Sally Smith Is Sent to Sudan for the Summer
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Rape, Slavery, Heterosexual, Fiction, War, MaleDom, Rough, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Squirting, Public Sex, Violent,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sally is above all an obedient girl. She has always done what her parents told her. Now she has accepted a job with the State Department and is being sent to Sudan to help with famine aid. She is about to start a strange and unexpected adventure.

Sally Smith was above all an obedient girl.

She had done exactly what her parents told her would be best for her and did not allow any of the boys she dated to enter into her virginal vagina before proposing marriage. Since most if not all of her male acquaintances were just looking for a happy hole to fill they generally accepted her offer of rear door pleasures rather than pursue the matter further at risk of some sort of legal complication.

Her choice of higher education was entirely at the planning of her misty-eyed mother who remembered her years at Brown with some fond memories of being stretched both fore and aft by the entire male rowing team but not at the same time.

Her father was a business man and seldom interfered with her upbringing unless it impacted him financially and he opined it was of no concern where she went for her degree just as long as she didn't do anything to embarrass him in front of his competitors.

Of course, Sally excelled in her academic studies and the fact she was willing to use her pretty backside to compensate for her reluctance to lose her valued cherry made her popular with the kinky-minded all male rowing team that compared notes on her anal tightness and flexible movements when taken from the rear. Their locker room was often filled with descriptions that always started out,

"Let me tell you what Sally did next..."

Sally kept her social accomplishments well-hidden and after she graduated decided to not give her home address to any of her college friends especially not to anyone on the rowing team.

She just stayed at home and shopped with her mother and went to the coffee shop for her daily latte that she sucked down with suppressed delight each morning. In a way, she missed the boys on the rowing team because they would mount her with a vigor that was common in sports minded young men in college. All she met here at home were depressingly boring married men with time on their hands and guilty looks on their faces when they ogled her bum.

Sometimes she was tempted to hint that her rear door was open for dalliance but her sense of shyness prevented her from making the first move.

Reading the newspaper one morning at the coffee shop, she noticed that there was a big advertisement on the last page that asked for applicants for the State Department's famine relief in Africa. She did have the required degree to meet the prerequisites and decided it was time for her to see the world and find out how the common folk lived their depressing lives.

The position was still open and she accepted the appointment with an excited hint of expectation in her normally calm and disinterested eyes. Maybe she would be assigned to some romantic place like Casablanca just like in the movie with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman or perhaps in Cairo with the metropolitan flair of many cultures.

She was a bit disappointed that her first assignment was to a place called, "The Sudan" which she know absolutely nothing about. After she researched it on the internet, she discovered it was right in the middle of the famine area and reputed to be a hiding place for terrorists and bandits from all over Africa. That sounded dangerous to her but at the same time it was strangely exciting and she accepted it as a good first start on the path of something different. At the time, she didn't suspect just how different it would actually be.

The C-130 carrying Sally and her three other famine relief team members swooped in on the airport near Khartoum using the steep angle of descent to fool the shoulder-held weapons of the southern region rebels. They all held onto the straps on the sides of the huge open cabin for dear life and Sally started to re-think her logic in ever taking the dangerous assignment.

Her fellow co-workers were all male and she didn't mind that at all except two of them were overtly gay and very close and the fourth member of the group was and oriental graduate student who let her know in no uncertain terms that he had absolutely no use for "white" women because they were far too demanding and pushy for his sensitivities. That sort of eliminated any chance at in-house fooling around that she had gotten used to at college.

Their employees for the project were all African and tended to be a bit clannish when they were processing the assistance to the final end users. It meant she was pretty much on her own yet again with no chance for physical interaction unless she allowed her body to be used by one of the black workers under her command. That was a bit beyond her zone of comfort because she had been raised to consider most black men as rough and insensitive and ready to rape any white woman unfortunate enough to be under their control.

The time they spent in the city was actually far different than down in the south when they transferred all of their supplies to the area of Juba on the White Nile. Now they were living in tents instead of a nice hotel with hot running water and indoor facilities. It was a big change for her and she realized that she was truly in a third world country that was straight out of the bible when it came to everyday conveniences. The danger from the many diseases in the area forced her to spend half the day trying to keep clean constantly bathing and keeping her skin protected from the sun and bites of insects that carried afflictions that she had to look up in the dictionary just to stay informed on what to look out for.

There were rumors of a column of fighters coming up from the south that were comprised of bandits and exiled fighters from other countries grown too hot for them to stay any longer. It did worry the employees who were primarily from the north and the area around Khartoum and they woke up one morning to find that more than half of them had deserted and fled back to the city to escape the fighters from the south.

Some of the clients chattered about the cruel attitudes of the fighters who simply decapitated the males and sold the women into slavery on the meat markets of the region like cattle to be used in any way their owners desired. The younger and prettier black women of the Nile were in great demand in other African countries where the women were less attractive and less appealing to the male libido. Sally noticed that a number of the refugee females were attractive enough to walk a runway in Paris or in any city of the modern world with a sense of dignity and pride in their appearance.

She had a conversation with a couple of them and they told her that the southern fighters were well-known for their group rapes of captured females just to teach the new prisoners their place in the order of things under their rule. They were reputed to drink a potent mixture that kept their penises ready for action around the clock hopping from female slot to female slot with adroit and aggressive action. Strangely, the revelation had the effect of making Sally somewhat aroused at the thought of helpless acceptance of a fate she often contemplated but had never been brave enough to undergo in experimentation.

Suddenly, her virginity was a crushing detriment to her physical well-being and she realized how unready she would be under control of the rebels. It was too late to remedy that now without acting like a complete slut so she decided to keep it a secret just a while longer and hope for the best.

The rebels came into the town before daylight on a calm and peaceful Sunday morning and they ruthlessly did away with the persons in authority and the teachers and the religious-minded citizens soon followed. Then they split the remainder into two groups of males and females. The males were given the option of converting to their religion and joining them as fighters or losing their heads quite literally. Her three male co-workers were thrown into the cistern sinking out of sight forever never to be seen again. She was herded into the group of black females and her skin color led many of the fighters to make rude remarks that she fortunately was unable to translate because they were in a dialect that had never made it into a book to be studied anywhere in the world.

They were all loaded onto the trucks and driven across the river and into the rocky slopes of the mountains that contained numerous caves and hiding places that would protect the fighters from aerial attack. The females were in groups of ten with each line connected with the rough rope woven by the workers used to bind animals for the market and eventual slaughter.

Hopefully, that would not be their ultimate future because she felt that she was far too young to leave the world so early.

The next day, nine of the lines of ten females each were loaded onto the trucks and taken back to an isolated meeting place where the slavers made deals to purchase the women either individually or the entire line for some large landowner in need of females for work or for nocturnal entertainment.

Sally's line of women was the only one remaining inside the cave and one of the women told her,

"They have kept us to play with us while they hide here in the caves. These animals are all the same. Just try to stay calm and let them have their way because if you fight it will be ten times worse for us all."

That did very little to mollify Sally's sense of foreboding and later that day right after dinner, a contingent of the fighters came into the cave and removed the first girl in line, a tall Nubian female with long slender legs and impressive bosom and Sally who was second in line right behind her. It looked like they were going to take two females at a time for their evening's pleasure and she was unlucky enough to be in the first batch of victims.

The tall black girl kept her head down even when they hoisted her up on ceiling hooks that left her naked body dangling down defenseless to attack from any direction. One of the fighters pushed her legs out wide and moved into position against her short trimmed crotch. Another pulled her long black hair backwards and pushed his fingers inside her wide open mouth like a promise of something thicker to follow. She accepted all this with no comment and that surprised Sally most of all. They pushed her from one end to the other in perfect rhythm and the onlookers clapped their hands in appreciation of the accelerating tempo of her shameful treatment.

Two other fighters driven to action rushed forward to suck her nipples inside their greedy mouths and Sally wondered if the girl had recently been delivered of a child because it looked like the two bearded fighters were suckling her breasts like babies hungry for their dinner. It brought a change to the girl's facial features because she was more agitated now and Sally saw that she was lifting her hips to meet the steady slap of the long black shaft buried inside her pretty pink opening.

The mouth filling fighter pushed her head up to press into his groin and started to spurt with visible humping movements and the flow of cream spilled out around her lips falling to the dirt below. When he withdrew, the girl started to cry out with her sudden release as the fighter between her legs drained his long rod deep inside her. One of the fighters on her nipples moved down low and licked her dripping pink slit and even touched his tongue to her puckered rear hole much to the entertainment of the audience.

Sally watched the girl receive a new contingent of pleasure seekers and saw how she fell into a sort of sexual trance accepting and taking any depraved act that they imposed on her flesh with submissive obedience.

It was some time later that they cut the girl down and she fell to the ground totally exhausted by her ordeal but with a smile for Sally to encourage her to imitate her performance. Two of the fighters stripped her of the remainder of her garments and she was taken by leash up to the same central area listening to the crowded room laughing at her naked shame.

She watched in disbelief as her wrists and ankles were bound in the same manner and heard the leader reading some sort of incantation before they hoisted her in the exact same way.

It was so surreal that she wondered if she were dreaming and that this was the beginning of some nightmare that she would have to face every night for the rest of her life.

Of one thing she was certain, her cherry was definitely doomed.

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