Chapter 1

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A sheltered 25 year old brother who tunnels through life in becoming a lawyer to work in his father's firm is suddenly derailed and left to reevaluate what is important in life. He turns to his loving 21 year old sister to get him back on track.

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"I'm heading to the gym, be back later."

A simple sentence like that could have countless different implications depending on the context. It could imply that I wasn't content with my physical health. But I don't really care about my physical health unless I was suffering pain or facing imminent death from some sort of organ failure. It could imply that I was trying to change my long term appearance for others, like my girlfriend. But she didn't mention anything positive about it since I started going six months ago, even though she occasionally tells me that I needed some change in my life. It could imply that I was making an excuse to meet other women. But I don't find anything wrong with my current situation, even though Cindy doesn't believe so. I think that's why she actually came to the gym with me a couple of times some months ago. She probably thought I was going out to cheat on her multiple nights a week but when we arrived and my fellow regulars greeted me, she was placated. I guess I can't really judge her for her unspoken accusations.

People are different. Some people tend to distrust others when they feel unsatisfied with their answers. Going with me to the gym to quell that distrust, instead of staying at home watching television, is a change from her regular lifestyle. Making that change is taking a step away from being in that unsatisfied state.

When I told my father about being unsatisfied with my own life, he told me I was looking a bit skinny. That I should go to the gym and that it would make me feel better. I honestly don't feel any better. The only changes I've felt were all physical. I've put on thirty or so pounds. At my last checkup a month ago, my doctor told me that weighing one hundred eighty-two pounds was pretty healthy for someone at my height of six feet. I also told him I always felt a bit down, but more so in the last couple of months. He just wrote it off as a 'lack of fresh air'. He told me that it was a common thing amongst me and my co-workers (he was the doctor most people in my father's firm went to). He said that between spending so much time in the office and the gym, that I should 'go outside and take in more fresh air'. I was skeptical but whatever, doctors know best.

Take in more fresh air. That was what I had in mind when my girlfriend Cindy suggested that we go for a walk.

"Well I was heading to the gym-" I started to say.

"That can wait, it's going to be dark soon, let's go for a walk now and after you can do whatever." She said.

I don't consider myself whipped or anything and god knows I've already spent quite a few nights by going to the gym or staying late at the office working a few cases. And she was oddly calm about her request as well, as opposed to her usual scowl at me being absent from home.

So I obliged. "Sure, let me get my phone." Then came her scowl. I knew what she scowled about, it was the noise cancellation earphones that I plugged into the phone that in turn I plugged to my ears. My guess was that she wanted me to be attentive whereas I thought that since she was taking my alone time at the gym, I would at least retain some of that alone time with listening to my music. The new Breaking Benjamin album came out a week ago on June 23rd, and I was listening to it whenever I could get the chance.

We walked to the park across from our apartment in New York. It wasn't that chilly in September so neither of us brought our coats. As we walked past the playground I realized that we weren't holding hands, which we usually did during walks like these. I just thought it was because of her still being mad that I had my earphones in. We walked to a bench across from the playground. There were a few children out and their respective parents sitting on nearby benches. Cindy sat down. She might have said something like, "let's sit down here", but I honestly couldn't hear anything except my music.

We sat down in silence, breathing in that fresh air for about five minutes when her lips moved. I think she probably said something about the weather. When I didn't respond, she looked at me annoyingly then proceeded to yank out one of my earphones.

I sighed as I paused the song and took out the other earphone gently.

"We need to talk." Cindy said.

"Okay?" I replied. Last time she said that was half a year ago when we first graduated law school together. I thought she was going to break up with me as if I was just her fling in school. Turned out she wanted a huge talk about her dissatisfaction in our relationship.

After several long moments to gather her thoughts she began to speak,

"Look, we-" then stopped and looked at the ground.

"Is this about being dissatisfied in our relationship again? You said you wanted me to make some positive changes and I started going to the gym and cutting out the junk-." I started to ramble.

"You don't get it do you?" She interrupted.

"Get what?" I responded. I was thinking of that 'typical woman' stereotype in television where the man is supposed to read minds.

"You're a smart guy, you've graduated law school. Hell, we both did. Then your father hired both of us to work at his firm, one of the biggest in New York. Stupid people don't get hired there, and yet you're coming off as very stupid right now." She said the last bit firmly but cautiously as if she was expecting some retaliation.

When none was coming, Cindy looked around the park and made sure no one else was eavesdropping before continuing, "You're not going to say anything? See, that is the problem!"

I looked around dumbly, reaffirming her suspicions that no one else in the park was paying attention before responding. "What?" I said dumbly.

"You don't care."

"Care about what?"

"About us. About anything!"

Saying 'what?' again would continue my appearance as a neanderthal so I put on my neutral 'lawyer' face that I practiced many times in the mirror and tried to look calculating.

There was a long uncomfortable silence during in which, I was replaying what what just said in my head. To an outsider, the words 'you don't care' is too big of a jump from me just not responding to her insulting me. Although I didn't quite come to the same conclusion as her, this wasn't the first time she has mentioned this. Over the course of our three years together, she has hinted towards it, the most obvious of which was during that platonic talk half a year ago.

Cindy scoffed loudly. "You know when your father flew out for our graduation when we got our undergrad done? We've been seeing each other for three months then. It's been over three and a half years since then! Do you remember what he told me at the party?"

"He said that he hoped you could engage me like my sister could." I replied.

"Yeah, I made a joke about how you weren't treating me like you would a sister. But when you went to get us drinks, he pulled me aside and told me something I never forgot. He said that during the past four years in college, whenever he visited, you seemed distant or unhappy or something. He said that it was maybe just a part of being independent in college but that we (Cindy pointed at me and herself) should make each other as happy as possible."

"Yeah, I get that you're not happy, but like I said, I started going to the gym and cutting out-" I started to say.

She screamed, cutting me off, "I don't give a fucking shit about you eating too many Mars bars!"

Cindy looked around, panting a bit after her outburst. The few remaining parents at the park gave her dirty looks from a distance as they herded their children towards home as it was getting quite dark outside anyways.

Seeing that everyone else was leaving, Cindy started to speak louder after taking a deep breath or two, "Look Max, at first I didn't want to believe what your dad said. I get that studying to be a lawyer isn't easy, it isn't a fucking..." she hesitated for an expression.

I gave it to her, "It isn't a walk in the park." Although this one is becoming quite difficult, I thought to myself.

"Exactly! So during those three years every time you blew off a date to study or whatever, I understood and gave you your space. But it's been six months since we've been done with school and started working in your father's firm. What's your excuse now?"

I looked at her exasperated. "I never blew off a date, what the hell?"

"No but you were and are just like what your father described, cold and distant. Do you know how hard that is for me? Even just now, when I wanted to talk to you, you have those stupid fucking headphones stuck in! Even when you're sitting beside me, it's like you are a mile away. It's like I have to shout for you to listen. It gets real tiring." She said.

She looked at me, waiting for me to say something. When it was apparent I wasn't going to, she threw her hands up in the air and said loudly, "You don't care!"

"I don't get it, we talk all the time at the office, we usually eat all three meals together. We celebrate birthdays and holidays together. We worked well together for so long and even studied together back in school even longer. You say I'm cold and distant but I have no idea what you are talking about, we have done all this shit together for so long." There was no hint of anger in my voice, just genuine curiosity.

Cindy sobbed and two tears came rolling out of her hazel eyes. "You see, I didn't want to accept it. We were still fucking when I first suspected you were cheating on me. So I went out to the gym with you those couple of times a few months back. I thought it was just a cover for you fucking some tramp behind my back. But when I went and asked a couple of your friends at the gym while you were at the washroom, do you know what they said?"

I shook my head.

"They said they didn't even know you much, that you just 'sat down and did your reps for two hours then left' (Cindy made the quotation mark hand gestures). They told me that they even invited you out for drinks a couple times and you declined," she revealed to me. "Do you know how it feels when you find out your boyfriend for three years doesn't give a shit about you? Deep down I hoped you were cheating on me (my frown deepened), because I could at least move on knowing that you were getting your happiness from somewhere. Isn't that fucked up? I still care about you but you don't seem to give a shit about anything." Cindy took a deep breath after spewing all of that out. I gave her my handkerchief to wipe her eyes and blow her nose.

Oh, okay so she was breaking up with me, this wasn't just another platonic talk.

"You know, I don't think you care about anyone, not your dad, not me, not your sister and not even yourself. And I can't do this anymore, I can't 'not care' like you. We're done."

After a few more gut wrenching sobs, she blew her nose again and got up and left. What the fuck was that? I don't care? What does that even mean. What the fuck is caring? Dude, I don't know anything anymore. It seems like I never knew anything at all.

As I watched her walking away from me back towards the direction of the apartment we shared, I put my earphones back in and continued the music until the album was over. During that time I was deeply entranced in thought. I was rethinking my entire relationship with her over those three and a half years.

Okay I admit it. There was something wrong. I still wasn't exactly sure of everything yet but I knew that something was wrong. The reason I knew was because of the first thought that came to my mind when Cindy got up and left. The first thought that came to my head when she left those thirty minutes ago was: she left with my handkerchief, I guess I need a new one.

I shit you not.

That was true, I needed a new handkerchief. But that isn't the first thought that should come to mind when people break up. Watching television, movies and my friends in school when they broke up were very much different. Sure there was the crying that Cindy displayed. Was I supposed to cry as well? Maybe get angry like others. Maybe try to start a Facebook war and tweet out sad lyrics when I was near the bottom of a bottle of Jack Daniels. There were a million different ways to follow up a break up. Thinking about needing a new handkerchief as my first immediate thought probably wasn't one of the more normal ones.

Speaking of normal responses, it would get awkward when we see each other at the office. We didn't even discuss our living situation. We were probably going to stop sharing an apartment. Shit, I have to call my dad about this.

I took off my glasses and rubbed the bridge of my nose for a few seconds before rubbing my eyes. Yeah, I was going to have to talk to my father about this.

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