Chapter 1: My Family

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: My Family - Who wouldn't like to have some type of super power?

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I was the only boy in a family of five. I never knew my dad. He died when I was still an infant. Islet Cell Carcinoma was the medical term, but that was just a fancy name for pancreatic cancer. He was fine one day, had stomach pains the next, and was dead within a month. I was barely six months old when it happened. I was named after him ... my name is Mike, but my mom and sisters call me Mikey.

It had to be tough on mom; I mean she had me to take care of and my three sisters all on her own. Aimee is barely 10 months older than me. Kimberly and Denise are 6 and 7 years older than me. Mom was still in her 20's when dad died.

The only saving grace was that he had taken care of us well, and his life insurance provided us with a stipend that meant mom never had to work. We weren't wealthy, but with careful money management and common sense, we lived a pretty good life.

And I'd have to say, thinking back on it, it was a good life.

Being that I was the runt, and the only boy, didn't seem to make any difference in our home. The older girls did their thing, which pretty much excluded Aimee and me from their activities. Understandable now that I am older. I mean who wants little kids hanging around you all day long. And since Aimee was close to my age, it was predestined that she would become my primary playmate.

Aimee and I had great fun climbing the old cherry tree in the backyard, hiding out from the make believe enemy in our treehouse, avoiding the imaginary sharks circling below us. Every day was an adventure with her. Since we didn't yet go to school, every day was a play day.

Up at 8:00, dressed in our play clothes and eating cereal by 8:15, out in the back yard by 8:30. We played army, monsters, house, you name it. Every game kids love to play with their creative little minds. In at noontime for lunch, back out again until supper at 5:00 p.m. After supper it was time to settle down and watch TV until bath time at 7:00. Clean up, brush our teeth, and get our pajamas on and then bedtime at 8:00.

Kimberly and Denise would get home from school at about 4:30, do their homework, and then they were gone to visit their friends, or have their friends over in their rooms until our bedtime. Aimee and I never knew exactly what they did with their time, but it was always behind closed doors to keep us out, probably top secret girl talk.

Mom just did what moms did. After all, she was a mom. She watched soap operas during the day, keeping the occasional eye on us in the back yard. Fixed the meals, cleaned the house, did the dishes and laundry. Mondays was always wash day and she would hang the clothes out on the clothesline while Aimee and I watched from the tree, snacking on cookies we smuggled up there along with our comic books. Life was very simple, very nice, and very pleasant in 1960.

Oh, did I tell you that I got my first 'golden shower' that year?

To be honest, it wasn't a sexual thing at all.

When I was 4, Aimee was 5. When I was 5, she was 6. All except for a month each year when we were the same age. During those years, after playing all day in the summer, we got pretty dirty. So when bath time came around, mom threw us in the tub together. Why not? We'd make a mess playing and splashing around anyways, and it saved time getting us clean. Plus mom had me wash Aimees hair and then Aimee would wash mine ... and behind the ears. But even with cleaning, there would still be plenty of time for playing in the tub with our toys and each other.

We were allowed to bring in one waterproof toy during tub time. I normally chose a plastic scuba diving navy frogman while Aimee liked to bring in a floating dragon that would hold a bar of soap. My frogman would attack the dragon, but he always lost to the dragon by being eaten up.

We'd play until we were waterlogged. We played until our skin was pale white and wrinkley. Our fingertips turned into prunes. And after half an hour, the water would start cooling down. We'd almost be shivering when mom came back at the end of the hour and helped us from the tub, making sure we didn't slip.

A quick inspection behind our ears to make sure we scrubbed, and we were dried off and then scooted into our joint bedroom to get our pajamas on.

One day, while my frogman was attacking Aimees dragon, I decided to sink the dragon. So I stood up in the tub and pee'd on the dragon sinking it.

"Hey," Aimee laughed, "That's not fair."

"Sure it is," I replied, "I'm the giant dragon killer!"

She grabbed her dragon while I was still peeing. I followed it with my stream, peeing on Aimee and all over her tummy as she sought to protect the dragon.

"Hey," she giggled, "That's warm. I like it"

Then without any prompting, she stood up and walked over me and cut loose herself. I remember the warm stream of urine coming out from between her legs, spraying my abdomen and thighs. It was warm, and it felt kind of nice at the same time ... even if it did smell like pee.

Well bathtime was never the same after that. We would start drinking lots of water after supper so we would have to have a really big pee. There was nothing sexual about it ... it was just something to do for fun, and it was.

I remember one day Aimee was at her end of the tub and said to me, "I wish I could aim it like you can."

"You do pretty good really," I said.

"Yeah, but you can move your pee-pee and aim it better, and you can stop peeing by squeezing it, I can't do that."

"You know," I started, "I don't actually know where your pee comes out of ... can I look?"

"Sure," she said, "It comes out from somewhere down there. I can't see it, but I can feel it when it comes out."

Aimee then lifted her leg up on one edge of the tub and let me take a look.

I wasn't sure what I was looking at really. I mean I had seen her slit a lot of times, and it didn't seem like a big deal then. Now I was looking at it only inches from my face. I still didn't see much, just a thin slit between two folds of skin. The fact that she had a vagina didn't even register with me since you really couldn't see much of anything.

Anyways, Aimee started peeing and I could finally see it coming out, exactly where it was coming from.

While she was peeing, I reached up and placed a finger over her pee hole. I thought I would stop it from coming out, you know, like the Dutch boy and the dike.

Wrong ... I didn't stop anything, I just diverted the flow and it sprayed me in the face, in my eyes, in my mouth, everywhere ... and it was salty.

I was spitting and hollering and Aimee was laughing her head off. Finally she ran out of urine and sat back down in the tub.

"You pee'd in my mouth," I said disgustedly.

"You're the one who tried to plug the hole with your finger, and it didn't work, so don't yell at me. I didn't know it was going to hit you in the face."

"It's salty tasting," I said angrily, "And not very good tasting either. That was a rotten thing to do!"

"Sorry," she said again more timidly.

I knew I had hurt her feelings by yelling at her for something she didn't even do ... I felt bad.

"That's okay," I said, 'I think we need to be careful to not pee in each other's face."

And that was it. We were best friends once again, the anger totally gone. As time passed, the peeing games came to an end, and in a couple of years when Aimee and I started school, our baths together ended as well. Still, she continued to be my best friend and playmate, even when both she and I started to have other friends ... Aimee was special.

Sometimes discovery results in unexpected surprises.

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