Sarah and Mary Beth are now both of age, too ... it's time that you carry on the family tradition that you've become dear, the fucker of the Tuckers ... Lisa, Michelle, and now Sarah and Mary Beth, too. And Amber, of course, as I said. How about it? I'd love to tell my dear sisters that they can go off the Pill now and let you breed them, if it's all the same to you."

Not being an idiot, I nodded and grinned before I started washing Lisa from head to toe under the hot water jets at last.

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